Counter Monkey – Pathfinder Live! (Session 2)

The Spoony One | May 4 2012 | more notation(s) | 

Part 1

Part 2

The group’s exploration of the Stolen Lands continues southward…but will it end as quickly as it began?

  • septimar

    Praise be unto Carmelo, the super-horse!

  • JOSHItheDrako

    Awesome! More please!

    I just thought… “oh man, I am so watching forward to Ultima9, how am I supposed to stand the waiting?” and BAM! Countermonkey… you’re awesome!

  • Cody Meyer

    I miss rolling the die. : I’d love to try out different tabletop settings.

  • Taylor Gauthier

    nice, i like watching these but in the first session the chat window was legible, in this one i cant make out almost anything in it. 

  • L1nk1

    Yay more!

  • jakezus

    Wish you could get RolloT or YROT to counterbalance all the aspbergers spewing from Skitch, Coldguy and Dickman. Not surprised Roses couldn’t make it past one of these. 

    • tuxedomaster

       Aspergers spewings…? I didnt watch the video, what happened?

      • Colonel

         I dont understand it either…What do you mean by “Asperger spewings”?

        • jakezus

          I mean s-s-stuttering, I mean spaghetti everywhere. It was more apparent in the first episode than this, but the first episode had two girls. This episode has Liz, a veteran roleplayer. Just go back to the last Pathfinder ep and pay attention to what’s going on whenever Roses comes up.

          Like Dethklok, this campaign needs a few guys who don’t give a fuck. Like Joe, or Rollo, or Nik. It’s just more entertaining.

          • Alex Stritar

            Why did you have to phrase it like that?

          • tuxedomaster

             “Asperger-boys awkardness made Roses flee in embarrassment”

            That better?

          • der.domino

             Not really imo, because you’re still implying someone has asperger’s syndrom without any evidence

          • jakezus

             The very fact you’re bothered by this to such an extent is evidence of your autism.

          • jakezus

            btw my first comment has 7 likes but it’s flagged for review? Oh, Spoony. The ginger bitch fucked you hard already, don’t continue your banhammer shit. Those days are done.

          • Manuel Adrian

             I find your comments to be most amusing.

          • septimar

            You know that “flagged for review” means other users flagged it, not Spoony, right?

          • septimar

            Do you even know what autism means?

    • PHlevels

       Or even better Angry Joe. His antics are always hilarious.

  • exploda

    Fucking WoW, making all dwarves Scottish forevermore just because that’s how Gimli sounds.

  • Soviet_Missile

    Iron Liz, queen of punny.

  • AJ Hare

    In Carmello We Trust

  • Philip Gonzalez

    What program are they using to play their game?

    • Soviet_Missile

  • PHlevels

     What days do they actually do this I’d like to watch this live?

    • Michael Schiciano

      Sunday evenings, starting at 7PM.  I still have to work out details on Garret between now and then.

  • Stefan Eremia

    All hail Carmelo the Undead Bane!

  • Vismutti

    Andrew Dickman! o/ Haven’t heard your voice properly before. That short Sad Panda cameo doesn’t count. Anyway, you’re awesome! I love your art, I love your title cards, I love your animations and I love your… other stuff!

    Irwin(?) sounds like an alchemist.

    So, can we expect Mauleuseu suddenly snapping out of it in the middle of a battle when the party is just about to lose, shouting “BLOOD! DEATH! AND VENGEANCE!”  and then kicking all enemy asses? … Wait, a Paladin probably wouldn’t go into Berserker rage, though…

    Heh, GothGirl!Liz.

    … And at this point of the video it starts lagging and jerking so badly that I can’t watch it anymore. Or even listen to it, because the voice is jerking too, I can’t even make out the words half of the time. All I can hear is like “s-s-s-so-o-o-o n-n-n-no-o-o-o y-y-yo-o-o-o-o r-r-r-r-re k-k-k-ki-i-in-d-d-da-a-a”… Gah, this keeps happening to me when I try to watch these super long videos on blip. Now I have to download it to watch it. I’m sorry, I’d like to help with the ad revenue and stuff but I just can’t enjoy the video like this.

    (After about half an hour of downloading) Ah, this is better. Now only Coldguy sounds weird.

    “I did miss you, Liz, I won’t lie.”
    Awwwww! :D And I did too. It just isn’t the same without our favourite Pungeon Master.

    Omg, the horse is BADASS.

    No! Not Rrerrh! DD:

    Baww… that was a sad ending. Really sucks that they lost Rrerrh and Gustave. I’m glad Skitch at least wasn’t too upset, dunno about Coldguy since he didn’t say much. And I do hope Andrew’s character survives. x) And that MarzGurl gets her computer fixed by the next time.

    Btw, what were the new characters’ names? Andrew was Irwin or Erwin right? I think his surname was N-something-dagger but I couldn’t read it properly. I missed his class too, what was it? Some kind of alchemist? I think Iron Liz’s character was something like Tekla or something? And she was the sorcerer with the undead bloodline, and a Half-Elf?

    • Michael Schiciano

      Andrew is playing a Half-Elf Alchemist by the name of Irwin Nydegger (sp possibly, have to pull up his character sheet).

      Liz is playing a Half-Elf Sorcerer with the Undead Bloodline, as you noted.

      By Sunday, I’ll be playing with Garret, a recreation of my 4e Half-Elf bard, though I’m still dulling over some of the features of the class before committing.

      • Vismutti

        Oooh! Hi, Skitch! :D Thanks for replying!

        What’s Liz’s character’s name? And yeah, I figured from the end that AU-Garret is joining the group. Nice to see him again, he was one of my favourites from Dethklok.

        • Michael Schiciano

          Liz’s character is Teckla, though I don’t think she revealed a last name for her yet.  I’m basically thinking that Pathfinder Garret will either be an O-Bard, or an Archivist-Bard…just debating how much I’d want to use Versatile Performance, which can lead to some interesting moments…or how much I just want the Lore Master features to come into play. 

          I still have time to think on it. :P

          • Vismutti

            Okay, thanks again!

            Oh yeah… I’ve read about Pathfinder Bards, they sound like a lot of fun. I hope I’ll have the chance to try playing one some day.

  • Marc-André Grondin

    Doesn’t Zombies have the Staggered condition? Like they only take a standard action or move action in their round?

    Anyway…always nice to see them play. Made me wish I was playing though…

    • The Spoony One

      Zombies can only take one action per round, but that one action can be a charge.

      • Marc-André Grondin

        I was speaking about the 5-foot move and the attack that the zombie made in part 2 at 9:45. A 5-foot move is a move action and the attack is a standard. Don’t get me wrong, I make mistakes too. I was just pointing this minor flaw (since the attack missed) over two hours of gameplay.

  • Colonel

    Ha Iron Liz surprised me positivly. When the game opened up with her
    describing the undead bloodline blabla character I thought “great she
    is one of those annoying girls with “Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way”-RPG characters”.

    But shes actually the most enjoyable to listen to, and also tries to
    actually roleplay. The others are a bit too much OOC and off-topic in my
    opinion, it hurts the atmosphere.

  • tuxedomaster

    Loooool just found the homepage of Spoonys old employer!

  • Troy Bennett

    won’t lie, wasn’t a fan of this episode, only because all the bad things that happened could’ve been prevented. That, and maybe these videos could use some trimming an editing.

    Though I liked countermonkey, the stories had a much quicker flow than an actual game. Maybe it’s because I haven’t played D&D since I was a kid that I’m not used to such a slow pace.

    Would’ve like to see Roses try to stick it out a bit, but I guess this wasn’t really her thing. Liz is at least a competent addition, and she roleplays more, which is a plus.

    I’m curious as to why Marzgurl’s paladin (can’t spell the name, sorry) didn’t appear until well into the late half of the fight. Was it that everyone forgot about her, or was she the failsafe to prevent a TPK? As an audience member, I would’ve been a bit entertained by a TPK, but the addition of her as an NPC last second makes the entire scene look like a fudged copout.

    So, that could’ve prevented tragedy, as well as Liz knowing her character a bit more. For an RPG vet, that’s not being that well prepared. Maybe its the game system, as it seems REALLY complicated, with rules upon rules upon rules. I remember AD&D having its share of supplemental rules, but everyone always seems lost with the rules, needing a rules lawyer to stop the game to halt to clarify a rule.

    Yeah, I’m probably drawing the hate responses already, so I’m gonna stop. I guess tabletop isn’t really my thing anymore.

    • Michael Schiciano

      I agree with some of the points.  Some of it could’ve fallen on me, as I was trying to not only read up on a lot of the game, but help get other players up to speed as well as I could, leaving me to neglect details like what type of damage is best vs. Zombies or otherwise.

      Simply put, most of the characters didn’t have a slashing damage onhand (aside from the ranger, who was taken out very fast), and then a series of just bad rolls and such made things worst, but it happens, and it sucks when this is the first session for a new player (in Andrew’s case).  We were badly prepared for the fight…I don’t even think Liz knowing about how her spells could impact undead would’ve made a huge difference given how the fight played out.  

      One other thing we weren’t utilizing was stuff like trips or otherwise, but that was a whole added layer of Pathfinder that I haven’t even explored yet, much less most of the other players I suspect.

      I suspect that the upcoming session should have at least a little more forward momentum, and having a strong support character in the form of Garret should probably benefit the party better than Gustave did in either case.

  • Urtsi Purtsi

    Is that 7pm pacific time? I’m from Europe and therefore from the future for you guys and I only have one timezone to share with my countrymen so this sometimes gets very confusing for my nordic mind. I’m usually just accustomed to two times: The time to kill, and the time to eat the things I’ve killed. Also, I started looking for my phone when the Yor theme started playing because it’s awesome and I naturally have it as my ringtone. That is all.

    • Alex Stritar

      7 eastern. I know because I’m in the central time zone and it was 6 for me.

      • Urtsi Purtsi

        Alright, thanks!

  • Muthsarah

    I’m totally geeking out on these vids.  I liked to read AD&D stuff when I was younger (back in the 2nd edition days), but I never knew anyone else who liked it, so the best I could do was play with boxed sets by myself, which really wasn’t so much playing as just faffing about in my room…alone.  Seeing a live game being played is a real treat, especially since I already like, and have long followed, about half of the participants.  It’s like a 15 year old dream belatedly realized.  With celebrities!

    It’s sad, but it’s true.  And it just makes me love these vids all the more.

    • Vismutti

      Kind of the same thing here… it’s so sad but true. The Counter Monkey series has sort of given me inspiration to maybe go out and find other players. Some day. (Well okay, I HAVE played tabletops a couple of times but not D&D, not Pathfinder, nothing even close. It’s just that at the time the only RPG group I could find was this random one who played based on some system I’d never heard of that was really confusing for a newbie and I didn’t like the setting. Then there were a few times I tried to get my reluctant friends to play but those never got further than the first session. Partly because I sucked as a DM, I have to admit. I was a n00b, what can I say.)

      Part of the problem, though, is that even when I do find RPG groups, they don’t play fantasy settings which is what I’d really really want to try. Apparently where I live, people just don’t want to play fantasy settings anymore. They want to play horror games or sci-fi or cyberpunk or whatever. And they all seem to hate D&D, saying it’s too much rules or something. Which is fine and all, but I’d like to try the traditional D&D style fantasy adventure at least once.

  • E E

    Might be a stupid question, but what’s the URL for the stream that these videos come from?

    • tuxedomaster

      • E E

        Haha, easy enough. Thanks.

  • Kant Jones

    Where do we go to see these live?

    • Manuel Adrian

       Search for Spoony’s account, he streams there.

  • PeaTearGryfin

    Noah I’m going to be honest. I’ve played my fair share of role playing games, but I can’t think of an instance where I have seen a party have that kind of bad luck in a while. Granted that party was terribly equipped for that encounter. Still, these videos are really fun to watch.

    • tuxedomaster

      Look Im calling him Noah, and using the phrase “ill be honest” like I would share intimate facts with my best buddy!!!!

      • PeaTearGryfin

         Are you just planning on trolling me on every single comment I leave from now on. Because if that’s the case that is harassment and you’re not above being reported.

  • E E

    Also, probably shouldn’t throw multiple monsters who are effectively immune to piercing when half the party uses piercing damage.

    • Vismutti

      Well, it was just bad luck that MarzGurl couldn’t be there.

  • Shriez

     I just started watching the videos, and I’m curious to what program you are using to host online RPG’s.

    • Kant Jones

      He uses a program called MapTool you can google it easy enough it’s a free tool great for roleplaying through skype

  • LordofTibera

     -Couple of things that rub me the wrong way…

    -One, Liz said repeatedly that the wasn’t sure if her spells affected the zombies. Why did she nor anyone else fact-check this?

    -Also, this has been said, but there were no slashing members to deal the only damage that seemed to do anything to the enemies.

    -Even if the dice come down, it’s up to the DM, I think, to manage this situation. I just feel that having members die at level 1 permanently is ridiculous. Then again, I’m not a pro at these things. The fight wouldn’t have really gone differently if Liz knew her spell’s properties but I can’t help but feel that the DM should be able to do something. I know if I were there I’d probably walk. I mean, putting the effort and time into a character for 6 months, making a backstory, and getting into a persona shouldn’t result in a character dying at level 1. Just doesn’t seem fun…

    • PHlevels

      I thought traditionally undead were susceptible to blunt damage. Or is that just skeletons now? Or am I misinterpreting it?

    • JadedSamurai

      If they put that much time into their characters, they probably should have bothered to value their lives a bit more. They didn’t ever exactly discuss tactics / safety much. If I recall correctly, the couple times they did, whoever suggested something just got ignored. On the other hand, when it came to deciding what the whole party should do outside of combat, it seemed no wanted to take up leadership, so everyone just went with whatever idea was tossed up first. Not exactly the smartest way to go about it.

      For the slow pacing of everything, it seems they reacted too quickly when the shit hit the fan.

      Not saying I’d do any better though, I’m horrible at teamwork and tactics.

      • LordofTibera

         -Yeah, I follow you. I mean, hindsight is always 20/20, as the saying goes, so I can’t fault them too much for making the decisions they did. Luck didn’t help them either, but yeah there’s always room for strategy.

  • LordofTibera

    -….Are you trying to be a jerk or something? If so, why? 

  • Renegade Red

    ****!! Recruiting for a D&D 4E MapTool + TextSkype Game !!*****

    Hello I represent a group of 5 students/high-free-time individuals who play D&D 4E hardcore almost every day.  To join the only requirement is to be able to log into Skype at least once a day at the minimum for one hour and be available to play at least 50% of the time you’re online.  We start playing immediately when at least 4 people are online – its kind of a spontaneous deal.  If you’re not online, you still get XP for adventures.  Also, our 3 DM’s rotate so everyone has a chance to play.  Appropriately, we like to call this 24/7 persistent RP.  If you consider yourself as having a lot of free time to play, and would like to play D&D 4th Edition you can email me at (  Send me your name, tell me about yourself, what you do IRL, days/times you are available, your age, your previous experience with D&D, how familiar you are with 4th edition, your character name, 2 sentences of character back story, and your character sheet (level 2, 100 gp, no undead).  DM’s not required, but also not discouraged.  Our group will review the submissions and get back to you ASAP.  Like Spoony we also play on MapTool and use Skype, though mics aren’t required.     

  • MechaVelma

    We had a friend in high school who we always blamed when something went wrong in game. Even if he wasn’t there.

  • Michael Johnathen

    Ugh Can’t watch any more, Same reason I stopped watching Dethklok, I can’t ever tell whois talking too many people, especially “iron liz” whoever she? is her voice sounds like a guys. Atleast in Dethklok I could tell about 3 of them apart in this mess I don’t have a clue.

    • Vismutti

      She does Pen and Paper Corner at TGWTG and she’s somewhat of a regular in Linkara’s videos since they used to be dating, I think. And she has a blog: She has a very low voice for a woman, yeah, but for me it still sounds feminine enough, though she probably could easily sound like a guy.

      Yeah, I get the problem when you can’t tell the people apart from their voices. It sucks, but there isn’t much you can do about it. It does get easier after a couple of sessions, though. For me it did, at least. Although it helped that in Dethklok I knew all the players from before. Later I watched other campaigns at LordKaT’s site which had a lot more unfamiliar voices but I learned to recognize them after a while. If you’re ready to give it another shot, try watching the players’ other stuff until you get used to their voices. I know it’s more effort than usual just to watch a video but… hey, you might even find that you like some of them.

      I don’t know if Skitch has his own videos but he’s been on Sad Panda Q&A a lot of times (especially episode 10) and on Transmission Awesome at least ones. For Andrew Dickman… I’m sorry, can’t help you. I hadn’t heard his voice before this either. Except shortly on Sad Panda Q&A because everybody’s been on that show. And no, it’s not a real Q&A, in case you didn’t know.

      • E E

        Andrew Dickman (McDickpic) has popped up in a few Phelous videos, I think one of his longer cameos was in Chain Letter.

        • Jordy Den Hartog

          It’s worth noting that Andrew Dickman is responsible for some of Spoony’s recent title cards (Ultima 8 and FFX-2 part 3 at the very least) as well as the new animated intro to Spoony’s videos. He also does Phelous’s title cards.

          • E E

            Oh for sure, I really like his art style when it comes to title cards, and actually I think he’s done a full review of Evil Toons or something with Phelous, for anyone wanting to check him out.

      • Michael Johnathen

         Thanks for the heads up, yeah I normally listen to these while surfing or playing easy going turn based games, normally I can keep up with whats going on when I’m listening to whatever podcasts or whatever, but yeah this does require alot more attention, which I don’t really don’t want to since they are hours long, lol.

  • Crippen

    It’s good that people can play these games even over the internet, but the combination of a clunky piece of software used to play a game designed for tabletop play with rules unfamiliarity makes this a bit of a painful watch.

    Keep at it, though.  Spoony, you did a good job of having several zombies do nothing instead of attacking party members.  It kept the party from being totally wiped.

  • Scott

    Lesson learned. Always bring a horse

    • PeaTearGryfin

       All praise be to Carmello, the zombie biting horse!

      • Terri

        Let the Skyrim jokes begin!  “Zombies?  I’m a Horse!!”

  • Das_Bass

    Damn, that got hard to watch. Sometimes the dice comedown hard.

  • JadedSamurai

    I think I would pay to see this cut / subtitled (color coded for ease of telling who’s talking). But I know I’m a minority so whatever.

    Also, I know it sucks for the players, but it was a pretty cool first little arc for me as a viewer. Hell yeah player death! Knowing that characters dying is a real risk makes things a lot more full feeling and dangerous feeling, rather than empty and meaningless going through the motions of combat.

    • Coldguy

      I like this idea, I shall suggest implementing something.

    • M Hollingsworth

       Going as far as color coded subtitling might be a bit too much work, but having the Skype icons visible on the stream video would be nice, since they are highlighted when someone is talking.

  • Samuli Rimpiläinen

    I really wish I could play any tabletop RPGs some day, but I don´t know any group in my city. Sucks.

    • Alex Stritar

      Guess we’re in the same boat. Unless… do you live in the southside of Chicago?

      • Jordy Den Hartog

        Call it a wild guess, but from his name I would guess that he lives somewhere in Finland ;)

        • Vargtass

          In which case he might not be so much in luck going to the local game store. As someone who has looked for the FLGS in both Sweden and Finland, it’s not that common. If you find one they are usually specialized in Warhammer or M:tG rather than RPGs. If you have some fluent swedish stuffed on you I could have you participate in one of our Skype sessions, though we play DnD4.

          As for the LFG problem in my current locale I actually started up a RPG-club and advertised with some fliers in the local university. Today our little club is 50 members strong and encompass a dozen systems around approximately a dozen groups. So there is always roleplayers around, you just have to find them or draw them to you! =)

          • Samuli Rimpiläinen

            True, there isn´t a single shop that specializes in it or even sells that stuff in my city. Some do exist in other cities, but those are over 100km from here so not going to do that.
            I think starting a group would be possible, but I have 0 experience so I couldn´t be the one to start it. My only hope is to some time find someone who has a group i can join.

    • Vismutti

      Where do you live?

      Btw, you could always try finding a group willing to play online with MapTools, like Noah&co.

    • Lord_of_the_Ninth

      I’ll repeat my comment:

      You can always go to your local gaming store. You are bound to meet some people. 

      That’s how I started. 

  • Weebl4551

    What software is Spoony using to run this? I’m awfully curious…

  • Paul Giordano

     Kinda skimmed through the posts, so not sure if anyone else pointed it out yet, but in Pathfinder you’re not dead at -10, you’re dead at -your con score, its one of the changes they made from 3.5

    • Michael Schiciano

      I’m aware of that, though Gustave’s CON score was 10, so he did die after failing to stabilize, since he was at -9 HP at that point.

  • Péter Márton

    This was hard to sit through… I’m looking forward to the next session though.

  • James Miller

    FWIW I think the mic ‘popping’ was somebodys cell phone close to the mic or the mic cable.

  • LordofTibera

    -After watching this again, I realize something odd. Maleusu was an NPC for this round, but she didn’t do anything until Gustave realized that she was, in fact, part of the party. Shouldn’t the DM have been controlling her all along? There’s no reason why she wouldn’t have been with them.

    -Also, I think Magnus(?) should have known that he had the scimitar, too. That would have helped a bit.

    -I saw very little movement and strategy on the players’ parts, which kind of depressed me. These things couldn’t have moved that fast if they were missing limbs, so if their piercing weapons weren’t working, I feel like they should have realized that and retreated or something.

    -Mind you, I’m not being critical. Hindsight bias is 20/20, after all. Just, after reviewing this again I see some annoying parts.

    • noredpaint

       you watched this again? as in more than once? I couldnt make it once through so perhaps you can explain the appeal to me. I’m not trying to be judgmental or anything. I’ve got several friends really into RPG’s and i tried watching this to understand what they’re talking about a little better, but i found this video super boring. I kinda see the appeal of playing now. It’s def not for me, but it doesn’t seem much different from liking video games or sports. but i still dont get watching the videos. is it the “celebrity” aspect?(that hurt to type). is it like a learning experience. I guess I had just assumed that they served the same role as those whisper videos on youtube: just background noise while you fall asleep, but considering the analysis that you’ve devoted that’s not the case.

      • LordofTibera


        -Well, all I can really say is that I like DnD despite being
        new at it and that I think it’s fun to hear about other people’s adventures and
        see it unfold. Sure, this can be a little padded and boring because we gotta
        wait for someone to figure out what stat modifier to apply to a roll or
        something but that happens with newcomers.


        -I also don’t sit and watch it for 4 hours or whatever in
        one sitting, lol. That would be nuts. I usually have it on in the background
        while I’m doing something and I glance back occasionally, but the action isn’t
        in the screen; it’s in what’s being said.


        -Also, I only watched this one again because I wanted to see
        how that encounter could have gone differently, if at all. That was more for my
        own sake.

        • noredpaint

           thanks. I was just thinking if this was for entertainment, he would have edited it down a bit and maybe “rehearsed” to check the connection and microphones. It really just feels like a bunch of not particularly entertaining people(nothing against them, they’re just pretty much normal) playing a game via the internet. I guess getting ideas and tips makes sense, but it still seems like 4 hours is a lot to sift through. It’s a bit inaccessible to someone like me, when most of his stuff is pretty accessible. I haven’t seen most of the movies he reviews, but I still enjoy the reviews. Same with the games. This though: you have to play to enjoy. I’m not a nerd, and I’d like other people to watch spoony’s videos, but their not nerds either. It’s really hard to convince a not nerd to listen to someone who plays D&D via skype, streams it live, records it, and puts it on his website. That is seriously the nerdiest thing ever(not that there’s anything wrong with that).

  • turkishproverb

    Spoony, I don’t know if you read these regularly, but I have to tell you LIz was wrong (or at least disagreed with).  The Dresden Files game is great (award winning for what it’s worth in the industry), and I didn’t notice the contradictions in the rules she suggested.

  • TitanCreed

    I have a bad, but probably helpful, habit of bailing out
    players if a fight goes south like that.


    If a player like the dwarf was dropped by zombies I’d have
    the creatures drag the player away to a cave instead of continuing to kill him.
    That way, the zombies have their hands occupied as they slowly move across the
    map. The players can take care of the standing zombies and then deal with the
    other ones.


    The players might even think that was part of the encounter:
    kill the zombies before the rest drag away your friend.

  • MechaVelma

    Will there be Shit Golems in this game?

    However Spoony, you should have a create-a-monster contest for your fans and have your players face off against the winner at some point during the campaign.

    • Allaiyah Weyn

      We can only hope.

    • Brian Frang

      But… everyone knows the Manure Golem would win. 

  • Allaiyah Weyn

    Always wondered if you’d ever do a crossover with Iron Liz. & she’s the only thing preventing this campaign from being a sausage fest, & you don’t want sausage, not after what happened to Oancitizen & Team Nchick.

  • Ricardo Rio

    that was fun to watch :) Would love to try this but not sure how to play… Reading “D&D 3.5 Dungeons & Dragons For Dummies” and these videos do help in learning. 

    Still don’t get why almost everybody had one turn to attack, is that the way it’s supposed to be? or did they waist it on the movement? 

    Noob city here. :P   

    Thanks and place more videos :)

    Furious Angel

    • Dan Durand

       Every character gets a standard action (attack, magic, etc.) and a move action.  The only time a character gets to attack more than once is when they are higher levels, whenever their base attack bonus is +6, +11, and +16.  It’s called a full attack action, and it means you can’t move more than 5ft. in your turn.

  • SunOvaGun

    Nooooooo the dwarf and gunner are down D: And dear god zombies where actually trying for once :O Thank god for that secret anti zombie horse and heroic paladin save.
    Damn dice rolls where evil that session.

  • asshole mcbunns


  • Segatron

    I see that if I ever find a game, I am probably going to have many extra rolled characters in my pocket.

  • Andrew Turner

     I’m a third of the way through session 2 part 2 and I’ve gotta say, I’ve quite enjoyed every minute of this Pathfinder RPG in the background while working. It has stirred up the old Warhammer 40k player in me (a kid I thought died years ago lol). I like many an RPG on consoles and I used to love good old WH40k. Perhaps it is not too late to try out something new but I don’t know anyone in the Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK, area who plays, or of any groups, though I’m sure they’ll be kicking around somewhere. Perhaps I should seek out a noob friendly gang to cut my teeth with.

  • SagaciousDave

    Normally I’m one to whine and complain at a lack of reviews and “Legit” vids but I have to say I REALLY want to see more of these.  Please, Noah, record more gaming sessions.  I really got a kick out of this.  Keep Iron Liz in the group.  I like her.  Why did Roses bail?  Did she have to roll an INT check to stay in the campaign?

  • SagaciousDave

    Hey, can anyone tell me what software these guys are using?  It’s inspired me to start a group up with friends that have moved away and I’d REALLY like to have access to this software to play with.  It’s be really helpful.

  • Sean Hollern

    Man, this really brings back memories for me of D&D games of my distant past. I’ve enjoyed the counter-monkey episodes and I could probably tell a few stories myself. Not that anyone would probably want to listen to me mind you. Its actually starting to make me catch the tabletop RPG bug again. Too bad I don’t know anyone who would play. Oh well. 

    • Lord_of_the_Ninth

      You can always go to your local gaming store. You are bound to meet some people. 

  • Lord_of_the_Ninth

    Loved the Gamers reference :)

  • Seth

    Spoony the Reapers are coming but the army that Shepard has put together shall fight for us and hopefully not use space magic

  • D1d1t 4t3hlulz

    What program are you guys using?

    • D1d1t 4t3hlulz

      Spoony? Anyone?

      • Turkey OnAStick

         Try scrolling down the comments. It’s been answered countless times.

  • NotThatKindOfThief

    Carmello FTW

  • Alex Tin-Maung

    I must ask, what system is Spoony using to GM? I know that the game system is Pathfinder, but I’m talking about the computer program. Anyone?

    • Bryan Twitchell

       It’s called MapTool.  It’s one of a suite of tools from 

  • Brian Elle

    Not a bad session, I agree with some other posts that there was definately a lack of team work……and the party paid the price.

    A few things about the horse, it doesn’t have any kind of “double hoof trample charge” attack. At one point you had it charge and do 2 hoof attacks, and then, you added the damage from both hooves together before giving it to Spoony for him to apply the DR. No No No, bad player. Anything that charges gets one attack, period. You don’t add up the damage from multiple attacks and then apply DR, period. Also, you would have needed to make a handle animal check every round to push the horse into attacking the zombies. Combat trained means it has the “attack” trick, but that only allows it to attack normal creatures such as humanoids and monstrous humanoids. To get the horse to attack an undead it needs to have the attack trick twice, aka “Attack Anything”, or you need to push it.

    So, another session goes by when we should have had a TPK (see my post last session about how the centipede should have owned them as well). Be happy I’m not your GM, I know the rules. LOL

    • Brett Neufeld

      “Anything that charges gets one attack, period.”

      You obviously have never heard of “pounce”.

    • James Anderson

      the zombies shouldn’t have been able to move and attack so it was automatically stacked against them, due to spoony’s oversight…

  • James Miller

    Is session 3 coming soon?

  • RedCoatGunman

    On what site / what day do they cast this?

  • Bryan Twitchell

    I love it when nobody in the party remembers to pack something besides piercing.  Makes undead that much more fun.

  • Gerard Mckay

    Hey spoony i like watching this a lot (playing it would fry my head no experience in this type of game so i like learning how this works. However i would like to in the future see a game where you play as a character and someone else runs the game ^^ 

  • charl

    Liz is wrong about the Dresden Files RPG. It’s a great game. The rules are quite different from DnD though, being of the Fate system. The mechanics are all very narrative-focused, making it a completely different feeling from more game-y RPGs like DnD. But it is a very good game. It might be one of those either you love it or hate it things, but at least give it a try.

  • TheLonelySandPerson

    HARKEN NOT TO THE INFIDEL!  Dresden Files is a Fantastic (+6) game, but it runs very, very differently from your typical d20 or d6 based system. The GM’s job is less to draw maps and throw monsters at the party and more to set up a scenario and then adjudicate the players’ input on the scenario. It’s alien to a dedicated D&D player, I’ll admit, but once the players get used to taking some narrative control, it’s a ton of fun.

  • Mark Ryan

    Im not the only one a little lost am i? I mean session 1 ended with them in a field fighting Cobolds and Gustave got throw up on his boots and there were radishes involved and now they’re in another trading outpost? Anyone know what to fill in the gap with here?

  • Steven Richards

    Am I the only one who hates Skitch constantly stuttering and talking over everybody else? Also, Dickman is an idiot.

  • Rakkrakk

    It’s a game. Let it have its mechanics.

  • illidan4ever

    Your analogy doesn’t make sense to me because you’re talking about piercing and sniper rifles pierce. Oh well. Wow, two years, eh?