Counter Monkey – Pathfinder Live! (Session 3)

The Spoony One | May 13 2012 | more notation(s) | 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

The party regroups back at Oleg’s Trading Post, where they meet some new allies and defeat some old foes.

  • Joshua Jimenez

    LOL, already seen it last week on the stream ;)

    hope you make good progress with ultima 9 ^^

  • Nick Bagnall

    Well Spoony, you at least one very eager Ultima fan down that aways. 

    I just want this campaign to get rolling! It seems like the party’s so far away from any of the meat of the story, even though you guys are either approaching or are on an entire day’s worth of gameplay hours. 

    I also think watching you DM campaigns definitely helps someone who plans to DM for the first time a lot: namely, it helps with letting them know just how much of a game universe and campaign we need to know, and when. Maybe others would disagree, but I like how you kind of leave the knowledge of classes to the players, it’s just more optimal. 

    My one half-ish kind of gripe with the series? The module maps are dull, and the drawing tools aren’t appealing! I’d rather just have this going on in the background while I grind/helipad in Dead Rising for an hour, or while I play Tera. Maybe that’s just for the best, leaves it to the imagination. But I do enjoy it, and it really makes me want to get into sessions myself.

  • Unholy Fire Dragon

    “I just want to cut someone.”
    – “Ok, daddy…”


  • Dmitry Didenko

    Never thought there’s so much inventory management in DnD

    • Александров Глеб

       Hm… Judging by you name, you’re probably from Russia. Dude, a lot of people play tabletop RPGs here. Seriously, google a bit, finding some guys to play with is not that hard (at least in MoscowSpbKrasnoyarsk.. .)

      • Dmitry Didenko

        Just checked this up. No roleplayers in my town, so I guess, my only option is to play online, like Spoony and the rest, which is problematic, considering my crappy Internet connection, but not impossible. Still, I dont know where to ask about such thing. Can you help?

        • George Rosenbaum

          I guess you could do it like mail chess, where you e-mail your next move on the board, and send it to everyone. Set up a place to chat on Facebook, and I think you could make something work.

          • Mike Mengle

            Check out the message boards from Paizo, the company that makes Pathfinder, they have play-by-post and recruitment threads for gamers:

      • Yaroshka

        But Dima here lives in Barnaul

      • Yaroshka

        Gleb, Dima here lives in Barnaul, people are too busy farming and being provincial gopniks to afford to set time aside to play with RPGs, except for the ones from the army, though judging by Dima’s hair he weaseled his way out of service.

  • tuxedomaster

    Thats sooooo boring to watch. There is zero Roleplay going on, they are out of character (OLOLOL WE CAN MAKE FUNNY SOUNDS APPEAR OLOLOL), and there isnt even a story developing.

    Oh and dont tell me “Real campaigns take months!!!!”, if they already play so uninvested at this point I hardly think they will get better.

    • Fluttershy

      Campaigns /can/ take months. Also, putting “OLOLOL” in your comment sort of undermines your “maturity” and “adult complaining.” Not to mention your lack of punctuation and inconsistent capitalization. 

      Furthermore; they’re not uninterested (uninvested isn’t a word) they’re working under some constraints and whatnot. Hard to keep focus with a million things going on. Besides all that, Spoony doesn’t have to show us this. He can just not post content and have “fans” like you bitch about that instead. But no, Spoony figures a few of us will enjoy this regardless, and thankfully so. I’m glad he doesn’t let jerks like you get to him. 

      • George Rosenbaum

        “…under some constraints and whatnot…Hard to focus with a million things going on”

        You clearly have a mastery of what your talking about. It’s not like your being deliberately vague to cover your ass.

        “…Spoony doesn’t have to show us this. He can just not post content…”

        Well, if he didn’t post content, no one would visit his site, and he would have no money. So yeah, he DOES have to post content.

        You seem to be under the impression that we should be thankful that he recorded ANYTHING for us. Imagine if you had an artist paint a professional picture of you, and he gave you a stick figure drawing. Would you still be “thankful that the artist at least drew SOMETHING” then?

        I guess is just easier to fill up your contents with pointless nitpicks. Makes it easier to appear intelligent.

        • Pablo Gerbasi

          ey shithead. you dont pay shit. you just sit there watch it and get angry.

          • George Rosenbaum

            I fully recognize that I am not entitled to entertainment. I just think Spoony should put something entertaining on his website.  Maybe I want this website to continue to exist, and get a little worried when Spoony posts stuff like this.

            I guess that makes me a concerned fan. I should be shot for such a heinous crime.

          • Pablo Gerbasi

            i exagerate with all the shit. (and im sorry for that) 
            but really man. you sound like he owns you something. 
            all the analogy of the artist does not work because you didnt gave him anything. you did not loss a dime. so no. it doesnt work that way. if he decide to upload whatever the hell he wants. thats his deal. not anybody elses deal

          • George Rosenbaum

            I lost about 5 hours. I would have only about an hour, but I stuck though it because of my own stubbornness. So that’s my fault.

            But I have to insist that what happens to this website IS sort of my concern. I like Spoony, know he is capable of being funny, and want him to continue to exist. So I get worried when he post five hours of boring content and expects us to watch it.

            The artist comparison makes more sense when you consider that Spoony does get indirectly paid for producing good content. Just because it’s not a direct transaction doesn’t mean it won’t hurt his business.

            I guess it doesn’t really matter. He still made a scripted review (Game Over) that I can watch, so I’m satisfied even if this was a flop.

  • BoboTheClown1987

    So when does the campaign get going? This is why people quit D&D — because shitty DMs drag out the exposition for 12 hours! 

    • Turkey OnAStick

      Nah, that’s pretty unfair to say. The player kills from session 2 put events at the ruins on hold for week, and because they were still bricking it from their last encounter they were not willing to prevent the undead bear from tearing down the entrance.

      Otherwise the players got into 4 different encounters in one session, as well as capturing the bandit leader, which is pretty good going.

    • George Rosenbaum

      I think it’s mostly that the party is relatively unfamiliar with the rules, and need to ask questions more frequently.

      It’s still not very interesting to watch for the first hour, but I don’t consider it the DM’s fault.

  • Mikeru

    I usualy do not comment but I as I saw also for the other videos People are crying out that there is not much roleplaying or its a drag or whatever…

    Guys (and gals) they are playing over skype. A lot of roleplaying is done over the mimic of someone. Pointing at someone brings on more emotion than saying “xy is pointing at yx” also I think it is not easy for them to roleplay when >300 people are watching and making a live commentary in the chat.

    But most important, it is their campaign, their playstyle. If you do not like it, fine but do not be an asshole about it

    • Turkey OnAStick

       I can forgive that there’s little roleplaying because a few of those guys are pretty new, but as a spectator I much prefer the times when Spoony is getting cracking with the story, and the characters are playing along.

      While fine for the players, I can’t deny that most of the fighting and goofing around bits when travelling are a bit of a drag for me as a viewer, since for the most part nothing happens. The roleplay stuff in Dethklok is an example of people being fun characters, with some decent storytelling on Spoony’s part. If this is recorded to entertain the masses, I hope that the players get rewarded for making the story interesting. Looking forward to Erwin, Magus and … the barbarian bloke’s antics in particular.

      • Mikeru

        Well I can 100% see your point, and my comment was more directed to the “YOU SUCK” comments that are getting very overwhelming.

        There are bits I do not like either but Iam aware that there is no way (in hell) to please everybody especialy with D&D. Some people need to learn to compromise and, most of all, respect other peoples way of handling games/movies/life in general.

    • George Rosenbaum

      I’m not asking for role-playing necessarily. I’m just asking for Spoony to nudge the party into making their decisions a little faster.

      Seriously, it took them TWO HOURS to get out of the market, and into the next encounter. Can’t Noah speed this up so we can get to combat and story elements?

      • Mikeru

        ok and why should he? it is their speed, their game. They can play with as much speed, discussions or what so ever they want. If it takes them two hours to get out of the market, then it just does.

        Specialy when there are new People involed, who are learning the game. I just read through a lot of stuff as I want to play too and to be honest it is terrifying will all the numbers and acronyms.

        And also, dont you think it takes more time for doing things because it is over skype. Seriously when you are at a table with the People you can see in their expression if they have something to add, with skype you need make pauses to see(hear) if everything is understood or if there are questions, etc. 

        • George Rosenbaum

          Yeah, but WE are the ones watching it. If the other members of the party don’t understand the rules well enough to move the story without stopping to ask questions, then maybe Spoony shouldn’t have recorded this and put it on his site.

          I’m not saying that you shouldn’t ask questions when playing a new game. I’m just saying that watching people learn how to play a game isn’t as interesting as watching seasoned veterans play the game.

          It’s sort of like comparing a junior varsity game of basketball to a NBA game between two good teams. Yeah, the kids on the junior varsity team are trying really hard, but it’s just not as interesting.

          • Mikeru

             Yes we are the ones who watching. And of course some parts may be not interesting while other are not. Like with movies, in every movie there are some parts which are not interesting for some people, other people enjoy them.

            To be hones I would miss the Conversations they have about crafting or skills. Like I siad I am learning currently the rules of this and it is interesting how things work toghter with the skills and so forth.

            But of course for People who have a decent knowledge about this, some parts will be boring. Neverless they will keep happening and no one should be dissapointed that “their” ideal game is not going on.

            About the editing stuff, I do not know anything about videomaking but I guess that would be an option, but then other People would complain that he is investing more time in this instead of making videos…oh gotta love the interwebz ;)

  • Fluttershy

    >Looks at the comments

    >Sees all the negative comments
    >Wonders why they bothered to click on something like this in the first place
    Forgot that Spoony has a horrible fanbase that complains about everything no matter what it is. 

    • tuxedomaster

      Wow you are retarded. So you whine because we dont like it AFTER we clicked on it? How could we have known otherwise, there are interesting RPG sessions, but this is not one of them.

      • George Rosenbaum

        What’s wrong? Do you not have clairvoyance like Fluttershy?

        I mean, can’t you see into the future and predict that these videos are just four and a half hours of nearly nothing of consequence? Don’t tell me you have to WATCH the video to see if it’s good, like a regular mortal.

        Fluttershy is a pony, after all. Ponies can see the future.

        • Colonel

           He is not a pony. Hes a virgin.

          • Fluttershy

            9_9 If you watched the other parts and found them boring, why would you watch this part at all? You’re all morons, sorry. 

            And I may be a virgin, but I’m not a guy. You’re half right, Colonel.

          • Corey Schaff

             Guilty Pleasure:  Reading these comments in Fluttershy’s voice <.<  IRON WILL taught you well!!

          • George Rosenbaum

            So your criticizing us for posting informed criticism?

            I guess we should just spray insults blindly, without watching the video to inform out opinion. That IS what your recommending, right Fluttershy?

            So I can either be a moron for wasting my time, be a moron for leaving an ill-informed complaint, or be a moron for chickening out early and not posting anything.

            Or your maybe YOUR in the wrong for calling US morons.

  • George Rosenbaum

    Spoony will dine on your head!

  • Fluttershy

    Calling someone retarded over an opinion that’s pretty much fact since you proved my point about Spoony’s “fans”? That pretty much makes everything you said afterwards irrelevant. Also, nice punctuation skills. You must have worked hard. 

    Though it’s irrelevant, I read the rest of your “enlightening” comment… This is part three of the whole Pathfinder thing. If you didn’t like the other parts, why did you think this would be any better. Clearly your intellect far surpasses mine. 

    • Colonel

      Hey there. Got yourself some “apostrophs” going. A little bit of “irony” hm. Yeah…

      Not really working out for you Im afraid. Just makes you look like a stupid fanboy.

    • George Rosenbaum

      I was just under the impression that after 3 multi-hour chapters of this sweeping epic, that they would finally get the actual PLOT. I admit that I was forgiving to the earlier sections. But if it take THIS long to get the ball rolling, then that ball ain’t going anywhere.

      It’s not like Spoony should encourage the party to make decisions a little faster. After all, this video doesn’t have to be ENTERTAINING or anything. I enjoy long, repetitive discussions of the Pathfinder rules as the characters stand in some generic shop.

  • Fracch

    It was very distracting trying to remember where “Age of Aggression” is from :P

    • Dmitry Didenko


      • Fracch

        Oh, I figured it out after about 30 seconds. It was just distracting whilst I was doing so.

  • George Rosenbaum

    You know, this is actually pretty entertaining when you get the the fighting and story. I’m still debating if it’s worth wasting two hours in a market talking about potion management though.

    Actually, why can’t Spoony cut these down a little? A few hours of editing would remove a lot of the clutter.

  • Alexander Hutcheson

    I think people are expecting a little too much from these sessions.

  • electradionis

    To all those belittling those that have something to say that isn’t complete and utter worship, keep in mind that this comment section probably exists for feedback-

    as such, people with a different opinion from your’s are allowed to express them, otherwise these opinions would have long been filtered out, or comments would have been entirely abolished by now.

    Please, be mature about this and let people have an opinion that isn’t your’s.

    – A casual observer

    • George Rosenbaum

      A noble effort, but I don’t think anyone’s going to listen to you. Then again, I’m not exactly being mature either. Perhaps I was too heavy on the sarcasm.

  • Péter Márton

    At first I was a little scared of the 5 hours, but it was totally worth it. This was the most entertaining session so far. Great job!

  • AoC

    Watched it on stream proper a while back. Not to be sexist or anything, but it’s incredibly refreshing to see a female gamer like Iron Liz who knows what she’s doing and doesn’t have to de facto get someone to play her character for her. Great session, guys.

  • George Rosenbaum

    SPIRIT BEAR!!! Oh God, it’s a Spirit Bear. Throw bombs at it!

  • LordofTibera

    -People are unbelievably harsh on here towards someone else’s DnD game. This is Spoony trying to involve his fans in seeing what he’s up to, and it bothers me how much you people chew these guys out for doing that. Go start your own campaign if you don’t like this one; I’m tired of the bitching.

  • Corey Schaff

    I’ve been enjoying these.  I haven’t started watching this session so I don’t know if it happens, but since I own the entire Kingmaker Series It’ll be very interesting to see how you diverge from it as you mentioned you planned to in the first Session.

    As for some of the comments of people complaining about a high management-to-plot ratio in the game…if you know anything about Kingmaker, you’re looking at the tip of the iceberg if Spoony decides to use the Kingdom-Building rules :P

  • PeaTearGryfin

    Man I’m glad that a lot of people in the comment section don’t show up in the chat during the actual show. During the show it’s all peaceful and fun, then you come to the comments section and it’s venomous hatred against  the players, the game, or those who enjoy these sessions.

    • MikeBester

       Maybe they dont show up because its boring?

      And thats all the “venomous hatred” I have seen here so far – “This RPG session is boring”. And frankly it is. There is no story development, the players are all constantly out of character, and you never have the feeling they actualy are really immersed in the game.

      • Edward

        Yeah, this would be a lot better if Rollo T, Y Ruler Of Time, and Lordkat were playing.  Maybe a little Angry Joe too.

  • Troy Bennett

    While I didn’t like the last session, I enjoyed this session a LOT more, despite the length.

    I think I’m just used to the pacing of the game now, so if I want to skip through the slower moments, I can take a good guess of how long to skip, and I don’t miss any of the action. It also seems like the players are getting into character a lot more now than before. You have the growly ‘hulk smash’ fighter, the charismatic smart bard, the quirky necro, the smart-ass mage, and the pyromaniac (my favorite). They’re a lot more distinct than they’ve been in past few games. the first session, the only distinct characters i remember is the dwarf and jinx. The second was just a clusterfuck, and people were too flustered to really roleplay things out. This game, everyone seemed to hit stride very well.

    To Irvine, i would’ve suggested a public execution using a ton of bombs. Like, BOOM, Happy festival fireworks, ya?!!!

    finally, thank you for the direct response, Skitch. I know I sounded a bit trolling, and you didn’t have to reply to me, but thanks.

  • septimar

    Many of you seem to be under the misconception that this is something produced to be entertainment for the masses. It is not. It is a private DnD campaign between friends which would go on even if there was no audience. It’s just the first time Spoony puts one of his campaigns on Blip. Maybe you should visit in half an hour (provided it isn’t canceled because of Mother’s Day) because there is always a lively chat community, which may make things more interesting for a few of you nay-sayers.

    • Turkey OnAStick

      “Many of you seem to be under the misconception that this is something produced to be entertainment for the masses. It is not.”Makes you wonder why Spoony bothers to record the games, have a chat community running simultaneously AND publish them on his site, if their purpose is NOT to entertain.

      • Tina Marc

        Ever heard of Big Brother? You know – where, for the sake of entertainment people peek at actions of others, but other than that people act they would in private (at least, in theory). I assume it’s similar here – after Counter Monkey stories people got curious how Spoony runs (private) campaigns, hence he’s publishing those sessions.

        • Turkey OnAStick

          Yeah, I can see how the entertainment is by getting a sneak peak on the
          gaming. While I enjoy watching the campaign (which is why I’m posting here), I find some of the
          reasoning behind the die-hard fans pretty difficult to justify, such as
          that this isn’t intended for entertainment.

          • Tina Marc

            obviously it’s shared for a reason :) I’m certainly entertained as well as educated, at least to a degree.

      • septimar

        What Tina said. People asked Spoony to stream his sessions, so he did. No mystery here.  

      • gewoonlilly

        “Makes you wonder why Spoony bothers to record the games, have a chat community running simultaneously AND publish them on his site”

        The latter, he does. The chat, encoding and stream recording are all provided by twitch. Putting these recordings on blip is just a matter of downloading from twitch, uploading to blip and tolerate whatever happens afterwards. 

        • Turkey OnAStick

          … I’m implying that it’s obvious that all these things are intended for the entertainment of other people. There is no misconception about their purpose.

    • Rainstyrm

      Thanks for the link, day and time that he streams these. I was about to ask that when I saw your post.

  • Mike Mengle

    Just want to say thank you for posting these, I really enjoy them. I’m a player and DM in a group that has played bi-weekly for 15+ years. More!

    • PeaTearGryfin

       I must say my good man that is some dedication. I used to play in a group that met weekly-biweekly, depending on our schedules. Our group only lasted about a year though. It was a lot of fun though, and I would love to get another group started. I can’t even imagine the stories your group must have if you have played for over 15 years.

  • Corey Schaff

    Well looks like Session 4 is delayed till at least next Week.  Happy Mother’s day :)

  • George Rosenbaum

    Word to the wise: Unless your really interested in the finer points of Pathfinders rules, skip through the first hour of the first video. Nothing particularly interesting happens in the beginning, but I assure you the games starts to pick up after the first hour.

  • DCBueller

    That boar fight had me laughing quite a bit!  In AD&D, I remember having a Samurai in a campaign, and when left the party to go ‘fertilize the woods’ I got ambushed by a boar and taken out at 2nd level because none of my comrades heard my screams of getting beaten up by a lowly boar.

    Love the sessions, nice to listen in the background while I’m reading or writing something up!

  • MechaVelma

    You had three unconscious prisoners at one point and no one thought of making a human centipede? Disappointing.

  • Vargtass

    Just remember to play nice, boys, girls and trans-persons. If you have nothing nice to say, at least make it constructive. And that goes both way (looking at all you white-knighters).

    As for the session I really enjoyed it. I have nothing to complain about. Well done group!

  • Jonathan Smith

    Hey Spoony, have you been using a different recording software for sessions 2 and 3 than the first one? I only ask because the first one was crystal-clear, and it was easy to read the dice rolls and whatnot. The 2nd and 3rd sessions are a bit blurry, and it’s hard to make out what the text is. So if there’s any way you can record future sessions as clearly as you did the first, that would be awesome.

    Other than that minor nitpick, I’m really entertained by these Pathfinder sessions. Thanks for uploading them!

    • Turkey OnAStick

      If you check out the full 5 hour video on his twitch account (, and put it in full screen, the dice rolls and token appearances are much clearer.

      It also provides the ability of skipping forward to certain sections in the vid without waiting for the vid to preload, for those who don’t want to sit through the first half hour.

  • sniktbub

    I remember when you used to do actual game reviews and not dull, 5 hour long sessions of online DnD games. What happened to that? 

    And is it too much to ask for a simple blog post letting us know when you’re going to be doing the next review? Half your footage comes from other people, it shouldn’t take you that long. Unless you spend most of your time on sketches, in which case…tone those down. 

    • Jean-Francois Glaude

      I hate to admit it but i kind of agree with the first part of your statement, I too prefer reviews than 5 hour game sessions, but …. You have to remember that Spoony is not obligated to entertain us on a daily basis. If you ask me, i think personally that his “drive” is wearing off, i don’t think he is having as much fun as he used to doing reviews, hence why the delay between each one is longer and longer. The AVGN went through that, one of my favorite board game reviewers (Board games with scott) did that and i can see Spoony going through the same pattern. 

      Enjoy the precious moments we get to spend with one of the best internet critics out there while they last cause as they say, nothing last forever

    • PeaTearGryfin

       To be fair though, he does do frequent progress updates on his Twitter page. Plus his next review is Ultima IX, which he has been building up to for nearly 2 years now. You would expect this to be a pretty grand review. Also in reply to this whole thing about how much people hate these Pathfinder sessions, if you don’t like it then don’t watch it. Nobody is forcing you to watch all 5 hours of this. The thing is though that a large portion of his fanbase are interested in role playing games and get enjoyment out of watching these.

      • Colonel

        The best idiot-indicator is still the “IF YOU DONT LIKE IT DONT WATCH IT!!!!!!!”-argument -__-

        Hey idiot: We used to like it. Now we dont. So we give him feedback. Because after all if no one watches it his site goes down, and then everybody is unhappy.

        Oh and before you think “Hey they are enough fanboys like me watching it!!” – No. There arent. Googletrends and Alexa statistics listed a constant down in site visits since the end of 2010, and has calculated a degrease of this sites value by 30.000 $

        Thats hard addmoney cash he is loosing.

      • Edward

        “Also in reply to this whole thing about how much people hate these Pathfinder sessions, if you don’t like it then don’t watch it.”

        You know that argument doesn’t work on us.

        “Nobody is forcing you to watch all 5 hours of this.”

        Don’t worry.  We’re not watching it.

        “Plus his next review is Ultima IX, which he has been building up to for nearly 2 years now. You would expect this to be a pretty grand review.”

        I hope your right man.

        • Jordy Den Hartog

          “You know that argument doesn’t work on us.”

          And by all indications, your (referring to the group of people who come to the comment sections of these Pathfinder videos to tell us all just how much they didn’t watch them) bitching about how these Pathfinder videos are boring and lazy does just as much to deter Spoony from recording them.

          His Twitter feed indicates that Spoony is finished playing through Ultima 9 and is currently working on the script from some 60+ pages worth of notes that he took. The last tweet on the matter also indicated that it may still be a while, though because of the sheer amount of material he had to work into the review.

          • George Rosenbaum

            Holy Shit! He’s working on it right now?!

            Normally he would wait about three weeks to even THINK about doing it. Is Spoony finally pulling his head out of his ass?

            Not to get too hopeful or anything, but this is a good sign.

          • PeaTearGryfin

             Don’t make the assumption that he would sit around for  a while on this . Those of us who actually follow him on Twitter know that he is always doing something that the fans might find interesting.

          • George Rosenbaum

            I speak from past experience when I say it usually takes about two months for Noah to make a scripted review. I am excited because getting the last review out in three weeks is a drastic improvement.

            At the end of the day, I feel that Noah’s LP’s and scripted reviews are the most entertaining part of the website. They brought in more revenue and fan love than anything else, and I get worried every time he departs from that.

            I’m fine with Vlogs, those don’t take much time and energy to produce. But then he starts working on other people’s projects, flying to conventions, and making extremely long videos that have limited appeal (like this one). That eats up a lot of time and fan patience.

            All I’m asking for is a return to what worked. You can’t deny that this website has been on a sharp decline (from the extensive data that’s been thrown around), and needs a change in direction if it is going to survive.

          • Jordy Den Hartog

            That’s the thing though, I don’t think that these videos take a lot of effort to make since, let’s face it, it’s just a recording of a gaming session that would be going on either way. Yes it does take a few hours, but aside from rendering/compressing the raw video material I doubt there is much to these Pathfinder sessions that actually slows down production on his ‘regular’ updates.

            I, too, really enjoy the LPs and RPG reviews on this site, but (and this is something Spoony has highlighted before) it takes a very long time to fully go through a game like Final Fantasy 10 and then having to write a good script for the video, shooting everything, editing everything, etc. etc. These videos offer an alternative to having to wait for new reviews to come that is both easy and fast to make, while simultaneously pleasing at least a sizable part of the fanbase.

            I tend to compare this to last year where, after the summer was finished, the site wasn’t updated at all for nearly two months. Personally I’d much rather have these kinds of videos than the alternative which would be total silence.

          • George Rosenbaum

            Once again, I have to compare Spoony to Angry Joe, who does just as much work in the scripting/shooting/editing/rendering process, and can make these videos at least twice as fast as Spoony.

            And what about all of the movie reviews Noah’s done? Those are just as entertaining as video game reviews, and they take FAR less time than the video game reviews.

            Why can’t he do that in his spare time instead of this? A movie review should only take about a week to do, so he can work on that when he’s burned out from playing the game.

          • Jordy Den Hartog

            There’s a ton of posible reasons for that, all the way from the inability to find a good movie to review (that’s the thing with reviewing mostly obscure stuff – it tends to be difficult to find) to Spoony simply wanting to roleplay at the moment (he’s been asking around on Twitter for someone to DM something so he can finally RP again as a player).

            That’s the main difference between Spoony’s and Joe’s setup – Joe will never run out of new material because there are always new games coming out whereas Spoony needs to find something that would make a good review.

            Also, I hope you do realize that this is Noah Antwiler’s spare time you’re talking about. It’s HIS spare time to fill however he pleases. 

          • George Rosenbaum

            Maybe we can recommend a fan review?

            If he needs an unending stream of shit, Spoony should try the Disney Channel Movies. Those things are heinous.

      • sniktbub

        I don’t use Twitter, I never have and I never will. I’m not going to go out of my way to subscribe to a pointless social networking site just so I can keep tabs on Spoony. He could just as easily make a short text post on the main site to let us know of his progress.

        “The thing is though that a large portion of his fanbase are interested in role playing games and get enjoyment out of watching these.”

        Oh look, another white knight who jerks it to everything Spoony does and completely ignores reality. If these comment sections are any indication, there’s a vast number of fans who DON’T like these Pathfinder videos or the other Counter Monkey videos.

        And as for the whole “if you don’t like it don’t watch it” argument, that’s also stupid. There’s a comment section for a reason, it’s to leave input for Spoony so he can know what the fanbase thinks. There’s obviously a lot of people who don’t like these videos and want him to return to his old style. You’re an idiot.

        • PeaTearGryfin

           A. Don’t get mad that you aren’t in the loop because you refuse to use the service that Spoony uses to update his fans. Its not his job to personally make sure you are well informed of all the progress he is making.
          B. How an I a “white knight” because a large portion of this site’s fanbase is into role playing games. I watch these things live and if memory serves correctly there are about 800-900 views per session. The comments and likes on this vid indicate that probably about another 100 people from this site vocally enjoy these. The number of people who disapprove of these seems to be more like 50-60. How is it fair to those of us who are into role playing games to lose content because a small minority of nay sayers don’t like it. I believe Mr. Spock put it best, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”
          C.The “if you don’t like it don’t watch it” argument is actually pretty valid. You speak with your viewership. If you don’t watch it then Spoony can see that not as many people are watching it and he isn’t making the ad revenue of it. It’s not like he has totally betrayed the fans and forgotten about reviews. He still posts about one major film/game review every month (like he always has). These videos only exist to show us a glimpse into Spoony’s life outside of reviewing. I hate to break it to you, but this session would be taking place whether or not it was going up on the site.
          D. Your whole argument is made instantly invalid by calling me an idiot in the final sentence. Why am I an idiot? Because I disagree with the selfish pricks like you who seem to believe that his entire life should be devoted to giving you reviews.

  • Jose Batista

    Haven’t seen the whole thing yet, but I think Liz should buy a long spear. As a Sorcerer her character has access to using all simple weapons. While she is weak, with a long spear she can still do attacks of opportunity.

  • Manuel Adrian

    Next time you should record in a way higher resolution, the rolls are almost impossible to read.

    • gewoonlilly

      Unfortunately always records the live content in the same quality, regardless of which quality it was streamed on. Only recording this locally, while streaming, could provide higher quality video’s later.

      • Michael Johnathen

         Wrong, you can set the quality of the stream to whatever you want, twitch goes up to 1080p.

  • Manuel Adrian

    And I’d also suggest fixing whatever is making your website rape the memory management of the flash plugin.

  • Colonel

    The best idiot-indicator is still the “IF YOU DONT LIKE IT DONT WATCH IT!!!!!!!”-argument -__-

    Hey idiot: We used to like it. Now we dont. So we give him feedback.
    Because after all if no one watches it his site goes down, and then
    everybody is unhappy.

    Oh and before you think “Hey they are enough fanboys like me watching
    it!!” – No. There arent. Googletrends and Alexa statistics listed a
    constant down in site visits since the end of 2010, and has calculated a
    degrease of this sites value by 30.000 $

    Thats hard addmoney cash he is loosing.  

    • tuxedomaster


      Thank you for the link.

    • Erebus_Locke

       A bit harsh, but thats basically what it boils down to. Current content is different from old Spoony, and according to the statistics the fans dont like it.

    • Brandon Gilchrist

       I presume Spoony is perfectly aware of this fact, and since he continues to post things like this; that I enjoy personally, it’s made me want to play Pathfinder; that he has made the choice to post more things like this. And what you are giving is not feedback, it is complaints about wanting him to do more of what you want of him. Well clearly he still does reviews so your feedback is just parroting of useless statements. There is nothing constructive about it, you could replace all of them with “tl;dw, please do more reviews” and you would get the point without the abuse that were it me personally I would just ignore it, vulgar or malicious criticism isn’t worth the time to read them.

      • Edward

        “And what you are giving is not feedback, it is complaints about wanting him to do more of what you want of him.”
        Complaints about not like the current format and desire for videos he wants to see IS feedback.

        “Well clearly he still does reviews so your feedback is just parroting of useless statements.”

        What?!  One review in two months?! 

        • Brandon Gilchrist

           You seem awfully mad, it’s like any other industry, except Spoony doesn’t have multi-million dollar crew working with him, all this argument about ad revenue and “Feedback” as you call it is utter crap. He is a guy who does this in his spare time, I don’t pretend to know Spoonys personal life, it isn’t my business, I honestly don’t care what he makes per day per hour per week or per year, it’s none of my business. What I do is come to this site for entertainment, if I look at a title I don’t like I don’t click on it. Theres my feedback, if he posts less stuff I come on less and less until I wait for something of his to come up on TGWTG and then I come back and see what I missed. That is how it works, I don’t come on here endlessly looking for new stuff when it is slow, I move one and let stuff progress as it will.

          We don’t pay his bills, this isn’t a paysite, I come here and haven’t spent a dime of my money. If I felt that Spoony should be making videos on a more regular basis and I absolutely needed to see them fast I would probably cut him a check every two weeks, and then when he was slow it would be a bother to me. But honestly? I liked this, not only was it interesting to me, it is just fun to hear the human side of some of the TGWTG crew and friends. On-screen persona is fine and all but it was nice to hear these folks outside of that. If you don’t like it fine, I really don’t care, but this isn’t stop ranting on what he makes, how he makes it where he lives whatever. None of you know any of the real details of his life, living situation, income or anything else, Spoony has a degree maybe he does freelance work, or net stuff or whatever, I have 8 friends that do tech support work out of their own homes in various states, all you need is a phone, the net and some knowledge.

          But I’m rambling, you guys are getting way way too into this, if you don’t like the videos then stop coming here to whine about it, you do realize the net traffic on his site still goes up when you do right?

          • tuxedomaster

             You just went full retard with your “spare time” argument. Spoony is unemployed. He stated multiple time that this site is his sole source of income. He currently has to live in his brothers house.

            …do you get it? Of course he does it in his “spare time”, he has no other kind of time.

          • Kilsek

             Why do you care thou? Not a attack, just a question.

      • Colonel

         Noooo NO ONE said we want MORE. We said we want DIFFERENT stuff. The stuff he USED TO DO, the stuff we became fans for.

        No one wants 4 videos a week, back in 2008 he also only did about 1 a month. But it was a cool video, not same lazy recording of a boring RPG session.

    • George Rosenbaum

      Imagine if this same logic was used against Spoony. “Why did you watch Game Over all the way through? If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.” Maybe he watches it so he can deliver an informed opinion in an entertaining way.

      And if I’m going to leave informed constructive criticism, I have to watch the video all the way though. So don’t call people stupid for educating themselves before leaving a complaint.

      Thanks for the link, Colonel.

    • Luke_Duke

      Maybe I’m missing something, but that link shows that The Spoony Experiment “has recently shown a 2.05% Growth in the traffic rank.”  It does show that there was a sharp decline in unique visits back in July, but that it has been holding relatively steady since August 2011.

      It looks like the link you provided shows the exact opposite of what you’re arguing.

      Now, personally, I don’t particularly care for these Pathfinder Sessions, so I don’t watch them that much.  But if Spoony wants to continue to post them in order to feel the time in between regular posts, I don’t care.

      • MikeBester

        At the moment it says “ has recently shown a 0.46% Loss in the traffic rank.”
        But thats daily updated. All those Red arrows are losses in website value
        because the traffic has gone down and there are too many of them. Can
        you guess why they are there? They are the dips from when the website
        was not being updated regularly. Notice how the Green arrows, the
        increases are after the website was heavily updated like around Dec/Jan.
        The most recent increase in April after these latest updates.

        If you look at the website as a whole it is shown it was once
        estimated at around $80K now it is barely worth 50K. That’s a 30
        thousand dollar loss in website value.

        Do some of you understand now? are you getting it? are you finally
        getting the picture? This website is slowly dying. Since it’s peak in
        2010 the value of the website has been steadilydeclining.

        • PeaTearGryfin

          What I don’t think that people like you seem to understand is that this site is not made solely to make a profit. Noah will do videos based on things that he likes because that is how it has always been. If you don’t like it then you can take it or leave it. Just don’t use data that really isn’t all that shocking to try and prove yourselves right.

          Sorry this was supposed to be in reply to Colonel.

          • George Rosenbaum

            You can’t just throw away data by just saying “it isn’t important”. Spoony still needs to eat and pay bills, and this site is how he does it.

            And this data shows that the site’s advert patronage has gone down way too much to ignore. I consider that adequate proof of the poor direction of the site, if the site is loosing this much money.

          • PeaTearGryfin

             Actually when you compare that data to the averages of other review sites, which I did, you find that there has been a rather large drop in each of them. Plus a 0.46% drop is really not that significant (in fact out of all the sites I compared it too this site is doing the best). We don’t know based on the data given in the link how long the numbers have been down. It could just be that the past 2-3 days have been slightly down. Plus when the data shows that Noah is making $75 a day from ad revenue, I think he is just fine on that front. My point is though is that this is a matter of fans not being pleased with the content given so they are hiding behind a statistic that really shows nothing and making it the argument for why they need to see more reviews every day.

          • MikeBester


   Here THATS the rate for the past years. And he is hardly making “75$” a day, you can cut that by half. And even if, a year ago he made 100 a day. And in a year he will make 20 a day. And the year after that ZERO.

            …unless he gets some fans back.

          • PeaTearGryfin

             Ok so how come you can deny data from that report? Because it contradicts what you want it to say. The report itself says average ad revenue is at almost $75 a day. Which comes out to be about $9.38/hour. Combine that with the income that Miles makes as a cop and I can assure you that Noah is in no position that he is about to lose his place. If you notice on the graph too that he is actually gaining back some of his fans. Plus the low numbers do not relate to him because if you take a look at most other critics, their numbers have been down for the past few years either. You honestly want to tell me that D&D related stuff has caused the fall of the entire internet reviewing population.

          • Erebus_Locke

            You now thats estimated amount of income?? The only hard facts are the number of hits…And they have gone down by 1/3.

            I can assure you he is lucky if he is makin 20$ now, the fact is he made three times what he is getting now two years ago, and well make a third of his current income in a year when the visitors keep going down.

          • MikeBester

             Yes it is, he told multiple times its both his “dream” and his sole source of income. HE IS LIVING IN HIS BROTHERS APARTMENT NOW…what does that tell you hm?

      • Colonel

         Are you blind? Or just in denial??

        Here I made a fucking screenshot with nice red circles:

    • M Hollingsworth

      Actually, the argument makes perfect sense in this case. This is a recording of a life RP session that Spoony holds every week. It’s not something he’s doing instead of reviews, or even instead of his normal Counter Monkey entries. This is something he’s doing for fun, because he enjoys it.

      He streams it only because some fans actually expressed an interest in seeing Spoony DM a game. And *gasp* some fans do enjoy watching this. You may not be able to understand why, but they do.

      So at this point, if you have minor complaints specific to these sessions, like wanting an easier way to tell who’s talking at any particular time, it’s one thing. But if you hate the entire concept, if you find watching videos of people playing an RPG boring, then there is simply no point in watching any more of these. And there’s no point in continuing to post the same tired complaints.

  • Lord_of_the_Ninth

    Some people can’t or won’t appreciate what Spoony is doing here, but I am learning quite a bit from watching the vids. And they are fun to watch as well. Also, as far as I understand this is filling in the empty slots in the month when Spoony would have nothing else to post. He is enjoying himself with friends and we get to see him DM/play a session. If you recall people have been asking this FOR YEARS. 

    • Edward

      Learning what?!  

      You can do all of this for yourself.  You don’t need him to teach you how to roleplay.

      All you need is a copy of the Dungeons and Dragons DM’s guide, a player’s guide, a monster manuel, and some dice.  Done.

      You don’t even need that.  All my friends and I need is 2 six side dice, a notebook, a pencil, and a story to tell.

      Roleplaying is just playing make believe like you did when you are a kid but taking it a little seriously, laying down rules so no one god modes, and resolving conflicts with dice.  How hard a concept is that to grasp?

      • Ricardo Rio

        Sometimes if you see a game you understand the game in an easier way and learn a few tricks and be somewhat prepared when you play. 

        If I were to play now I would probable not understand whats going on because of plus this or minus that and it would be more the other players playing for me. 

        With these gameplays and the D&D book near by we can see why that happend or why a horse kicked soo many zombies behinds. 

        It’s nice and I hope it continues.  

      • Lord_of_the_Ninth

        The guy has a lot of experience in role playing games. I’ve been really catching on some tricks and stuff that you can’t find that easy. DM guide is a good place to start your DMing, but sometimes you need someone to play an actual game and show you their way of doing things. Some things you like, other you don’t. The ones you like you try to implement. Simply by watching a game like this you can learn quite a bit about what to do and what not to do. DMing ain’t easy. I have met A LOT of terrible DMs over the years. And also have seen some terrible players. I think that everyone can learn something by watching this. It works for me. 

      • George Rosenbaum

        Yes ‘roleplaying’ is a much looser term than it appears. I think he wants to get into an actual board game, like D&D 4e or Pathfinder.

        And to be honest, those books weren’t cheap. Speaking as someone who just got into it, it’s a bit more daunting than you suggest.

        Watching others is good, but it’s better to actually BE there with your books so you can ask questions is person. The best thing to do is try and find an active session, and ask if you can watch their game. If their particularly nice, they’ll help you build a character sheet.

  • Ricardo Rio

    hello, that was fun to listen, while working… helped to learn a little more. :) 

    but as usual more questions came up. :) this isn’t the place to ask them. 

    keep up the session and thanks.


  • Ralf van Goch

    alright this site is dead….

  • Discordius Erisianus

    Do you know how long this goes on for, Mr Pilgrim? Five HOURS!
    Please bring Ultima back.

  • Jonathan Hemmila

    I would have loved to have watched this. Spoony is a great DM. However, adding the gruesome, moronic tranny, Iron Liz, destroys this and anything else she/he/it is in. Too bad Linkara has to air his homosexual relationship with this beast all over this and affiliated sites. I used to respect him quite a bit.

  • George Rosenbaum

    Look, I really don’t like these videos. It doesn’t seem liek a good introduction to Pathfinder, and, the pacing is too slow for me to get into.

    But I don’t care if this sucks, AS LONG AS HE IS STILL DOING HIS SCRIPTED REVIEWS. The kind of reviews that this site has basically lived on, along with LP commentaries. The kind of reviews you just don’t see much of anymore.

    I’m sure some of you like this. But from what I see, unless he can make these fairly quickly, this site won’t last much longer unless he does an LP or a scripted review to bring his fans back in.

    Don’t think the site is experiencing financial issues? Go back and click on Colonel’s link. 30,000 dollars is a lot of money to loose.

    • MikeBester

      What makes me angry are the fanboys who are not only in denial about this, but also alway accuses us of wanting “MORE VIDEOS!!!”. No one has said that, not even in the recent comment sections.

      No one wants “more” videos, we want “different” kinds of videos, the videos that got us hooked in the first place. Lets Plays of obscure FMV games and so on.

      • sniktbub

        Exactly. All these Counter Monkey posts are boring as hell and only appeal to a very small demographic. Recently, the only reviews of his that have had the “classic” Spoony feel to them are the Ultima Retrospective videos.

        • George Rosenbaum

          I like SOME of the Counter Monkey videos. Though I would prefer Spoony not rely exclusively on them, there were a few I watched over and over, specifically the battle against Tempus Thale and Tandem’s Last Ride.

  • IrmaSDean
  • rewind83709

    I have a question, is the music added after the stream, or during?
    I am enjoying what I’m seeing so far.
    I suppose it would be better, if it wasn’t so long, but, eh.
    At least Spoony is adding something to his site.
    Thanks again guys.

    • PeaTearGryfin

       That music is there during the stream. Everything you are seeing in this video is as it happened live.

      • rewind83709

         That’s awesome, and it became more apparent as I was watching it too.

  • Tim Malear

    Iron Liz. Crit magnet.

  • Allaiyah Weyn

    “I blew up a village…I blew up a couple of more villages…” You sure you didn’t mean to roleplay as Lina Inverse?

  • Urban Sniper

    I enjoyed this, despite the initial slow start, but I’m no stranger to stuff like that happening around the table myself.  It seemed to be a lot better paced than the previous sessions overall, an obvious testament to the players remembering more of their abilities.  I watched the whole thing yesterday evening (while I was doing other things of course), and it seemed to fly by compared to the first one.

    And, on the positive side of things, I’m probably going to be starting my own Pathfinder campaign thanks to this; now I just need to find some players locally.

  • Nathan Ellis

    We get it people, the site is worth 50K and it used to be worth 80K and you don’t like Counter Monkey. LEAVE! I’m not in denial about the content changing, I won’t watch more than a few minutes of these, they’re boring live streams of someone else playing tabletop rpgs. You can shit talk the videos, I’m fine with that. I fully expect it when the TGWTG anniversary special comes out again. That’s fair. What isn’t fair is completely berating his site and change in character even though we’ve had a great Vlog, two great commentaries, and a movie review in the last month ALONG with the counter monkey shit. Your favorite stuff is still here. And fine, the site is dead for you since you don’t like counter monkey, good, stop kicking the dead site if you’re over it. I can see it’s becoming a cool kids club to keep coming back with a shitty attitude towards spoony and his fans because you want another Let’s Play.

  • Nathan Ellis

    Or do whatever the fuck you want, I’m not here to stand up for an entertainer. All I know is I expect all the same people bitching to come back for Ultima IX. The end of an era, and his audience will be too busy waiting for the next counter monkey video flame war to appreciate it.

    • George Rosenbaum

      Of course we’ll come back for Ultima IX. Just because we have problems with this video doesn’t mean we’ll be petty enough to not appreciate genuine effort. Were not  stuck up, just tired of the direction the site has gone.
      And yes, we do have a shitty attitude towards Spoony. That attitude is well deserved, considering how far he has let himself fall. Again, 30,000 dollars can’t be wrong.And while things are IMPROVING, it’s still pretty bad. Noah has gone from making a scripted review once every two months to once every month, unless he gets distracted or inconvenienced. I’m still satisfied with the Game Over review for now, but I really hope Noah finishes Ultima IX by this week.

  • J.G. te Molder

    Teckla/Iron Liz made a major mistake against the kobolts, against nastier enemies that could have lead to death: don’t heal yourself first and then worse, do nothing an entire turn. Cut your bowman free from the entangling vines!

    Least intelligence rating indeed.

  • Frank Rauen

    I was one of those people that bitched about his later counter monkey videos. This was mostly because it seemed like he wasn’t going to be doing reviews anymore. Honestly, even these videos are fine because there are people who are enjoying themselves. It isn’t as good as his playthroughs but who cares. Keep in mind that this stuff is free. The only thing you go through is the commercials and if you are impatient than don’t sit through it. Also there are literally thousands of internet reviewers you can watch. My big gripe was always that Spoony never drew the line on whether he wanted to keep doing this or not. Now that we all know he does you can calm the fuck down and let him work at his own pace since, again, this is free entertainment.

    • tuxedomaster

       The stuff is free for us but still the sole source of income for Spoony. He is unemployed at the moment, has to live in his brothers house and stated multiple times this site is his only way of making money.

      So dont take it too lightly.

      • Frank Rauen

        That’s Spoony’s problem, If it gets dire he will probably move back his regular format. There was a report that this is a fifty-thousand dollar site plus what he gets from TGWTG and blip I’m sure he is living comfortably. 

  • Terri Wanger

    This pathfinder started off a little heartless, which is to be expected because of character death.  But PT2 was excellent and it kept building from there!  Skitch is the ultimate Group Leader and Buff-Man; and the whips outta be in a Soul Calibur game now (Ivy doesn’t count, it’s a sword.)  And Andrew makes great as a Bomber!  I see why many players prefer grenades and flasks.  Few things are as inspiring as seeing a bad guy get burned like the Krogan monoloque-er in Mass Effect 2.  Thanks for the videos!  And I hope for the podcasts soon (at least ones that don’t hate my computer).

    PS: I’m glad your group in the previous didn’t have a do-over.  If that group replayed the Zombies, how many good runs would have to be done-over because of similar mistakes?  For example, a group I was in had succeeded in an escort quest because everyone did everything right, including my paladin casting Shield Other when I was a level too short to do so (didn’t realize it then, newbie mistake).  A do-over would be required to keep it fair; but the DM let it slide because I was a newbie.  Call it whatcha will.

  • Das_Bass

    sure is a lot of mad in here

    • PeaTearGryfin

       Assholes will be assholes.

      • MediaGold

        Yeah, and so will sycophants.

  • Brian Elle

    Not a bad session, kind of boring to start off. Was very disapointed when the players didn’t pick up on the fact that the bear was demolishing the entrance to the temple, after he broke the second column, you guys should have realized it was time to step up and fight him like men. Where’s Joe when we need him?

    Just a few nitpicks about the rules.

    1. Casting on the Defensive: Casting a spell while on the defensive does not provoke an attack of opportunity. It does, however, require a concentration check (DC 15 + double the spell’s level) to successfully cast the spell. Failure means that you lose the spell.

    2. Treat deadly wounds with the Heal skill requires a healers kit or the DC goes up by +4, it also takes one hour of work before you gain the Hp.

    3. Using the Knowledge skills to determine the weaknesses of your enemies is a good thing, using the wrong skill to do it is not. Humans require Kn: Nature (not Kn: Local) and Undead require Kn: Religion (not Kn: Arcana).

    4. Liz, you cannot hurt someone by accident. If you shoot into melee, you have no chance to hit your ally, just a penalty to hit the enemy.

    I realize some of you are new to this, but as Spoony said, know your characters and their abilities inside and out. It’s hard to watch you guys stumble through the session not knowing the simplest things about your abilities and combat mechanics. Take some time between sessions to learn the rules or it will come back to bite you in the ass. I guaranty it.

    Kudos to Spoony for posting these and taking the time to do things that bring the session to life like the special voices, it really makes the experience special.

    Does anyone know when the next session will be or where I can find the chatroom to watch this live, I’d like to check this out firsthand.


    • Michael Schiciano

      Humanoids were listed under both Kn: Local and Kn: Nature for what I saw, and for the Bear, I believed I asked the DM about what skill would be required (because I wasn’t sure whether it was really undead, or the source of some magic).  I’ve also been given other information about it, but some of the information is just, well, hard to parse out when I’m trying to read up on info for multiple characters. :P  A lot of that will be easier by the time Garret reaches level 2 and has Lore Master.

      As for the bear, I caught on to what the Bear was doing, and figured it would’ve collapsed the temple, but after what happened last session, I was fine with just playing on the defensive, and waiting it out.  Sorry if that disappointed you, but I honestly find level 1 in Pathfinder being a bit too high risk for just going into things boldly at the moment.

      The next session should be up this upcoming Sunday at…6PM or 7PM EST if I’m not mistaken, with the chat on Spoony’s page ( ).

      • Brian Elle

        It’s not a disappointment, I can tell you’re carrying the rest of the party when half the time they don’t even know their own “to hit” numbers. I’ve done the same thing myself and I know it can be very distracting. The Knowledge skill critique isn’t just for you (even though I’m sure Spoony doesn’t read these, I know with all the vitrol, I wouldn’t). My constructive criticism would be to communicate with the other players more and keep up the good work!

        • Michael Schiciano

          Naturally.  I was actually really stoked when Andrew was asking if he could do things that were a bit different than ‘planned,’ like attacking with his dagger.   With time, the players’ll get used to the flow of their characters, and not only will gameplay be more smooth, but more attention can be given to roleplaying as characters, advancing plot, and everything else that I believe everyone involved would want to see more of: DM, Players, and viewers.

          Thanks for the input, though, about some of the rules – that’s honestly the biggest help that most of us could as for, as even people who were veterans of 3/3.5 have to relearn things, like how shooting into melee, defensive casting (which seems like it’s not even needed unless you are at melee risk) and the such works…I was surprised by how different Cleave is in Pathfinder vs. 3.5, so with a lot of things it’s a learning process.

          And, like I said, really looking forward to level 2 Garret – He’ll have a rank in all knowledge skills, and can take 10 on them…which means that the Knowledge checks at the start of fights is almost guaranteed without a roll, making the Naturalist ability even more useful.

  • PeaTearGryfin

    Hey guys, did you hear the good news? The Spoony Experiment just passed 55 million views!!! Major kudoos to the fans and long live the Spoony Experiment!

    • tuxedomaster

       Hey guy, did you hear the bad news? The Spoony Experiment again has lost viewers, its now under an estimated worth of 50.000$. (It once was worth over 80.000$)

      • PeaTearGryfin

         Hey guy, did you hear the news? You’re a freaking buzz kill who can’t seem to understand that we the fans don’t give a damn about your goddamn statistic that shows us absolutely nothing except that this site has seen a gradual decrease in viewers since early 2011. Seriously, fuck off. This is an exiting time in the history of this site and you want to pull your shit about how we need to get rid of Counter Monkey because this site doesn’t earn as much as it did in 2010.

        • Colonel

           “We fans”? Well according to the numbers “we fans” DO CARE ABOUT THAT because otherwise the statistics would look different and you wouldnt be the only one still defending him.

          • PeaTearGryfin

             I’m the only one defending him. Have you noticed that any time a comment is posted with anything nice about the man it’s always you, tuxedomaster, and Erebus_Locke there to bash them as a “white knight” and flash your meaningless chart around in their face. Tell you what if you don’t like the way this site is run, there are plenty of other sites out there that you can go to, you aren’t being forced to watch this stuff.

          • Turkey OnAStick

            I’m sorry, but how can you fob the chart off as meaningless when you kick start this whole thing with “woo 55 million views” which a) is a stat, and b) provides no indication to the current site traffic.

            I think you should back away from the comments sections, since they’re clearly rattling your cage, your argument is pretty weak, and not as entertaining as the rest of the content on this site, amirite?

          • PeaTearGryfin

             I’m not shrugging off other statistics entirely. I only gave the 55 million views thing as a landmark for the site. My point being though that the graph that keeps being tossed around tells us nothing about why the numbers are down. There appears to be no correlation between videos and when the viewership is down. If you’ll notice, there are lots of dips in viewers even before the Pathfinder sessions. You can’t use that chart and expect that you can get away with saying that Pathfinder is the sole reason that numbers are down without taking other factors into account.

          • George Rosenbaum

            Colonel, TurkeyOnAStick, tuxedomaster, myself, and others have all offered you several suggestions as to why the site is loosing money. You could try listening to them.

            It’s because of the long periods of complete inactivity, reliance on uninteresting, easy to make Vlogs, and Spoony’s nasty habit of burning himself out on other people’s projects, or on projects that no one ends up liking (like this one).”There are lots of dips in viewers even before the Pathfinder videos”

            Of course it’s not JUST the Pathfinder videos. They are fairly unpopular, but the problem has existed long before that. This is just a drop in the bucket. I don’t see anyone trying to argue otherwise.

          • PeaTearGryfin

             Here I’ll use a chart of my own to show why your suggestions don’t really work:

            See this is the site report for Brad updates that site constantly with content that the fans find interesting, a least one Snob review every 2 weeks, and does crossovers and movies too, and his site is down too. The things you’ve given aren’t sure reasons that somebody’s site would lose viewers because Brad does all the things you have suggested and yet he is still losing viewers himself.

          • George Rosenbaum

            This is actually pretty interesting. I would say that he’s shifting to his Blip account, but he updates his own website so frequently that it can’t be this.

            It’s not just the Conema Snob either. All of TGWTG has been tanking until very recently, and it’s probably just temporary.

            I still stand by my complaints of TSE, but association with TGWTG isn’t helping either. There are a lot of reviewers who either don’t get top billing on the site, or just suck.

            Maybe TGWTG should try talent scouting a little. Look for up-and-coming reviewers, give them a chance to show their stuff.

          • MikeBester

            The site is loosing viewers. Thats a fact. There are three other facts:

            – Spoony does hardly any game reviews anymore, and has completly ceased doing Lets Plays

            – When people COMPLAIN in the comments, its 99% about “why dont you do any more Lets Plays”

            – Whenever I saw a discussion about how people got into Spoony the first time, it was always “Phantasmagoria”, “SWAT” or generally his FMV-reviews. Exactly the stuff he doesnt do anymore AT ALL.


            And now please add these things together

          • PeaTearGryfin

             You guys are changing the argument now. What you were using this chart to argue was that PATHFINDER was the reason behind  the site’s traffic loss. you were claiming that this graph shows that. Are there people who are upset with his content? Yes. But, there were also people like that in 2010 which was the highest point on your graph. My point being that this graph can’t be used to prove why PATHFINDER can’t be blamed as the sole source of the loss of traffic on this site.

          • Erebus_Locke

            What? No, Pathfinder was NEVER said to be the sole reason. Its only another example for content hardly anyone enjoys.

            The statistics-page was even first posted in his Countermonkey video comment section, when there wasnt a single Pathfinder session posted.

          • George Rosenbaum

            So to summarize: “If you don’t like it, go away”

            Didn’t we already have this conversation?

      • Jennifer

        I think it was the time he focused on wrestling stuff, and now he does only RPGs. Thats content aimed at a very specific kind of fans, while everyone can enjoy a game or movie review.

        I myself lost interest when he started WrestleWrestle!, and just came back to check out if he had done any new Lets Plays.

        Here in Europe we never had that many of those strange games like Ripper, I only can remeber Phantasmagori 1. (Not the second one). So its double-interesting for me.


        • George Rosenbaum

          You may be on to something. Noah’s gone away from doing scripted reviews and LP’s, and is just experimenting with new content now.

          Remember last year, when he tried his hand at game journalism? When he was gone for long chunks of time without being able to produce more content?

          I think Noah is just desperate for something that will win his fan’s good graces back, by trying something new. But the sad part of all of this is that we don’t WANT anything new. We just want scripted reviews and LP’s, stuff he has always been passionate about.

    • Erebus_Locke

      Wow you must be Spoonys White Knight Nr.1. Every time someone dares to post something negative you jump to the rescue.

      And now when more and more guys post statistics prooving that more and more fans are disappointed with the kind of content he provides, you try to hide it with meaningless numbers like total views?

      Guess if Spoony had posted only recordings of RPG sessions from the start, this site would never have reached 55 million views.

  • Jennifer

    Spoony are you ever going back to Lets Plays? Just as with Wrestling, Im just not into RPGs. It has been over three years since you did a complete Lets Play (Ripper).

    I was hoping for Deadly Premonition!! Sure would love to see your reaction to that. Thanks in advance.

    • PeaTearGryfin

       See fanbase. This is how you request different content. You calmly state your feelings and ask nicely. You don’t hide behind a flow chart. You don’t bash the fans who like the material. Thank you Jennifer for being one of the first who has done this request thing correctly. By the way, I don’t like to burst your bubble, but I think that the Deadly Premonition LP is pretty much dead at this point.

      • Jennifer

        Flow chart?

        • Erebus_Locke

          Spoonys site is loosing more and more viewers, because he no longer does the content many fans originally became fans for in the first place. Lets Plays, Game reviews etc. You yourself said you were a regular visitor until the “WrestleWrestle”-phase.

          One user has now produced a link to a page that shows many statistics about Visitors, estimated add revenue and so on. All the numbers are going down, add revenue almost by half.

          And now all the Fanboys (well actually there is only one left) are going mad, because now its actually proven the majority of Spoonys fans are disappointed with the content he does.

          EDIT: I myself want to point out I dont want “MORE” content. I just think he should do more stuff everyone can enjoy, INSTEAD of videos which are aimed at only a handfull of his fans.

          • PeaTearGryfin

             He just can’t win for loose can he. The guy works on just reviews and you guys tell him that he isn’t making enough stuff. He puts out the recorded stream from a Pathfinder session, which would probably be going on even if it wasn’t recorded, and you guys tell him that you require different content from him. What is he supposed to do; at least one review, an LP, and a part of a FF review in once week?

          • MikeBester

            No one has told him to do more stuff.

            Instead multiple times his true fans said they would be ok with only one video a month, but have instead pointed out that the “type” of video is important. RPGs is just not for everyone.

            The very post you replied to stated exactly that.

      • Erebus_Locke

         My first “requests” were exactly like that. Then I got flamed by fanboys like you.

        For fucks sake I even defended Spoony against the blind “MOAR CONTENT”-screamers. But its indeed nice that Jennifer came along, because apparently she perefectly represents the flowchart you so despise. First she was a regular fan, then got scared off when Spoony did only Wrestling videos.

  • Alex Stritar

    So, out of curiousity, why is Pathfinder somethimes called D&D 3.75?

    • PeaTearGryfin

       Because Pathfinder is kind of an expansion on D&D 3rd Edition and there already is an expansion called Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Edition so the fans kind of dubbed this one D&D 3.75

    • Corey Schaff

       The company that produces Pathfinder is mainly composed of creative people who wrote a lot of the Dungeons and Dragons books, and they (Paizo, the Company) also published Dungeon magazine and Dragon Magazine up until they went out of print.

      A lot of advertisements for Pathfinder back in the earlier published materials carried the Tagline: “3.5 Survives. 3.5 Thrives!”

  • Corey Schaff

    The people complaining specifically about the uploaded sessions of his Pathfinder are, if you think about it, being incredibly selfish.

    1. These games are not staged, this is Spoony enjoying himself playing a game with his friends.  The complaints imply that he should stop playing pathfinder with his friends and spend that time producing more reviews.

    2.  There is almost no time/effort involved in recording and uploading him and his friends playing the game they’d already be playing even if they weren’t being recorded.  Thus you ask that others who enjoy watching these videos be deprived of these sessions because you do not care for them personally.

    So, if you want him to stop making these videos, you seem to either want to deprive him of some well-deserved fun and social interaction with his friends, or you wish to deprive us of the opportunity to watch the videos.

    You may not find them entertaining, but some of us do, and your whining to cease the production of this entertainment when it is so cheaply produced is highly inconsiderate to all involved.

    • tuxedomaster

      Uhm no…We just dont want him to sell us his archived livestreams as “content”.

      If people want to watch them they can do so here
      But please dont try to behave like this is valid content for his main site.

      • Corey Schaff

         Until such a time as a link to his twitch channel becomes easier to find than having it posted in a comment chat by somebody who already knows it, I think I can safely say that those who would otherwise never have known about the game consider the content plenty valid.

        It’s just like the CinemaSnob posting Videodrome episodes on his site, in my opinion.

    • Colonel

      All the critizism in this comment section was only stating that we want him to not forget the videos we became fans for in the first place. That we want him to do Lets Plays again.

      Where THE FUCK does that imply he should stop doing RPG-sessions with his friends? He was doing Livestreams and RPG-sessions during all those years, check his Twitch account or LordKats archive. But back then it didnt stop him from making regular content, and he didnt put his Livestreams on the main page either.

      For fucks sake you cant even watch those archived Livestreams properly here because you cant zoom in. The only reason they are posted here, instead of a simple message “Hey guys I have a account were RPG-sessions take place” is to give the impression more content is produced.

      • PeaTearGryfin

         What I think he is getting at is that this argument that he isn’t doing enough “material” is making you guys sound like you are telling him that every waking moment of his life should be devoted entirely to reviews and Let’s Plays and there is no time for fun in his life(which to quite frank is exactly how your argument sounds). Whatever is put on this site qualifies as content, by the way. Content is not what the fans decide qualifies as a legitimate update.

      • Corey Schaff

         It’d be nice if he had a LinkBanner to his his stream since I only just recently found out about it (and it would also be nice if he put the Twitter-Update app back onto his site too.)

        But while you do make a few good points, I can think of another good reason why he might upload these to the site (and to for the additional revenue.

  • PeaTearGryfin

    What happened to those good old days of the site when fans were just happy to see something new on the site. Now we’ve devolved to the point where if something isn’t a review/LP then it isn’t content. When did the fans become so selfish that nothing will ever please them except for an overload of reviews.

    • Alex Stritar

      Because back then were his glory days when he could do no wrong, before he met with those filthy TGWTG people. Then all he did was do exactly what he always did except he ocasionally did it with the others. They wre sucking the creativity and energy out of him so he could not be as good. And then they started doing these lameass aniversery videos like Kickassia and Suburban Knights (though not the Brawl for some reason). All they would do is fill Doug’s oversized ego and certianlly not because they’re friends who want time to get together, have fun, and do some silly project for the fans.

      Spoony’s not doing stuff fast enough for me, some random guy on the internet who he’ll never really meet! If he doesn’t review Ultima 9 in the next hour, I’ll leave and he’ll lose his income! I mean, sure I’ve made the threat before, and have never made good on it considering I come here every day to bitch on his work ethic while sitting here in my classroom/cubical!

      • PeaTearGryfin

         Judging by the way you wrote that I’m guessing you’re being sarcastic, but its kind of hard for me to tell. You were being sarcastic right?

        • Alex Stritar

          Technically, I was parodying the complaniers. Guess I wasn’t doing a good enough job. That, or MSkull was right about satire being dead.

          • PeaTearGryfin

             No you did a good job. I’ve just been studying for final exams all day long so my brain is fried right now. After I reread that I finally caught it.

          • Alex Stritar

            It’s fine, I understand. I’m glad I got those finished a few weeks ago.

      • George Rosenbaum

        Doug’s oversized ego? Okay, it really HAS gotten out of hand?.

        • Alex Stritar

          Ok, I’ll bite. How exactly has it gotten out of hand?

          • George Rosenbaum

            The sheer amount of time it consumes. Whenever the staff of TGWTG fly off to shoot, the site just sits around for weeks on end with almost no updates.

            Perhaps ‘gotten out of hand’ was a poor choice of words. That suggests it was okay in the past. Because I remember not liking this when they shot Kickassia, or Suburban Knights.

          • Alex Stritar

            Well, you are a bit right in that I probably wouldn’t enjoy it as much if I weren’t a fan of these guys. I mean, there are some jokes that I do ligitimitly enjoy, and Malachite was pretty cool, but under the critical light, they arn”t THAT impressive.

            But I am a fan, and that’s why I watch and enjoy it. Underneith it all, there is a heart to it that I can appreciate. You can really tell that they are having fun doing this. In fact, I think of it more as something for them then for me anyway. This is there excuse to get together (despite the fact that they all live long distances from each other) and hang out, do some crossovers, and just d some little project to tie it all together.

            I can see your point. That it’s very time consming and the end result may not justify it. I may not totally agree, but I guess your point is a valid one. Though, I do notice you never complain about the Brawl. Is that more like what you’d want to see?

  • Nathan Ellis

    He must be getting sick of his fanbase here because he’s uploading all his new videos to his old youtube channel. 

    • Corey Schaff

      It’s a good way to drum up some new viewers for sure.  I know I got here through youtube way back when.

  • Karl-Heinz Rickert

    First: I´m from Germany so sorry for my english.
    Second: I read a lot that people would be happy if Spoony would post at least 1 scripted Video each Month. I have good news! He actually does!
    I just went trough the last couple of Pages of Content he posted in the Last Month and he did indeed post one scripted video (which always was an Game or Movie Review) each Month till November at least. And actually did he post a lot more Stuff if you count the other Counter Monkey Vids he did and some specials here and there. 

    • Nathan Ellis

      Was $80,000 now $50,000, more content, better content, stop white knighting. 

      There, saving you all the trouble of getting flamed by people who will actually mean it. 

      • PeaTearGryfin

         You forgot one thing. We haz graph. Ur argumint iz envalid.

      • Karl-Heinz Rickert

         You know what the fun part about the internet is? I dont have to give a damn.

        • Nathan Ellis

          I thought porn was the fun part about the internet.

          • Karl-Heinz Rickert

             OK, that too ;)

      • Corey Schaff

         But doesn’t that value only mean anything if he wants to sell the site to somebody else? <.<

        • Nathan Ellis

          Exactly. It doesn’t effect his current fans at all, it just gives them ammunition when they decide noah has displeased them.

          • PeaTearGryfin

             Well they keep using the argument that Noah needs us to keep the lights on and he is in danger of losing his place at this point because he isn’t doing reviews fast enough and losing viewers. That reasoning is no better though.

      • George Rosenbaum

        No one is asking for more content. The more rational of the complainers understand that, and just want better content.

        And the content of the site has improved of late. He HAS jumped up to one scripted review a month. I’m pretty sure that’s all anyone is asking for. Let’s hope it continues.

        The next time you speak for other people, make sure your right. Otherwise you might piss those people off.

        • Nathan Ellis

          What you’re saying is completely reasonable. I don’t speak for you. One guy googled website revenue and came across that little statistic about his site loosing money and now it’s being passed around like some highschool letter in an attempt to show his other fans what? To stop watching because he’s not as rich as he used to be?

          • George Rosenbaum

            I think they are so desperate to prove there is something wrong with the website, they resort to that sort of financial data.

            Why resort to something so extreme, when we’ve got good proof of the problems right now. Spoony only started with scripted reviews once a month RECENTLY, and I hope it continues, because his usual track record is two months.

            And honestly, everyone on TGWTG is facing a similar financial state. If TGWTG is going to do so many conventions, they need to bring in more ad money with more reviewers. They should be talent scouting the Internet and getting other people to publish on their website.

            Or, y’now, not fly around to so many conventions. Maybe then everyone would have more time to work.

          • Nathan Ellis

            You’re obviously a long time fan, i remember seeing your comments from a long time ago on the experiment. You have a right to criticize. After the “depression” update a few months ago I have been completely satisfied with the content so far. The way he handled the anti film brain trolls was great, the quality of the reviews continues to go up. My defensive attitude is only a reflection of how much I’ve enjoyed his videos. I’m indifferent towards TGWTG and his crew. My whole argument basically boils down to, ” is it the fans responsibility to police the direction he’s taking when the audience decreases? or is it our responsibility to be supportive?” 

          • George Rosenbaum

            Do we even have a responsibility as fans? Is fandom in itself wrong, because it breeds this kind of possessive thinking?

          • Nathan Ellis

            Now That’s a good question! It kind of destroys every Star Wars prequel argument.

          • PeaTearGryfin

             Dude, the Star Wars prequels destroy an argument for the Star Wars prequels. Anyway you two do have some pretty valid points. I’ve personally always thought that it is the fan’s jobs to offer up a) positive reinforcement and b) CONSTRUCTIVE criticism (underline  constructive). I don’t think it is necessarily wrong to be a fan as long as you are still showing that you in some way support their work and feel understanding when things are down.

          • Corey Schaff

            Hmm, yes….a thin line between the Fan and the Fanatic.

  • Merost

    What happened to Spoony? Vlogs, pasted livestreams, commentaries…What happened to game reviews and lets plays?

  • antiquarius

    Its so sad seeing characters from his old reviews like “Naked Zombie Sean Connery” and the SWAT-guys in his new intro.

    Its like “Hey remember the good times? Remember when I did funny memorable reviews?? Yeah that sure was me!!”

  • Octo Seven

    No offence to Spoony, I love the site and everything. But does he really think any sane or reasonable person wants to sit down and watch him play d&d for 5 hours? Really? I wouldn’t even be able to watch Naked Olsen twins play d&d for 5 hours without going insane from boredom.

    • Merost

      D&D fans would. But thats the problem, only a small portion of his fans a interested in D&D and RPGs in genereal. His focus on these topics has surely disappointed many fans. Just like when he only did Wrestling Vlogs.

    • Andrew Bukovinszky

       Then don’t.

      Easy as that.

  • Vargtass

    I remember when the comments used to be relevant for the posted video, not just whining, white-knighting and discussions about the economics of a person we barely even know outside of his videos. I guess you are right, the times really have changed.

    I see where you are coming from, but surely there must be a way for you to discuss this without rubbing it in our faces? Start up a forum,, discuss it there, where it is relevant. Or why not, where you can sit around on the porch like grumpy old men and reminiscent about the old days when everything was better. At least then you will be at home and we who want to discuss the actual video don’t have to wade through your tired repeated comments again and again.

    But then again, then you couldn’t try to corrupt our minds with meaningless numbers and vile smearing. 

    Anyway, watched part 2 today, some good action, I enjoyed listening to it while working on my own campaign. On to part 3!

    • PeaTearGryfin

       I agree with you , but you must understand that most of those “white knighting” are doing so because we too want the site, and the comments, to be about the video, not how bad this site has gotten. If you like the episodes so much, why don’t you try and catch a live stream sometime. These are even better when you have chatroom interaction with those who are involved in the game.

    • Octo Seven

      Hey dog, we heard you like d&d so we put a d&d game inside your d&d game so’z you can experience two games at once.

      • Vargtass

        Why what an insightful comment. Thank you. =D

  • George Rosenbaum

    The five stages of an average TSE comments page:

    Stage 1: Relevant, even headed comments about the video itself, both complaints and defenses.
    Stage 2: Exaggerated complaints about the video, followed immediately by exaggerated defenses the video.
    Stage 3: Exaggerated complaints about site as a whole, followed immediately by exaggerated defenses of the site as a whole.
    Stage 4: A handful of commentors look at both sides of the issue, and make even headed comments that everyone agrees to, yet ultimately (and fairly) condemns the direction of TSE.
    Stage 5: Previous comments lead to peaceful compromise, resulting in a unified choir of fans asking for less Vlogs (that aren’t Counter Monkey) and more scripted reviews and LP’s.

    So ultimately, that’s all anyone ever wanted. Let’s hope Noah keeps delivering, because his rate of scripted reviews has been going up.

    • Nathan Ellis

      Here Here!

    • PeaTearGryfin

       For the most part I like your stages, but I can’t help but take fault with some small thing. It doesn’t so much end in unity as it does with the fans who defend Spoony getting sick and tired of making the same arguments for the thousandth time and leaving to go enjoy the site’s content.

      • Erebus_Locke

         You are just the WhiteKnight No.1 and I cant take you seriously.

        • George Rosenbaum

          Why do you even bother?

          Look, I agree with you, TSE has fallen pretty far in terms of content. But calling someone a white knight isn’t going to change anyone’s mind. I’m more concerned with making my point than calling someone a moron.

          Unless your NOT trying to prove your point to people, and instead just enjoy being a jackass. Please calm down with this white knight crap, because your making everyone who shares your opinions look bad. Myself included.

          • MikeBester

            Because he lives in his world and has to snap out of it. Check out how he dreamed together the story “where the fans defended spoony”. All I can remeber him (and only him ) getting argued to the ground by 10 other guys.

            Many people here who critizise Spoony still are fans, and also defend him against blind haters. But this Looser is online 24/7 when someone even drops the SLIGHTEST hint of critizism he immediatly jumps to the rescue.

          • George Rosenbaum

            I’m not disagreeing with you about Pea’s defensiveness over the site. I’m just saying people don’t respond well to insult. Maybe the ultra-fanboys will snap out of it sooner if we try to be persuasive.

            I mean, I was a HUGE TSE fanboy once, and I don’t remember converting because someone called me a dumbass white knight.

          • PeaTearGryfin

             I wouldn’t say that I am a super ultra fanboy. There have been numerous videos on this site that I have not enjoyed. I just consider myself the white knight who stands up for people’s right to enjoy a video without the persecution of assholes who want everything to go their way 100% of the time.

          • Erebus_Locke

             Even if he would make a valid point it would get ignored because we all remember him as the stupid fanboy who get angry when more and more fans critizised Spoonys content.

          • PeaTearGryfin

             You know what the funny thing is though? I. don’t. give. a. damn. I don’t give a damn about you. I don’t give a damn about Mike. And I don’t give a damn about any of the other black knights of this site who think that I am an asshole. The reason I stay here is because it is too funny to watch assholes like you get pissed off that there is somebody out there who disagrees with you. I have made many valid points. The problem is that you choose not to agree with them. Stop speaking for the whole fanbase asshole.

          • PeaTearGryfin

             Let me answer your question. It doesn’t. I have been here since the Youtube era of the show and I don’t plan on leaving any time soon. What I want to know is why arrogant people like MikeBester and Erebus_Locke seem to think that they can get rid of me. Do you seriously think that I am going to be deterred by a couple of assholes who think that everything that is uploaded to this site was meant specifically for them?

          • George Rosenbaum

            Most of the people who criticize you ARE fans. Just disappointed ones.

            Be honest: is there ANYTHING that happened over the last three years you find disappointing about his site? After everything everyone has told you (regardless of their tone) are you still 100% happy with TSE?

          • PeaTearGryfin

             Of course there have been some videos that I didn’t like. Quite frankly I wasn’t a huge fan of Wrestle Wrestle! and I’m a huge wrestling fan. I’ve also disagreed with him on numerous v-log reviews. However, I’m not going to be a jerk to people who like that stuff and try to strong arm Spoony into making videos that are to my liking. The thing is, not every video is going to appease everybody, but that doesn’t give those people the right to insult those who do like it.

        • PeaTearGryfin

           Hey I just thought of something. If I’m the White Knight and you are there with every post attempting to shoot me down, does that make you the Black Knight? I hope so because I would really like to slice off some arms and legs right now.

  • Maija Karoliina Salenius

    If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. I’m having tons of fun using an evening watching spoony and co. play pathfinder. I’m waiting the next parts with glee, as its hard to find time to DnD with my own friends.
    So yeah, some people don’t like it, some do. I myself enjoy countermonkies and Pathfinder ALOT. Please do continue giving fun times, Spoony :3

    • PeaTearGryfin

       If you think it is fun here, you should try joining in on the chat room at some point. Most of the fun of Pathfinder is when they go live and you can actually interact with them in person.

  • Andy Weber

    So I started reading the comments to these videos… perhaps that was a bad move on my part.  For my part, however, I have to say I enjoy these sessions.  They actually make me want to play DnD myself, (if i could, with this particular group itself… but that is rather unrealistic… for various reasons…)

    Besides that, however, I did want to say (for once in my long and silent history of following this site) that I enjoy your work Spoony, and you do right by me, at least…  For whatever that is worth.  I know, that might sound kinda gushy, but i figure something positive every now and then is a good thing.

  • Steven Black

    Man thanks for the twitch TV link guys! That’s about 15 pages of new content for me! Personally, I love Counter Monkey. Then again I liked Wrestle Wrestle! Spoony bashing on wrestling was really fun. I got through all of the LordKat + Spoony ones over there and I’m still not even through Wyrmwick. In the past two months I have found more spoony content than I even knew existed. As for TGWTG, its not that funny these days (I honestly can say I haven’t watched any of NCs stuff over there lately, mostly just Atop the Fourth Wall), but whatever pays Spoony’s bills.  People are complaining about a lack of movie and game reviews why? Game over was April 29th, that was two weeks ago, chill out. Tekken in March, FFX-2 finale in February, Ultima 8 in January, Skullduggery in December. He’s been putting them out at a good clip. I’m sure he is working on Ultima 9 and FFXIII. And they’ll be awesome. Maybe even FFXIII-2 will be after that. My thing is stop bashing content that some people like just because you don’t like it. And I prefer the rate of material now to what it was. If you think about it, Counter Monkey is where the tide turned, he started making Counter Monkey and started having fun again, then the new reviews started coming back at a good clip. And if watching and listening to Spoony kill off a few characters with Zombies and having to deal with the fallout from that and terrible connections and general Murphy Law isn’t to your liking, then live pathfinder sessions just aren’t for you.

    • Erebus_Locke

      Be advised: Some videos on his account are just boring game footage, whith him hardly taking at all. But some are real Lets Plays, with him constantly commenting, and I have no idea why he didnt post them here. (Especially when he posted the rathe dull RPG livestrams)

      My tip:

      The SWAT The Stetchkov Syndicate back Lets Play
      The Kingdom Hearts Lets Play (Those are amazing, it really is better then most of the stuff on the main page even)
      The Silent Hill Lets Play
      and the Darkstar Lets Play

      And then the “Brad and Spoony talk” reviews about Rocky, Spoony vs. Nintendo, Spoony vs. Mass Effect etc.

  • 0iluvater0

    I’m really enjoying this series Spoony Keep it up. Does anyone know the title of the song that starts playing at 32:50 of part one? thanks!

  • 0iluvater0

    I’m really enjoying this series Spoony Keep it up. Does anyone know the title of the song that starts playing at 32:50 of part one? thanks!

  • gewoonlilly

    Great avatar there Sean. :3

  • Chris Lauderdale


    I get the image of that happening right in the middle of the game. A shadowy image of Spoony with the letters “DM” on his chest appearing next to a confused half elf alchemist screaming “HE MISSED! THROW THE BOMB!” and the alchemist looking confused as hell.

  • Amy Flynn

    This is really growing on me.  Probably like it now that the boring setup and supply gathering stage is over with and you guys seem to have developed a comfort level with each other so there isn’t as many long awkward quiet pauses .  Also glad to see a session where everyone lives.  
    The software you are using seems to be a bit slow to use though.  Is there a way to have a couple potential encounters you know will happen set up ahead of time or have your planned monsters hotkeyed?  That would probably save a lot of boring waiting.Anyways, thoroughly looking forward to the upcoming sessions.

  • Alex Stritar

    Bad news everybody, looks like Spoony’s being stalked by Slenderman. So, expect delays on all vids, due to interfence with his filmed footage, as well as his whoe being a perfectionist thing. (Plus the possibility of being kidnapped by masked men in the middle of the night)

    • PeaTearGryfin


      • Alex Stritar

        He tweeted about being in a mysterious forrest with the sounds of nonexistant children. That’s how it always starts.

        • PeaTearGryfin

           Ok I read the tweet, but I didn’t get your reference at first so it kind of threw me off.

  • Robin Enström

    How did Spoony change his voice? What software?

  • Robin

    I dont usually post but I feel the need to share my views on these comments.

    1. I realize theres alot of people like me who dont usually post unless they really feel strongly about it and that this is reflected in their posts. In this case it seems alot of peoples whine-and-cry meters has filled up which results in troll-like posts. Similarly to how my feeling of boredom and annoyance when I look through the comments to see if someone posted anything intresting/funny and all I find is this shit likely will come off as patronizing. So I get where your coming from, and most of you probably arnt as upset as you make it seem. I mean you got lives right? Your not just waiting around for this site to upload content all day long, right? 

    2. About the people “white-knighting”, is this your very first time on the internet? The people flaming the non-trad-reviews are either just blowing off steam or purpusfully trolling. Theyre not raising debate, so dont engage them as if they are. And some of your post are not only terribly unintersting but also unseemly, if you like spoony that much then seek counsel.

    3. Now to my real point. If I were spoony Id get really depressed reading this shit, not in the mood to make more reviews at all. Other then to vent troll-instincts, isnt the goal of everyone arguing on here that this site is run by a willing and enrhusiastic reviewer? Yea? You think all this tired nagging is gonna make him produce master pieces out of spite? THEN STFU CUZ IM SICK OF READING ABOUT THIS SHIT! If you dont have something to say concerning the video (and no your general opinion on it doesnt count cuz its not interesting in the least), use another venue. Hes got an e-mail, use that.

  • Kyle 迷子 Urquhart
  • Aluminum Foil

    Thanks for sharing this stuff with us, You make a good DM in my opinion, serious but also fun. (My last DM was /hard core, to the point of getting pissed off when people ask about rules ect.) And the fact you’re doing this on-line is really interesting too, I dabbled around with DnD when I was in highschool, but, never went back to it because I live in a town about the size of a postage stamp. There’s literally like 6 players here x3.

  • Alex Stritar

    Well, turns out Spoony never even heard about Slenderman before I came around. So I guess if he dies or goes insane, it’s all on me.

    • PeaTearGryfin

       Great, just great man. As if it wasn’t bad enough that he has to replay Ultima IX and Final Fantasy XIII you just had to go and release the Slender Man on him.

  • Ben Fulmer

    i’ve never even read the comment section until now. just so you know, no one cares about your comments. spoony is popular, creative, and well-liked and these comments won’t help or hurt him. so type away, i don’t care and he probably doesn’t either.

    • antiquarius

       Oh look facts who proove that he actually becomes less and less popular:

    • Edward

      If you feel that he is so well liked awesome then why do you care what people say on the comment section?

      Get a life, white knight.

      • PeaTearGryfin

         I…I lost my title! Well then I guess I’ll just go hang out in the forums where people actually appreciate my white knighting abilities!

      • Alexander Hutcheson

        Because every damn vid has people like you with nothing better to say than giving some stupid fuck graph on why you think the site sucks and other people get fed up and start defending him. If you hate white knighting THEN SHUT THE HELL UP

        • George Rosenbaum

          I agree that the complaints have gotten repetitive, but defending Spoony is the wrong approach because there isn’t a whole lot to defend. If anything, it provokes people to attack EVEN MORE for the sake of pointing out the flaws in that person’s comment.

          Instead, I would suggest posting something more like this:

          “I’m sick of everyone posting the same thing. We get it, Spoony doesn’t make as many LP’s or scripted reviews. This isn’t fucking Watergate, guys.”

          Something like that will eliminate these comments better, without labeling you as a white knight. Most of these arguments are nothing more than the result of exaggeration intended to strengthen a point, but ultimately causing more trouble.

          • Alexander Hutcheson

            I’ll admit I was a reckless dumb-ass with my comment and you’re right. Also I’m not trying to defend spoony or the guy that started this thread. I’m just coming from a “Shit gets done, when it get’s done” point of view. So it gets really annoying really damn quick for me seeing the same old B.S. So yeah I apologize for being a raging idiot.

          • George Rosenbaum

            It’s okay, I was exactly like the people you complain about in my earlier comments for this page. Then I realized being a douche almost never works.

            By the way, the entire website of TGWTG is tanking just like Spoony. Alternate theory: TGWTG goes to too many conventions, leaving the website to rot over time and racking up travel expense.

        • Edward

          Why don’t you fuck off Alex and not tell me what to do?

          I’m well aware of why he’s doing it.  I’m sick and tired of assholes like the 2 of you telling me I don’t have a God given right to express my disapproval.  For the record, I will never shut the fuck up about anything and you nor anyone else will intimidate me into doing otherwise.

          I’m an asshole.  I hate your favorite internet comedian’s website.  Deal with it, jackass.  Just like I have to deal with you being a dick to me for having an opinion.  

          Kindly go die in a fire.

          • Alexander Hutcheson

            Like I replied to George below, I am sorry. I was being a raging idiot that day and could have voiced my opinion better. I apologize.

    • George Rosenbaum

      You do realize that the people who are either complaining about the video or are frustrated with TSE are in the majority, right?

      Which is weird, considering the crux or you argument involves Spoony being “popular” and “well-liked”.

      • PeaTearGryfin

         You know the funny thing is, I posted in the forum about this issue and most of the people who have responded thinking that people like you and Edward are ridiculous. Who is in the majority again?

        • George Rosenbaum

          I’m not the sort of person who considers this video “anti-content”, because such a thing can’t exist. I just think this video is BAD content.

          Not every fans believes in content so bad that it somehow doesn’t exist. The question in your post was “What Qualifies as Site Content?”, not “Are You Satisfied with The Content on TSE?”.

        • antiquarius

           So you posted in the forum where all the fanboys are, AND THEY ALL AGREED WITH YOU??

          You are a joke.

          Oh and again:
          You know. Majority and stuff :P

          • PeaTearGryfin

             What was I supposed to do? Send a private message to you and you alone that way you can say no and claim to be the majority. By the way, you can flash that chart all you want because it doesn’t mean anything because you guys use that to immediately judge that nobody is watching the site without ever taking any other factors into consideration.

          • antiquarius

             I updated my post :P I found out you lied about “most people” and stuff.

            Oh man you are so pathetic :D :D :D

          • PeaTearGryfin

             How did I lie? I have told you everything exactly as it was written in the other forum. That new one is less than 1 hour old so of course nobody has responded to it yet. You sir are the greatest moron I have ever had to deal with in my life.

          • George Rosenbaum

            Which other forum? The “What Qualifies as Content?” or the “Are You Satisfied…”? 

          • PeaTearGryfin

             What Qualifies as Content. What I was saying was that there don’t seem to be nearly that many who truly despise content like this going up on the site as others would like you to believe.

          • George Rosenbaum

            But that one asks such a specific question. It isn’t about how each person feels overall, like the “Are you Satisfied…” post.

            Well just have to wait a few days to see how this pans out.

          • Colonel

             Oh wow and I thought PeaTear couldnt become more of a joke.

            “He I just make a thread in the forum and all my Spoony-friends will agree with me….Oh darn it no one replied…None the matter Im sure tomorrow the thread will be full of comments supporting me!!!”

          • PeaTearGryfin

             Hey I’m just tired of dealing with morons like you all day and all night. I want to get some real fan feed back instead of making up generalizations about how I feel and then projecting them on the entire TSE community like you.

          • Merost

            Yes you are tired. And thats why you keep coming back, posting endless white-knight posts, making shit up, etc. etc.

          • George Rosenbaum

            So none of the people expressing concern over TSE are fans? I’m not a fan because I have issues with TSE?

            What do you consider a “real fan”? How many alleged posers do you have to wade though before you find these “real fans” that your talking about?

          • PeaTearGryfin

             Maybe that wasn’t the best way to word that. Maybe I should say other fan feedback. Not just the same 5 or 6 people who post like mad in the comments section.

          • George Rosenbaum

            Really? I thought he was referring to an entirely different post titled “What Qualifies as Site Content?” This was closer to the response I was expecting: people thinking the argument was tired and pointless.

  • Turkey OnAStick

    Am I meant to take note of this post or not?
    It’s the “nobody-cares-about-comments” comment paradox.

    Sometimes people need to have a soapbox to say something, so they post it here. Just like you have done. Whether people respond to their opinion is up to them.

    • PeaTearGryfin

       They didn’t play last week due to Mother’s Day.

      • PeaTearGryfin

         They also didn’t play tonight because Spoony needed more time to edit Ultima IX.

        • Bolt Vanderhuge

          Wait… a review? Maybe it will start to placate the haters.

          Or not.

  • Donald Cerise

    I would have a long list of nitpicks but I’ll limit it to the most relevant one to improve these videos.

    Since it is intended for an audiance, would be nice if the maps and encounter would be prepared in advance so that Spoony can just load them up rather than sitting 15 min to prepare the map and encounter. Would speed up things a lot.

  • Alex Stritar

    I’m sick of everyone posting the same thing. We get it, Spoony doesn’t make as many LP’s or scripted reviews. This isn’t f*ing Watergate, guys.

    • George Rosenbaum

      *slow clap*

      • Alexander Hutcheson

        *claps along*

        • PeaTearGryfin

           *joins in on the clapping*

    • PeaTearGryfin

       Thank you. I’m tired of arguing the same argument. The only reason I do is because nobody else seems to want to take this burden from me.  Nobody wants to stand up and take on the role of The White Knight, the defender of this site, and keep it from becoming a total hive of scum and villainy.

      • bob bob

        If it bothered Spoony (it being his site) so much, he would say something. As it is, he hasn’t and those sort of comments have absolutley no effect on you so don’t be such a drama queen.

        • PeaTearGryfin

           Clearly the joke was completely lost on you as well.

          • Edward

            Clearly it was.  You never know around here anymore.

      • Merost

        “This burden”??

        Drama queen you need help. Turn off the computer and go for a walk or something. You take all this waaaay to seriously. Spoony is not you best friend who needs you help in any way.

        • PeaTearGryfin

           It was a joke dude.

          • Merost

             75% of all posts in the commenting section are from you. That wasnt a joke.

          • PeaTearGryfin

             FACT: 90% of all statistics are made up. You know what the fact that I have posted a lot tells me. We are going in circles in with debate. To anybody who wants to continue this debate, please move it to the forums because that is the place to be having this discussion. The comments section is meant to be about the actual video, not this argument.

          • Edward

            God its so easy to get you riled up.  It’s like throwing  peanuts at a caged wolverine.

          • Alex Stritar

            The animal kind or the X-Men kind?

          • PeaTearGryfin

             I would take either one.

          • Juha Torvinen


          • Edward

            Animal.  Though I imagine Logan would be just as pissed ;)

    • bob bob

      If it bothered Spoony (it being his site) so much, he would say something. As it is, he hasn’t and those sort of comments have absolutley no effect on you so don’t be such a drama queen.

  • Michael Stuart

    I’m enjoying these videos, please continue to make more.  

  • Tiago Ferreira

    Love the new WrestleWrestle review, oh wait, there hasn’t been one for a year.

    • Ryan Shanny

      I think he mentioned that he is done with wrestling for a while. 

  • James Miller

    Did you guys skip a week? I keep checking back in anticipation.

    • Alexander Hutcheson

      They skipped one week because of mother’s day and they skipped this week because spoony had to do emergency filming for ultima 9.

  • Chris Brammer

    Right, firstly, to all those who don’t like all these uploads; don’t like it? then stop coming. Seriously, I’m hating all of your damn whining. If you don’t like this then don’t WATCH it, Spoony probably is doing other things, but they’ll take longer than just streaming a weekly game. Come back later, he’ll have more stuff up soon enough.

    Now, to my thoughts of the game. I’m glad to see that Andrew is starting to get the hang of things with his Alchemist character and mechanics. He’s still learning, as evident with extracts mechanics and learning how to brew potions. However, in roleplay and in battle, he seems like he’s starting to find his niche and his character. Granted, he jokes a little, but don’t we all? I’m looking forward to see how Andrew develops as a character AND a player.I can easily see Dickman’s character take a level or two in Gunslinger as kind of a homage to his friend. It’d be interesting to see if they could pick up Skitch’s story with that as well.

    The first hour, I felt, was and wasn’t necessary to have. It was nice to show some roleplay that developed Andy’s character a bit, along with reveal the other characters to us and show how they react towards each other in such a short time, each of them showing their different personalities in just a few minutes. It did seem to slow down to the crawl when they were still waiting for the last few players to join, and when Skitch and Dickman were going into mechanics, the pace just slowed to a crawl. To be honest, I stopped watching and kept the audio on while I just did other things. Maybe next time Spoony could wait streaming until he KNOWS who’s going to join and not. Plus, maybe people can discuss mechanics before the game or during breaks.

    One other thing I see that is a problem is just the problem with maps. Spoony had to stop the game a few times already just to make a quick map or two, along with having to fix the problems he’s having with the world map. Perhaps  if Spoony prepared some of the drawn maps ahead of time would help keep the pace up. I know the premade ones are already a god-send, but when it comes to custom random encounters maybe he could have it all set before the time comes.

    I liked the temple sidequest, and am a little sad to see that they failed from keeping the entrance in tact. Hopefully they’ll tell the cleric and this little quest will be accessible in the near future. 

    But yes, after a few little bumps along the way, the game soon then got back on its feet. I enjoyed listening to all of this, and thought you guys made at least SOME progress this time. Killed the bandits, have the wench tied up and you’re taking her to justice. Can’t wait til I see the next session.

    Keep it up guys.

    • Edward

      don’t like it? then stop coming. Seriously, I’m hating all of your damn whining. If you don’t like this then don’t WATCH it, ”

      Fuck you.  Fuck you.  Fuck you, so hard.

      We’re not going anywhere.  We’re not going to stop bitching so fucking deal with it. 

      This arguement which you dicks keep bringing up is bullshit and it doesn’t work.  The reason why it doesn’t work is because those of us complain are fans of his.  We used to really really like his show and it makes us cry to see his show and website fall to pieces.  So we have a right to bitch and we’re going to keep doing it.  Fuck you.  Go deal with it.  

      We’re bitching because we are giving him feedback.  It may be negative feedback but it’s feedback nonetheless.  It let’s him know that a large part of his fan base is not cool with what he’s doing and it encourages him to change his show for the better. Though your mileage may vary.  It’s what your supposed to do when you are not pleased with a show.  You let the makers of the show know you don’t like what they’re doing and if they have any sense they change the show so they don’t lose viewers.  Which he needs since he gets add revenue so it’s in his interest to change the show.

      Also, I have stopped watching a lot his stuff and I am about to leave.  But I don’t want too!!  Because I actually like his stuff!  But I don’t want to watch it if it sucks!  And I’m not the only person who thinks that way.  That’s why we’re complaining.  We have a legitamite dilema.  And since there is no official “The Spoony Experiment Sucks Now Message Board” out there other than Busy Street guess where we go to complain?  Here!!

      The fact that you jack holes keep bringing up the “don’t like it, don’t watch it” arguement proves that you are not smart enough nor eloquent enough to argue with us on this.  All your doing is your pissed that we’re displeased with a video, your butt hurt, and your trying to shout us down.  Here’s an idea jackass.  Why don’t you not read are negative comments?  That phone goes both ways cousin.  If you don’t like it, THEN DON’T READ IT ASSHOLE!

      Whatever.  Do whatever you want.  We’re not leaving.  Fuck you.  Have a nice day.

      • Edward

        And while I’m pissed, weeks of waiting for something to happen and it’s a Brad Jones DVD-R Hell episode.  Don’t get me wrong, its a great episode.  I loved watching it, ON BRAD’S FUCKING WEBSITE!

      • Turkey OnAStick

        I don’t know who’s worse, the fans who think Spoony can do no wrong, or the other end of the spectrum where the commentor is told to fuck off.

        Granted, the “Don’t watch it” defense is daft, since regular content only exists when there are enough fans viewing it. Also people should be allowed to give feedback without being silenced by the fans who think everything is peachy.

        Otherwise Chris Brammer enjoys this type of site content, and is using the comments section to actually comment on the video, rather than prolonging this discussion that will probably crop up in the next Counter Monkey vid with the exact same points.

        If you’re keen on keeping this site alive, I’d avoid insulting its existing userbase.

        • George Rosenbaum

          I can’t believe I have to say this: No one is going to listen to you if you insult them. They just get defensive and fight back.

          No one is going to listen to your feedback if you sound like a ranting psychopath, no matter how well reasoned your feedback is.

          Shock value isn’t going to snap Spoony to his senses; it’s going to make him think his fans are crazy. In fact, he did a JOKE about how crazy we are after the angry response to his crossover with Film Brain. That’s how bad it is.

      • Yannik Haller

        So, after three sessions, with the fourth already being on spoony´s channel you watch every single one, just so you can complain? And then your complaints focus on the fact that they exist and not the video itself?
        I´m fine with that. Or rather, I would be if you stopped contradicting yourself. So, “fuck you” to those who say you should stop watching? I´ll take that personally because I think thats the most logical reaction. I don´t like session one and two? I shouldn´t watch three for that matter. And the most awesome and interesting thing in your whole rant:
        “Because I actually like his stuff!  But I don’t want to watch it if it sucks!”
        That means, you do not like it. It sucks, in your opinion. So you don´t actually like these videos. I have absolutely no interest in wrestling. Zero. But spoony had/has a part about it on this site, which, one could say, takes more time do to than playing a game he would play anyways. Did I go there and bitch? No, I just didn´t watch it, while enjoying the rest.
        It´s not like spoony won´t do anything else. Also, he would play pathfinder even without uploading it here, so his productivity with other projects wouldn´t go up even if he stopped.
        And while it would be really sad to see the experiment stop, I do agree, it´d be better if it happened like this, with spoony doing what he wants, than working for our entertainment until he breaks down.
        However, I really don´t see what you actually want, especially since your actions work against every possible cause. Whenever spoony posts a video, people watch it, at least at first (maybe three is better than two, duh), which earns him money. Which is actually against what you seem to want, him profiting from this kind of content. But you want him to profit, as you want him to continue? Hell, be glad that people watch these long-ass videos, if they´re such a huge part of his website at this point.

        I see why you won´t get up and leave. But honestly, things change and it´s not yours to decide what goes on the site and what not. If the content isn´t your cup of tea, I´m sorry. Really, I hate it, too, when something I like turns to shit (overexaggerated, but you know what I mean). But it happens and instead of bitching and whining (sorry, but your comment is exactly that) I move on.

  • Juha Torvinen

    I find it these games quite funny to watch, though personally I prefer to play WH 40k and normal WH (Tau Empire and Tomb kings of Khemri, formerly Dark angels, catachan jungle fighters, Empire, and Vampire counts for those who are wondering armies). Aaaand for those who wonder “why the fuck you use shitload of money for small figures”, collected all armies from web auction and spent 1/20 of the original price.

  • Daniel Murray

    Love these videos, they’re a bit slow but they’re about 10 times faster then the 2 i’m in, and it’s nice to see how other people play, also these have shown me ways to improve my own game that I’ll be starting soon.

  • Segatron

    Thank you for offering to fix that computer, Spoony.  Future Pathfinder sessions will seem empty without the Jinx Voice.

    • jack brian mckeown

      i think jinx just stopped playing, it was maleuseu the paladin who’s computer collapsed

  • Kennan William Gilleland

    Taste the rainbow Motherf******!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elizabeth Pollock

    I really hope that the negative reactions these videos have received haven’t discouraged Spoony from posting them… I love these videos and don’t really understand what people are getting so upset about. Everyone is entitled to their down time, to play games as they wish, and these videos are just the recordings of Spoony playing a game he loves. Unless he’s not allowed to play a game he loves, what’s the harm in recording it and uploading it here for those of us who would enjoy it to enjoy it? Should he instead get back to the sweat shop every moment of his life? Even if he decides to never again do another video of any kind, so be it. It would be a shame but he doesn’t owe us anything; he never signed a contract that he’d release a video every [insert period of time here]. He entertains us because he wants to and he plays games because he wants to; neither of those things are more important or more — … what, worthy? — than the other. Let the man play his games, it is his free time to spend as he wishes. Let those of us who enjoy watching him play his games continue to do so, it doesn’t take anything away from you who don’t enjoy them. Let yourselves relax, there are a million entertaining videos out there; we’re on the internet! Let everyone be happy~

  • Robby Dussault

    I can’t help but wonder what ever happen to Dethklok.

  • Trevor Stears

    Note to self: treat comments on Spoony videos as if they were YouTube comments and never ever ever ever read them, because…. wow. Just… wow.

  • Guus van Voorst

    Skitch is playing his character waaaay too wise for a 7 WIS bard… I’m sorry, but he’s cheating… he should play like: “Hey, there are people over there!” “No, Garet stay here, they might be enemies…” “Are you sure…?” Not tell people what are the best of coarse of action, its booksmarts in which he shines, not common sense… :-P

  • Kane Albright


  • Laura Reger

    Love watching these sessions. It really makes me want to get into DnD.

  • Joel Frapart

    I was just re-watching the awesome Pathfinder sessions again cause they’re awesome, and I looked in the comments for the first time and realized, that there’s actually people who don’t like this. What?

  • Christopher Wade Boutwell

    We need more like this. I love this stuff.

  • Zack Beagle

    BATTLE WITH MAGUS! Love you, Spoony. Love you, bro.

  • Christopher Wade Boutwell

    Was that one of the persona songs playing at the end of part 2?

  • Mike Boulrice

    I love the Actraiser soundtrack. Awesome pick!

  • fireball3477

    Playing Mega Man music during rpg session. Awesome.