Counter Monkey – Pathfinder Live! (Session 4)

The Spoony One | Jun 13 2012 | more notation(s) | 

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Part 2

  • adamfox

    seriously. fuck virgin america ads so hard. rite in the fucking ear.

    • Nick Larsen

       Yeah, I cant watch those things…

      Such a failure of an ad, I will probably never fly virgin america because those people scare the hell out of me

  • MikeBester

    Yay more pathfinder. And at least one episode more to go!

    EDIT: Wow that AWD guy has to most annoying voice ever. Fucking shrill virgin.

    • septimar

      Do you have any source for your assertion that sexual intercourse deepens the voice?

      • MikeBester

        Sometimes one does just know ;)

        • BoredZap

           Way to out yourself as a virgin there, mikey.

    • Vismutti

      You know you could try not being a total asshole, right? You don’t HAVE to insult people just because you don’t like their voice.

  • Boden King

    Today’s my birthday. This is awesome. I can’t wait to watch it. Thanks.

    • septimar


  • Nick Bagnall

    What the shit, Pathfinder DURING THE WEEK?!?! You’re screwing me over Spoony :O

  • Travis Alexander Carlson

    HUZZAH ANOTHER PATHFINDER SESSION! I was hoping you would do  one soon, but since you were at e3 didn’t think it be this soon, awesome.

  • Vismutti

    Wow, I was wondering if you were going to stop posting these here. Well, here’s my comment that I wrote back when I watched this myself.

    First: I drew Teckla! I hope she looks at least sort of right.

    Don’t be friends with that kobolt! It hurt the poor owlbear. D:

    Spoony, I’m not saying you’re sexist, but you do have a lot of female villains. Like the elf queen, the scorpion queen and Morgana in Dethklok. Mostly I’m wondering what kind of scary ladies have bullied you as a kid. x)

    I’m guessing Mite doesn’t know what a roof is because he’s never had an actual roof. He lives in a TREE.

    I love how the party gets jumped by worgs and they just proceed to scare the shit out of them à la Garret and Teckla. xD Even though the one that ran came back.

    Wow… the alchemist class sounds like a lot of fun. :D

  • Der Neger

    Jesus Fuck Spoony, when am I supposed to watch all this?!

    I swear, I hardly get shit done as it is, currently its running in the background while im playing Dragons Dogma.

  • Jonathan Hemmila

    It’s too bad Liz has to be in these. I would have liked to have listened.

    • Freddy Duran

       lol whats wrong with Liz

      • iraptor

        If you don’t know, I ain’t telling…

        • Freddy Duran


          • jaap rutten

             I have no idea. I could imagine he hates the puns she makes, since she makes a lot of them (though most I dig so I’m cool with that). Either that or there is some outside reason that I’m unaware of.

            I thought this was a pretty cool session, Mite was great and some of the fighting was getting pretty intense. There was never any danger of a TPK but a single character can get killed relatively easily, so danger is always lurking.

            I watched this weeks ago, so I might confuse the next session with this one, but I sure am glad the whole extracts, infusions and potions stuff straight. An alchemist sounds like the kind of character that is very rewarding if you play it right, but hard to master, so having a first time player take its role was not the best idea ever. He started out a little shaky, but Andrew is starting to get the hang of it slowly. looking forward to session 6. I’ve seen 5 already. Good to see these up on your site though Spoony.

  • Freddy Duran

    so…bandits are the droogs…and kobold midget things are yoda…hmmm

  • JOSHItheDrako

    I know it’s a little early, since you haven’t posted part 5 here, but…

    Tanuki is the japanese raccon-dog, which has in japanese mythology the ability to shapeshift by using the essence of the forrest. He also has big testicles… but that’s something completely unrelated.

    Mario has also a Tanuki-suit in SMB3 and SM3DL

  • Freddy Duran


  • gewoonlilly

    Oh Spoony the way you play kobolds, I could never kill one.

  • PeaTearGryfin

    RIP Mite. Taken from us far before your time had come.  :(

  • Luke_Duke

    And the whiny bullshit comments about not liking this start in 5…. 4…. 3….

    • MediaGold

           2…. 1….   I don’t like this!   Waaaahhhh!

    • Unholy Fire Dragon

      Followed by comments about how he should take a break to improve his health, which Spoony either ignores or blocks (after replying with a “Suck my balls and go fuck yourself!”), in 3… 2… 1… :-P

      I don’t hate Spoony. I just hate the behavior that he has towards himself.

  • Joe Mamma

    I’m sad now because the 2011 Counter Monkey videos disappeared before I could watch all of them. I was about to watch Vampire: Spoony’s Jyhad, and then it said no longer available.

    • septimar

      That is presumably a problem with Blip’s servers on which the video is hosted, not a conscious decision by Spoony or something. Usually it is playable again after a short while, if that does not happen, contact either Blip itself, so it can rectify it, or Spoony so he can reupload.

  • Soul5

    What’s a Paladin? 

  • Aaron Beal

    I am gladdened to see the next session up here!

  • Zimmad

    Mute AWD! next time please. His screeching voice is extremly annoying.

    • George Rosenbaum

      I wonder how long it will take to have the ‘Film Brain’ conversation again.

    • GreenGear

      Dude C’MON. He works his ass off. Let him have his voice.

    • Aaron Klinzing

      dude, andrew dickman is awesome, shut up

  • koldstare

    Where I can join the chat room of the future Pathfinder sessions? Just curious. :)

    • Vismutti

      Here: Also you can watch session 5 there already since they already played that too. (The main site is a bit behind on Pathfinder.)

      • eggninja

        Is there a way to watch part 2 of the pathfinder sessions on his twitch?  Can’t seem to find those videos.

        • Nick Larsen

           Yeah I watched session 5 thinking I could see everything…

          But no part 2?!  Arrrgg

  • Colonel

    Spoony has announced on Twitter that his psychological problems have increased again. Hes not able to get out of his depression.

    I really think thats the reason for why his newer videos dont seem as good as his old ones, you just notice he hasnt as much fun doing it as he used to. In the old videos he just seemed more lively, more spontanieus.

    Spoony should maybe just quit reviewing for a while completly, and just trying to fix his problems.

    • George Rosenbaum

      But what about money? Can Spoony really survive on just Miles’s police job? Is Miles willing to do that for Noah, and is Noah even willing to ask that of his brother?

      Maybe what Spoony needs is human contact, which may explain why he bought Oreo. Perhaps what we need are more videos that involve Miles, like the video VLogs where they both watch the same movie together.

      • Magdalen O’Reilly

        I don’t think, as fans, this is really any of our business.

        • Erebus_Locke

           Its on Twitter. Its on at least three of his Vlogs…So hes making it our business.

          • George Rosenbaum

            True, I think one of his friends mentioned it, probably Sean Fauz.

            I still think Spoony is tweeting his feelings out a cry for help. Again, maybe he wants human contact.

          • Magdalen O’Reilly

            It’s weird he would think that. having so many female fans that think he’s great and adore him. And let me tell you something, we’re not ALL cross-eyes cave trolls if I do say so myself. 

          • George Rosenbaum

            I don’t know, dating one of your fans sound weird. She may get too clingy and desperate, and it would seem too fake.

            Having a lot of female fans may actually decrease your pickings, because of this.

          • midnight tea

            Well.. I think that many us girls now have their “I’ll save you!” modes turned on and while they might mean well, it’s probably not a good way to start a relationship.
            And it’s likely that some folks (not just girls of course) mistake watching Internet persona’s videos, vlogs or whatever as really knowing that person or knowing what they need and fans not that rarely have a distorted view on people they like to follow :

          • Magdalen O’Reilly

            Very true, you never want to get wrapped up in the “I can FIX him!” fantasy. That always ends badly.

          • GreenGear

            “Maybe his hand is tired from beating me that LAST time. I have a good feeling about today!”

          • GreenGear

            Lol. Unfortunately, sheer distance can wrench those solid facts into a disfigured lump.

            I know this lonely, dropdead gorgeous asian girl who is into my geekiness and whatnot. If we were within shouting distance we’d find a bed somewhere and–build a nice little fort with the sheets. But hey. I’m east coast. She’s west. And that’s the end of  it.

            It might be another matter if his fangirls lit up his email with cheesecake. u:

      • Lenne Shuyin

        come on give our spoons a break, he does this for us, have a little mercy…

    • Jessica Clarke

       I wonder if he’s been to see a doctor about it. I suffered for about six years (which seems ridiculous in retrospect) before I finally forced myself to really get help. I live in the UK so luckily have the NHS, but it’s surprising how much medication and/or therapy can achieve just to get out of the emotional black hole (or blaggole).
      Whatever he does, I hope he finds a way for it to get better soon.

      • Kyle Rybski

        if he hadn’t seen a doctor, why would he be saying that he’s depressed? Hypochondria?

    • Jordan

      I don’t know, I loved his Ultima 9 review and the Blood Vengeance review was pretty nice too (plus it gives us the “excellent” clip gag which always makes me grin). I don’t think his videos are getting worse, but I suppose everyone’s entitled to make their own opinions. I’m honestly surprised with all the shit Spoony seems to be dealing with that we’re even getting content, let alone quality content. I had a really bad problem with depression for a few years and it sucked all the motivation right out of me. The fact that he can shoot these videos, write a script, and produce something that’s genuinely entertaining and (sometimes) informative sort of blows my mind. 
      I’m impressed honestly.

    • deadite1288

      I agree with this. You can only do this stuff for so long and enjoy it. After a while it becomes cumbersome. I think he should tale a long long break. Probably the rest of the year.

  • Kostantine Paradias

    “It’s probably located in one of the villages we exploded” LAUGHED MY ASS OFF

  • Michael Stuart

    Brilliant as always, please keep at.

  •ølund-Pedersen/1045208626 Andreas Sjølund Pedersen

    wtf is this shit!?

  • UnShame

    well, when spoony talks about some incredibly funny moments from his d&d games – it’s hilarious 
    but this… this is just boring

  • Robert Beyda

    I really like watching these for some strange reason :) 

  • Lenne Shuyin

    Oh spoons, Ill take you outta your depression, you need to get outta town a while. lets go ride quads or meet me at six flags in L.A. my treat…..:) Im 40 miles from the coast and hundreds of miles of sand, lets play……Ill fly ya out, complete brain renewal, then you can get back to your fans…with a fresh new outlook, buy the way Ive had deep depression 3 yrs ago, it is not fun, but it can be handled great with the right meds……I love ya spoons….. your trust fund babe………………tambi

  • batlashes

    What’s the song at 43:30? I’ve heard it before and pretty sure I have the game! Arghhh

  • Brian Elle

    Great session guys, glad to see it posted here. I was in the chat room for the beginning of this session, but then had to bail. The Twitch TV version seems cut short, so it was good to see the ending finally. Glad to see the players are learning to work together (not).

    A couple of things ruleswise;

    1. The Intimidate Skill, the target you select is only shaken for one round. It is shaken for one additional round per 5 points that you beat it’s DC.

    2. The Heal skill, it didn’t come in to play but I’ll bring this up again. Liz had better buy a healers kit or she’s going to find out real fast how hard it is to use the Heal Skill to recover HP from treating deadly wounds. Not to mention the fact that it takes one hour of uninterrupted work.

    3. Cause Fear, if you make the save, you are merely shaken for one round. Not Frightened.

    In my opinion Spoony should not have leveled the other character with the rest of the party. Give him a lil sidequest, even if it’s just a brief roleplay by himself, so that he can legitimately level up by earning the XP.

    As far as Spoony’s personal life and being depressed? If he shares it with his fans, then he knows the responses he will get; ALL KINDS. I personally wouldn’t mind sitting down with the guy at a con and griping about ex-girlfriends over a beer or two. Spoony, if you’re reading this, go pay Louis a visit in Mn and come to CONvergence. First round is on me.

  • SalomonAugust

    This is probably THE most boring thing i have ever started to watch.

    • PeaTearGryfin

       You haven’t seen Melvin the brother of the Joker have you?

    • George Rosenbaum

      I’m trying to watch this, I really am…it’s just seems like nothing happens.

      What if they played a few encounter battles? Something that cuts out a lot of the traveling and pre-planning, and just thrusts the players into a quick battle?

      Though it may not be as fun for them to play…nrrrg :/

      • SalomonAugust

        ye probably fun for the ones playing, but horrible to watch.
        Kinda like golf

        • PeaTearGryfin

           I think most of the fun for the audience of this show is being there to chat about the session. That bit near the end of the last part where they start laughing was about someone in the chat is hilarious if you actually saw what the other guy put there. I can see how some might find watching the recorded version boring though.

    • Turkey OnAStick


      Sadly, yeah. After the pace of the third episode, this one seems to head nowhere.

      Especially the bone pile. Good God, that kills the first hour. Not only does it lead nowhere, despite investigating every last inch of the perimeter and the bones within, but Liz riding towards the center is nuts. Not only could they work out stuff about the bonepile without riding into the center, but she metagames halfway in and turns back.

      How does that work? You can’t ride bravely in to face a monster, then turn back halfway because there might be a monster in the middle. It’s a bit mad that the low HP caster is the first guy riding in to face the danger, anyways.

      At least the Mite scene was enjoyable, and gets things moving. Although seeing the players colour-spray everything in sight, effectively 1 hit KOs on multiple targets, gets a bit lame

  • Groverfield

    “Reality is just an illusion you haven’t will-saved against.”

    • Turkey OnAStick

       Why did you quote yourself?

      • George Rosenbaum

        “Because it’s awesome.”

        -George V. Rosenbaum

      • PeaTearGryfin

        “Just because”

  • RaiderRich2001


  • JohnnyPoland

    I’ve just read on Twitter about your problems… Maybe you should give Christianity a try? Or, just believe in something? It may sound a bit outdated, but it really helped several of my friends who had depressive disorders. I’m sure there are some normal believers in your area, not only fundamentalists. You know, it’s good to have a purpose. Anyway, keep doing and I hope you’ll get better.

    • midnight tea

      Please don’t put religion into this. It appears that what Spoony needs is believing in himself. That’s about it.

      • Nick Bagnall

        The only Genesis Spoony need be involved with is Sega… or Phil Collins.

  • Erebus_Locke

     Man Spoony is going crazy on Twitter. What the fuck is going on? Even Obscurus Lupa is unfollowing him.

    • Alexander Hutcheson

      I think people are just tired of his self-pity BS.

    • George Rosenbaum

      I hate to take advantage of another’s pain, but this is getting pretty quotable:

      “I went to a therapist. She told me to express my feelings, air it out. Trust me, no good can come of that.” -FORESHADOWING

      “I wish I was a dog sometimes. No responsibilities. No expectations. Can lick your own balls.” -what?

      It goes on, apparently Spoony made a joke about raping Hope in his basement, causing Lupa to unfollow for obvious reasons. Then he got into a fight with Kyle, of all people. Then he considers moving, only to decide against it less than an hour later.

      My favorite part happens when Noah bitches out Twisted Puppet for suggesting he merely ‘snap out of it’ to cure his depression. Maybe Puppet didn’t deserve that kind of treatment, but it was still funny as hell.

      Speaking of Hell, I think I’ll be going there for the damage this post probably inflicted.

      • Alex Stritar

        Looks like his depression is coming to a head. Hopefully it means he’ll burn it all out and he’ll be all fine soon enough. Though, the prosses may cause him to alienate his friends, family, coworkers, and fans, possibly leading to things worsening for him. Worst case sinerio, he might go Van Gough. Hopefully it won’t come to that, but perhapse we can help by being supportive while giving a bit of tough love when needed.

      • wizzbang

        Lupa unfollowed him because he was complaining too much for her tastes about his being cheated on and dumped. She just dragged out the month-old JesuOtaku tweet (which didn’t bother JO & which Spoony had already publicly apologized for) because Lupa didn’t want to seem like a bully, picking on her friend’s depressed ex. I’m a fan of Lupa (and now Spoony) but everyone behaved badly — including their fans. JesuOtaku was the only mature one, avoiding the whole mess and refusing to let Lupa use her as a pretext for Spoony-bashing.

    • PeaTearGryfin

      What can I say? Depression is a serious bitch. Just about everybody with serious depression can tell you that there are days like this every now and again. About the best advice I have for Noah at this point is to get out and have some kind of human interaction.

      • IHeart28

        I really, really didn’t want to get into the twitter/depression arguement because Spoony’s business is none of mine and I only came to the comment section just today so it made be innapropriate to just pop in but I feel that I need to say this only to help spoony and say my opinion. Someone stop me if I sound too harsh or cruel.

        I saw spoony’s twitter and honestly I feel terrible for him as well as admittedly worried, he really shouldn’t be confessing his problems to Twitter of all places. I agree with Peateargryfin that Spoony needs to take a break, stop staying inside and go talk to someone. Because, just hiding it and getting angry at your fans who are trying to help you will seriously not help.

        Don’t get me wrong here, I still love Spoony and his work but this lashing out on Twitter and pretty much lashing out in general is really not going to help matters

    • Corey Schaff

       She said something about him joking about “raping hope” but I can’t find that tweet anywhere.

    • Vash The Stampede

       is hope(or Hope) a real person? if not, then I don’t see what the big deal about that statement.

      • George Rosenbaum

        Hope Chapman is the real name of JesuOtaku. So yes, Spoony make a joke about sexually violating another reviewer, though he apologized for it later.

        • Vash The Stampede

           ah ok, thanks. 

          • wizzbang

            And Hope wasn’t bothered by that, since it was part of a long-running joke (see the Spooning with Spoony videos). That’s part of why she steered clear of the feud between Spoony & Lupa. Lupa brought it up a month afterward to justify picking on Spoony after he got cheated on and dumped by Lupa’s friend.

    • Alex Stritar

      And now he’s been suspended from the site for a month. Well, maybe this’ll be the wakeup call he needs to get things back in order.

    • wizzbang

      She unfollowed him because he was upset that her friend dumped him.

  • Chris Lauderdale

    To all those who say “snap out of it” or “You just need to get out more!” or implying he just needs to get laid, let me explain something.

    Depression doesn’t work that way.

    It knows no logic or boundaries. You feel it randomly and without cause. That is the true tragedy. You could be at your favorite theme park, or with all your friends, or with your girlfriend watching your favorite movie and you will STILL feel depressed. You can’t just “snap out of it”, because it isn’t up to you when it happens.

    The best you can do is be self aware and try to make sure you are around people when you are feeling at your lowest. Not as a measure of cheering yourself up, but as a measure of safety.

    • IHeart28

      I think I couldn’t have said it better myself. I saw that some people on twitter were telling Spoony to “snap out of it” and I think that’s one of the things that making him lash out. I still think he should talk to someone he trusts or cares about like his brother or something, because hiding it is not good for you.

    • Alexander Hutcheson

      That still does no excuse his actions. Depression is not an automatic get-out-of-jail free card for social problems.

      • Riku Himawari

        Actually, in a lot of countries, it is.

        • Gregory Bogosian

          Well is it a “get-out-of-jail free card” in the country that Spoony actually lives in, i.e. the U.S.A.?

    • PeaTearGryfin

       I agree with you wholeheartedly that depression is something that doesn’t go away, but you must also understand that you must find some way to control your emotions when you are feeling down. I was diagnosed when I was 16 with depression. I know that Spoony has only just here recently found out that he has depression and this is a condition that can take years to properly medicate (it took me almost 2 years to find a medicine combination that works for me), but it doesn’t give you the right to use depression as a get out of jail free card. I can understand some of Spoony’s anger though when he posts his thoughts for the world to see and he gets unsympathetic messages telling him to “snap out of it.”

    • Vash The Stampede

       i’m pretty sure getting laid will help…at least temporarily.  It’s easier said than done though(and it’s no fun if you get a hooker)

      • Ryan Russell

        You’re not getting the right hookers.

  • Donald Cerise

    Lots of dead air in this one. The players seemed out of it, maybe it was a bad day at adventuring work.


    1) I’m glad the players dodged the boneyard. Frankly they were given no reason to go in there other than «The DM has put an encounter in there». Pershaps the sound of someone yelping in pain would have done the trick?
    2) Not having the maps prepared in advance kills any chance of momentum.
    3) I know RPG purist would lift their nose at anything short of a pure «sandbox» campaign but sometimes a little railroading goes a long way. In my experience «sandbox» campaign most often degenerate into the adventuring group acting as glorified pest control. Not very engaging for the players or the viewers!

  • Zimmad

    When does the last Ultima Part come out? Please dont tell me these Pathfinder Livestreams count as official content.

    I would like Spoony to do another Lets Play series. He hasnt done that in years.

    • George Rosenbaum

      A lot of people have been asking for those. I have no idea why he doesn’t want to, aside from his mental state.

      • Michael Wilbur

        I’ve got a theory; remember when he started Deadly Premonition? Having played the game myself, I can understand why he hasn’t continued; he’s at the part of the game where you have to deal with the driving, which is beyond broken. Seriously, the car drives as though it has four completely different sized tires.

        It’s just a theory though, so don’t read too much into it.

        • Gregory Bogosian

          I beat that game last year, and the driving was not a hindrance to my playing it at all. I think that Spoony said that he did not want to continue his “Deadly Premonition” lets play because someone else had already done a really good one and he did not want to rip them off or risk making lets play inferior to theirs.

          • Michael Wilbur

            Fair enough, but even if you adjusted to it, you have to admit the driving is awful. It’s not even awful in a ‘trying to be realistic’ way; my car would often swerve off the road for no reason; not a gradual turning, but like someone jerked the controls. Maybe I’ve lucked out in life, but I’ve never driven a car, video game or no, that controlled worse that the cars in Deadly Premonition. I dunno; maybe without a proper car-shop in town, all the cars front ends are horribly mis-aligned.

            Okay then; how about a Let’s play of Harvester? It seems up his alley, and there are only a few LPs of it (mostly due to running issues).

          • Gregory Bogosian

            I admit that the driving is bad, at least compared to the other 3rd person sandbox games that I have played like the Saints Row games and GTA: Vice City. But I still think that he discontinued his Deadly Premonition let’s play because somebody else already made one rather than the driving being bad. I have never heard of Harvester, but I have no objections to another let’s play by Spoony.

  • Jesse Garza

    Great show guys. I actually watched both parts a while ago but am just now leaving a comment. I heard from fellow fans that you wasn’t going to do part 2 of your ultima review until after E3 was finished and died down a bit, and it has… I think… So now I am overly excited and patiently waiting for part 2 of your review!

  • Nick Bagnall

    Spoony’s brooding more than Sean Bean. I’m pretty sure he’s also on his way to becoming Curtis Craig with his depression and seclusion. Oreo is Blob… isn’t it obvious? If any of you haven’t read his twitter, do so and make those Phantasmagoria comparisons. Save yourselves some time until we see signs that he’s on the ball again. Until then… I don’t know, really.

    • Alex Stritar

      Oh my god, what if Spoony isn’t the real Noah Antwiler! What if he’s just made of dog parts while the real Noah has become a deranged psychic monster in an alternate dimention!

      • Alexander Hutcheson

        annnnnnnnnd now I think I’ve been on the internet too long. Goodnight everybody!

      • Nick Bagnall

        What I typed was ludicrous. I’m better now.

    • Frank Rauen

      I’m kind of happy that Spoony got put in his place by TGWTG. He has been barred from the site for four weeks. Joking about raping a co-worker and cursing out fans on twitter is bullshit. Hopefully that will be a wake up call for him.

      • wizzbang

        The joke about JO didn’t upset JO, but was followed by an immediate apology from Spoony. It wasn’t the actual cause of all the Twitter nonsense (which happened a MONTH after he’d apologized publicly to JO); the actual cause was a bad break-up and Lupa’s decision to mock him for the fact that her friend had dumped him. The JO thing just got dragged in by Lupa & her fans (of whom I am one) to make her seem less like a girl making fun of her friend’s depressed ex. I’m not proud of how we acted, and neither is anyone else (Spoony & Lupa included), but there’s a heck of a lot more to what happened than people seem to believe.

  • AtlasRedux

    Nazi Spoony : as long as you’re from the US, watch it. If not, then fuck you.

    • Daniel Thomas Stack

       I don’t think that is Noah’s doing. I know allot of people who started hosting video on because YouTube was region locked and preventing access to places like Europe and New Zealand.

  • Daniel Thomas Stack

    Why oh why do I get the feeling some small creature might steal the gold left back at the trading post…
    Ooh can Mite take a mite bit of the gold and disappear?

    BTW not all his songs sound the same < One of my favorite web sites. Did you know he has a song titled Cry for Help? Yeah I actually watch videos on Rick's facebook page.

    The last stab on the Warg so reminded me of Tonbery and Donik. 2 hp damage killed it!

    What about the computer problems of another person in this quest? Is she going to be auto level raised as well?

  • Tiago Ferreira

    Yep, this sucks. It’s the most boring thing I’ve ever seen. And I liked CounterMonkey vlogs, at least they were funny. This is boring crap.

  • Tiago Ferreira

    And please, can anybody explain me what happened between Spoony and TWTG? 

  • Glen Graves

    What the holy fuck are you people going on about ? Spoony isn’t all that bad even when he’s pissy and you all seem terribly interested in his personal life considering you don’t seem to like him much. I think this is getting out of hand and we should just talk about things like you know, the video. As far as that’s concerned I always love seeing D&D games I’ve watched all the LordKat games and this seems to be going ok as well, I like Olag and Might/Mite and it seems like the story will pick up soon.

  • Kaleb Mayo

    Finally caught up to the group’s journey! Although I can’t say I’m surprised by the chat and some of these commentators and pseudo psychoanalysts, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Spoony’s DMing and his entire website ever since I stumbled upon it. Pay no heed to the haters Spoony, haters gonna hate.

  • Shane Lancaster

    Could someone tell me when these live games are played, and where I could join the chat? I would really like to be a part of whatever this weird social experiment is.

  • Alexander Greco

    Hey, Spoony, you should check out the new RPG Tephra. Its steampunk and has a d12 system rather than d20

  • Aaron Klinzing

    dude, spoony, ignore these assholes.
    A. this is a great, fun video series that’s actually made me want to get into rpgs.
    B. dont let them rag on you for depression. ive been there. it sucks ass and can take a hell of a long time to get through.

    hope you post the next session soon, if there are more btw

  • Zac Coste

    Loved this stream, got me inspired to bring down the old RPGs from the shelf and looking at new ones. Got the guys around for some Twilight 2000 ^^ (To negative commentators; its a stream :P LOL! Take a look at Twitch, it aint like a regular show, no need to compare them)

  • Tim Malear

    “It knows no logic or boundaries. You feel it randomly and without cause.
    That is the true tragedy. You could be at your favorite theme park, or
    with all your friends, or with your girlfriend watching your favorite
    movie and you will STILL feel depressed. You can’t just “snap out of
    it”, because it isn’t up to you when it happens.”

    Did you base this on any studies? Any sort of scientific basis? If this happens, it’s either a chemical imbalance or you’re repressing something and you need to talk about it.

  • Tim Malear

    Also, what’s the screencap software you’re using? I know I’m a tool for asking when others probably have already asked, but I’d rather not wade through a bunch of people talking about depression from experience rather than scientific studies and facts to find it.

  • Forte

    Have these pathfinder sessions been canned? Been a few months since the last.

  • Christopher Wade Boutwell

    Come on man kobolds wouldn’t just leave a bunch of shit laying around. They would have a very well made camp if they were gonna be on the surface at all. They may be small and cowardly but they AREN’T stupid.

  • wizzbang

    Since no-one corrected your…inventive…account, I figure I’d better. I should also note that I’m a long-time fan of Obscurus Lupa and a new fan of Spoony, so I have no horse in this race.

    Spoony’s actual comment unintentionally implied the rape of JesuOtaku — a fellow site member. Here it is: JesuOtaku just said “LOL ok…” in response, but even Spoony was disgusted by what he had said, so he immediately and publicly apologized to JO and they both moved on.

    A MONTH later, Spoony’s long-time girlfriend (who was also Lupa’s friend) had cheated on & dumped him, and his sorrow was spilling over onto Twitter in the form of some pretty maudlin Tweets. Lupa said she was going to stop following his Tweets because he was whining too much about his post-break-up depression. He responded to Lupa sarcastically (basically saying “Oh, what a shame!”), at which point she dug up the JO Tweet and used it as pretext to attack him personally; she’d never liked him to begin with and was effectively retconning their Twitter feud to make herself look sympathetic and distract from what she actually was doing — picking on her friend’s heartbroken ex. That was why their feud quickly moved away from the supposed inciting incident (the already-resolved JO tweet “scandal”) and began to focus on personal attacks; that was also why their feud accrued so many outside participants; and it was also why JesuOtaku IGNORED the feud, not wanting to be used by either side in what amounted to a personal conflict between Lupa & Spoony. The fact that Spoony was already clinically depressed, and that Lupa was his ex’s friend, meant that their attacks (some Lupa-supporters were telling Spoony to kill himself with his dead brother’s gun) set him off and he went absolutely nuts on the internet for a week. As i said, i like Lupa a lot, but…Yeesh.

    In the end, Spoony & Lupa both admitted fault and publicly apologized to one another and to one another’s fans, etc., which was great. Neither of them tried to excuse their behavior, a remarkably mature approach for two people who had behaved so badly so publicly. Spoony QUIT the site (he discusses that in his commentaries for the “To Boldly Flee” film) both because he legitimately felt like he and TGWTG weren’t increasing one another’s viewership and because (as often happens with depression) he felt like he needed to make a big life change. Thankfully he didn’t do what also usually follows a big depression-fueled life change. But learning about the whole thing has left a bad taste in my mouth re: Lupa (which surprised me since i was ready to hate Spoony, due to my admittedly-feminist assumption that Spoony was the only one at fault), and taught me not to jump to conclusions when a man is accused of behaving badly towards a woman.

    I also find it infuriating when people get offended over others telling the kinds of jokes that they themselves tell; i read a really good article by a feminist blogger who wound up slamming the Nostalgia Chick for doing exactly that, and i think it applies to the whole Lupa/Spoony thing too. People were piling on the guy for telling exactly the kind of joke that they themselves (including Lupa!) tell all the dang time. What is more, it was the kind of joke that most of them (including JesuOtaku and the Nostalgia Chick) had PARTICIPATED IN, as in the 3 TGWTG “Spooning With Spoony” videos — which his initial JO Tweet was actually referencing!

    So it was a big mess, everyone behaved badly, and there were no villains. Only humans.

  • James Miller

    When I got to the part where the chatroom accused spoony of being sexist, I couldn’t help but shake my head. Don’t you people have anything better to do than to e-stalk a man and troll him constantly? Get rid of the fedoras and shave your goddamn neckbeards.

    • Zefram Mann

      Hey, as someone with both, a fedora and a neckbeard, I take great offense at that!

      I only want his address to send him horrible, soul-scarring, mind-numbing games to talk about!

  • Brett

    Part 2, around 1:52:50 – “I’m not a baby, I’m a tumor.”

  • illidan4ever

    The worst thing about the break-up is that this was discontinued (aside from the personal emotional issues, but in terms of the entertainment) .