Counter Monkey – Tandem’s Last Ride

The Spoony One | Nov 22 2011 | 

My iconic character goes on a surreal journey, literally down the rabbit hole all the way to Dungeonland.

Edit: Well, there’s one good way to catastrophically botch the telling of a story. That’s to twitter user @Dutchtica I’ve been corrected that at the Tea Party, the Doormouse was a wererat, and it’s the Mad Hatter and March Hare who are the high-level monks. I’ve completely mis-remembered the story. It was the March Hare that I was brawling the whole time.

Shit. Shit shit shit. I feel awful now. I completely ruined the fucking story. I apologize. Any factual content can safely be assumed to range from mostly apocryphal to totally wrong.

Anyway, a couple of other corrections:

* I’m pretty sure Tandem was giving Athena a good rogering (which opens up a can of worms the size of Olympus concerning revenge and character motivations)– but really it was meant to be a hazy drunken memory of…something happening on Olympus that royally cheesed Zeus off. Zeus…who I called Thor several times, because my memory is completely scattershot anymore.

* I’ve also been told that Dungeonland is written for 9-12 level characters, and that our party was much higher level than that. I don’t really have an explanation for that, or if the DM rewrote large parts of it to deal with a higher-level party or not. I’m pretty sure the hookah-smoking caterpillar plays out the same way, but the Tea Party rumble? I don’t know. He might have figured 5 adventurers on 3 Tea Party members, he needed to jack up the Mad Hatter and March Hare to level 20. It would explain a few things.