Counter Monkey – The Bardic Knock Spell

The Spoony One | Sep 8 2012 | 

Note: There is a fine line between being good at bluffing and becoming the clown nobody ever believes. You don’t want to go from cleverness to making the game goofy, because you’ll frustrate the DM and get the players into a lot of trouble when you go off being ridiculous. If you’re jacking around constantly, the DM is going to punish you and the party for your antics. You’ve got to very carefully pick your moments, because bluffing is about surprise and spontaneity– or should I say, making a lot of careful preparation LOOK like spontaneity. You have to surprise the DM as much as the characters you’re bluffing. Bluffing isn’t a surprise if you’re doing it all the time. Think of it like a jump-scare in a movie; the best ones only happen once, maybe twice in the film. Any more than that and you’re just screaming loud noises and pissing people off.

So, to reiterate, don’t let yourself become a clown. You don’t want to drag the game down into hysterics and becoming the guy who’s throwing pies in peoples’ faces, thinking that because it’s wacky, it’s foolproof. You want the DM and the players to think you’re brilliant, not a complete jagoff. In poker, you only bluff maybe once or twice a night, if that, and only when it counts. Bluffing is as much about patience and telling the truth as it is about lying. Lie constantly, nobody believes you. Lie 10% of the time, and suddenly you’re a complete wildcard. Do not become a clown. Be smooth. Bluffing only works if you almost never do it. And suddenly you’re always doing it, because you’re smooth, and nobody can tell what you’re up to anymore.