Counter Monkey – The Dungeon Master’s Secret Weapon

The Spoony One | Apr 3 2012 | more notation(s) | 

How to get the party to go anywhere, do anything, fight anyone! But you can only do it once!

  • David Bowman

    Loving the counter monkey, keep it up!

    • Jesse Vaillancourt

      whoa  refreshed the page  and a video appeared. Fuck yeah!

      • George Rosenbaum

        You have magic video content powers.

        Only use this power for good.

  • GregH

    This is awesome. I will definitely have to try this.

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    Screw the rules… I have money. NO MORE DONATIONS!

  • Mike Davis

    A Counter Monkey video at a manageable running time of fifteen minutes? All my dreams are coming true! And I’m also digging the Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged Series t-shirt.

    • Flávio Bessa

       15 minutes? How can you call that manageable?
      I wish every Counter Monkey would go on for hours :P

      • Edward

        My friends may disagree with me on this but I think the longer the vlog, the better.  When he has a good story to tell, it is very interesting and Counter Monkey in particular would be better if it was long, provocative, well told story session.  I did come away feeling that this episode was to short.  Also, is voice is very soothing although not as soothing as the Cinema Snob.  But then again who can compete with him?  Brad Jones is the white James Earl Jones.

        A lot of my close friends don’t care for Spoony’s vlogs.  And yeah, I think when he does them to often they can kindof suck.  And yeah, sometimes their too long.  But I would be lying if I said that I did not like them.  He is a very good story teller and it feels like you are having a great conversation on cool nerdy topic.  So I too would support longer Counter Monkey episodes.

  • Kyo Oniro

    I so love this series.
    Extreme sense of ownership and self-importance make wonders.

  • Gauphastus

    I’m not that kind of thief.

    • Cortés Catapulta

      Hahaha, that made me laugh a lot!

  • sbkMulletMan

    This reminds me of the damn Kender that tried to take our wizard’s magic ingredients in broad daylight.  I can’t remember, but I think it was leading into some kind of plot element; for me to notice him, stop him (“Oh, I uh, was just giving him the Heimlich Maneuver, I thought he was choking!) and have him lead us into some direction for some adventure.

    At the very least, it was the beginning of my Minotaur Fighter’s racist attitude against Kenders.  They only got more annoying from there! 

    Which gets me thinking, this “steal from the group” tactic must work best in Dragonlance where you have those little kleptos all over the place, stealing without even realizing they’ve stolen something.  Imagine that, having your stuff taken, going through Hell getting it back, just to hear “oh was that yours?  Well, then it’s a good thing I found it for you for safe keeping!”

    • Edward

      What disturbs me about Kender are they seem like an entire race the Dragonlance writers unwittingly created to argue in favor of genocide.  They are so annoying and their annoying ness is played up for whimsy.  It’s so obnoxious you just want to kill every kender you see.  

      It’s like that Star Trek Voyager episode where they tried to make us feel bad for Neelix’s people because they were in a war THAT THEY STARTED where thousands of them got killed by a weapon of mass destruction.  And we’re supposed to feel bad for them because killing lots of people is awful.  But the only frame of reference for the Talaxians that we see are Neelix, the most annoying jerk of a character Star Trek has ever produced and two other minor characters who were just as annoying as he was.  It’s like their trying to turn us into Nazis!!

      By the way, speaking of Star Trek, if the Valakians from Enterprise, the species that Jonathon Archer and Doctor Phlox committed genocide against in the most notorious episode of Star Trek of all time “Dear Doctor” were as annoying as the damn Kender, no one would have given a shit about how wrong that episode was.

  • Svetoslav Savov

     great idea i will go steal my friend car to make him get of his pc and do stuff

  • The-Bard

    One time a party member in a game got disarmed and the enemy dropped the weapon into a portal, it ended up on the surface of this undead moon Galactus thing called Atropus. We went after it, it was a pretty bad idea.

  • Elizabeth Sterling

    Ah, reminds me of a V:TM game where I was playing a particularly unpleasant Toreador with a severe case of apathy from the sensory overload his gifts gave him. There was little he cared about, little he wouldn’t do. He had won his ghoul in a game of cards, (equivalent to his bet of $300) and gained a weak voyeuristic thrill by whoring her out. He was a bottom-rung, unambitious, petty sadist of a Camarilla servant who enjoyed emotionally manipulating people so he could feed off of the feelings he barely had anymore. 

    When a powerful setite ancient rolled in to town not even her collection of imprisoned souls acting as bodyguards or her past involvement in the slave trade stopped him turning traitor on the Camarilla in a second for a chance at some casual fringe benefits. Even when it became clear she was a threat to the lives of everyone in the region he casually disregarded it and kept on selling out everyone around him. Of course, the GM realised that unlike the other party members, who had a certain degree of humanity left he wouldn’t be moved until it got personal, so she stole his ghoul. 

    A man who wouldn’t raise a finger to save a burning child suddenly put everything on the line to hunt down an inconceivably powerful enemy because she had dared to take his toys. A fairly low-key game exploded in to a campaign of destruction and a series of torture, murder, guerilla warfare and revenge attacks that ended in multiple violations of the Geneva Conventions and a villain death that was so brutal it would make Black Dog authors blush. Nobody came out of that one quite as innocent as they’d gone in.

    In conclusion god *damn* I love a good gaming group and props to Spoony – this old chestnut works almost every damn time.

    • Bill DeBarr

      no not Troy how dare you turn Troy into a pile of Jelly HE WAS MINE TO PLAY WITH AND DO AS I WILL I shall have my revenge 

  • MFlorian

    Wow.  That’s just plain evil.  I love it.

  • Grzegorz Sasiak

    Would not work with my group. They are to wise or to cowardly to go after such thieves. They are in essence immortal because they always step away from challenges.

    • Alexander Hutcheson

      The only winning move is……….not to play.

      • Grzegorz Sasiak

         In a way, yes. They just tend to have this cowardly mentality which also works. Give them a war and watch them escape in the other direction. Give them a city that will be under siege in a couple of days and they will steal stuff from them and then potentially kill a couple because noone will have time to chase them. One guy even avoids hearing about serious problems and plans because he fears he might be interrogated and tortured later on. There is still a story to be told with this type of characters, that never, ever pick up a fight when outnumbered.

  • Timo Kähkönen

    I remember playing wayyyy back some Twilight 2000, that DM stole my truck after i had passed out drinking too much vodka.

    I got it back, in half, literally, damn RPG’s.

  • Mokuren

    I can attest it works like a wonder, nothing more motivating for a PC than getting his stuff stolen.

    Just be careful because they won’t stop until they get it all back, even if they have to make new characters multiple times just to get them back.

  • Paul Passfeld

     I’ll keep this in mind, the next time I am a DM

  • doresh

    You magnificent DM, I watched your video XD !

  • J. Adams

    In certain systems that use careers or need certain items to improve your characters, another way to make the party do what you want is to withhold it from them. 

    For instance, in a game of WFRP I’m part of, both me and my friend are dying to progress to the ‘Sergeant’ career since we’ve basically gotten all the stat increases for our current careers. But we can’t unless we get full mail armour, and the only affordable set of the stuff was to join a mercenary group. The merc group that co-incidentally may have an artefact of chaos that someone wanted us to deal with.

  • Anthony Lofthouse

    I paused Toonami for this.

    • Илья Жиронкин

      I paused Game of Thrones for this.

  • datatroll

    Done that one.
    There are lots of ways to get a party to do things, actually.  Theft is probably the most universally useful, (and definitely the easiest by far) but some of the others I have used in the past include:
    1)  Screwing with the backstory that one of the players has written for his character.  Not all players will write 3-5 page whatevers about their fictional characters but the ones that do have the assumption that what they have written is somehow sacred, and the people and places they have mentioned in it cannot be touched without their knowledge and consent.  Wrong.  Have some psychotic burn the character’s parents house to the ground with them and his kid sister in it and he will drag the party to the Abyss to catch the bastard that did it.
    2)  One of my favorites assumes that SOMEBODY in the party, (there is usually at least one) has given themselves the background of a royal without bothering to flesh it out at all.  Then it is a simple matter of having their same sex elder sibling vanish and having them receive a missive that if said sibling is not located they will be getting hitched to Count or Countess Von Itchycrotch in six months time.  You have never SEEN motivation until you have seen THAT rescue operation.
    3)  The email scam gambit actually works quite well in most RP settings as long as you can keep from making it sound like an email.  They recieve a message about goods, services, or cash that are already theirs, all they need do is go to spot x to meet person y at z time to collect their inheritance, lotto winnings, lost horse, whatever.  Once you have gotten them to a given location, coming up with ways to make it a bad idea to be there and good reasons somebody would want a well armed party there are too numerous to go into.
    4)  Depending on the personalities at the table, I have had good luck in the past by having it slip in tavern talk or even purely metagame, things I have dropped hints about OUT OF GAME, that there is someone with a sword (wand, bow, suit of armor, whatever) that is TWICE as good as something somebody in the party has and it is owned by someone that is of an evil alignment.  The party won’t gun for this poor sad sack of an npc immediately, but if that person shows up in the game a few sessions down the road and there is an excuse to give chase, the person who WANTS that gear, whatever it is, will quickly get the attitude that the item is practically their birthright and will drag the party into nearly anything to get it.
    5)  Players don’t like to see the overall value of their character go down.  Leveling is all about making things go up.  Better skills, better stats, better gear, they want to see that worth going up.  If you do anything that makes those numbers go down, even by a fraction of a percentage, the party as a whole will move heaven and earth to fix it.  Take an arm off of one with a magic blade, or find one of those unbelievably obnoxious supplemental monsters that can permanently lower stats or hit points even just a minimal amount.  You then dangle a cure or fix under their nose and they will stick that nose to the dirt like a freaking bloodhound and follow it wherever it may lead.
    6)  This one assumes that you have just started a game and have the prep time, but it is downright comical.  Embarass and humiliate the hell out of low level characters with some manner of authority figure.  Maybe even over a couple of levels.  Every adventurer does things that would be worthy of a flogging in the real world, but actually enforce it and make the person that adminsters these punishments the most dreadful, wretched, power abusing son of a bitch that the world has ever seen.  Then let them gain a few levels and have that same person suddenly lose favor and have to go into hiding due to being accused of murder, rape, conspiracy, pick something that works for your game it doesn’t matter what it is.  If you have done your job right the average player group will track this guy to the ends of the earth for what they will percieve as payback.  It helps if you drop hints about the evil of this NPC when the party is at low levels, and then have them absolutely unable to do anything about it.  Even better, make the notable in question a priest.  The nature of the crime doesn’t have to change, but “evil” churchmen tends to really sent the right sort of people off the deep end.
    7)  Related to the whole “theft” angle, have someone hie them for a job and then simply not be there when the job is done and it comes time to collect.  They come back into town tired, dusty, bloody, the detritus of a dozen battlefieds clinging to their souls, and the guy who still owes them the second half of their retainer is just gone.  Any character that won’t lose class abilities for doing it will sell the guys remains to an unscrupulous apothacary to get reporations for this.

    There are dozens more that I have used over the course of the last…  (omg, 25 years?  /cries…) but honestly, making players go where you want them is really just a question of misdirection or making the players feel as though their characters have in some way been maligned.  Either way, the’ll bite if you chum the water enough.  The big thing though is to remember that the characters are not people.  They are the property of the players.  It seems a simple, almost wholy retarded observation but it makes a difference in scale and response.  A person doesn’t own himself, doesn’t pay for himself, generally speaking doesn’t consider what he does to be earning himself or maintaining himself, and so the same person that would stoically hobble about on his crutches and hang out with the guy who accidentally broke his ankle playing football will absolutely loose his shit if some ass clown carelessly drops and breaks his X-Box controller.  It doesn’t matter that the broken bone cost him 3000 dollars and a month of work unpaid, and the X-Box controller was forty bucks.  The amount of ill will to the people who have done this to him will tend to be roughly the same, because the controller belongs to him, he earned it, and you fucked it up.
    By the same token, the good, upstanding and brave people you play with that you know would run into the burning orphanage to save a crying child will look at the plights of faceless and nameless NPC’s and the gloriously epic campaign that you painstakingly put together that culminates in a deadly challenging (and yet very fair) dungeon crawl… as though you are asking them to drive their brand new tires on their shiny new car six blocks to the store over roads that are covered in broken glass, nails, and patches of black ice rather than walking yourself down there to get your own damn milk.

    • George Rosenbaum

      “The characters are not people. They are the property of players.”

      Interesting. We do tend to treat our belongings with more care than ourselves.

  • George Rosenbaum

    You sly bastard. That is completely brilliant.

    So simple, and yet so instantly personal. I love it.

  • Petr Matafonov

    keep em comming

  • ftidus12

    The promise of loot is always the most powerful weapon in a DM’s arsenal.

  • Seonghoon Park

    whoa, ingenius!

    this can also be used for plots of other mediums, the possibilities! XD
    thnx for sharing Spoony!

  • Master_Do_Will

    I am not into role playing, but I got to say that the way you tell a story is fantastic. every time I see one of these videos, I  stop what I am doing put you on speaker and listen. Sort of like a camp fire story. Thanks for reminding me that old fashion story telling has not died out.


  • draxo

    He’s right.

    Seen this happen so many times. When a party is stolen from they go crazy!

  • Doctalen

    I love the shirt you’re wearing while talking about this stuff. Did you pick that on purpose? (Haven’t finished it yet so maybe you said so) 

  • Doctalen

    Did you pick that shirt on purpose? 

  • Mitchell Hannan

    Spoony, there needs to be a “They’re wearing our BOOTS!” T-Shirt.

    • David Bowman

      Holy shit, so would I

  • RinguPingu

    Have someone shave Joe’s moustache! He’d be furious!

    I do, of course, mean have someone shave it in game. Doing it in real life would just be plain mean!

  • Jordan Selby

    That’s fantastic, Spoony! The first game I DM’d in my life, I had a little street rat steal the mage’s staff from his room, and I was amazed that they then spent a good 20% of the game trying to track him down. It all makes sense now.

    Also, please make more counter monkey. And if at all possible, make them crazy long! Hours and hours of counter monkey make this fan happy.


  • Dubious Khan

    A GM I had set this up way back when the Deadlands campaign I was in began. My character had a cursed pocket watch given to her by her recently murdered husband with the specific instructions to NEVER let it out of her sight. So in addition to the fact that the watch had some kind of mystical connection to the Hunting Grounds (We never did find out what), it was the only thing from her husband she still owned (long story, don’t ask).

    In any event, any time that watch turned up missing, you bet your ass we’d be off looking for it.    

  • Alexander Wood

    You’re a really clever dude, Spoony!

  • Michael Keenan

    I think there was an adventure (a short one) in an issue of Pyramid magazine that starts off with a thief stealing from a PC – just one belonging.

    It also reminds me of an episode of the anime Gunslinger Girl where a guy on a motorcycle snatches one of the character’s handbags, and the cybernetic supersoldier teenager then chases the thief by running across some rooftops to get it back.

  • Joe Mcfly

    It’s not stolen if I killed the owner!

  • Atmos_Duality

    Oh Spoony…you shouldn’t have spoiled that little trick.
    I’ve employed it before as both a form of plot contrivance, and as a method to introduce new areas/dungeons to the players.

    …And one DM employed it as a form of punishment. A cruel form of punishment.

  • nope

    A DM tried to do this to me one time and it totally backfired. I was basically a freshly level 6 wizard who just came from a near TPK in a dungeon, lost a few friends, and was hanging out at the local tavern when someone stole my rod of empowerment or whatever it was that I got as my share of the loot from the dungeon.
    So I look around the tavern and the only other patrons are a group of dwarves who looked like they just got off their mining job or something (guy who actually robbed me was gone and I never noticed him due to DM fiat). I go up to these dwarves and accuse them of robbing me and threaten to burn them to death if they do not give me my shit back, and they basically respond saying, “Dude, calm down, we don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.”
    I cut the dwarf’s leader off and say, “Wrong answer, digger” (a racist term we invented for dwarves) and shoot a fireball right behind them so it wouldn’t hit me, but get all the dwarves in its blast radius. I kill prettymuch all the dwarves with this fireball AND basically burned down the tavern with my party not knowing at all what the fuck was going on. The DM gets massively butthurt because apparently these dwarves were supposed to be big time NPCs that we were going to befriend, and has the surviving dwarf leader put my character into a magic bottle or some other such bullshit, basically taking me out of the game until my party got me out.
    I called bullshit on this, but the DM wouldn’t back down (apparently it was a quest hook he was saving for later in the campaign) and the rest of the party was going to murder this guy and let me out until the DM somehow convinced them not to and to instead work for this guy. So basically I quit the game and it fell apart soon after because it was my house we were running it at and no one else had a good place to run.
    Moral of the story I guess is, don’t steal from an emotionally traumatized 17-year-old wizard who just lost his best friend to ghoul-worshipping goblins and recently reached the level of wizard godhood because he will fucking kill you and anybody in his way to get his shit back.

  • Nathan D. Crumpler

    I once stole some manacles from the party. They turned around in the middle of a mission and went after the pickpocket. I reminded them that they could buy new manacles as well as a lot of things with the money they are going to get from the current mission. They didn’t care, it was the principle that mattered. I didn’t know they would do this. They tracked these guys all the way back to town using tracking. Bare in mind, none of them are rangers. So, the thieves are booking it back to town while the party is at a snail pace after them; examining every foot print. As far as they are concerned, they could run… but they cannot hide. they never finished the original quest they were sent on, but it worked out in the end because the bandit quest was what they were going to do after the first quest. 

  • Merrell

    I love your hair in this episode. I know it’s not much different from normal, but still.

  • Shantal Figueroa

    Lmfao. So many great quotes come out from these videos. “I EAT DANGER FOR BREAKFAST.” “THEY’RE WEARING OUR BOOTS. D<" And honestly, if you are invested in a character and you know the trick, you might not even care that you know it's a trick to get you into some kind of plot line, you might just do it anyway because your emotions were hurt. Nobody likes being fooled. 

  • Devon Bays

    Because if there’s one thing all D&D players love, it’s their loot. Seriously.

  • Shantal Figueroa

    Also for the hair thing, you should drop a hint somehow that maybe their hair is going to be used for some kind of creepy magic ritual- like the person who stole their hair leaves behind a trinket that belongs to a certain cult. Or the party could just hear someone bragging about how they have the lock of hair from a lover- when it’s really from one of the player characters who doesn’t even know the guy. 

  • popov89

    I can vouch for this method. I swore a blood vengeance against a brothel and its residents in a Masquerade game last winter because the pimp hassled me. Still haven’t burned that fucking place down, but I swear it will burn one day.

  • Nikolaus Dorfner

    I knew exactly what he was going to say before the video even started. Nobody fucks with a PC and gets away with it.

  • Urban Sniper

     I’ve not fallen prey to this kind of thing personally, at least to the point of going on a mad run to get stuff back, but I have been dragged along by the party when its happened a few times. My old DM overused this sort of thing horribly, so it’s lost its effect for me.

    As a DM, I’ve used this sparingly, because massive death and destruction tends to follow for some reason.  The most recent use of this was in a Fallout game I ran last year.  The whole campaign had been building up to something big, and the player (I only had one at the time) had quite a few allies (the Brotherhood, a group of friendly super mutants, some raiders, quite a few wastelanders who called the eastern parts of Kentucky home), even a loyal army, and plenty of resources to work with by this time.  Queue the last bad guy of the campaign kidnapping the PC’s wife and unborn child.  Hey, its theft, still counts.  Anyway, this led to a massive sweep across the northeastern part of the United States with a combined armed force not seen since the Great War.  Whatever wasn’t absorbed was killed or destroyed, and nothing stopped him until he had back what he wanted, and quite a bit more, in the blood trail behind him.

  • Norrikan

    Also vouching for this method. Harming or threatening to harm their mounts generally also works, but stealing their stuff is most often the best way to motivate them. Rationality goes right out of the window in those cases. (My group once burned down a kingdom on account of someone from there having stolen a string of copper rings with a total worth around half a goldpiece)
    Also, roll dices behind your DM-screen occasionally so you can say:” Yeah, you were on guard, but you failed your spot-check.” Dirty, yes, but remember, the players are your enemies.
    Another very reasonable way to steer your party is to include a small child, optimally a little girl, that is suffering from some horrible condition (broken child-soldiers and blood sacrifices work quite well here) but is in no way connected to the current (decoy) plot. Nearly every group will drop anything on that spot to help that poor tyke and will eagerly swallow any plot hook as long as it somehow relates to the child. Dangers they would have previously avoided like hell will be braved without as much as a flinch. Just keep the child tangentially related and you can control them as if you had a remote. Most often they will play right into your hands
    I admit, this method will very much abuse your groups emotions to control them, and thus is, for the most part, limited to one campaign per group, but during this campaign you can actually milk it for all its worth without most players even noticing it.
    Recently I also had some success combining both of these methods to divert attention away from one ploy to another, lessening potential player suspicion about the overall deception. I suspect this can be networked even further.
    …now that I typed that all out I realize I might be kind of a manipulative jerk.

    • MrJinPengyou

      OMG my player would laugh at the very first sentence of your post because the running gag in my games is that a mount never survive more than one night. One session, I have them camp inside a ghost town and they decided to sleep into an old house with the horse tied outside. I said : zombies walk outside. I totally forgot about the mounts but a player said : Oh god we probably lost the mounts already and the other were like : SHUUUUT YOUR MOUTH IDIOT. And I smiled and said : The mounts are dead eaten by zombies.

  • Adam Stackenland

    I will try that next time :)

  • Zure Togusa

    I could listen to this stuff all day.

  • BrendanConcannon

    Here’s a story you will really like:

    Modern D20 in the not-too-distant-future.  The party is a group of mercenaries that are hired-out to do selectable jobs, kind of like Armored Core. 

    One job they took was a computer hardware demolition job with extension.  The mission was to infiltrate an opposing company, breach the computer filing room and destroy the hell out of it.  Kind of like the scene where they blew up Cyberdyne in Terminator 2. 

    There was one catch: a single terminal of unknown location needed to be spared.  Every shot or detonation charge had to be checked in order to make sure CPU codename: X-02 was salvaged.  There was a significant bonus for the capture of this CPU. 

    So the party painstakingly conducts this mission, but accidentally hit CPU X-02 a few times in the crossfire.   However, they were able to salvage the hard-drive.  They decided to report CPU X-02 was destroyed.  They failed to collect the bonus for providing the CPU X-02, but they kept the hard-drive for themselves…

    The party takes the hard-drive back to base and immediately begin scanning it.  It required special configuration ports, which the party had to order from the black market.  After that, the party had to hack the living hell out of the data to access it.  Some of the decryptions were unhackable and severely anchored; there was no way they could copy the data from this thing.   They were able to trace personal log files from it, find out a few researchers had access to special codes, so they went to interrogate them the codes.  Many separate missions later…

    The hard-drive was finally decrypted.  Turns out, the hard-drive contained plans for a new prototype aircraft.  A hidden agenda in the UN allocated funding toward this thing and well…  Let’s just say it was the “Metal Gear” of fighter jets.  The hard-drive even contained log describing the selection process for the pilots; they were required to have cybernetic installments and prosthetic hearts in order to survive the G-forces this aircraft would cause. 

    (I was inspired from an old movie called “Cloak and Dagger” to try this idea.  In that movie, the data was saved on a video-game cart.)

    The party had a choice at this point; they decided to take the hard-drive to a third party that would blow the whole plan out of the water.  The party had this thing locked in a bullet-proof case and they were going to transport it by armored car.  This thing was not going anywhere…

    The exchange was infested with ninjas.  During the exchange, the ninjas bust out and stole the hard-drive.  Party doesn’t want that shit; huge car chase scene, whole bunch of cars blow up, helicopter gets shot down with an RPG.  The original company sends a SWAT team.  The third-party sends a SWAT team.  The party-party shoots the shit out of everybody.  Everyone and their dog wants the hard-drive.  Party armored car gets flipped. 

    One rival company ends up with the hard-drive in the end.  But, the party reset the passwords and decryptions on the hard-drive so the company needs to hack it again from scratch.  The party has time to prepare and breaches the company to get it back.  The UN denies accusations made against it when the whole thing goes public.           

    Yeah, I learned that if you steal something from the party, holy freakin’ shit. You’ll have a timebomb on your hands.  I also learned it’s even more fun when more than one party wants the stolen item too. 

    • Edward

      Good story.  Was this Modern D20 3.5 or did they make a 4th edition version of it?

  • rageofkyubii

    I dub this idea “The Spoony Snatch”.

    • sbkMulletMan

       Great, just when I thought I couldn’t possibly be any more sexually confused about myself.

  • bond
  • Ertzi

    I’m a hopeless collector of loot/stuff in RPGs (inventory to max in Deus Ex: Human Revolution immediately, Strong Back always the first Perk in Fallouts etc…) and I grow very attached to my equipment and treasures, so I would be very wary of using this trick on other players, were I the DM. I recognize I’m a bit neurotic and obsessive when it comes to that, but what can you do. Maybe I was a magpie in my previous life.

    I don’t hate many plot devices more in games than getting caught and thrown into jail with all my stuff taken away. I want to know I can keep everything I have earned. As long as you can assuredly get it all back when stolen, I guess that’s alright. But I can definitely appreciate the rage of the players Spoony mentioned. These goddamn goblins are not gonna get away with my fucking boots. Imma skin the bastards too when I find them, just to teach them a life lesson. So yes, this trick would work on me.

  • Elizabeth Helms

    Oh dear, I must mention a cautionary tale from my past:
    In a fairly new 7th Sea game, the GM asks if his apartment mate “Ben” can join.
    The players gladly agree.
    Ben comes to the next session (third or forth, I believe), bringing a tough, dumb, fighter type with basically a magic sword (dracheneisen).  Ben refuses to pick up the obvious story hooks that will link him to the rest of the party, and his character spends days boozing and whoring.
    So the GM steals the fighter’s sword.  In D&D terms, this is about as insulting as staling a wizard’s spellbook and familiar, so the other players recognize this as a temporary ploy to get Ben involved in the story.
    Ben sees this as justification for his character to go on a homicidal rampage.
    The character slaughters a number of people on the way to the local police station, strangles the chief (an important, named NPC the other characters had good working relationships with), walks into the town square, and hangs himself.

    The other players are stunned by this, and the GM can barely speak.
    Ben chuckles, and starts flipping thought the PHB and discussing ideas for his next character.

    Next week, the GM announces he is discontinuing the game.

    Yes, the GM should have shut Ben down way before things got out of hand, and the rest of us would have happily accepted a ‘it was all a dream’ reset, but it was not to be.

    So when considering this ploy, bear in mind that YMMV.

    (Also, Spoony, I’ve loved listening to your gaming stories, but I find it hilarious when you use the terms ‘player’ and ‘character’ interchangeably, especially when talking about death.  I’m hoping you haven’t actually killed that many of your players; most gaming groups frown on that…)

  • Matt Legge

    This has happened to me before.

    Playing a 3.5 wizard, the DM got fed up with my wizardly spellbook after a dozen levels, so he gifted me via some means or another with a unique spellbook which basically contained all the common spells, plus a few more in languages I couldn’t translate. Later in the game, one of his bad guys found out that there were some ritualistic spells of pretty powerful significance in my spellbook, and had it stolen from me at sword-point.

    To make a long story short we chased him for a couple thousand miles, over a mountain strip and into a dragon’s den to retrieve it, and ended up slaughtering the guy with extreme prejudice.

  • Alpha_Ryvius

    Really enjoy your Counter Monkey tales, want to say thank you for sharing your memories and please keep them coming.
    In regards to this current Counter Monkey tidbit, me and my friends have fallen for it pretty much when it has been used by our DM. As others have stated it really doesn’t have to be a matter of stealing something but an act that just pokes or nudges at the players pride, ego, or honor. It’s amazing at the blind frenzy that occurs when a player perceives a slight was committed on them and the lengths they will go through to avenge that perceived slight.

    In regards to your ‘stealing a piece of the player’s hair’ comment. I want to say it has happened in a campaign that I was in, however my DM kind of had a indirect involvement with it.  It was an opportunity that presented itself and he ran with it.

    To sum it up, my group had to travel very close through a territory that was under the rule of a Necromancer in order to get to our main quest location. We had no intention of confronting said Necromancer, no desire to enter the territory that was under the Necromancer’s rule and we did everything in our power to avoid it. We weren’t halfway through the territory when after the 2nd or 3rd night of camping our thief woke up to the horrifying fact that her ponytail braid was missing, as in it was cut off. She went fucking ballistic, she was literally tearing apart the campsite, looking for any kind of clues, very upset that someone did this, giving a very mean stare to our DM that he would even do something like this to her character.

    So needless to say we ventured into the Necromancer’s territory to get back her braided hair. We won by the skin of our teeth, and our thief was tearing apart the Necromancer’s sanctum. Each time our DM kept telling us that her hair wasn’t there or she didn’t find anything. It almost came to a point were she was ready to literally flip the table over this. 

    When finally our druid (The Thief player’s real life boyfriend) in the party confessed that he was the one that took the braid. Apparently in the campaigns they play they do something to get their two characters to hook up. In this one our druid character had a secret crush on the thief and wanted a lock of her hair as a memento of the adventure. So when it was his turn to keep watch on the camp during the night. He made his attempt to get said lock of hair, unfortunately when it came time to do the cutting. He botched it and instead of cutting a small lock, it was her ponytail that he cut off. The DM used this opportunity as a way to leverage us into venturing into the Necromancer’s territory, and so the rest of the quest was spent keeping the thief and druid apart or close to non-hostile terms as possible. 

  • NotThatKindOfThief

    Actually, in Star Wars The Old Republic the smuggler story line starts with the smuggler’s ship getting stolen by an NPC, so the plot begins with you trying to get your ship back. Since it’s a video game you don’t have much of a choice as far as plot goes, but by the time you’ve had several encounters with said Starship thief you want to MURDER him. As far as I’ve played, I think the smuggler’s plot is the most fun because you are emotionally invested right from the beginning. Some asshole has wronged you and outsmarted you and you WILL get him no matter what.

    • Edward

      I’m only commenting to say that I like your screen name :)

  • god_of_games

    next episode talk about  how to built a good character sheet.

  • Dragons_Dusk

    yeah, could see many parties I’ve been in we would have done the same thing.  Hell, when I was first playing I did the same thing for my quarter staff at one point.  

  • Tammi Rae

    You know…one of my players is super into how her char has half a head of dreadlocks…. I know what I’m going to do now.

  • Robert Ragland

    I once burnt down an entire city over one gold piece, the look on my DM’s face when i explained what i was doing with the barrels of ale and my breath weapon may in fact be my proudest moment ever.

  • Tori Maier

    Oh no! You updated today while the 4th anniversary of Channel Awesome is being filmed. Does this mean you aren’t in it? I shan’t enjoy it with no Spoony!

    • Peter Paizs

       Or.. you know, they shoot a scene without him :) Or shoot a scene and he left the upload there. The video was only 15 minutes long anyhow, does not mean at all that he is not in. I don’t think they would leave out one of the major contributors.

    • Sam Pagano

      According to Todd in the Shadows facebook they finished filming yesterday. He probably just filmed this after getting home. He’s important enough to Channel Awesome that I doubt they would have an aniversary without him.

  • Chris Lauderdale


    This was going to be my first adventure!

    I’m not even kidding!

  • kfizz

    Once we burned down a forest since we did not want to go the long way. Some Goblins came investigating we hid in the burnt under grove. I used my ghost voice to lure them in to the fire. 4 of the dumb ones died in the fire since I was saying help in Goblin. I had only picked 3 languages so I had one more I could pick. We also Had a goblin skeleton one of our wizards raised from the dead. We later found out his name because one group of goblins was our friends from another part of the campaign. The undead Goblin’s name was frank. We also poised their water before we knew it was our friends. We un poised it after we found out it was our friends. It was pretty dam fun.

  • CronoT

    Sorry, had to do it. No one else had. I checked.

    • Brett Neufeld

      Redguards stole mah Cart!

  • Daniel de Groot

    does not work in vampire the masqurade. to easy for them to get new stuff. 

  • Ben Agar

    In my game of Dark Heresy I’m GMing. There’s a psychic power in it that’s just horribly over powered it’s a very low level power that can be got straight at the start called fearful aura it’s just horrible especially the higher level the psyker is, can turn a fight for your life to a complete curbstomp, frustrating and the psyker in my game would use it whatever chance he got. So using the game’s special rules I made the enemies in many of the encounters immune to fear they were a chaos cult that had servants to far insane to be moved. So when they attacked the party, my psyker as I knew he would used fearful aura, and I just made them laugh at him. It felt great. This was followed later by their first proper defeat, where they went to investigate this building and encountered another group. The true “big bads” of the campaign. They were guarding the building the players wanted to enter. So disguised the players talked their way in and in their search managed to find a dead body. The Raven masks (as they wore raven masks) stormed in and demanded they hand over the body. The psyker and the guardsman were the only ones inside the place and they had the psyker cornered on the top floor. Even though one of the Raven masks had an autocannon aimed at him the psyker refused to hand over the body. so the Raven masks tried to negotiate for the psyker to leave, for them to walk around them and out the door so they could collect the body. The psyker agreed but lied and as he walked he tried to attack the leader with his psychic blade. They were prepared for his attack so the leader dodged drew twin power swords while the other drew duel bolt pistols and fucked him up so much so he had to burn a fatepoint to survive, it was great he completely underestimated them and paid the consequences.

    Later on they encountered the Raven masks again, the twist was that their pilot assigned to them named Ulysses (who’s pretty much a blatant rip off of Ulysses from Fallout New Vegas) had manipulated them, betrayed them, he was responsible almost single-handedly for their earlier capture, and the situation they were in, not just that but the loss of all their equipment. They hated him but during their last fight (two of the new characters were exempt of this) They’d found out in the first fight over the body that Ulysses was a psyker, but it was during their last encounter that he used fearful aura and screwed them over oh so bad. Man it was gratifying the only two who were unaffected were the blank assassin NPC who was immune to psychic powers and the psyker who passed his WP test and changed with his psychic blade at Ulysses. He rolled, passed his hit but Ulysses passed his dodge and shot him with his duel bold pistols screwing over the psyker completely, making him again burn a fate point.

    In that encounter I made it that Ulysses managed to get away, the cavern they were in collapsed they got out despit all of them being injured and/or insane escape but they never saw Ulysses die so they assume he is still alive.

    Now I have a villain they hate so much they’ll go through heaven and hell to kill him, I love being a GM.

    • Nicholas Patrick Hayes

       I don’t care how badly equipped your foes are in Dark Heresy, you don’t pick a fight if you’re outnumbered 3 to 1 and surrounded…

      • Sam Pagano

        If you’re surounded with those odds and its a chaos cult then you just die. You’re lucky if the critical damage rolls blow up your character in a way that blows up the cult.

  • Ghilz H

    I’ve done this before. In fact done it a few times using the same antagonist, who’d keep escaping. That way they’ll go through hell itself at the mere mention of that guy’s name.

  • darkmage0707077

    Thanks for sharing, I always suspected that might work, since as a player I’d be kind of pissed if my +5 Vorpal Greatsword that I paid out the ass for was stolen (though I never suspected BOOTS would be as effective, too…).

    On a related note, one of the most sure-fire ways to get characters to hate and/or fear a villian and be emotionally committed to their destruction – and similiarly, it’s a throw-away one-to-two-time-use shock tactic – is to have them outright destroy one of the characters’ items. I’ve actually had a GM who created D&D villian who had Improved and Greater Sunder as feats, and used it to shatter a player’s main battleaxe, then had the NPC get away. Amazingly, even though part of the treasue was a better version of the same axe and more then enough gold to make up for the item’s destruction, that character was still hopping mad, and the other characters – myself included – were completely supportive of him declaring blood vengence against this guy.

    Of course, since players usually work hard to acquire their stuff, this can lead to ill feelings toward the GM. To help mitigate that, try to never destroy items forever: have a quest to “reforge the weapon stronger then before” at the ready, have the item’s destruction grant them new related powers (i.e. Destroying a Helm of Comprehend Languages = that player can now understand a bunch of languages inherently) or have it all have been a powerful mental illusion that fades when the enemy is gone (classic expression on their faces when that happens…).

    Even then, this should be used with extreme caution; I suspect that if you destroy too many of their items, you’ll not only desensitize them to the tactic, but they’ll stop getting emotionally attached to their stuff as well, so you’ll lose the powerful GM motivator and player roleplaying avenue of acquiring and bonding with interesting items (i.e. “I’ve upgraded and traveled with this spear that I got in the tomb so much and for so long that I’ve actually named it Deep Striker, and it’s a part of who my character is now.”).

  • Demon

    Ahhhh but here’s the good thing about this trick. Even if they do know about this trick are they willing to let their stuff go?

  • Jason Morley

    The hair thing you could easily make important. Especially if they pissed off some minor cult or wizard from awhile back. Who now has their hair. Which is naturally to be used for “DARK VOODOO RITUALS!”…

    • uninspired_username

      Or if you really want to be cruel, you can lower the characters charisma score after he gets his hair cut off.

      I mean, are you gonna be able to take a bard seriously when he has big bald patches  all over his head? You’re just gonna laugh at the guy.

      But I guarantee that bard will hunt the guy that cut his hair to the ends of the earth.

      • Erik Kowalsky

        Cut his hair to the ends of the earth?

        • Edward


  • Walmor Carvalho

    Okay, enough with the Counter Monkey shit. Y U NO review games anymore, spoony? there is still buttloads of terrible obscure games out there

    • Nihilistic1

      Fuck right the hell off, asshole. A LOT of people find these videos extremely informative and entertaining.

      Take your disrespectful, whiny, blubbering self-entitlement shit and shove it up your fucking ass, and get the fuck off this website, and don’t come back. You don’t deserve to be here.

      Spoony, continue with the Counter Monkey, please. Fuck all these sobby little entitled bastards like Walmor and whatever they think.

      • Walmor Carvalho

        I’ll GTFO this website when i leak a pic of you doin a Dirty-sanchez on spoony’s cock.

        • Lucas Catlin

          says the guy who looks a bit like dirty-sanchez

        • Peter Paizs

           That was a pretty clever comeback.. I’m getting tired of seeing only Counter Monkey stuff lately as well, but be patient, he is a roleplayer too, and a lot of his audience are RP-ers too, so I guess it’s reasonable for him to share his experiences with them, and give advice to his RP people. Normal reviews will come hopefully =)

      • Edward

        We’re not going anywhere asshole.

    • uninspired_username

      Okay, enough with the 15 min. Counter Monkey shit. Y U NO do 2 and a half hour long Counter Monkeys anymore, spoony? there is still buttloads of cool stories for you to tell out there

    • Védís Rúnarsdóttir

       I fucking LOVE Counter Monkey. STFU.

  • Lucas Catlin

    I love counter monkey! Also this is sooooooooo evil pure & simple. Spoony you may just be the best DM ever.

  • Dark Master

    Hmm, I have two examples of that not working.

    1) My character was caught while scouting out an encampment.  After interrogation my character and learning that I was neither a thief nor an assassin, they roughed my character up and took everything he had but the clothes on his back.  The party abandoned my character and he had to walk back to town on his own.

    2) The party decided to stay at low quality inn, in the night the fighter was robbed.  He lost a +2 Great-sword, and a key plot item.  A local crime lord offered to track down his items in exchange for the party doing some illicit activities for them.  The fighter refused on the grounds of his alignment…  The campaign had to be ended shortly after that as the party decided to teleport across the country before my character could met back up with them and suddenly we couldn’t advance the main plot anymore.

    This really sucked for me because suddenly I was out of the game for like three weeks…

  • Emily DeBellis

    Stealing someone’s hair, making it random: have who/whatever shave off their eyebrows. Pretty random.

    • Isolder74

       So the Grima Wormtongue makeover attack.

  • Rob van der Sloot

    I remember one of my barbarian characters being robbed of his super duper vorpal great sword, and seeing a giant evil dragon pick his teeth with it. And you know what? We didn’t go after it. The lives of my friends were more important. If fate decided I would need the sword back, the animal spirits would guide me back to the dragon. But I was not willing to risk life and limb over a sword, however magical and powerful.

  • GreenGear

    Hey Spoony. Y’wanna know the most BULLSHIT way a DM has ever made a party go some place? 

    Get a load of this crapfuck:

    Us: “Yeah we’re not going to that god forsaken desert. It’s unanimous.”
    Him: “But… No, guys. No. Hold on. Terren takes out his lyre and strums a ballad. And suddenly you all feel super-inspired and heroic, and you all want to go to Bakara on the mission and stuff.”

    GOD. Forced. By a BARD SONG.

  • Michael Hemman

     I recently did a spin on this ploy in a game.  I had a player pickpocketed, but he spots the thief retreating amidst a crowd.  The guy pulls out his bow and shoots at the guy, at his arm, but he ends up hitting the kid in the neck.  The entire crowd goes into an uproar yelling bloody murder, and the city guard drives the guy out of town

  • ChibiGingi

    What I get is the DM stare to ‘encourage’ me to go along with the plot.  Some of the DMs I played with… I swore, they could turn you to stone if they wanted to.  

  • Will Harper

    I remember doing this as well and the one player would go out of his way to get back at the one thief.  He even BS on how he grabs the thief even though he does not know who the thief is or that he got his pocket picked.  This guy is a medigamer and it is funny at time but mostly annoying.  And he lost his item so many time.  He was a vampire so when he dies and goes into torpor, and it back to the morgue and all his stuff in the the evidence locker.  It gets him mad all the time.  Of course I never plan of him getting killed, he is just a lose cannon.

    In fact this is one way to get player to do what you want or pick the major antagonist.  Find one of the characters that is a lose cannon and somewhat dominate and just humiliate them with that antagonist.  This guy hated the antagonist because the villain sent his big minion at him toying with him like a ragdall.  He would even move across the nation to see this one antagonist dead.  I mean it is like the “Oh NO you didn’t” song with this guy.

  • SamThePsycicClam

    I have 

  • Nicholas Patrick Hayes

    My local environment has a very different version of this trick, known as the ‘Mentor is Doomed’ trope.

    A lot of local GMs will have a mentor character who introduces the characters to the world, helps give them an initial sense of direction and gives advise as they start the game. But eventually you need to get rid of this character otherwise they risk overshadowing the party.

    You want to encourage your PCs to go after someone like nothing else? Have them torture and kill the guy who was funny, fun to be around and helped them when they were new to this.

    And it still gets me every time, because I do care about that guy. Of course, this requires some build-up ahead of time.

    This phenomenon hit it’s worse point in a Starship Troopers game when our command structure got killed from top to bottom in order over several sessions, including a PC who’d been promoted to Corporal

  • Frozt

    Remember a written campaign for the Swedish Dragons & Demons 6 where the characters are prompted to go to a dragon’s treasury for a bunch of dwarves as they claim a dragon there stole a bunch of shit from them.

    After a LONG and HARD fight against that goddamn dragon (which managed to kill our mage) we found some neat stuff. Named objects with a bunch of lore that we got to note down on our character sheets.

    Five minutes later the dwarves arrive and take us as slaves.

    Those objects? We never saw them again. Hell, we barely found any of our initial gear.

    That was awesome. The campaign, however, was pretty much a boat ride and was heavily tweaked by our GM. I’m not sure if that particular part was, though.

  • Andrew Murray

    what spoony doesn’t know is there is actually a defense developed for this.  You just say “Swiper no swiping” 3 times.

  • Guus van Voorst

    I knew you would say “Steal things from them”, before you said it, because it is frickin’ true… XD DMing can be fun, at some times…

  • chinangel

    actually spoony, Id LOVE to hear the rest of the story with that lord V or whatever his name was. I wanna know if they ever massacred the thieves and whatnot. Also, when you say ‘joe’ do you mean Angry Joe?

  • Maysin

    When I was DMing a Dragonlance campaign, I did something similar to this but in reverse: one of the PCs in the party was a Kender, and after reading up the rules about how to deal with their Handling trait (absent-minded ‘stealing’ of objects from various people and places thus the player’s character may actually forget he/she even picked up the item), I controlled what objects wound up in the players bags. Various things from common trinkets and worthless objects to actual weapons and sometimes expensive jewelry would end up in his bags. 

    When the group didn’t know what to do, I performed a few rolls after the group had just finished meeting with the king of the land, and the Kender player somehow wound up ‘stealing’ the king’s crown. It took the party a few days of overhearing news about the theft and watching the city turn into a rather bleak environment before the Kender randomly checks his bags in a fit of boredom and proclaims “Oh my! This is beautiful!” in a crowded section of street… one thing lead to another.

    • Edward

      I haven’t seen a single Dragonlance campaign that hasn’t ended with the PCs getting frustrated with the annoying ass kender and slicing him into lunchable meat.  And deservedly so.  We’re in a life or death situations being chased by dragons, zombies and orcs and you want sit there giggle annoyingly stealing our equipment which we need to survive and everyone’s supposed to be ok with that.  That shit don’t fly.  Even in the novels where the kender are written correctly, I found the racism other species have for them very interesting.  In Dragons Of A Fallen Sun Volume 1 there is an entire section right at the beginning where a guard goes on for like 5 pages in an inner monologue on just how much he fucking hates annoying fucking kenders.

  • josh2450

    So simple but it works.  I really need to watch or listen to those deathclock campaign recordings.  

    I can’t believe you managed to your players to track goblins in the winter for boots,  for some reason I am reminded of the untouchable trio.

    My DM has pulled this a lot  most recently we had been desperate to get out of a content they we took the first ship we found payed 1000gp for a 6 day journey, we get drugged then enslaved. the ship then crashes and the damn slavers made off our gear including my elven curve blade that i had forged myself! So in our pursuit of the slavers we end up working for some forgotten goddess to defeat some orcs and hobgoblins. We also get attacked by undead and all we had was secondhand spears and armor. we eventually got our stuff back except the 1000gp. However we never got to find the slavers! So we have their captain on list with others of people we need to “pay back” when we get to a higher level! Great episode of countermonkey Spoony!

  • Chris Ngo

    You know. He’s frikken right. Had a episode on a campaign we won a Tournament. Was like 50K Gold. Well these 4 guys come in unannounced during our Award ceromony and stole our reward. We went balls deep on finding these jerks and went to their tower. Had to go through traps, Puzzles, Fighting, and Mind fuck moments. netherless we we’re raged blindly to get our frikken stuff. No hell be unturned when having a Fighter, a Wizard, a Rogue and a Sorc/Fighter pissed off.

  • Erich

    I already loved your site, but Counter Monkey has to have become my favorite feature. I love pnp RPGs, but my DM is getting tired of DMing and wants me to take over. Only problem: despite me being a good storyteller as-is, I’ve only been playing D&D for about 20 cumulative sessions and only just figured how to roll up a character without having the book in front of me. Before applying class traits, of course. Thing is, your stories are giving me some pretty good inspiration.

  • Jezpuhr Pixelboy

    Spoony and Bill Gate sitting next to eachother.
    Spoony: Remember when I made game/movie reviews?
    Bill: No.
    Spoony: Me neither.
    They both laugh

    • thehivemind33

      You seem to be one of the tiny few who dislike it. I personally love Counter Monkey, as does everyone else here. 

      • Alexander Hutcheson

        I like countermonkey as well. But it just feels like we haven’t had any variety in awhile. It’s been one scripted review and 3 or 4 countermonkies for the last few months. Don’t get me wrong I still like the content but i wouldn’t mind things like a v-log every once and a while to change things up a bit.

    • jesternario

      You obviously didn’t notice the Tekken Blood Vengeance Review he did recently. Don’t hate on him just because he branches out and does other stuff.

  • bringotiger

    This is funny. My friends and I had watched that episode of Farscape where the two male characters go balls deep to find out who rolled them and rescue their female friends. So the next game we risk life and limb to get these magic items, we essentially found the “God Forge”, it allowed quick enchanted weapon creation. We need to find the two rings, the Ring of Forge and the Ring of Hammer. With the rings making mundane weapons was instantaneous. Add an hour to make it better quality or enchanted. So, we trek into the old dwarf mountains and find the forge it took about 3 adventures in and out, and barely made it out alive, the only reason we did was because of the weapons and armor we made while we where in the forge. We get back to town and sell off some of the other weapons and crap we made. We made 30K each and all we put in was about 200 gold each in materials. Most of the materials being right there at the forge. There was a bank system in place so that’s what I did, I went to the bank and deposited my money and went to my king’s suite at the high class inn. The next morning the party finds me and they are pounding on my door. I didn’t do any drinking or what not and the party had elected me unofficial leader.

    They ask me if I had seen anything last night, they look around and see a “bar maid” leave my room, they almost kill an innocent whore, because someone rolled them. They were making threats at me, all of their money was gone in less than a day. They ask me how much they got from me, I said unless they robbed the bank, none. They were pissed! Questions were thrown around: “Why didn’t I tell them about the bank?” (I did tell them.) “Why did I hide where my room was from them?” (I didn’t I told them where I was.) “Why didn’t I get anything stolen?” (I did, that whore took had stolen my heart…My character had lecherousness, it was a GURPS game.) I also told them that I put my money in the bank and got a heavy trunk for my good weapons and armor. Which I had enchanted to open when I say a command word and to lock with a word from me. Everyone gave me the look and demanded that I give them money to help find theirs. I said how much money does everyone have left. They all said about 500 each there were 6 of us total. Ok, they we can go reforge some new items and sell them somewhere else. They looked at me like I kicked their kittens. This was personal. So, I got my room for weeks longer, I eventually bought a title and some land while we were in the city. I became a Lord, and was knighted by the king. The party found the thieves guild and had gotten the Duke who was Captain of the Kings city guard killed, in the same night. I was named we Captain and I had to bring in my friends. There was only one of the party who wasn’t there, because they were captured by the guild. So, I went to the mage’s guild and asked for some magical help, which I paid for, cause now I had a job. I found our missing Party Member, named him second in command of the Guard(His character was a awesome fighter, one lucky GM crit put him unconscious.) We tracked down the party 8 adventures later(A little over a year in game time). The party had tracked down a “mob” boss who had their gold and items, and was using them. The other PC and I were getting tired of this, I attained a position of power to get them out of trouble and now I am going to be the one that brings them in. They fought against 5 guys outfitted with their magical weapons and armor. We got there to witness the “mob” boss fighting along side his men to kill the party. The PC and I didn’t do a thing, we let them fight it out, it was understood if anyone appeared near death, we would jump in, but the party was smart, they went back to tactics they used to deal with magical out fitted fighters. They changed up targets, the moved alot, lots of acrobatic retreating dodges, hits to weak areas of full plate mail clad fighters (the eye slots). They came out of it bloody, tired, and wanted for several murders… The game ended after a few more adventures. Let’s just say the other PC and I got to live and retire, using the god forge to start a business and buy higher titles…The rest of the party was sentenced to work in some mines for 20 years… They got what they wanted…sort of. I mean, if they had just listen to me in the first place we might be still playing this fantasy campaign, instead they left a trail of dead bodies, many of those innocent people. They started to take over the rings they broke up to make back some of their losses. They committed crimes to regain some of their losses. The goody two shoes mage became a cold blooded assassin. The elf ranger type became a sadist. The goodly knight was consumed with vengeance. The halfing thief was the worse of them all. None of them thought they crossed the line at any time. The PC (Half elf fighter mage…In GURPS he was awesome with a blade and used Resist Pain and Haste spell as buffs for combat.) and I were telling them of their charges and they admitted to them all, but said they shouldn’t be punished at all. Our GM was appalled! Part of the reason he stopped running the game. My character was a handsome swashbuckler type, I was a “blademaster” I had all the sword skills at comfortable levels and ambidexterity. I bought rep as a “blademaster” and had enemies appearing on a 9 or less to challenge me. Which I bought off as soon as I became a Lord. It a 150 point game.

    • Edward

      Sounds like a pretty cool game.  Got pretty dark by the end.  I love that episode of Farscape, “Scratch N Sniff.”

  • Dreammirror

    Another good tactic to use if your in a fresh campaign is to present them with a very powerful artifact/relic/magic item right off the bat.  That sounds like the beginnings of a Monty-Haul campaign, but heres the twist.  Make it an item that has features (aka-curse).  In the books, most of the artifacts/relics have certain restrictions that most would consider curses when used right-to say nothing that even if an item like this fell into their hands, they would have to contend with tons of higher level npcs who will want to take it from them when/if they learn of it.  
         The item I used in my group for example, was an ordinary Deck of Many Things.  At first and second level, they saw this as a gawd-send ticket to riches and glory. They must have burned through a dozen characters each as they pulled their own dooms out of that thing.  If I ever DM again, I might try to use a “Carving Marvin” or “Tremble” idea-a super powerful sword that is intelligent.  It would have its own agenda and the players would be hard pressed to deal with the problems it would cause.  The sword Lilarcor from BG2 was a toned down version of this idea-very powerful sword that could come into your possession early on but lets just say it had issues lol.  An intelligent, powerful smack-talking sword is a DMs tool not only to roleplay but cause some major fun at the expense of the players. -Dream

  • Shay

     I find these stories strangely entertaining and I have never played these games before. And I don’t know why, but when he reveals his secret the first thing that comes to my mind is this:

  • Jesse M. Danielson

    Kidnapping can work to the same effect.  My players in one game got really attached to this Kobold they had randomly captured who eventually helped them defeat the other Kobolds to save his girlfirend (the kobold’s gf, not the players’).  I then had the main villain kidnap that one random npc, and was able to produce an entire campaign arc out of the players trying to rescue their kobold friend, who had never been a planned npc and had only become important after a spat of good die rolls during a battle.

  • Allaiyah Weyn

    I like to listen to Counter Monkey while playing Minecraft. :3

  • Caleb Moshier

    Seriously Spoony should do a D and D podcast. Or really any roleplaying game where he GMs.  I think it would be really entertaining and as a audio project wouldn’t cut into his schedule too badly.

    • Alec Kerrigan 

      90% of these are DMd by spooney

      • Edward

        Not anymore.  His is only Deathklok and he hasn’t been back their since “The Bee Incident” in Wyrmwick.  Most of those games are done by Lordkat.  Their are 2 that Skitch ran, one of the guys that worked on Ironclaw ran Ironclaw for them and I forget the name of the guy who runs Eradne

  • Brad Donaldson

    Oh this will still work even if the party has seen this video. I mostly PC and if my DM did this tomorrow I would still take the bait. I mean, someone with the audacity to steal from PCs must be tracked down and taken care of. You know, to protect your rep. but yeah, only once a campaign I think, otherwise you do feel cheated.

  • LoneWolf343

    You could probably still do it, because people forget, especially in cases like this.

  • Michael Rainey

    Heh heh, had this happen once. I was DMing for a party and they decided to explore this town, well they entered the poor section and the priest lost his book of rituals to a street urchin. . . And the priest was about to chase the flipping kid across rooftops to catch him. Never would have though, kid had like a 30 dex and reflex and his acro and stealth was through the roof.

  • Me

    They’re wearing our boots! ಠ_ಠ

  • Yuki Fischer

    You’re not the first one to do this, clearly. I had a douchebag DM pull this on me once, and we literally travelled to a different continent to retrieve our possessions. What was stolen? Something that seemed very trivial when we actually got it back, considering that at the end of the journey we were up to our eyebrows in loot that outshone it so hard it was like a supernova next to a flashlight.

    .. Worth it!

  • Richard Richardson

    Love Spoony, I like Counter Monkey but… Why create when you’re having trouble adding content to the other two websites you have?

    • Segatron

      In a best case scenario, I hope he is planning on getting some of his friends to post their stories as well.  But I agree in that I hope he doesn’t burn out trying to do too much.

      • doresh

        That’d be sweet! They could also post their session their, or drag complete n00bs into a game!

        • Edward

          That’s not going to happen.  This all went down on before.

          • doresh

            True, that site already called dibs on that idea XD

          • Edward

            lol I know right?

  • Segatron

    I’ve not had a chance to try D&D Myself.  Yet when you said “steal from them”, I somehow knew just how effective this would be even before you gave examples.

    It’s actually kind of scary how easy it was to predict the possible outcomes in that one second.

    I wonder what a psychology textbook written by a DM would look like?

  •Öllerer/1468213627 Kathrin Öllerer

    Oh my god. Thanks for the idea with the hair! My group is heading to a pretty cursed demonic landscape, so there will be tons of lairs to explore off road… I’ll definitely try that one. They will SO fall for it, I can almost guarantee it.

  •Živkovič/1305126831 Aleksandar Živkovič

    Ultima IX, perhaps?

    • Jezpuhr Pixelboy

      Perhaps when the sun has exploded and the stars have faded, but only perhaps.

  • Ralf van Goch

    Where are the updates?! Is spoony dead or just depressed again?!

    • Mads Bolding Fenger Poulsen

      Probably just been working with the rest of the TGWTG-team on the shooting of the fourth year anniversary. But true – the sooner Spoony gets back, in good health of course, the better!

      • Ralf van Goch

        but he is like the only one of that whole team who stopped updating all together. Or is it that spoony needs to travel way further than others of the team?

        • Alex Stritar

          Depends. Which is further from Chicago? Phoenix or France?

      • Jezpuhr Pixelboy

        Those anniversaries has never been good. Just some guy yelling in a high pitch voice and thousand of boring and overused cameos.

  • Ralf van Goch

    omg I get it now…
    Spoony doesnt want to review anymore only make money of you by thinking up BS roleplaying stories which never happened….
    What a lazy SOB

    • Alec Kerrigan

      Actually if you go to Lordkat’s site you can watch most of these games. They are true.

      • Ralf van Goch

        wow that site is a mess, could you please give me a direct link to one of those games?

        • CornBRED-X

          Heres a link to spoonys old old campaign he hosted for lordkat starting on ustream. It’s on lordkats wiki: 

        • Edward

          *sigh* yeah.  If the guy below me’s suggestion doesn’t work, go to, go to the bottom of the page, click D&D: Wyrmwick and it should be in their under Deathklok.

    • Mike Schmidt

       A large part of his fanbase are roleplayers and we enjoy these videos more than the reviews.. to be honest.

      • Edward

        No we don’t.

        • Edward

          Speaking as a roleplayer.

    • Erik Kowalsky

       You are trying very hard to be called an arrogant dipshit.

      • Ralf van Goch

        I dont even have to try lol

    • Edward

      Yeah, I’ve been thinking the same thing unfortunately.

  • Brian Db Bailey

    As soon as I read “How to get the party to go anywhere, do anything, fight anyone!” my brain screamed “Steal from them” before I even hit play on this video.  Done it a number of times in different ways.  After all, the party are not the only ones with thieves.

    • NotThatKindOfThief

      You would have to be insulted if you were a thief and something got stolen from you. 

    • Jason Dyer

       DM “I’m not that kind of thief.”. I suppose this is spoony’s new meme.

  • João Vicente

    Not sure if douchebagery or genius thinking!
    Each time I watch one of counter monkey it makes me wanna play a game with you as DM.

  • Frozt

    I kinda love how some of you are complaining about free entertainment.

    Don’t like it? Well, don’t watch it.

    • Jezpuhr Pixelboy

      Kinda love how you’re complaining on us complaining.
      Don’t like it, don’t bother.

      • Frozt

        I’ll point you over to the reply I gave MintBerry_Crunch as well.

        • joshua lavery

          Don’t know why your all bothering its not like he reads these posts 

          • Edward

            Allegedly, sometimes he does.  But even if doesn’t, its an outlet for frustration and an oppurtunity to discuss the site and related topics.

    • MintBerry_Crunch

      Hey jackass, that argument doesn’t work. You seem to forget Spoony’s content actually used to be good, and not filled with ultra-geeky crap, boring blogs, stupid costumes, and shitty unfunny characters. Fans like you riding his cock are the reason why people say he’s sunk so low. Be a fan and tell him you don’t like his crap.

      • Alex Stritar

        But I like his crap. I actually like his recent stuff, just as much as I like his older stuff.

        Also, ultra-geeky? Because yelling about Final Fantasy 8 sucking or making a survival guide to Knightmare is sooo un-geeky. XD

      • Frozt

        Anger management much?

        I might as well headbutt a brick wall, but here goes:

        I don’t agree with Spoony on everything and I don’t think everything he does is fantastic — in fact, I agree with you; the quality of this site has definitely gone downhill. However, I’ve seen this before.

        I’ve abandoned a bunch of web shows and webcomics because they, at some pointed, ceased to entertain me. I tip my hat in their general direction and thank them for the good times, but I move on to new things.

        Simply acting like a rabid monkey and flinging fecal matter in each and every direction you COULD resort to constructive criticism if you actually want to help Spoony improve. Even though he can seem pretty stubborn at times, I’m sure he’ll listen to fans who give him some decent feedback.

        Take a look at Testy Testman and Frank Rauen — they’re actually pointing out some legit feedback.

        And honestly, if you haven’t noticed before: This site IS ultra-geeky. Ultima? FMV games? Highlander? Kinda geeky, no?

        As a closing statement, I have very little interest in Noah’s one-eyed man-thing. I’ll simply watch his videos as long as they entertain me.I seriously doubt acting like a spoiled brat will do any good.

        • MintBerry_Crunch

          Surely there’s been enough constructive criticism over the 2 or so years of his slump? I don’t say it out of spite, I simply hate how he’s more charming and funnier than 99% of other losers reviewing obscure content (yes all of it is geeky, but counter monkey is ultra-geeky territory, and not very entertaining most importantly) and yet his fans don’t give him any realistic feedback, and those who do are considered trolls.

          He’s not gonna listen if people don’t start getting a bit more tough with him, I mean this IS his living right? Why doesn’t he do impromptu playthrough’s, movie commentaries that focus on actual movie scenes, getting read of his little characters, etc, I could go on.

          He was funny before, when he used to spit acid at all the terrible forms of media, and focused on them without making himself the centerpiece on camera most of the times like he does now.

          • Frozt

            That might be — I generally don’t read the comments unless I have something to say on the subject of a video.

            And there you go.

            When I said “I love how some people complain on free entertainment” I meant the comments that borders on being hateful. Constructive criticism (should be) embraced, while raging poop-throwing should not.

            You bring up a great point with all the characters and such. Dr. Insano have been used in a good-enough way as a charicature of the stereotypical mad scientist and all, but it’s getting out of hand. I’m not exactly a fan of all the storylines half of the reviewers put in their videos and I’m hardly amused by all the Dr. Insano incarnations on behalf of the other TGWTG-reviewers.

            On that note, I appreciate Linkara’s setup where the review gets one part of his video and the storylines get thrown in after the content I want to see. That way, I can simply stop watching after the review. I think Spoony’s doing it in a similar fashion, but it’s definitely a much clearer distinction between the two in Linkara’s videos.

            Also, I have to say that I’m pleasantly surprised by your post. I did not expect a coherent response. Accept my e-pat och your e-shoulder!

          • Edward

            Out of everybody at TGWTG, Linkara has the best storyline and the best writing.  And what’s great about it is the story line is seemless with the reviews.

            I’m not opposed to these guys doing story lines and having characters.  I like a lot it for the most part.  I loved it ever since the Nerd fought Jason Voorhees.  But I can understand how it gets on peoples nerves.  And I think some crossovers just don’t work.

            Off the top of my head, the worst crossovers I’ve seen are Marzgurl and That Sci-Fi Guy’s review of Titan A.E., Nostalgia Critic and Lupa’s of Simon Sez, Film Brain and Welshy’s review of Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning, and Nostalgia Critic’s Moulon Rouge review.  I don’t know why TGWTG hired That Sci Fi Guy.  He is the worst science fiction reviewer I have ever scene and in a world where SFdefris exists and does such wonderful science fiction reviews of shows sci-fi fans actually care about why they hired that pony tailed idiot I have no idea.  Especially with Linkara as of their top reviewers constantly pimping SFdebris out it makes not sense to me.  Also, Marzgurls Don Bluth retrospective was great and shoe horning in that dummy just ruined it.  Simon Sez is the kindof piece of crap movie you want to see Doug tear the shit out of but the problem is Lupa likes the movie and she’s too happy and peppy and it ruins the review.  Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning Review is fine until Obscuras Lupa shows up at the end for a pointless cameo that isn’t funny and she just acts like a dumbass for 3 minutes.  And finally Moulon Rounge review I have lot hate thing with.  I like it and I appreciated how much effort it must have taken to put it together, cameos and all but, I think Doug really sells how bad the movie is.  It looks to me, like an annoying pretensious film that I want to see him destroy but they put so much effort making the review exactly like the movie, essentially making it a love letter to the film, that the review itself becomes just as annoying as the movie.  As a result I have not watched it again and don’t plan to any time soon.

            With Spoony, his storylines are good when he actually follows through with them.  And that’s the problem.  He doesn’t.  He has abandoned so many review ideas, especially ones that people want to see like, the Atmosphere games and Deadly Premonitions, in favor of fighting game movies which no one gives a shit about (there good enough reviews but I would rather have seen Deadly Premonitions Part 2 rather than the DOA review.)  And he does that with story lines as well.  He’ll start a storyline and drop it or take way to long to finish it.  And if he doesn’t completely drop it the payoff will suck.  I really like the build up with the Gatekeepers little Synestro Corp, including Pumpkinhead and Chuckles.  But in the end the Gatekeepers plan was just to make him get the other Pumpkinhead 2 ending?  That was lame.  I think the worst case of this was Warrior #4 review.  The review itself was great and I liked a lot of the cameos in it.  But the ending sucked.  Everybody stops caring about the comics and that fixes hypertime.  That was stupid.  It was clear that this all had something to do with Red Lantern Warrior and The Guardian and I understand if he doesn’t want to pull the trigger on that storyline too soon but we got in its place was anti-climatic was stupid.  It would have been better if Spoony, Linkara, and Insano had to fight Red Lantern Warrior and he retreats and says this isn’t over.  That would have been cool.  The one thing I like about the ending was the Grey Lantern joke.  That was funny.  And in fairness the Crisis of Infinite Insanos from year before was a tough act to follow.

            Now the storyline in the Final Fantasy X-2 review I thought was excellent.  I thought he finally had some long over due pay off.  Sephiroth was awesome!  The fact that he’s a fan and wants him to review Final Fantasy 13 was awesome!  The fight with drag queen Yuna was awesome!  Very well done.  I have high hopes for the Warrior/Guardian storyline in the Ultima 9 review.

          • Frozt

            Apparently some people want the storylines, dressups and characters — which is all good. I don’t care for it that much, but I don’t go raving mad over it either.

            The fighting scenes rarely contribute much and I prefer the actual rants more than anything.Often I simply listen to the videos (like the vlogs, Counter Monkey episodes and so on), because I tend to work quite late and it’s nice to have something to listen to while working until the wee hours of the night.I don’t have high standards (hell, I even watch Masako X videos from time to time and I really don’t like most anime) as long as it helps me get through the day.

          • Mercury72

             The thing is: No one would have a problem if he would do both. But lately he has doing nothing but storylines.

            And even that is untrue, actually lately he has done nothing but Vlogs and Counter-Monkeys. I came to this site because of his game reviews and lets plays.

          • Edward

            I agree.  If he were doing Counter Monkey inbetween regular reviews and he balanced the reviews and storylines evenly, I don’t think we would have a whole lot legitimately to complain about.  Lord knows there will always be someone who wants Dr. Insano to die in a fire for no reason, but I think for the most part we would be satisfied.  And I think a lot of this is laziness and he just needs to get off his ass and get some work done.  He’ll feel better for it, he’ll get his career back on track, and we’ll all be entertained so everyone will be happy.  I think the personal life drama and the health issues are an excuse.  If he’s still upset and she will not be named, I’m sorry but it’s been a year.  Get over it.  The cure for a broken heart is a new girlfriend.  And he has fan girls.  Hot ones.  Just grab one, sleep with her, and you’ll feel better.  As for the health stuff, maybe he’s telling the truth, and if he is, alright, he should take it easy.  But he’s been taking it easy for awhile now, and how is all of this stuff really that stressful.  I would love a job where all I have to do is act, talk about video games, edit on a computer for a few hours, and ever now and then go hang out with the Nostalgia Chick, sometimes doing a kinky sketch with her in a bed.  That’s awesome.  My job involves me running a security company, patroling property all hours of the night so I can’t function during the day, chasing little assholes who trespass and try to steal shit, and occasionally try to fend of people trying to pound my face in.  That’s real stress.  So I don’t know what he’s complaining about.  The health thing would certainly appear that he’s just horribly out of shape and his diet is nothing but junk.  I have no sympathy for that.  Its an easy fix.  Moderate exercise (a walk every now and then) and some vegetables.  And if he really does have some kindof bizarre heart condition, I have a feeling my best friend has the same condition and that doesn’t stop him from working all the time and making his child support payments, so what’s stopping him from making a few videos.  Another friend of mine, old guy, runs a mom and pop theatre, has a heart condition.  He has one because he used to go sky diving and one day his shute didn’t open and somehow he lived.  But naturally it taxed his body.  He teaches acting classes, produces out of his own pocket plays and concerts year round, and also teaches high school.  All with a heart condition.  What’s Spoony’s excuse?

            But whatever.  I’m still here.  I wouldn’t be complaining if I didn’t care about Noah and I didn’t like his stuff.  So hopefully he’ll get back to work.

          • Edward

            Oooooh!  Burn Masako X! LOL

            I like him as an abridger.  I don’t care much for Anifile.  And no one does anime reviews as well as Jesuotaku and the DesuDes Brigade.

            I agree with you though.  I think the best reviews are the analytical ones.  Its just really fun hearing these guys discuss and analyze this stuff.  Especially as a nerd, its fun to just talk about the stuff we’re into whether its good or bad.  And if it’s bad I like when we break down why it’s bad.  I think Spoony and other reviewers have kindof created a monster in the sense that I think most reviews especially when they are starting out think they have to do negative reviews about everything and it creates this atmosphere of negativity and sour grapes which I don’t remember ever asking for.  I think its a mistake to hate on everything, especially when we are nerds and fans of this stuff.  Why are we producing this attitude of turning on that which we like? I think Film Brain makes this mistake a lot in his reviews.  And don’t get me wrong, if I genuinely hate what they are reviewing, I want them to tear it to shreds.  Spoony’s reviews of post 7 Final Fantasy are great, cus those games suck.  His reviews of the Highlander spin offs and sequels are great because…what the hell happened to that series?  Phelous’ reviews of the Resident Evil movies are great because they do suck.  But I had a huge problem with Nostalgia Critic reviewing stuff like Stephen King’s It or The Lost World Jurassic Park because I genuinely like them and in the case of It, I really love that movie.  It got me into Stephen King and it also feels like he’s dismissing the book and the book is amazing.  Spoony himself trashed Star Trek Online which has become one of my personal favorite games.  I just feel like they’re kindo of creating an atmosphere that’s unhealthy in some ways and that’s why I find the Blockbuster Buster so refreshing because he’s not afraid to be a fan boy.  He likes what he likes and to hell what everyone else thinks.  

        • Edward

          Constructive criticism doesn’t work.  We’ve being trying that for while now.


      • Edward

        Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Frank Rauen

    Hey Spoony,

    I’m not complaining about these videos, they are great. However it would be nice to know if you are ever going to do reviews or even lets plays again. I know you were busy filming the anniversary but I do follow your twitter and it is all about a movie idea and fucking around with friends. Good for you bro, but me and many other people would like to know if you actually want to do reviews.

    • Jezpuhr Pixelboy

      Nah, he’s done with that. Now all he do is telling bad stories about some nerdy-as-fuck game.

      • Frank Rauen

        If that’s true, than I’ll probably stop coming to the site. I do like the counter monkeys because I play D and D and can relate, but I would rather see Spoony doing reviews and Lets plays because he had a ton of fun with them and I always loved watching them. If he’s done doing those than there isn’t really a reason for me and a lot of other people to come to the site.

      • doresh

        What’s with the Ultima Retrospective? The FFX-2 review? Why are those nerdy-as-fuck? What’s Phantasmagoria, then?

  • Testy Testman

     Check out his Blip TV account, under the featured videos section. There are always two videos, the left one is his most recent one.

    The right one however is always one of hist most clicked, one of hist most popular.

    And guess what? Even after three years its still one of his Lets Plays. Yesterday it was Phantasmagoria, today its his Final Fantasy VIII playtrough.

    THATS THE STUFF YOUR FANS WANT SPOONY! Your Lets Plays were awesome, they are the reason I originally visited your site.

    • Alpha268

       Hes doing the TGWTG movie at the moment I think.

      And yes yes, the past movies were boring and a waste of time, so Id rather he not.

      • Edward


        I liked them.  I bought them and go them signed by Doug.

  • Krista Luckett

    I want my spoony reviews back :( I can barely get 1/4 of the way through the counter monkeys and v logs without wanting to die from boredom.

    • doresh

      What Vlogs? He hasn’t made much in the last weeks. And why do you watch Counter Monkey if you know you’ll bore yourself to death?

    • Edward

      I’m not going to complain today but I understand sista!

  • Ian Contreras

    Final Fantasy XII next!

    • Alex Stritar

      Don’t you mean XIII?

      • doresh

        XII is actually a Final Fantasy game that Spoony didn’t loathe. A playthrough would be pretty hard anyways, since it’s almost impossible to NOT constantly forget the plot.

        • Alex Stritar

          Probably also why he isn’t doing one of XI, it’s an MMO, not much to say there.

  • Unholy Fire Dragon

    Recently, there’s been a small cameo of Spoony on here:

    You may now proceed to complain about there not being enough Spoony (to which I truly sympathize). ;-)

  • Michael Sporzynski

    I don’t mind Counter Monkey. I honestly like it and I disagree with what many people seem to think – that it is boring compared to old Spoony’s stuff. Yeah, I miss the reviews and Let’s Plays, but I’m willing to wait for those. As an RPG player and a GM (even though I don’t play D&D), I like to hear Spoony’s thoughts on running games, his game stories and so on. It’s fun and extremely entertaining.

    That being said, this particular Counter Monkey is kinda mediocre at best, in my opinion. It’s not particularly funny, nor insightful, and “steal something from the party” is, I imagine, something every GM has tried to do at one point. Plus, from my personal experience I wouldn’t say it works that well. Granted, this could be because the RPGs I play are different and my GMing style is very non-D&D-like.

    So, overall, meh. But I’m still eagerly anticipating the next Counter Monkey, because most of those I found really cool to listen to.

    • Edward

      Overall I’ve been enjoying this series.  But I do have issues with it.  

      Yes, yes, we all want him to get back to doing reviews.  I was just watching some of his really old stuff 30 minutes ago, like Zombie Nation and AD And D and their still awesome.  It doesn’t take much to entertain, and I don’t know.  I think these guys fall into the trap where they start making money and they make the videos higher production when they don’t need to and it gets self indulgent at a point.  But at the same time they want to improve and make their videos cooler and their nothing wrong with that so I don’t know.  But what ever, bitching about lack of reviews is beating a dead horse.  He’s doing them its just slow and personal drama, whatever, etc.  I for one am just happy he is still on the internet and doing something.  And the stuff we’re waiting for is going to come it’s just going to take awhile.

      As for Counter Monkey, I like it but I think it can be a little hit or miss sometimes.  

      What I like about it is he’s getting out here and just talking about roleplaying and it gets you excited.  It makes you want to play.  It’s really cool to hear some of his gaming stories and shenanigans.  It reminds me of my own personal gaming stories as well and I think because of watching it, I have become more active in gaming and in nothing else just talking to people about previous gaming war stories is a lot of fun.  And I owe Spoony a lot for that.

      What I don’t like about this show is that some episodes are not as good as others. I think the problem is it all depends on how good a story he has to tell.  If has a good story, he will tell it great.  If not, its like I waited forever for you to do something and its Counter Monkey and…THAT’S IT?!!  So it can be disappointing sometimes.  I think part of the problem is that for all Spoony’s love of roleplaying games, and I think at the end of the day he’s a pretty good player and a pretty good DM, he makes some really stupid decisions.  If you know anything about gaming and you watch these vids, you can spot a ton of bone headed moves he’s made in and out of game and it makes him look stupid.  I think the most interesting thing is that a lot of the stories he’s telling involves stuff that I would be absolutely embarrassed to admit to, even from a nerd standpoint, here he’s telling us about it and there’s no sigh that he is even cognisant of dumb a move that was.  It gets to a point where its like too much information and I get embarrassed for him.  I think my favorite moment of stupid was the squirt gun wars.  I could have solved that whole problem in one encounter AT age 15, when I was young and stupid.  There are some other things that bother me too.  I think Spoony takes gaming way to seriously and he’s acted like a dick before when he thinks people are “clowning around” during a game when really their just having fun and he ruins it by being a jerk.  And if you want proof of that, check out “The Bee Incident” of Lordkat’s Wyrmwick game.  And it gets to point where I think the guys a good player, I think he’s a good DM, and I think he’s nice guy, not perfect but who is, but I don’t know if I’d ever want to play with him, knowing how he gets.  

      All that said, even when Spoony says or does something I think is dumb in these videos, its still entertaining because I can laugh at Spoony being a dumbass and not understanding that water can not go through sealed power armor or not understanding the value of having the smuggler shoot a sith in the back of head while he’s distracted with a jedi.

      As for this episode, I found it interesting, but I don’t know if I agree with it.  I showed it to a bunch of my friends who I’m doing a Shadowrun game with and I think the consensus was stealing shit from the party to get them to do what you want would not work on us.  I can see how it would with other players but I’ve been in so many games where the DM tried that and all it did was piss us off.  Especially so many DMs do it wrong.  They do it too often, they don’t give your stuff back even though earn it, and a lot of times they will use a god moded NPC or a character with plot immunity to do it and it can be a very frustrating, unenjoyable gaming experience.  It is the best bad move that any bad DM can use to piss of the players.

      I had one DM do this to me, during an adventure where the party went to Dragonlance.  And I agree totally with Spoony that no one knows how to do a Dragonlance game write.  Not even the DMs.  Because absolutely no one knows how to roleplay a kinder in a way that make the party to kill them all like klingons in a tribble farm.  The DM had Tasselhoff Burfoot, the legendary kinder of Tanis’ party steal a very valuable artifact from my character.  And yeah, I chased the mother fucker down.  Mind you my character, was evil, and noticably so.  He was a demon vampire thing.  And regardless of that, I very politely asked Tasselhoff for my artifact which was rightfully mine back instead of just trying to kill him.  Tasselhoff just sat their like a little retard and laughed and said no.  He wasn’t even trying to keep it away from me because I was a bad guy and he was trying to save the world.  No.  The little shit just thought it was funny.  So I, annoyed went to option 2 and tried to kill him.  But of course, the DM was massive Dragonlance fan and had made Tasselhoff an epic level character and equipped him with a magic dagger that allegedly Tasselhoff had used to kill gods with (I have no clue cause I’ve never finished reading the books).  He stabs me with it and I instantly die.  Fortunately one of the other party members brought me back to life, but in many ways that was worse because the DM made it clear that no matter what I do there’s no way I can kill this asshole, he stole my shit, and I just have to eat it.  I hate it when DMs do crap like this.  And nothing came of this so what was the point.

      That game was particularly crazy.  By the end of it, we wound up traveling to the universe of Farscape and my character successfully conquered both the Peacekeepers and the Scarrons.  Also we were using Future D20 3.5 so I had access to Dreadnaught ships which are capable of destroying planets.  You know me and my buddies should reopen that game some time.  And you know what I’m going to take a page out of Spoony’s book and do what he did to the Vampires of Phoenix.  First thing I’m going to do, is fly my Scarron Dreadnaught flagship straight to Kryn and blow it the fuck out of the sky just because that one fucking plot immunity kinder stole from me.  I HOPE IT WAS WORTH IT ASSHOLE!!! GIVE MY REGARDS TO ALDERAAN, SHITHEAD!!

      • Frank Rauen

        My biggest problem with the lack of reviews is more or less the lack of communication with the fans. My point was that if he didn’t want to do it for a while or any more than he should tell his fans.

        • Edward

          I agree.  And I don’t know.  I have no clue what he’s thinking right now.  And even though I do kind of like this series, I have my concerns that he’s just trying to make a quick buck by video taping himself talking about something tangentially related to gaming and then just throwing it out there.  I had my concern when he was just doing vlogs.  It’s like he learned that if he has a fan base who will watch him no matter what he can put whatever out there and we’ll click on it and give him add revenue so he doesn’t have to work as hard.  Why edit a review that would be really awesome or play a game and write jokes for it when you can video tape yourself talking about a game you did 10 years ago for 15 minutes and get the same result.  That’s why I go so annoyed when he did the video where he trains Oreo with a lightsaber.  He’s just wasting our time.  

          This episode in particular the more I think about it isn’t that good.  It’s too short and its not that good of a revelation or a tip for DMs.  As I said before all your really going to do was piss off your players.  I personally am a little more experimental in my DMing style.  I like to throw my players in a crazy situation and just watch what they do like they’re monkeys in a cage and I bounce plot stimuli off them and see how they react so I don’t really have a need to “get them to do what I want” because they’re already doing it and I’m having fun.  But I could see how another DM might want to but even then “getting them to do what you want” should mean getting them to follow the path, story-line, encounter, and/or dungeon crawl you’ve set up.  And I listened to the Deathklok game, and the whole sequence where he got Angry Joe and the other players robbed had no bearing on the overall plot.  Nothing came of it.  They got a couple of laughs out of it and Rollo T made a nice little short story about what his character was doing while everyone else was getting rob but the whole encounter was kind of pointless.  It had nothing to do with the Witch Queen, the Lich Queen, or Garret or Darstine’s curses.  So why do it?

          The sad thing is it feels like he’s turning into a less successful George Lucas.  Less work for more money.  And given his feelings about the prequels and his repeated mission statements that he’s trying to do these reviews partially to raise movie goer standards and yet he’s producing theses types of videos nowadays is in danger of turning him into a hypocrite.

  • Pueblo Merlo Talarga

    Spoony, you are awesome. You make me laugh till I S·$%” in my pants every time man. I also like how you express yourself, I mean the vocabulary you use, I´m actually practicing my english a great deal with you. By the way I liked the party mania ep. (the one, everyone was complaining) and your commentary too, I think it´s great that you are trying to keep your site fresh by adding new ideas.
    Hope to see more of your work soon.
    Cheers from the Canary Islands.

  • Marcos Chong


    I have uncovered a steaming pile of shit that has no place in history. Its Jim Carrey’s first comedy movie and its an abomination beyond belief…but I don’t want to ruin anything now do I?

    Basic premise: Jim Carrey is a guy who isn’t confident enough to talk to women, and so he impersonates other people like sammy davis jr or steve martin doing his czech swingers bit. The rest of the movie, well is filled with plot points and exciting turns…Its set in a mountain and involves skiing but our protagonist doesn’t know how to skii, but wishes horribly that he was one of “them”.

    For the love of you, this film has a 2.2 

    • Robert Henderson

      Holy crap, I’ve seen this movie… I got it as a present for my 21st birthday and we decided to watch it at the party… the highlight of the party was us smashing the dvd…

      • Marcos Chong

         I hope you’ve done what’s right to the person that has given u this movie as a present….Except if its a friend of yours, cause he be fucking with you.

  • Marcos Chong

     Im sorry but the soundtrack also is terrible…I can’t make out what the guy is saying.

  • sams88

    Could spoony edit the description to include the audio of game in which the Lord Vain purse happened, I know it is in a website.

  • Dragdar

    Spoony is wasting time on a group TGWTG ‘project’?!?. Geez… isn’t that great (when we could be getting Spoony’s content) . More like special Olympics round-up of the TGWTG untalented, unfunny cesspool (excluding Noah).

    Those yearly movies are so bad i’d rather play E.T than watch a minute of that awkward, sluggish bore-fest.
    Mostly it just boils down to celebrating that one guy’s ego (the one with the annoyingly high-pitched scream voice).

    • Alex Stritar

      *sigh* Are we still doing this?

      • Alpha268

        Until he makes revies and lets plays again.

        And by the way: Writing *sigh* marks you as a virgin, in the same way your pony-avatar does. Its the little things that just makes us know ;)

        • Mercury72

           Lol always thought I was the only one who noticed that. Just as “xD xD xD” marks a kiddie.

          • Dragdar

             I was a bit too broad. Angry Joe should be exempt of my wrath… he’s kinda cool i like his stuff.

            The rest are seriously not worth it, I did give some of them more thorough look… seriously, we shouldn’t even go there… It’s bad. they don’t hold a candle to even the worst of Spoony’s material.

            In all honesty. Not everyone is meant to be an entertainer/writer/comic/storyteller. You gotta have it in you.

        • Alex Stritar

          How very insitefull. And I’m sure that little wink is proof of your maturity and sexual prowess. Thank you for taking time out of your buisy schedule to point allthis out for me.

          Also, I think you’re missing a ‘w’.

          • Edward

            You mispelled insightful :p

          • Alex Stritar

            Of coourse I did. I knew something like that was going to undermine me. Darn my weak spelling abilites.

  • sniktbub

    Less of these stupid “counter monkey” vlogs and more actual reviews please. You know, game reviews? The thing that got you popular in the first place?

    Hell, I’d settle for video reviews like the one of Yor. These counter monkey videos are boring as hell. You made a whole separate website for your wrestling rants, why can’t you do the same for this stuff?

    At the very least, keep us more updated on your time schedule. It’s not like you actually do anything aside from make videos. What the hell is so hard about throwing a review together? Especially when half the footage you use in reviews isn’t your own?

    • misterT0AST

      I, for one, much prefer actual vlogs, whatever he’s talking about, rather than his “reviews”. When he started his reviews were similar to the AVGN, then his style became closer to the Cinemasnob’s. After that he started feeling more like Doug Walker himself, and then his reviews tried to mimic Redlettermedia’s approach.
      They were always decent, but imho, never that good, and most of all never unique. He can’t focus on crappy games, that spot is taken. He can’t focus on B movies, that spot is taken too (Brad Jones). He can’t even focus on more mainstream stuff, ThatGuyWithTheGlasses does that. Modern games are reviewed by Angry Joe, Sage, Totalbiscuit, Yahtzee (and you can see Spoony knows this: he has Yahtzee’s plushie imps on his shelf, right in this video). His “let’s play”s are good, but the internet is FLOODED with those. He doesn’t quite know WHAT he’s supposed to review, because everything has been already done TO DEATH. He knows this, he watches other reviewers and he gets influenced by them even too much.
      All of them are “specialists” in one field, and Spoony doesn’t quite have a “field” of his own.
      So what makes him special?
      His goddamn awesome Vlogs.
      He’s a smart man, a funny man, and he has charisma. It’s nice to hear him talk and it’s nice to hear his thoughts. I WISH he never did a review again, I’d like to hear what he thinks about every single movie and every single game. Vlogs don’t take much effort, so he could just pump them out like crazy. Editing is boring, but talking is something he clearly loves, and I love listening to him.
      I think the idea of “reviews” is holding him back.
      He’s just too lazy to be bothered editing a video a week, or even one every month. He probably has an unfinished project on his pc right now and he can’t get himself to finish it.
      So he’s ashamed of uploading anything at all.
      I hate that, I’d like to hear more often of him, and I don’t care for crappy costumes, lame special effects, scripted jokes that feel fake as hell and I can swear I’ve heard them somewhere else before.
      I like Spoony as a person, and I bet that’s why everyone here likes him.
      His BEST WORK for me was when he came back from the cinema late at night and started recording RIGHT AWAY his reaction to Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. God he was pissed.
      It’s not FAKE RAGE like when the AVGN beats up an empty costume of Bugs Bunny, like when ThatGuyWithTheGlasses pretends to cry, or Angry Joe pretends to be pissed.
      Spoony really DOES GET MAD, with a passion, you can feel his contempt, his hatred flowing.
      Fuck the reviews, I can watch a thousand other lame scripted rants about Superman 64 from people who never played it to begin with.
      I want spoony talking to me, about what makes him happy and what makes him mad, because he’s smart, he shares my nerdy interests and he’s entertaining as heck.


      • Alpha268

         Bullshit. His best stuff, the stuff he is known for, what got him famous were his “Lets Plays”.

        No one else did them as well as he, and no one else knew as well exactly which games were the most fun to “Lets Play”.

        His reviews were very good as well. The Vlogs were a recent development, and while nice in themselves, not a replacement for the “Lets Plays” and Reviews.

        There are still games out there I want to see him Lets Play. Phantasmagoria 1, Deadly Premonition, Eternal Darkness are all exactly his kind of thing.

        • Edward

          I have nothing to add but I second what you said.

        • GozarisaGod

          “Phantasmagoria 1, Deadly Premonition, Eternal Darkness are all exactly his kind of thing.”

          Very strange I think he started LP’s for some of those years ago and you know what… HE NEVER FINISHED! He did like one episode and was like “I don’t have time to play all these games?” LOL? This guy can sit on his ass and rant for 2-3 hours and film himself playing DD for 4 hours but won’t take the time to do a quality LP video to boost his own website?

      • Edward

        The problem with his vlogs is 1.)A lot of my friends have commented that they are way to fucking long and 2.)It’s lazy.  It’s the easiest thing he can do is turn on his camera and bitch for 45 minutes and then make money on it.  Also, when he does vlogs he has a tendency to do nothing but vlogs and it gets annoying.  I could really live without him talking for an hour about his trip to Vienna for example.  I don’t care.  

        The vlogs would be ok if they were interspersed in between reviews and let’s plays.  The real problem now is he’s not doing much of anything.  I would rather he vlog than do nothing at all.  But at the same time I don’t want to see him do nothing but vlogs because they get really annoying really fast.  I for one did not come here for vlogs.  I came here because I hate Final Fantasy 8 and he is the funniest person I’ve ever seen destroy that shitty game.  

        The vlogs are ok in small doses or interspersed in between reviews and let’s plays but I don’t want to see him do nothing but vlogs.  If I want to here someone scream for an hour about how much TNA sucks, I’ll call my best friend, not watch Spoony.

    • Atmos_Duality

      That’s overly harsh, though I understand where it’s coming from.

      It seems Spoony is, in fact, “burnt out” despite his prior claims to the contrary.

      Spoony produces, by far, some of the absolute best videos on TGWTG and
      has some of the best personality on the net, let alone the TGWTG group, but his pacing has fallen off.

      And it isn’t for lack of future content: Where the Nostalgia Critic is quickly running out of movies within the bracket to make fun of, Spoony is far more diverse. TES can go virtually anywhere in comparison; he has FF13 to review, not to mention giving FF7 a thorough once-over, rather than a passing jab.

      I certainly wouldn’t fault him for continuing Deadly Premonition; anyone can do a Lets Play, but very few can do Lets Plays in a way that’s actually ENTERTAINING.

      It just seems to be one thing after another with him: He gets sick, starts playing games again, goes to a convention, or (recently) starts shooting one of those TGWTG Anniversary Movies…(and I don’t really like any of the mega-crossovers. Though Spoony’s crossovers with Linkara and Bennet the Sage are gold.)

      Thus, it becomes increasingly difficult to take him at his word when he leaves 3+ week gaps in his actual reviews. Even the WrestleWrestle vlogs, which basically write themselves, died out within a year of inception.
      (Though given how both WWE and TNA Impact are basically Mobius Strip-plotlines, I can’t really blame him there.)

      Now, I don’t hate the guy and I don’t feel like we’re entitled to anything
      from him given that he is essentially some of the best entertainment out
      there for free.

      So shame on those who constantly belittle him for not doing what they want; it’s his life, and his time, not theirs.

      Even so, I worry that this will be the end of TES if he can’t get it together soon.

      • Edward

        I disagree with 2nd and 3rd to last paragraphs sir.

        The free entertainment argument does not work.  Big Fazeek’s youtube channel is free and it still sucks.  If it sucks, it sucks whether its free or not.  Nothing is going to change that.  Television is free and there are still plenty of shitty television shows out there.  Music on the radio is free and there are plenty of shitty songs that people don’t want to listen to.  And when those shows and music suck hard enough, they get canceled and the people who worked on them are suddenly out of job.  And Spoony as well as many of his TGWTG ilk do nothing but make fun of crappy of television and music and other things.  So Spoony making a crappy video while at the same time condeming the Deadliest Warrior makes him a huge hypocrite.

        Further more he’s not wasting our money, but his wasting our time and our loyalty.  We have all come here because we like his work and we have all gladly clicked on his video which are supported by which give him add revenue every time we do.  We have done this partially to be entertained yes but also because we want to support him.  We think his talent and his effort is worthy of support and we want him to be successful.  

        And instead of taking that money and improving himself, improving his show, treating this like job which it is, what he’s got to show for it?  He’s not doing anything right now.  He’s not producing anything.  He’s not working.  And that is a slap in the face to us, the fans, the people that got him where he is, the people that have made him a ton of money by watching his videos, the people that made him an internet celebrity and voted the funniest person on the internet.  Its a slap in the face to us and we’re not ok with that.

        This website is an entertainment website.  It is supposed to be a business.  And Spoony is not producing a good product of late.  If this place has the pretensive of being a business, he should treat it like a business and have regular reviews, at least once a week, like everyone else who reviews on the internet especially at the TGWTG.  

        If he does not want to do this anymore, he should let us know and he should leave the internet.  Yes this is his choice and he’s going to do whatever he want to do at the end of the day.  But if he is committed to being an orginal content creator, then he needs to get off his ass and be an orginal content creator instead of dicking around with us for years.  And we can make allowances for legitimite excuses.  For example, Team Four Star doesn’t up date that often.  But then have good reasons for it. 1.)They can’t make any money off of their content since all of their images are directly from copyrighted material, 2.)Most of them are in college and thus busy, 3.) They all have full time jobs, 4.)The editing process for abridged series take a ridiculous amount of time to do, and 5.)Since they are not getting paid for what they do, for them its a hobby.

        For Spoony, it started as a hobby but he’s been getting paid for a while now.  His health excuse rings false because A.) It seems like he’s just out of shape and B.)Even if it is legitimite how is possibly tiring himself out doing light acting and speaking in front of camera and then editing the footage together?  How does that physically kill you?  It doesn’t!  And as for the personal drama, its been a year.  He needs to get over her.  Men in my family have a saying.  It’s “Bitch, don’t let the door his your ass on the way out.”  He needs to say that to that manatee he was dating, at least for his own sake.  He doesn’t have to say it too her personally and make a seen.

        And finally sir, we’re not belittling him.  We are concerned and frustrated fans.  We don’t feel like he’s properly applying himself and we are disappointed that he does not seem to have the same loyalty to us that we have to him.

        • Atmos_Duality

          “The free entertainment argument does not work.  Big Fazeek’s youtube
          channel is free and it still sucks.  If it sucks, it sucks whether its
          free or not.  Nothing is going to change that.  Television is free and
          there are still plenty of shitty television shows out there.”

          Yeah, and guess what? YOU’RE STILL NOT PAYING ANYTHING.
          Unless money is magically flying out of your pocket every time you visit his site, you have no real right to make demands of him.

          Bad TV is free? So what? You know what I do when I see bad TV? I do what any sensible person else does. I “change the channel” or go do something else.

          What I don’t do: Log onto their website and start making demands.

          “This website is an entertainment website.  It is supposed to be a business.”

          You want to talk business? We can talk business.
          I agree that if Spoony doesn’t get his act together here, he will be taking in his latest results and looking for a new source of income.

          He was nominated for a Webby and won. He earned that. (I voted for him even) He hasn’t done so since then. He’s earned that too.
          His fans can notify him of their concern and there isn’t anything wrong with that. I agree with your points there.

          But there is a line, and I see people here crossing it. Now they’re going from merely being concerned to making childish demands of him for a show they aren’t directly backing, nor do they own.

          If we’re still talking business, then there’s something you absolutely need to understand: SPOONY DOESN’T “OWE” YOU ANYTHING.
          You reward him with viewership and ad-hits. That is the fullest extent of your relationship with him and his show, regardless of what other preconceptions you have. He’s letting his loyal fans down? Yeah, he is. And he’ll ultimately pay for that when they give up on him.

          More topically, a lot of people hate his Counter-Monkey stuff; claiming that it doesn’t “fit” into his show.
          Well holy shit! What is this? Spoony relating his experiences from his hobbies and turning it into an online show or something? Who the fuck does that?

          I get that tabletops aren’t as popular as his regular reviews because they’re niche’. But people claiming that they don’t belong on the site…well, they’ve apparently missed the point of the entire fucking website.

          It’s at that point when they cross the line from being concerned or disappointed, to acting as though they own a stake in something they really don’t.

          “And finally sir, we’re not belittling him.  We are concerned and
          frustrated fans.  We don’t feel like he’s properly applying himself and
          we are disappointed that he does not seem to have the same loyalty to us
          that we have to him.”

          Around this time yesterday, I marked a message on this very comment section that went along the lines of “Fuck you spoony, you suck get a job” (paraphrased, but that’s still almost word for word what was said). It has since been deleted.

          Those are the sorts of people my message was addressed to.
          I’m every bit as concerned as you are, TES is one of my main stops on the net, and has been since 2009.
          A big part of the appeal of Spoony to me, is that unlike the vast majority of internet critics, he is actually invested in what he’s reviewing or discussing. It adds a degree of legitimacy that I don’t see elsewhere.

          I’d be sad to see it go, but even then, I still don’t feel as though Spoony owes me (as a fan) anything.

          • Edward

            I’m not trying to start a fight pal.  But what I am trying to do is have thoughtful discussion.  I’m sorry if my comments offended you and you feel that I have crossed a line.  But I don’t care.  I am going to say what I think needs to be said.  I felt the need to debate you on 2 points you made that I honestly disagree with.  I may never change how you feel, and that’s fine but I’ve got to say what I’ve got to say.  That’s why I wrote you a long response to your comment.  And now that you’ve responded to me, I’m going to write you another one.  

            No I’m not paying money to watch these videos.  And I’m still going to complain about them. I can complain and say whatever I want.  It’s a free country and even if it wasn’t I would be out in the streets fighting and dying to gain that right.  And I’m going to use it.  And if I’m an entitled childish asshole, then I’m an entitled childish asshole.  I don’t give a shit.
            I’m not paying money but as I said before, I am getting my time wasted.  But I’ve already gone on at length about that.  So let me bring up a new point.  

            The real problem here is that my favorite show sucks now.  That’s why I’m complaining.  I am giving him feedback.  It may be negative but it is feedback.  It let’s him know, whether he care enough to read it, that there’s a problem.  That’s what I’m supposed to do.  I am supposed to be honest.  If his show is good, I will praise him.  If his show sucks, how else is he going to know unless someone says something?

            What I am doing is doing the exact same thing he does everytime he makes a video and talks about something he doesn’t like.  I am reviewing him.  And my big problem is that this is guy that spends all day long trash talking movies and games he doesn’t like and yet for some reason everytime I check these comment section, half his fan base is under the delusion that he is some how immune to criticism himself.

            And if I’m really honest with myself, that’s what I’m really pissed about.  That’s what really grinds my gears.  A bunch of sheep that can’t bare to hear someone talk bad about the shepard.

            That’s what really pisses me off.  That’s why I’m typing this up and making an ass of myself.  

            Yeah, I could go somewhere else and not bitch about this.  And I do watch other shows.  I watch plenty of shit.  But Spoony is probably my favorite reviewer at That Guy With The Glasses.  There is no body on this Earth that trashes a well deserving franchise like Final Fantasy the way he does.  There is no one funnier on the internet than him.  He is my absolute favorite person to watch.

            And that’s why I’m bitching.  I’m bitching cus it feels like this whole place is going down hill.  I don’t want to see what happened to PBC Productions happen to The Spoony Experiment.  I’ve got to say something.  I can’t just be quiet and not talk about how my favorite show and one of my favorite people is falling apart.  

            At the end of the day, I’m doing exactly what Spoony does.  I’m criticising and giving my honest opinion in the hopes that it will encourage him to improve his show and himself.  The exact same thing he does every time he reviews a movie or a game.  And more over I am merely discussing what is going on around here, another thing that he does regularly.  I’m just doing it about him.  

            Another concern of mine is a statement he has made multiple times and can be found on his youtube page (if it still exists.)  It states that the goal of this website is to entertain and to inform by raising standards.  That’s also why I’m bitching because thanks to him, my standards have been raised.  I know quality when I see it and I know laziness when I see it.  It really bothers me that this guy will tear apart a Michael Bay or Stephanie Meyer movie but won’t but any solid effort into his own creations anymore.  That’s hypocricy.  If he can’t be bothered to put effort into his work than HE has no right to bash anyone for their short comings because his are worse.

            And yeah, I suppose the “what’s the point in complaining?” argument is valid.  But if you make that argument then what is the point of his reviews or vlogs?  Because that’s all he does.  When I first started watching Spoony, I showed some of the show to my Dad and asked what he thought.  The first words that came out of his mouth were, “I can’t understand why you watch this guy.  What’s the point in complaining about this stuff?”  I suppose your right sir.  I suppose there’s no point in complaining about anything.  I suppose Spoony and every other internet reviewer should shut down their operations immediately.

            Of course they shouldn’t.  They’re expressing themselves, speaking their minds, and talking about things that they are passionate about.  Complaining about things they are passionate about.  And that is what I am doing sir.  I am passionate about The Spoony Experiment and that’s why I complain about it.

            And I’m not going to stop.

            As for me stepping over the line and saying Spoony owes me shit, eh, your probably right.  Maybe that was out of line.  He doesn’t actually owe me money or anything.  And he can do whatever he wants at the end of the day.  But I don’t know man, I think with him as an entertainer and me as part of his audience, yeah, I think he does owe me something.  He owes me a good show.  And yeah, he doesn’t actually owe me a favor or anything, but him not producing anything worth a shit.  It’s shitty bro.  It’s shitty to treat your audience like that.  Especially when at the end of the day, your audience, your viewers are the ones that got you where you are.  Every time we click on a video and give him add revenue, every time we vote for him at the Mashables, every time we tell our friends and family about this guy and spread the word about how they should be watching him too, every time we buy an autograph from him.  Every time we do that we are helping him out, we are helping his career, we are elevating him.  And for him to ignore us and produce crappy or no content when we know he can do better…yeah, that’s pretty shitty.

            Personally I feel like I’ve been supporting a bum this entire time.  I feel like I’ve been helping to make guy rich and instead of doing something great with that support, he’s doing next to nothing.  And that pisses me off.  And that makes me comment like an asshole.  

            But I don’t know man.  I think you and I may just have to agree to disagree on this one.  

            On a brief aside, Spoony does owe me money because a couple E3s back Spoony said Star Wars The Old Republic would be a good game and I bought it and it was a piece of shit and that game cost me $70 bucks.  I want my money back.  If Spoony gives me $35 bucks and Angry Joe gives me another 35, I’ll quit complaining.  

            Last thing I’m going to argue with you about today (feel free to come back and yell at me tomorrow) is your statement about how you got that rude comment deleted.  I don’t think you should even have done that.  Yeah, the guy was being rude but whatever.  He’s still expressing himself and its still feedback albeit dickish feedback.  He has the right to express it.  Why get it deleted?  You could have just done like you told me to do and ignored.  Or you could have scold him the way you scold me or debated him or whatever.  You could have called him an asshole.  That’s probably what I would have done.  Spoony’s a big boy.  He’s tough, he can handle a few insults thrown his way, and if he can’t, he should be, especially given what he does for a living.  A critic who can’t handle criticism should find a new line of work.  I don’t think your doing Spoony a whole lot of favors getting comments deleted but again you and me just may have to disagree about that.  

            But if you do disagree with me, feel free to do so and let me know.  I’ve been commenting so much because I honestly do want to discuss this as openly as possible.  I’m really just in a place where I feel a need to discuss the show and complain about it yes but I do that with everything now.  I like to analyze and discuss the positives and negatives of just about anything and I honestly owe a lot of that to Spoony himself and other reviewers like him.  Talking about this stuff is exhilerating to me; I thrive on it, so feel free to write me back and call me jackass if you like.  I’m cool with that.  Truthfully I just want to discuss the show and the man in a completely honest uncompromising manner.  That may offend some people but I rather they be offended then go without saying what I’m thinking and feeling.

          • Atmos_Duality

            ***”I’m not paying money but as I said before, I am getting my time wasted.”***

            You’re having your time wasted by…not watching something? How much time could you possibly be losing? Maybe 20 seconds to check and see if there’s anything new?

            If you’re disappointed by the quality of his recent videos, then yeah, you’re free to criticize his work.

            “And if I’m really honest with myself, that’s what I’m really pissed
            about.  That’s what really grinds my gears.  A bunch of sheep that can’t
            bare to hear someone talk bad about the shepard.”

            *chuckles* You think I’m a sheep defending his shepherd?

            No, a sheep would defend Spoony’s every decision, good and poor.
            I’ve made it quite clear that I do not approve of his inactivity even if I prefer to use the neutral tone in describing such.

            ***”He owes me a good show.”***

            No he doesn’t. He doesn’t owe you a goddamn thing.
            This isn’t a matter of opinions or points of view; it’s certifiable, real life FACT.

            “Rewarding Fan-loyalty”? It’s a farce, an illusion people trick themselves into believing in. It has no rational basis.

            Why? Because fandom is recursive; nobody is a fan of anything until it actually exists (like Spoony’s videos). It’s purely reactionary.
            Spoony makes a video, audience responds (positively or negatively).

            Complaining about there not being new/good videos is a rational response of personal disappointment, yes, but personal disappointment is subjective.


            Rail at me all you want, but this is one point where you are absolutely wrong, no matter how noble you think your intentions are.

            ***”Last thing I’m going to argue with you about today…is your statement about how you got that
            rude comment deleted.  I don’t think you should even have done that.
             Yeah, the guy was being rude but whatever.  He’s still expressing
            himself and its still feedback albeit dickish feedback.”***

            Except not all feedback is useful. How do we know he isn’t a troll or just some asshole hater who hates just because Spoony is popular?

            If one has legitimate complaints, and they want to be taken seriously, they shouldn’t act like a complete asshole. Anyone can argue like an asshole and bark demands.

            All that does is piss people off; it doesn’t give any reasoning, and therefore, it isn’t a valid argument or piece of speech worth defending.

            His comment was nothing more than a personal insult followed by blatant trolling. It isn’t criticism, and it certainly isn’t helpful or useful.

            Furthermore: Is that honestly the sort of behavior we want to defend and foster? If so, then I would not blame Spoony one bit for not feeling motivated to meet their demands.

          • Edward

            I never called you a sheep sir.  I would probably use it to describe other people who have commented on him and others creators that have had a decline, but not you.  You seem rather intelligent and have a complex opinion.  I applaud that.

            As I said, before I think you and I are just going to have to agree to disagree on the “owing” controversy.  

            Arguably you are right.  He doesn’t owe me anything, just like he doesn’t know anyone else anything.  However as an entertainer who has built a sizeable following and a businessman, it is in extremely poor taste of him to not do his very best to produce a quality show for those that have been with him since the begining and those that have yet to become fans.  As I said before, its a shitty thing to do, and it personally rubs me the  wrong way.  In an extreme example its kindof like Akon telling his fans to fuck off in that one song of his, but that’s a little out there.  Spoony’s no where near that bad.

            This issue is a matter of opinion.  And my opinion, which has not changed, is that he owes his audience a better show, as long as he has the pretense that he is an entertainer, this is his job, and he is continuing to keep the site alive with new content with promise of good stuff to come with statements like “I’m back!” and so forth.  Now if he comes on here and says, “I quit,” or “I’m taking a year off”, or “I’m going back to school”, or “I have full time job and I don’t have time to update”, or “I’m going to New Zealand to do missionary work with Suede” or whatever, that changes things.  He’s no longer leading us on and at that point he owes his audience nothing.  And don’t get me wrong.  I’m not going to go to Spoony’s house and beat a review out of him like the mafia.  At the end of the day he doesn’t have to do anything he doesn’t want to do.  If he never wants to upload a new video that’s his business.  But my argument is, its shitty to do something like.  It’s bad form.

            Now your belief that this is not a matter of opinion or point of view, that its a fact that he owes us nothing, is your opinion.  Whether its fact or not we could debate it all night.  I disagree.  I don’t think this is a matter of fact.  I think this is a matter of opinion and I have an opinion and a different point of view than yours, and it may be wrong, it may be childish, but its still mine and I’m not getting rid of it.  Everyone has a point of view friend, even bad people and even the devil.  In layman’s terms, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.  And everyone thinks their righteous.

            I can argue factually, objectively, or otherwise that Spoony owes me something.  I can argue whatever I want.  Even if I’m wrong.  Even if I’m an asshole.  My right to be a dickhead is supported by the Bill of Rights and is a God given right that all men and women should have and should embrace.  

            I do not believe I am wrong in this regard and you are welcome to rail against me as much as you like about that.  Afterall, that is your opinion.

            As for the troll, his statement however rude it may be was his opinion and he has a right to that.  And part of me, a dickish little voice in the back of my head, says it was a valid criticism.  It was just rude.  But who cares.  It can be ignored or he can put in his place by being told off.  But give him the opportunity to speak his mind however rude his opinion may be.  A yes, I will defend what he says.  I may disagree with the man but I will defend to the death his right to say it.  You can’t silence people just because they’re jerks.  You either let everyone talk or you let no one talk.  As a passionate advocate of free speech, I say let every man be heard, even the lowly trolls.

          • Atmos_Duality

            “I can argue factually, objectively, or otherwise that Spoony owes me
            something.  I can argue whatever I want.  Even if I’m wrong.”

            If you’re wrong, then why argue? There’s nothing more to say.

            “Even if
            I’m an asshole.  My right to be a dickhead is supported by the Bill of
            Rights and is a God given right that all men and women should have and
            should embrace.”

            Free Speech doesn’t protect aimless (strictly-vulgar) language, Libel or Slander.
            You can still act like a dickhead, as long as you’re prepared to face the consequences.

          • Edward

            “If you’re wrong, then why argue? There’s nothing more to say.”

            Well, you said I could not argue that way so I felt the need to refute it ;)

            “Free Speech doesn’t protect aimless (strictly-vulgar) language, Libel or Slander.You can still act like a dickhead, as long as you’re prepared to face the consequences.”

            I agree.  And you have every right to chew him out and, although I disagree with you, getting the comment removed is probably a fair response.  All I’m saying is allow jerk commentor to dig his own grave.

      • GozarisaGod

        It’s not “overly harsh” Spoony is a grown man and he needs to act like one when it comes down to the decisions he makes in life and the paths he chooses. If he doesn’t figure out how to make a REAL career out of the video he makes then he needs to start getting back into the workforce and look for a J-O-B.

        It’s honestly just the truth and anyone saying “oh SPoony we love you, we’ll wait as long as it takes for you too feel like making vids” is just being selfish.
        What’s going to, No what IS hurting Spoony is that he just teeter totters around this “internet personality” stuff but it’s like he doesn’t take it seriously. If he can’t figure out a way to make a steady cashflow out of this later on down the line he is going to be hurt when has no 401K,No real work experience, and he’s too old to jump back into the work force because he teeter tottered around what he should have put into serious consideration.

        Stuff like I have a toothache,My stomache hurts,my GF dumped me,I’m sick, is average stuff that we all have to deal with, it’s not a reason to shut down your website for days,weeks,months at a time. It’s not a reason to take a 3 week break or go into hiding. This is every day crap that every person has to address and you know what? When it happens to us,we take a moment or two, save face and get right back to what it is we should be doing because like they say “The Show Must Go On”.

        Blowing sunshine up Spoony’s ass isn’t going to give him a wake up call. Noah Antwiller needs to learn how to start taking sh*t seriously and that’s his problem he doesn’t. That is the real reason why this website has always been so wishy washy and inconsistent with quality/content.

        Like I said before on this website as a long time viewer that’s noticed the downward spiral and descent of Spoony it’s time to keep it real. As a concern for Spoony as a person, he needs to get himself together and figure out what it is he wants to do. There is no future for him at the current rate he’s going with this. He gave “The experiment” a good try but he should be honest with himself. It’s too much for him, and he can’t pull it off. He should do as he did when he first started. Get back into the work force and just do the comedic reviewer routine as a side hobby. He’ll be much better off in life and more at peace without having to deal with the pressure of entertaining people.

        • Atmos_Duality

          ***”It’s honestly just the truth and anyone saying “oh SPoony we love you,
          we’ll wait as long as it takes for you too feel like making vids” is
          just being selfish.”***

          Don’t misunderstand my points here, I’m not coddling Spoony:
          Is it foolish to coddle him when we see there are problems with his CURRENT career? Of course. (“Selfish” doesn’t make any sense. Who benefits/profits from Spoony doing nothing?)

          As for the “harsh” point:
          I see a lot of people here only using this as an excuse to act like complete assholes just for the sake of acting like complete assholes. If they honestly cared about the show, they wouldn’t just run in, insult the guy, tell him his show sucks and leave.

          Why should we take them seriously? Anyone can act like an asshole at any time, for any reason, especially on the net. Their criticism might be valid in theory, but how can we rely on it? Good criticism is as much about HOW you say it, and not just WHAT you say.

          People need to be firm, but civil in their criticisms. Maybe then Spoony will have a reason to take them more seriously. Maybe. If not, then all the criticism in the world won’t help him anyway.

          As for what Spoony “should” do; that’s entirely up to him to decide.
          He has a choice to make here: Either he can continue as he has and continue making reviews/vlogs/etc as a career, he can do it on the side, or he can stop doing it entirely.

          From what I can tell, people just want a clear answer (in practice, not just preaching). I want an answer too, I’m just trying to be more reasonable about getting it.

          For the record, I’m also calling out all the fools who keep posting nonsense like “You owe me good videos because I’m a fan!” and the other sods who keep posting “Why are you posting vlogs about tabletops? You’re supposed to review games and movies!” while missing the point of Spoony’s website.

    • doresh

      Well excuuuuse him for making videos about things that played a huge part in his life.

      He still does game reviews (FFX-2 and Ultima, anyone), but he has grown as a reviewer. Even when comparing recent game reviews with the ones “that got him popular in the first place”, you’ll notice differences. Is that bad, too?

      And he HAS a different site for Counter Monkey (, although he still uploads them here.
      But what’s so bad about having everything here? You don’t HAVE to watch them if you don’t like them, and the site has plenty of categories to get the stuff you want.

      • Edward

        Oh for fucks sake.  The “you don’t have to watch it” argument does not work.  We’re here cus we like the guy and we like his previous work.  But just like with anything else, if his videos degrade in quality and he continues to suck and blow, people WILL stop watching him and his career and show will vanish into the ether.  He will lose all his money because being an internet reviewer/actor is his only job.  I for one think he is too talented to let his career go down the drain and I hate to see him do that to himself but that’s certainly the way it appears to a lot of us.  

        Also I would like to point out that yes he has done FFX-2 and Ultima reviews, what, 2 months ago?  You don’t see anything wrong with that?

        And as much as I do enjoy a good roleplaying game and I do enjoy Counter Monkey for what it is, commenting that roleplaying games are huge part of someone’s life is about the most pathetic statement you could possibly make about a person.

        • doresh

          I try to avoid “you don’t have to watch it” comments, but I couldn’t help but use it when someone can’t even seem to stand the sight of videos he doesn’t like.

          I know it’s around 2 months ago, but don’t forget stuff like Spoony’s health problems, his depression AND the current TGWTG crossover video. The reason we get so many Counter Monkeys at the moment is probably because they are rather quick to make.

          And how are “roleplaying games” any more pathetic than “shitty FMV games” and “Highlander sequels” Oo ?

          • Edward

            The problem is everyone uses the “you don’t have to watch it” comment every time some criticizes an internet reviewer and it gets very frustrating to argue with over and over again when your trying to make a criticism of someones work.  That argument can apply to anything and it’s particularly hypocritical when its used to defend the crappy work of an internet critic who by the very nature of his job could be told the exact same thing.  “Highlander The Source sucks,” says Spoony.  “You don’t HAVE to watch it Spoony.  Quit complaining,” I would say.  If you follow that argument then there is no point in discussing anything ever cus your opponents counter argument would always be “Then don’t watch it.  Quit complaining.”  It defeats the entire purpose of analyzing a creators body of work.

            And it would be valid if the fan base absolutely hated Spoony. Then they wouldn’t watch him in the first place.  But we are fans.  We do like his work.  That’s why we want to talk about it and show concern when its starting to suck.  It’s natural.

            I am very sick and tired of the various excuses either Spoony creates for himself or others are lobbying for him.  His health, the depression, working with TGWTG.  That’s all a bunch of bullshit.  Its just an excuse for him not work.  The health despite his protest appears self induced; if he would take better care of himself it wouldn’t be an issue.  Also their are many people sicker than he is that still manage to meet a schedule.  Robert Louis Stevenson was sick his entire life and he managed to become one of the greatest writers in the english language and he worked his ass off inspite of his health.  Spoony just eats crap, doesn’t exercise, and sits on his ass all day.  I have a friend who has his exact same heart condition and he still works all the time, takes care his child, and doesn’t complain.  The depression thing, he needs to get over it.  Get a new girlfriend (he has fan girls, he can) and get over that whale that broke his heart.  And if that’s not the problem, go to therapy, get anti-depressant medication, throw yourself into your work and not think about it.  There are ways to deal with this.  And again, he doesn’t have it that bad.  There are plenty of people in this world that have endured sadness, trauma, and suffering greater than any of us can even imagine.  They have a reason to be depressed.  Spoony’s girlfriend dumped him a year ago.  That’s not a good enough reason.  TGWTG, everyone else at that website is able to maintain regular content while doing that crossover.  Often they get content prepared in advance so that way they can make up for lost time, so that’s not a good excuse.  If fact, we should be seeing more content from him because of the crossover.  They do tons of smaller crossovers and cameos on the side whenever they do an anniversary.  But maybe we’ll see that in a couple of weeks.  They could be sitting on it until the anniversary hits.

            No your right.  Roleplaying games are equally pathetic as FMV games and Highlander movies.  My only protest is regardless of how geeky Spoony and, by an extension, all of us, are, I think we have to acknowledge there are many more important things in life than Dungeons and Dragons.  And saying that roleplaying games are a massive part of Spoony’s life paints a less than stellar picture of what Spoony should be placing value on.  I like to think that Spoony is a little more dignified than that.  I can already feel my father and best friend snickering to themselves about me saying that  but regardless I think it applies to him.

          • doresh

            I think part of the origin of “You don’t have to watch it” comes from people who feel the haters have too much time on their hands. I for don’t have much free time dedicated to all those video reviews, so a lot of them (not necessarily bad ones) get left behind.

            I like Counter Monkey, but there should be enough fans who aren’t, so I can see why people might be upset about the lack of variety here.

            As for the excuses, I don’t know if they are excuses. A lot seems legit, but I think he could get over it if he changes his lifestyle.

            And I used “being an important part of his life” in regards to his hobby and Spoony persona. I’m sure there’s a lot more to Noah than D&D, Ultima and far too many Highlander sequels.

          • Edward

            Yeah, and don’t get me wrong.  I’m not hating on DND or Ultima or Highlander or any of that stuff.  I love all that stuff to and I would be hypocrite if I condemned it.  I’m a total nerd too.

            And with the excuses, if they are legit, I don’t want to kick the guy too much while he’s down.  I just hate to see him let that stuff stop him from being successful.

          • Jimmy TheFish

            Compare that to the cinemasnob who is making his own movie but there is at least a something new each week.

          • doresh

            Either the filming location is pretty close to his home, or he made a lot of videos in advance – but you still notice a certain drop in updates.

          • Edward

            Brad has a really good setup, he plans in advance, he keeps regular videos of his most popular shows, and most importantly he has help.  He has all his friends at Stone Gremlin Productions and Ed Glaser and Darkmaze Studios live very close to him.  Spoony really should plan ahead more and keep something fun and regular each week (I would prefer something better than Counter Monkey but I’ll take it if he’s so inclined) but I think what would really help him is if he did start his own production company like Brad has.  He should hire a cast and crew that live relatively close to him that can help him produce videos quicker and then cut them in on the net profits.  It might make his life a little easier and as an artist it would be a step in the right direction for him.  He has expressed interest in making a feature before and if he’s going to do that, he’s going to need help, so he might want to start now.

          • doresh

            Brad sure knows how to make production easier. Wasn’t Spoony looking for a video editor once? Whatever happened with that?

          • Edward

            Oh, man, I have no idea.  I have no idea if that was resolved or not.  I don’t think he announced that he found somebody but then again I never check his facebook or twitter so, it could be there.

    • Jimmy TheFish

      You should check out theradbrad on youtube he has good commentary and puts it out in a timely manner and actually sticks to horror games. Thats the problem with spoony he does one thing and changes his mind in a few months/years, the nintendo nerd stuck with one thing and just grew his fan-base.

      • Edward

        Yeah, I really wish he would come back and review stuff he said he was going to do but never did.  I would love to see the rest of Deadly Premonitions, the Atmosphere Games, even Minority Report.  Maybe he can find a play through on youtube of Star Trek Klingon, contact or at least credit the guy who did it like he did with Pumpkinhead 2, and review that especially since that review was dropped since he could not get footage for it.  Any one of these would make a great video.

  • GozarisaGod

    You know Spoony really doesn’t make that many videos. His latest runs have just been him turning on the Camera and talking about his experience in board games, and leaving the same old material up for weeks.

    I’m trying to figure out really where is he trying to go with his stuff? Is he working a fulltime job again or something? I don’t see where his quality is matching up with the videos he makes. Even youtube amateurs with full time jobs,spouses, and kids are lapping what he does.

    I mean what does he do if he’s not dropping actual videos or making vids on a regular basis?  The “Counter Monkey” stuff was interesting when it was gaming tells but it quickly just turned into unfunny How To’s for something that’s already niche. So it’s really boring for people not into board games, at least when they were stories about other players you could get a laugh even if you didn’t know what was going on but these are just tutorials. 
    Something you would expect him to drop in a separate section on the website for “board game info” rather than post as a feature vid.

    Now I know some people (The spoononites) will be like how dare you insult our God. But, really I’m just saying this guy hasn’t put out quality or put in quality into his sh*t in a very LOOOONG time so besides turning his camera on and ranting what’s keeping him so busy? I seriously hope it’s something more fruitful like a career and not just him eating sandwiches playing MMO’s or DD, or working on more corny GWTG specials which are keen to a Hollywood star working on a B-movie so it hurts more than it helps.

    I’m just trying to figure out what the purpose of this “Experiment” is. It was good at first but now it’s lost it’s momentum. It went from quality vids about 2-3 years ago to 1 Vid a month of long winded V logs or if were lucky 2 long winded Vlogs about nothing relevant.

    Like most people who try to block out anyone making a valid point against something they “personally” enjoy they always say “Well, go watch someone elses vids” and truthfully a lot of us do and when we come back here it makes this place look even worse. Especially when the same stale video has been up for weeks sometime.

    I’m not trying to diss Spoony but “Go hard or Go Home”. If you’re not going to be a dedicated reviewer or make a professional career out of this than drop the act and stop pretending to be one. Vlogs are what real reviewers post up in between their regularly scheduled video’s to which they” drop several times a month, and when they have a long pause it’s because they’re dropping a big project but they still take time to drop in a short vid or make an update.

    I look at this website now like watered down Kool aid trying to make that single packet stretch as far as you can even though the flavor is barely there anymore.

    • ecwsandman13

       if you dont like it then dont come back. he has made many statements describing his delays and why he isnt outputting as much anymore and if you dont seem to like that he isnt outputting to your delight then you can watch those other reviewers that are making more videos. I love spoony and i will support him making videos as long as he is happy doing it but if he isnt happy doing this or has more important things on his plate then he has my moral support.

      Point is if your going to be a fan be supportive and give constructive criticism and if your not then you can watch all those other reviewers with higher output you mentioned.

      P.S. apologies for grammar

      • GozarisaGod

         “if you dont like it then dont come back”

        I made this comment below in my posting above especially for people like you. I would advise you to read it, re-read it, and then commit it to memory.

        Like most people who try to block out anyone making a valid point
        against something they “personally” enjoy they always say “Well, go
        watch someone elses vids” and truthfully a lot of us do and when we come
        back here it makes this place look even worse. Especially when the same
        stale video has been up for weeks sometime.

      • Alpha268

         His latest statements were “Im Back!!!!” and “I have tons of stuff!”.


      • Edward

        He is a fan and he just gave him constructive criticism shithead.

    • Nathan Ellis

      I agree, but to be fair, he has put up 3 videos over the past 30 days, and is working on a movie right now. I think the Experiment is changing as spoony changes. 2 – 3 years ago he was a great critic, with a lot of things to say. Now it seems he wants to create over critique. The videos are getting longer and more produced. Although, he should let his fans know which direction he’s taking, rather than make us guess and assume. It’s hard to think of him as a reviewer at this point, he’s been expanding on the spoonyverse in ultima 8 and FF-X2. Dude in the suede took a long time off for personal reasons, at least noah is masochistic enough to stick with whatever TSE has become. 

      • Michael Davis

        However Suede said in advance it was happening and didn’t treat people with valid criticisms as sub-human scum.

    • Riku Himawari

      I love Spoony and hell, I’d love to meet the guy in person to just chat and have a good time.

      This to say that, personally, I have no problem with, as you’ve said, “long-winded Vlogs”, because I actually prefer those over production videos. With criticism, especially when it comes to comedic critique, it’s very easy to insult someone else’s opinions without really meaning to. I admit I felt quite insulted at how Noah described everything as “Gay” when he reviewed Final Fantasy X. “This is gay, everything’s gay. Gay characters. Gay”. It just felt like highschool humor to me, and personally loving the game itself, I really did not feel like suffering through the rest of the video for its by and large campy/less-than-great production value (which some may think adds to the charm, personally, I don’t care to be a purist).

      However, with his Vlogs, I switch on my PSP or 3DS, put my console’s sound off, and just hear it out while I play. It feels as though he’s just over there, sharing his genuinely funny story, and I don’t feel stressed after a long day to have to mind details (I already play psychologically complex RPGs on my off-time, still don’t know how I can manage that — think Lucifer’s Call, or Digital Devil Saga).

      That said, I have to agree that the timespan between each video is getting progressively larger. We’re his fans, and for what it’s worth and, without trying to sound entitled, we might be worthy of some heads up every now and then. Like you said, I’d be fine with it if I knew he was just geuinely busy or had some issues. Full disclosure is not necessary not mandated by law, but no disclosure whatsoever is just a severe lack of motivation towards us, the community, and the website itself. Or otherwise, a complete lack of respect, which I doubt.

      Again, if these were never-got-to-hollywoodesque short films, I’d understand one, maybe two months’ wait between them. But like you stated, these are just frickin’ vlogs. Just putting the camera in front of him and speaking. No prep, basically no editing, all he really has to do is record and post it up. There’s no excuse for the (as of right now) two weeks waiting time.

  • Steven Youkhana

    Isn’t Spoony working on a video with team that guy with the glasses? So won’t that mean that he won’t release videos in a while?

    • Alpha268

      And him not releasing videos in a while would be a change from when?? Two years ago???

      • Jezpuhr Pixelboy



      • Steven Youkhana

         Well I think last time it took around 2 weeks to do the movie so he might not release something for a while.

    • Edward

      The 4th year anniversary is done with shooting and he did come back and do this and another Counter Monkey so the anniversary is not an excuse this time.  Might explain the gap between Tekken Vengeneance and the previous Counter Monkey though.

  • pelleparafin

    Spoony, you fucking suck. You should start looking for another job very soon.

  • Cbit Hobs

    Spoony, I love you.  I can’t wait to try out this trick in my game.  Unfortunately, I have my players eating out of my palms, and the session after next will be the balls to the walls session that will drive them through the rest of the campaign, but soon as anything starts slowing down, I’m going to throw this in there.

    Alas, shouldn’t have looked at the comments… I was hoping to see more people writing stories about how this trick worked for them :/

  • Erik Mattern

    People need to get a life and stop being so critical of internet personalities like Spoony. I believe he has somewhat of a life (not that it’s any of my business or of anyone else) and releases movies when he wants. He’s rather persistent at coming out with stuff that is absolutely excellent, so as fans we should just accept it and be patient. No it’s not a job, and I don’t want him to think of this site as something he has to do every fucking week. Even though a lot of the other reviewers do it doesn’t mean he has to. Personally, I believe TGWTG’s videos are proof that when you work hard at consistent results, the quality suffers. I thought Spoony’s vlogs were really boring at first, actually. I hadn’t played any role playing games before and it was just over my head. However, I began to just let him talk and I realized what a great storyteller he is. I honestly don’t care what he talks about anymore. I love to hear his voice and whatever comes out of his mouth. Spoony, do whatever you want, but just know that there are many fans that care about you and love whatever you release. I hope that Ultima one comes out soon!

    • Testy Testman

       “I believe he has somewhat of a life”
      – Miles tells otherwise

      “He’s rather persistent at coming out with stuff that is absolutely excellent”
      – Lately, not at all

      “He’s rather persistent at coming out with stuff that is absolutely excellent”
      – Every week would be bad for the quality indeed. But every two months is too long

      “I thought Spoony’s vlogs were really boring at first, actually. ”
      – They arent boring. But they are Vlogs, and we came to this site because of his “Lets Plays” and “Reviews”. And lately there arent any Vlogs either.

    • Edward

      I’ll quit being critical of Spoony the day he quits being critical of EVERYTHING HE EVER FUCKING TALKS ABOUT!!!

      How come Spoony is immune to criticism pal?  What because he makes fun of Final Fantasy and he’s kindof funny?  That doesn’t mean shit.

      Also, it is his job.  This is all he does and he does make money for it.  He has gone on record in an interview at E3 that he treats this like a job.  This and TGWTG are his soul source of income.  And back when he made that comment he actually treated it like a job.

      I hope the Ultima 9 video comes out soon too.  Hopefully we’ll only have to wait 1 year this time instead of 2 or 3.

  • Testy Testman

    Oh and by the way: For the moment he is excused. From his Twitter:

    Noah Antwiler
    ‏ @TheSpoonyOne
    I have food poisoning. Can barely move. Will be out of action for a few days. Sorry.

    • Michael Davis

      Well it’s an excuse he hasn’t used yet, that is true.

    • Edward

      He’s always got an excuse. It’s pattern of behavior at this point. Whatever.

      • GozarisaGod

         Epic reply is epic lol and so true! Spoony is a hypochondriac/prima donna! Remember the time he stopped doing videos because he had a “pimple” on his face?

        It does Reminds me though about once when I had a very bad glazed blueberry doughnut from Dunkin’s once about 10 years ago. I have never been back to Dunkin Doughnuts since. It was nothing but the toilet & drinking Gatorade. I must have been out of school for like a week.

        • Edward

          Yikes bro.  That sounds rough! :)

    • Unholy Fire Dragon

      This is the kind of crap that I was worried might happen as he continues his generally unhealthy behavior (i.e. consuming practically nothing but processed/refined stuff full of sugar and/or chemicals, in addition to having a screwed-up sleep routine). For years, he’s created conditions that has always lead him to more and more health problems, whether directly or indirectly. If it’s not him passing-out, it’s him getting food-poisoning, or him just randomly feeling too dizzy and sick to function.

      I used to be scrawny and weak (including having a screwed-up heart) like he is, more or less, and even gotten frequent colds, panic attacks, and other problems of a screwed-up physical, mental and emotional constitution. But then I’ve done whatever it took to improve my dietary lifestyle (NO sugar, NO junk-food, NO processed foods, NO chemicals, NO alcohol, YES to fresh bitter greens (which took a while to get used to, but still…), YES to fresh quality meats (even if it’s high-fat red-meat), and so on). I’ve even near killed myself by starting a anaerobic/strengthening exercise program years ago (one that worked best for me at the time, and it was changed over-time as needed; …and by the way: I’ve never improved by doing aerobic exercise). You know what though? It was WORTH IT! Unlike Spoony, and how I used to be myself about 5 years ago, I can actually FUNCTION now! I’ve gotten a strong heart; I’ve improved my moods; I never get colds; I have great immunity/recovery from any health incidents (ex.: if anyone has a cold or flu nearby) and personal injury; and I can even function better and more consistently than most people can.

      From what I’ve seen (and I’ve watched ALL of his videos, including all of his cameos), Spoony can certainly be a great low-budget entertainer, actor, producer, reviewer, etc., and even a great story-teller (and I have found a lot of his stuff hilarious). But, in general, stories aren’t worth any more than how the story-teller is, from the inside out. If Spoony is truly as tough as he believes he is, then maybe he can either do whatever it takes to find and consistently practice what improves his overall health (and even his “anaerobic fitness” (i.e. resistance training)) over time, or he can just continue to let himself deteriorate (which he is) and soon die (which he will, prematurely, on the path that he’s currently on). It doesn’t even bother me that Spoony takes so freaking long to come-up with entertaining material, but I’m really starting to get sick and tired of seeing him acting like he knows how to be a tough guy when he can’t even take great care of himself at all, or at least greatly improve over time by persistent long-term efforts.

      I make this message because I so happen to care about that hilarious douche-bag, and I’ve just risked being a troll who’s going to be permanently banned from this website. If I am, then I guess this is goodbye, folks. I just wish Noah Antwiler the best. *waves*

      • Dragdar

         Very STRAIGHT to the point post, to the root of problem.

        Some ppl just express themselves well. Like anything for a pro-job you need pro tools; the mind and the body.
        Sometimes the biggest hurdle, the biggest issue one can have is not being able to leave your ego behind when you look in the mirror.

        Take criticism as a man, don’t pretend everything’s fine and dandy. identify flaws, then annihilate them, each day chip away at them! Do whatever it takes to reach your goal. If the goal if worthy everything is expendable. And remove “maybe” from your dictionary.

        “And if you do not see it, if you do not believe in it.. .who else will!?”

        That’s how all great men did it. The rest are just shadows, nobodies.
        In the end nobody gives a shit unless you do.

        • Edward

          The more I read your comments, the more I am convinced that you are Mr. T, because you are a badass with a positive message :)

    • George Rosenbaum

      I don’t know, guys. He’s been tweeting about it since April 14th.

      It doesn’t sound like he pulled this from his ass. I think he’s really sick.

      And as we sit here, discussing what kind of toilet paper Noah is using to mop up the terrible, burning sludge caking on his ass, he’s wondering when his life really DID turn into a closely observed experiment.

      • Michael Davis

        “he’s wondering when his life really DID turn into a closely observed experiment.”

        It happened the second he decided he wanted to be center of attention on the internet, and put a video up.

        • George Rosenbaum

          Or when he advertised his particular health problems on Twitter. Good point.

      • Edward

        *rolls eyes.

        Ok, ok.  I hope he feels better and he’s doing alright.

  • SUE

    I’ve never done D&D in my life, but the last two counter monkeys have been very informative, and I laughed my ass off at the boots thing. It almost makes me want to get into RPGs.

  • Alex Stritar

    Looks like Spoony’s going to quit reviewing. Turns out, his dog can talk. XD

  • Michael Johnathen

    I’m a fan spoony, but uh….. I’m visiting your site less and less, So snap out this funk you’re in and get back into doing your reviews, other wise your ad-revenue is going die out, because I’m not the only one feeling this way.

    If not enjoy working at the game-shop again.

    • Frank


      Lay off Spoony. I happen to know for a fact that the four-year anniversary special was just done filming in Chicago so he was probably there for that. Also, we must remember that he makes and does these reviews pretty much all on his own and, although he does go through some rough times (like we all do), he never forgets about his fans.

      Spoony, if you’re reading this, we all still got your back. Much love, brother.

      • Jezpuhr Pixelboy

        “…  he never forgets about his fans.”

        Yeah, that’s a good one…

      • Michael Johnathen

         Lay Off? I wasn’t being “mean” I was speaking truthfully, you don’t need to come in to spoonys aid like some defensive lineman to shield spoonys from seeing what his fans are saying, then gentle caress his balls afterwards to make him feel better.

  • CornBRED-X

    I may be white knighted here, which is why I’m often afraid to comment in the negative persuading fashion, but I really think you need to create a schedule for yourself and stick to it Spoony. Create seasons for your show or something (1 episode a month, 12 episodes a year- that’s plenty of time to make whatever crazy video you want without excessive hours, and a lot of time for whatever else you want to do). Something that will make time for you to make your videos and have as much of a life as you need.

    I mean this in a entirely constructive way, as I know you’ve had/are having a lot of personal issues and I think a portion at least of it has to do with you working to hard (lately, it feels, for other people more then yourself).

    From what little I know you are working on several other projects (If I recall you did some stuff with Brad Jones and also recently the Anniversary special with TGWTG). I understand that this is part of the reason you have been unable to focus as much on your own stuff so you have been putting these up (I’m not saying CM is bad- i enjoy these too =) ). It sometimes feels like maybe you don’t want to do the videos anymore. I hope that is not the case.

    Far be it from to judge you, and that is not my intent. I really just want to see more crazy stuff from you like it used to be. Even a lets play, which for you I think (I don’t really know of course, but you make it look like it) is easy. Barely any editing needed (even though you’re fairly to really good at it you don’t seem to like editing that much).

    Anyway, constructive criticism. I hope you don’t take it as intending to be mean. I’m not. I love your work, have watched your show for years, and I am really sad the last few years as it seems like your show is on the decline. I may be wrong, and maybe you are just trying to find creative inspiration- or to do something new. I certainly know how that is. All I am saying is you have a foundation here, and all it needs is structure. 

    I believe in your work and you. I just hope that I can give some encouragement and hopefully helpful advice to make the whole entertainment thing easier on you and easier to get videos up again. It feels sometimes lately like you have lost your interest. That would be a shame as you are a gifted performer even with so little.

    I wish you all the best and look forward to whatever video you are able to come out with next.

    P.S. Don’t be afraid to shoot us a VLOG or something just because everyone does them now. I’m making another assumption but it seems like you shy away from those now too. They are good just for giving updates- about yourself and whatever you would like to share about the site. Remember: the site is about you and people come here because they like to hear what you have to say. Don’t let anything keep you down.

    I wrote a lot. I’ll shut up now.

  • T O’Conor

    I have done this, several times, the players never suspect it at first, once they do see thru it though i turn it into a running gag, the Shadow inquisition steals your wagon while screaming Nobody expects the Shadow inquisition! The Monty Python joke kills all logic rhyme and reason not only leaving them completely unaware after they stop laughing to the railroad plot, slight of hand is key to the trick. most important thing is to have fun with it.

  • neil

    Spoony is on the slippery sloop downwards in my opinion….

  • Testy Testman

    Im also afraid Spoony doesnt like doing videos anymore. That would be a shame, because he is still my favourite “Critic / Reviewer / Internet Personality”. Even his (archived) Livestreams where he just plays with little comments are very nice to watch.

    • Edward

      You do realize what’s really going on here?  He’s sick and doesn’t feel like making vids right now and we’re bored so all we’re doing is bitching on the last video he made about how he doesn’t make enough vids.  That’s what’s going on here.  If he shat out a barely conscious, mucus covered Counter Monkey about the time Lordkat killed an orc with a flaming bedroll, we probably wouldn’t be complaining so much.

      Speaking of which, I would really like to see a Counter Monkey where he talks about Deathklok.  It would cool to get behind the scenes stories about what was going on and what he was planning and his thoughts in general about the campaign.  It would also be cool to hear him talk about Wyrmwick and Tomb of the Golden Couch although those maybe a little sensitive for him to talk about.  But it would still be cool to get his insights nonetheless.

      • Dragdar

         …he doesn’t make enough vids.  That’s what’s going on here.  If he shat
        out a barely conscious, mucus covered Counter Monkey about the time
        Lordkat killed an orc with a flaming bedroll, we probably wouldn’t be
        complaining so much.”

        i loled xD

        • CornBRED-X

          I see what you did there. Nice.
          Edit: Meant this in reply to Edward. Oh well haha

          • Edward

            Thank you sirs ;)


  • George Rosenbaum

    Hey guys? Can we stop having this conversation?

    Because we all know what everyone’s gonna say.

    “Oh, Spoony’s just faking it”
    “Oh, Spoony is really sick”
    “Oh, Spoony should stick to a schedule”
    “Oh, Spoony spent too much time on the TGWTG anniversary”
    “The Counter Monkey’s and VLogs are boring”
    “The Counter Monkeys and VLogs aren’t that bad”
    “Spoony just needs time to handle his depression”
    “Depression isn’t serious” (followed immediately by someone else: “Yes it is, because I’ve had it/know someone who had it, and your ignorant to say that”)
    “Spoony’s health sucks, and he should eat better food”
    “If you don’t like it, don’t watch it”

    And my favorite:

    “We should all butt out of his life, and treat him like a grown up and a professional instead of babying him through the Internet.”

    Maybe that last comment has a point. I’ve been guilty of stupid, repetitive, personally invasive comments. Can’t we just treat him like a source of entertainment instead of trying to chain him to our hip?

    • Jezpuhr Pixelboy

      “Can’t we just treat him like a source of entertainment instead of trying to chain him to our hip?”
      Since when was he a source of entertainment?
      Oh yeah, when he did what made him popular: reviews and LP’s!
      But that was fucking ages ago! And no, reviewing FFX-Whatever in parts and releasing them one by a years interval doesn’t count.

      • George Rosenbaum

        That’s kind of my point. We all know what the problem is, yet we just keep talking about it. This has been going on for way too long in my opinion.

      • Eddie Prince

        1. I really don’t see the point in comments like this. Endlessly fucking whining about the general shift in his content isn’t going to do a damn thing. He makes these videos because he wants to. They’re a privilege, not a right. Find other ways to entertain yourself if you don’t like the new stuff on tap.

        2. On a personal note, I laugh my ass off when I picture you guys flying into a blood-boiling rage and covering your computer monitor with an inch of spittle when you load up the site and discover a new “Counter-Monkey” instead a review of some shitty old Nintendo game.

        3. “Oh and btw, it’s “you’re” in your eight quote.”
        Just remember that when you correct other people’s grammar in polite conversation, nobody likes you.

  • Alex Stritar

    Breaking news on the Twitter front. Spoony’s in love with a girl in his dreams. What does this mean for future reviews? XD

  • Testy Testman

    For all of you who miss his Lets Plays: His archived Live Streams are getting more and more funny, he now comments nearly as much as during his Lets Plays. Of course they are no real “produced” Lets Plays with Editing and stuff, but still more enjoyable than his Vlogs.

    For example Silent Hill Shattered Memories:

  • Dragdar

    Woa ! These comments got long, frequent and people are rioting for new content!
    Just so Spooninites wouldnt say ppl dont give constructive advice.

    __STEP 1 Make a schedule; and more  or less stick to it, this way fans AT LEAST know what to expect and when (so dont constantly experience heart-brake every time we open the site and see a two week old V-log)

    __Step 2 EAT BETTER ! Oh Spoony’s sick again, food poisoning? woopity fucking doo, what a surprise. he looks like a ghost.

     STOP STUFFING YOURSELF WITH JUNK, no processed sugars and grains, don’t drink soda sugary poison,

    eat more protein, nuts (almond, hazelnuts, walnuts.. soak them 30 h in water,add lemon juice) cottage cheese, fish, eggs, yogurt, olive oil, leafy greens, vegetables, fresh fruits (avocado, pears, banana..) If you still eat simple carbs eat them AFTER the main protein/fiber filled meal (as a desert)

    Drink a lot of green tea.

    workout twice a week at least (1 hour total but intense), intense cardio twice (30 min total). If you dont like cooking at least buy one of those protein shakes, better than nothing. Get diet supplements (minerals and vitamins)
    Get more fresh air, more sun on your skin. this will help with Vitamin D which affects mood and motivation.

    ___Step 3 Go to bed early. Rise early.

    ___Step 4 Set goals. Plan ahead what and how you wanna do it, observe the wants and reactions of fans. Put just enough time and effort to make content good and >15 min long BUT no so cinematic-production intensive that it bogs down the process. Evaluate honestly your speed and capabilities.

    ___Step 5 Set a couple well deserved resting periods inside your schedule, inform the fans honestly way beforehand. During this time post Counter-monkey or whatever, rest but also internally plan your next project.

    Most importnantly RESPECT YOUR FANS, no matter what they say. They are the reason you have the luxury of doing what you do, what you0re  good at.

    • Christopher

       Yes, because a guy who can barely type in his native language is the type of person I’d listen to for advice on how to live right.  What kind of “advice” is this, anyway?  Shit that most parents tell their kids all throughout childhood?  Well, if we didn’t listen then, why the fuck would we listen now, especially to someone as demonstrably inept as you?

      • jobo976

        I think we have a badass!

        You have issues dude…

        • Erik Mattern

          Just another Douchey McNitpick… nothing worth paying attention to.

          • bob bob

            Yeah, It’s always easy to spot them when they have replied for multiple pages towards anyone who isn’t a fanboy.

          • Edward

            Douchey McNitpick is a character who gets on the Critics case about factual errors he’s made in his reviews.  And he has also gone on record as saying that he did not mean for the character to represent his critical fan base at large.  Jobo is not trashing Spoony about factual errors, he’s getting into fights with people that try to shoot down Spoony’s critics.  That’s all he’s doing.  And maybe he does need to calm down.  But there’s no reason to be a dick to the guy.

          • Edward

            You know Doug Walker actually listens to his fan base…

      • Edward

        Wow.  Fuck you.  You are an asshole.  That guy said nothing mean to Spoony and did nothing but list a well thought out suggestion to Spoony that MIGHT help him if he wants to listen to it and you jumped down his throat.  Fuck you man you are a piece of shit.

        Not to mention, God forbid he give GOOD advice that loving parents would give to their children to help them live a healthy and happy life.  Yeah, fuck that guy.  How dare he.

  • Christopher

    You know what would be awesome?  If people stopped bitching in the comments section and telling Spoony what to do with his life.  Shit, if I were in his position, I’d be inclined to close down the site just to spite those self-centered jackasses who feel they’re entitled to free entertainment at whim.  Guess what, dipshits?  You don’t pay a dime for these videos, so you’re in no position to demand anything.  Regardless of whether or not Spoony treats this like a “job”, the fact remains none of you are paying anything out of your pocket; the most you give is 30 seconds of your time to sit through an advertisement.  What a fucking tragedy.  If you don’t like the way things are around here, fuck off and watch something else.  If Spoony loses so many viewers he can’t keep the site running anymore, that’s his concern. Not yours.

    Berating the guy isn’t going to change anything; I wouldn’t be surprised if he stopped reading the comment threads given how many selfish dingbats continue to pester him.  Bitchy demands and passive-aggressive suggestions (i.e., telling him how to live his life) don’t count as “constructive advice.”

    Grow up, “fans.”  The world doesn’t revolve around you.

    • Michael Davis

      Live by the snark, die by the snark. Turnabout is fair play after all.

      • Atmos_Duality

        ^Spoony uses snark as a schtick. These people are using snark as an excuse to act like complete assholes.

        There is a difference, and people had better learn that difference quick if they want to be taken seriously.

        • Michael Davis

          1 rule for Spoony and another for everyone else eh?

          • Atmos_Duality

            You may want to learn what a “schtick” is before implying it’s a double standard. When Spoony unloads his snark in videos, it’s for the purpose of entertainment; it’s an act.

            You don’t run backstage to punch the comedian because he made a joke at the audience. Why? Because there’s no real malice intended. Irony for the sake of comedy.

            Though this comes with a disclaimer: If Spoony was making comments just to troll his fans, then yeah, he’d be guilty of that too.

            The golden rule for comedy is to NEVER make anything personal.

          • Michael Davis

            Your acting like he isn’t a snarky douche “off stage”.

          • bob bob

            And you’re acting like you know him personally, which I highly doubt you do.

          • Michael Davis

            Never met guy, wouldn’t want to.

          • jobo976

            And you’re acting like another fanboy…

          • Edward

            Dude, all you’ve got to do is watch a v-log, listen to his DND streams, or watch any behind the scenes or blooper video he does to know how he acts as himself.

          • Atmos_Duality

            The only exposure I get from him “off-stage” is via Twitter. If posting random quips and engaging in faux-flirtatious jabs with Pushin Up Roses is being a “snarky douche”, then methinks you’re stretching the truth to justify your excuse.

          • Michael Davis

            I don’t follow him Twitter.

          • Edward

            That’s the problem with Spoony though.

            It’s not an act.

            Oh, yeah, in his scripted reviews, he’s playing an exaggerated version of himself.  That’s a joke.  I get that.

            But how about those hour long v-logs where he goes on and on and on about how much he hates stuff?  How about his Transformers 2 review where he says, “I was so upset, I could barely drive home!”?  How about the drunken Breaking Dawn review where he needed Linkara and Jewario on Skype with him to “make sure he’s ok?”  

            The thing about Spoony is he is the one professional internet reviewer I know of who is not really playing a character.  When Nostalgia Critic says he hates a movie in his reviews, he’s joking. He’s playing a character.  When Spoony says he hates a movie, whether he’s in character or not he really, really hates that movie.  Like if it was alive he would kill it with his bare hands.  Spoony is the type of person who will watch a bad movie and let it completely ruin his day.  He is a perfect example of a person who takes this stuff too seriously.

            Honestly, he’s crazy.  He’s like the Kanye West of internet reviewers.

          • George Rosenbaum

            And Jay-Z is Doug.

            Seasoned veteran reviewer who has a long history of solid content who is trying to go the distance, while being a little conscious of his image.

          • Edward

            lol Oh shit your right!  

            They’re Ni$$as In Molossia!!!

          • Atmos_Duality

            It’s important to distinguish between which parts of his reviews/vlogs are a schtick and which aren’t.
            He provided some very good reasons as to why he was pissed at Transformers 2; when he did his online discussion with Brad Jones about Transformers 3, he wasn’t anywhere near as livid.
            That isn’t to say Spoony hasn’t been legitimately pissed off at something in real life. (“BETRAYAL!”)

            Twilight…well yeah. It’s a breakup anniversary. And a very painful breakup at that. Most people who criticize him or tell him to “get over it” act as if that shit happens over night. Depression doesn’t work that way. It sets in and builds, and lingers sometimes for years. And you DON’T have much if any control over it. I’ve dealt with chronic depression, and it’s more than just feeling bad; it’s guilt anger and frustration that your brain physically will not let go of. Eventually, something needs to “click” and you can then begin to get control back.

            I don’t know what Spoony needs to find or do to get his brain to “click” so that he can go back to being his awesome self, but I’ll tell you from personal experience that pills, booze and/or happy thoughts won’t do it.

            I will agree with you on one point: Spoony is crazy. And I kind of like it that way.

          • Edward

            lol I do to.

        • Edward

          I have to agree with Michael on this one.  I’ve been saying that since day one.  If all Spoony does is visciously criticize then it should be no surprise that he be visciously criticized.  Nor should it be any surprise that he has fostered an extremely critical fan base.

          Also, its the internet.  Of course people are going to say stupid stuff.

          • Atmos_Duality

            If he is going off the “Schtick Reservation” as it were, then yes. He deserves all the ire he earns. Just because Spoony is Spoony does not make him immune to legitimate criticism for his words and actions. I’m just pointing out that he’s been unfairly criticized for things that were JOKES or in-character; things people took far too seriously.

            Only recently have I found out why everyone is pissed at him: Of course, it’s over Mass Effect 3….why wouldn’t it be the ONE AND ONLY TOPIC of gaming discussion for the last month?

            Good grief is that topic polarizing to begin with. I have my own opinions on the matter, but I’ll just say this: NOBODY “WINS” THAT ARGUMENT.

            It’s scorched earth and salted fields at this point.

          • Edward

            Fair enough.  As for Mass Effect 3, I’m almost afraid to ask.  I haven’t played a next gen console in a very long time.

      • Edward

        True dat, bro.

    • George Rosenbaum

      There’s a difference between ‘entertainment at a whim’ and waiting two months for an edited, scripted review.

      But your right. He hasn’t listened to demand, and since no one is leaving the site, Spoony isn’t taking the comments seriously.

      You wanna know why Noah calls his fans crazy? It isn’t because our demands are unreasonable. It’s because despite our complaints, WERE STILL HERE, adding to his traffic. That’s kind of contradictory to the message.

      Maybe I shouldn’t be here, adding to Spoony’s traffic and shooting myself in the foot. If I can wait two months for the damn video to be made, I can stand a few days for it to show up on TGWTG.

      • Stimpack Phoenix

        I like how everyone here acts as if their lives hang in the balance while they await the next Spoony video. You might have to wait a month? Two months? THREE months?! Dear god!

        Get real, guys. When it’s up, it’s up. Maybe try to do something else with your time…

        • George Rosenbaum

          Obvious troll is obvious.

          • Stimpack Phoenix

            I don’t think you know what a troll is. I didn’t say that to provoke an outburst of anger, I said it in the hopes that some of you get real… The way that people around here get so pissed off because the guy isn’t pumping out videos, it’s ridiculous. He’s doing this because he likes it, right? If he doesn’t want to do something, who are you to try and force him? These are videos… on the internet… it’s not the holy grail here…

          • George Rosenbaum

            Oh really?

            Because despite us supposedly sharing the same opinion (Spoony’s rate of output is bad, and we should leave the site until someone else shows up) you still feel the need to antagonize my by pretending I’m overreacting.

            Or did you forget that you said that I’m “acting as though lives hang int the balance”?

            Putting words into someones mouth to get a rise is what a troll does. I can’t see any other motivation for you saying that, other than you misinterpreting my comment as a fanboy defense or a butthurt whining (hint: it’s neither).

            So either your a troll, your stupid, or I’M stupid. So if your not at fault (and therefore I am stupid) please explain what I did wrong?

        • Edward

          Fuck you dude.  Your an asshole.  We are not a desparate people who can’t live our lives if Spoony doesn’t do a review soon.  We are just disappointed fans and who are upset that Spoony is insisting on sucking and we when we try to use our God given right to express our disapproval to him and for all to see in the comments, we have to deal with assholes like you who try to shoot down everything we say.  So fuck you.

          • Stimpack Phoenix

            You mean you just talk shit to everyone who doesn’t agree with you, or your methods. Attempting to reason with you mongrels is no longer an option! I express my disapproval at you, sir!

          • Edward

            Very well, sir.  But you honestly come across like an asshole to me.  So I told you to fuck off.  And I’ll tell you again.  Fuck you.  You come across like a dipshit.  You are a dipshit and I know your not surprised someone is calling you a dipshit.  So fuck off again.

            I don’t expect everybody to agree with me.  And their a plenty here that don’t.  But most people here are being pretty civil.  Your coming in here with an attitude and chip on your shoulder.  So don’t be surprised if someone gives you attitude back.

    • jobo976

      Cool story bro!

    • Jimmy TheFish

      Without viewers spoony wont make any money and without money spoony wont make any more videos. I will keep watching spoonys videos until he stops making them and maybe he makes so much money he doesnt have to put one out every month (who knows).

  • jobo976

    ”You know what would be awesome? If people stopped bitching in the comments section and telling Spoony what to do with his life.”

    You can begin with yourself

    ”Shit, if I were in his position, I’d be inclined to close down the site just to spite those self-centered jackasses who feel they’re entitled to free entertainment at whim.”

    Gladly, you don’t have that kind of power you egoistic fanboy on powertrip

    ”Guess what, dipshits? You don’t pay a dime for these videos, so you’re in no position to demand anything. Regardless of whether or not Spoony treats this like a “job”, the fact remains none of you are paying anything out of your pocket; the most you give is 30 seconds of your time to sit through an advertisement”

    And the donate button is just in my head…

    ” you don’t like the way things are around here, fuck off and watch something else. If Spoony loses so many viewers he can’t keep the site running anymore, that’s his concern. Not yours.”

    But you have the right… Bigot.

    ”Berating the guy isn’t going to change anything; I wouldn’t be surprised if he stopped reading the comment threads given how many selfish dingbats continue to pester him. Bitchy demands and passive-aggressive suggestions (i.e., telling him how to live his life) don’t count as “constructive advice.”

    Sir, you are an exemple of “constructive advice”

    ”Grow up, “fans.” The world doesn’t revolve around you.”

    And after vomiting your anger, you still don’t understand why? Have a nice day in your shitty reality.

    • Erik Kowalsky

       Damn, you are fucking stupid. Thanks for the entertainment, you sure ‘busted’ their asses good.

      • Edward

        Whatever man.  Man just spoke his mind and argued with a dick head on the internet.  It’s the little things in life that make it worth living…

    • Atmos_Duality

      “And the donate button is just in my head…”

      I should try that some time…
      “Hey Valve, I donated money to your company! So why aren’t you lazy fucks making Half Life 3?”

    • Stimpack Phoenix

      You obviously have so many issues, I don’t know where to begin. People like you should be have their internet privileges revoked.

      • jobo976

        ”You obviously have so many issues”

        Fanboy, fanboy…

        ”I don’t know where to begin. People like you should be have their internet privileges revoked.”

        Wow, what kind of shitty life you have to think like that? Thanks, you are not a police officer.

        ”Haha, I like how your comment is actually liked by people. Give me a break. So you’re all under the belief that donations somehow give you power?”

        Yes, idiot. You give for nothing? Dumbass, if I give to the research on cancer, I want this money used for research on cancer…

        ”It is absolutely and only your choice to donate!”

        And it is absolutely my RIGHT to think you are just another useless, dumb, white knight of the internet.

        ” If you don’t like how he runs things, don’t donate. If this were a subscription-based website with some sort of membership plan I would completely understand where you’re coming from, but it’s not.”

        So I need to be a member to complain about something I don’t like? Hey another bigot

        ”You honestly should take a look at yourself. I mean, what gives you the right to judge others? Step off of your high horse, buddy. Also, reality is shitty, and it’s because we have to endure it with people like yourself =)”

        LOL@YOU. The difference between you and me is that you are a weak angry over-emotional fanboy. Give me one good reason to respect some piece of shit like you? Just one.

        ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
        ……….”…………. _.·´

        • Stimpack Phoenix

          Buddy, I’ve watched maybe a handful of videos from Spoony. I like how you try to pin everyone as a fanboys and white knights to somehow invalidate their arguments. I’m not here as a fan of Spoony, I didn’t write this because I’m just so in love with him. I’m writing this because I see the amount of idiotic flaming comments around here, and it’s absolutely absurd to me. 

          White knight, fanboy, bigot, piece of shit. Ugh, you have so many anger issues, yet you literally just flamed some guy saying that he was so emotional and angry. Hell, you’re trying to say the same thing about me right now! I could care less if you respect me. Do you honestly think that your respect holds any weight at all? On anyone?
          I hope you enjoy making a fool of yourself, because I certainly enjoy seeing it. 

          • jobo976

            ”I’m not here as a fan of Spoony”

            Oh please!

            ”I didn’t write this because I’m just so in love with him. I’m writing this because I see the amount of idiotic flaming comments around here, and it’s absolutely absurd to me.”

            I think you can begin with yourself…

            ”White knight, fanboy, bigot, piece of shit. Ugh, you have so many anger issues, yet you literally just flamed some guy saying that he was so emotional and angry. Hell, you’re trying to say the same thing about me right now! I could care less if you respect me. Do you honestly think that your respect holds any weight at all? On anyone?”

            So why are you still here? Butthurt?

            ”I hope you enjoy making a fool of yourself, because I certainly enjoy seeing it. ”

            Have you finish to vomit you rage? I’m the angry loser but you are the one ”certainly enjoy seeing it and want to revoke my internet privileges”? Pathetic excuse for a human being…

            (FYI You sound butthurt)

          • Stimpack Phoenix

            Another masterpiece of a reply, brought to you by Jobo976. You’re right, I’m seething with rage. Ugh, and all of your comments are literally exactly the same for everyone you talk to. Come on, man =|

          • jobo976

            That’s not my fault if every fanboys here have the same attitude: All hail our ill god Spoony! Come on man.

            (FYI You still sound butthurt) I’m going to take more lub next time ;)

          • Tiago Ferreira

            Totally agree with you jobo. 

          • Edward

            Dude, seriously.  Go fuck yourself.

  • Tony Kalil

    Actual in-game testimonial:

    I’m currently running a 7th Sea game (a pirate table-top RPG for the uninitiated), and the group was just wrapping up a personal story for member of the party that involved an arranged marriage to an unscrupulous noble.  Going down kicking and screaming, the noble kidnapped the party member’s mother and younger sister essentially out of spite.

    Ho. Lee.  Crap.

    The party happened upon this plot when discovering some mooks tossing the sister’s bedroom.  The player’s immediate response?  “Kill all three of them.  Then we’re going to the villa.”

    This is a system that can have very harsh morality penalties for the “Heroes” outright killing people.  Like Marvel RPG Karma bad in extreme cases.  This is also coming from a party who, up until this point, had been making efforts in reforming the scoundrel of the group (another player) and instilling him with some sense of morality.

    And with a snap of the fingers we went from that to “Kill them.  All of them.”
    I mean, Jesus.
    Like Spoony said, this was entirely by accident.  I wrote this in as a plot twist to set up some kind of motivation for having a big fight scene at the end of the story. Now? They have no idea what they might be up against, and couldn’t care less.

  • GozarisaGod

    You know… I think I finally figured out what coming to this website reminds me of. Spoony reminds me of those women that go around giving out guys her number but when they call she never picks up. She just hangs out with her friends and looks at her phone and complains about how it’s ringing all the time and how she’s so in demand but she never picks up her phone to talk to any of these guys and she never plans too. She just wants to hear her phone ring so she can feel special about being wanted, like she is needed, it’s an esteem/ego booster for her knowing all these people are thinking about her when really it’s a bunch of bs.

    That’s what Spoony is reminding me of. He puts these half ass videos up every 3-4 weeks and a halfway decent one up every 2-3 months, and in between that time he doesn’t do sh*t! He drops tweets about how he’s sick,lonely,etc.etc. just to get you interested in him,so you follow along. The exact same as that woman does by teasing you to get you interested in her just enough so you follow along.

     Spoony lets his viewers go on bickering in the comments section about how he’s not there making videos and how much they want/need him etc. Just like that Chick with her phone ringing constantly. She just likes to know someone is trying to reach her, and when she goes to check her voicemails and hears guys telling her how much they want to be with her and take her out she gets all excited because she feels like she’s a wanted/special/in demand.

    It’s the same bullsh*t. I’m quite sure spoony gets off on leaving his viewers hanging just like that woman gets off by leaving all those men hanging. Both of them like the attention, both of them like to be chased after and sought over, both of them like the feeling of being needed/wanted. There’s no way that Spoony can’t be aware that his viewers/fans are getting annoyed by his lack of updates (also, look at Wrestle Wrestle hasn’t been updated since 2011), just like there’s no way that woman can’t be aware that the men she has calling her aren’t annoyed when she doesn’t call them back.

    Spoony really does remind me a lot of those b*tches because he acts just like one of them with all the bullsh*t he does. He doesn’t respect his fans/viewers, just like that woman doesn’t really respect all those men she has calling her because if she did she wouldn’t be doing the sh*t she does. If Spoony really gave a flying F about his veiwers/fans he wouldn’t leave you folks hanging. He’d be courteous enough to update regularly, make sure his vids are quality and not some bs and let you guys know what’s coming up next and when or if there’s a break “why” and “when” things will be back on track. Spoony is full of sh*t and so is that b*tch with the phone.

    And just like that woman’s number gets deleted out your phonebook, this website gets deleted off your favorite places. No point in investing time in someone that really doesn’t have the courtesy to invest that same time in you. Spoony doesn’t think enough of his fans/viewers to make “quality” videos so he drops cheap V-logs hoping you guys lap it up and you did, when you should have been like “WTF is this bullsh*t? where’s the real videos” but you didn’t so he made more and more of the same cheap bs till that’s all you got from him. Now you waste your time watching/listening to some 1-2hour long rant about absolutely f’n nothing relevant. You’re just being used. If Spoony was serious about making sure his fans/viewers were satisfied he’d make a real video for you not some v-log bullsh*t he makes in his dingy tshirt before he goes to bed. If that woman was serious about starting a relationship with you she would call you back! and not have you calling her leaving messages she wont return.

    It’s the same game Spoony’s playing and quite honestly I’m done with this sh*t. Just like any guy who respects themselves would be done with that woman. There’s no point in giving someone revenue when they aren’t doing anything to deserve it, just like theres no time in spending your revenue or time on a woman when she hasn’t done anything to deserve it.

    Peace for good this time. Get your sh*t together Noah Antwiller.

    • George Rosenbaum

      So, Spoony is a man-whore? Sounds right. The worst part is that the on-off attention whoring gets him traffic.

      And hopefully you’ll stick to your word, like I’m failing to do right now. Good luck.

      • Atmos_Duality

        Well, at least if you fail to keep your word, there will be at least one other voice of reason here.

        Then again, keeping to any sort of even-handed logic just gets you branded a “sheep” or “fanboy”.

        • Edward

          For the last time sir, I did not call you a sheep.  I felt poetic in my response to you.  You are a rational even handed individual who was a pleasure to debate with.

          • Atmos_Duality

            Well, at the time you weren’t the only one who used that term, so that wasn’t addressed only to you. (explained below)
            I’ll take you at your word here, so I apologize.

            It was addressed to a few other sods who are under the disillusion that I’m a Spoony-worshipping-sheep just because I don’t troll, flame, or make demands by throwing a virtual temper-tantrum as they do.
            Sods who shared their “opinions” of me via PMs.

          • Edward

            No need to apologize although it is appreciated :)

            Well, I’m sorry people were dicks to you in PMs.  It sounds like you handled yourself well though.  

    • Edward

      Well said.  And if you and every other fan never comes back here again, its Spoony’s own damn fault.

  • Testy Testman

    From Spoonys Twitter: “I’m working hard, but I have obligations to the 4th Year movie first. Lots to do yet.”

    Awww come on, I hate these unfunny TGWTG-movies. They exist only to boost the ego of that screeching idiot who runs TGWTG.

    You are better than that Spoony. Why are you talking about “obligations”? TGWTG is dead, apart from Linkara and a few exceptions. The get fewer and fewer viewers according to google trends and Im sooo glad “The Cinema Snob” kept to himself on his own site, and doesnt participate with their shit.

    • Péter Márton

       I completely agree. The anniversary movies have all been awful. I don’t know why they even bother making them.

      • Alex Stritar

        I don’t know either. It couldn’t be that they want to hang out together and make a little something special for the fans. That’d just be crazy and wouldn’t fit into our cynical world view.

        • Edward

          Yeah, we’re a bunch of hate filled mother fuckers.  

          I like the anniversaries but…I understand.

          • Alex Stritar

            Yeah, maybe I was being overly harsh. I think the general negativity might be getting to me.

          • Edward

            lol It’s ok ;)

    • Alpha268

      No one watches this shit. TGWTG was nice to collect the reviewers and sort the good ones out, but now they have run their course.

      All these crossovers, “anniversary” movies etc. etc. are just annoying. And of course they keep Spoony from Lets Playing Phantasmagoria 1 and Deadly Premonition. RARGH!

      • Tiago Ferreira

        Yeah, screw them. Screw the guys that care about their fans and do post more videos than Spoony. Screw the ones that have 3 different accounts and regularly updated them like NC. Yeah, screw them, they suck. Spoony rules, after all what a great project was WrestleWrestle and their 20 videos in three years or something. Just great. Spoony doesn’t care about us, fans or whatever you wanna call us, Doug at least cares and so reviews a lot more than Spoony who is alway sick and even if he is not he doesn’t give a shot about it.

        • Tiago Ferreira

          And screw Sean Fauzs too. The guy knew less about wrestling than me.

          • Edward

            Well, said on both comments.

      • Edward

        Eh, I don’t think they’re awful.  I think their pretty good.  But I also think they make some pretty stupid decisions every now and then.  I have no idea what they were think when they hired That Sci Fi Guy for example especially in world where SF Debris exists and is awesome.

        But, believe me, I understand exactly what you mean bro.

        • George Rosenbaum

          Or MikeJ. He delivers his lines like he’s stoned on horse tranquilizer. It’s worse than an early Guru Larry review.

          • Edward

            Yeah, I kindof like him but maybe his dry British humor is a little too dry.  I think his biggest problem is he doesn’t update enough.  He may have really shot himself in the foot by making his show “Shameful Sequals” meaning he can only review movie sequels and nothing else.

    • Alex Stritar

      I know I’m one of the people defending Spoony, and I don’t want to arm the mob with more stuff to fling, but haven’t they already finished filming the anniversery?

      • Edward

        Yeah, last I checked they did.  Doug is editing the footage right now.  Maybe Spoony means to say that he has some additional footage to film on his own.

    • Edward

      Ugh, whatever Spoony.  Whenever your ready.

      I actually really like TGWTG.  They’re not perfect, but I think they are enjoyable.  I don’t mind him doing the anniversary.  I would be disappointed if he wasn’t in it.  The only problem is it feels like just one more damn excuse.  Also, isn’t he back already?

      Whatever.  I’ll check in from time to time.

    • TorpeErik

      Couldn`t agree more, very lucid. Got really sick of the backslapping self indulgence going on TGWTG these days. Just so fucking stupid.I havent watched one anniversary movie since Epic Battle. Tried to watch and its just cringeworthy.A very bad LARP party… For some reason Noah feels like he owe these people something. Spoony is very funny, one of the few at TGWTG with real comedic potential.He could hit a wider audience i think, well outside the realm of “geekdom”.

  • Dan Hill

    If you can’t update your own site, why the hell would you be working with another one? I know you aren’t going to apologize because you are giving people “free” entertainment, but remember, a lot of these people are your fans. Before you started all this, didn’t you have the mindset where if you were losing touch, not apprciating fans, or whatever, you’d want someone to tell you? Someone to say “Hey man, I think you need to get oriented here”.

    Mayb you don’t care anymore. Maybe you’ve lost some fire to do all this. But, the least you can do, and not because you “have to”, but because it’s the right thing to do, would be to say “Sorry guys, here’s what’s coming up soon”.

    Besides, do you think everyone here like TGWTG? Do you think they care about a different website, or yours?

    • Alpha268

      Additonaly, that entertainment isnt that free. He gets money through visits, donations and gifts.

      Also, TGTWG is generally hated here. The only crossovers with positive feedbacks were those with the Cinema snob and Linkara.

      • Edward

        Even Linkara gets a lot of hate.

        • George Rosenbaum


          I’ll say this about the TSE fanbase, we can’t stand anyone but our Spoony.

          The only reviewer I really hated was Hagan. Everyone else was average to very good, even Film Brain. His accent takes getting used to, but his analysis is so good I can ignore it.

          • Edward

            Why don’t you like Hagan?  I’ve actually really been digging her stuff.

          • George Rosenbaum

            As smart as her analysis is, the whole supervillan thing doesn’t really generate a lot of good jokes. A lot of her skits look really bad, occasionally shot with a different, worse camera. And I really don’t like her into, I skip over that whenever I can.

            I think most of the problems come from the whole cult leader thing, because when she made a Bonekickers review in a hotel (away from here green screen) I actually liked it.

          • Edward

            Hmm….good points.  

            I guess its different strokes for different folks, but yeah, her skit/storyline could be better.

            I actually really liked her intro when she was using Lecher Bitch by Genotorus.  I’m now crazy about that song and I wish she’d go back to using it instead of the Urban Gothic theme.

  • PeaTearGryfin

    I don’t care what anybody else says Spoony. I still love these Counter Monkey videos. You just take whatever time you need to make the TGWTG anniversary movie and I will still be here waiting for you. If I could make a slight suggestion, why don’t you try going to a movie every now and then and posting a v-log about it? At least to satiate people in between scripted reviews. To the fans, it is disgusting seeing how many of you think that you are obligated to reviews. Lay off the man. He has been sick recently, been in TWO movies, and dealing with his own mental health problems. Spoony is only one man. Why don’t you lay off of him and let him get everything together before you start whinning about how he isn’t putting enough effort into his videos.

    • jobo976

      Dude, If I have mental health problems or other kind of health problem, you know what I don’t do? WORKING!!!! But he’s alright, He just don’t give a shit about you. Just look what you said :

      ”I will still be here waiting for you. If I could make a slight suggestion, why don’t you try going to a movie every now and then and posting a v-log about it? At least to satiate people in between scripted reviews. To the fans, it is disgusting seeing how many of you think that you are obligated to reviews.

      With dumbasses like you, I understand why he don’t give a shit…

      • PeaTearGryfin

        O hai Internet Troll. Let me see if I understand you here. Positive reinforcement won’t make Spoony want to make more videos, but insults and constant put downs will? Seems kinda backwards to me, but whatever truly you are the expert.

        • jobo976

          O hai weak internet fanboy, I don’t insult spoony, I insult you…

          FYI I’m an expert in NOT SUCKING AT LIFE…

          • PeaTearGryfin

            To quote you:
            …………………./´¯/)………………..,/¯../………………./…./…………./´¯/’…’/´¯¯`·¸………./’/…/…./……./¨¯……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)……………………..’…../……….”…………. _.·´……………………..(…………..………….…

          • jobo976

            Oh!!! And can you, please, show me one of your ”constructive critiques”?

            This one:
            ”I don’t care what anybody else says Spoony.”

            or this one:
            ”To the fans, it is disgusting seeing how many of you think that you are obligated to reviews.”

            Hmmm… Maybe:
            ” Spoony is only one man.”


          • PeaTearGryfin

            Ok you want a constructive critique. How about my suggestion to Spoony that he start doing v-log style reviews to satiate people which in turn carries an implication that I am waiting for new videos as well.  Yeah I like how you forgot that part in your breakdown.

            btw.I am still waiting for an answer as to why being a nice guy to Spoony is such a bad thing.

          • jobo976

            You call that ”constructive critique”… LOL!

            And the 1000$ question, why being a nice guy to Spoony is such a bad thing?

            And the 1000$ answer is…

            Because he dosen’t give a fuck about you… That’s not enough for you? And BTW I DON’T GIVE A FUCK about your feeling for Spoony but dumb comment like that:

            ”To the fans, it is disgusting seeing how many of you think that you are obligated to reviews. Lay off the man. He has been sick recently,”

            No more.

          • PeaTearGryfin

            When I mentioned he was sick I meant that about the illness he and Miles had about a few weeks ago which put a damper on his writing. I am well aware that he is feeling better now and hoepfully writting again. With that I must say good night to you sir.

          • jobo976


          • BrendanConcannon

            I’m being crushed by the wall!  Aaaahhhh!


          • PeaTearGryfin

            How is that an facepalm worthy moment. If you followed Spoony on Twitter you would know that he and Miles were recently bed ridden with the flu. Heck even Oreo chimmed in a few times about it. If anything you should be facepalming yourself because of how insanely stupid your argument is.

          • Point

            That’s right jobo, keep this crusade up and maybe you’ll eventually get the attention you obviously crave.  Or maybe people will hate you even more than they originally did?  I’m leaning toward the latter. . .

          • jobo976

            And you want to know the best? I hope you hate me, because I don’t want to be a mindless drone like you

            Give me one good reason to give a fuck about people on the internet hating me behind their computer?

            ”keep this crusade up and maybe you’ll eventually get the attention you obviously crave.”

            That awkward moment when you realise you just called yourself an idiot. Magic…

          • Point

             Wow, I don’t remember calling you an idiot. 
            “I don’t want to be a mindless drone like you”
            I also don’t remember defending Spoony.  I’m actually trying to keep this a civilized as possible, unlike you.

          • jobo976

            ”Or maybe people will hate you even more than they originally did”

            you threaten me with that and you call yourself  civilized?

          • Point

            Look pal, many of you points are valid, and I even agree with some of them.  The only problem I have with you is the fact that instead of just saying what you came to say you feel the need to troll others and essentially spam the comments.

            I’m going to work soon but if you’d like to talk maybe you could PM me or something.

          • jobo976

            PLEASE! Show me where I troll

          • Edward

            That suggestion to make v-logs is not going to help.  He doesn’t care what we think and no amount of “suggesting” is going to make him work any harder.  He’s not going to do anything until he wants to do it.  He’s as stubborn as a mule and at the end of the day that’s his business.

            And there’s nothing wrong with being nice to Spoony.  There is something wrong with being a dick to the rest of us.  What business is it of yours if we are complaining?  We are just expressing our opinion and we have a right to that.  You could simply ignore us and leave us out of it.  But if you insulted us don’t be surprised if we challenge you on it.

          • PeaTearGryfin

            My point is don’t simply insult Spoony by telling him he isn’t working fast enough. That is not exactly strong motivation for him to want to work harder.  With that section I was simply trying to help some people feel what Spoony was feeling so that maybe they wouldn’t be so hard on him. If I came across like a dick than I apologize.  I mean no offense to anybody I just want people to realize that Spoony has been through a lot here lately and deserves encouragement, not constant lashing out from his fan base.

          • Edward

            Fair enough.  But a lot of the hate is not really lobbed at him personally but between other commentators.  Reactions to concern about his video out put are meant with hostility and that’s where lot of the venom is named, not at Noah himself.

            And I understand where your coming from, but here’s the problem with that.  He has been like this for about a year and half now.  You can only be sympathetic for so long until you start analyzing what’s going on behind the scenes and get sick of his excuses.  Many of us are very sick of his excuses and we’re not trying to be malicious about it.  But we are annoyed and we feel we have a right to be annoyed.

          • Testy Testman

             jobo stop it. I agree that Spoony is lacking both content and communication whats going on. In fact most os the posts here are.

            Furthermore for the first time most of the posts asking for more content / more “classical” content like “Lets Plays” do this in a civilized manner. And many mature posts critizising Spoonys abscence are having a much greater impact than insulting flaming.

            It is as sign that not only the kiddies get angry, but also his older fans. So please turn it down.

          • jobo976

            Dude you don’t understand, I want NOTHING from Spoony. If he want to make one video per year and treat his fans like shit, fine. But I cannot hear more of those weak, over-emotional, dumb fanboys whining EVERYTIME someone don’t act like a blind follower.

            If someone want to give their opinion, good or bad, they can without having to suffer dumb comments like ”TROLL!!!” from hypocritical fools

            ”I can talk about Spoony because I LOVE HIM!!! XXX ;) but you STFU! TROLL!!!”

            Sure… And I’m the angry motherfucker…

    • Edward

      Fuck off man.  He’s been sick for a year and a half.  We have a right to bitch at this point.  We have a right to bitch at any point.

      • PeaTearGryfin

        You clearly have little knowledge of depression so let me fill you in as somebody who has had it for most of his adult life. Depression is not a condition that just disappears because you got pills. People who have depression will also tell you that finding the will to get out of bed in the morning is a struggle. The reason you must be patient with Spoony is because depression is a condition that lingers the rest of your life and I can symapathize with him knowing how hard bringing himself to make videos can be.

        • George Rosenbaum

          As someone who got a mild ‘lucky’ case that took two years to deal with, I feel really bad for you.

          It’s something you have to cage. You can’t ever get rid of it.

        • Edward

          Oh, whatever man.  His girlfriend dumped him a year ago!  He is not clinically depressed!  He needs to get over it and get on with his life.

          • George Rosenbaum

            He actually IS. He came out of the closet about it a few months ago.

          • Edward

            I don’t buy it dude.  I don’t buy that’s it’s clinical.  Maybe he’s a little depressed but…no I just don’t buy it.  

            Now, you’ve talked about this before, and when you talk about your own experiences, I believe you.  Just something about you man tells me that when you say you’ve been through hell and back, your telling the truth.

            But I don’t buy it from Noah.  And I could be wrong but I don’t buy it.  And if it is true, that’s kindof why I’m yelling.  I want to encourage him not sink further, for all the good it will do.

          • George Rosenbaum

            I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt. Whether or not he deserves it.

  • Malcomb Bell

    o.o -stares at the comments below-…. -watches the video-….. -stares at the comments below again-…. why the hell are so many people fighting over something so stupid. To the people bitching about no videos: What is the point in bitching about it? Spoony is probably too busy to even read all of these comments rite now. To the people bitching about people that are bitching about no new videos: Why get pissed off? You’re not making the videos. To everyone else that’s bitching: Why are so many people bitching? o.0

    To summarize all of that: Whats the point in bitching and moaning if it accomplishes nothing? Answer: There is no point so maybe we should take a deep breath, get our happy pills, and start using our heads instead of going on some idiotic tangent over something a minuscule as all of this is! XD

    • Alex Stritar

      Shh. Don’t poke the beehive.

      Anyway, yeah, it stupid to see everyoe bitching and fighting here. Though, it may be less the content of the video and more the fact it was the most recent. Wether it be about a lack of updates, a lack of vides they want, or just bemoning his colleges, they will type their diatribes in the most recient videos. Spoony just has some of the most insane fans.

      • Edward

        Fair enough.  I’m crazy.  Crazy like a FOX!!!

      • George Rosenbaum

        Here here.

        I just don’t know what to say to get everyone to leave. Criticism doesn’t work, because I just fuel the fire.

      • Malcomb Bell

        XD yeah and I’m one of those insane fans, but I really don’t see the point in getting worked up over it. It’s like if you were pissed off over someone giving you a present for your birthday a day late cause they couldn’t make it to the party. It just seems like there are better things to do then bitch about the lack of videos. Hell I’m sure there has to be at least a few intelligent people here that could start a project or hell why don’t some of you actually start a D&D campaign or some other paper and pencil campaign. I’ve been patiently making a modified D20 system to keep my self entertained and thought of a lot of cool ideas thanks to the counter monkey videos. So again to all the people bitching whats the point in bitching so much? It’s not doing you any good, and its not getting Spoony to do any more then he has been. So why get your self so worked up over all of it? XD

        • Alex Stritar

          Well, I have been getting into table top games recently, and I do have a few ideas for campains. In fact, I think I have a good one thought out for Changeling: The Lost.

    • Edward

      Oh, I doubt he’s busy.  I do believe he doesn’t care.

      And yes maybe there is no point to all the complaining.  The only problem with that is this: If there is no point to us complaining then what is the point of every single review that Spoony has ever done in his entire life?  Because whenever I watch one of his reviews, all I see is a person complaining about something that doesn’t matter.  And he’s made a literal career out of it.

      Honestly dude, we’re bitching because we are pissed off with his out put and we need an out let for it.  Also, we’re arguing with people who irrationally defend him every time we complain like our complaining is somehow physically hurting Noah so we must be stopped.  And not everybody’s like that.  Some people just disagree with us and are civil about it so a civil debate begins.  In short, that’s the explaination of the war zone of comment section you have just read.

      • Stimpack Phoenix

        Yeah, civil like you just randomly chiming in with “dude, go fuck yourself.” Man, you’re just god-damned stupid haha.

        • Edward

          Oh, I meant it when I said it to you.  Your an asshole. That’s how you come across to me pal.

  • jobo976

    I’m done with fanboys… People are just mindless here. Seriously, the only think they can understand is:
    ”No video = troll = whining…”

    FACEPALM! HEADDESK! DOUBLE FACEPALM! Whatever, they miss the point… Again.
    I done care if Spoony make 1 or 50 videos. I don’t care if he answer on not. I don’t care if he sick or not.
    But again, stupid fucking comments from dumb fanboys

    ”What is the point in bitching about it?”
    Why are you writing? Bigot

    ”You’re not making the videos.”
    I don’t have a donate button too…

    ”it stupid to see everyoe bitching and fighting here”
    And you ALWAYS come back with more dumb hypocritical comments

    To summarize all of that: The fanboys of God Spoony can think and say anything, and for the masses STFU. If you have critical thinking, you’re not at the good place.

    • Edward

      Which baffles me given the nature of this website.  I can’t count the times Spoony has pissed me off with a review because I thought his personal opinion was unfair to what he was reviewing.  But I stuck around because 1.) It is his opinion and he has a right to it, 2.) It’s always good to hear another point of view, and 3.) He’s funny regardless.

      And yet when we criticise the him, we get told to shut up.  I think a lot of fans miss the whole point of what this website is supposed to be about.  Even the critic should be criticised.

      • jobo976

        Same with mass effect 3 and their ”Artistic view”
        ”STFU and don’t change the ending, your are not a real fan!”

        FUCK YOU! You SELL a PRODUCT, I BUY the PRODUCT, I have some RIGHT.

        Same with Spoony, I watch the fucking ads, I can say my opinion.

        • Edward

          Damn straight!

          • Stimpack Phoenix

            The two of you should get a place together. Take it all easy, maybe settle down and adopt some kids.

          • jobo976

            And you are? That’s right! Another piece of shit from the internet!

    • Stimpack Phoenix

      White knights, fanboys, bigots, oh my!

      (edit) Question. What are you, then? I’m just curious to hear what you think of yourself…

      • jobo976

        Not a dumbass like you

    • PeaTearGryfin

      Oh will you get over yourself already. I actually find it hillarious that you think you are taking down the “white knight fanboys” by acting like a white knight who has some intellect that clearly the rest of the fanbase does not have. Like Stimpack Phoenix said,”What are you then?”

  • jobo976

    And to all fucking fanboys
    I’m the troll, the angry motherfucker or the jackass loser here?
    I have the RESPECT to don’t put my nose in his PRIVATE LIFE!

    Seriously, you talk of him like any news in a tabloid
    ” He lost his GF! He sick! He work on other project! I know the color of his underwear!”

    And I’m the one with no respect for him?

    • Christopher Ramos

      Jesus Christ. JUST FUCKING STOP.

      I haven’t seen someone be so hostile to other people for something so little.

      Before you say I’m being a white-knight or something. Don’t. I don’t give a fying rat’s ass about Spoony’s situation. I’m sure he has problems, but he’s a grown-ass man and should be able to deal with them. 

      All I’m saying is have the common courtesy or decency not to be a flaying prick to people. Yeah, there are idiots, but telling to shut up is not going to teach them anything.

  • Ian Edward Gilley

    lol shitstorm

  • Stimpack Phoenix

    I think a lot of you are just crazy as hell.

    • Erik Mattern

       It’s been like this for the past year, more or less. Too many Vlogs, not enough “real” material. The viewers/fans are fed up. I’m not very optimistic about the future of Spoony, unfortunately. I don’t think all these comments will make a damn difference in the end, so why waste time.

    • jobo976

      I know, it’s more esay to call us crazy and just don’t understand… Like a christian…

  • Ape Monkey

    Ughh… Seriously? Jobo976. If you don’t care about Spoony, hate his ‘fanboys’ and you obviously aren’t here to watch Spoonys videos… WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?
    That is a fair question don’t you think? You call YOUR comments civil while everyone else is a raving fanboy and a bigot? Maybe you should take another look at your own comments… You are repeating the same things, keep defending yourself with petty insults against others and you could make a career about contradicting yourself.
    “I done care if Spoony make 1 or 50 videos. I don’t care if he answer on not. I don’t care if he sick or not.”
    Still you have been complaining about those things in most of your comments…
    About Spoonys videos.
    He IS only one guy. You don’t make a full scripted review in a few days. Know what’s involved? A LOT of editing and material gathering + planning what you are actually going to say and do in your review. I’m pretty sure Spoony wants to do something else on his free time as well.
    You still complain about payment? Maybe I should tell you that donations are completely, absolutely, 100% optional. It’s Spoonys choice where to put the money we willingly gave to him. Ads are a must simply because people don’t donate enough to keep this site running on those alone. He gets money off the traffic here so why shouldn’t he put those ads on? You would do that as well, don’t even try to deny it, we all would.
    I also highly doubt you have ever donated anything to him… I haven’t and I admit it.
    I know it sucks when a new video doesn’t appear every day or even every week (or month…) and I am a bit mad about it, but I don’t think that is important enough to start screaming about in the comments section especially when Spoony propably won’t even come read these. Ever. Like you said, he doesn’t care. I agree on that. Would you care? I wouldn’t.
    I come here once in a while to check if Spoony has made another review or a video of any kind (98% of the time I’m dissapointed) but I don’t think it’s my right to demand new videos from him. He has said that he likes doing these and I believe him. I’m sure he would like to do this for a living, but still keeps putting these here for free. With the ads he is just trying to get as much money as possible without robbing us… That is respectable isn’t it?
    I would ask you to at least try to be a bit more polite to other people instead of:
    “O hai weak internet fanboy, I don’t insult spoony, I insult you…”
    “With dumbasses like you, I understand why he don’t give a shit…”
    “To summarize all of that: The fanboys of God Spoony can think and say anything, and for the masses STFU. If you have critical thinking, you’re not at the good place.”
    With that you only make YOURSELF look like an idiot and a dumbass fucknut.
    “FYI I’m an expert in NOT SUCKING AT LIFE…”
    Doesn’t look like it this far…
    It is said that “a fanatic can’t see his own rage”. You sure have been raging now. Show us that you’re not an idiot and tell us why you are dissapointed in Spoony, why you think he should make videos and reviews faster and why you think you have the right to demand content from a guy who makes it on his free time and without any real cost to us. Do this all civilized and without flying into a fury, screaming and shrieking, insulting everyone around you. You WILL gather more respect that way.

    • PeaTearGryfin

      You sir are my new hero.

      • jobo976

        Damn you are sooooo weak!

        • PeaTearGryfin

          I’m 19 thank you very much and no I did not have a bad week in class. I just have a problem with douchebags like you who refuse to allow others to have their own opinion.

          • jobo976

            You’re 19! I’m sorry for your parents

          • PeaTearGryfin


          • Pudding Man

            Just try to forget about him… He obviously has some desperate need for attention even if it is negative. He really had no reason to start yelling at you… Other than being an immature jerk. He is pathetic. If no one responds to him, he’ll have no one to demonstrate his sadness to. That’s what I intend to do.

          • PeaTearGryfin

            Thanks man. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to the gym to work off some of this rage. And Jobo I fully plan to contact Spoony and see if there is any way to block you from the site.

          • Edward

            Dude, you need to get a life.  You are acting like a psychopath about this.  None of us said or did anything like how your acting right now.  Get over it.

          • Edward

            Ok, you officially need to calm the fuck down.  If you can’t get through life without dealing with a “yo mama” joke then you have bigger problems than fighting with people on the internet.

            In fact, your outburst here invalidates many of the good points you have made.  Most everyone else here is doing their best to argue calmly and rationally and you are letting this get so underneath your skin that you are literally going to scream at another person over the internet.  Over a stupid debate about Spoony and people making comments about him.

            It’s not worth screaming over man.  That is truly pathetic.  

            The rest of us are just criticizing Spoony.  We’re annoyed with him.  We’re not getting murderously angry.

            You need to calm down.

          • George Rosenbaum


            I don’t even care what your opinion is anymore. Your fucked up to bring someone’s parents into this. Nothing justifies being this much of a tool.

            You know, this is why people call you a troll. It has nothing to do with your opinion.

          • Edward

            Yeah, jobo, ease up man.  I understand you feel a need to defend your point of view but this is getting into childish name calling territory.

    • jobo976

      ”I don’t know if you will answer this or not. I don’t know if you will call me a fanboy and a bigot as well. I don’t care. I know I’m right and that is enough for me. I don’t need to convince you of it.”
      So you write all this nonsense because you don’t care… Another weak, bigot,  hypocritical fanboy. Again (Fanboy=good. Opinion=bad) and I don’t care, you are a lost cause
      But you are stupid enough to come with this pearl of wisdom:
      ””I done care if Spoony make 1 or 50 videos. I don’t care if he answer on not. I don’t care if he sick or not.”Still you have been complaining about those things in most of your comments…”
      You are dumb… so dumb…

      • Ape Monkey

        Really..? “I know, don’t think to much and the headache will go away”??
        Now THAT is a weak retaliation… Even you must understand that it (the ughh… word) meant as much as a facepalm. I’ll even tell you how your comment is weak. It was one word. One. Word. And you desperately grabbed it trying to make fun of me. Pathetic…

        “You are dumb… so dumb…”
        And ANOTHER weak revenge attempt. What did you try to accomplish by that? Did the truth hurt that much? Or are you just a troll? If you can tell me WHY I am dumb then tell me. Maybe we could discuss about it over lunch…
        On what basis am I being dumb? I am stating the truth here. The truth that you have decided to ignore. You have decided to be in the right and nothing will convince you. YOU are the lost cause here. Everything I said in my first comment was true. You yourself are making it true right now.

        “But you are stupid enough to come with this pearl of wisdom:”How is that a “pearl of wisdom”? How is that being stupid? It’s a quote… From you. And I was simply stating how you were contradicting yourself once again. You also still keep repeating the words “bigot”, “weak” and “fanboy”. It’s almost if you learned them yesterday…

        Fanboy = Good. Opinion = Bad?
        Nooo… I never said anything like that. Opinions are great. I like opinions. The matter is that you are stating your opinion in a way that insults everyone who doesn’t share your views! That is NOT an opinion anymore. Try telling your opinions without insults and everything will be just fine. No flamewars. You are capable of that aren’t you?

        Spoony is lazy? That is a fact (most people are lazy). Everyone would want him to make more videos? That’s also a fact. Everyone here is a fucking stupid fanboy and worships The Spoony One? No. That is not a fact and it’s not an opinion. It’s an insult against those who like these videos. You have even admitted insulting other people here. Still remember my last post? It had a quote of it.

        If you think that is an opinion then so is this:
        You’re a fucking asshole.
        You better respect my opinion.

        Right now I have the impression that you like insulting others. If you really do… You have a sad, sad life. Not really an “expert in not sucking at life.”

        Btw. I didn’t say I didn’t care about what I’m writing. I said that I don’t care about YOU. I knew you would continue this idiotic ranting, but I still hoped that you just might get some sense into that tiny head of yours.
        I was giving you a chance and you threw it away.

        Answer if you want… I won’t continue this anymore, you can be sure of that. I’ll do just what LordofTibera suggested. This is beneath BOTH of us. ALL of us. If you still want to continue making a clown of yourself… The stage is all yours! Because that’s how many people see you right now. A clown. A very angry, and unfunny clown at that…

        • jobo976

          You are a lost cause… Look all this shitty nonsense

          ”If you think that is an opinion then so is this:You’re a fucking asshole.You better respect my opinion.”


          You just can’t take the FACT that I don’t give a fuck about Spoony health or how many videos he make…

          (FYI Don’t call someone ”A very angry, and unfunny clown at that…” when you have the need to write all this shit… TWICE!)

          • Pudding Man

            And yet YOU have the need to write about this shit in OVER TEN comments! Open your eyes already man. Most of what the monkey said was true and you know it! How is he a lost cause?
            You ARE angry and unfunny…

            You don’t have a basis for anything you say. If you don’t care about any of this then why have you been whining about it in ALL OF your comments?!

          • Rafał Wikliński

            Hey, here’s the thing. Does Spoony have a real job ? If the answer is yes, he can post one video in a year and nobody can complain, because he is doing it in his free time. 
            But if he wants to do it full-time, lack of updates, will only harm him in the long run.

  • Ian Edward Gilley

    Damn kids don’t even know what a troll is

    • Malcomb Bell

      XD Even if they did do you think anyone would really care. They’re all too busy complaining about everything to even sit back and relax a little bit. It’s like some random spartan came through and rammed a spear with a dildo on the end of it up almost everyones asses. I don’t know whether to laugh at some of the stuff that’s being said or just pity it. There are people here trying to turn this into a political war. Others are just taking shots at the people complaining, and some people are just bitching for the sake of bitching. Even if SOME of the things they are bitching about are true. There has to be SOMETHING that people can do other then bitch and complain. Hell that is one of the reasons why I hate humanity as a whole we bitch about shit that doesn’t really effect our lives, we send out hundreds and thousands of troops to kill each other for stupid things, and most importantly of all we set there and do it in a perpetuating cycle. XD

      • jobo976

        I hope you know you’re a part of what you hate…

        • Malcomb Bell

          Yes I do know I’m part of what I hate. I’ve lived long enough to understand that humanity as a whole sucks, but not ALL of us suck. It’s just a simple fact that we destroy each other and consume anything that gets in our way when we are looked at as a group, but not everyone is like that. As individuals there are good people, but in this day and age the good people are the minority.

      • George Rosenbaum

        If it weren’t for the comment’s page, I don’t think I’d be here either.

        I mean, I’m just watching in shock at this point. It stopped being funny for me a long time ago (if it ever was funny). This isn’t the Spoony Experiment. It’s the Internet Fight Club.

        The weirdest part is that I don’t even think some of the commentors are reading each other’s comments. They just look for someone who sounds angry and stupid, and given an angry and stupid reply.

        • Edward

          Internet Fight Club.  Hmm…I like it.  Yeah, that’s fair.

          Hey, say what you want about these forums, at least people are speaking their minds and there’s a desenting voice. It’s a hell of lot better than the Angry Video Game Nerds’ comment section.  That place is full of nothing but yes men who love Overanalyzers.  If one person says one critical thing against James Rolfe or Mike Matei, three people respond to shoot him down all of them barking the “You don’t have to watch it argument” and then they complain that the forums are full of hateful people.  Its ridiculous.

          I will take this over that any day of the week.  You guys may not like the constant arguing but at least people are throwing out a multitude of opinions here, everyone gets a chance to say his peace, and everyone gets a chance to defend his opinion.

          To me that’s not a bad thing.

    • jobo976

      They don’t even know what critical thinking is… 

  • joshua lavery

    The funny thing is the forums are more entertaining than the videos now. But Spoony is acting  prima donna’ish lately, But that might just be me.

  • neil

    I agree..the forums are the best part of the spoonyexperiment now !

    • Alpha268

      Furrys, loosers, ugly girls and other kinds of virgins. No thanks.

      • Atmos_Duality

        Given the incredibly low standards for reproduction today, “virgin” just doesn’t seem to have the cut it used to.

      • MediaGold

        Which one are you, Alph?  I’m a looser.

        • Edward

          I’m an ugly girl.  Really ugly.

  • LordofTibera

    -I would like to just bring up something I personally think is important. So let’s be honest here–a lot of people arguing and being angry on this forum seem to feel entitled to the free entertainment that Spoony provides, saying things like “Spoony doesn’t give a shit about us” or making comparisons to how TGWTG updates weekly. This is not the case. No one here is entitled to anything.

    -You can come or go from this site as you please, without spending anything but your time on these videos. If Spoony made TSE as a members-only site where you had to PAY monthly or something to see these videos, then I’d be as mad as you all now, and rightfully so,because he’d be slacking on content while our wallets get drained. However, this isn’t what’s happening. Think about it: we’re mad because there hasn’t been an update in a long time and we all feel somewhat neglected, but we have to remember that despite Spoony’s being an internet celeb that this site provides free entertainment and because of that, we have to be patient.

    -I feel this accurately sums up what’s going on right now. I just hope we can all move past the serious rage going on here.

    • Ape Monkey

      Thank you. Glad to see smart people still exist.

      • LordofTibera

        -I’m just glad I didn’t get torn apart via the web lol. I’ve just been watching in awe as the Spoony fans kill each other verbally…it’s scary because I just don’t feel there’s a need to riot like this.

        -Let me be perfectly clear. I AM peeved that Spoony doesn’t update as often as he used to. We DO have a right to be angry, but we DON’T have a right to feel that this site is anything more than a fun little diversion and therefore shouldn’t be THIS angry. *points to the 400+ comments below*

        -It’s okay to be miffed that there’s no updates, but the rage and fan-bashing one way or another one here is not what a community is about. Just one man’s opinion.

        • Alpha268

           The critics are not angry at Spoony, we are angry at the Fanboys who for the 5000 time bring up the same old “If you dont like….” arguments over and over again, despite the fact this time there were hardly an “olol we want more vidozzz”-posts.

          Instead this time most of the post were pretty mature, and just wanting ANSWERS whats going on with spoony, why he releases hardly any stuff anymore, and why he doesnt to any more “FMV Hell” or “Lets Plays” generally.

          • LordofTibera

             -I follow you there. It’s fair to want answers. I’m just saying that as far as internet critics are concerned you get what you paid for, which in this case is nothing lol. That means we must be patient.

            -Although I AM jonesing for a new Spoony Let’s Play. Apparently the FFXIII review is coming up? I’m one of the saps who loves that game and while I am fully aware of its downsides, I still think it’s solid. That said, I can’t wait for him to tear into it. Lol, kinda backwards thinking I know.

          • Alpha268

            Back in his old days he didnt make a video every week – “Phantasmagoria 2″ was between one week and a whole month, same goes for “Final Fantasy VIII” and the rest. No one expects a new video every week, just look at the “Nostalgia Critic” to see what happens if you do that.

            But admittedly over a year for his newest “Final Fantasy” review is a bit extreme. And more importantly the total lack of communication. Just drop some Vlogs in between. Especially when he posted on Twitter “Im back; I have tons of stuff” – That was three months ago.

          • Edward

            No dude.  We really, really don’t have to be patient at this point.  This has been going on way too long.  We have a right to be angry and we have right to mad at what’s happening to our favorite website and our favorite person.  Spoony’s behavior sticks in our craw, we’re opinionated and we are going to argue our points especially against those that disagree with us.  And if you guys disagree, that’s fine!  Arguing is not bad.  Its how people work out problems all the time.  It’s something communities do.

            And its just words.  Words on the internet.  Words don’t hurt.

            Speaking for myself, I’m doing this vent frustration.  I think a lot of people are.  And that may look a little scary to you, but believe me its not as bad as you think it is.  

            No one is going to get their legs broken around here for having an opinion.  Not you.  Not anyone.  Not if I have anything to say about it.

          • LordofTibera

             -I guess…I follow your logic, and it makes sense. I suppose I’m just one of the sheep, then, that enjoys the occasional update. Maybe I just have a higher tolerance for sparse material or something because it seems everyone else here is venting pretty intensely.

    • Testy Testman

      Bullshit. Most of the feedback here is actually constructive, although most of us want more communication on whats going on.

      And yeah, we came here in the first place for his “Lets Plays” and Reviews, and now he doesnt do them anymore – Actually he hardly does anything anymore.

      Please stop this stupid “ololol hes doing it for free ololol”. He is getting money through us, be it ads or direct gifts and donations. So yeah, some of us have a right for something as simple as a QUESTION.

      • PeaTearGryfin

        He didn’t say that Spoony does this for free though. He said that viewers aren’t paying out of their own pockets(which we aren’t). In that case, I agree that nobody has the right to feel entitled to a review.

    • PeaTearGryfin

      I totally agree with you, but you should be careful on here because you post one opinion and soon you spend two days trying to prove to tools why you are entitled to your opinion.

      • LordofTibera

         -I’m just trying to be as non-confrontational as possible and maybe shed some light on what the reality is. My disclaimer is that this is just an opinion, but I love TSE and I just hate when fans tear each other apart like this.

      • Edward

        Your entitled to your opinion sir.  Just don’t be surprised if someone chews you out for it.

        The nicest man on Earth gets called a fucker by somebody.

    • George Rosenbaum

      But what about Doug? Or Linkara? Hell, most of TGWTG’s output rate is way better than Spoony’s. It’s just that Spoony always needs special treatment, and never has any sort of explanation for his absences. That’s not appropriate, even when compared to other free entertainment.

      And because TGWTG is free, like TSE, then they CAN be compared together.

      But let me be absolutely clear: that is beside the point. If I am disappointed with the content on TSE, I logically should be able to leave without wasting any more time or traffic patronage. I can understand making a video that sucks after sitting through the beginning adverts, but if there is NO content (like right now) that excuse is invalid.

      So if I’m so disappointed, why am I bitching on the forums instead of practicing what I preach, and leaving TSE? Honestly, it’s for entirely illogical reasons. I am personally attached to this website for it’s earlier content, and can’t convince myself to move on.

      Yes, that’s really stupid. It’s unhealthy. It suggests that I need to visit other sites to get my entertainment. So while I do have reasons, it’s in the same sense that a hallucinating man may have a reason to jump off a bridge. It’s just a BAD reason.

      • LordofTibera

         -You know, I kinda though about TGWTG after I initially posted but I didn’t wanna double post. I’m not here to say how people should feel necessarily lol. Like I said it’s frustrating as hell that there’s very little content and patience is required. You can point to anything I think and say how something else is “better” but something I feel strongly about is that I come here for Spoony, like you do. He’s not Linkara or Phelous or the Critic; he’s Spoony, and that’s why we’re all here.

        -You don’t have to leave, but just know that as an internet critic they’re a dime a dozen. You just have to evaluate what’s worth it to you. For me personally, I don’t mind waiting. I check here often, mostly to rewatch old videos, and if there’s nothing, then no harm done. I have so much other stuff that the lack of content is entirely inconsequential.

  • Dragdar

    Lol, now i dont even come here for new content. i just check on the comments here to see people rioting about the crazy lack of updates.

    it’s getting annoying tho.

    • Alexander Hutcheson

      Same here, I’m just eager to see what kind of chaos happens down here

      • Edward

        We’ve got to amuse ourselves somehow right?

    • George Rosenbaum

      You know you can’t keep your head above the water. Soon you will find someone to fight with.

      Like that guy. He looks stupid. And that comment over there is really offensive, you should go tell him off. YOU CAN’T KEEP IT UP FOREVER!!!

      • BrendanConcannon

        Freakin hilarious man. 

        “I can’t resist the corruption!  The burden is too great!  Must…argue…with someone!!!!

      • Dragdar

         haha, you nailed it, we come here to easy our pain, to know we’re not alone  every time you open the site and BAM ! a month old v-log greets you.

        this frustrations makes us edgy, sooner or later we take it out on each other.

        sad but true.

        some with better nerves want to protect poor ol’ spoon and some have snapped all-together,

        we’re all have different tolerances and expectations but in the end we’re all “swimming up shit’s creek without a paddle” so to speak

        i say we better vent our anger at Spoony, it not like he reads this shit lol

  • Alpha268

     Hey Spoony, why dont you ask your brother if you too can join the force?

    Seriously you two would be the archetype team for a “Cop buddy movie”. Melancholic Miles and Spicy Spoony, out to save the day.

  • Colt Baldwin

    So, I’m going to start an experiment of my own. How many videos over the years have you heard Spoony utter the words “I’m back!”?

    ..And of those events, how many times have you rolled your eyes, and just hoped to milk three or four videos out of him, before he disappears for another two months, eating cheetos and watching Cowboy Beebop in his underwear, crying about his hypercondria?

    At this rate he’s going to need to get an actual job, and his “Dream” will have perished to neglect.

    Thankfully I still have the Cinema Snob. Though I identify most with the Spoon, he’s a close second, and can make me laugh more than twelve times a year.

    Some guy who’s been watching this shit since 2008

    • Casey Goddard

      Ditto, except I’ve been watching his shit since 2007.

      • Alpha268

         2008 in my case. The first three years are the reason why I keep coming back, I still have hope TSE will someday be like it was before.

        • Testy Testman

          Also 2008. I still blame TGWTG, with its endless row of crossovers, movies, “BLABLA IM DOUG PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!”-bullshit. Thats when Spoony lost his mojo. His last big “Lets Play” was “Ripper”, and it was about the same time he started doing the TGWTG crossovers.

          • George Rosenbaum

            I dunno, I blame his ex breaking up with him on October 2008. It coincides perfectly with his downfall.

            But being with TGWTG, while giving Spoony more advertisement, may have saddled him with more responsibilities, Like the anniversary movies that take two months to film.

            Maybe having a TGWTG hoedown once a year is a little much. I’d like to see it become bi-annual.

          • Alex Stritar

            Isn’t bi-annual twice a year?

    • JediAli

      indeed, the Snob.

  • James

    I was really hoping there would be a quick Vlog from Noah on Cabin in the Woods, it seems like exactly the type of Vlog review he’s perfect at…shame he hasn’t made one yet, I really hope he does.

    • Testy Testman

      He did. You really have to stop forgetting his account. He is more active there than here, even doing some Lets Plays and Vlogs. Because they are all (archived) Livestreams they are a bit “rough”, but I can live with that.
      And here is the archived Vlog concerning Cabin in the Woods:

      • George Rosenbaum

        Where the hell did all this content come from, and why isn’t it here?

        • Jeff Therrien

           are you kidding there’s 10 hours of betrayal at krondor lets play by spoony, one of my favorite games of all time. My life is complete. Thank you Testman i did not know of twitchtv.

    • MediaGold

      I too miss the movie vlogs!  And the Let’s Plays.  And the movie reviews.  And the game reviews.  And the misc stuff.  It seems the thing he’s best at nowadays is the whole complete-and-total nothingness dealy he has going on.

      • George Rosenbaum

        At least we have each other.

        It’s the only new content on this site anyway.

  • Alex Stritar

    Think we’ll get to 500 coments?

    • PeaTearGryfin

      Come on we’re almost there. Quick! Somebody find something else to create a flame war over.

      • Alex Stritar

        Um… The metric system is for losers!

        • Dragdar

           0/10 troll harder.

          lol, even the american army uses metric

      • George Rosenbaum

        My favorite Spoony tweet:

        “I want a hamburger” (April 18, 2012)

      • LordofTibera

         The phrase “seek and ye shall find” comes to mind…  -_-

  • Alex Stritar

    500! Chibi Batgirl is pleased!

  • François Frappier

    Why is Spoony talking about The Cabin in the Woods on or whatever it’s called instead of doing a Vlog on his site? C’mon seriously he knows we want to hear his opinion about it….

  • François Frappier

    O.K. it’s actually called

    • Matt McCoy

       Just watched it. I

  • Nicholas Waters

    ok just watched the twitch thing about cabin in the woods its just sad this is the nail in the coffin for me i just feel sorry for him and his fans i just watched now and then he needs to think what he was to do with his life because this just isnt working for him.

    • Dragdar


      i can see how that may be. It’s the lack of outer-socialization and overall structure to his life (other than TGWN)

      To be honest he looks liek he got run over by truck, i had trouble even watching 2 minutes. he looked so terribly out of shape, there’s NO WAY i’d show my face in public if i were like that.
      while i was watching him slouched over a web-cam, i remember Max Payne and thought ;

      “you know what would be a good start of getting back on track? taking some scissors, an electric trimmer and doing it like a bad-ass, shave that head until you’re bare skin… and let the beard grow”

      it can be a cathartic experience when your down in the dump, a baptism of sorts, a spiritual cleansing.

    • PeaTearGryfin

      I’ll admit that the Cabin In the Woods thing was a little hard to watch, but for some reason it didn’t really sully my view of Spoony. We’ve always known Spoony to be a little over the top when it comes to his opinion so that really didn’t bother me that much. I only wish that we could have seen what the chatroom was saying that was getting Spoony so riled up.

      • Alpha268

        The Mass Effect 3 was the same. Spoony just has lost his mojo. Calling his fans “you fucking idiots, you stupid morons, you are all so miserably retarted…” and then blaring about “Im right! Im right! What Bioware acknowledged the ending was bad, and the “Indoctrination Theory” is wrong? Im still right! Because I say Im right!”.

        That was just sad.  And no, he wasnt “trolling”. That was 100% honesty.

        • PeaTearGryfin

          Actually that episode wasn’t nearly as hard for me to watch because I agree with him about the fanbase. It drives me nuts that THIS is the one game where the fans get to make the call about the ending and the creators are forced to change their vision because the fans were not please. Like Spoony said in the video, “If you don’t like it, don’t but the next game.” Do you know how many games I have played that had bad endings, but I didn’t send the game back to the developers so they could make the game satisfy what I want. I’m going off on a weird tangent know so basically my thoughts on the whole Spoony vs. Internet thing is that it’s not the first video of his that was hard to sit through and it certainly won’t be his last.

          • Alpha268

             Yeah “their vision”. Fuck you. No one believes that. “Oh hey in this game there wont be A, B or C ending!! All your previous decisions matter!!”.

          • PeaTearGryfin

            I don’t ask you to agree with my opinion. I only ask you to respect it.

          • Testy Testman

             Like Spoony? ;)

          • PeaTearGryfin

            Ya know what I’m just gonna end this argument right now since the Mass Effect 3 thing seems to bring out the worst in people.

          • Riku Himawari

            I believe that is the case, yes. Discussing fanaticism ends up bringing the worst out of people, especially when it comes to debating the quality of a videogame.

            Personally, I was entirely all too offended by the review Spoony did ages about on Final Fantasy X, where his most witty comment about absolutely everything was: “It’s gay”. I do, however, have quite a dislike for the Mass Effect “trilogy” (with all the DLC, it’s more like a series by and large).
            So having felt both ends of the double-edged sword, I have to agree that Spoony needs to deal with his own situation. Maybe he just doesn’t feel as strongly for this “experiment” as he used to. Interests change throughout the years. It’d be outright foolish to believe that THIS is all he ever wants to do for the rest of his adult life. Maybe he HAS moved on, but isn’t yet fully ready to let go, and that frustration may be showing.

            I can relate, though. I’ve seen a lot of cases like that throughout my career (social relations, later social studies, later filosophy, later sociology, and now psichology). It’s not that he genuinely feels that everybody who doesn’t share his opinion is a retard. In fact, in an argument, if the opposing party lowered their voice and apologised, he would most likely do the same and the tables would turn instantly.

            It’s just that he feels this opinion so strongly that he just cannot contain himself. This ideology is so strong within him at the moment that everything opposing it seems almost logically ludicrous. He isn’t acting out, at all. In fact, within his mindset, he is being entirely logical.

            Is it something that can be qualified as positive? Hey, that’s all too relative to even discuss, and I feel everybody here putting a qualifying label on it really have to read a few more books (see? even I do it). However, it still doesn’t belong in this medium, and, being a very easily fixed pathology — not so much if we’re talking about sociopathic tendencies, which I doubt — I would otherwise strongly recommend that Spoony gets it fixed before addressing his fans and/or viewers any further.

            It’s just not something that people are willing to hear. To him, this may be his “work”. His “dream”. To us, all this is, is a few minutes of boredom we want to burn with a few videos. And as comprehending as one may be, being insulted when you’re trying to actually escape the “harsh, cruel world” doesn’t cut it.

            If you read this far, thank you. I know I can get pretty wound up. I just wanted to leave my two-cents with you. I’ve been reading your comments along this channel and I find you, of all people here, might actually understand.

          • PeaTearGryfin

            Oh I understand what you are saying and I am mostly inclined to agree with you. The only thing I kinda disagree about is that Spoony is burned out. I get the feeling that the fact that he continues to work on material(whatever that pace might be) is proof that he is still interested in this site. Thanks for being so understanding!

          • Matt McCoy

            It’s called a debate bro. It doesn’t matter if you respect someone’s opinion or not. That’s what a debate is supposed to be.

          • Riku Himawari

            Actually, a debate is based around a mutual respect out of the several opinions present on the table. A “debate” implies that all the parties involved will respect the opposing opinion enough to give it a chance — the benefit of the doubt, so to speak.

            If respect isn’t applied during a debate, it isn’t a debate anymore. It’s an all-out argument. It ceases to be about the opinion, and begins to take the more personal route, riddled with fallacies and needless social suffixes and all the wrong ways to sound off an opinion without it sounding like you are right and everybody else is wrong.

            Here, let me give you an example:

            “It’s called a debate bro”.

            That “bro” there? What’s that for? The whole sentence in and of itself screams: “I’m awesomely right, and you’re laughably wrong, and here is my sarcasm towards it”.

            There you go.

            Since respect clearly isn’t your cup of tea in a debate, deal with my comment as you will. Be assured that I won’t give it a look. I bothered to reply to it out of sheer will to side with PeaTearGryfin, since he seems to be about the only reasonable human being in the entire website.

          • Matt McCoy

             First of all, that “bro” was supposed to be a joke, I didn’t mean for it to resemble anything. Second, I was trying to point out that debates on the internet don’t ever end with respect in mind.

            “Since respect clearly isn’t your cup of tea in a debate”
            Actually it is my cup of tea. I’m just trying to put out a realistic point of view of how debates are being put out these days. I wasn’t saying that debates should NOT be respectful. And besides that reply was just an afterthought anyway. So let’s move on.

          • Testy Testman

            Spoony could fling shit a his fans and you would still defend him. Well actually he did, and you do…

            Yeah I found both videos extremly shameful, and cringeworthy to watch. He thought Cabin in the Woods was unoriginal because the “Playing with Horror-Movie-Chliches”-thing had been done before? OF COURSE IT FUCKING HAS! 20 YEARS AGO WITH BUFFY BY JOSS FUCKING WHEDON.

            Spoony you are really a retard sometimes.

          • PeaTearGryfin

            Actually not true. If Spoony has a differing opinion from me I would be sure to point it out. It just so happens that in this case I am in the minority of people who is against changing the ending to Mass Effect 3, and I was in that boat long before I watched Spoony’s video.

          • redrosemagic1

            Do you know how many games I have played that had bad endings, but I didn’t send the game back to the developers so they could make the game satisfy what I want.”
            This is quite different. This game was marketed has having very complete and extremely different endings, where all your previous decisions counted towards making a completely unique ending according to how you played and what you decided. This was false and in most walks of life selling a product through promising qualities it doesn’t have is classified as fraud. Most people wouldn’t be saying anything if Bioware hadn’t made such a point of this during the promotion and marketing campaign.
            I didn’t play the games and I don’t plan to, I just thought I should make this point.

        • George Rosenbaum

          Spoony hasn’t lost his ‘mojo’. He’s lost his work ethic and his respect for his fans.

    • GozarisaGod

      I’m pretty much done with this site as I said before but, I just wanted to say the behavior Spoony showed in that video is exactly the mentality he has towards his viewers/fans. He has no respect for us really at all. Much like I pointed out in my earlier post below and I was right. Sitting there belittling his fans/viewers telling them “Fuck You” calling them “retards” saying about how much more smarter his is basically because he knows this or that or has read this book here is unfreakingbelievable. Spoony really is a dirt ball at this point.

      …and if you think he was just reacting like that because it was a bad day NO! that’s how he feels in general all his vids are like that and he even approaches other reviewers with that same “My opinion is always right” attitude so “Fuck You!”. He’s even come off at viewers/fans on his videos on here in the same way which some took as him being a jokester but he was dead serious.

      It doesn’t matter who you are or what level you’re on but if you’re an entertainer or in spoony’s case “Trying” to actually become one you should show a lot more respect for the people the veiwers/fans that have been supporting you and your work because everyone is right “You don’t have to watch this”. There’s a big difference between making a game or movie review and using the “screw your opinion” stuff as comedic standpoint but there is a line you draw with that. You don’t basically tell your supporters “Screw you, I’ll do what I want when I want and if you don’t like it f*ck you”. Because you’ll surely find yourself broke and still living/mooching off your brother still not being able to afford to be on your own at age 30something like Spoony is. You don’t alienate your fan base, yah just don’t do it. You especially don’t insult them when the quality of your work has been complete sh*t since 2010. If this was a stage Spoony would be getting boo’d and having food and drinks tossed at him. We’ve been carrying his ass for the past 2 years saying “yeah Spoony this is uhh….Good? not your best but it’s okay.” When really we’ve just been waiting for him to make vids as good as he once did back in 2008. It’s sad when the best video you released in the past 2 years was one where you where spoofing another reviewer (The Cinema Snob).

      I suggest if you’re going to make a 2 hours long rant video that’s longer than the movie or subject you’re f’n complaining about you learn to do that sh*t with finesse! Because some of us have sh*t to do and can’t spend 1-2 hours sitting on our asses listening to you complain about bullsh*t and on top of it start screaming “F*ck You!” every time you feel you’re right. And I also suggest everytime you feel you’re “holier than thou” you remember this asshole. Some of us have fulltime jobs,famlies to support, businesses to run, houses WE OWN to pay for,Girlfriends,wives to take care of,friends to hang out with etc, we don’t have time to listen to some some 30something hypocritical toysrus kid premadonna  lazyass hypochondriac manchild go on a rant in long winded pointless ass Vlogs then tell us “FUCK YOU!” because we prefer to spend our precious time on something that’s actually quality that has you know “effort” put into it! Us coming here is a privilege for you! Having fans, Viewers is a privilege! None of us have to be here so you better f*cking respect the time we take out our daily lives to even click on the stagnate website of yours.  That’s something every entertainer knows and respects. They know to treat their fans well and with respect. That doesn’t mean to kiss our asses or do what we tell you to it just means to have some G-damn freaking courtesy. Things like updates!,a video schedule!,Simple Thank you for watching,actual quality videos that time and effort has been put into, just basic stuff THAT JUST ABOUT EVERY REVIEWER BUT YOU HAS FIGURED OUT!

      I’ve pretty much lost all my respect for Spoo– nah f*ck it Noah Antwiller. Not because so much of his sh*tty video quality but how poorly he treats his fans/viewers. I’ll never forget how he sh*tted on must of us back when Scarlett left him. Boo hoo your girlfriend and you broke up GET OVER IT! Sorry you lost your virginity at age 30 but you know what there’s other whales in the sea for you to f*ck. Why take it out on all your followers back then? banning us and threatening us throwing your middleschool hissyfits? That sh*t really put me on to what a POS you really were as a person but I tried to ignore it but over the years your sh*t just kept hitting the fan and now it’s covered in it and it won’t even spin around any more.

      You have absolutely no respect at all for anyone here. The website is just place for you too leech off people that took you seriously once and gave you a chance. I seriously hope you quit this “I want to be an entertainer crap” and go out back to the real world and apply your degree in computer science towards a real job. Maybe it might make you appreciate things more and take what you do seriously. You don’t have the right attitude for the entertainment business why? because you think it’s about you and it’s not. It’s about connecting with your fans,supporters,viewers, and attracting more fans and growing your fan base that way to gain success.

      No one wants to watch some assholes video where he’s yelling *Fuck you!* all the time. You’re not f*cking Sam Kinison! You egotistical piece of sh*t. You’re a bum that likes to sit on his ass all day and play video games and bored games that haven’t been popular since Regan was president. You live the life of a 10yearold at age 30!

      You brought all this on yourself Noah Antwiller, people like me who were your fans since the days of your sh*tty low quality youtube videos when all you and were your sh*tty camera and your sh*tty mic have supported you and promoted your sh*t to other people for years! We even stuck by you during all the corny GWTG bullsh*t you did. However you seemingly don’t give a flying f*ck about any of us and you never really did either to be honest. You criticized us,you had your red headed whale delete our comments when we used to give you REAL feedback,you banned us, you belittled us, you sh*tted on us, and now you say F*CK YOU! to us. Really? REALLY YOU F*CKING PIECE OF SH*T! You just bit the had that fed you.

      I can only hope more people start waking up and realize that you ARE an egotistical asshole and not just pretending to be or playing one for laughs. I will enjoy watching this website as it burns because it is your own undoing. You’re one ungrateful ass person, and you’re about to learn the harshest lesson in show business, never ever disrespect the people that support the work that you do because those checks you get will start getting smaller and smaller till there’s nothing left and then you’ll be out there looking for a regular job.

      F*CK YOU too Noah Antwiller!

      • Testy Testman

         The lack of respect is extremly evident. I could NEVER imagine the Cinema Snob, Angry Video Game Nerd or even Linkara sit at home and sneer at his fans. You watch them and just know they are all nice guys in real life.

        But I watched Spoonys two Vlogs about ME3 and Joss Whedon, and I just want to punch him in the face.

      • PeaTearGryfin

        Ok. Why don’t we just take a deep breath and relax. Maybe you should go on a nice long walk or something. Once you have calmed down why don’t you come back, read your post, and tell us how you really feel. You may find that you just got caught up in the heat of the moment. I’m not going to make a judgement call about whether you are right or wrong, but maybe you  should just find some inner zen first and then evaluate your thoughts on Spoony.

        • GozarisaGod

          “F*ck anyone else that decides to come to your aid and defend the stink of your sh*t.”

          That was put in there specifically for you and those that think like you. Someone(noah antwiller) blatantly insults you to your face and you compliment and praise them. You’re part of the damn problem.

          • PeaTearGryfin

            Actually no the problem is people like you who seem to think that Spoony is personally robbing you and then insulting you(seriously this is not the first time Spoony has insulted his fan base and it won’t be his last). You guys don’t seem to understand that there are some of us who realize that Spoony is only human and sometimes may say things he soon regrets. However people like you also need to learn to calm down and not write a 10 page essay on why Spoony sucks and then troll his fans until they see it your way.

          • GozarisaGod

            No dude really your an ass kisser, to every reply that says the slightest thing negative you come out to defend Spoony like your his f-buddy. You’re almost as bad as scarlett was. If you don’t like what sometypes ignore it and find a like minded comment to reply to. You don’t even know what went down here over the past 4-5 years but you want to come off like you do gtfo and go back to where you came from TGWTG. Go brownnose there all you want instead of being the TSE hall monitor/spoony’s fluffer because you don’t know the history. So like I told you before keep your damn hand off the reply button when you see my comments. Otherwise you’ll end up with two assholes for spoony to f*ck because I WILL tear you a new one.

          • PeaTearGryfin

             Go the fuck away you miserable excuse for a troll. i have been a Spoony fan since the Youtube days so guess what I’m not going anywhere. Yes I choose to stay positive because I find no reason to venomously hate a man because he doesn’t update fast enough. I look forward to you tearing me a new asshole because a man who has had about 10 new assholes torn into him in the past few days should be an expert in the subject.

          • Atmos_Duality

            “If you don’t like what sometypes ignore it and find a like minded comment to reply to”

            This coming from someone who went on to yell “fuck you” at every single person who disagreed them a day later.

            Hilarious, delicious hypocrisy.

          • Stimpack Phoenix

            Wow. You are indeed hilarious. Your entire post history reflects on you very well. Maybe Spoony is an asshole with issues, I don’t know. I don’t honestly care. I do know that you’re just a hate-mongering douchebag, though. Anyway, have a good day. Try to … you know… better yourself in some way.

          • Steve

            Really? You act like you are so much better than Noah, and then you go throwing insults in an even worse and more childish manner than he did? I usually try to refrain from openly confronting people, but it comes down to this: GozarisaGod, you are easily one of the biggest hypocrits I have ever encountered. When you intend to insult people, be sure you aren’t making the same mistakes they are first, and you may be taken a little more seriously.

          • Erik Mattern

            Did someone get his heart bwoken?

      • BrendanConcannon

        Sometimes you need to cauterize a wound to stop the bleeding. 

      • Atmos_Duality

        Well, looks like someone got trolled pretty damn hard.
        I’m guessing I missed a rolling shitstorm from Spoony sometime this weekend.

      • Erik Mattern

        Like The Spoony One said, trolling people like you is just too easy.

  • Richard Richardson

    Boycott clicks anyone?

  • George Rosenbaum

    Weird, there isn’t any fighting anymore.

    You know, I think we finally reached a consensus: Spoony’s output isn’t good enough anymore to warrant being on his website. The only reason this website stands is because WE are keeping it propped up. Just by bitching on his forums we add to his traffic.

    You wanna just leave? There’s some new stuff on TGWTG we can watch. Let’s all just get out of here.

    • Testy Testman

      In theory yes – But my problem is I still have the first three years of Spoony in my mind. I no matter how many bad or simply nonexistent videos Spoony makes, I still keep coming back in hope his old wit will come back…Its stupid I know, but thats just how it is.

      But yeah, I think this video marks the point were the majority of the viewers decided “Its enough. You suck now Spoony”. Only 1-2 fanboys are still defending him, and most of the negative post actually critize him in a more mature way than “You suck now”. It shows that no only the kiddies are disappointed, but his older fans as well.

      • LordofTibera

         -I sort of resent being blindly called a “fanboy” because I’m taking a side. I just joined because I want to add my personal view on the hate here. If that means trying to add a sense of reason to the argument by taking a side, then that’s why I’m here.

        • George Rosenbaum

          I don’t think Testy’s calling you a fanboy. He’s just saying the number of blind defenders has gone down a lot.
          No one is a fanboy for remembering the good times, when TSE was young. It’s the only thing keeping me here, after all.

    • Mercury72

      Noticed that too.

      Normally its fanboys vs. flamers, but in this video nearly every comment is “Allright, WTF was that Spoony??” Maybe he will react to it.

    • Alpha268

      Easier said than done…We all have a last vestige of hope :D (Ok maybe Goriza with his “essay of hate” hasnt)

      But yeah, I too am extremly disappointed in him, both concerning his behaviour towards the fans in his MassEffect and Cabin Vlogs, and his shortage of good content. Nice to see that finally the fans have more or less on oppinion on the topic.

  • David_Dennings

    Speaking as a longtime fan (mid-2008 onwards) and a first time commenter, it’s really quite hilarious reading through these essay-length comments. So much passion for something so insignificant. I won’t say I’m not disappointed in Spoony’s apparent inability to produce content but come on, guys, you’re feeling it a little too deeply, wouldn’t you say?

    • LordofTibera

      -I just joined recently because of the hate here, I felt I had to say something. My whole opinion has been to be patient because we are not entitled to any content on this free site and therefore we must just do what I think most people do–check back every now and then, watch old videos, if no new content, just go do something else lol.

      • David_Dennings

        Exactly. That’s basically what I’ve been doing recently. I appreciate where everyone is coming from but it’s all a bit too vitriolic for my tastes.

  • LordofTibera

     -I saw this thing on Twitch everyone’s talking about, but I think that some people here have taken the Spoony-bashing leagues too far. GozarisaGod, I’m sure some of your anger is substantiated, but you’re severely overreacting. He didn’t flaunt any sort of intellect over us. He essentially pointed out preemptively that he felt objectively right and that for those who wanted to argue Campbell that he bet no one read it so he said “don’t go there.” I will admit that he was wrong to outwardly say “I AM right.” He should have said that he felt his opinion was objective fact, but he didn’t lead with that, which was a mistake I feel.

    -I do NOT feel that making comments about his ex, his money situation, his age, or the fact that he plays old games (kinda the point of the site) is appropriate to the matter at hand. People are shaken by his honest and straightforward opinion, and that’s reasonable.

    -I just think we should direct the hate at the right part of this video–the fact that he kept saying how right he was. If anything, that rubbed me the wrong way.

    -Just one man’s opinion (which is really what he should have led with).

    • Mercury72

       I think he didnt attack Spoony for playing games at the age of 30, but for doint it and than coming off in his videos as an arrogant, all-knowing messiah of taste.

      • LordofTibera

         -It was a section of his essay, to be honest, but like I said I DO agree that it was wrong of him to just say he was right. However, my post was just trying to illustrate that the hate is going too far when somebody drags outside, unrelated issues into an argument. It’s just directed malice at that point, not an argument.

        • Alpha268

          Yeah his “essay” is actually a bad example, if you look at the other post that critizise Spoony for legitimit reasons, although in a more mature way.

          Im extremly disappointed as well, maybe even as much as “Goriza”, simply because I really enjoyed Spoonys videos for over 4 years, and also thought him a decent guy.

          And now it all seems to fall apart.

          • LordofTibera

             -I just think the hate really focuses on on thing: the fact that Spoony insisted he was infallibly right. And that is a wrong perspective, ironically enough lol. However, this entire site with its reviews are predicated on the fact that Spoony is right in his own mind because he’s reviewing stuff. When he reviews games or movies, he’s going off his perspective and speaking his mind.

            -Then again, I see why people are angry. They didn’t like his honest, blunt-force reaction. Because he didn’t soften the blow, it seems like he’s just calling everyone stupid. I just feel when it’s “Spoony versus the Internet” he’s gotta put on the thick skin and get in attack mode, as it were lol.

  • Nick Hartman

    I think what most people don’t get is when Spoony uses the word “you” or ‘You guys” he doesn’t just mean his fans, he’s just talking about people in general. It’s just easier for him to say something like “You guys are idiots” rather than “Most of those individuals who aren’t fans of mine are idiots.” But that’s just what I’ve noticed and my opinion, you don’t have to like or respond to it.

    • Alpha268

      Well first he talked to the people in the chatroom, (even kicked some for not agreeing with him), and then about all who didnt like the ending of ME3..

      • Erik Mattern

        In the end, though, it’s just a game and he’s in character.

  • bloarf

    Hypothesis: Spoony is trying to get back at his fans and assess their intelligence by purposely antagonizing them.

    This is based on the Mass Effect 3 and The Cabin in the Woods twitch videos. 
    Specifically what he says at 39 minutes in. It is a character, and he’s trying to make a point here by showing us that we are being overly touchy. 

    Specifically about the mass effect 3 review, I personally agree with him. Think to the endings of Cloverfield or Bioshock. Both of those endings were terrible and disappointing. Specifcally Bioshock was sold as a great story where your choices matter, in the end you got a 1 minute crappy cut-scene. There was not such a huge uproar. So he became disappointed in his fans with all the hate statements and comments on this video and made the Cabin in the Woods review.
    Regarding the Cabin in the Woods review, 
    I definitely disagree with him on whether the movie was good or not, but I believe it is his character. No intelligent person would ever say “I’m always right!” in full seriousness. Even the biggest haters must give Spoony some credit as a person who thinks. The fact that he went on a tangent saying that he’s never had a wrong statement and saying that liking or disliking a movie is NOT a matter of opinion is just too over the top. Ending that video with the word “Peace” is the biggest giveaway. That’s something Chris Brown would say after an argument with fans not Spoony.I don’t really know if this is true or not, it is just my interpretation of what is going on. Maybe it isn’t true, that doesn’t matter to me, for I like this better. (ME3 ending)

    Considering that other tgwtg people, the content Spoony reviews is many hours in length, NC only has to sit through about an hour and a half of content to make a review which is usually only 15-20 minutes long; Spoony’s reviews are upwards of half an hour.The AVGN made reviews of 15 minute NES games with 10 minute videos. When he started adding all the effects and skits of the style that Spoony does, he had to reduce his video output to 1 per month. 
    That said, I am disappointed with his output frequency lately, but considering that he has been working on two movies, I’m sure it will pick up again soon.

    • George Rosenbaum

      Okay, let’s compare Spoony to someone who plays games of a similar length, gives reviews of a similar length, and is also on TGWTG: Angry Joe. Even though Angry Joe’s workload is comparable, if not much larger (when you consider his interviewing) to Spoony’s, Joe’s rate of output is much better. 

      And even if Spoony was trying to stimulate creative discussion with his incendiary comments, doing so really isn’t creating the desired effect. Were getting ANGRIER, not calmer. So that isn’t very likely to me.

      I really don’t think your argument stands up well. I still feel that Spoony is being lazy, and just uses Twitter to stir up his fans to generate traffic every once in a while instead of making content. Because when Spoony’s fans get angry, they go to HIS website to complain about it.

      • bloarf

        I agree that Angry Joe has a comparable workload, but Joe is much less entertaining to watch. I tried giving his videos a go a while ago, but he was just uninteresting. Plus his videos are far less elaborate than those of Spoony, and less funny.

        I still stand by my idea that he is essentially trolling his fanbase, because what he said in The Cabin in the Woods review is not something that the Spoony presented in all vlogs predating the past 2 months would say. Though I must agree that it is infuriating and not helping.

        He is certainly less productive than he used to be, but I won’t say lazy. He’s been around the country filming the two films, and is now probably working on some sort of elaborate classic style review. He does need the traffic, and this seems to work. Why should he stop stirring the pot if it keeps bringing everyone back. Plus it is very funny to read all the flame wars and arguments made over nothing.

        • George Rosenbaum

          Yeah, the annual TGWTG movies take up a lot of time. They really should slow down, and make one every other year so the reviewers can build up some back content for when they leave.

          And I see what you mean about Joe, his style isn’t as entertaining to watch. A lot of his skits seem like he’s just screwing around. But I’m not really arguing his style so much as the amount of effort he puts in. He may not be as funny, but he clearly cares about his fans.

          • Atmos_Duality

            The anniversary videos are terrible.
            There’s too many characters, each doing too little to become developed or interesting (even for the sake of cheesy comedy).

            Small-bit crossovers work much better.

  • Alex Stritar
  • Dragdar

    I’m glad i didn’t watch  the latest edition of v-logs/chats where he insults us, the fans who’s traffic makes all this possible.

    And to be honest i’m not even angry, not even disappointed i just pity him (“pity da fool”)

    You know why? because that’s just the way he deals with his insecurities (in a destructive way, mind you)…
    If he’s better than everyone then that means he doesn’t need to make
    changes to improve. how do you improve perfection? i pity him because he
    puts himself in a mental no-win scenario.

    it just a way of shutting out, hiding in a shell, breaking all the mirrors, just so he wouldnt have to face the music.

    real, stable, mature, emotionally centered men don’t go around saying smth like “you’re stupid, no one cares about your opinion, i’m right” they see where they are, they have a vision of where they wanna be and then they take whatever advice and do whatever it takes to get there, the rest they throw away, they dont let it affect them.

    Even tho he looks like someone took away his razors, has been starving him and then kicking the shit out of him for good measure… less than reputable – he expects me to believe he really is better than us? come on, you expect me to fall for that !?  try harder next time young padawan.

    you can’t even imagine someone like AVGN to just flat out burst at his fans? of course not, then why do we tolerate this behavior? because he’s has the potential to be very good at what he does.

    You quickly learn that sometimes men with less ability outshine those with more just because they had more guts, more determination, more honest self-reflection and hard-working stubbornness.

    If he doesn’t want to or can’t do this anymore i can respect that if he can respect us and just come out with it like a man ,

    instead of dishonestly riling the crowd to boiling point so we’d generate traffic on a site with ancient dried-up content.
    it would be wise we stop and visit this site in like a month or so. otherwise we’re just monkeys dancing to an old, bitter tune.

  • Vash The Stampede

    I can understand people complaining about content, but getting pissed at these Twitched videos is pretty sad.  It’s just one guy being himself.  If you think he’s telling you to fuck off, then you are reading too far into things.  You probably have the PC police’s number on speed dial.  Just chill out.  Yeah he’s acting a little more asshole-ish then what you’re used to, but so what.  You aren’t actually there, although it feels like it sorta.  This kind of reminds me of Howard Stern back in the free radio days. 

    Some of you guys are so sensitive.  Spoony isn’t your friend.  Stop acting like he is.

    • GozarisaGod

      Dude, he’s been doing that sh*t for the past 2-3 years. It’s not just about that one video, that’s just an excerpt of his behavior. SPoony has been disrespectful to his fans/viewers/supporters & even other reviewers for a long time. It’s not about Spoony being your friend it’s about supporting someone who really couldn’t give a sh*t about anyone other than himself. New comers don’t know about the past because they’re in the dark but haters be learners today.

  • ih8modok

    Haven’t actually seen a single comment in this section about the video at the top. lol. 

    • CaptainDingaling

       they were there, like 4 weeks ago when this video was NEW!

  • Stepfan

    Sigh, the one time my DM tried this, half the part committed seppuku including my character. Unfortunately we were playing oriental adventure’s characters and he took our ancient heirloom stuff. Still totally usable.

  • Lydia Beam

    I find myself a bit bemused by the seemingly unending comments of hatred toward Spoony and his videos/opinions/whatever. My first instinct is to pull out the “if you don’t like it, don’t watch it” card. i mean, really, nobody has to go on this website; the people who come on here just to get angry don’t really have much credibility, IMHO. I’ve always enjoyed the majority of Spoony’s work, and even on the videos that I didn’t like, or the rare one that i adamantly hated, I never felt like I needed to attack Spoony personally. It’s always been my choice to come on here and support what he does. Nobody is perfect, and people do make mistakes, and I think that fans should be supportive, not take every opportunity we can to tear Spoony down for the slightest fault and hide behind the “constructive criticism” argument. Sure, critics should be able to take criticism from the fans, but when you get to where he can’t even make an out of character comment on a vlog or chatroom or whatever without dozens of people attacking him, you have to back up and really think about it. The man can only do so much, and I really don’t understand these “fans” who somehow feel like they’re entitled to videos and have the right to personally attack Noah when they’re not satisfied with them. I’m sorry, but nobody’s making you come here! I feel disgusted when i watch a video of Spoony’s and scroll down to see comments of people who don’t even know him berating him like they’ve payed some sort of subscription fee and feel like they personally deserve a certain standard of work. Noah’s not a video-producing machine; sometimes he makes good things, sometimes less-than-good, and there’s nothing wrong with that. What we, as his fanbase, the people who are supposed to be on HIS side, mind you, should do is be the ones defending him from the haters! I’ve never seen a group of more hateful and vindictive fans of any other internet critic. As for Spoony’s comments toward his fans, or his statements about his opinions being better than anyone else’s, all I can say is this: grow up, viewers. if you’re really too immature to handle some random guy on the internet calling you an idiot, you have a lot of growing up to do. Hell, i get worse than that from people I actually know in real life, and hearing it from Spoony really doesn’t bother me. So what, so he said you’re stupid for liking a movie. get over it. If him saying that out of character really affects you so much that you can’t enjoy his in-character reviews, then get off the site and watch somebody you do enjoy. You’re not entitled to anything and Spoony doesn’t owe you anything.

    That’s my two-cents. Now I’m gonna watch this damn video, haha

  • Devyn Sha-ken Kennedy

    Spoony is wearing a Yugioh: The abridged series shirt. Sweeeet.

  • Chris Lauderdale

    I did this for the opening adventure in my Pathfinder game.

    The party was aon a wagon transport heading to a small town, and it falls through a sinkhole. They wake up to find that the wagon rider is dead, the cart is destroyed, and they are stuck underground. The first one who wakes up sees two kobolds fighting over a bedroll, and then run away scared with it. And they are missing a good amount of their gear. The half orc fighter lost his main weapon!

    The one thing I was sure to have the kobolds take was and mining picks or ropes. Simply put, they were mining so they took those first!

    It really gave a good beginning I think, made the party work together despite not really knowing each other, and gave them reason to search the whole cave.

  • Florian Thomet

    “steal from the Party.”… Fuuuuuuuck… i fell for that one once… Magical Book that writes Whatever word i say in the Languages i know… That thing was basically worthless… Dammit why am i STILL hunting that Guy…

  • Eddie Prince

    What the hell is up with you people bitching about Spoony’s lack of
    updates? I enjoy his videos, yes, and I’ve been with this bastard since
    he was just a Youtube channel. Yes, I feel disappointed when I upon up
    the site and see no new content. But, my God, get off this poor fucker’s
    ass, you guys!

    He is a human being like you, with friends, hobbies, relationships, and
    (occasionally) jobs. As funny as he is, his fanbase really isn’t that
    large in the grand scheme of things and the revenue he generates through
    the site probably can’t pay the bills all on its own. The world isn’t
    over because he hasn’t put out a video in two months or so. Do you
    assholes have any life outside of his? I can say from the perspective of
    someone who makes videos like him that this shit takes tons of effort,
    devotion, and fucking truckloads of time.

    Oh, and those of you who call him a “whore” or sell-out because he has
    ads on his videos? Get the fuck off the internet. Getting paid to do
    what you love is everyone’s dream, and you rimjobs are bitching about it
    because you have to wait thirty seconds to see Spoony talk? Download a
    fucking ad-blocker if the mere site of an advertisement throws you into a
    blind rage, as it obviously does with some of you fucknuts.

    Long Live the Spoony One

  • Daniel Weber

    In my experience as a player, this works a lot better with items that have some significance to the players. But that probably depends on the players. Some are definitely mercenary enough that any money lost will do the trick.

  • Pedro Henrique

    I dont care if i know the trick, i’ll still track down the thief through heaven and earth.

  • alvaro oyarte

    Spoony your evil manipulative deceptive bastard! THAT’S BRILLIANT!

  • Amanda Holland

    the stealing the hair scenario gave me a hilarious little idea–what if this character was SUPER PROUD of his mustache or beard? oh man, if someone shaved it off, he’d probably go to THE ENDS OF THE EARTH to catch the SON OF A BITCH that CUT OFF LUCY! he might even try to tape it back on when he got it back XD

  • McBlaggart

    My favorite GM did this to the group my very first character was in. In retrospect I’m not sure whether he planned for this, or was just improvising. He has an amazing talent for mad improv.

    We were camped in a particular cave in a certain valley that we’d stayed in on and off for a while. We’d fortified it fairly extensively by planting heavy palisade at the entrance, and we’d stood off various monsters including vampires and gargoyles from that cave. It was our little fortress away from home. We’d just been doing some heavy adventuring (I don’t remember what) and we were resting and recovering, with our big piles of loot.

    The guy on watch failed his perception check horribly, the GM ruled that he was actually asleep.

    A band of goblins snuck in and made off with;
    1) hundreds of gold and thousands of silver.

    2) A whole BUNCH of our weapons and armor.

    3) My fighter/mage’s FREAKING spell book.

    When we found out we’d been robbed we did NOT wait to heal.

    We did NOT go to town to replace our lost armor and weapons.

    We did NOT wait for the remaining mage to ready his spells.

    We did NOT even wait for morning.

    We all charged out into the night half naked and utterly ENRAGED.

    Naturally no-one had any ability to track, but by blunt force effort we tracked the goblins through the moonless night, and two random encounters to the far end of the valley. The goblins had made their home in a supremely defensible location. To reach the entrance we had to travel along the bottom of this horrible ravine, with goblins hurling rocks down at us from above.

    We didn’t even hesitate. We charged in, and it was a horrible blood soaked battle. After the ravine of falling boulders we faced all the goblin’s best fighters, and spell casters, and by the power of our rage we beat them.

    The remaining goblins retreated behind a huge gate they had constructed a short way into their cave. Our thief tried to pick the enormous lock on the thing, and fumbled so bad he broke the lock. So we poured out our flasks or oil on the gate, and lit it up.

    Two fun facts.

    Fact 1)The GM likes to give individual groups and civilizations a few special tricks to call their own. This group of goblins knew the secret to producing Boom-Stick (dynamite).

    Fact 2) Goblins had regrouped and were planning to sally forth from their defenses, but couldn’t because of the broken lock, and so had brought out their stock of Boom-Stick to blow down the gate, and to use against us.

    Burning oil + Boom-Stick = EXPLOSIONS.

    That hurt us pretty bad, but it just about finished the goblins. There’s more to the story than that, but this is the heart of it.
    One of the remaining highlights is when my character broke his bastard sword freeing a young stone giant (a member of an unusually goodly clan our group became friends with) the goblins had somehow imprisoned. I felt pretty good about the heroics involved, especially when some of the goblins random loot turned out to include a +1 bastard sword.

    And yes we got our stuff back too. Yay blind rage.

  • BronzeDog

    I don’t play a lot of D&D, but I worldbuild for fun. Tried writing up an adventure that takes place on a few islands in the middle of my setting’s equivalent of the Atlantic ocean, and now I know one more way to get some PCs there if I feel like running it sometime.

  • Guest

    I think I kinda felt bad for the goblins because imagine your a tiny feeble goblin and your

  • Elijah Anderson

    I kinda felt bad for the goblins because imagine your a tiny feeble goblin and your stuck in the snow and you see an encampment furs, warm boots, and beds you would probably take some stuff to keep you alive.

  • Zipper Dragon

    I would steal my party’s loot, but I’m not that kind of theif.

  • Zipper Dragon

    Hang on…Angery joe?

  • Mark Belton

    Believe me, this trick can work a WHOLE different ways. You may have put on the general basis of the greatest DM weapon of all time (which I realized I did a variant one by accident, and the players went NUTS trying to get it back), but there is plenty of ways to do it. XD And knowing that the players put SO MUCH EFFORT into getting their shit back just makes it all the more funnier now that I realize it.

  • Daniel Tilson

    Have the druid leave his dire wolf companion in the back of the wagon. ^_^ Nobody is stealing that shiz.

  • fireball3477

    It should be called the “Lina Inverse” complex.

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