Counter Monkey – They Duel. That’s What They Do.

The Spoony One | Jan 21 2015 | null | 

A tale of pistols and pirates! Another of clashing katanas amidst falling cherry blossoms to settle a blood feud stretching back well over ten minutes. Actually, “clashing” may not be the right word. That would imply the swords made contact…

Counter Monkey – The Dirtiest Book in the Game: Part 2

The Spoony One | Jan 11 2015 | null | 

It’s ribbed and enchanted for her pleasure.

Counter Monkey – The Dirtiest Book in the Game: Part 1

The Spoony One | Jan 10 2015 | null | 

My cleric sees you bleeding and casts Sexual Healing.

Counter Monkey – D&D 5th Edition Review (Part 1)

The Spoony One | Aug 23 2014 | 361 notations | 

Is it a proper throwback or a game to throw out?

Counter Monkey – Free RPG Day 2014

The Spoony One | Jun 21 2014 | 64 notations | 

Check out the official Free RPG Day website to find links to some great free game rules, as well as a participating game store near you! Paizo Sales (Complete List) Paizo’s It’s Good To Be King” sale. Goodman Games Sale (Includes XCrawl, Judges’ Guild modules, DragonMech) DriveThruRPG HUGE list of free quickstart RPG rules at…file continues…

Counter Monkey – Tools of the Trade

The Spoony One | May 29 2014 | 144 notations | 

Mats, minis, and markers! Just be sure to keep the markers straight.

Counter Monkey – Nightstake

The Spoony One | May 20 2014 | 180 notations | 

Sometimes crits just break your heart.