Counter Monkey – It’s a Long Way to the Top if You Want to Rock & Roll

The Spoony One | Jul 30 2015 | null | 

Tandem started out with a bit of an identity crisis. Picking fights, falling in with the wrong crowd, and playing a sell-out concert at Stonehenge. And oh, how they danced.

Counter Monkey – Anyone Here Speak Chaotic Neutral?

The Spoony One | Jul 23 2015 | null | 

There are some things even the Universal Translator and Google can’t decipher. It all looks like Wingdings to me.

Counter Monkey – An Entirely Miscible Episode

The Spoony One | Jul 15 2015 | null | 

If I can be serious for a minute, I’d like to share the brief but impactful tale of Young Spoony’s first character: a Lawful Good fighter with pure intentions and lofty dreams of becoming a hero. Alas, his was a journey cut tragically short by one too many drinks. Sometimes, drinking & dungeoneering just don’t…file continues…

Counter Monkey – BABOON!!!

The Spoony One | Jul 10 2015 | null | 

Nature’s wrath is unleashed upon my Pathfinder group, and our wizard finds love in the most unlikely of places. Sometimes it just falls right in your lap.

Counter Monkey – Where Have All the Lawful Goods Gone?

The Spoony One | Jan 29 2015 | null | 

Maybe if we called it “Paragon, But Not an Asshole About It.” Lighten up, people.

Counter Monkey – They Duel. That’s What They Do.

The Spoony One | Jan 21 2015 | null | 

A tale of pistols and pirates! Another of clashing katanas amidst falling cherry blossoms to settle a blood feud stretching back well over ten minutes. Actually, “clashing” may not be the right word. That would imply the swords made contact…

Counter Monkey – The Dirtiest Book in the Game: Part 2

The Spoony One | Jan 11 2015 | null | 

It’s ribbed and enchanted for her pleasure.

Counter Monkey – The Dirtiest Book in the Game: Part 1

The Spoony One | Jan 10 2015 | null | 

My cleric sees you bleeding and casts Sexual Healing.