Counter Monkey – Know Your Role (Part 1 of 2)

The Spoony One | Mar 7 2014 | 113 notations | 

Now you can play the RPG that resurrects the glory years of the WWE. Play wrestlers such as the Bashams! The Un-Americans! The Gymini! The Dicks! Mark Jindrak! And Kenzo Suzuki! Behold, tales of my brief days on a lame e-fed when I learned that all of my characters were ECW ripoffs (whether I knew…file continues…

Counter Monkey – Shadowrun: The Code

The Spoony One | Sep 6 2013 | 324 notations | 

Shoot the hostage. Notes: Yeaaah, I know this story boiled down to “the group went kill-crazy for basically no reason,” but sometimes in RPGs, people gots to die. This is just a story of a simple plan turned into a clusterfuck by a group going berserker. It happens. People have asked why the group was…file continues…

Counter Monkey – In Through the Roof, Out Through the Door

The Spoony One | Aug 14 2013 | 70 notations | 

It’s a sort of riddle for you veteran dice-slingers out there.

Counter Monkey – Childe Spoony to the Dark Tower Came

The Spoony One | Aug 12 2013 | 71 notations | 

He who does not watch this video has forgotten the face of his father. Guest starring Orson Welles.

Counter Monkey – Spoony Gets Mazed

The Spoony One | Aug 9 2013 | 112 notations | 

A dungeon with invisible walls, invisible doors, and invisible treasure guarded by an invisible dragon. Do I have the wits and courage to triumph?

Counter Monkey – Dem Bones

The Spoony One | May 28 2013 | 231 notations | 

They come at you in all shapes, all sizes, and in all sides.