Counter Monkey – Problem Players

The Spoony One | Apr 9 2013 | 285 notations | 

I’m not exactly the guy to ask for advice when it comes to getting along with people, you know.

Counter Monkey – The Jedi Hunter

The Spoony One | Mar 28 2013 | 276 notations | 

Block this, Yoda. And yeah, HK-47 did it better.

Counter Monkey – Valley of the Cyberdolls

The Spoony One | Mar 21 2013 | 253 notations | 

I found the book with all the creepy dolls! Dolls…OF THE DARK FUTURE!

Counter Monkey – The Conga Line of Death

The Spoony One | Feb 23 2013 | 435 notations | 

If you’re getting to a battle, might as well jump in the line and take your standard action in time.

Counter Monkey – Cthulhupunk

The Spoony One | Jan 24 2013 | 288 notations | 

That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange weapons and technology, even cyberpunks will die.

Counter Monkey – Connection Time Out

The Spoony One | Jan 21 2013 | 246 notations | 

You’d think computers in the cyberpunk future would make things a lot faster, right? Then why are most of us sitting around playing with ourselves waiting on the decker?

Counter Monkey – Counter Monkey Punk

The Spoony One | Jan 18 2013 | 198 notations | 

We take a look at one of my favorite RPGs and its exciting new revival as a game by CD Projekt Red! Cyberpunk 2077! [springboard type=”video” id=”646401″ player=”spnx001″ width=”720″ height=”405″ ] The teaser announces a new video game (developed by Polish video game company CD Projekt RED) based on Cyberpunk 2020 – an RPG system…file continues…