Counter Monkey – Laundry Day in the Tower of High Sorcery

The Spoony One | Dec 2 2012 | 444 notations | 

I’m evil, and I don’t care who knows it! Notes: * I stopped reading the series at the beginning of the Fifth Age. Apparently after the defeat of Chaos, the gods had once again decided to abandon Krynn because of mortal hubris. However, later on, Weis and Hickman pulled a fairly blatant retcon and changed…file continues…

Counter Monkey – Thou Shalt Not Fuck With the Lady of Pain

The Spoony One | Nov 28 2012 | 363 notations | 

Just about rule #1 of livin’ in the Cage, berk.

Counter Monkey – Hey Fatty! Let’s go to Mordor!

The Spoony One | Sep 25 2012 | 420 notations | 

The long and barely-coherent rant about superheroes, alien gods, and a hobbit named Fatty finally concludes.

Counter Monkey – Because He’s There

The Spoony One | Sep 25 2012 | 178 notations | 

Roll 1d100 Sanity Loss for your one chance at GLORY!!

Counter Monkey – If You Stat It, They Will Kill It

The Spoony One | Sep 24 2012 | 156 notations | 

Remember when you kicked the shit out of Demogorgon in Baldur’s Gate 2, even when everyone told you it was stupid, and pointless, and actually WORSE than pointless because it would set him free from his imprisonment? Yeah, and you went and did it anyway, didn’t ya?

Counter Monkey – The Trouble with Superheroes

The Spoony One | Sep 24 2012 | 190 notations | 

Hey Cyclops, what do you do this round? Hey, it’s not a very good episode, but it gets better!

Counter Monkey – Don’t Be That Guy

The Spoony One | Sep 12 2012 | 255 notations | 

How to be a team player– or more importantly, not be that guy who gets everyone else killed.