Counter Monkey – Circle Strafe

The Spoony One | Sep 11 2012 | 300 notations | 

Dragons don’t fight fair. Edit: I’m being told that even one dedicated archer in Pathfinder can be a freaking buzzsaw against aerial targets. Guess who’s getting the first face-full of fire. And the second. And the third. Bottom line, Legolas is going down. And if that’s not possible, dragon flies away. They’re nothing if not…file continues…

Counter Monkey – The Bardic Knock Spell

The Spoony One | Sep 8 2012 | 167 notations | 

Note: There is a fine line between being good at bluffing and becoming the clown nobody ever believes. You don’t want to go from cleverness to making the game goofy, because you’ll frustrate the DM and get the players into a lot of trouble when you go off being ridiculous. If you’re jacking around constantly,…file continues…

Counter Monkey – Swimming in Diarrhea is Bad

The Spoony One | Sep 5 2012 | 134 notations | 

Your characters will never feel clean again.

Counter Monkey – Never Get On the Boat

The Spoony One | Sep 2 2012 | 215 notations | 

Absolutely goddamn right.

Counter Monkey – ConBravo 2012 – D20 Live

The Spoony One | Aug 26 2012 | 145 notations | 

[springboard type=”playlist” id=”3725″ player=”spnx001″ width=”720″ height=”405″ ] Big Mike from the 404s DMs a group at ConBravo consisting of Spoony, Linkara, Roo, and “Birdman” Mike Dodd. Spoony, naturally, dusts off his iconic bard character and proves once again he is the best swordsman in the world. Footage recorded by IXIstudios.

Counter Monkey – Pathfinder Live! (Session 3)

The Spoony One | May 13 2012 | 330 notations | 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 The party regroups back at Oleg’s Trading Post, where they meet some new allies and defeat some old foes.

Counter Monkey – Pathfinder Live! (Session 2)

The Spoony One | May 4 2012 | 130 notations | 

Part 1 Part 2 The group’s exploration of the Stolen Lands continues southward…but will it end as quickly as it began?

Counter Monkey – Pathfinder Live! (Session 1)

The Spoony One | Apr 24 2012 | 362 notations | 

Part 1 Part 2 This is a recording of the livestreamed Skype call of our new weekly Pathfinder game. Starring Marzgurl as “Maleuseu the Paladin”, PushingUpRoses as “Jinx the Druid”, Sean Fausz as “Magnus the Magus”, Skitch as “Gustave the Pistolero”, Coldguy as “Rrerrh the Ranger”, and Spoony as the Dungeon Master! Feeling brave tonight?