Counter Monkey – The Dungeon Master’s Secret Weapon

The Spoony One | Apr 3 2012 | 593 notations | 

How to get the party to go anywhere, do anything, fight anyone! But you can only do it once!

Counter Monkey – Dungeon Mastering a Great Game

The Spoony One | Mar 27 2012 | 294 notations | 

Secret storyteller secrets from the dungeonmaster himself!

Counter Monkey – The Importance of Wearing Pants

The Spoony One | Mar 12 2012 | 661 notations | 

This story is posted with some reservations, but it just goes to show, you meet all kinds around the gaming table.

Counter Monkey – The Prisoner Dilemma

The Spoony One | Mar 8 2012 | 800 notations | 

Spoony talks about one of the most divisive issues in the history of roleplaying: alignment.

Counter Monkey – Thieves’ World, Part 2: The Chicago Way

The Spoony One | Mar 4 2012 | 375 notations | 

The party decides to deal with their arch-nemesis, the immortal Tempus Thales, in the only way they can: the Chicago Way.

Counter Monkey – Thieves’ World, Part 1: Don’t Interrupt

The Spoony One | Mar 4 2012 | 262 notations | 

Spoony tells the tale of his Thieves’ World campaign, in which some players get a little too…excited.

Counter Monkey – The Age of Manure

The Spoony One | Jan 10 2012 | 463 notations | 

Bennett the Sage guests hosts in this special edition of Counter Monkey, in which he brings some homebrew monsters and items from his RPG past!

Counter Monkey – Tandem’s Last Ride

The Spoony One | Nov 22 2011 | 439 notations | 

My iconic character goes on a surreal journey, literally down the rabbit hole all the way to Dungeonland. Edit: Well, there’s one good way to catastrophically botch the telling of a story. That’s to twitter user @Dutchtica I’ve been corrected that at the Tea Party, the Doormouse was a wererat, and it’s the Mad Hatter…file continues…