Big Trouble in Little China (Commodore 64)

The Spoony One | Aug 9 2014 | more notation(s) | 

China is here.

  • PLE

    The Deep Wang will go to the plaid.

  • Psychopath

    This will end well.

  • William Pelletier

    Just starting the video but, how do you get game data on a cassette??? I’m aware of magnetic tape drive of course, I used to perform backup on my college’s network using that, but cassette??? Weird :-p

    • William Pelletier

      “Unlike Console gamers, us PC gamers know how to read.” Oh, snap :D

      • Richard Watt

        Similar principle, but lower data rate. The old BBC B computer could read/write cassette tapes at either 300 or 1200 baud.

    • Vader the White

      The funny thing about those is that people would play the cassettes over radio and anyone who was listening could take a blank tape and record the game, making it the easiest to pirate format that has ever existed.

      • William Pelletier

        Oh yeah, that sounds really familiar. I do recall seeing tape drives that looked like VCRs but this was this was the first time I’d actually seen a cassette data drive.

    • the test result

      yeah it is weird in70s came on the radio program ,do you want a new C64 game? then take cassette and push recording button and record 2 hours this weird noise thing ..when is that done, you got a new game..sometimes they forgot that they have a recording in progress and someone coughed in the studio ..then they says fuck fuck fuck sorry sorry fuck sorry

      • the test result

        I do not know will succeed CD roms ,maybe if you do not have any folders but they keep the same ”sound” ..have to test sometimes (”probably the most successful”) a kind of hacking programs used in this type of recording infos

  • Gabe Astard

    Spoony, did you get my message about the original SWAT game?

  • ElectricRage

    Spoony your headless problem is back again and you broke all the swords. Time to get the knives and forks out and if all else fails go for the rolling pin.

    • The Spoony One

      Headlesses. I hate these guys.

      • StealthMarmot

        Just hit it with things until they break, then punch it to death with your bare hands.

        Or alternatively, take hair clippers to it like that Duck Dodgers skit. I bet when you shave the hair off, there will be nothing left.

      • TheTundraTerror


    • Zefram Mann

      Nothing beats a well cared-for cast-iron fry-pan.

    • Patrick Coyle

      Or hire the trailer lady from “Lethal Games” to bodyguard him. I think she might be the only beast less killable than the headless.

  • Vader the White

    I saw that whatever the Headless was holding was Highlander related, but what exactly was it?

    EDIT: Never mind, I found it:

    • Luc Bélanger

      The Commodore 64 game. Spoony mentioned it in the Highlander Jaguar CD review but he couldn’t play it back then.

      • Stephen Mc Devitt


  • skyrender

    I knew the second I saw the logo for the maker of that game on the cassette tape that it was gonna be BAD. Do you know who made it? Alternative Software. They made all of the shovelware back in the 80s for the C64 and ZX Spectrum over in Europe. An embarrassingly large number of their games have found their way onto Stewart Ashen’s Terrible Old Games You’ve Probably Never Heard Of.

  • the test result

    yeah almost all c64 beat’em up games is same weird controling system ..because you have now C64 try play ”the last ninja” one of the best games

  • Dragons_Dusk

    That was a lot of fun. I love that movie. I’m amazed at your computer voodoo to get all that hardware working again. Also, awesome use of Lo Pan Style.

  • The Old Hack

    Oh man, I loved Big Trouble in Little China so much. Darn you, Spoony, now I need to get it on DVD.


    • Stephen Mc Devitt

      Me too! It’s on TV sometimes like Father Ted and Pulp Fiction but that doesn’t guarantee they’ll be around forever. We need these DVDs so we can watch our favourite at any time, even when we’re all grey hair and all our teeth fall out.

  • Luc Bélanger

    Now April joins the series cannon. This one was really fucking funny. That cut to Simco was kind of brilliant.

    • Groverfield

      Does that mean she’s cheating on Noah with Spoony?

      • Luc Bélanger

        …holy shit, I didn’t think of that… Well, judging by her death stare, and considering Miles seems to like Noah but hate Spoony… did Miles turn into…

        • StealthMarmot

          Stop that thought and never start it again ever.

  • Groverfield

    We’re not looking up John Carpenter because if we’re on this site we know he is the 80’s Kubrick, but it’ll be another 10 years before he’s studied like it.

    • Stephen Mc Devitt

      Can I confess something to you? I saw all of Escape from L.A. a good few times but never got watch Escape from New York properly.

  • casval0287

    well now that you have the set up for those kinds of games it does give you a huge library of shitty games to review, I’m always impressed with the ways people made games way back in the day so I’d watch the hell out of some Commodore 64 reviews!

  • Zefram Mann

    Was wondering when the next vid would be out, well done.
    Also some props, because despite it being almost painfully obvious in retrospect, I was too wrapped up in the story of how you got the game working to think of the point April brought up until she did, which got a laugh out of me.
    Great execution there.

  • NeroAngelo

    okay . . . so Noah’s Arizona house burst into green flames?
    oh damn, wonder how Miles is doing, then

    • Lewis Lovhaug

      It’s possible that’s referring to the destruction at the end of Final Fantasy 8… though I don’t recall the flames there being green.

      • The Spoony One

        Second house, from the end of Final Fantasy 13, except we didn’t see it destroyed. Its destruction is one of those things that my character doesn’t seem aware of, somehow. Or at least, whenever he starts to think about it, something diverts his attention. (“Where is my gunblade? Ah well, anyway.”)

        • Zman

          I’m still wondering if any of the things we see are actually real in the first place or some sort of virtual reality/lotus eater type thing.

        • Stephen Mc Devitt

          Why not steal Lightning’s gunblade?

          • NeroAngelo

            why use a gunblade when you have a perfectly good gravity coat . . . albeit a horribly stained one

          • Stephen Mc Devitt

            No! Gunblades are cool!

        • Nivmarx

          And how does April fit into this? Does she know? Is she unaware of it as well? Or does she just not care?

      • L1nk1

        I like you so much Lewis but I can’t stand superhero comics.

        • Lewis Lovhaug

          S’all good. People don’t all have to like the same things. ^_^

  • NeroAngelo

    is that the Tidus/Gordon Ramsey wig?

    • Groverfield

      No, it’s the girl-spoony from Party Mania

      • NeroAngelo

        i could’ve sworn THAT wig didn’t have those curls

    • Stephen Mc Devitt

      How dare you! I know different wigs when I see them.

  • joseph bonner

    hey great review spoony. soo funny. hay i was just wondering are you planning on doing a guardians of the galaxy review??? i and think all your fans would love to hear what you think. thanks

  • NeroAngelo

    jeez, let’s hope the highlander game’s better than last time

    • Kenshiroh

      I’ve actually played this one (unless there’s more than one C64 Highlander game). It’s pretty awful. I’d say its worse than the previously reviewed Highlander game. It’s really primitive (even for C64) and there’s not much too it. There’s also a really stupid aspect that I don’t want to spoil for Spoony’s review.

  • timotaka

    Potentially stupid question: Why not use a joystick?

    • Luc Bélanger

      I think so too if he was just playing the game, but the keyboard controls are so convoluted he got a good bit out of it at least.

      • timotaka

        Keyboard controls for action games back in the day were usually convoluted. If you had full range of movement, you’d have keys for horizontal movement on one side of the keyboard and vertical on the opposite. I think there is actually a good reason for this. Old keyboards were wired so that the keys grouped close together sent their signal along the same wire, so to move diagonally you couldn’t press two keys right next to each other as the signal from one would block the other. However, key presses from the opposite ends of the keyboard reached the CPU through separate routes.

        With that said, the controls here are far more convoluted than they need to be.

    • The Spoony One

      You couldn’t use a joystick with this game. Keyboard only.

      • DerKork

        Actually, you can play it with the joystick – in Port 2. Just checked with an emulator (and a digitized version of the tape). However, to swtich characters, you still have to use the keyboard.

        • Bill Hiers

          Ocean’s Jurassic Park for the SNES was pretty decent.

        • timotaka

          Port 2 is the standard for single-player and player one input with Commodore 64. There is actually a technical reason for that related to the computer’s architecture but I’ve completely forgotten the specifics.

          • Kenshiroh

            A lot of games used port 1, a lot of others used port 2. I remember always having to switch the joystick between the two ports between games.

      • Stephen Mc Devitt

        Probably would’ve been worse anyway if you can.

  • Matic Kačič

    Ah the tape casette days of gaming… I remember one of our radio stations was broadcasting games at certain times of the day. You inserted a castette in your stereo and pressed recodrd, and at the end of the day you have a free game. Probably not a good game, but a free game none the less. As for this game, the moment I saw the company logo on the box, I knew it was going to be shit. Most of the old crapy games Guru Larry reviewed were from that company.

  • Meganubis

    2:02 I just spat out all my coke!

  • outsiderMiracles

    Anybody else feel like this is the name of a porno somewhere?

    • NeroAngelo

      I’ve seen like 3 with that title . . . the original movie was way better

    • Jerry Forbe

      You know those kung fu movies where they’re flying all over the place? Imagine that, but with way more fucking around! :D

  • Drake Sigar

    Best. Movie. Ever.

  • L1nk1

    Watch out you may get deep wanged your Wang in this game.

  • Morhek

    I love the movie so much. It’s one of my dad’s favourites as well, which is how I encountered it. But who even looks at Big Trouble in Little China and thinks “Yeah…let’s put out a really bad game of this, but only in Europe.” I just…geez. This was a great review. Kept expecting a Deep Wang reference though, and it never came. This game didn’t Deep Wang BTiLC?

    • YFNEF

      Europeans, probably.

    • Cuvis

      Apparently, this is a thing they used to do in Europe. Pick up whatever license is cheap, bang out a shitty game as fast as possible, and sell it for 10 pounds.

  • Agents Of The Valley

    Zack Ryder 16-bit. Holy shit. Ohh Radio.

  • Harrold

    I remember playing this game, when I was a child. I never got the concept, I was too young. But I had a joystick to play with, and was not dependent on the keyboard!

    • dennett316

      Genesis/Megadrive controllers also worked great on C64…it’s what I ended up using when my old joystick died.

      • Harrold

        You mean when you smashed them against the wall/ground/ceiling while yelling like a barbarian? That’s what I did at least. But they were simple, so I ended up fixing them.

  • Turcano

    I never thought I would see a game ending lamer than “congraturation” or “a winner is you,” but apparently that day has come.

  • Neon

    Now I want to see the movie. I’ve heard about it, but forgot about it. And every time I meet someone with the name ‘Wang’, I keep telling them, “For God’s sake, don’t name your son Harry.”

  • vwhbj2003

    ok that was awesome nothing like a goo ol spoony review/movie at this point. ok time to wait another month or two for the next.

  • Alex Stockwell

    Headless! Called it!

  • Amesang

    Coincidentally I have a wallpaper of “BTiLC’s” Lightning up on my laptop, walking in shadow through a corridor wreathed in electricity. It’s quickly become one of my favorite films, and I think I first heard about it because of Spoony. Thank you!

    I never encountered a C64 growing up, having a Tandy 1000 at home and the Apple //e at school, but I can only imagine the horrors that 80’s gaming produced for it. Well, then again, the knock-offs produced for the Tandy weren’t all that good, either (discounting the ones that never worked to begin with), although the “DuckTales” game I had for it was awesome—very colorful and filled with a wide variety of activities.

    I have to naively wonder why more licensed games can’t get adequate care and attention. Are they just given unrealistic due dates for production? The “two guys knocking it off in a week” would explain a great many of them…

    • CedricTheOwl

      It usually is a combination of an extremely compressed development cycle and being obligated to stick to the plot of the movie they’re adapting. Most licensed games are timed to coincide with the film’s release, which almost always results in a slapped together, poorly tested mess.

  • Nivmarx

    I love those Simcoe the magician scenes! Loved the review. You know, the sad thing is: almost every C64 game I’ve played so far were pretty much as bad as this. But is there really no american version? Kinda weird.

  • digitalwarriors

    Ahh John Carpenter, you are on my list of directors who made awesome movies in the 70s-80s but kinda got worse as they went along. Also on that list is James Cameron and Ridley Scott who made classics but nowadays they seem to have lost what made their old movies great.

    • Stephen Mc Devitt

      I fear for Christaphor Nolan and Edgar Wright.

      • big_no_no

        Nolan is responsible for Dark Knight Rises and (partially) Man of Steel, Wright for The World’s End. We’re past the point of worrying with those two.

        • Stephen Mc Devitt

          But… I liked The World’s End. Those two would have to consistently fail more than just two times. I imagine some people still had SOME form of hope M. Night Shalyaman before The Last Airbender.

          I also liked Bane in The Dark Knight Rises.

          • big_no_no

            Hey, I haven’t written them off completely either. I’ll go see Interstellar.

  • Penfold Berry

    That magician was a sucker punch that made me nearly fall off my settee with laughter. Loved this review Spoony always good to see new video

  • IHeart28

    Aw yeah, was this a awesome review. This was really fun. Simcoe and dr. Insano were hilarious in the beginning. Ugh, this game though seems really tricky and cryptic I hate games like that and that game over sound was VERY annoying. I almost got a headache because of that. But I’m glad that at least this game didn’t taint your love for the movie spoony, because this game did NOT do that awesome movie justice

  • Svart Fra Sor

    YES! YES! YES!

  • GreenGimmick

    Ah, yes. The return of Spooncoe the Magician

    • Michael Tupper

      wait, the magician from Skullduggery?

      • GreenGimmick

        That’s right

  • That L Chap

    April’s deadpan, thousand-yard-stare is priceless.

  • Carewolf

    Neat. It has been a long time since we had one of these reviews. Good too

  • CedricTheOwl

    So many great callbacks in this episode. Makes me want to go back and watch the Thing and Terror’s Realm reviews in particular. The opening skit was pretty amazing as well. Love that seahorse gag. This and the Runes of Virtue reviews have been a treat, Spoony.

  • NeedlerFanPudge

    Big Trouble in Little China really is one of the best movies out there. Thanks for the fun review, I can only hope that it inspires more people to check it out.

  • Shadow_Wing

    “The review’s in the render queue.” Throwing a bit of foreshadowing our way Spoony? Besides the blatant showing of that Highlander game the Headless was holding.

    • StealthMarmot

      It’s the stock answer, like if if you haven’t paid your rent you say the check is in the mail, or your programs are compiling.

      • Daniel Tilson

        Or, it’s the truth, and we’ll be seeing it sometime in the near future.

        Near being a relative measurement of time that could mean anywhere from tomorrow to some time this fall.

      • Michael Tupper

        I’ll believe that FF13-2 is coming when I see it. That’ll be a fun day.

        • Stephen Mc Devitt

          It might actually be such. Serah and Mog will drive Spoony insane. I know they did when I played that game and I’m someone who LIKES XIII… Think about it.

  • Chuster M. Merino

    Big Problem with Chyna…

  • Markham

    Have ya paid your dues Spoony?

  • nuclearaptor

    You really shook the pillars of Heaven there, Spoon.

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    The type of video used can kiss my ass. There’s no telling if the video’s buffered and can stop at any time. I understand why you’re not using YouTube because of the abuse of content ID and copyright takedowns going around and I’m not sure whether or not you have a valid reason of not using blip but this video system fucking sucks. Nearly 19 minutes in and I get the black screen of “Refresh and play the video ALL OVER AGAIN!”

    • DarkVeghetta

      Blip is magnitudes of suck above this player. At least this one has the decency of rewinding a second when it doesn’t buffer enough, resulting in me not missing anything because a word gets cut in half and ends up sounding like wargarble due to bad buffering (looking at you, Blip).
      Also, might I recommend you just clicky where you left off if you got an error? Because this player lets you do that, unlike some others Spoony has used in the past.

      • Stephen Mc Devitt

        I wish there was a way to tell how much to loaded up so far, so I can pause the video for more of it to load up. Sometimes the framerate drops so horribly, you think it was a slideshow.

  • Nash Knight

    ZX Spectrum had a worse graphic chip than C64 but a faster processor, so that kind of a tradeoff was a common thing back in the days.

    The movement is right to left because one of the first bigger beat em ups, Kung-Fu Master, had that kind of scrolling and it took a while for the videogame producers to see that it’s kind of illogical and goofy. Producers of BTiLC never got it apparently.

    Tapes, uh. I had a C64 with a cassette deck. And ONLY the cassette deck. Still I managed to sink a couple of hundred hours into C64 gaming. I’m trying to find something positive to say about it but the best I can do is “It’s better than nothing”. It really sucked actually.

    C64 had it fair share of awesome games, and also a lot of shitty ones. This one falls in the latter category sadly.

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    Man, I freakin’ love Big Trouble in Little China. No wonder why it help influenced Mortal Kombat a bit, almost like tournament with lovely Chinese architecture. I guess that’s why I kinda like Balls of Fury too.

    John Carpenter was the man but I hardly hear about him nowadays. Does he no longer make movies?

    Boy, am I glad to not have grown up at the time of the C64. Being born in the 90’s was great when you learn about the greatness of the Sony PlayStation.

    • Matrim

      He’s more or less been in retirement from directing, he did the Ward a couple years back, but that was the first movie he did after Ghosts of Mars in the early 2000s. He still does voice and soundtrack work, though.

  • Luke_Duke

    Simco returns!!!!!

    This makes me very happy!

  • Patrick Coyle

    This review had me hooked with “Commodore 64.” That was our family’s first computer, and I’ll never forget the likes of Lode Runner, Space Taxi, Bard’s Tale III, or the brutal adaptation of Aliens. Those, and my hilarious attempts at programming in BASIC (which should have clued me in long ago that I’d never master more than one language, ever).

  • ThomasMink

    I can never forget the C64 (and later, the Amiga)… had to type LOAD “*”,8,1 so many times… but hey, there were some good games to be found. Tons of garbage as well, but that’s to be expected.
    Also never got to experience the cassette games. My dad had the player, but I don’t remember ever using the thing.. we just kinda stuck with the 5.25″ floppy drive. Also also.. no joystick? To each their own I guess..

    Anyway.. not the greatest review/video in the world, but it took me WAY back. So thank you for that. :)

  • adamfox

    Awesome review! Fantastic job editing it all together and great use of soundtrack. Also really good voice work! Wasn’t too over hysterical and hit all the sweet spots! One constructive critique is the lawyers eyeline at the beginning was looking left to right just like Insano which makes for awkward viewing. Just flip the image to make his eyeline right to left and you’re gold.

  • Svart Fra Sor

    I squeed so bad as soon as I read that title.

  • panzi

    Are you sure that is a German Commodore? The German keyboard layout is QWERTZ, meaning in comparison to the English keyboard Y and Z are swapped and there are ÄÖÜ keys. The pound symbol lets me think it’s a British one. :)

    • The Spoony One

      The fella who sent it to me said he acquired it in Germany, and the text on the box is in German. Not sure what else to tell you.

      • L1nk1

        Sounds and looks like a British c64 to me. Although I’m about 4-5 years too young to be an expert on c64s and my parents didn’t even want to buy even NES for economic reasons yet they did.

        • lionessgirl

          Try checking the plug. UK plugs have three prongs, European ones have two.

          • L1nk1

            I guess if he had wrong plug he might have changed the whole power supply.

        • Stephen Evans

          Hello, I’m the one who sent the Commodore. It is the German version, I purchased it complete when I lived in Germany from someone who purchased it back when it came out. Here’s the pic I sent when I contacted Spoony: (Computer with box + accessories) (sninek is my twitter handle)

      • panzi

        I never had a Commodore 64. A friend of mine had one for a very short time before he got his first PC. I can’t remember if it had umlauts or not. Maybe there never was a German Commodore 64 and the Commodore 64 sold in Germany and Austria where just the British version? I googled a bit and couldn’t find anything about that.

        I found this image of a Danish Commodore 64 keyboard though: Don’t know if this is a mod or not. If not I would guess that there would have also been a German keyboard because there are more Germans (and German speaking people) than Danes.

    • roboinvader

      The german C 64 had a QWERTY layout and no äöü keys, the Character set (PETSCII) used for the Commodre computers didn’t contain these Umlaute either.

      • panzi

        Yeah, I thought so myself (see my reply below). Also it is funny how one can see by the kind of typos you made that you are German speaking. :) Liege ich richtig?
        (“German” is always capitalized, even when used as an adjective, “character” is never capitalized (well except at the start of a sentence, of course) and the English version of “Umlaute” is “umlauts” – weird, I know.)

        • doresh

          Hier ist auch einer XD

          • Nivmarx

            Und da sind wir schon zu dritt.

        • roboinvader

          Hehe busted :-) “umlauts” – man that sounds just wrong.
          But it’s better than some anglicisms in German.

      • doresh

        Now that’s what I call neat trivia :D

  • big_no_no

    I really, really dug this review. Very funny and very reminiscent of some of your early NES video game reviews.

  • Aftersun

    There are actually a ton of good games on the Commodore 64, but there are allot of crappy ones on there too. I grew up with that system in the 80’s. Still my all time favorite 8-bit computer.

    • theshamster

      I loved the Last Ninja games.

  • Phantom DJ

    I also like in the Mouth Of Madness. And John Carpenter is a Kick A$$ director.

    • Sir Christopher McFarlane

      His best movie is Ghosts of Mars. It’s very moving. One of the few movies that moved me to tears.

  • Daemian_Lucifer

    The reason why the attack button is called the fire button is joystick.Thats what the big red cockhead(it usually was on the top of the stick of joy)was called.And yes,most of these were designed with joystick in mind,with keyboard sometimes being an after thought.

  • Ben MacConnell

    To quote the ineffable JonTron: “More like the Commadore Sixty-BORE! I’m just joking, it was actually revolutionary.”
    Revolutionary is apparently a relative term.

    • doresh

      No revolution is perfect.

      • Ben MacConnell

        Not when talking about this game.

  • sifer2

    Ha I bet Spoony had a lot of fun with this one. But yeah movie licensed games man. Almost always horrible. One even crashed the whole industry :P

    • NeroAngelo

      Origins Wolverine was pretty awesome

    • doresh

      But what about Aladdin and Goldeneye :3 ?

  • LPPigMan

    Spoony never fails to amuse :)

  • theshamster

    He should look at the Mugen version of BTILC

    • doresh

      Now that’s more like it :3

  • thedeviot

    I completely forgot this game existed. It was sold in the US through software catalogs for C64 users back in the day. Never owned a copy, and after seeing the review glad I didn’t. But a great episode as always.

  • Aiddon

    I was wondering when April was going to get inserted into the reviews. Actually really liked the beginning and end; the filter gave a weird sort of vibe to it.

    And yes, Carpenter is probably one of the best and most important directors of the last forty years. Even if the stuff he’s made in the last fifteen sucks.

  • Garmrspor

    What does that mean, huh? “China is here”? I don’t even know what the hell that means!

    • groggarioth

      China is in the heart, so it’s always where you are, so when you say “China is here”, it’s like saying “I bring China here, as part of me, for I carry it forever in my heart”, that or it’s referring to the slow economic takeover of the world by Chinese corporations putting us all in debt, but that would just be silly, wouldn’t it?

  • sbkMulletMan

    I love the last, departing look of the Magician’s face after he pisses off the seahorse. “Have fun dealing with THIS shit! Adieu.”

    And ohhhh, thank you for the Lo-Pan Style! I would always Counter-Song (yes, I still bust out “Fucking COUNTER-SONG!” in a forum discussion) the original piece with Lo-Pan Style whenever someone brought it up. It has James Hong himself appear in the video; parody wins, baby! INDEED!

    Also, I am now going to have to refer to my birth year as “Nineteen Eighty-Fuck”. I figure it’ll be a fun way to realize how old I’m getting.

  • Cynic Sama

    Wait…was the headless holding a Highlander DVD? Spoony hasn’t already reviewed all the shitty Highlander movies?

      • likalaruku

        Oooh, 5% on Rotten Tomatoes. This is going to be good.

      • PeaTearGryfin

        The only problem with Highlander 3 is that it is pretty much the first movie, but done bad. The worst offense of that movie is that it is boring as hell.

        • Aiddon

          i.e. there’s not a whole lot to riff. It’s one thing of a movie is bad, but if it’s just boring you can’t make very many jokes.

        • SUPERSOUP

          I always remember it as a balls-out goofy version of the first movie. I liked it. In an ironic way.

    • Visionary70

      Actually the headless was holding up a Commodore 64 version of a Highlander game. Not much to write home about on that one.


    Not bad. I knew the game existed, and it’s one of my favorite movies.

    Could have used less framing faff, and I never like in-references to obscure ‘Spooniverse’ characters, but I’m not the one getting a respectable yearly income from fans who want that sort of thing, so who cares fuck all what I like?

    At least you learned your lesson about emulators and filters from Street Fighter 2010.

  • trlkly

    So did you use an official Commodore 64 cassette player for the same reason you avoided using an emulator? Because you made it sound like it would have been a lot easier to get one without the tape player.

    And of course tapes take a long time. It’s just audio at ancient modem speeds. It’s analog rather than digital.

    • theshamster

      Some C64 games take 30 minutes to load a level, sometimes they don’t work.
      Trust me, I know.

  • Godmars

    Make me want a film review.

    Even if Spoony like it. Especially becuase Spoony likes it.

    • gallowsCalibrator413

      I second this~

  • rustedramblings

    This is my favorite thing I’ve seen here in years. Not to say I haven’t enjoyed other things. But there is no denying that this review is intentionally done in the style of Spoony’s older stuff, which was all so amazing. This formula. Right here. I reaking love this style. The campy attitude. The cheesy cuts. The costumes. The quick cuts and music edits. This…is what I fell in love with here. I’m all for evolution, but this approach is so much more Spoony than some of the ranty, face-time screaming that has become the quo lately. I still enjoy it, but that is more Doug Walker than Noah, and this review brought me back to the style he used during his modest roots. And it felt good. Kudos, Spoony.

    • inkBot

      Gotta agree with that. I personally felt that the latest Ultima vid got a bit sharkey-jumpey and this felt much closer to his older stuff.

  • Eathanskies

    Fuck yes. Christmas is here.

  • likalaruku

    “Doctor of science…I do most of my work on Etsy.”

  • kamrom dechu

    I think I know why this wasn’t released in America.

  • sakusakusakura_nyo

    It’s cool how Spoony went the extra mile not to play an emulated version of the game.

  • Groverfield

    Makko explosion? As in, Mako – FF7? Wouldn’t that be Mako with an “ay” sound in the first syllable, or am I just being a dirty unclean gaijin… Last time I used that word I almost confused it with kaiju, this time I just can’t help but picture a NES game “Ninja Gaijin” which is just a spritehacked version of the 3 Ninjas NES game.

    • Xirix Lunara

      The proper way to say it is Ma-ko, though admittedly I, and probably most native english speakers played FF7 and called it may-ko.

      • Groverfield

        Well, given what japanese stuff we had available at the time was stuff like Ghost in the Shell which had faithful story concept at best, and at worst a translation that gives purpose to google translate as legitimate.

    • Brett

      It is pronounced Ma-ko in pretty much every FF7 prequel/sequel/spinoff that has voice acting in it. Not sure if that’s technically how it SHOULD be pronounced from a linguistics stand point (“Soak-a” or “Ong,” anyone?), but thats how it’s pronounced in cannon.

      • Atmos_Duality

        In cannon? Most cannons I’ve heard lack proper enunciation of any word and just make really loud noises. ;)

        (In seriousness, “Mah-ko” is the official pronounciation, though I too still say “may-ko” for the same reason I still use “Aeris” instead of “Aerith”. It’s just a minor detail and an arbitrary pronunciation as other works exist that use Mako and pronounce it the other way)

  • Merrick D’Amato

    I love this movie so much… I take it the game play is ALL IN THE REFLEXES?

  • John Shepard

    That was hilarious.One of your best reviews to date.

  • Lina Jones

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  • Rick S

    Great intro !
    Love your work Noah – keep it up !

  • Visionary70

    I thought I knew most of the games for the C-64, I would have played the crap out of this one. And hey, Spoony’s one up on the AVGN, he actually reviewed a Commodore 64 game.

    Ah yes, I remember those datasette days. Took FOREVER but when it was done you’d get some fairly decent games for the era. Though most of the games did suck. I do remember when I finally got a disc drive the world opened up for me. I do still have my Commodore 64 and all the fun things that went with it including my datasette.

    Unfortunately most movie licensed games sucked. (Apparently this was true no matter what computer or console you played on.) The only movie licensed game I can think of that didn’t was Activision’s ALIENS, intense game that was fun, challenging and, wonder of wonders, actually followed the movie. Friday The 13th was OK too as it featured some decent game play and 8 bit jump scares (really). I do miss those Commodore 64 days. Thanks for reviewing this.

    • DDTKID

      The Warriors on PS2 is probably the best movie licensed game

      • Timothy Seltzer

        I’m not really sure that The Warriors or From Russia With Love are in the same category. They were made several decades after those movies were released, while most movie licensed games don’t have a lot of time to work with since they’re more concerned with releasing as close to the movie’s release date as possible than anything else.

        • DDTKID

          can’t vouch for from Russia With Love but the Warriors did have to come out at the same time as the re-release in 2005 so it did have a time limit on production but I see where you’re coming from.

          • GunsmithKitten

            The Warriors (which I agree, it IS the best movie-game translation I’ve seen) had a pretty long development time, though. Rockstar Vancouver were teasing the hell out of the game for years before release. It was treated a whole lot better than a cash-in title, the guys behind it truly loved the movie and the whole project is basically a love letter to the fans. Sound hyperbolic? The game let you pretty much play any character in the movie and beat up any character in the movie thanks to Rumble mode. If that’s not love, what is?!

    • theshamster

      No! Not Aliens!
      That game gave me, my friends, my cousins and my relatives the heepy jeepies! (In other words, it was a REAL survival horror game)

  • GunsmithKitten

    Is….umm…is now a good time to tell him that there’s a C64 version of Escape from New York?

    • Cthulhu07

      Would make a nice follow up to this review… :D

  • doresh

    Big Trouble in Little China? F*ck yeah XD !!

    Watching “In the Mouth of Madness” is pretty funky if you were like me and have never heard of Lovecraft at that point.

    And I love these old games from a time before everyone agreed on certain control layout standards. So charming :3

  • Crensler .

    I love the Tali poster, wish I had one ^w^

  • Venser

    So it’s B for Jack Burton…WAIT, was Burton the robot named after Jack Burton?!

    • Daniel Tilson

      Probably. Spoony did say he loved the movie, and Burton IS his robot.

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    • Potato

      Nope. I was right alongside him telling April she just doesn’t get it.

      • Stuart Kerrigan

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  • joey

    yeah, thats how my c64 looked liked back in the days but i had floopy disks! Zak McKracken & Maniac Mansion dude^^ BtW, ever tried putting one of those tapes into a walkman?

    • doresh

      JonTron did once. Pretty funky.

    • GunsmithKitten

      My family’s first computer, a CoCo, used tape drives and I even tried to see what they sounded like in an audio player too, but all I got was the sound of silence.

  • cklambo

    Wat happened to his transformers review? Or Guardians of the galaxy? Or Apes 2? Or the new Turtles movie?

    • Groverfield

      He was so drunk when he recorded them that he forgot to record them.


        I like this scenario best.

        His vlogs do nothing for me anyway. At worst I find them supremely uncomfortable.

        • LotusPrince

          That Breaking Dawn vlog. Christ.

          • SUPERSOUP

            I recall not hating that one. It’s the more recent ones that have made me cringe. I don’t know why he can’t just talk about a movie like a regular person, make some jokes, and have some laughs. Seeing a shitty movie doesn’t warrant actual anger.

          • LotusPrince

            The first Breaking Dawn vlog was when he was drunk and depressed to the point where he said himself that he wouldn’t watch his own vlog, and was uploading it so a review would exist. It was hard to sit through.

    • sbkMulletMan

      From the looks of it, he did something less predictable than telling us what we already know.

      Besides, if he did do a movie vlog, people would bitch and piss themselves for him not doing more game reviews. I guess he figured if he was going to have people complain no matter what, he’d at least do something involving his favorite movie. Damn good call, all things considered.

      …that, or getting this game to work ate up all his theater funds for several months.

    • Delta001

      he hates it, there i saved you 6 hours

  • Potato

    This may not be what I was expecting, but damn, is was certainly what I needed.

  • TamLin

    Gotta say, this is probably Mr. Antwiler’s most enjoyable video in quite some time. Maybe years.

  • theshamster

    Now that Spoony has a C64, he should get the Last Ninja games. There are 3 of them, and the music is amazing.

    Check out the loading music for the dungeons level of Last Ninja 1.

    And here is the music you hear in the level.

    I loved this game as a kid.

  • ZaphodAVA

    I recently watched Big Trouble with a bunch of friends that had never seen it. As always it delivered.

    One of the things that led to that movie night was the realization that using voices from The Venture Bros. in scenes from the movie worked, and was totally hilarious. Go ahead and hit up the IMDB quotes page and use the following voices: Jack Burton – Brock Samson. Lo Pan – The Monarch. Grace Law – Dr. Girlfriend. Egg Shen – Morpheus. Wang Chi – Dean Venture.

  • zerok999

    I loved this review it brought me back to the 80s. Bringing back the magician was hilarious. April is really growing on me, she had me laughing in this with her small part. I also enjoyed Big Trouble in Little China the movie, but wow never knew this game existed and is so terrible!

  • Rick S

    Who would like to see Noah do “The Immortal” for the C64 ( or NES ) next ?

  • Omar

    Spoony, I love you, and I love this review……

    But that crack you made about console gamers was WAY out of line.

    • PokeyFluffytail

      You know it’s true though.
      But whether it was or not, we can both agree that any cop procedural doesn’t know ANYTHING about hacking.

      • Omar

        No, it is goddamn well not true.

        I’M a console gamer, and was able to read your comment well enough to know it was complete bullshit.

        And what in the bloody green hell does police procedure and hacking have to do with anything?

        • PokeyFluffytail

          Well I feel sorry for you sir.
          Also yes, it DOESN’T have anything to do with anything, I’m trying to change the subject so we don’t argue about whether console gamers are too dumb to read or not.
          Unlike Spoony, I can be fair. MOST console gamers are stupid. Emphasis on MOST. That doesn’t mean all, it means MOST.

          • Omar

            If you didn’t want to argue about it, you shouldn’t have said anything in the first place.

            And you certainly wouldn’t be going on about how you think most of us are stupid.

            You don’t hear me going on about what *I* think of PC gamers, do you?

          • Doleth

            I was wondering how you missed that the joke wasn’t on console gamer but on people who actually think like that, but this answer it. (Hint, no Lord of Tekken play Tekken on PC)

          • Earthbound_X

            As both a PC and console gamer, no, most console gamers are not stupid.

            Grow up.

            The world isn’t black and white like that.

            It isn’t one side against the other.

    • LotusPrince

      Remember that over 90% of the stuff Spoony’s recorded for his videos were on consoles, and not the PC.

    • The Spoony One

      You… you do realize that this is a comedy show, right? And I’m playing a character? Telling jokes?

      I’m breaking your balls. Grow some thicker skin, ya pussy, or you seriously aren’t going to make it.

    • GunsmithKitten

      Calm down, he’s playing up stereotypes for giggles. Spoony owns consoles himself.

  • The guy in brown robe.

    I made worst epic fail ever… How could I forgot about Last Ninjas!!!!

  • Remus


    Seriously, I got amazingly good at aim and timing in video games because THAT was the game I learned controls on!
    They fixed it a LOT in the following games, but you can still use the semi-broken retro mode in Gothic II (which is significantly harder than Gothic 1)
    I’m in the hole already I guess I’ll keep digging:
    Gothic 3 is good enough, but you could basically rule the world the get-go.
    The Gothic 3 expansion is NOT good.
    Don’t waste your money on Arcania, it only claims to be part of the Gothic franchise.

    • doresh

      Gothic? Like in the first one? Loved how you didn’t even need the mouse in that one XD

      • Zack Schilling

        Damn it. I was excited that Sacred was not dead but now it seems like that old mangy dog that should of been put out to pasture. Is it that bad? does it hold anything that made the first one awesome? Not a huge fan of the 2nd one but maybe I need to replay it

        • doresh

          Well, Sacred 3 has no loot and does in fact seem to be less of an action RPG and more of some kind of Gauntlet-clone-thingie, with levels instead of a whole world to explore. Classes have also lost a lot of the creativity and originality from previous entries (no, the Seraphim doesn’t count).

          I know Sacred 2 had a much more lukewarm reception than the first, but I didn’t mind it. The camera was a bit weird, though. Should’ve sticked with a purely isometric perspective.

          • Zack Schilling

            Well that sucks balls. Ive recently picked up Sacred 2 for PS3 for cheap and wanted to give it another try. No loot in Sacred is like jerking off with out bustin a nut, whats the point?

      • Krom

        Well, I’ll be damned! There are even more fans of the Gothic series? *sniffle* I feel right at home. We should incorporate our own Myrtana-Camp here.
        Imagine all the magic ore we could pile up! All the Dragon hearts we could rip out! And all the Meatbug Ragout we could eat! …wait…

        • doresh

          Don’t forget the swampweed, man :3

          • Krom

            Oh…. riiiiight… there was something else, We need a steady source of income after all. *nod nod* Just sell that stuff to the schmucks in the New Camp, K.O. ‘em, rob ‘em blind and then sell ‘em the same shit again! Ah, what fun! I wish i could have done that in the Old Camp… because those bastards didn’t sell me a heavy guard’s armour! (But teleporting into the Camp and killing everyone was fine as well… except the blacksmith of course)
            And besides…
            Cipher told me, somebody stole his swampweed-bundle. Do you know anything about it?
            PS: Out of curiosity,since you like Gothic and Sacred… What about the Anno series?
            (Anno Waterworld – erm i mean 2070 excluded)
            …and yes, I’m a very nosy/annoying person sometimes *whistle*

          • doresh

            Just kill some of those killer chickens and sell their food. We’ll make a profit in no time!

            And I’ve played the first two Annos. Kinda took a break on that genre afterwards. Not sure why exactly, though XD

          • Krom

            Mmmmhh, giant crispy chicken, my favorite! But don’t tell Mud about it. The annoying little pipsqueak always shows up in such moments.

            And if you fell like it, check out Anno 1701 and/or Anno 1404. Compared to 1602/1503 it’s a bit more convenient in some regards but it’s fun! It gives you this “just one more building”-fever and this cosy warm feeling when you hear/see the civilians praise your statue because you’re a succesfull King/Emperor/Ruler/Commander/whatever. I would recommend it.

            (or i’m just a sucker for “raise your empire and crush ze enemies under your steel boots”. Take your pick.)

          • doresh

            I might check those out. I’m unfortunately a bit in a grand strategy fever right now. Blame Crusader Kings 2 XD

          • Krom

            Crusader Kings 2? Mh, sounds tempting. Is it from Paradox Interactive? In that case i’ve got to put it on my buy-this-soon-list. And your fever would be perfectly justified. PI has some damn addicting games, but they’re so funny!
            Well then, have fun and game on!

          • doresh

            It is from them, and thank you :D

  • PeaTearGryfin

    I have a question as somebody who has only seen BTLC twice in his whole life. Why is Egg Shen riding around on the Nibus from Dragon Ball?

    • doresh

      Well, Dragon Ball started out as a parody of the Chinese novel “Journey to the West”, whose protagonist Sun Wukong was a monkey with an extendable staff and a magic cloud. So it’s not a DB-only thing.

      Why Egg Shen is using one to hover over the ground? I have no idea.

      • PeaTearGryfin

        Seriously, at that rate, just let the player drive around in Egg Shen’s tour bus and run over all the bad guys. Maybe Jack’s problem in the movie is that he didn’t try to run over him enough.

        • doresh

          That would kick ass as a super move in a proper beat ‘em up.

  • Anders

    Is this Wang worse than Deep Wang?

    • NeroAngelo

      this wang WAS deep wanged

  • Frank Stallone

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      • Frank Stallone

        #SpoonyHatesEverything The Black Knight sends his regards.

  • darkdriver

    I knew the game would be bad. After all, it’s from Alternative Software. BMX Ninja and Night Walk, anyone? (TOGYPNHO for the win!)

    • Rick S

      So you watched “”Terrible Old Games You’ve Probably Never Heard Of”” from Dr. Ashens

  • MasterSeijin

    “Unlike console gamers, urp a derp a derp.”

    Good to see he’s still an elitist. That’ll help ya get into showbiz. That is, if Noah even still harbors that dream.

    • Mr0303

      I actually read your comment. I better play some DMC3 before more braincells start forming in my skull.

      • MasterSeijin


        • Mr0303

          Meaning that as a so called console gamer I was able to read your comment thus being able to read. In order to not lose my status as a console gamer I had to play some Devil May Cry 3 to reduce my intellect. Or in other words – fuck the “master race” bullshit.

          • MasterSeijin

            The Master Race being PC gamers?

          • Mr0303


          • MasterSeijin

            I don’t see why there needs to be segregation in the first place. At the end of he day, we’re all playing video games.

          • Mr0303

            Completely agree. It is statements like the one Noah mentioned that rub me the wrong way. Fanboy wars are one thing, but to think you are superior because you paid more money for a piece of hardware is nothing short of Nazism. I grew up on PC gaming, but now I prefer consoles due to the exclusive games and the general simplicity. I also game on my moderately powerful laptop, but phrases like this put a barrier of elitism between gamers and history has showed that this is never a good thing.

          • MasterSeijin

            At the risk of being banned for saying this, if history is any indication, Noah has to insult people to help with his self loathing. Otherwise he’d probably down sleeping pills and end his life. I’m not saying he’s a bad person for this, but nor am I defending this decision. I think there’s a genuinely good person underneath all the bullish, he just needs to find a better outlet for is hatred and rage and stop blaming other people.

          • Mr0303

            I don’t think it is that bad. Maybe this is just audience pandering, an act.

            This statement just got to me.

          • MasterSeijin

            That could also be true. Though unlike radio shock jocks, with Spoony it’s hard to tell weather it really is an act.

  • MasterSeijin

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  • Cody R.

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  • Steven Mathews

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    • digitalwarriors

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  • Mount C

    At first I thought the reason some Commodore 64 games were made on tapes was so they could have better music. Clearly I was wrong and I am now more puzzled as to why the tape format existed for games.

    • AtlasRedux

      Because that’s what was invented at the time and it was cheap … the 1541 disc drive was expensive as hell.
      Also, if you had a hardware compression expansion, loading casettes took only seconds and you could fit up to 50 games on one casette. It’s only those who had “vanilla” C64’s who had to wait for ages and where I lived, no one had a non-expanded C64, we all used the “Turbo” compression to copy software.

    • Rick S

      Tape was a very cheap magnetic data storage device.
      Companies use to have “data tapes” larger than film reels ( Google “data tape reel” )

      Edit: it’s basically the same type of storage as a 5.25 floppy ( both use magnetic “tape” ) …

  • JG

    This review was amazing!!
    Although I will say the character sketches were more so the highlight for me than the main game play reviewing.

  • johnnybrunoise

    Purple? I think he meant “blue”… as that is the color blue.

    • Bushwhacker2k

      Or Indigo, the color everyone alternates calling blue and purple.

  • Alan Rizkallah

    Very much enjoyed that, Spoony, great video! As for those of us that were Commodore users back then, even in America,… yeah, I would have considered this a bottom of the barrel release if it came out here. We even had the Datassette as my older brother insisted on getting it and I don’t recall ever really using it for much myself. Maybe he used it on his own time to back up programs he wrote, I don’t remember.

    Considering we only had 1 fire button most of the time, games like this typically made Up on the joystick jumping. I don’t see how they couldn’t have done that here. Even with the awkwardly placed character keys kept the same, it would have been a lot more convenient and comfortable to have a joystick.

    A later good example done exactly like that was the Virgin Games/Probe port of Golden Axe for the Amiga. In an uncommon occurrence, it supported TWO fire buttons! *gasp* Attack and Jump. And using your special potion attacks was assigned to the “Amiga A” keys on either side of the keyboard for player one and two respectively if I recall.

  • Mary Jo Chrabasz

    Heehee I loved this video! Man, the good old days of crappy Commodore 64 games…I never played this game but I used to love going to my neighbor’s house to play Prince of Persia on their Commodore. This was a lot of fun to watch! :)

  • Groverfield

    What’s a Render Cube? Is it like a microwave oven that compiles video? Is it a rejected scene idea from Hellraiser vs Saw?

    • Daniel Tilson

      Render queue. It means it’s in the line.

  • AlleeCat2

    I seem to have missed what game The Headless was holding at the end there.

    • The Spoony One

      It was Highlander for the Commodore 64.

      • rom7597

        Yeah, good luck with that spoony.

  • mugenengine

    This is the type of video that made me a fan of this site.

  • Little Black Lord Baby Jesus

    I wanted to thank you for this awesome review! A while ago i asked you for a C64 game review and now you’ve done it… XD By the way, respect! I’ve never been able as a kid to finish this game… It’s a bad game, i know, but it has some nostalgic value for me… You’re right… she just doesn’t get it… LOL

  • Dragons_Dusk

    I lost count how many times I’ve watched this review, I have so much fun with it. I’m sure some of it is getting most of the references because I grew up with this movie too and I remember my Dad first watching Halloween with me and explaining what made it so different and so awesome from previous horror movies.

    And I know I made a comment before, was just easier to post a fresh when, hope that’s all right.

  • Fueldrop

    Best. Review. Ever!
    Intro was fantastic, review was fantastic, just generally awesome! Cos that’s how Spoony rolls, Bitches!

  • HugoStrange

    Coll use of the TMNT III: The Manhattan Project music in the background. That game was my childhood.

    • GunsmithKitten

      THANK YOU, I was wondering where that came from. Did and still do not like TMNT at all, but even despite that I liked Manhattan Project as a brawler regardless.

  • Senna4ever

    A well made and entertaining video that while rags on something still manages to be funny and interesting.

    Is it 2010 already?

  • Eric Moreland

    There was no reference to the Floating Eye Monster? I’m unsubbing…

  • TheAquaVirgn

    Considering that the Spoonyverse takes place in the Awesomeverse, the fact that Seahorses can shoot lightning and are one of the most powerful creatures ever helps cement the fact that they will take over the earth as seen in the NC’s review of Scooby Doo.

    • NeroAngelo

      i thought that was in the one where he reviewed the Room

      • TheAquaVirgn

        Huh. I was mistaken. Good memory you have there.

        • StealthMarmot

          Totally understandable, the Doc Brown-like future version of the Critic appears in both of them.

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  • Scott Tibbs

    Tracking down the Commodore 64 system and games makes Spoony a legend among gamers.

  • Derek Thomas

    Just curious what is Spoony’s mailing address? I want mail him some fan art. :)

    • Arctic Guy

      Noah Antwiler

      2758 US Highway 34
      STE B 156
      Oswego, IL 60543

      Or that’s the one that’s in the “About” page anyway. Hope your mail gets to him.

      • Apollo Grach

        Wow, guess he did move up here. From some of the stuff he’s mentioned in his reviews i figured he was in Illinois. Didnt think it was less than 15 miles from me. I wonder if he’s interested in joining a D&D game?

        • Zack Schilling

          I didnt know that either. Thats awesome. Im in Hammond Indiana right next to Chicago. Thats about 40 miles from Oswego. It sucks that all the hobby stores and comic shops that had cool board games, and d20 games closed down im the area. Anyone remember The Emperiors Headquarters in Chicago? or The Griffon in South Bend Indiana? Both were awesome places, and both closed down a while ago. Amazing Fantastic Comics just shut theie doors recently and that was the last bastion of gaming in my immediate area. We had a awesome comic shop that was 1 block from my house called Crazy Eddies Comics that had way more stuff then just comics. My friends and I lived there and played MTG every day between 94 to 96 but we also played many different miniatures games, other card games, D&D when we could get people to sit and play fro a few hours, and any new board game they would get in. Those summers I lived on red liquorish rope and Country Time Lemonade.

  • Reza Lustig

    Loved this review. Reminded me of the years when I was watching spoony’s stuff in college :) Also, pumped if he’s serious about a FF13-2 review in the works!

  • Rarar

    I was really sad not to see the Big Trouble Jacket in this!

    • Kevin Franzen

      Oh yeah, but he clearly wanted to play Jack Burton.

      Well, I guess he have could hung it up on a wall or door, maybe there wasn’t room…

  • Blutharsch

    I haven’t actually seen the film ever. Or, now I have, but before this
    video I hadn’t. I’m a huge fan of shitty 80s films. Especially featuring
    The Arnie or Kurt Russell (why haven’t I seen it??), or whomever of the
    “great actors”.

    Thank you Spoony for making this video and taking this film to my knowledge. Thank you.

    EDIT: Also, I’ve seen most of the John Carpenter movies. THIS FEATURES KURT RUSSEL. WHY THE FUCK HAD I NOT SEEN THIS.

    Also, my English is really bad since I’m not a native speaker and also I’m pretty drunk. Finns and their alcohol…

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    I’ve been at Spoony’s twitter account for a good two years now and I’m just wondering… Does Spoony have some sort of beef with the comic book industry?

    ANDTHENTHEREWASTHATONETIME… + Old comic panels from the Silver Age = The comic industry is dead to Spoony?

    • NeroAngelo

      well, alot of them seem like he’s just poking fun at the funnier moments in comics X3

    • Groverfield

      ANDTHENTHEREWASTHATONETIME the comic book industry poked fun of itself when the newest (Marvel) Beetle, holding a bagged and boarded comic just shouted “Gah! This is impenetrable!” in frustration. Makes me wish my scanner worked.

  • endplanets

    People give Spoony grief for having Mr. Faust play the Final Fantasy games and yet here Spoony must have spent a fortune and an eternity to get this gear which will be used for two (?) reviews.

    • StealthMarmot

      He’s borrowing it from someone I think

    • Groverfield

      Then there was the Jaguar CD

    • NeroAngelo

      well, he got the footage from him, but the review is all his own experience

  • Loren Helgeson

    I know he hates doing the Insano voice, but I hope Spoony never retires this character.

    • Lloyd

      He didn’t hate it so much as it was just hard on him to do the old voice, so he toned it back some. Doubt he would/could ever retire Insano ^w^

  • Ed Matuskey

    The one joke that was missed:

    Spoony, how did you capture video from a 30 year old computer game?
    Spoony: “Wasn’t easy!”


    • NeroAngelo

      you think THAT’S not easy?
      I’ve researched how to capture it in HD . . . I’ve found it XDDD
      it involves like, a $50 converter and a $12 cable, but it’s there (works for all the old systems . . . except for the N64, unless you mod it)

      • Ed Matuskey

        But can you make it funny? /That’s/ the hard part. :p

    • Frank K

      I’m guessing it involves buying a 300 baud modem and dialing a bbs from a programmer that lives in Nigeria.

    • this guy who has some brain

      “joke” ???

  • Mark Silveira

    Can’t wait for your FF 13-2 review.

    • Groverfield

      I’m kinda hoping FF13-2 is his last dig at the FF series, maybe FF12 as well, but reviewing that would be a challenge. But really, FF13-3 Lightning Returns … I don’t think even fans of the Lightning and Hope characters still care about the series at that point.

      • Atmos_Duality

        He’s gotta take a shot at FF7, and the whole “Compendium” thing.
        There is too much comedic material to ignore.

        Dirge of Cerberus especially. (holy FUCK is that game stupid)

        • Groverfield

          You’re right, I realized this a few hours after I posted. The Train motif. The line, “Huh, finger?” A lot of anime cliche’s previously untouched by the Final Fantasy series. The fact that it’s a second step away from the fantasy genre for the series and how FF6 got away with taking the first step because pretty much all tech was powered by magic and if magic is a constant in your world why are you -not- going to use it as a basis for your technology unlike FF7 where they had technology and they have magic and they can put the two together easily but don’t because it looks more urban wasteland to run everything but the giant robots and airships off of coal.

          • Derek Thomas

            Final Fantasy 6 is the highpoint in the series and the grand peak of artistic quality both in story telling and in creating something magical that isn’t able to be expressed in words. You felt like you were there, often you forgot entirely you were playing a game. That’s what I miss about games today. Maybe it’s just because I was a 10 or 11 year old kid and so it was easier to use my imagination. But man, OOT, FF6, Ultima 6, those games are some of the fondest memories I have looking back at my childhood. They made me into the gamer nerd I was as a teenager and abandoned as a 20 something, just now coming back to it in a small way.

            I played FF7 for the first time a year ago and it was disappointing. It was an OK game. I wouldn’t say it sucks, but it is SOOO not worthy of the hype. Perhaps it’s just nostalgia, kinda like I feel for the games up above. I mean let’s face it. OOT was fantastic, but there have been better games since. (Go ahead, stone me for blasphemy, I deserve it. OOT is amazing. But the point is still valid. So was the first DMC, but where’s the cult following for that?)

            I agree with you about the blending of tech and magic in FF7. Plot holes like that are what ruin immersion for me. And ever since 7, final fantasy has been nothing like the FF6 I fell in love with.

          • Derek Thomas

            That mention of DMC made me remember something that irritates me. Why the heck does no one care about the very first devil may cry game that came out in the early 2000’s? Even fans of the original series instead of that weird reboot think 3 is the best. Am I wrong? The first Devil may cry was atmospheric, creepy and dark. It was amazing. 3 was good, but not even close to as good as 1. And don’t even mention 2 in any fans presence. It was a joke.

          • doresh

            (VERY late reply, but who cares XD )

            I remember the first DMC :3

            I’m with you that that game’s atmosphere is unmatched. The first appearance of Nelo Angelo is probably the most amazing boss entrance in gaming I’ve come across.

            I would however rate 1 and 3 as being equal. What 3 lacks in atmosphere, it makes up with content and a more polished gameplay. Where I must detract points from the first game is in its interface. Especially the menu is very clunky and slow, a very obvious leftover from when the game was still going to be Resident Evil 4.

            And I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed how much more organic the world of FF6 feels compared to newer entries. Where I drew the line was when FF12 had this absurd contrast between late-medievalish cities and culture and what looks like friggin’ spaceships out of Star Ocean. Oh, and a futuristic hoverbike that only appeared for like one FMV sequence because I guess all those primitive mounts are more convenient.

            I could led that slip aside in FFX as all the funky technology came from a different age, but FF12 was a tad bit ridiculous.

        • nick012000

          Also the FF crossovers in the Kingdom Hearts series.

      • Midori Inaba

        Did you even play LR? Or just judge it “because”.

        • Groverfield

          I didn’t, sad to say. I didn’t play LR because I didn’t play FF13-2, and I didn’t play that one because FF13 was bad and I heard FF13-2 was just as bad. I judged it because there was no talk of it, good or bad. Critics seem to have similar opinion as yours that “it was better,” but then seem to have little more to say. I was also going by how much I heard about the game from person to person sources, and no one I’ve heard speaks of Lightning Returns, at all.
          Sales seem to be at about 0.66 of FF13-2, which is probably pretty good due to its shorter time out, and since FF13-2 only made 0.5 of FF13’s sales, it’s a smaller step down, but it’s there that the numbers are dwindling.
          I’m just trying to say that I hope he doesn’t waste his time trying to review something that he has nothing to say about, like any other review/critique I’ve read on it.

          • Midori Inaba

            Oh yeah, absolutely. I kindda wish he just dropped FF for a while. Cause it seems people only know him for those videos. The XIV video I thought was pretty bad, but I’ve commented long enough over there haha. I wish he made more videos like this one, or the Ultima Series, which is sooo good, fun and interesting. Also, there should be a free to play demo of LR on PSN or XLive, you should give it a try :D

          • Groverfield

            I seriously haven’t done anything on console since Skyrim, with a few exceptions due to parties. I have a huge pile of games that I should “get to.” I think that’s one reason I’m against games having extreme runtimes

  • Brian Cole

    I love the direction your production is going. The opening scene with Dr. Insano and Spooncoe. I can’t help but feel I’m seeing your Patreon money at work. We’ve already seen some of your new costumes. Can’t wait to see what expansions you have in mind for Counter Monkey.

    I want to compare this to what Doug Walker has been doing since rebooting his show and feel you’ve handled it so much better. Where his overproduced reviews are tired and unfunny, your’s are a pleasure to watch.

    • maurox89

      What I also noticed is that Noah, unlike Doug, can actually act. I loved the way he delivered the “Because it’s real” line here, and also his emotional scenes in that last TGWTG movie were the best things in that production.

      • NeroAngelo

        well, that & Noah tends to stay away from those stupid gags that have almost nothing to do with an episode (cough, cough, Pinkie & the Brain, cough)

  • Derek Thomas

    Does anyone know where I could get video making software? I want to start making videos like Spoony but for different purposes than entertainment.

    • GreenGimmick

      Could always give Windows Movie Maker a shot. Great for simple editing and free to use. I use Pinnacle Studio for my videos, but my stuff is fairly simple.

  • phoenix25

    Dude that was really clever how you put in those awesome quotes from the movie,great job! Who knew they even had a game for the best 80’s movie of all time,well in my opinion lol

  • Frank K

    You just bought a system that was probably as hard and expensive to track down as the parts to a used Soviet warhead just to play that crappy game? I am ashamed to live in a developed country! I hope you’re happy!

  • Guest

    Wait was Burton the Robot named after Jack Burton?

    • rom7597


  • Ryan A. Probert

    I mentioned datasettes to my mum she laughed at me, she said she was using paper tape when running the computers for a tyre company, back when they used a leased line before the internet. She said they used to get chewed up even more, people used to step on them too and rip them in half.

  • Trevor J

    Doctor of science! Son of a bitch. Every single time. Makes me laugh without fail every single time.

    • illidan4ever

      My favorite Insano quote is still, we’re “going to science!” But that’s a close one now!

  • TheZaius

    Hey, I… I can read…

    • this guy who has some brain

      Wikipedia “I can read”
      …you racist!

      • TheZaius

        Yep, that’s us console gamers.

  • Bryan Dorsey

    C64..great vibes man!

  • Vaughan MacDonald

    This review drove me to watch Little China for the first time and I loved it. Cheers, bro :D

  • NeroAngelo

    you want something that might taint the memory of a movie?
    I just read on IMDB that the Thing game . . . is cannon

    • Morhek


  • Dru Pearce

    So happy to see that magician again.

  • boobio3

    Too much Dr. Crappo.

  • boobio3

    In the mouth of madness is a peace of shit.

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