Black Hole of Board Games – VCR Golf

The Spoony One | Sep 23 2013 | more notation(s) | 

I told you I’d shoot, but you didn’t believe me. WHY DIDN’T YOU BELIEVE ME?

  • Daniel Southavongsa

    Lovin these ever since the wrestling one

  • Nox Vulpes

    Okay, man. You playing with the guys on the back of the box had me in stitches.
    You have done the impossible–you’ve made VCR Golf funny. XD

  • Sop87

    From greatest swordsman in the world to greatest golfer in the world…truly the path of Spoony is a mysterious one.

  • Floris / Dutchtica

    Hah, the last bits with Oreo. Fantastic.

    • Altin Bujupaj

      Did I just see a Vita in the last scene?

      • Patrick Coyle

        As much as he loves Persona 4, he probably got a Vita to play P4 Golden.

        Hell, that’s the ONLY reason I’ve heard for anybody getting one.

      • PN8

        In one of the E3 coverage videos with Angry Joe and Jew Wario he was
        complaining about how even though he bought it the Vita didn’t have too
        many worthwhile games.

    • Hitokiri Akins

      I agree. Best part of the video, when Oreo went nuts over the ball from Spoony’s first shot made the whole thing worth it.

  • Charred Newt

    Oh you poor, putt-upon soul.

  • Enerccio

    I just knew someone will send that to you!

  • L1nk1

    I love your pain Spoony.

    • Carlos Alexandre

      I love your avatar.

      • L1nk1

        Nice to meet me.

  • TrollsAndLoke

    “You love to watch me in pain dont ya?!”
    Welp, he realized it.. hold on a minute there, do my eyes deceive me?
    On the great wall of board games is… final fantasy 13? When did that happen?

  • Joseph Aland

    Wizards playing golf. Peter Jackson, if you’re watching, film this. Now.

    • endplanets

      Back when Ricky Martin did the World Cup theme song they had these really awesome commercials that I was unable to find. In it people in the stands would push a button and the playing field would change.

      You could activate the sprinklers, raise/lower patches of the field by up to 40 feet and one guy made the goal shift to the right on a penalty kick. And if you upset the ref the ground would just open up and swallow the perpetrator like a Bond villain trap.

  • DarkSaber2k

    Disappointingly obvious……

  • Amesang

    What, no interview cards? Pro Golfers don’t trash-talk each other before a match?

    I’m not surprised you were sent these games; Hell, I would have done the same had I the cash and resources, but then I like my spleen where it is thank you very much. Still, the existence of such games boggles the mind; I think the board games we’d make in elementary school arts and crafts had more playability. Granted, I do own a golf ball due to sheer luck (found it out in the yard one day), and a putter could probably be pieced together with a broom handle, duct-tape, and something rectangular in shape; but, still!

    Love the “Ren & Stimpy” reference… and I think I have that exact same pair of scissors.

  • Edward Giacin

    How about treating yourself to some Dragonstrike? Grab some of your buddies, do battle with some hideous monsters, sneak around dank castles, and just have a good time. Heck, I’d come out to Arizona to play with you, any excuse to get the hell out of New York.

  • theshamster

    #Meanwhile, in the lands of a fallen god, a citadel looms. within dwells a demigod vampire who rubs his hands together as he watches the Spoony One succumb to the packages he sent him#

    ????? : “Yes, YES!!! Good, give in to the pain, Spoony One, give in to the torment! With each passing second, your soul will wane and wither, and I…I shall be FREE!!!!”

    #the vampire laughs darkly as the events play out.#

  • Mateusz K.

    Damn, Spoony and his brother make those golf games look so much fun, I wish I had a brother I could play VCR golf games with. Happy times. The video is even better than the WWF episode. I cherish the hope for even better episodes in the future. Spoony is only getting better and better as time goes by. People like the Nerd and Nostalgia Critic tend to make their stuff much more “audience friendly” and “hip”, which gradually made me lose interest in their stuff, but Spoony is always the funniest guy and his material makes me laugh every time. I wich I could send him a VCR game, but back in my days, we only had Dragonstrike on the shelves and it was expensive as fuck… I could never afford in my life.

  • Robert Dawson

    Love you too Spoony.

  • Mike Lee

    ;_; . . . was sure upon the arrival of the second game, we were to see the return of Dr. Insano. Guessing ingesting magic slime takes a while to recover from Xb

  • funkym

    That is a triumph! 27 minutes out of VCR Golf? Gad, How do you do it?

  • smek2

    There is no misunderstanding, Spoony One. We are glad you finally had the epiphany and see the world for what it is. We know you’re not talking in code. We know you’re not kidding. We KNOW! And what’s more important, we LOVE your pain, your suffering, your sweet, sweet suffering. We NEED it.
    And you will give it to us. We have ways to make you do it. Resistance is futile. Muharahahahaha!

    (imagine this, said by a white haired boy with glowing blue eyes, instead, you know, my drunken attempts at humor)

    • Garmrspor

      OT: I may have seen you on YouTube the other day. Have you made any comments on videos of the game Grimoire?

  • slayride

    I don’t know what is worse, watching golf or the announcers trying to put you to sleep with their low voices like speaking loudly will interrupt the concentration of the “athletes”.

    Rulers for a board game? That is miniature game territory for distances and LoS for RPG board games not board games!

    Adding wizards would make golf interesting. Raistlin is bored and casts quake! The golfer, the caddy, and a golf cart eaten by the earth itself! That’s a double bogey!

    You need a putter for a board game?!

    There is more than one?!

  • Toph Morris

    I hate golf. I hate everything associated with golf. So thank you, Spoony, for giving me someone to share the misery of ever having to talk about golf with anyone. Misery loves company.

  • ColeYote

    So… how many copies of this *did* you wind up getting?

  • Unholy Fire Dragon

    Seeing Oreo play with her balls is WAY more interesting than watching ANY clips of VCR golf.

  • babea44713

    Actually the putter-needed VCR Golf doesn’t sound THAT bad. It’s basically overhead for screwing around in your house with a putter, or what the hell, grab a ping pong ball and a broomstick and off you go.

    The second one looks like a headache-inducing bore though. It’s basically a Snakes & Ladders game with added golf clips. Bleh.

  • Breakin

    Here’s another idea for Wizard Golf, the bunkers are actual bunkers with orcs, goblins and the like. If you hit it in you have to lose a turn to combat for retrieval.
    (btw we love you too, buddy)

  • Daniel Tilson

    I can’t believe they made more than one game for vcr golf….

  • Dmitry Didenko

    it was a tought challenge, but at the end Spoony succeeded.

  • Cthulhu07

    You really made the impossible possible with this review :D

  • Zandrous

    ….there was more than one? Who the hell thought that the VCR Golf Game genre was going to be such a huge success that they’d have to have their own version? My god these golf players must be some hardcore fuckers to want to have everything connected to golf ever. My uncle plays golf and I can guarantee that he never owned either of those shit piles.

    I applaud you for getting through those games and making an entertaining video. And you did it all without making one Happy Gilmore joke. Kudos man, you have a stronger will than I. Looking forward to the next one. Here’s hoping its not nearly as ball bashingly bad as those two for your sake.

  • Aluminum Foil

    Oh god, the Uro Club has forever tainted my golf experience :(

  • The Janitor

    It’s all in the hips. It’s all in the hips.

    Are we doing Star Trek VCR next?

  • igotbanned999

    If you’re so mad at Oreo that you don’t want her anymore, can I have her?

  • ORCACommander

    So up next: we send him the PS1 golf video games…

  • Liezl Bohnen

    Spoony has Three arms!!!

    Seriously though, I am astounded you managed to wring out half an hour with this. Serious kudos man.

    And erm… if it makes you feel better Spoony, I checked out Highlander for the first time a few days ago because you like it so much, and despite HOW much you’ve expressed your like of it, it STILL shocked me at exactly how good it is… so… yeah. There’s that…. if that helps at all.

    …. ….I love you Spoony 8D (But I’m not “IN” love with you).

  • KoeL

    yes there is Spoony..something more boring..its called VCR Chess..want one ???

  • Wasperheimer

    Why was the Wayne’s World board game turned around halfway through the video?

  • Salen Stormwing

    Snarky comments are like tempting fate to people on the internet. Like in the movie, Dogma, where Jay makes a snarky comment and tempts fate to prove him wrong. “Guys don’t just fall out of the sky!” *Guy falls out of the sky*

  • Mavado

    Oh damn. I think I’m coughing blood from laughing too hard…

    • Manuel Wolf

      not often does that happen, the moment you learn the video even exists and before you even start to watch it, but same here :P

  • GunsmithKitten

    -Golf begins and ends with the PC game Links, IMO, and only then with the Bobcat Goldthwait as caddy mod.
    -Oh Spoony, you just now realized our love for you is on an S&M paradigm?
    -Wizard, NINJA Golf!
    -Wow. It requires a VCR and putter. Doesn’t it make sense? I mean, doesn’t Monopoly require you to have an accountant or contractor on hand?
    -Too late. Someone probably is probably going to.
    -Man, that’s actually some rockin neo-synth goin on in the background. Way better than a golf board game deserves.
    -Candy Land has more strategy than this….
    -No, no, don’t tempt fate, take Bill Cosby’s advice, and never challenge Worse….
    -Oreo hazards, they were bane of my mini golf playing too.

  • MichaelJGleason

    This was the greatest thing I could have woken up to today.

  • MaraBackman

    Wow..! You really managed to pull some a-grade comedy even from this. :D

  • TheXell

    Y’know, “Golf” for the original Gameboy wasn’t bad. Though thats the closest I’ve gotten to that Sport aside from minigolf.

  • Mark Reddman

    there was no such thing as standard definition until we had high definition… but when it comes down to it most VCR tapes were worse than standard def. NTSC itself has 483 visible lines, with overscan it’s 525 (this is also known as 480i nowadays on most monitors which do not have overscan and sometimes must simulate it for older game systems that took advantage of it). A VCR could AT BEST put out about 240 lines vertical. These standards were also interlaced to fit more information in a smaller bandwidth, so it would draw half the lines on one frame then the other half on the next, every other line, every other frame.

    So in summary from a bit of a technical tangent there, the VCR Golf game is technically WORSE than standard def.

  • Norman Stillwell

    This is why insane stupidity is always better than tedious bordom.

  • Tom Johnson

    I really didn’t think anyone could make golf funny…I was wrong. Well Done Sir! Especially the bit at the end with Oreo as a course hazard.


      An adorable hazard.

  • Sean Patrick Payne

    Full round of applause for Spoony; he could have easily copped out and made an extended episode of Experience Bij to make everyone else suffer but no, he went and reviewed not one but two games about the most boring sport ever. Not only that, he somehow managed to make reviewing them genuinely entertaining!

    The games can only get better from here, right? RIGHT?

  • Rude

    When doorbell ringed i was all like “Go for it! Fucking Go for it!” Great episode. Hope to see more of black hole of board games :D

  • CaptainDingaling

    These games suck! I wonder if anyone ever seriously played these back in the great 80’s. Did Bill at the office really invite his friends over to play Video Board Game Golf?


      Yes but they all had something else to do.

      Now ‘Caddyshack the VCR Board Game’, that I would have played. Sadly no one can because I’ve just made it up.

  • Dabeer

    Damn, that had to have been one hard video Spoony, but I gotta say, I loved the sketches. Seeing as I can’t even sit through one round of golf (or whatever they call hitting the ball once, I am no golf fan) you managed to get a lot more than I could imagine. Oh, though… I didn’t realize that there was a VHS of FF XIII.


    -Spoony unboxes Epyx VCR golf
    -I laugh like a maniac
    -He joins me
    -Day made

    Wouldn’t have thought it, but Spoony’s pain is like sweet ambrosia.

  • Twin Spirit

    Spoony cuts a Cactus Jack ECW promo!

  • Derek Thomas

    Dance MONKEY DANCE! 2:25

  • wizzbang

    The whole bit with traitorous Oreo at the end had me laughing till it hurt. We had to cancel board game night at my place and move it elsewhere because my cat was convinced that the pieces I was using were part of some game I was playing with him.

  • Cassavius

    Stinky Wizzleteats

  • Nicodimus22

    Your tears, they’re so yummy and sweet!

  • Airrider

    C’mon, Spoony, you should know that heat builds feuds, and feuds put asses in seats. So if we’re gonna build heat between you and a bad board game…well, so be it.

  • ReloadXPsi

    Oh my god Spoony, I’m so sorry they did this to you :(

  • CommanderZx2

    Congrats on finding a way to make a very boring game entertaining.

  • sbkMulletMan

    Hey, everybody! We’re all gonna get laid!

    Also, “I saved you from the animal shelter, you traitorous bitch!” may very well be the quote of the year. I might have to try to sneak “you traitorous bitch!” into conversation at the first opportunity.

    And the wheezing, whispering delivery of that line after the second, uhhh…”thanking” of the donor for the other golf game was seriously some of the scariest acting I’ve ever seen. Halloween came early…with golf!

    • Bedinsis

      Just for the record, you do realize that Oreo is a female dog? A bitch, as they’re also referred to.

  • Delta001

    I’m confused now..does Spoony want putters, or 2 hour clip/mix tapes of Hacksaw Jim Duggan? I can do both..

    • groggarioth

      Either way you’re likely to meet your death on the end of a gunblade so why not go for broke, send both.

    • NeroAngelo

      he wants those, a new chuckles costume, about 5 more copies of vcr golf, a ticket to amsterdam when they run out of hash, some more copies of the original highlander 2, a few more copies of wing commander the movie, every copy of ultima 9, and every single copy of final fantasy 13-2 there is in existance

  • Doctor_Who

    You did it. You made golf funny. First person since Chevy Chase to do so, and that was 33 years ago.

  • Tai_MT

    Why yes, Spoony, do enjoy watching you suffer through this nonsense. However, it’s not just that you suffer and take pain from it. Its that you do what nobody else who is being tortured can do. That is, you can be Malcom Reynolds. When you are tortured, you are hilarious about the whole thing.
    I could totally see Spoony dressed up in Firefly garb. Oh yeah.

  • Hamstray

    should have practiced on MikeJs potty putt

  • korruption

    Acclaim… ACCLAIM?! Shit…

    Oh and by the way, funfact time: this–thankfully now defunct–company is to thank for unleashing the plague known as LJN “games” (good riddance to them too!) on to the unsuspecting masses back then. Those of us who grew up playing games, still feel that pain of regret as the result of even mere subjected minutes to the utter horror of their sick-fuck definition of entertainment.

  • Zachrid

    1) For some strange, strange reason I just enjoyed watching a review about two VCR golf board games.
    2) Don’t send Spoony boardgames, send him something he can put on his walls. At least a Kandinsky print or something, those walls are seriously empty. ;)

  • Dragons_Dusk

    The end of the vid was the best. Could have spent the whole video playing with Oreo and it would have been awesome. I fear what is coming next based on that expression. Had fun with this review Spoony, and good luck with your upcoming move.

  • DasBass

    Really wish I sent you a copy. It would have been worth being stabbed.

  • Red


  • Patrick Walters

    Spoonyroth is watching!

  • Miguel Angel Castro

    Someone apparently enjoys your torment

  • Cole Christie

    i love how after Miles makes the shot. . .he walks out like a Fuckin Boss !

  • dasfonzie

    Spoony went full Lazlow

  • Kaihedgie

    You’re a real trooper, Spoony >:

  • Miguel Angel Castro

    Well from the looks of it two people are dead. Why isn’t the Gunblade more bloody?

    • sbkMulletMan

      I’m guessing it’s because so many people sent copies of these games, that he learned to be quick, clean and efficient, even with a weapon as clunky as the gunblade.

      He certainly had enough practice opportunities to get that proficient with it!

      • Miguel Angel Castro

        Wouldn’t it strike fear into people seeing Spoony with a bloody Gunblade?

        • Jerry Forbe

          Can’t, the press!

        • Maria White

          Please, they’d just think it was a cosplayer.

  • Grendle1853

    I really hope yo do a commentary on this one man, I want the full story behind the review! Awesome man, I almost died laughing. I think you should know though that I two of my favorite reviews from you were two games you really liked, Ultima 1 & 7, so it is not just your pain that entertains me.

  • Filipe Isabelinho

    Well let’s look at the bright side here, Oreo had some fun! =D

    But seriously, these had to be done, now they’re out of the way, like I said last video, if you didn’t mention it, nobody would’ve even think of sending the game to you, like you said a long time ago on your SWAT videos “I’m not playing with you guys, I know you guys, you’re just going to stand around me saying “you’re in my spot sir” just to piss me off!”, you’ve known your fans a long time ago, you should’ve expected it =P.

    ANYWAY, looking at the games back there, I’m kind of curious about the honeymooners board game, wtf kind of game would you make about the honeymooners?… I guess that’ll have to wait, after whatever rang your door bell =P.

    • xwiry

      … Actually, this really sounds like something worth looking into. Either we get an interesting game out of it, or have fun making jokes about Jackie Gleason, Cedric the Entertainer (for all the good we got out of the movie), and Fred Flintstone.

      Actually if there’s a Flintstones board game, let’s do that instead. Being able to bring in Harvey Korman references alone would make that worth making.

  • Joseph Raymond Ortiz


  • Private

    I’m eagle to know how Spoony keep putting up with his sub-par fans, they seam to have driven him fairway’s to mad.

    • Daniel Tilson

      You will be PUNished!

    • Rémi Maloney

      Bah, he’ll grow out of it by his next birdie. He’ll not let himself by boggie’d down by this sort of challenge; he’s got a will of iron, and never let this drive a wedge between him and what he loves. Knock on wood.

  • StealthMarmot

    Your tears sustain us Spoony.

    • Miguel Angel Castro

      It is quite amusing to see him lose portions of his sanity 3:)

  • bloodshed113094

    Five bucks say it’s a copy of FFXIII-2 at the door so he can get another part of FFXIII in. Don’t think I didn’t notice the box behind you.

    • theshamster

      What about one of the other VCR games, like VCR basketball or VCR hockey?

      • xwiry

        … Pardon my french, but…

        Huh. Did you know that google translate can’t process the phrase “Fuck that noise”? Amazing what you learn every day.

        • doresh

          At least it can translate that phrase into German – sorta…

          “Fuck, dass Lärm” o_O

        • oddtail

          That’s amazingly sad, it being a very formulaic and well-known phrase of English (and yeah, I checked, it does not work).

          But hey, good news for me – I’m a translator by trade and it seems the human element will be needed for *quite* some more time for my job ;).

      • bloodshed113094

        Do you hate Spoony? If you don’t, shut up. If you do… get. out. now.

  • Foster Davies-Smith

    Spoony… I really think you don’t understand human nature. If it’s life or death, or happening right in front of you a person will jump in front of a bullet to help them.

    If it doesn’t meet either of the previous requirements a person will be a massive cock without fail. Sometimes they will even if it meets the previous requirements.

    You offered people a choice and gave us the idea of sending that bullshit to you. It’s like getting a tattoo of an arrow pointing down and dancing naked through a gay wrestler club. You’re just asking for it.

    • Daniel Tilson

      A gay wrestler club? Talk about a niche market… A gay club is already down to about 5-15% of the population for customers… cut it down to wrestlers and you’ll have at most 300 potential customers in the entire country.

  • Matt Browning

    Coulda just not done this.

    • Deacon Hagan

      No it was an open challenge by the trolling fans. And Spoony meet them on the field of honor. and they fought like men.

  • theshamster

    at 17:02, Spoony begins to transform into Dr Insano, sans goggles (and coat)!

  • Hyde

    Great job Spoony here’s hoping for something you can enjoy reviewing next.

    On another note, this video makes me want to try the M*A*S*H board game I bought at a yard sale a few years ago.

    • Patrick Coyle

      That could be pretty cool, if it’s about trying to patch up and send home as many guys as possible while enemy lines are closing in, and not about Hawkeye getting drunk and laid.

      Wait… that sounds kind of awesome too.

      • Hyde

        True but I haven’t looked over really. I just grad it and a Spider-Man and Fantastic Four game for a few bucks.

  • Patrick Coyle

    I know there has to be a good Tiger Woods / “4 A.M. Stroke Session” joke, but I can’t pull it off.

  • trepiechick

    C’mon Spoony, it’s human nature. Tell someone not to do something, and they will.

  • John Shepard

    I wonder what could be worse than this….

    • MFlorian

      He mentioned on Twitter that someone sent him the Justin Bieber game.

      • The_Hyphenator

        Oh dear lord…It’s gonna be “Make My Video” all over again…

        • oddtail

          I think it might be worse. That “game” had Evil Barack Obama and other bits of awesome insanity. It’s hard to top that…

      • Christopher Smith

        You maniacs! You made a Justin Bieber board game? Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!

  • SilverFoxR

    Oh, Spoony… Spoony… why, oh WHY do you keep invoking Murphy’s Law?

    Sorry, man… I feel for ya, but you walked head-long into this one… you should’ve known… but hey, at least you have someone who feels bad for you.

    Oh, but the putting part at the end with Oreo? Can’t feel bad for anyone there. That was just too adorable.

  • doresh

    You know you’ve fucked up your “revolutionary” VCR game if all you have to do is write down the actual in-game effects from the VCR scenes into the cards that force you to watch the tape.
    Heck, it’s even better that way because the cards are actually randomized.

  • doresh

    Oh, and see it positively, Spoony: If you get all copies of VCR Golf, just destroy them all besides one. That will turn it into a rare collector’s item :D

    And man, you deserve a round of HeroQuest after going through all that crap, with painted miniatures and everything!

  • Pearse Hillock

    Your all idiots, this video sucked and you know it. Hurry up and get back to Final Fantasy Spoony.

    • Brian Frang

      See all your downvotes? It’s because you’re (not your, which denotes possession, you fucking ignoramus) an idiot, and no one likes you.

      • Pearse Hillock

        Boo fucking who.

        • Brian Frang



          • Pearse Hillock

            Anything but that.

    • doresh

      You gotta love that particular brand of fan who only likes a specific subsection of Spoony’s content, sees his own opinion as fact and tries to force everyone to conform to said “fact” :3

      • Pearse Hillock

        I don’t only like his Final Fantasy reviews as alot of his stuff are funny and also not, I didn’t say that the board games are bad just this specific video. Hell I enjoyed watching the previous wrestling one as that was hilarious, it’s just that he should have finished FF13 and not cop-out. It also takes him long to put out reviews, just look at how long overall it took for the FF13 videos.

        • Daniel Tilson

          He will finish it. When he’s ready to finish it.

        • doresh

          Where was that eloquence in your previous post? An offensive one-word-post is not exactly a good way to get your message across.

        • Jared Fullyfisted

          He’s given a few reasons for taking a break from FF13 and I think they make sense. It’s also an odd sentiment given how many fans have disliked his FF13 videos..

          • Pearse Hillock

            I know his reasons but he should have finished the game, just say we want to know what he thinks about the rest of the game. I like and dislike his reviews as he was funny but said alot of stupid things which I listed on my blog. Just check out the FF13 posts for all that, I did my best to give criticism on what he says.


          • Jared Fullyfisted

            Okay, so you’re demanding he do more reviews so that you can get pissed off and write more posts on your blog, charmingly titled “Why Spoony One Sucks”, which is semi coherent at best because of all the angry, run on sentences. And seems to defend most things by saying “But Halo did something vaguely similar”. That explains everything.

          • Pearse Hillock

            I don’t really get pissed off as it’s just how I write the posts so that doesn’t really reflect how I feel about what he says in real life. Im mostly passive and not angry but of course your not gonna know that from reading the blog. I don’t want him to review so I can write more posts but I want him to review the rest and more FF games because I want to know what he thinks about the games and obviously he’s funny while doing so.

    • Daniel Tilson

      You are exactly the kind of “fan” Spoony was making fun of with “The Spoony Sheik” in the wrestlemania board game review.

      Do you realize how little Spoony would have to work with if he only did Final Fantasy reviews? There aren’t that many of them in comparison to everything else he’s done.

      Have you ever thought that maybe the man LIKES doing other content? Has it never occurred to you that others LIKE his other content more than the final fantasy reviews?

      It took me several months to check out his work outside of the Ultima series. and you know what? I’ve liked everything I’ve seen so far.

      So in conclusion. You sir, are an asshole.

      • Michael Borean

        Some people like his FF reviews more then other things. I happen to like everything, just saying it kinda goes both ways. I just want Spoons to put out stuff that is funny. Course it probably did occur to you the first statement, I’m just really, really tired and should be in bed. Still posting this though!

        • Daniel Tilson

          It’s okay to like just one thing, but it’s not okay to be a dick about it like he was in the previous comment.

  • Decius Aemilius

    Thank you – this was very funny. Now please take a breather and review something that won’t hurt QUITE so bad! Or design Wizard Golf. That actually sounds hilariously fun.

    • Landusk79

      wizard golf that sound fun :P

  • Landusk79

    Oh spoony you really did not have to do it we could move on the other ones but you let you self do it but hey… It over it like a shot, sure you cry about it and wine about when it over it over beside I waiting for the real fun videos lest Now I know you don’t fuck with the spoonyone.

    Any ways love your work can’t wait for your next cool vid

    • Landusk79

      also I waiting for robocop >w< Fan of the old movie

  • AtlasRedux

    Also, fun as always.

  • DAoG

    I thought americans walked with shoes indoors.

    • Brian Frang

      It generally depends. A lot of people do leave their shoes on indoors, here, but a lot of people also ask you to remove your shoes, so it’s one of those “always ask first” situations.

    • Christopher Smith

      I’d wager that it’s a mofo to get dirt, mud etc. out of a carpeted floor, so no shoes would seem sensible.

    • CaptainDingaling

      That’s what you get for believing everything you see and hear. As expensive as rugs are what idiot would walk on them with shoes. I once had a TV repair man come into my house and walk on my new rugs with his boots and leave a stain I flipped. Take that sh*t off!

  • The_Hyphenator

    Wow. Just…wow. I thought we had gone as low as we could with that damn Wrestlemania game (which I admit, I did vote for…I didn’t know! I DIDN’T KNOW!!!), but this…Christ, now I really know that I don’t understand golf fans…

    Anyway, great job, Spoony. I honestly didn’t know how you were going to pull this one off, but you did it! It wasn’t your funniest video by any measure but, considering the material you had to work with, this was the comedic equivalent of loaves and fishes. Bravo, sir! Hopefully your next review won’t require such MacGyver-esque levels of resourcefulness.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to try and devise a set of rules for Wizard Golf…

    • NeroAngelo

      at least the wrestlemania game had that scene with randy savage. this doesn’t have sh*t

    • Daniel Tilson

      I picture some asshole in a robe casting disintegrate on the other guy’s ball right as he takes a swing…

  • oddtail

    I read a few of the comments before I saw the video. I saw people being enthusiastic, but I had no IDEA how funny the video would be.

    Spoony, you’re a comedic genius. I laughed out loud for like half of the video, and I rarely actually laugh at Internet videos. And you managed to make a review of frickin’ GOLF games funny.

    On a side note, it’s nice to see you say that you appreciate your fans and what you do. Even if it’s part of the video’s narrative, it sounds sincere and I honestly hope you appreciate making the videos even half as much as many of your fans appreciate watching them =)

    EDIT: also, I don’t really see the appeal of golf personally (to each their own, I suppose), but would anyone who actually plays golf or even minigolf or even even touch these games? I highly doubt it. So I’m not sure who the intended group for such a game might actually be… let alone two games.

  • yukovalis

    I think all that “Upgrading” has ruined the look of your gunblade man. That besides, is this your first day on the internet or something? to some people you practically begged for it. But don’t get people wrong, the majority of your fans understand and are sorry on the behalf of the ones that sent you it.

    • Sir Christopher McFarlane

      He didn’t have to review it. He could have tossed it into the garbage bin or sent it back to the original address. He could have donated it to Iron Liz.

      • Jerry Forbe

        “No, it was an open challenge by the trolling fans. And Spoony meet them on the field of honor. and they fought like men.”

        -Deacon Hagan

        Several fans would’ve been pissed spending money and sending the board game to him. It is also called, “The black hole of board games” so I guess that
        would also add to the reason why he reviewed it.

  • NeroAngelo

    I warned you spoony, check the last BHoBG vid, I WARNED YOU XDDD

  • Hitokiri Akins

    The bits with Oreo at the end are the best. Noah hits the ball, Oreo jumps at it, gnaws at it, looks up at the camera, and is like “…What?”

  • Lina Jones

    Ha, you know what, I was going to just skip this series, since I don’t care much about board games, but these last couple vids are hilarious. I think one reason being, aside from the the crazy rage spooniness, this also goes into why the game fails so much as a game; its as informative as it is mocking.

  • notyoursavior78

    The fans are pretty awesome at times, sending him probably more than one copy of VCR golf. At least he knows wrestling, I can’t wait to see what he could possibly do with this shit.

  • Matt McCoy

    As the great George Carlin once put it on Golf: “It’s like watching flies…fuck.”

    • Vismutti

      I was feeling like quoting Carlin too. He has some nice lines about it.

  • jnywest

    Are you going to DO SOMETHING with that “story line” of yours or not? Who’s the guy in the chair with the TV’s already?

    • NeroAngelo

      the guy in the chairs is spoon-eroth. he’ll get to the story line when he gets to it man, but I think he mainly wants to tie it in with his video game reviews rather than the vcr ones

    • Daniel Tilson

      As we saw at the end of the Ultima 9 review, it’s Spoony Sephiroth. Part of his plan with the Spoony Experiment was to get Spoony to cast the Armageddon spell, which was Final Fantasy 13.


      Hope not. I could care less about the storylines, personally. Just want to see Spoony reviewing turrible shit.

  • NeroAngelo

    from what I’ve seen, these put the BORED in board games

  • Patrick Coyle

    VCR curling has to be made, just so the makers of VCR golf no longer have to feel as though they’ve made the most pointless game in existence.

  • Andrew St. Andrew


  • James Miller

    In other news, stabbings are up 500 percent.

    • Mitchell Bandes

      If only he’d junctioned Haste to his speed stat, he could easily triple that amount.

  • Miguel Angel Castro

    Spoony has anyone ever told you to beware of gifts?

  • Segatron

    At least he stabbing itself seems to have made him smile… I have gotten used to saying a lot of things like that since the invention of the internet.

  • Jailer_of_Justice

    Spoony looked like he was having a good time at the end of the video. He got to hang out with Miles and play around with Oreo, so it wasn’t a complete loss. That being said, wow those were horrible board games. I kind of want Spoony to do the ‘Clue VCR Mystery Game’ because I want to see what scenarios he comes up with when given a murder mystery to work with.

    • Daniel Tilson

      Oh! He should do that next, with him dressed like a detective solving the murders of the people who sent him VCR golf!

      It’s perfect! ^_^

      • Jailer_of_Justice

        LOL. Spoony murdered Professor Plum in the library with the Gunblade. XD

        • Daniel Tilson

          Exactly! I bet he could get a couple of guys to come play corpses for a little while. It would be fun!

          • Mitchell Bandes

            Has he taught Oreo how to play dead yet?

  • The_Nameless_One

    Beware of people bearing gifts, Spoony.

  • Christopher Smith

    This was surprisingly entertaining, considering how much I dreaded the review beforehand. Just goes to show how much natural charisma Spoony has and how secondary the material itself can be. Having said that, I wouldn’t hold it against him if he never scraped the barrel like this again. :D

    Better than expected!

  • Kochiha

    Atmosfear, Spoony. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO.

  • unacomn

    You turned some of the worst games I’ve ever seen into entertainment.
    Thou art truly the Avatar!

    I hope you do the Robocop one next, because it’s Robocop. And we can hear you rant about the new movie at the same time.



    Don’t change, Spoony.

  • Wolfe

    Spoony, you really should be the top paid comedy writer in the world, honestly. Not only did you make Wrestlemania entertaining, but you took not one but TWO VCR golf games and made an awesome video.

    Honestly, though, I would totally play a video game involving a group of wizards playing golf and fucking with each other. But only if you could cast “Summon Oreo” to really fuck with your opponents. :D

  • Garmrspor

    Blandest title card of all time.

    • Mitchell Bandes

      Fitting, given the subject matter.

      • Garmrspor


  • jetman123

    The “below par” joke actually caught me off guard. I laughed uproarously.

  • AwelCruiz

    They probably figured that anyone who would play a VCR golf game was probably a golf enthusiast and would have access to a golf ball and putter. That’s my theory anyway.

  • James_Blood

    Leave a message.

    great review thanks

    finally getting the old fire
    back there spoony. it might have taken you the horrors of old VCR games
    but you are seemingly on rise again horray for shitty games!

  • VonSarno

    yea you had me rolling a few times in this one

  • Critic From The Future

    I think this review has taught Spoony a valuable lesson; whenever he hears the doorbell ring to just close his eyes and slowly sink back into his chair.

  • Daniel Tilson

    Ah, the game ending “Dog hazard” the bane of golfers everywhere… Or at least the ones that golf at home…

  • Fedallah

    You get sent VCR Golf. Jim Sterling gets sent dildos and gay furry porn.

    Don’t complain too hard, now.

    • Atmos_Duality

      The difference between Jim and Spoony though: Jim seems to LOVE the gifts he receives, even when it’s a dragon dildo.

  • Seth Williams

    Wizard Golf sounds like an amazing game.

    • Christopher Smith

      Well, y’know, Wizard Golf is a far out game. ;)

      • theshamster

        Shame J.K Rowling didn’t add that to Harry Potter.
        Imagine taking a shot, and having your rival conjure a Cornish pixie, who steals the ball mid-flight and takes it to the centre of a tree.
        You’d have to use a spell to zap the pixie, then another spell to bring the ball down and either take the shot, or zap your rival and put a curse of the piles on him.

        • Vismutti

          Sounds better than Quidditch. *hides from rabid fans*

  • Ross Gibson

    I am sorry, truly truly sorry… this is the absolute best episode since “what’s a paladin” I am very sorry that you must suffer for our entertainment, but know that it is appreciated.

  • Vaughan MacDonald

    Not ashamed to admit, I was considering sending this game to you. I wonder how many copies you got, haha

  • fatalrob0t

    Oh my God… You poor fool. What have you people done!

  • fatalrob0t

    *crying from laughter* oh God, Spoony. At the very least, you managed to make comedy gold out of complete shit.

  • Geoffrey Howe

    In all honesty, I didn’t expect this episode to be good. Based on VCR Wrestling, I knew that VCR Golf would provide you almost no material. And I was right. It took the blandness of ‘Candyland level difficulty’ with ‘clip shows of wrestling’ and removed the gaudy costumes and over-the-top actions. At least in the VCR Wrestling video, you knew what the game was actually about well enough to go from there. But I expected you to get next to nothing from VCR Golf.

    Fortunately, you were able to make a very entertaining video despite that, which was most tangential to the actual subject matter. I wouldn’t like to see too many videos like this though, as it was pretty much one joke (done very well, admittedly) that can’t really be repeated very often. I’d prefer go back to games with actual substance. The one you did entirely in character making fun of that teenage girl game was glorious BECAUSE of the subject matter, not in spite of it.

    Also, this is coming from someone who has never complained about ‘old’ vs. ‘new’ Spoony. There’s definitely a difference between what you do now and what you did when I started watching, but it’s just been different kinds of good.

  • silverfang

    Awsome review of a hillariously boring game! Nice choice of a ending music too! :D. Kenny Loggins – I’m Alright ;)

    • DarkSaber2k

      I think he chose the song for it’s prominent role in Caddy Shack rather than for the title.

  • GabetheGEN

    O God! I’m surprised someone sent you the VCR Golf game, let alone two different versions. Who would buy these VCR Golf board games?

    As for the video, it was great. Hopefully those who sent the game got what they deserved. :)
    Don’t go insane, Spoony. You handle it well……………………I think.

  • maurox89

    Do tell us which game precisely should people NOT send to you next. :D

    • theshamster

      Wellllllllllll, there IS a game called “Mall madness” where you play as the stereotypical teenage girls who go shopping at the mall.
      However, I would advice against sending this to Spoony. never mind his gunblade, this time he’ll set Oreo onto you; and you’ve seen what she does to balls. (nom, nom, nom, chew, chew, chew, crunch, crunch, crunch.)

      • fatalrob0t

        I remember that game!

    • PeaTearGryfin

      I’m pretty sure there is a board game based around Justin Bieber.

      • Mitchell Bandes

        Uncharted the Board Game!

        Starring Justin Bieber as Nathan Drake!

  • theshamster

    It’s funny how at the end Spoony took 10 tries to sink the ball, then Miles takes one shot and sinks it like a pro before strutting off like a dude!
    Mind you, Oreo had interfered with Spoony’s putts.

  • jesternario

    Congratulations! You guys broke spoony in 17 minutes. With another 10 minutes left in the video!

    And his brother bribed that dog, darn it! It’s the only explanation!

  • Sean Hill

    Spoony saved it from being horrifying with Oreo. I love that dog.
    Also Spoony I would rather have played almost anything.

  • Cuvis

    Spoony just won internet video reviews forever.

    • DarkSaber2k

      Sweet, he ain’t won an award since the Mashable one waaaaaaaaaay back in 2009.

      • theshamster

        I think he needs another award for this year.

  • ZTFreeman

    I loved the use of music from Hot Shots Golf and the old NES classics. I’m a huge fan of video game golf, and I loved this episode.

    There’s something seriously broken about me, isn’t there?

  • Atmos_Duality

    The “I’m crazy mad” lead-up at the start went for too long, but apart from that I actually laughed me arse off. Especially when you received the second VCR Golf game.

    Fun video.

    • Octo Seven

      If by ‘went on too long’ you meant over-acted and irritating as fuck then I agree 100%

      • Atmos_Duality

        I mean what I say. Besides, I can enjoy bad acting given proper context.
        It’s what made his ending to Phantasmagoria so funny.

  • Sigil

    Wizards playing golf and using magic to cheat WOULD be an awesome game.
    And yes. We love to see you suffer, Spoony. You do it so well.


    Looking forward to a mountain of fan-sent putters next time.

    • sbkMulletMan

      I think we’re more likely to see a mountain of actual fans themselves…”sleeping off” numerous putter-inflicted wounds.

      Spoony is the only person I can think of where the phrase “just throw it onto the pile with the rest of them” can apply to both presents, and the people who sent them.

  • dream_asylum

    Final Fantasy XIII supplanted Robocop on the Black Wall of Board Games after the Spoon-terference. It’s coming back. I don’t know how. I don’t know why. But it’s coming back.

    • Mitchell Bandes

      Goddamn, how did you even notice that??

  • kenthen

    I’d like to believe you ended up getting enough copies of VCR Golf to build yourself a fort.

  • endplanets

    I like how the sword was coated in blood stains of fanboys. Now some might say it was just the gunk thrown on it in the FF13 review, but they lack imagination.

    Speaking of FF13, that is not the worst game in the series. Not by a long shot. The worst Final Fantasy game by far is Final Fantasy All The Bravest

    • doresh

      All The Bravest exists so there exists a FF game that makes FF13 shine in comparison.

      • Atmos_Duality

        They’re about on par with each other as games, given how they’re both about as complex and involving as Cookie Clicker.

        • doresh

          At least FF13 doesn’t constantly want your cash.

    • theshamster

      Shame Spoony didn’t have his hands, arms, face and shirt covered in the blood as well.
      This way, we’d know he went to town on them and loved every minute of it.


        Read as ‘we’d know he went down on them’.

        To be fair, the whole comment had mildly unsettling sexual overtones. Or maybe I’m just a degenerate pervert. I mean I definitely am, but maybe that’s why I feel that way.

        • endplanets

          So what you are saying is that he used both his swords?

          • SUPERSOUP

            I’m saying he used his sword, and also ‘Space Mountain’.

    • Mitchell Bandes

      Yeah, but those pay-to-win apps don’t actually qualify as games. They’re just addictive programs disguised as games.

  • Marcus Lundgren

    What, no GTA V review, Spoony? Really?

  • DiscordsTouch


    • Dennis Fung


  • Klebkatt

    I can’t believe someone actually sent you that! And then another one! XD

    This really makes me want to rewatch the WWF VCR Game review. I think I will. :D

  • newyy1

    16:48 This is where Spoony’s soul snaps like a Twix Bar.

  • Dennis Fung

    I really do not get why so many people keep criticizing Spoonys reviews.
    I love them and in all the years i´ve been following him now I have never seen a review of his that made me comment here, to criticize it. In fact i never even commented i just sent the new videos to my brother or we would watch them together, if he was visiting.
    If you don´t like the Video stop watching and shut the f*ck up.


      I understand what you’re saying. People should try and understand that a lot of hard work goes into the videos and that they shouldn’t criticize somebody who’s essentially working for them for free, but if something doesn’t work or isn’t funny, there’s nothing wrong with pointing that out. While I wouldn’t necessarily accuse them of not working or not being funny, I don’t care for most of Spoony’s story bits, for instance. I think they’re a holdover from his days with the (mostly) execrable reviewers at Team Awesome.

      When Spoony makes a misstep, which is rare as far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing wrong with criticizing it.

    • Sevyne

      Nothing wrong with criticizing a person’s work as long as it’s constructive. I think the only issue I take with criticism is that most times people just bitch and sling insults instead of saying what wasn’t good and why they felt that way. Everyone has room for improvement and without criticism, that person isn’t going to always know what needs to improve.

      Telling people to shut the f*ck up though is a bit drastic when you take into consideration that Spoony basically does exactly what those folks are doing to him, but is making a living off of it too. Granted he spins it into entertainment, but he is still a critic in a sense. A really good one most of the time, but definitely not perfect.

      • Dennis Fung

        i wasn´t specific enough,
        of course there is nothing wrong with good criticism.
        what i was referring to is people complaining about the length of a review or how “he used to be funnier” or the endless nagging to review certain game series.
        the reason why i was being rude is because i am tired, so tired about the people on the internet with their endless nagging, stupidity and ignorance. I´m tired of correcting grammar or teaching little kids(or stupid people i dunno) a bit of knowledge. (or you know beating the ignorance out of them.)

        • Sevyne

          Oh alright. Well I’m with ya on that man. The nagging is quite annoying.

          • Patrick Coyle

            Especially when the nagging is coming from people who keep saying “I’m leaving and never coming back!” Which is fine, except there they are at the next review, saying it again. That’s where it crosses the line from a valid expression of disappointment to tantrum-throwing.

          • Sevyne

            Oh god, yes that is extremely irritating.

          • Octo Seven

            naggers nagging about nagging

          • Atmos_Duality

            Uh, YOU are currently the caboose on this hilariously ironic nagging-mantrain. But I can fix that by ironically bitching about your nagging, and making the train even longer!
            …But it doesn’t really bother me. So. Darn. Guess you’re still the caboose.

          • Octo Seven

            And another one. I see Spoony’s fans haven’t gotten any brighter in recent months.

          • Sevyne

            Are you fucking serious man? These comments are like a week old. That crap is annoying as hell. YOU are the kind of people I can’t stand.

        • Octo Seven

          Did you just compose an entire paragraph nagging about how you hate nagging? Would you kindly fuck off and leave the internet forever.

    • johnnybrunoise

      Dumbass, if you don’t like the comments stop reading them and shut the fuck up.

      • Dennis Fung

        dude, you´re way too late to matter in this discussion and noone likes you.
        plus this isn´t even about me not liking the comments, it´s about how they affect Spoony.
        Maybe in the future you wanna start using that empty brain in your skull before you start trolling around.

        • johnnybrunoise

          You are seriously some kind of dumbass. How am I “too late to matter”
          that doesn’t make sense cuntbucket. And you think no one likes me? How
          would you even know that shitbrick?

          And you’re mentioning how the
          comments affect spoony as if you hang out with him or some shit. He’s
          some guy on the internet, get off his dick you fanboy weirdo. Maybe you
          should use that empty brain your skull before you act like an idiot
          douchebag moron.

          • Dennis Fung

            well for starters, there’s quite a lot of downvotes on your comments, indicating people disagreeing with what you say.
            You are clearly trying to compensate lack of wit, intelligence and/or vocabulary by using as many insults as you can find.
            So why am I mentioning the comments? well for one, spoony said how the comments affect him on multiple occasions, and it is really easy to see through his video btw. But then again, here i am expecting you to have the mental capacity to understand such things.
            i wouldn´t say i´m a fanboy, after all i have never donated or send mails or anything like that. But yes i do enjoy his reviews and rants, which is why i want him to continue uninterrupted.

          • johnnybrunoise

            Down votes from other neckbeard fanboy weirdos doesn’t count as “no on liking me” idiot. And I fucking love how you’re trying to say I’m using insults to compensate for a “lack of wit” when your comments are riddled with them, nice going you idiot. It’s funny me to how obvious of a basement dwelling turd you are. I mean I can see your fedora from here assclown.

            You want him to continue uninterrupted by what? The comments? Are your parents siblings?

          • Dennis Fung

            At least i insult you using proper words not relying on writing “idiot” and “dumbass” as often as i can. Thinking you could ever make out what kind of person i am through what i write? Thats quite amusing. The monkey indeed thinks he can fly.
            But it is the true fool that tries to teach the monkey quantum physics.
            So i´ll stop trying to educate said monkey.
            reply whatever you want, good day to you sir.

          • johnnybrunoise

            lol wow you’re so hardcore dude. As balls-to-the-wall fucking intense you thought your DUMBASS comment was – it really boils down to nothing more than you saying “I have no comment on the content of your argument, and will go one step beyond being a grammar Nazi”. Dolt.

          • Atmos_Duality

            Neckbeard, Fedora….just need “Hipster’, to win on my bullshit-bingo card.
            Fuck, those aren’t even insults at this point; They’re cliches.

          • johnnybrunoise

            Well that was retarded… nice try at being clever analbead

          • Atmos_Duality

            And more mad-libs insults.
            What’s next?

            I’ve seen em’ all, kid. Try again once you’ve grown out of your internet tough guy phase.

          • johnnybrunoise

            He claims as he acts like an idiot tough guy. Fuck off, dumbass.

          • Atmos_Duality

            LOL. Too easy.

          • Spectr

            You comments arent doing so well either mate.

            And if you check your upvotes youll see a glorious amount of “Furry” and “My Little Pony” avatars. So the loser-virgin crowd upvoted you. Hoooray.

  • Daniel Tilson

    As long as he films his bloody rampage so he can review it from prison, I’m okay with that. (kidding! I do not condone violence, even when it is hilarious.)

  • Doctor Madness

    I suppose you could use half of the box to ‘putt’ with…

  • KoeL

    i used to send gifts to spoony…then i took a gunblade in the knee

  • johnnybrunoise

    Guess Spoony gave up on getting a job, as he al of sudden call this his job in and out of script. This mean he’ll go back to video game and movie reviews? I miss those.

    • Derek Thomas

      I hope so. This Vlog krap is getting old.

    • KoeL

      something that you do it regularly and getting paid for it..let alone go to public placed and do that (conventions) its called a job

      • johnnybrunoise

        I mean, I guess – but if this is officially his job he should be cranking out videos like crazy, right? I work 13 hours a day, what would he be able to do in that time? I’m not saying that making these videos isn’t time consuming, I’m absolutely sure it’s no walk in the park, but the time he’d be devoting to it as if it were a job would mean he didn’t need to simply film himself drinking with his brother bullshitting.
        Plus if this is his job, he clearly can make more money with the VG/Movie reviews, check how fast the comments section fills up when he does those – compared to when we watch him sit in a chair telling us a story about fun he had one time. People clearly react to the VG/Movie reviews with more gusto.

        • KoeL

          as a guy who does video editing for a news channel in my country (greece) there were times that i was one man crew as spoony is (but not in front of the camera) and what Spoony’s is doing is very tiring ..the HELL im not gonna compare it with you doing a 13 hour job or saying to someone who works in a construction yard that i’m equal or more tired..he would come after me with a sledgehammer and he would have every right :-| BUT what we do is TIME CONSUMING, hellishly time consuming, very annoyingly boring want to hit your head to the wall time consuming specially when you dont have another computer because the majority of Editing Software use all pc resources available so you cant do anything else during that time AND there are times that the results are only visible AFTER the rendering is over (and not on the preview window which is supposed to be there reason if exist) when you see the video having stutters or it ended up not having the same amount of brightness you wanted it to have or the fx for any number of reasons became de-synched and then you have to re-render it ..which take hours…so yeah…these kinda stuff make frequent videos an issue

          • Brian Frang

            And that’s not to also point out that just because one has a job, doesn’t mean it’s enough to pay the bills. Many people work multiple jobs. Spoony could very easily be still trying to find a day job, so that he can afford to do this stuff. I mean, MY job is being a rhythm guitarist and vocalist in a band. I get paid for doing it. But I also try to have a day job as much as possible because music just doesn’t pay the bills.

          • KoeL

            absolutely….one job doesnt pay the bills any more

          • johnnybrunoise

            You’ve definitely got a good point. My cousin is an editor, I’ve seen the eye-wateringly tedious process. I guess I’m just kind of a workaholic and expect if this is officially his job, he’d be putting the hours into it – and not use the hours to film himself bullshitting with his brother (who seems like a cool dude, don’t get me wrong) or sitting in a chair just talking about d & d. Mostly I miss the old review style.

          • KoeL

            dude, talking to you reminds me of something that happened years ago…
            i was fresh of the video editing school (i dont know how to say it in english so excuse my bad english) and new at the channel so they give me a video to do, in the meantime my sister started to work in a movie store (renting movies, games selling music cd’s etc) and we were leaving with our parents…
            So she comes in after 10-11 hours standing mostly doing her job or helping costumers (people rarely sit on movie stores) so she comes home tired and she see’s me ”working”, i was on the bed watching Al Bundy (yes they still played that here till the early 2000s) waiting the pc to render the video and she ask me if im gonna go anywhere tonight and my answer was ” no im working so nope and my eyes burns” and that got her PISSED OFF ..she was whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat ?????? im standing you idiot 10+ hours and you are on the bed WORKING..the hell you are not working.. so yeah xD ..what we do is easily passed as not working at all…so as Brian Frang says somewhere here in the conversation that one job is not playing the bills i got a second job as a delivery boy not only because i need the money (since i leave alone) BUT because i am sitting the LEAST 5+ hours on my ass doing NOTHING waiting the pc to finish :-| and that includes the tireness of watching the screen on my pc all the morning ”working” before go to deliver souvlakia (i dont know how to say this in english its meat tomatoe friench fries wrapped into some sort of a pie) and come back home 1 hour after Sony Vegas Pro finished to give the video to the production

          • Patrick Coyle

            And that’s not to mention the writing, the rehearsing, getting costumes and props, dealing with technical problems, finding music and clips, and the occasional special effect… and mostly by himself. Most TV shows average an episode or two finished each week, but that’s with an entire crew of people. How fast is one man supposed to get it all done, especially with the kind of product we’ve become accustomed to?

  • JackRyan

    “The Spoony Experiment – Because bad movies and games deserve to get hurt”

    Well where are the bad movies and games?

    • Brian Frang

      Well, THIS would certainly qualify as a bad game. I don’t see anywhere that it says it’s only VIDEO games he reviews (and from a certain point of view, this could still be considered a video game, anyways).

      • JackRyan

        Sure loved that Final Fantasy boardgame that got me hooked back in 2008. Or that awesome SWAT boardgame xD

        You know what I mean. -_-

        • Brian Frang

          Yeah, I DO know what you mean. And as I pointed out, he NEVER said ANYWHERE in that title that he only reviews video games. Whether YOU like them or not, board games are still games.

          • ShipoftheLine

            Even the most cocksucky Fanboy knows that with “Games” Spoony meant “Videogames” ….You know from when he did stuff like Phantasmagoria, SWAT, Final Fantasy, Ripper…Not a single boardgame there.

          • Brian Frang

            Dude, he’s been doing board game reviews for at least 4 years, so, yeah, shut up, you’re an idiot.

    • johnnybrunoise

      I feel ya brother.

    • theshamster

      Well, let’s see: Twilight, Lone Ranger, SWAT 4 (you’re in my spot, sir), VCR wrestlemania, VCR Golf, TERROR TRAX, Final Fantasy XIII, Art of Fighting (film), Captain America (1979), Captain America death too soon (1979/80) and so on.
      Yup, Spoony is after the bad games and films, so crack open a beer and chill!

      • JackRyan

        Uh thanks for reminding me of all the stuff I became a fan for…FIVE YEARS AGO.

        Spoony has stopped doing Lets Plays and GameReviews, and Im disappointed.

        • PeaTearGryfin

          Spoony was never a Let’s Player. 3 Let’s Plays done by a reviewer does not make them a Let’s Player. Not only that, but go back to those videos you love so much. He even indicates that those were done as specials. If you want Spoony playing video games, go to his account. In terms of reviews, I would qualify VCR Golf, Riddick, XCOM: The Bureau, Saint’s Row 4, The World’s End, and VCR Wrestlemania as reviews.

          • ShipoftheLine

            You are talking nonsense. “Let’s Plays done by a reviewer does not make them a Let’s Player”.THEY ARE STILL LETS PLAYS YOU MORON.

            I didnt become a fan because of some board game review or him showing off fucking DICE. I became a fan because of Ripper, SWAT, Phantasmagoria, WHICH WERE ALL LETS PLAYS. Not even “reviews”.

          • Tumansky

            Thats Peateargryfin, Spoonys biggest fanboy..

            Normally he hangs out with the furrys, My litte Pony fans and other virgins in Spoonys forum, but sometimes he comes out to valiantly defend his hero.

          • arakyd

            He doesnt do much reviews anymore. Only Vlogs.

            What does he do? Does he have a job? Totalbiscuit, AngryJoe, and all the other “full-time” reviewers do around one video every two days. With Spoony its one video per month.

          • Atmos_Duality

            Problem is, and always has been this: Spoony’s content production rate fell off a fucking cliff after he won his Webby, and he never really recovered.

            He has claimed to be “back” several times despite never returning to the rate of his heyday, with most of his later content being based on Vlogs (which requires minimal effort).

            Based on his behavior, I get the feeling that he isn’t doing this because he really wants to any more. Only when the money starts running low and he needs a boost in ad-hits.

          • PeaTearGryfin

            I haven’t been on the forums for a year asshole. I hate My Little Pony. And way to sound like an ass. Either agree with me or you’re an asshole.

          • johnnybrunoise

            lol you sound like a fucking dunce, man.

    • Carlos Alexandre

      A VCR board game doesn’t qualify as a game?

    • Daniel Tilson

      Commenting on the review of a bad game about how he doesn’t review bad games anymore?

      I can’t tell if you’re serious or not…. I think you are… And now I question your sanity.

  • Spectr

    Goodbye Spoony. Thanks for all the hilarous moments and memorys with SWAT, Final Fantasy, Ripper, Highlander and of course, my favourite, Phantasmagoria.

    However for the last two years your videos seem so forced. Compared to your old stuff it seems you no longer really enjoy making videos, and that you just do it as a “job” because of your fans. Maybe Im mistaken, and its just a change in style. Then Im sorry.

    But even if Im not it doesnt change all the great hours of free entertainment you provided. Thanks for that

    – A fan since 2008

    • Carlos Alexandre

      You know, I’ve been a fan off and on of a great many things, and I never felt so self-important to announce anytime that changes.

      I’m quite proud of that.

      • JackRyan

        He gave constructive criticism and thanks.

        He was a fan, you are a fanboy.

        • wizzbang

          That’s less constructive criticism and more back-handed compliments. “Gosh I liked you so much BEFORE x y z…”

          • johnnybrunoise

            Sound constructive to me.
            “You’re old selections on topics to review were funny and interesting and your new topics for reviewing are boring.”
            How’s that not constructive?

          • wizzbang

            Well, for one thing, subjective statements are made as though they’re objective. That’s rarely helpful. And there aren’t any specifics given just vague hipsterish assertions of how the before was better than the now.

        • Carlos Alexandre

          Idiotic rebuttal.

          I didn’t lavish praise on Spoony, nor attempted to claim Spectr should remain a fan of something he clearly no longer cares for. What I did imply is that making big, grandstanding speeches about changing preferences — a consistent thing humans experience — is monstrously dumb.

          Almost as monstrously dumb as saying “you are a fanboy” while failing to understand what “fanboy” implies. Almost.

  • Patrick Coyle

    “I can’t play without my putter Superfly!”

    I’m so sorry. It wouldn’t let me resist.

    • johnnybrunoise

      Wow, kind of sad I can’t downvote you again for the edit.

    • Atmos_Duality

      I use the Daikatana line all the time. It’s just the perfect, memorable line from a fucktatically awful game. Especially since most people who remember it do so because the AI just went full retard and refused to follow you to the end of the level.

  • Lydok

    Hahaha. Bro, you and your brother are the best. Keep on keepin’ on. This brought back memories especially with Kenny Loggins theme from Caddyshack.

  • wizzbang

    I admit to feeling a little grouchy when Spoony doesn’t post something every week, but all it takes is a peek at his Twitter feed to put my whining into perspective. Dude’s in the middle of moving from Arizona to the Mid-West and has viral bronchitis on top of it.


    • wizzbang

      The biggest downside is that Miles will no longer be appearing in anything. The biggest upside is that all Spoony’s fans can start saying horrible, insulting things about April since she’ll probably be appearing in more reviews.

      • johnnybrunoise

        How do you know these things? His twitter?

        • wizzbang

          Yep, as I said in the first comment, his Twitter feed (and April’s, for that matter) explains a lot of what’s going on. I frickin’ hate Twitter myself, but it’s pretty much the only source for Spoony news. It’d be helpful if he’d embed it somehow on the site, the way Linkara has on his, so that we don’t just have to sit here and wonder where he’s gone and what he’s up to. But it ain’t my site. Maybe he’d like to keep those two aspects of his life separate?

          • johnnybrunoise

            Yeah, I don’t know a damned thing about twitter. He’s moving in with her? They had a long distance relationship?

          • wizzbang

            Yes, and yes. She’s from somewhere in the Mid-West and he’s from Arizona, but I think they kept meeting at Cons and the like and finally just started dating. Now they’re moving to a different part of the Mid-West together. It’ll be interesting to see what she brings to the show, and hopefully her presence will help keep his mood up (which should help him produce more), but I’m also going to miss Miles’ guest shots.

            Also, you aren’t missing much vis-a-vis Twitter.

          • Jerry Forbe

            Eh, you can’t deny that Miles could visit whenever he can/wants to. Just because Spoony isn’t with Channel Awesome doesn’t mean he can’t do crossovers, etc.

            I like Miles too, but seriously? The ‘biggest downside’ is that he won’t be in anything? As far as I know, until Spoons moved in with him, he wasn’t in reviews/vlogs either.

          • wizzbang

            Well, Miles has a job. He’d have to schedule time off, etc. and most employers don’t exactly overload employees with that.

            And yes, the “biggest downside” of Spoony moving is that his brother won’t be a regular part of the show. Miles has become a fan favorite, judging by the comments and fan reactions whenever he shows up. Other than that, all Spoony moving to the Mid-West means for the viewer is that he’s more likely to do team-ups with Brad Jones & co., the Walker bros. & Linkara, as well as being around his girlfriend — all of which would hopefully be “upsides”.

          • Amesang

            Wait, does this mean that April will be portraying the Headless?

      • Patrick Coyle

        It could also mean something interesting for the end of his FFXIII series, since he’s in the process of wrapping that up, and the last time he moved he used that to conclude the FFVIII series by blowing up his old house.

  • orangeluigi

    Another boring board game and another boring review. When you had us vote, I picked the atmosfear game because at least that looked far more interesting then what I see here.

    • wizzbang

      Yeah, and i voted for Star Trek. Unfortunately, we were out-voted. That’s how voting works.

      • orangeluigi

        I know and that really sucks it’s not spoony’s fault the review is boring, it’s the game its self. The game is so boring that not even spoony can make it interesting.

        • wizzbang

          I enjoyed his descent into madness. But at least he acknowledges how impossible it is to make that craptacular game into something amusing.

          • orangeluigi

            Well we can always hope that the next review whatever it is, is better than the one seen here.

          • wizzbang

            And it was! Or at least the game was. But then, I enjoyed this VCR Golf review.

          • orangeluigi

            Don’t see how you enjoyed it to me Noah’s acting seemed forced but hey it’s all a matter of perspective.

          • wizzbang

            And I don’t see how you didn’t enjoy it, but c’est la vie.

          • orangeluigi

            I didn’t enjoy it because like I said before Noah’s acting seemed so forced and it wasn’t fluid like in his past reviews such as nightmare and dragon strike. I think the main issue here is the fact that he is reviewing a sports game that relies on a VHS for the outcome of turns. The VHS clips in VCR golf like the wrestlemainia clips, are just clips of golf matches that have no thrill whatsoever. At least with dragon strike, the VHS had it’s own original footage that involved some level of acting and wasn’t simply copied and pasted.

  • Ubersnuber

    “I’m still standing!” *doorbell* hahaha!
    But seriously. If you continue to force mid-video ads on me? I’m gone. That’s part of what made me drop TV.
    Do what you feel like doing; board games or whatnot. Forced video ads is my limit.

    • wizzbang

      Adblock might help if you don’t already have it.

      • Tab

        Or you could put up with the 15 second ad so the guy can actually make money and continue to make these videos.

        • wizzbang

          This is the kind of viewer who obviously doesn’t care about that. I have Adblock, yet i turn it off for sites like this & Linkara’s blogspot. But Adblock is such a simple solution to that viewer’s complaint that I had to speak up.

    • Tab

      No ads, no money, no Spoony. Get over yourself.

  • Anon

    “Aint broke me yet”

    Oh Spoony. You’ve only just begun.

  • Garmrspor

    Step 1: Screenshot video still.
    Step 2: Open Paint.NET.
    Step 3: Paste screenie.
    Step 4: Click Adjustments > Auto-Level

    It’ll look twice as good with such tiny amount of work. I have to wonder if the guy who drew this has EXTREMELY low gamma on his monitor.

  • FreeQuest

    Hi man i was just watching your video and the first six mins of you talking about the reviews killing you made me look about the site a bit more and found out you had vasopressor. sorry man I will stop watching your videos as I hate to watch a guy falling to pieces just so you know if this is killing you just stop and find something less stressful to do.

    • Tab

      He’s managed to get that somewhat under control with a combination of medicine and exercise.

      You do realize he’s an actor, right? He puts on an act and over-exaggerates on purpose for comedic effect. Not watching his videos, not providing him with money so he can continue to make these videos and do what he loves, is not a solution to anything.

  • Shauna

    Could we maybe chill out about being pissed off that he’s doing so much board game stuff right now? If he just did let’s plays or movies you’d bitch about him getting stale. He’s not an entertainment monkey, he’s a guy putting his content out there based on what interests him, not your demands. Let him do his thing and if you don’t like it stop watching–without boring the rest of us by announcing it.

  • darkdriver

    I’m still wondering about why Epyx and Acclaim, two videogame makers, decided to compete with VCR Golf games of all things.
    I’m also wondering about that Chutes & Ladders VCR game in the background. How would that work?

  • likalaruku

    The only good golf game is the original Fairway Solitaire by Gray Alien Games.

  • Slevin424

    Oh… Spoony. You think you have it bad with VCR Golf? VCR Golf is your “I go batshit insane video” well… I dare you to take a step into my reviews. Try reviewing the worst games on Xbox Live Indie games. You think this is bad? I did one review showing T.E.C. 3001 which was a pretty cool game. Then I got “you want to play XBL indie games, try AlphaChimp” and I did, cause it was bad. Then I got more, and more, and more until I realized I had done them all and I was now recording from my basement because the games were so bad my wife couldn’t even listen to their horrible audio in the background without wanting to rip out her ear drums. I literally sacrifice my sanity to play those horrible god awful abominations people call “games” and guess what? They’re my most popular videos. VCR Golf is game of the year compared to the shit people put up on Xbox Live Indie games. You think you have it bad?

    I DARE YOU sir, to play Sword and Hammer: The Hand of the King then tell me if you’re still sour about VCR Golf.

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