Deadliest Warrior: The Game (Follow-Up)

The Spoony One | Aug 6 2010 | 

Spike Games’ Response

Thanks folks, we know the game is not perfect and are working to fix things in the TU. These kinds of reviews from people that don’t really give the game more than a glancing look are discouraging but the feedback on these forums helps us as developers see what real gamers think about the game. It was discouraging that nowhere in the review was mentioned the price point, the dodging, stamina or parry systems but oh well… you can’t please everybody.

The fact that DW is even in the same sentence as Tekken, SF, MK is good enough for us. Even if they are only comparing them to tear the game apart. If we had 20 million dollars and two years to build a game I wonder what that would be like? Oh we can dream… When you pay for milk and expect honey you’re going to end up with milk and be pissed about it. It’s not our fault that you are delusional.

I’d love it if someone on this board made a comment on spoony that shed some light on what this game is all about.

But thanks again for your support!

Spike Games.

u mad bro?

Sorry, I mentioned how every other aspect of your game sucked, I just forgot to talk about how the dodging, stamina, and parry systems suck, too.

This argument amuses the hell out of me. “Yes, our game is crap, but for $10, what did you expect? It’s like ordering Cup O’ Noodles and expecting something edible.” And I’m delusional for expecting entertainment out of my $10. So sorry, Spike, I’ll remember what you consider to be $10 of entertainment next time you release a game.

And next time, Spike, spell my fucking name right. It’s Spoony. With a capital S. As in, your game is Shit with a capital S.

Remember it, because people listen to what I have to say.

More Feedback

It seems to me like I’m one of the only people who take this game for EXACTLY what it is…AN ARCADE GAME. Not only that, but an arcade game based off of a Spike TV show. If you downloaded this expecting the same complexity that you get from Street Fighter or Tekken, and then are disappointed, you’re an idiot. The main appeal of this game is that you get to pit a ninja against a viking, and that you can hack off limbs all over the place (on a totally related note, I was fighting as a ninja and did a 3-hit combo on a guy and took off leg, arm, head. It was sweet). –someoneobscure

Once again, almost every fighter game I’ve played doubles as an “arcade game” and incorporates the exact same theme of having culturally and temporally disparate warriors battle each other to the death. Deadliest Warrior does not exactly innovate on that score. When I download a fighter game, yes, I expect at least competence from the design and competitive gameplay. I expect quality. Yes, perhaps that expectation makes me a blithering, doe-eyed optimistic idiot. I expected entertainment for my money.

Most of his complaint can really only come from someone who either, A) doesn’t understand the concept of the game. That of trying to be realistic. Or B) just wanting to rip into it without actually playing in depth. One other thing that I didn’t like was how he was acting like this was a full $60 retail game. It’s not! It’s a $10 budget title.So of course it isn’t going to have Takken like graphics, or a 30+ roster of fighters. –IdiditfodoubleJ

Since we’re applauding the “realism” and “scientific accuracy” of this game, I reference you to the aforementioned triple-dismemberment from a ninja. Any budget title, if it’s not going to bring the goods in graphics or depth, had better at least bring some gameplay to make it worth playing, and it doesn’t. It’s just a maddening flurry of button mashing, ending in a random winner. That’s not even worth bargain bin prices.

About the Street Fighter comparison, Street Fighter II was released in 1991, and really had 12 characters (only 8 characters were playable, it was interesting then since Street Fighter had only 2 playable characters), what’s the point on comparing this game with a game that is almost twenty years old? –Lord Tirion

Not to mention the fact that Deadliest Warrior can’t even begin to compare with that same 1991 release, or BlazBlue. It astounds me that this is one of the best arguments supporters of DW have. Are you really going to compare this piece of shit against Street Fighter 2? Really? Because you’re not going to win that contest in any category.

Yeah I kinda just shook my head at the review. Anyone who doesn’t like the fact you can lose in 1-5 hits, well, go play something a little less realistic. This was supposed to be a game at least partly rooted in realism. –shyguy8413

I love this guy. “Go back to your sandbox, Spoony. This game is for the grown-ups. You kids enjoy your shitty Guilty Gears and Tekken.”

(One hit kills are) realistic. Take a broadsword to the face and tell me how you feel. –HoshunMk112

I’m sorry I ever doubted the scientific validity of a Viking fighting a Ninja.

Okay. What. The heck. I’m just :33 seconds in and I already hate this guy. Don’t call people nuts just because they enjoy a game that you thought was terrible. That goes for any game on any medium. It’s one thing to call a game bad. It’s another thing to insult everyone who plays it. –tsilver34

You mean, the same way Spike Games called me delusional for not liking it?