Final Fantasy X-2 – Part 3

The Spoony One | Feb 16 2012 | more notation(s) | 

The Spoony One confronts his destiny at last in this thrilling conclusion to Final Fantasy X-2! Will he survive with his sanity and his dignity intact? Will he find Burton at long last? Will we discover the identity of the nefarious villain who kidnapped him? Tune in and find out!

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    Aow Yeah! Been looking forward to this.

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    How I’ve waited for this review, it’s going to be awesome! :)

    • Megan Hinshaw

      Yeah, I still have played FFXIII mainly because FFXII was so terrible.  The game play was alright I guess, but the story was so blah.     

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    this was frikkin epic, i love you spoony <3

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    yess!!!! ive wated this so long! :) thank you alot spoony! 

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    I’ve learned more about Spoony from the first 5 minutes of this video than I ever wanted to know.

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    Noah, can I call you Noah? Never cosplay as Yuna ever again. All things considered though, great review.

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    My eyes! Oh God the dedication to your work, it’s burned a permanent image in my mind of an army of transvestite Yuna cosplayers armed and ready to march on anyone who publicly spits on FFX. Jeez, fake tits and everything. Won’t be able to bleach that out of my mind for a while.

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    bonus point for the wilhelm scream

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    Amazing ending, Also like the Crowd Getting Nuked in the Concert scene…awesome

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    YAY! Part 3 :D That was awesome!

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    Holy shit! I think this is the best video you have done and I love the Pumpkinheadvideo, the Final Fantasy – videos, Lets Play and pretty much everything ^^ You improve everytime! Thank You!!

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    Found Waldo

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    Man, at about the 11-minute mark, I just started laughing my head off. I KNEW what was coming, I knew what their big solution was gonna be. But Spoony didn’t go right to the reveal, he built that up! And while I was anticipating his reveal, it just got funnier and funnier.

    Excellent job of building the tension. My hat is off to you.

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    That was epic. I loved the cameo with Sephiroth at the end;) Maybe you should have a showdown between The Gatekeeper and Sephiroth, imagine if he was banished into the blaggole? 

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    yea I’m a pretty massive final fantasy X fan and this really just reassures me that FInal Fantasy X-2 doesn’t exist. Nope, nope, nope X2? never heard of it. nope nope

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    Oh, I thought the Vegnagun ZX-500… thing was another Metal Gear made by the Patriots.

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    I can’t say nothing else but HO-LY SHIT!!!! THAT WAS FREAKIN AWESOME!!!1 For me this is easily the best video you´ve ever done

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    I’m sure you were just playing dumb for the sake of the review, but whatever:
    Pretty much everything in X-2 that contradicts or conflicts X makes no sense. there’s just no explanation for it and looking for one is pointless. that’s all there is to it. without X-2, X is a tight plot without any glaring holes, so it’s best to just “Highlander 2″ the sequel

    Jecht didn’t treat Tidus badly because he wanted Tidus to hate him. he did that out of his own inability to show that he loved him. 
    Why does Jecht shout stuff during the final battle? makes no sense.
    Why are Auron and Seymour there as well? see above.
    Why does Tidus return? because SE pussied out and wanted to “correct” FFX’s unhappy ending. otherwise, makes no sense. 
    Why is Shuji- makes no sense. seriously, nothing involving fucking Shujin makes any sense in this game

    • doresh

      I think they just didn’t know how to get from “Guy who might be Tidus” to “Ancient Genocide Weapon”, so they just hoped nobody would question the massive plotholes.

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    hahahaha man i laugh so much on the scene of the thunders falling when they are singging!!! and the final was dam good man!!! you are the best reviewer i ever seen!!! can’t wait for final fantasy 13!!! spoony you have a lot of fans here in brasil!!! 

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    Freaggin awesome, I loved it. xD
    Thanks for making my day Noah, this was just what I needed. :)

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    OH MY SWEET JESUS. That was FUCKING FANTASTIC. And a little creepy! But mostly hilarious and epic and perfectly shot and edited. I’ve been thinking up scenarios during the wait between FFX-2 vids but I did NOT see that ending coming. Your work is brilliant man, and this video just validates why you’re my favorite entertainer working today. I’m so excited to see how this unfolds! :D

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    Dude, Spoony, after seeing your tits i seriously consider becoming gay. 

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      I think you’ll find that a half-second glance upward at “her” face will permanently dissuade you of that notion.

      (No offense Spoony; you’re actually a pretty good-looking guy, but *damm* are you an ugly woman!)

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    Wait so you’re skipping twelve? Did you enjoy it or just not enough material?

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    So much rule 63.

    So many wrong thoughts.

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    My day just got more awesome by a factor of over 9000%

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    Darkness Dance. How very self-conscious of you. ^^
    Also, good thing to go for XIII next. XII is more of a failed opportunity than actually bad, and with XIII comes the ultimate proof that Motomu Toriyama really shouldn’t be directing games.

  • Jamie Sheil

    oh god, spoony in yuna costume, noooooooooooooo

    awesome review anyway XD, but I have a couple of corrections for when you were rambling about the dream tidus stuff. You were right about some things, but other things like Jecht raising Tidus to hate him were very wrong. Jecht was just a shit father, then he got ported to Spira for……… whatever reason, and then he joined Braska’s pilgrimage and happened to become Sin at the end. Then Auron went to dream Zanarkand to look after Jecht’s son since they were best friends, and Auron brought Sin to dream Zanarkand (don’t ask me how) to bring Tidus to Spira so Tidus could kill Sin. Not exactly an example of great storytelling, but that’s how it goes. Auron was from present Spira, he wasn’t from Zanarkand 1000 years in the past.

    And the whole no one saying Tidus’s name BS was just stemming from the fact that you could name Tidus whatever you wanted, so for some stupid reason the devs decided that everyone would just awkwardly refer to Tidus as “him” or “Star Player”. Since in some text boxes people do clearly refer to him by his name, so people must know his name by extension. Somehow I doubt they were travelling around with this guy for ages without knowing his name lol. Tidus is just a vague copy of Shuying from the real Zanarkand and that’s about it. I still don’t know how to explain Jecht speaking in the final battle though, maybe it’s the real Jecht? I dunno.

    So yeah, long comment, but just clearing some things up. Once again, excellent review.

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    I want to watch this SOOO badly but the video just shows up as a white box and it hasn’t come out anywhere else like TGWTG or Blip yet!

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    You sir, are awesome. Looking forward to more Spoonphiroth.

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    33:21 – And here is another reason why Spoony can never run for Congress.

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    Great review!
    Can’t wait for the final fantasy XIII review. Your videos always make me laugh.

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    Awwww, you have a red pool table? No fair, I wanted one…

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    Cross-dressing Spoony is much more traumatising than gay stripping Benzaie D=

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    So it became a good winter holiday after all, up here in the cold north.

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    Spoony!Yuna is sexy

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    Spoony looks way too good in drag

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    If he’s going to do FFXIII, I can’t wait!

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    Your Sephiroth cosplay is fucking badass.

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    When Spoona burst through the door, I seriously had to pause the video because I fell down on the floor and rolled around in hysterical laughter for about 5 min.
    Then I spent the whole fight laughing my ass of, probably disturbing my neighbours (good thing I saw this in the middle of the day and not at midnight)

    Spoony, you truly are the funniest person on the internet because the amount of effort and dedication you put into your videos is just amazing (and you give of yourself in a way that very few people would do)

    Regarding the game, holy crap the plot-holes, they hurt so bad. Nothing makes sense, at all.
    I especially like the idea of a concert in the thunder-plains, wipe out everyone so there can be no more war, just like every other FF villan (wait, wouldn’t that make Yuna a bad guy?)
    So happy to see it all get torn to shreds.
    Can’t wait for the next FF and Ultima 9.

    PS. I just realised something, could one of the turn-ons that burton’s scan listed be the reason (or part of the reason) as to why Spoony looks so good in drag?
    That’s some food for thought right there.

    PSS. Spoony, under the Game Reviews tag, FF X-2 doesn’t show up. Not sure if it’s a bug or if it fell of, but I thought you should know.

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    Goddamn this is one of your best! I got a few videos i always go back to watch whenever im bored and this will be one of them! Great job! Thanks for your videos!

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    Wow. This was such a great review. It was Extremely entertaining had a good mix of review plus storyline.
    One thing I must say though, Spoony didn’t look half bad as a chick. I mean he wasn’t “hot” or anything but he made a pretty decent chick. Does this mean I am gay? lolz

    • Fabian Hubner

       Nope only that you like transvestites ;)

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    Spoony this was PURE AWESOME this has made my day, as final fantasy 10 is my all time favorite game, i hated 10-2 so much but unlike 12 which had no redeeming factors, 10-2 had a good battle system which i enjoyed and 1000 words is the only original song that i actually enjoy, i like it so much i download the song and the Japaneses version on my ipod, i know it’s nerdy but who cares i love the final fantasy series with a passion and the music that they create for the series in fact i’ve download both black mages albums and both distant world on my ipod that how much i love the music  

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    Seriously though, loved the review; very entertaining and definitely worth the watch.

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    well im scarred for life.

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    Now i hate myself for ever playing Games like Mass Efekt or the Elder Scoll Series XD
    My God way back in the Days bevor i have played those games,  FFX² have make much more sense O_O

    Spoony this was a good review/analysis of this game ^^

    Actualy im a big fan of your stuff but could you make some times an review about a game that you like?
    I mean this would be cool if have an Video where you dont not need  to act like possessed by a demon XD
    But joke aside i like your stuff  ^-^

    • Krystian

      “Phantasmagoria 2″ “Ripper” “I have no mouth and I must scream”
      “Ultima 1″ these are from the top of my head I’m sure there are much more games he likes and made videos of but if you look through archive you will find ‘em

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    Awsome video, hope you do a commentary vid for this.

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    That went from mind shattering disturbing to badass in a way I didn’t think possible.

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    I was expecting a bit more vitriol, but Spoony’s cross-dressing made this video!

  • Juha Torvinen

    Couldnt stop my facepalm when you got into that dress… geez man I really loved the entire damn video but shit..
    You havent reviewed the Online games and id just love to see you do that since the 2nd FFonline made me literally to try slit my wrists with a fucking spoon… Bought it when it first came out and actually it was the first game ever ive thrown out from the window.. that that fucking game refused to die so its still installable on my shelf when i found it afterwards from my yard, still intact….

    Before i forget. Dont forget to review FF13-2. its going to be HELLARIUS.

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    Dear god I fucking shivered when sephiroth said I’m counting on it. Other than that, the sexiest woman ive ever seen line had me laughing my ass off

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    Oh god, please tell me that annoying musician wasn’t Teddie from Persona 4.

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    Holy Shit does this mean that he’s gonna review FF 13? OH Hell yes if it is true

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    Sweet mother of god…. 

    Spoonaroth for president, fr srs. That may very well be the single best moment of all time during a Spoony review. Oh, and while I have to say Spoona/roth was hilarious, you also did very well with the SFX. Very impressive. 

    Thank you, Spoony. You’ve so made my day.

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  • Lairdom

    Since we are pondering the plot here, may I throw my thoughts to the mix?

    If we assume that time travel is not possible here and that all interaction with the old zanarkand is actually with the fake zanarkand dreamed by the fayth, then isn’t Jecht also a dream. A copy of Shuyjin dad. So of course he would think Tidus as Tidus and not Shuyjin.

    As for the reason why his voice is there in the fight. Well maybe that is not Jecht, but Shuyjin’s real father. Maybe Jecht was a perfect copy of him and acted exactly like him.

    And Auron is not from the real Zanarkand either so he wouldn’t know Shuyjin either. He died after Jecht became Sin and then rode with him to dream zanarkand to take care of Tidus.

    As for why Tidus would not be a perfect copy. I thought the government covered up the whole events of Shuyjin and Lenne so no one would know. That could also mean why there is no copy of Lenne in Tidus’s life in the dream zanarkand if the public wasn’t aware of their relationship. And since all the people of zanarkand were made into fayth and the majority of them didn’t know… maybe it caused the confusion.

  • Louis ‘Nerdrage’ Thelier

    Thiss is by far the best FF review finale you’ve ever done, Spoony. And while I agree with most of it (which is kinda odd, seeing as X-2 is my favourite FF) I have to be Douchy McNitpick about one point. In the concert, the entire crowd saw the flashback because the songstress dressphere had an unexpected reaction with Shinra’s hologram display thing (holograms in a techonologically deprived society? What?), so that’s why the entire crowd saw Lenne and Shuyin. Other than that though, the entire plot makes no fucking sense.

    Also, when Sephiroth showed up I fucking lost my shit completely. That was utterly badass. At first I thought it meant you were going to do an FF VII review, but when he tossed the XII case at you it made me think of 2 things: how much the corridors in XIII suck, and what a whiny bitch Hope is. Seriously, he’s worse than Squall and Tidus put together. Can’t wait for the review of XIII. I’m sure it will be awesome.

    • Sara Marie Neff

      it made me think that sephy is trying to get another ‘world choked in dispair’ thing going @_@ dont let him destroy the world spoony!

  • SkyRealm

    I always like the instruments that Jpop uses.

    If only they didn’t SING so damn much.  

  • Ashley Browne

    Oh my god. Spoony!Yuna battle! Oreo! Sephiroth letting Spoony live so FF7 will continue to look good! I think the ending to this review was more brilliant than the entire FFX-2 review!

    And does this mean that you will eventually do FF13? Holy shit yes!

  • Ashley Browne

    Oh my god. Spoony!Yuna battle! Oreo! Sephiroth letting Spoony live so
    FF7 will continue to look good! I think the ending to this review was
    more brilliant than the entire FFX-2 review!

    And does this mean that you will eventually do FF13? Holy shit yes!

  • Christopher Lee

    Fucking Awesome.

  • ScreamingDoom

    Does that “Donna!” guy have Youngbloods Disease?

    Very funny video, Spoony. So, like… throughout the entire game, there is exactly one of those Sphere things which actually has anything useful on it? Why are so many people after them, then? What exactly makes them so fucking valuable?!

    It’s also interesting that the Fayth’s re-imagining of Shuyin made him even more of a weenie douchebag than he was originally. It almost seems like the Fayth writes terrible fanfiction about history.

  • Joshua Norton

    Sometimes I lose track of exactly what I want. My desires become confused and disjointed, and I lose track of what really matters.

    However, I finally know what I definately, assuredly, unequivocally do not want.

    And that is Spoony dressed as a female video game character.

    Perhaps some philosophical clarity can be taken from this fact. I need to ponder this.

    • jetman123

       And now you’re one step closer to figuring out what you do want by process of elimination!

  • ftidus12

    Battling  Metal Gear with J-Pop? Bad idea.

    Battling  Metal Gear with David Hayter and Stinger Missiles? Awesome idea.

  • Jose Batista

    welp… now I’m gonna have nightmares of Spoony in drag…. again, well at least you didn’t have Linkara tag along for the ride.

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    I’m almost blind as well… thanks spoony..  dont know whats worst… spoony dance or benzae gay dance….

    Oh for a sec there I though you were after FF7 next :p

  • João Vicente

    Oh and I had to pause the vid at the concert because i was already laughing so hard i started crying. Amazing vid Spoony, totally worth the wait! Keep it up!

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    OMFG I marked out at the ending. XD Actually, REALLY good cosplaying there, both roles. I’m impressed.

  • SkyRealm

    I had to look away from the video for a sec because you were totally NOT a hideous Yuna at all like I’d expected.

    MFW when Spoonyroth descended:

  • Bhameall

    I just want to salute the efforts you have put in this video. The editing, the jokes, the costumes, everything felt greatly accomplished.
    Awesome job, I enjoyed the Hell out of this one !

  • gravityBomb

    Fucking LOVED IT! :D

    That was just amazing. And I’m slightly frightened that you did such a good job cosplaying as YUNA of all people, and an awesome Sephiroth (seriously I love that jacket, I want it now). Man that was an awesome ending, I give you major props. :)

    So now we have FF13 to get though? Oh Jesus…if that gonna include 13-2 as well? Well better get psyched for this one. 

    Great video and I can’t wait for the next one!

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    Hahahaha, Spooniroth is awesome!  

  • AggroWill

     The Vegnagun sales video is amazing.

    Also… Vaginagun.

  • RightousMan

    this review… is AWESOME. Ty for finally finishing the series. I’m really looking forward to seeing where the ending of this one goes.

  • Ertzi

    Oh please, please yes make a review out of the biggest disappointment of my entire gaming life, the putrid piece of troll-vomit covered in rotten moogle shit that is Final Fantasy XIII. I would enjoy you ripping it a new one more than I actually enjoyed playing parts I-XII combined.

    84 fucking ours that I will never get back… I only finished it out of some twisted sense of loyalty to the franchise. No more though, XIII-2 can suck a vegnacock, I will not spend a gil on that Pokémon wannabe. Final Fantasy franchise has some major redeeming to do in my eyes. I only hope that, in the meantime, some other IP can fill the void that the FF games filled for years for me.

    Yes, I have issues :D Just seeing the game cover again stirred something inside me. But the level of Betrayal was off the scale in my household after purchasing XIII day one. I fucking… loathe… that game. I am a collector and I never, ever recycle my games to buy new ones. Except with FF XIII, which I sold the day after I completed it, as I am ashamed to keep it in my collection. I own every other Final Fantasy game (that is not an action-rpg spinoff), except this one. Including all the Tactics ones. Playing FF II right now in fact (weird to have no levels). I have installed a device on my front door that detects if someone approaches it with FF XIII, after which it explodes and then casts Ultima on the remains just to be sure.

    Still, if you liked the game, don’t be mad at me please. You are entitled to your opinion, and great if you had fun with it. Doesn’t change the fact that I want to murder every person that was involved making it.

    Anyway, great review! Funny as hell, and the production value just seems to be going up every year, which is awesome. You even managed to work with Oreo incredibly well, she (better get this right this time) was an integral part of this video, and I know how hard it is to work with animals in general. So kudos, sir. Also, everything is better with One-Winged Angel.

    I sense this is going to be a great year for Spoony.

    • Vaughan MacDonald

      All in due time, Grasshopper. All in due time…

    • jetman123

      He did do a V-log on it, check the video list. Although I’m sure a formalized ripping would be just as wonderful – I’m not sure if it will ever come down the tubes, though, as he freely admits he finds the game so boring he can’t play through the game in full, and as such he can’t really review it.

  • the_horror_freak

    My god that girl at the end is HOT!! She can polish my gunblade anytime

  • AggroWill

     The sad thing? Still not as bad as Final Fantasy 13.

    YES, I AM STILL PISSED AT FINAL FANTASY 13. FUCK THAT GAME SO HARD! It was more linear than Final Fantasy 1. Its story was so nonsensical and dense you literally needed an in-game glossary to figure out what the fuck was going on. Summoner Barbie’s Let’s Murder People Dress-Up is fun compared to that.

    • greatleslie

      I thought people were exaggerating about just how linear it was but nope, it really hits you when one of the levels is an amusement park but you literally can’t do anything except walk through it, and having the npc’s just shout things when you walk by them so you can’t even talk to anybody, that was brilliant Square.    

    • K!NG_IC3 [John]

      You know what? No. I don’t even complain about the linearity anymore. PLENTY of games have linearity but at least they make it INTERESTING, which is the problem with FFXIII, what happens during the time of going from A-to-B is completely pointless, drawn-out and boring as fuck. 

      Not only is there very little monster variation for each environment you enter, but because there is no back-tracking what-so-ever which, in turn, forces the game designers to lay-out the game to have NO grinding or true feeling of getting stronger through leveling up in battle, the game feels like NOTHING but going through the motion so you can get from beautiful landscape entry -> boss battle and cutscenes glittered all over. It gets WORSE when you think about how noninclusive the battle system of the game is, to the point where as everybody who has played the game points out, “X” is your best friend, and L1 is the other friend you have to play nice with.

      I can take linearity as much as a game developer can dish at me…
      AS. LONG. AS. ITS. INTERESTING. And FF13 pretty much misses the boat on that one. Entire beginning of the game is: Move -> X X X -> Move -> X X X -> Cutscene -> X X L1 X -> Boss.

      As for the story? Didn’t even care about it. There was so much focus on the characters and their development (If there was any at all…), that I cock-blocked the story and just watched how the characters grew and especially listened to Fang’s dead sexy voice. Then Vanille’s fanservice and 5 accents. Ugh.

      My 2 cents. Long rant is long.

  • Reaki

    Fuck, Spoony. You went all out. Simply GLORIOUS.

  • Steven Banta

    Freakin’ EPIC.  The whole thing was phenomenal, but Sephiroth Spoony at the end sealed the deal.

  • AggroWill

    Does anyone want a perfectly good weener? After seeing Spoonyuna, I don’t think I’m ever going to use mine again.

    • mobtank

      In that case I got a tip for you, look up the manga Secret Devil chan.
      It’s not only a very funny read, but it will also really make it’s reader think about a few things.

  • Nick Darius

    That…. That ending…

    Holy SHIT that was great! I’ll admit I was kinda underwhelmed by the FFX ending, but damn it this didn’t kick 18 different kinds of ass. I couldn’t stop laughing once “yuna” showed up. And Oreo’s bit was great!

    Fantastic job spoony, and I can’t wait for what you do next!

  • AggroWill

    I’m slightly horrified by how badass Spoonyroth is. Noah would make a legitimately imposing supervillain if given the chance. 

  • Arya Ansari Khah

    great video is great.
    hey, you even cloloured your eyebrows grey for spoonyroth.
    also, i don’t quite know wether i shoulf be disgusted or aroused by spoonyuna…
    keep it up!

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  • stefanz_87

    Hitler? the jews killed more poeople then him look it up The Elders of Zion.

  • Michael Wells

    He laid a hint early in the video. When Burton is doing his analyzing Spoony thing. Recheck the Likes. Transgender Hentai is last on the like list. Overall badass Review Spoon

  • Vaughan MacDonald

    Y’know. Something just hit me. If this “Vagnagun” thing is a super ultimate doomsday death mecha, and its been around since forever, and everyone knew about it; Then why, why, WHY didn’t anyone think about using it against Sin?

    I mean, think about it. Doesn’t the world destroying super seem like the perfect weapon of choice when fighting the world destroying monster? Seems like a better option then, well…. Waka’s ball. 

    • Chris Hughes

       They actually explain it in the game, Vegnagun couldnt distinguish friend from foe, so thwy couldnt use it or it would destroy them all as well as Sin.

      • Vaughan MacDonald

        I’d still go with the super weapon instead of those idiots. 

      • ScreamingDoom


        No wonder they never bothered to use it to instantly win the war. I imagine this conversation:

        “Okay, this ultimate weapon is just a tinsy bit too expensive, so in order to keep the budget down we had to make some adjustments to the design.”

        “… Um… there’s no way to target it.”

        “Yes! By removing our ability to control this thing in any way, we managed to save almost 90 gil!”

        “But we can’t control it. And there is no off switch.”

        “That’s right.”

        “… How are we to make sure it kills the enemy and not us?”

        “… Oh, snap. Oops.”

        “Oh that’s just fucking great! Why did you cut THAT, but keep… let’s see here… THE FUCK?! A PIPE ORGAN ACTIVATION SEQUENCE?!”

        “Hey! The pipe organ is mission critical to the function of the device!”

        “In what way?! How is turning the thing on via a PIPE ORGAN more important than being able to fucking AIM the thing? Or even turn it off?! Ever hear of a damn key? Or two keys, so that it couldn’t be activated by just one lunatic?”

        “Look, it’s complicated and technical. You wouldn’t understand.”

  • ZC3

    Why, boner? Why?! WHY, BONER?!

    Seriously though, awesome review. Terrible game but I always loved the 1000 Words song.

  • BlueHighwind

    The ending was really kickass.  But FFXIII, that’s a bit soon, isn’t it?  I mean it sucks, but its way too fresh in people’s minds for people to realize it sucks.  I was really worried you were going to hit FFVII next when you came out as Sephiroth, because didn’t you do that already?

    Also Spoony, if you’re really still sore over the Final Fantasy series, you should swallow your pride and play FFIX.  Its only thanks to that game that I am living a relatively well-adjusted life instead of writing two hour reviews of FF games and dressing in drag too.

    • AggroWill

       It’s not too soon to realize it sucks. I realized it sucked 30 hours into playing it because I GAVE IT THAT MUCH OF A CHANCE before I said fuck it. Then I punched any and all friends who said “No, it opens up and you can actually do monster hunting quests when you get to the Calm Lands-like area like 80% into the game.”

  • DusanSijacki

    Awesome ending. Game is horrible and I thank you for destroying your sanity for us :) Keep up the good work!

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    Also one of the most epic cosplay of Sephiroth evar! I got to ask: does someone helps you with the costumes? Because they are really, really good!

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      Yeah, as much as I hate this game, even I have to admit that the 2nd concert cutscene was the best part of the game; almost as much impact as FF6’s opera scene or FF7’s death of Aeris scene. Too bad it gets wasted when it’s part of a game that has no good plot development.

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  • Luke Brennan

    one point, niether Ject or tidus are from the real Zanrkand and everybody in the dream Zanarkand, though based on the real Zanarkand, are the same as the real Zanarkand.

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    – I saw a TON of guns during the ‘loading scene’, so why not have gone with a bigger gun? Why a shotty? I would’ve snatched an M60 and made it a Rambo kind of ending “arrrrggghhhhh!!!!!!!!”

    -Yeah, the concert scene was awesome. I once had a girlfriend who sang and played that song on piano. She was also a Final Fantasy overachiever. All weapons beat in 7, all GFs in 8, spammed 9 to max levels, blitzballed 10 to death. Yeah, maybe it’s a good thing we’re not dating anymore.

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    Horrid latin translations are a property of Google.

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    • Sara Marie Neff

      yeah, i was wondering that too, he was from ten-years-ago bevelle wasnt he? he wouldn’t have known anything about millenia-old blitsball stats. also im pretty sure that whole time loop with jecht was not true either, the guy was just a crappy dad, and a crappy guy up till the very end. the ending scene where he calls tidus a crybaby hes just joking, not serious, it was how he thought to show affection. But i digress @_@

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    • Michael Borean

      I can only assume you aren’t counting 5 and 6 since everyones a main character in those.

      Maybe he’ll go easy on her, but I doubt he’ll go easy on the game. This is one of two final fantasy games I never finished, and I foresee a lot of anger at some stuff. Not at the graphics though. Final Fantasy 13 kept me playing for 16 hours because of how godamn pretty some of it was. I quit because I felt I wasn’t playing a game. Especially the first 5 hours. I wasn’t even looking at the game during 99% of the combat.

      • Chris Hughes

         I think he did a Vlog on XIII once, he said he liked Lightning alright, he liked her punching Snow, and his favorite character was Sazh. Think he hated Hope though.

        • Stephen Mc Devitt

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    Please keep up the good work, and I’m eagerly awaiting your next review.
    Yours sincerely,
    a fan following you since Samurai Zombie Nation.

    P.S.: Whatever others might say, DON’T EVER DRESS LIKE HER AGAIN! Seriously, it was funny, but hell, it was “almost” worse than Tidus… But you can dress as Sephiroth or Squall any time you like, those two costumes actually suited you. :P

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      I’ll just put this here, in case you’re wondering what the fuck I’m talking about:

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        All I have to say is I can’t *WAIT* to hear the audio commentary for this one! lol!

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    Aquired 100% completion and the special ending to FFX-2: You’re better off beating Bloodwing: Pumpkinhead’s Revenge. The ending is worth more for your trouble.

    • Craig Pierrot

      Yeah, at least something like the Grand Theft Auto series, which traditionally includes 1 or 2 HUNDRED little “Hidden Packages” — about the size of a table vase (and supposedly filled with coke) — scattered ALL OVER THE CITY (or COUNTY in the case of San Andreas) hidden in THE. MOST. BACKWARD. FUCKING. PLACES. that NO ONE would EVER think to look in or even GO TO, even if you WERE actually looking for them! Like, no, seriously, EVEN IF YOU HAVE A FUCKING GUIDE, you *STILL* might not find them all, or be skilled enough (say, on a motorbike) to even get them if you *DO* find them!

      BUT AT *LEAST* they reward you generously for your efforts! You know??? I mean, a fucking TANK, an Apache, OR A HARRIER…I’d say are all worth the wasted HOURS of boring gameplay! lol!

  • Gabriel Croath

    Oh, another thing:
    That concert scene with Yuna(Lenne)? I haven’t played FFX-2, and even -I- have more emotional investment in the Shuyin/Lenne romance than in the Tide/Yuna one in FFX, and I didn’t even really hate that game. Just makes one question how SquareEnix can execute such scenes flawlessly while completely butchering up their games’ plots…

    • Ewelina Danielczyk

       They have an extra studio just for CG cutscenes inhouse called visual ~smth* ( can’t remember second half) they did all the Deus Ex trailers the Versus 13 trailers and the Tomb Raider trailers. Oh and btw lets hope that Tomb Raider looks better then Human Revolution. Since SE bought Eidos all of those developer have to use the crystal engine (house engine from SE especially made for FF), an engine which has never left SE and only SE know how to properly do something visually stunning with it. For me Deus Ex was the revenge for SE attempt to use the Unreal engine in Last Remnant, in both cases they were subpar on a technical level. Oh sweet irony…

    • Ewelina Danielczyk

       They have an extra studio just for CG cutscenes inhouse called visual ~smth* ( can’t remember second half) they did all the Deus Ex trailers the Versus 13 trailers and the Tomb Raider trailers. Oh and btw lets hope that Tomb Raider looks better then Human Revolution. Since SE bought Eidos all of those developer have to use the crystal engine (house engine from SE especially made for FF), an engine which has never left SE and only SE know how to properly do something visually stunning with it. For me Deus Ex was the revenge for SE attempt to use the Unreal engine in Last Remnant, in both cases they were subpar on a technical level. Oh sweet irony…

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    Aannndd… y’know for someone who hates ff you sure have a LOT of cosplay.

    btw LOVE your reviews. I played all the ff games kinda have a love/hate relationship with them (particularly the idiotic plot of x-2 and tidus’s annoyingness in x). I take it you didn’t get the mascot dresssphere – stupid to the extreme but would have been funnier if you wore the outfits int he cutscenes. Could have added a whole new stupid dimension to a lot ofthe game to have them wandering around as moogles or whatever.

    But anyway – loved this series and cannot wait for the next.

    • Aiddon

       thing is most anime/manga is far better than what FFXIII’s hack writers puked out

    • Aiddon

       thing is most anime/manga is far better than what FFXIII’s hack writers puked out

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    Spoony as Sephiroth = Amazing.
    Well done with the ending.  I honestly did not see that coming.

    Looking forward to your (eventual) review of FF13.  While I don’t hate it as much as 12, it is…frustrating.  By the way…if you have that sign from Ultima 1 right outside your door…why not go for something more epic than a shotgun?  Like…say…the flame of Arnor?

    • Ewelina Danielczyk

       I actually enjoyed 12 more than I endured 13. At least you could get a grasp of the story. It was more “mature” and more politically oriented then 8-10-2 were you mostly had a romance plot. And honestly I’m playing through 13 a second time coz stopped the first time in the middle coz I didn’t understand squat, but 13-2 seems decent so I kinda try to bite me through this big pile of… well, I’ll leave it at that

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  • Moggy

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  • WilliamMunnyOutlaw

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  • Kenneth Eaton


  • Gabriel Croath

    Now, for something completely different:
    Honestly, the whole “Tidus = the copy of Shuyin seen through the eyes of his fans” is actually a pretty damn awesome plot-device on its own. More of that and its implications and a lot less fanservice and this could have been a really good game. Right now, it’s just a really polarizing one. I for one haven’t played it, so I’m not going to judge it, but it still seems too silly for all the wrong reasons. If the plot was concentrating on the mistery of Shuyin from the very beginning, with, you know, a coherent plot and everything, I would really play it because, as I said, I think it is a fascinating plot-device…

    However, the Jecht thing still makes no sense. I mean, Tidus is technically an artificial existence based on the image of the star player of the Zanarkand Abes created by the plot or something… then how can he have a childhood and a dad…?! That would only make sense if Jecht was like that as well, but that’s just stupid…

    • Ewelina Danielczyk

       Jecht is like Tidus, from the “fake zanarkand”. He came to spira the same way Tidus did. It was said in 10 that those faith are actually those fallen summoners from zanarkand who fought in the war with bevelle. the war grew so big (and if I remember correctly they used vegna gun) that they created sin. all those summoners were “frozen” onto mount gagazet and were neither alive nor dead, more like sleeping/coma for over a thousand years. so yeah, after a thousand years, maybe they got some things about shuyin wrong. They were repeating this thing over and over and lived immaginary lives in those dreams without a war in zanarkand like it used to be and trying to preserve the memories of those ppl. Jecht himself pulled Tidus from there to kill him, but I don’t think he raised him this was just for this. He’s just a macho ^.^ maybe the real jecht treated shuyin this way, I don’t know, but I do know that Jecht came to Spira spouting the same things like he’s from zanarkand and so on so I think he was just a manifested spirit/dream too. Only difference to Tidus is, he was indirectly send because the faythe were still around when you beat Sin. Tidus dissapears just when you start sending your Aions coz they are in someway those same faythe/summoners being imprisoned at Mount Gagazet. Yuna prays to them and they aid her in a corporeal body. This little kid, always talking to Tidus, thats Bahamut. I hope I could clear some stuff up. Its been ages since I played those games but Spoony, you made me want to replay them ^^ Thanks for that.

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    • Sami Etem

       And the fact that, you know, it’s actually good.

      • Jordan Staley

        It’s…alright. The combat system sucks though. I think that’s what mostly killed it for me. I loved how huge the world felt (it even had some interesting transitions between running down the hills and ending up on a beach sort of thing) but the characters didn’t really feel any different in combat and the only thing that really distinguished them apart from each other in battle were the Mist Quickening things. And as characters they were all pretty weak too. I get that FF12 was going for a more plot focused story than a character driven one, but you got to make us care about the people we’re playing as. I dunno. 

    • Aiddon

       yeah, it was just really mediocre. It’s not awful enough to get any good jokes out of. Though it did have one of the most boring casts and plots in the entire series

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    Anyway, I semi-dread the FFXIII reviews if only because I have to hear great voice actors like Laura Bailey, Troy Baker, and Ali Hillis spout AWFUL dialogue from a no-talent hack like Toriyama.

  • Aiddon

    Ah Sephiroth, the greatest pretty boy RPG villain EVER and one that Square has never matched (though some of the cast of Vagrant Story come close). What better way for a shitty game to die than by the hands of the ultimate badass.

    Anyway, I semi-dread the FFXIII reviews if only because I have to hear great voice actors like Laura Bailey, Troy Baker, and Ali Hillis spout AWFUL dialogue from a no-talent hack like Toriyama.

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    Hi Spoony,

    this was incredible. I loved everything about this, but what I loved most was how you liked the only part of this game that I did and that was the crazy fucking concert in the middle of the fucked up lightning storm. I never completed this game as I felt it shit all over FFX, not that that was the greatest of games.

    Your ending was genius, and it seems your technical filming gifts are becoming more and more advanced as you age in years. Quality stuff Noah, quality stuff.

    I’m very happy you’re back to full health and banging top quality content out, cos after all, nobody, and i mean nobody churns out content this good, especially when you’re on top form. Keep it up Buddy

  • Gfox_1

    Hi Spoony,

    this was incredible. I loved everything about this, but what I loved most was how you liked the only part of this game that I did and that was the crazy fucking concert in the middle of the fucked up lightning storm. I never completed this game as I felt it shit all over FFX, not that that was the greatest of games.

    Your ending was genius, and it seems your technical filming gifts are becoming more and more advanced as you age in years. Quality stuff Noah, quality stuff.

    I’m very happy you’re back to full health and banging top quality content out, cos after all, nobody, and i mean nobody churns out content this good, especially when you’re on top form. Keep it up Buddy

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    By the way, I know you probably didn’t grew up or didn’t really played the games, but I’d really like to know what you think of the Legend of Zelda franchise (besides what you said during your last E3 covergae). Love it or hate it, it still has done a lot for video gaming, so just listenning to what you have to say on the franchise would be, I think, very entertaining. ;)

  • David Arseneau

    Oh god, that review was freaking amazing. Sepiroth’s right, man, you gotta keep it up!

    By the way, I know you probably didn’t grew up or didn’t really played the games, but I’d really like to know what you think of the Legend of Zelda franchise (besides what you said during your last E3 covergae). Love it or hate it, it still has done a lot for video gaming, so just listenning to what you have to say on the franchise would be, I think, very entertaining. ;)

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    Oh, and great review! 

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    Magnificent. The absence of a drop off in quality for these reviews is baffling frankly. The video got better as it went along, and the ending was excellent with all the references, (Everytime I watch a video this good I kinda want to nerdily list every in-joke as if to make sure everyone caught them all) and what was the most shocking guest appearance ever.

    Burton sure had you pegged on that transgendered hentai thing. Looks good though. She does indeed have it goin’ on.

    So Tidus was actually Shuyin… well not. I guess it makes sense if you assume that Jekt and Orrin didn’t realize it wasn’t him. Though you’d think they’d know. At least it’d explain why an imaginary person had a dad. (It was someone else’s dad)

  • Darth_Dinobot

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    • bob bob

      He’s about 5’10” or 177 centimeters.

      • Nick Darius

        MFW I’m taller than spoony…

  • Ewelina Danielczyk

    correction on my part
    I found a good description for those faith at mt gagazet (since its in german i’ll translate)

    “A thousand years before FFX there was a war between the summoner centered zanarkand and the maschina oriented bevelle. Bevelles maschina were too strong for the zanarkand forces to withstand so the leader of zanarkand, Yu Yevon took(ordered them to join him) all of his summoners on top of mt gagazet and made them to astra/faithe and created Sin as an armour to protect himself and destoy his enemies in bevelle. Basically, he created the dream zanarkand, a copy of the real zanarkand, so the faithe wouldn’t realize in what state they are in now and to keep appearances up. After destroying everything ppl stated to form a religion around this guy, because he finished the war and basically no one remembers that he is sin. ppl though sin was their punishment for using those machina and didn’t realized that it was him all this time, except the priests in bevelle”

    I added some more explanation to it but thats bascially it. When Jeckt became sin he pull tidus from his/yu yevons mind/fantasy world into the real world because he knew he could beat him and end all this. Jekkt knew he couldn’t get back to his fake zanarkand and so he asked auron as his friend to look after the twirp and get him over to the other side.


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    I hope this means you’re returning to story lines. I used to love your storyline reviews.

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    gotta hand it to Garland and Kuja from FFIX. Garland wanted to bring back his people, at the expense of Gaia, while Kuja just wanted to rule the world and show up his creator.

    hell, Exdeath from FFV had pretty simple, yet devastating goals, cartoon villain as he was.

  • Racecarlock

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    Completely worth the wait. Keep it up, Spoony!

    I will be sending you a donation shortly because you were so fucking fine in that Yuna outfit ; )

  • sbkMulletMan

    You know, I gotta admit: as much as I hate Sephypoo, and oh god, do I hate that sissy mama’s boy and 10th rate Norman Bates impersonator, Spoony was actually genuinely cool as him.  This is probably the closest I’ll ever get to taking Sephypoo seriously. 

    X-2 is probably the ultimate embodiment of why I gave up on anything Final Fantasy-related after 9 (and even I had to get used to 9’s goofy characters, which took a lot of effort), but when I think about it, I’m kind of glad the series became an embarrassing pile of monkey-crap just because poking fun at it gives more enjoyment than anything.  The MST3K Effect.

    Nowadays I have a rule for Final Fantasy, “No Amano, No Thank You”, and for good reason.  But it’s satire and straight up ridicule like this that makes me glad that annoying works of mental drivel exist.  It’s a way of turning a horrible thing into an enjoyable thing. 

    On a much more cynical note however, I honestly couldn’t stand that thousand words song.  Too “Sappy Disney Romance” for my taste.  But hey, I’ll always have Civilization 4’s Baba Yetu when it comes to gorgeous music for the good of the people world wide.  

    Wild Stallions works, too. 

  • MrJinPengyou

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    lol, but seriously, great end to the review. and i mean it was top quality. only thing is now i feel like i need to make another donation to help pay for all those costumes.

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  • Medli

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     Wow, the expression of “the goggles they do nothing” has never seemed more appropriately. I think we can all thank the stars you weren’t born xx. Great review! God this game makes me ashamed to have a vagina. Talk about making feminism jump back by thirty trillion years. This is like fan service panty shot central

    I don’t think even square enix understands the whole Tidus/Shu thing. I understand wanting to make a game whose plot doesn’t carefully explain every little detail so that you can work it out for yourself. There are many games like that that do it correctly. This game is obviously not one of them. I feel like Squeenix never anticipated the success of X so were kind of screwed when the fans demanded a sequel to it.

    Why does every game now have a rhythm based mini-game section? I have never hated The Littler Mermaid so much as I did during KH2 (Will you ever review those? I liked playing them but goddamn there is a lot to make fun of). And really, who the hell has time to do a dancing mini game in the middle of the world ending?

    Oreo to the rescue! I wonder what you will conquer next after Ultima ends as well.

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    Oh, and people who say that “oh well, just play tha game for TWENTY-FIVE HOURS and it will get good” No! No it did not get good! It never did! and what kind of a way is that to advertise a game? oh sure, the first twenty four hours are shit, but after that it gets good! It’s like me saying “If I kick you in the balls for twenty-five hours straight, it will then start feeling good”  If I ever see one of those bastards who said that in person, I will kick them so hard in the nards that they will have to scoop them out of their god damned rib cage…

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    SpoonYuna’s Darkness Dance Has Blinded Me!!!
    But s/he can not be unseen, for I know I’ll see this in my nightmares.

    I knew nothing about the Shuyin is the actual Tidus thing.  That’s news to me.

    Anyways, nice job Noah. You really summed up this review well. You should be very proud.

  • Amanda Crouse


    Fantastic conclusion to this review, Spoony. It blew me away.  

    I have a few comments about the underlying theme of the game, which is supposedly music.  It’s not a strong theme, or at least not as strong as the game thinks it is.  There’s definitely a musical motif here.  Another thing that doesn’t help bolster this supposed theme is the bland background music that serves as the majority of the game’s soundtrack.  Nobuo Uematsu’s presence was missed here.  While there are one or two tunes that are kinda catchy (Leblanc’s theme is addicting, I must admit), most of the songs lack a hook that stays with you.  Try humming the battle music from this game, or even the boss battle music. Now compare that with the battle themes from FF6, 7, or even 10.  Even the mood music falls a bit flat, it comes across as generic and uninteresting noise.  It fails to set the tone, or rather it clashes with the tone the game is trying to set.

    The two vocal songs are another story completely.

    Originally, they were sung by Kumi Koda… who also served as the motion capture model for Yuna/Lenne’s dancing and singing scenes as well as the model for Lenne herself.  She has a decent voice, and gave decent weight to the songs in their original presentation.  Her version of ‘Real emotion’ is much more tolerable than the English version.

    Jade Valerie, the woman who served as Yuna’s English singing voice in this game, is a very talented singer.  Her work with Sweetbox as well as her other collaborative and solo efforts have produced some really catchy songs.  As I said, her version of ‘Real emotion’ was unimpressive at best … but I too was captivated by her rendition of ‘1000 Words’, especially as it was presented in the game.  The sequence itself is beautiful, and it actually gave a lot of credit to Yuna as a character.  She was coming to terms her past, really facing that anguish. Or something. ^^  

    I think that if they’d spent more time on making the musical aspects of the theme and motif stronger and more present, it wouldn’t come off so clumsily.  In my experience playing the game, my only thoughts to the songstress dress sphere were when it was mentioned in the story — and it is.  Once you get stronger spheres, it’s useless in combat… yet it remains a focal point of the story.  It’s this thing you lug around and never use, but talk about all the fucking time.  Yes, I realize that it’s a callback to the ‘Dancer’ class of FFT, who inflict status effects, but if the Songtress dress sphere were more versatile, or evolved somehow as the game went on, it might not feel so pointless. 

    I loved that the game gave you the option of not bringing Tidus back.  If you wanted, Yuna could just move on without him and live her life as a complete, happy person.  I think the game might’ve been stronger if it DID end on that note.  We can’t always have a fairy tale ending, and it might even be a disservice to Yuna’s growth as a character to just pull Tidus out of the ether and plop him right in her lap.  

    I played through this game and despised about 98% of it, but even I had to admit there were certain elements that I enjoyed.  Some of the dress spheres were actually pretty neat, the Dark Knight being among my favorites.  The class-based combat was one of the only things that kept me entertained while mucking through the dozens of hours of busywork this game offers.  There are parts of this game that are genuinely cool, but the tragedy is that they’re buried in nine tons of utter bullshit.  

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    Also, when I saw the mic pop-up, I suddenly thought “Quick, Spoony! Use counter-song.” ;-)

    • Kendotuxedo

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    Still you pull off Drag suprisingly well and you say Brad Jones is a player when it comes to comedy, if you got up before the camera in that and editited it together then you are right up there with him man.

    Also with the Geo Phage thing Burton did I was thinking before FF 13 you’d be doing the Direge of Cerbeus first. Though in my opinion for a shooter game it’s just well average… not really bad at some points it got boring but eh. Well ether way FF 13 can’t wait to see it go down in flames. You’ll need more crazy pills sir, a lot more.

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    Great video!  This is epic… it seems Brad Jones did teach you a little something about doing anything for a laugh. 

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    Excellent, sir.  I really cannot wait for FF13.  I hope it won’t be too long, though I admit, this video really was worth the wait.  Especially throwing Sephiroth in there.  Awesome.  Mad props.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Peter Triezenberg

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  • BrendanConcannon

    Summary of Final Fantasy 13-2

    A horrible rendition of Jem and the Holograms, with a hodge-podge story that desperately attempts to throw in as many storylines as possible to strike the player’s interest by accident. 

    The result is a tangled mess, similar to the flayed brain tissue from Alzheimer’s disease.  I’ve already forgotten everything, except for the part when Sephiroth stabbed Yuna in the back.  That worked out quite nicely.  Well done Spoony, I speak for everyone after saying I look forward to your next Final Fantasy video.  See you next time! 


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    these are strange times my friends, the world has changed and its naught for the ones who grew into it.

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    Also awesome video spoon

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    But Spoony . .  Please to the love of god, when you finish FF13, please do not dress as Lightning or Fang of Vanille. My eyes are only just recovering.

    • Calvin Jarchow

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      • phoenixrider100

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  • Jacen Chen

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    Also Nooj sounds like the nickname for Ted Nugent, the Nug!

    • toms

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    This video was AMAZING! You’ve made a sudden leap forward in your effects and cinematography. Congratulations, Spoony! I was also laughing my ass off throughout the entire video.

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    Damn it Spoony!  Now I’m going to have to listen to Sephiroth’s theme for hours!!!

    But pretty good, I mean leaving out just how freaking PAINFUL it was to get 100% with the story, and that entirely pointless crap with Paine and her backstory was a bit of an urk, but I guess it’s worth it to stress how the Tidus and Shuyin stuff made no sense to ANYONE.

    Like the actual gameplay was annoying, but it was tolerable compared to the stupid story if that makes sense.

    Really quite good throughout the whole thing with lots of effort Spoony.

    Although I was worried @ the end thinking “Oh, don’t do FF7, it’s not the same as these other ones like 8/10/10×2/13/13×2 (yes, 13’s sequel sucks just as much as the original, especially with the story..) etc.

    I have to wonder if skipping to 13 means Spoony likes 12 though…

    Ah well, great review either way, loved it and it was a VERY pleasant surprise randomly checking for updates!

  • Emran Ismail

    why are you skipping over final fantasy XII?  I would love to hear your opinion on that game.
    I love final fantasy X and Tidus and I never thought much about Tidus and Shuyin connection and even after what you said. I still Tidus is just a dream that finally became a person at the end of the game.Shuyin is dead and so is Leene

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  • Ava Luman


    You actually touched on the same plot points that I thought up when playing through these games. I loved the character of Shuyin (when i was younger the character who wanted to end suffering by killing all life wasn’t a tired stereotype.) So by viewing Tidus as a messed up copy of the original seemed legitimate; I mean the fayth can barely make themselves corporeal so making an exact copy would be difficult. Plus the whole minions of Yu Yevon turning against him and creating the very key to his demise through manipulating Yuna’s feelings was kind of awesome.

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  • Derek

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      • Eli Gionet

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    Watching this review, I have to say I still can't hate Rikku. While she is rather annoying, I'm pretty much willing to forgive her since Tara Strong is her voice actor and I have a huge girl-crush on her and I'm a massive pega-sister so every time I hear her voice, all I can think of is Twilight Sparkle. *sigh* To quote CR, "Stupid sexy Twilight!"

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    Cosplay as Fang. She’s dude enough. Kinda like a skinnier Rosie O’Donnel. Except with a smaller backstory and no real point to the plot other than “I lesbian combine with Vanille to become the penultimate Australian stereotype and save the world from stuff… or something.”

    And for XIII-2… Erm. Noel? I dunno… just re-use some of your Tidus cosplay and put on a different wig. Guy’s an androgynous Kingdom Hearts character concept art scrap paper spawn anyway.

    • Matt DiPasquale

      I like your post. You start out saying he should not crossplay, but then say he should dress as Fang. That’s funny too me. I would want to see a Shaz-spoony. He can do the little gun thing again and be black =D 

      • Mitchell Bandes

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        • Matt DiPasquale

          now, now. I don’t think he should go all black-face, but it would be silly to see Spoony with a big fro. Now that I think of it he could make a good Snow. I can’t see him pulling Hope off…yet he pulled Yuna off very well, so I could be wrong.

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    Fantastic review Spoony. You should do a video summarizing the plots of FF 1-7 and 9 before moving onto the next one. Or do you plan on reviewing all of them at some point?

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    What is this; only 3 parts? I disapprove of this course of action. I thought this set would get like 5 or 6 parts. Bummer.

    I think the reason they don’t say the name of Tidus is because you can change his name. Kinda like how in Mass Effect they never say Shepard’s first name.
    And the end fight scene was really cool. When Spoony-Yuna changed the gun positions and burst through the door it was really good. I like how Sephiroth showed up. That squishy/crunchy noise when Sephiroth removed the sword; so awesome.

    Where have I heard Tobli’s voice before?
    And the jokes with the lightning during the song; that was way funnier that it should have been.

    However I can’t take the rest of the review seriously after Yuna sings. GOD DAMN, that song was so awesome, so well delivered, so epic and so well paced that every joke  afterwards came off as trying too hard and nitpicky. The song was so good it made the rest of the game good by sheer power of will regardless of everything Spoony said.

    • doresh

      As someone who played the game, I can tell you that the majority of the game is made up of (rather crappy) sidequests and padding. If you only focus on the story, the game will feel pretty short.

  • Anthony Melpolder

    Your end rant about Shuuyin and Tidus:

    It’s an imperfect memory.  How well is your memory about a situation that happened 10 years ago? As time goes on, your memory of that event fades.  You don’t remember smells, or distinguishing features to well.  Tidus is an imperfect recreation of Shuuyin by the Spirits.  The voice you here, Jecht, isn’t Tidus’s father, but rather Shuuyin’s.  The only thing I can’t figure out is why Yuna would hear Jecht’s voice and not an entirely different voice – after all Shuuyin and Tidus’ voice is different, albeit slightly.  Perhaps because Yuna see’s Shuuyin as Tidus, when she hears Shuuyin’s father’s voice, she remembers Jecht’s.  But even that logic is broken…

    • David Rodoy

       I do still remember the name of the top football star – in fact several of them – from when I was a kid more than fifteen years ago. And I don’t even like or watch football. And Blitzball is way bigger than Football since seemingly every living thing watches it.

      • Anthony Melpolder

        How well would you remember it after 985 years more? With age, your memory tends to degrade.  How bad do you think it is after a 1000 years? lol

    • Benuben

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  • Amber Collins

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  • Gamer2002

    Plot makes more sense if you don’t skip side-quests. 

    Thunder Planes are save now, they fixed all towers. 
    Shujin isn’t mad just because of death of his girlfriend. As a punishment they put him into magical cave that repeats your worst memory, so he was seeing her dying for thousand years.  
    Nooj found that cave and Shujin possessed him, but controlled him only twice. First when he attacked Pain and rest of their buddies, and second when he tried to enter Farplane, but Shujin possessed New Yevon guy in process, because he tried to stop him. 
    Vagnegun wasn’t used even against Sin, because it was unstable and activating it would make it go berserk on the world. And about attacking it head on, it still was during activation process.  
    Yecht, Auron and Yuna’s father were giving her advices during final battle just to make it more epic.   
    Yuna resembles Shujin’s love because coincidence, but there were talking about how people are connected with each others and stuff. Faiths based Tidus on Shujin because of Yuna, and Auron entered whole dream when Jecht still controlled Sin and could let him in. Yecht didn’t raise Tidus to hate him, he just wasn’t good at being father, but he could also be designed by Faiths to be like that. You think too much about why they don’t ever say “Tidus”, it is just because they gave you choice to give him name.  
    Aeons weren’t controlled by Shujin, they tried to tell the world about him, but it went wrong. Faith told that in final dungeon.

    I liked the ending, you as Yuna was hilarious, but I don’t remember shadow from previous episode having white hair ;P

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    Jecht and Tidus are dreams, from Dream Zanarkand. Maybe when Sin destroyed Dream Zanarkand in FFX, that was before Tidus was able to meet the dream copy of Lenne (Although Tidus never needed to meet the Dream copy of Lenne as the whole purpose of Dream Zanarkand was to rewrite history, albeit virtually)Also Dream Zanarkand is a PHYSICAL, repeat PHYSICAL location in spira and a copy of the real Zanarkand best to the fayth’s memory. On the map I’d imagine it’s somewhere close to the Baaj Temple (Where Tidus meets Rikku for the 1st time)Sin was created with the purpose to protect this Dream Zanarkand, to not let the rest of Spira advance too far in technology to be able to find this Zanarkand. However in FFX Jecht still somewhat conscious within Sin, brings Tidus to the rest of Spira, but destroying Dream Zanarkand in the process. 

    And I’d imagine when Dream Zanarkand’s citizens tried to leave Dream Zanarkand, Sin would gobble them up. 

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    You make an interesting point about how these villains’ motivations all seem to revolve around supremely disproportionately angry responses to suffering and loss, things everyone has to deal with. What makes these imbeciles think they’re so freakin’ special that their pain runs so much deeper than everyone else’s, and gives them the right to kill billions to satisfy their wangst? And yeah, also good point about Sephiroth. I may not have liked him as a villain but at least his motivation made sense: power and lots of it. Conquering the universe (or at least the Planet) isn’t terribly original as evil schemes go, but at least it is clear and understandable.

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      Trust me, he would have FAR more material bashing XIII outside of what he’s already reviewed.

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          • Matthew Rayson

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    Final Fantasy 13.  Pros: . . . . looks pretty? I was interested in the concept of a female lead, -_- but I was let down, which leads to . . . Cons:  >< The characters!!!  Hope aka Wesley the Wunderkin and Snow aka Outrageous Okana!! 
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    And let I remind you that Ultima was hitting its stride, the Tales of Games started, hell even the Ys series had real time combat back with Ys 3. And let’s not forget Crono Trigger, which to this day is still great. FF7 was outdated mediocrity even at the time of release. The game is crap and doesn’t deserve any of the praise it gets. People just got fooled by the graphics and “OMG it’s the first time I saw someone die in a game.”

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    Not to play Devil’s Advocate here, but once you peel away the ungodly amount of padding, there’s actually a fairly decent plot buried in there.  Vegnagun – as I understood it anyway – was designed as an answer to Sin.  It was never used because Sin kind of blew Zanarkand up, and the war was won.  But, here’s my theory.  My theory is that Tidus and Shuyin ARE the same person.  That ‘Dream Zanarkand’ was a recreation within the farplane, and that those that populated it were the spirits of the original inhabitants.  However, because Lenne inexplicably turned into a sphere (yeah, big plot hole with no decent explanation), Shuyin didn’t have the experiences that turned him into such an emo fanboy.  Of course, this doesn’t explain how Jecht knew to raise Tidus to hate him, or really anything regarding Jecht.  Maybe he retained his memory through sheer badassery?  Regardless, I’m overthinking it.  I really liked the story – at its core – in X, and even in X-2, had they left Tidus dead.  I kind of liked the bittersweet ending X had, and having Tidus come back completely negating any kind of honor or nobility his sacrifice had.  Also, I’d kind of like to see your take on Dissidia.  (If you need a copy, I would be more than willing to send you my old one.  Haven’t touched it since I got Duodecim.)

    • Aaron Kerr

      I’ve got my own theory on the spheres. Yes they can record them on regular old pyreflies they come across, but someone with a strong will who accepts death can leave behind their memories in the FFX equivalent of materia. A coalescence of power and intent. That explains the Vegnagun footage, it’s a soldier’s memory when he was on duty. A strong will that doesn’t accept death becomes a really powerful fiend, like Shuyin who keeps his form, or Auron (or Seymour, or the Weapon.) And the idea on spheres is corroborated by Seymour’s father, who came back briefly to leave himself as a sphere! Or, at least most of him, hence the sphere being so brief.
      I imagine Shuyin is only acting now because before he was sucked up with a whole lot of other souls inside Sin, and Lenne is only acting because Shuyin is going nuts. Also, Tidus and Yuna are part of an eastern concept of reincarnation which is as old as dirt. You think Romeo and Juliet is tired? They’ve got nothing on these two. And continuing Tidus, you can’t really expect the Aeon’s to have a perfect memory, especially after a few centuries of comatose sleep. Tidus’ Zanarkand kind of exists inside Sin, so he exists in an alternate Zanarkand with his own personality.
      The games I wanna see Spoony do now is the King’s Quest series! He’s almost wrapped up Ultima, why not do another entertaining series with a bone-chillingly bad sequel at the end?

      • Cody Ward

        I’ll admit, that actually makes more sense than my theory.  Still, I did like how Duodecim put out the idea that Tidus is at heart an agent of Chaos, and Jecht an agent of Order.  It’s kind of reflected in their personalities really.  Jecht sacrificing himself for the Status Quo (to an extent) while Tidus rebels and refuses to accept a system that has kept order in a political vacuum that has kept war from breaking out for a thousand years.  Kind of showing that Chaos isn’t necessarily evil and Order not necessarily good.

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    • sbkMulletMan

       This is why I hate Sephypoo.  He didn’t do *anything* that made him a respectable villain.  Unless you count giving anime fans a hardon “respectable”. 

      Any moron can cut down defenseless villagers, Hell, Kefka poisoned a whole kingdom just as a warmup act.  Kefka also didn’t have his mommy fight for him, which is the real downside to Sephy.  If you have your MOMMY fight your battles for you, you’re not a good villain.  Bitch wasn’t even his real mother. 

      To me, Sephypoo will always be a cheap Norman Bates impersonator in a bastardized Setzer and Vampire Hunter D outfit (both famous as Amano illustrations I noticed).

      Another great thing about Kefka is that he was not the “main” villain at the start.  He was a supporting villain that worked his way up to head honcho by killing two people above him.  He did indeed succeed at taking over the world, something not many villains can honestly say, and best of all, he did it in a clown suit. 

      Finding a villain that doesn’t fall victim to cheap cliches is difficult.  Kefka is one of those rarities.  Even his theme music wasn’t “typical” of the bad guy.  Gotta respect the Mad Clown.

      And while I’m at it: I think even Dancing Mad is far better than that dreary cliched one winged angel hooey.  Uematsu really outdid himself with Dancing Mad (and the theme-medley during the ending!)

      • Mitchell Bandes

        Uematsu really loves One-Winged Angel too much. I wish he’d stop insisting on ending every Distant Worlds concert with it.

        • sbkMulletMan

           I think he just does it because the fans expect it, which is reasonable. 

          It’s not Uematsu’s fault that 90% of the fans are too dimwitted to appreciate (or worse, even acknowledge) Aria Di Mezzo Carattere. 

          Don’t get me wrong, I don’t thing Angel is “bad”, it’s just so god damned cliche and over the top.  And it’s just so limited in emotional range, the exact opposite of Dancing Mad. 

          Still better than that grunting dog with it’s balls stuck in a bear trap crap-metal during 10’s final boss, I’ll give it that! 

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      I think the reason he’s skipping 12 is because it is a fairly decently told story.  It returns to the tried and true formula of heavy fantasy with only minor technological influences instead of the other way around.  Despite the fact that it could easily play itself with the right gambits, 12 is what 11 SHOULD have played like, imo.

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    It’s true the thunder plains song is pretty decent though. I had forgot all about it but remember thinking it was better than I expected at that point. Now i’m curious why he chose to be Sephiroth. Unless Spoonyroth is angry at what the FF series has become so wants to destroy it. But that would make him too likable to be a villain. I’m leaning towards Spoony just wanted to dress up as Sephiroth cause he looks awesome, and it helps counter balance the embarrassment from being Yoony.

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    Excellent part, though. Hoping you’ll do XII next! It was my first FF game, sadly, but it brings back nostalgic memories and was actually a pretty decent game, so curious of your take on it. :D

    • Cody Ward

      If 12 was your first entry into the series, I highly suggest you find an old copy of and/or emulator and rom for 6.  The emulation should be relatively easy to find and the game is – in my opinion – the best entry into the series, in no small part thanks to Kefka as a villian.  But I digress.  Six is most definitely worth it.

      • Johndar

         Agreed, though IX is my favourite. Also, if you do go looking for the FF VI snes rom, lordschmee, remember that they retitled it FF III in northamerica. Although, it is possible to get the original Japanese rom and get a translation patch for it. Not that there’s much wrong with the orriginal translation, it’s just kind of cool that it exists.

      • lordschmee

        Oh don’t get me wrong, since then I’ve played 5, 6, 7, 8, and I attempted to play 10 once before giving up around the half hour mark. Only one I’ve completed was 7 but that’s ’cause I completely screwed myself over by using no-encounters in 8, and 5 and 6 I just kinda stopped playing.

      • lordschmee

        Oops, late reply, sorry about that. :P It was my first but by no means only venture into the series. :) I’ve since completed 7 as well, I played through a good chunk of 8, an hour of 10 (’cause it was horrible) and I mostly completed 5, too. Oh, and got about half way through 13-2 before my PS3 finally died after 6 years of loyal service (whilst playing the game, I might add – I blame Final Fantasy).

        But yeah, 12 was my first, but I’ve since played quite a number of games in the series. 6… I might get it some day. My girlfriend likes it, so we’ll probably play it together at some point.

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  • 256HugoHarrison

    Hey there spoony, loving your work, being able to create genuinely laugh out loud material whilst being informative and subjective is definately a talent. overall i actually liked X (probably cause its the first i played, but i actually went back and played the older ones so that i could appreciate where you were coming from; incidentally playing IV and knowing the joke about your namesake was definately a bonus :P) but anyhow having enjoyed X and… sometimes X-2 (the thousand words scene for example) but i just wanted to explain (at least what i was able to deduce) regarding the whole shuyin/tidus dilemma, of course your probably sick of analysing the game so take it however you want but:

    because the fayth are created by the imprints of memories of the dead, which react to the pyreflies to make them tangible (how, why… uhm not sure) so basically i think because the war with bevelle and zanarkand was considered such a tragedy, the fayth wanted to recreate zanarkand (which was destroyed through the use of machina) but they wanted it to be perfect in a dreamlike sense and so when they used shuyins memories, they created tidus, whose personality i presume would match shuyin before the war, but anyway enough rambling i just wanted to say great job and share some of my thoughts, hope this email reaches you in good health, peace.

  • Megan Hinshaw

    Oh my God!  That was awesome.

  • yasin bacour

    Rant Alert! I had the uncontrollable desire to rant a bit to relief stress.

    What always annoyed me with Final Fantasy games is that with a number of small tweaks, edits and dialogue changes, the story can actually be salvaged. The characters can easily be rewritten to be relatable and sympathetic.

    In fact with FFXII they ADDED the completely pointless characters of Vaughn and Penelo after a panel tested really poorly with Balthir and Ash as the main characters. They actually had to ADD the bullshit characters and stupid plot contrivances INTO the game before the fans liked it.

    That’s absolutely baffles me. Why would fans of a game insist on having the worst elements of that game put in to it after the developers had a disease free version ready to go! Look at FFX2’s plot. This could have been done SO MUCH better by just switching around a few things.

    Two lovers shot down during their escape, one seeing the life escape from the eyes of his soulmate is filled with an immense hatred for the world and the machinations of politicians bringing so much death to further nothing but their own gain, so great is his desperation to cling to life and for vengeance that he transforms into a wandering spirit.

    Good plot so far! Now instead of having it go stupid here let’s add something new. I’m just gonna rewrite the main villain here just to show you that in about a video comment I can do a better (at least so I think) job than people that were paid to write this.

    After roaming Spira for 1000 years, seeing Sin destroy the world again and again, each and every time seeing the reincarnation (dress sphere wielder) of his long lost love be destroyed pointlessly and gruesomely by dandruff monsters. What kept him going all these years, which was the desire to seek out and destroy those that caused this and to somehow reunite with his love who has already passed on (he believes), is warped and twisted into an entity that is slowly corrupting him. Forcing him to become that which he loaths.

    Now let’s change his original plan around a bit. Rather than having him set out to destroy the world with Vegnagun. Let’s have him instead be a down trodden bum in one of the cities, a wandering spirit that still persists even though what prevented him from passing on (Sin) is now long gone, still clinging to the desire to one day find Lenne and take his revenge. Suddenly he sees (fake) Yuna performing the opening sequence, who has a striking resemblance to Lenne in his eyes, maybe because he only sees the image stored in the dress sphere, and later he actually does discover that the Lenne’s memories are indeed trapped in that sphere.

    So he goes and chases after the V cut woman and her two henchmen because he believes they possess the sphere. Only to find the broken sphere containing memories of Vegnagun and THEIR DEATH! He then mistakenly believes that Lenne’s memories are forever lost the only thing that gave him hope. He goes insane and gets taken over by his own hatred. Like what happened with Yu Yevon. However Yu Yevon did what he did to protect Zanarkand, it went horribly wrong, but Yu Yevon was consumed by his own desire to protect Zanakand, which sort of explains his ridiculous end form. He never intended all this, so his corrupted form in fact reflects his mangled psyche.

    Now here however our main bad guy is motivated not by a desire to protect but vengeance and reclaiming his love. Now that the latter is impossible he gets taken over and corrupted by the later, because of the difference his corrupt form is an aggressive powerful demon like thing. This hatred and desire for vengeance drives him to travel to the ruins where Vegnagun is kept and targeting Bavel. Seeing as that was where he was killed and his grudge would logically be with Bavel.

    Of course he doesn’t care that the blast will basically kill all life on the planet, long as it takes Bavel with it he is fine with anything. Now our heroines come in, fight the battle with Vegna Gun, Corrupted Shuyin and rather than delivering the finishing blow and forcefully sending him to the afterlife, forever separating him from Lenne who is trapped in the sphere, Yuna summons Lenne’s spirit, freeing her from the sphere and reuniting the two lovers and allowing them to pass on together.

    That would not be the ending I’d write, but I wanted to show exactly how easy it was to incorporate all the bullshit Love nonsense at the end in a plot that made logical sense.

    Sure my plot is full of clichés, plotholes and bullshit to but it makes more sense! There is a logical progression from mournful angry wandering spirit to maniac earth destroyer is at least plausible and we give a reason and an explanation to the existence, content and powers of the dress spheres. Of course I would retool every single fucking dress sphere to have a plot critical piece of information in it. In fact! I would make the ending entirely dependant on how many of them you found! The good ending you’d get only if you found those essential to uncovering everything behind the main story. Otherwise Yuna would just send the bugger to hell.

    This is NOT that fucking hard. If you gave me two fucking years and 200k a year to write Final Fantasy plots I’d put more effort into it. I’d be ashamed to even get paid if I squeezed out scripts to games like FFX, FFXII, FFX2, FFXIII and FFXIII2. I guess it’s a cultural thing. The same reason why Vaughn and Penelo tested positively to a Japanese test panel and Balthir and Ash not.

    The difference between these 4 characters, besides the fact some are completely unnecessary and pointless, is that there are 2 proactive and independent characters. Guess which those would be? Is it just me or does Japan have an inherent fear of characters that don’t spend and hour whining about things before doing something incredibly stupid!? Why do people there connect more with the most annoying characters humanly imaginable? Why are there always a set number of stereotypes that HAVE to be included into the game? Is it because people are defined by their role in society, rather than their own character? That’s the only reason I can think of that every game has the dependent character, the insane character, the military type, the old mentor, the weird animal sidekick, the fucking moogle and the soft spoken character.

    Sales in Japan have long since fallen below those of America and Europe so why do they still use that country as a common denominator for the entire fanbase? You have more American fans then Japanese ones! If you want Western Appeal drop the fucking nonsense of stereotypes and having plots revolve around the Characters rather than have the plot shape the characters and focus on actually crafting a character of your own rather than pulling one of the shelf.

    Your game is broken on a fundamental narrative level, the same way Fable games are broken on a Technical and Gameplay level. The sales might not reflect that because people who eat slop will always want more slop, but there will be a dead end somewhere along the road. Especially when your dedicated fanbase you suckered in with the early games (which also had ALLOT of issues) start kicking the habit (like me, FFX last game I touched) or kicking the bucket (they get old sometime).

    • uninspired_username

      Hm… Nice job, we shall call your version “Final Fantasy X-2 – The Renegade Version”

      • Gareth Williams

         So do we cut out the parts relating to an alien world or not?

        • uninspired_username

          Somehow, I think if Shuyin had turned out to be an immortal alien from the planet Zeist, it might have actually made the game a little better.

          • Saku Suonpää

            Nothing is made better by being alien from there…

    • George Rosenbaum

      “Is it just me or does Japan have an inherent fear of characters that don’t spend and hour whining about things before doing something incredibly stupid!?”

      That’s Evangelion’s plot in a nutshell. I think your on to something.

    • Joe Hammons

      YES. EXACTLY. This is why I get so FRUSTRATED at this series.

    • Adam Richardson

      I think They should hire you. Or at least put an American into the design process especially if you work on a game designed for an international audience. Other company have done it before so i wouldn’t call it a huge stretch. Although i guess it is also the fact that American games are starting to be more popular than the Japanese ones as of late.

      • Nagneto Lives

        Japanese games (and anime) are always going appeal to a Japanese audience and their cultural values first.

        • Adam Richardson

          That is true. However there has been the trend lately to isolate just that market for the big budget games when in the past Square did try to appeal to the larger audience. Just look at the Director’s comments for FF 13. IF you are only really focusing on that one demographic for these high budget games then you are not going to get the same response to the game. Starcraft (while being another genre of game) appeals massively to South Korea while nominally being an american game. I have not seen comments like Motomu Toriyama’s from a staff member of blizzard. This is by no means saying American games are the best in Fact i hate CoD with a passion and my favorite RPG of all time is Legend of Mana. My main thing is you can not focus on only one demographic with a big budget games like Final Fantasy you will not get the best game that appeals to a broad or even narrow audience.

    • Cat Flames

      :O Thats loooong!!

    • Tyler Baker

      Well shuyin was already a kill crazy bastard trying to blow up the world when he was alive. Not after he died. Theres all ready to many dress spheres and i think putting something that is critical to the game is stupid because it just makes for pointless busy work. Yu yevon was just a giant tick controlling Aeons to destroy the world. It wasnt to protect zanarkand or anything in fact the game never even gave a real motive for yu yuvan just that he is an evil crazy flea. Also its shuyins fault for getting killed in the first place. He tried to go controll vegnagun and then was shot down by the bevel army for trying to use THEIR doom weapon for himself. Also the dress spheres werent even around untill the kid whatever his name was created them. Atleast thats what the game says. La blanc never gave yunas dress sphere back untill after the concert and was being chased down. How would shuyin know to go after la blanc like you said he would. Also i think the plot should revolve around the characters and their quest at hand. If you want a game where its your character and u made him look like what you want what power he gets etc then go play an MMOers

      • Sara Marie Neff

        wow dude…..real constructive. how about his plotholes were still much smaller than the original ones, maybe? you can do better?

        • Tyler Baker

          first of it it is constructive for me atleast to point out that his idea of a better story isnt that better by much and even though his arent as bad their still pretty messed up and wouldnt really be much of a step up from the game. and its not like i was saying it in a negative way im simply saying he has some work to do. Now its not like i think im good at coming up with stories and plotlines etc by any means but i still know a good story when i see one and im not saying ffx-2 is a good story either infact is one of the biggest pieces of shit ive seen. He said it was much much better than ffx-2 and im afraid i have to disagree, If you think its a really good story then thats your opinion. But to me no its not much better. Now calm down and quit getting your panties in a bunch.

    • Sara Marie Neff

      actually that is the mentality in japan. you are not an individual, but a part of the whole. Individuality is threatening to group morale. also they tend to like it when underaged or barely adult characters who are emotionally imature are the front runners. Im not sure why. Personally because of this ive always related more to the villans, as stupid as their motivations may be sometimes. I have to admit though, i adored balthier, yuna stole my heart in the end (though to be honest i felt really bad for seymour and auron for their traumatic pasts) an I’d be lying if i didnt mention how awesome Sazh was as a character for me.

      I agree, these stories are salvagable, and if they werent copywriten id say we should have an american company pull the bits out that were awsome and remake them as proper games.

      That said: I did enjoy all of these ‘crappy’ games, but thats because i can get past plotholes big enough to fit a vegnacock in as easily as closing my eyes and remembering its basically an interactive anime, and its GOING to have problems.

      • Nagneto Lives

        The unity vs individuality is a cultural thing in Japan, as opposed to the west where the individual is glorified (think Clint Eastwood) and collectives are always frightening monsters (Like the Borg, The Zerg, The Many from System Shock 2, Zombies…)

    • Budgiecat

      The problem is two people:

      Daisuke Watanabe

      The man solely responsible for the writing of all the games you listed as well as the convoluted Kingdom Hearts series. Only thing worse is when he teams up with Toriyama (hack director)

      Yoichi Wada

      The man who took over Square-Enix after Sakaguchi left and they merged with Enix. in just 6 short months he rose to the top without having any pre existing experience of running a video game company. And it shows.

  • White_Cloth

    I found Waldo!

  • White_Cloth

    I found Waldo!

  • ChillinHD

    I cant express how fucking awesome this was!!

  • Muthsarah

    Oh my God.

    Spoony, I LOVE YOU!

    That ending was glorious.  You referenced the death of the Holy Virgin in a manner unexpected, shocking, and yet fitting.  You were on sacred ground there, buddy.

    And you looked oddly, startlingly, ambiguously good in that Yuna wig, I must say.

  • Jeff

    So anyone who wanted to use this game as spank material, but didn’t want to actually play the game were suddenly treated to-BAM! Spoony in drag!

  • Jeff

    Also, am I the only one imagining Miles coming in the door and suddenly seeing Rob Walker holding a camera pointed at Spoony in drag?

  • M H

    Terrific finale Spoony, this whole feature really cracked me up! I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who thought the thousand words cinematic was well done. Sometimes I get the feeling that when square tries to think of a new game, they only manage to think up cut scenes and then they throw in any old crap to fill in the gaps. I’m looking forward to FF 13 review, but I’m REALLY looking forward to the next video from your Ultima series! Good Luck!

  • Jeffery Phillips

    I dunno, I still like this game. Call it a guilty pleasure.

    …Sephiroth. What’s he up to?

  • draygon_icewing

    So… Burton is Cait Sith? Where’s the giant robot Moogle?

    • Mike Wallace

       Uuuhh… what about a giant robot Headless from Ultima? Because Spoony has that costume.

  • Joshua Hernandez

    Phenomenal ending.

  • C. Latsha

    I know Spoony sneaked the word megaweapon into the discussion of vengagun”, and I also thought of “megaweapon” from the Movie “Warrior of the Lost World,” one of my favorite MST3K episodes.  Coincidence?

    Second, say what you will about Yuna having no plan in place to take on Shuyin at the end, but her saying, “I don’t like your plan: it sucks,” was actually pretty funny and direct.  I laughed, just because it’s so unlike anything you’d think she’d say, but at the same time very firm and strong, even if it’s dead wrong.

    Finally, am I the only one who thinks that the look of Yuna seems to switch between Japanese and Anglo too much.  Sometimes her facial features look very Asian, and sometimes very Euro.  It’s confusing.  That didn’t happen with Lenne.  She had a very doe-eyed look to her, but she always looked just Japanese.  Maybe it’s just me.

    • Johndar

       Well, her reaction also fits her character. She’s not willing to sacrifice any life, and like she said it’s not any better then what they were doing in the last game with the summoner journey. Something she fought to prevent. Noodge’s plan is a good one, and to a cynical critic like our lovable Spoony it makes sense, but to the uncompromising moral protagonist of Yuna it’s not going to fly.

  • MrWizard0022

    33:20 What has been seen… cannot be unseen… 

  • MrWizard0022

    33:20 What has been seen… cannot be unseen… 

  • Darren Rioux-Lambert

    Well,you’re right,emo feelings are stronger than love.I am the living proof.
    Also,dying and then reviving worked for Conan as far as I know.It also worked for me…But this is for another story(and this story shall only be told if you really have an interest in any possible way for me).

  • Eric Hesselberg

    Holy shit….

    now with my first response out of the way…Back when I first played FF X-2 I honestly enjoyed it. Nonsensical girly-ness aside, I liked the combat system and the overlapping stories of Yuna and the gang, and Nooj and his friends. (most of which you left out of the review) I do not begrudge you for doing so. There is a lot of bullshit sub quests in this game and only a few that add to the story. You didn’t mention the romance between Nooj and LeBlanc or Paine’s involvement with the others, but again. This story is mainly about Yuna trying to find any trace of “Tidus” I like how you tried to analyze the whole Tidus Shuyin thing and I’ll get back to that. 
    One thing that the sub quests offer besides attaining 100% is the challenge of fighting monsters ten times harder than Vegnagun (which in itself is a major plot hole) Shouldn’t we be worrying about those damn things instead of Vegnagun? Or rather, use them to fight Vegnagun? 
    I have yet to get 100% after several playthroughs. I’m stuck in Bevelle’s underground 100 floor dungeon trying to fight a Basilisk that can kill me instantly or just petrify me. 
    Also I think you can eventually get that really expensive key.
    As for the useless treasure spheres…many actually give you a clue to find the location of hidden treasure chests which contain either rare items or garment grids. As for Shinra, I think it would be interesting if he turned out to be the great-great-etc grandfather of Rufus. 
    A lot of people argue about the fact that you can’t have a sequel of a sequel, but in actuality the Finally Fantasy games really aren’t related. There isn’t an over=arcing story tying them together, nor are the characters recurring. (apart from 10-2 and 13-2 of course) 
    And you didn’t mention one of the game’s most innovative features. New Game Plus (don’t know if that’s the proper name for it) Being able to start a new game with all of the items/weapons/and spheres that you collected in the previous play through to me was a momentous breakthrough, and was something that I felt the Final Fantasy games should have been doing long before this one. I only wish that your level carried over as well.
    Tidus/Shuyin. To be honest I never gave it much thought up until now. but it makes a hell of a lot of sense, and at the same time doesn’t. From what I can gather, Auron had to have been in on it for quite some time. Because, the only way he could have been a part of Shuyin’s life was after he died and became an unsent spirit. This gave him the opportunity to travel through the farplane and through his connection with the Aeons and Sin could travel back in time. In the meantime, Shuyin grows up to resent his famous father who died far away from home. Turning him into a man who is capable of breaking into a government facility to steal a weapon of mass destruction. For the purposes of fighting Sin, they intruded in a moment in time before Shuyin meets Lenne in order to mold him for their purposes. Tidus does appear younger than Shuyin. Sin does destroy Zanarkand, they just took that memory and placed it into Shuyin’s memory when he was younger. In a sense, Tidus is not complete as Shuyin. 
    Now, there are huge plot holes, and apparently 10-2 takes up at least a year, because it starts before they find out Lulu is pregnant and the baby looks a couple months old at the end. 
    There’s a lot I could go on about, but I won’t. Instead I will go onto the best part of the video. Epic battle between Spoony and Yuna! Best Yuna cosplay ever! I will try to avoid talking about how hot Spoony looks as Yuna, but the fight itself is amazing. From Spoony’s reaction to how everything plays out. The whole matrix/ultima reference and the John Woo doves flying in before Spoony jumps in with the shotgun was brilliant. And Spoonyroth’s entrance was perfect. Setting up for the storyline of the FF13 review is piquing my interest like nothing else. Meteor!!!! WHoly Fekking Shyte!!! All I can say is “where does he get those wonderful toys?” Bravo, speaking as an amateur filmmaker and reviewer myself, I must commend Spoony. The production of the videos and storyline segments has greatly improved. I’ve always enjoyed all of your stuff, Noah, but damn is it getting really really good. An excellent video, my friend.

    • Johndar

       New game+ wasn’t anything new when this game came out. It was new to the Final Fantasy series but Chrono Trigger had it long before this game, and it might have not been the first. I think it’s really essential in any game that has multiple endings, but honestly I wish almost every game had the feature.

  • Benjamin Hughes

    yay, Spoony is back!

  • ScutigeraColeoptrata

    That was awesome! The ending was especially good as well. As much as you may dislike Final Fantasy, you cosplay as FF characters surprisingly well.

    I also like how you were pretty fair to this game, especially considering it is something of a black sheep with Final Fantasy fans. I’m not surprised that you’re skipping over 12 (I liked that one too), and I can’t wait to see your take on 13. 

    Oh, and great effects work too. The Matrix stuff was very nicely put together.

  • L1nk1

    <> OH IT WAS SPOONY HERSELF.. never mind then ;)

  • Tamas

    FFX-2 is fucking awesome, anyone who hates it is a complete snob.

    -Job System
    -New Game +
    -Non-linear progression
    -Tons of varied shit to do.
    -You can replay the game several times to find things you’ve missed, before even getting close to 100% (without a guide)
    -An ass load of mini games and activities to break up the monotony of your average Final Fantasy gameplay.
    -Nothing requires you to grind for 600 trillion hours to achieve something, unlike every other game in the series.

    don’t even give a single shit about the retarded intro, the recycled
    environment, the typical anime behavior and the fanservice clothing.

    so glad a girl I know bought this game and I decided to check it out
    once when I was spending time at her place. The haters would bury it
    deep underground and make everyone forget about it, but they’re wrong.

    has the most replay value in any game I’ve ever played. Fucking San
    Andreas didn’t last me as long as this game, and I played SA for 4 years

    • Michael Smart

       Someone doesn’t like the same things I do? CLEARLY THEY ARE STUPID OR SNOBS!

      Honestly, the more I see comments that boil down to this, the more I weep for the fate of humanity.

      • RogerS

        No no, I call troll on that post because:

        -Nothing requires you to grind for 600 trillion hours to achieve something, unlike every other game in the series.


        If FFXIII’s problem was poor storytelling conveyance, FFX-2’s problem is poor accomplishment conveyance. Its also unoriginal.

        -Job system – FF3 for the NES did it. So did FFXI. And to a lesser extent, FF8 if you junctioned right.

        -ATB – …..Made slightly faster than other games. Whoop. 

        -New Game + – Okay so I do give credit for the game having the “easy mode” turned on for that 100% part. Too bad its still nearly impossible without a guide or being completely OCD.

        -Non-linear & tons of shit to do – Tons of really…semi-pointless to pointless shit. At least some of the quests in FFXI had some weight to them, or a really neat story. And my arm isn’t tied behind my back to be an errand boy for everyone to get the super special ending.

        The other game I know of that did this kind of 100% “murder your mind” bullshit for endings was Drakengard. And it was still less obscure to get 100% there.

        But lets shoot yourself in your own foot here.

        -An ass load of mini games and activities to break up the monotony of your average Final Fantasy gameplay.

        “EXACTLY.” If your game gets monotonous and boring (and Spoony pointed out how to break combat in five seconds), then congrats! YOU FAILED. THIS COUNTERS THE POINTS OF THE ATB AND JOB SYSTEM. YOU STOLE FIZZY LIFTING DRINK! YOU LOSE! GOOD DAY MADAM!

        Also FF7 did them too. Battle Arena for Omnislash, no less.

        FFX-2 is not a perfect, or a great, or a good game. Its not BAD either. Its just okay. Its functional (for the most part), it has its moments, but there’s a lot bogging it down. Like most games after FFX and XI, Square-enix is just releasing games that aren’t bad, but could be truly much better. Especially the latest online game…eesh.

        • uninspired_username

          - Job System – FF3 for the NES did it. So did FFXI. And to a lesser extent, FF8 if you junctioned right.

          Let’s not forget FF5, and the entire Tactics series. All of these games do the job system a lot better.

          Well, alright, maybe not 3, but I’m gonna give it credit for being the first to use the Job System.

  • Tamas

    I mean I’d like to watch this video, but I won’t just out of principal. You get hung up on the most basic, cosmetic shit, and make them seem completely inexcusable.

    That’s just not the case. Not unless you’re a snob, of course.

    • Monochromatic_Mime

      You won’t watch the video but you’re going to comment on it anyway?
      Your loss, man.

    • George Rosenbaum

      Actually, Spoony is relatively NICE to FFX-2. Yeah, he picks apart about the confusing nonsense plot and the ugly art style. But he doesn’t HATE this game, at least not nearly as much as FFX, a game with a grating, unlikable protagonist.

      In fact, Spoony actually takes time to discuss a really moving scene, begrudgingly admitting how good it is. I think you will be surprised to watch this.

      And yes, a childish plot that doesn’t make sense and a candy-coated clusterfuck of an environment are pretty big flaws in a video game. Just because YOU can ignore those things doesn’t mean EVERYONE SHOULD ignore those things.

      I’m not a snob for being irritated by lazy writing and poor visual design.

  • Spencer Koelle

    Regarding the “dream of blitzball hero,” Maybe the memory isn’t so much imperfect as idealized.  He wouldn’t be the first genocidal maniac to be whitewashed, or the first obnoxious celebrity to be excused.

  • L1nk1

    I love the blitz-ball it’s so bad.

  • Monochromatic_Mime

    You won’t watch the video but you’re going to comment on it anyway?
    Your loss, man.

  • Johndar

    (this was suppoesed to be a reply to someone but it glitched, ignore this.)

  • Johndar

      It’s nice to see a more possitive opinion on the game, and you have valid points. That doesn’t mean everyone who disagrees with you is a snob though, especially when they’re funny doing it. I love FF VIII but I also find Spoony’s review of it to be awesome and hilarious

  • Aaron Thomas Manuel

    I loved this review, but I can never like this game. The game play itself was fine for the most part, but when you grow playing the 8-bit and 16-bit Final Fantasy games, those were epic adventures, filled with awesome music, great characters and badazz villains like Golbez or Kefka. I think what bothers me about every Final Fantasy after VII the most are the villains. Kefka, Golbez, and and Sephiroth are just stone-cold killers – they aren’t whiney emos or faceless slugs – just thuggin’ it ’cause they can. Even though Golbez redeems himself at the end of IV, it made for the perfect final twist, that the game’s kickazz villain was the pawn of an even greater evil, Zemus. Kefka was just cookoo for cocoa puffs and just didn’t give a s**t. Sephiroth was cold, calculating, and not afraid to stab a b***h in the back when he wanted to. None of the villains struck me like that after VII – either too cartoony or just too emo to be taken seriously, but that’s just me.

  • DrForrester

    Truly a job well done on this one Spoony. You really seemed to pull out all the stops here dude. The reaction to Spoonyuna was absolutely priceless

  • Justin Miller

    the reason why no one dies, simple they all have undying

  • Ross Landers

    I don’t like your plan Spoony. It sucks. Let’s use plan B. LOOOOOOVE!!!

    just joking jeeze. Nice take on Sephiroth. Pretty badass.

  • winky

    All around a nice review but for one thing. Please,please,please,please,PLEASE never crossdress again. Especially a dancer. Seriously,there has to be at least one Spoony fangirl in the Phoenix area or an actress or cosplayer chick who doesn’t mind being on a web review. Something. Hell,pick up a cheap hooker to play the role if you have to. The “sexist woman” line was funny,it’s just way too far to go for a joke,you know. I’m not opposed to you voicing a female character since you do a great Doc Hammer impression,but no more crossdressing please.

    • RogerS

      Oh come on. At least it isn’t Man-Faye.

    • banned_guy

       ah, chill out winky,
      for the sake of comedy one can get away with many things, and crossdressing is not that big of a deal… many man did it, from the top of my head – Eddy Murphy, Monty Pythons, hell – in ancient Greece all female roles where played by man.

    • Amiz4Eva

       Dressing up as a woman is “way too far for a joke”? WTF? o.O
      He’s only dressing as a girl, not shooting kittens and puppies.

    • Gareth Williams

      Obviously you’ve never seen the “Party Mania” review. You should. You’ll see more than just lady Spoony, or Spoonette, or whatever he was called.

    • Shantal Figueroa

      Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a little crossdressing, whether you do it within a humorous context or not. 

  • mrwednesdaynight

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    As for the video, top notch stuff. I like how the storylines and skits basically grow organically out of the game. What I would like to see you do for April Fools is go back and do one of your early reviews in the newer style, what with all the effects and characters and madness. Everyone loves remakes. Just a thought. 

    Final Fantasy X-2 was the only Final Fantasy game that I beat and was glad it was over. It is also the only one I haven’t replayed to try to do more sidequests or just for fun. I followed only the main storyline mode, no walkthrough, only got 45% completion, and it wasn’t even that hard to beat. I was so bored by the story I daydreamed through most of the cut scenes. I didn’t enjoy this game at all but had to beat it because I beat every other Final Fantasy game. The only other Final Fantasy game I hate as much is Japanese Final Fantasy 2 on the NES. The Character advancement system is horrible and demands more level grinding than any other RPG of the era. It’s pretty painful and you should consider it for the chopping block.

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    Nice call with the happy festival fireworks thing, I never really made that connection. Stupid Wakka.

    Shuyin’s logic for destroying the world must be the worst reasoning I’ve ever heard for ANYTHING. “I’M MAD THAT PEOPLE KEEP KILLING EACH OTHER, SO IM GOING TO KILL EVERYONE.” I know he’s not the first villain to think like this, but come on, at least Seymour worded it a little better with his “I want to end all suffering” speech.

    The part where Lenne and Yuna are singing back to back… How the hell are we hearing two voices? Does Lenne’s illusionary memory have its own voice? Can everyone else hear this too? Was surprised to see that you liked this scene though, I remember cringing through it when I played.

    “He doesn’t seem to have a problem holding a sword and kicking vast amounts of ass in his spirit form, you know what I’m sayin?”
    No, actually I don’t. All I see is him hitting your team for 100 HP per hit. That’s not really kicking vast amounts of ass, especially since he’s hitting 3 girls who are barely even wearing any clothes. :P

    Really nice work, totally looking forward to seeing you tear apart FFXIII. But if you’re getting burned out on Final Fantasy games, by all means, take a long break from them before you start the next one.

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  • Terry Redd

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      I think he meant that he doesn’t want to review Final Fantasy to the exclusion of everything else. He still does enough reviews of movies and other games that he avoids that classification.

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    The scene directly after the concert actually explains the two voices, and that the crowd actually saw all that we did.  Unfortunately the explanation boils down to “I’m just a kid”.  They do mention sphere waves again… kinda surprised Spoony didn’t comment on that, especially with how much he bitched about sphere waves earlier.

    It really is something odd, and really stupid, that death is more of a minor inconvenience.  Seymour, Shuyin, Mika, and even the most bad-ass member of your party, Auron, stuck around after they died.

    Anyone ever watch Gundam Wing?  The final battle is essentially a sham to kill as many people as possible, so that people lose the will to fight in the face of such great death.  One guy even tries to crash a huge fucking battlestation into Earth, just to kill even more people.

    I’m also a bit surprised Spoony didn’t bitch about the shitty fucking soundtrack.  The fucking Blitzball song is better than the vast majority of the shit in this game.

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      Also, in the future our cameras will be much shittier, with dark grainy footage with ugly horizontal lines obscuring the footage, to improve clarity. HD can suck it!

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    For the whole Shuyin/Tidus thing, I think I can kind of understand it. Bear in mind, though, that I never actually played X-2, only X. Here we go.

    Shuyin (and Lenne) are real people who lived in the past-Zanarkand of 1000 years ago. Shuyin is a star blitzer and the son of Jecht, yadda yadda yadda. His life “ends” when he tries to go for Vegnagun, and winds up dying alongside Lenne.

    Fast-forward to the events of FFX. With a thousand years of a constant cycle of death, the fayth decide to “dream” up Shuyin and try to bring about the Eternal Calm by defeating Sin once and for all, as he had once tried to end the war between Bevelle and Zanarkand (it doesn’t make real sense, but it’s Final Fantasy here). They removed the memory of Lenne, however, since it was her that made him go all psycho and try to wipe out Bevelle, and the entity known as Tidus appears in the present day to stop Sin. In essence, Tidus is an entirely different being than Shuyin, but he shares the same memories (with exception to Lenne). 

    It’s entirely possible that his attraction to Yuna was a subconscious yearning for Lenne, since the two carry such a strong resemblance – and given that Shuyin was willing to blast Bevelle into oblivion for her, why he is so protective of Yuna in FFX. It’s also possible that Auron, as an Unsent, knew about the plan to bring back Shuyin/Tidus, and opted to help guide him down the path to defeat Sin (mostly explaining why he never questions the fact that Tidus/Shuyin was transported across a thousand year gap of time).

    I don’t know, honestly. I may be totally off here, and just making up a deep storyline where there is none. But to be honest, it does add a layer of complexity to the Tidus/Shuyin character. It’s the same, exact set of memories, but in one instance, he became a hero, and in the other, he became a villain. Yet in both instances, the character was just trying to protect his love – Shuyin wanted to protect Lenne, and Tidus wanted to protect Yuna from the Final Summoning.

    Anyways. Long rant over. Great review, Spoony, even if seeing you dressed as a sexy female character will haunt my dreams for years to come.

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       You can get 100% in 1 game, but it’s a gigantic pain where you can easily screw up 1 tiny little thing like not looking at something in a long boring comm sphere dialogue, only to end up with like 99.9% and not hear the damn whistle in the farplane.

      Just another thing to hate about the game, lol.

      • AJRimmer5

         Oh tell me about it. I made it to 99.7 percent completion because I missed talking to that short asshole somewhere at the beginning of the game, you know the one who called Yuna’s concert Yunapalooza. And I missed a comm sphere, I think. I do remember you have to hit X in the Farplane to hear the whistle. You can do that, no matter how advanced you are in the game. And, yay, you get TIdus back. But, you don’t get the ending where he get philosophical about what he is and Yuna gets annoyed and tries to kill him.

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    WTF IS TIDUS? Is he real? is he fake? is the beginning of FFX a dream?
    Did he ever exist? What are the fayth exactly?

    Bah,  I don’t know the answers, I just know FFX and X2 are awful. 

    • stephenspiteri

      Tidus is not real, he is a dream who comes from dream Zanarkand, a memory of the real Zanarkand 1000 years in the past. He and dream Zanarkand are kept alive byed by the fayth. When the fayth stopped dreaming, Tidus and dream Zanarkand ceised to exist.

      The first moments of FFX are in dream Zanarkand and there is no time travel whatsoever. Think of Tidus and dream Zanarkand as the memories of a time 1000 years in the past that still somehow exists. Also keep in mind that these memories arent perfect and Tidus may have not actually existed in reality.

      X-2 does bring up some interesting points involving his origins, but skrews it up as Spoony pointed out with being called ‘Shuyin’ and having a famous pop singer for a GF.

      Also I wouldnt assume a game sucks from what you hear, especially from a single person. You cant assume something’s quality without even experiencing it in the first place. I would make up my own mind if I were you.

      X-2 on the other hand…sucks balls. It’s nothing more than fan-service and padding.

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  • Carteeg_Struve

    Okay. The concept of the guy being the original for which the “simulation” of Tidus was based off of was actually a damn cool idea, but good lord the execution of that story needed work.

    But yeah, I can see Sephiroth wanting to kill the series. After all, I can picture Square-Enix deciding to just do a bunch of VII sequels instead of going the 15, 16, 17 route. And that would increase his chances of returning and surviving…. Also points to Spoony for running out of the room as soon as Seph appeared. He was pretty much the last threatening main-villain in the FF series (and this is coming from someone who also loved IX, XII, and Tactics).

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    And merciful zeus, you have the cutest puppy ever!!!!  She has incredible stage presence. ^_^

    Once again, it’s so good to see you back at it.  You have brought a lot of laughter and fun into our lives, and we love and appreciate you for all your work. 

    So just thank you! *hugs*

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    • Evan Marriott

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    Gotta say, I started playing Final Fantasy VI lately… and you know what?  It sucks as well.  In fact all the previous Final Fantasy games I’ve played have had shitty stereotyptical characters, dumb contrived situations, worlds created without any logic or consistency behind them, poor and arbitrary objectives, unclear motives for the characters, goals that make absolutely no sense and are often self-defeating… aside from some decent (but completely standard) JRPG combat and nice music, I honestly have no idea why anyone plays these games.

    Oh… right.  The cutscenes. Because even in 2012, pretty, action-packed non-interactive sequences are more compelling to gamers than, you know, stories and characters that actually make any sense. RUghfghbkjdsh

    • KL

       I didn’t know haterade was coming out in new flavors!

      • searanox

         You’ve got another thing coming.

    • Atmos_Duality

      At least with FF6 you can understand the characters’ motivations.
      Kefka was a lunatic asshole who thoroughly wrecked the world’s shit, everyone else tries to stand up and stop him so the world can put itself back in order.

      A simple, cliche plot with arbitrary objectives (what rpg isn’t? Any linear plot can be described as ‘arbitrary’ since non-linear plotlines quickly become a nightmare to design around, and incredibly expensive to produce), yeah, but one that worked just fine for its time.
      Proper context keeps the argument from becoming another casualty of that inane “nostalgia argumentation” that seems to grip most retro-reviews, and Spoony does a very good job of avoiding that in general by providing us with his context. It’s why he sees Final Fantasy in a state of descending quality relative to what they used to be, even when the games became increasingly popular.

      Comparing old games to modern design context is fun and all, but hardly definitive, or fair. Whining about them being ‘cliche’ is equally nonsensical when using a modern context.
      It’d be like bitching about the Evil Dead movies for having so many cliche’ one-liners, when they were part of a time and culture that CREATED THOSE CLICHE’S.

      While nothing is above criticism, but it’s important to keep the criticism relevant to the works’ original context. Otherwise, you just come across as an ignorant, insecure asshole who hates on something just to piss people off.
      And assholes like that say nothing of value.

      • KL

        Why must things be kept in their original context when the different   FF fanboy factions say “this group of games is better than this group” or “this game is just as good as this game”

        Do you honestly judge all games in a vacuum? I don’t think anyone does.

        • Atmos_Duality

          The different FF fanboy factions don’t really care about WHY something worked when it did; just what their preference is. Stating “this is good” and expecting it to fall in line with modern standards is wishful thinking at best.

          But the converse argumentation you present is equally flawed; where they inject nostalgia into their arguments and vainly hope it compares
          favorably with modern gaming (and thus, taking it out of its context),
          you may remove nostalgia entirely, but you also remove it from its
          original context by comparing it to modern games which makes no sense.

          Cultural tastes change over time; possibly more quickly than personal
          tastes. FF games today do not compare as favorably with the rest of
          their market today as they did when FF6 competed. Once upon a time, convoluted nonsense was popular and considered GOOD as a plot as long as it was long or had memorable moments.

          (there are objective arguments to be made for technical flaws like plot holes, but most arguments I see are “This sucks because I say it does.” with highly interpretive, and thus questionable, reasoning).

          My point is: Both sides are in fact, arguing to the same position, but from different directions.

          And both methods are flawed because they speak primarily from the fallacy of bias.

          Modern historians strive to avoid this problem, difficult as it is since
          history becomes increasingly interpretive the less of it remains. We
          used to think that Rome fell to barbarian raids, but  new evidence shows  that wasn’t the case at all; rather, Rome ceded power slowly over the course of several centuries to its neighboring factions.

          I think some of us can at least remember the 90s; there isn’t much need for indirect interpretation of events, so it makes little sense to me when FF fans and haters alike pull this shit except to try to make
          themselves look better.

          People may not judge works in a vacuum, but that’s no excuse to not TRY to be fair.

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    But why are Yuna and Lenne so similar?

    • Evan Marriott

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    • KL

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    but sometimes when you shuffle the order of when the clips are shown in the game fucks up the timeline for me and confuses me :S nice sephiroth costume btw

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  • Evan Marriott

    While I am a fan of Spoony’s work, there are problems with some of his arguments.

    A big one is Auron. Auron wasn’t from Zanarkand. He was a warrior-monk from Bevelle, who joined Braska and Jecht on the pilgrimage. He fell to his death from Mt. Gagazet after Sin was stopped.

    Everything from this moment on will be my opinion.

    Spoony claims that the Jecht that we heard in FFX-2 and the one who became Sin in FFX are the same person. I submit that they are two different people. The Jecht who became Sin was from Dream Zanarkand. The one we heard in FFX-2 was the Jecht who was Shuyin’s father in the Real Zanarkand. After all, if Shuyin had a dream duplicate, aka Tidus, then it stands to reason that his father would also have a dream duplicate. The Jecht who was Shuyin’s father most likely died during the war with Bevelle.

    As for why Lenne was never mentioned by Tidus in FFX, that’s simple. Spoony never considered the possibility that Shuyin and Lenne never revealed to the public that they were dating. There was a war going on and they were both popular enough with their jobs. They didn’t need the extra popularity that would have been cause by revealing their relationship. Hence, no one but them knew that they were dating, so the Fayth had no way to know when they recreated Zanarkand.

    As for why Bevelle never used Vegnagun during the war, well I’ve got an explanation. It’s a DOOMSDAY DEVICE. Also, it apparently doesn’t have a system to tell friend from foe. If Bevelle had used it, they would have killed themselves as well! A pointless victory, wouldn’t you say?

    • Amanda Siefman

      The fact that all of these major details are so up for argument is just more proof that this game sucks and makes no sense.

      • Evan Marriott

        Oh, I don’t deny that the game has it’s issues and it’s really stupid moments. Spoony pointed out major flaws that don’t have any explanation and I salute him for doing so. I just slap my head at his pointing out flaws that DO have an explanation.

        • mobtank

          Even if you are right about Jecht, why do you hear his voice during the final battle? I don’t see him anywhere.

          No one knew that Shuyin and Lenne where dating? Forgive me for being massively sceptic, but I don’t think thats possible.
          The paparazzi would be all over something like that, those vultures are relentless and totally shameless.

          As for Vegnagun being a doomsday device with no targetting system that would have killed it’s users upon activation, and that being the reason they never used it, I have one question: WHY THE FUCK DID THEY DESIGN IT THAT WAY?????
          Honestly, this makes no fucking sense. No one would ever build a weapon that killed you when you use it, much less kill your whole country. You can’t even use it as a threat.

          And the fucking dress spheres, what are they?
          Are they Shinra’s invention, ancient technology or souls of the dead that become spheres instead of just getting back up like everybody else does when they get killed?
          And on that subject, if dieing doesn’t kill you in Spira, why do you get a game over when your party dies? Shouldn’t they just get back up?
          Come to think of it, shouldn’t all the enemies you kill get back up as well? I don’t see anyone sending them.
          It’s so inconsistent, gets no explenation and just feels like the worst excuse ever to have the villan come back after you defeat him.

          • KL

             Now THAT is nitpicking! Let’s just pretend that all the random encounters are just a bunch of the same enemies coming back from death. :)

          • Evan Marriott

            As I said, Shuyin and Lenne KEPT IT SECRET. PEOPLE CAN DO THAT. THEY CAN KEEP RELATIONSHIPS SECRET. It’s as simple as that.

            As for why they designed Vegnagun that way, well the people of Bevelle are morons. Think of other doomsday weapons. Notice that doomsday weapons in media have such glaring flaws that parodies ALWAYS point out how it was stupid of the creators of said doomsday devices to leave such flaws in the doomsday device.

            There i something else I forgot to point out in my original post. The whole issue that Spoony had with Ormi using a camera to record things. That is easily explained. In Spira, the sphere is the equivalent of a camera’s roll of film. The sphere is inside the camera and is where everything the camera sees is recorded.

            Oh, and as for Jecht, just because we can’t SEE him doesn’t mean he wasn’t there. They were in the Farplane after all and Jecht is dead.

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      • Lunam_Kardas

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        • Blabba

          Yeah, I’m glad Spoony is feeling better and getting back on track with his videos. Depression and apathy are huge SOB’s; they certainly aren’t a picnic to overcome.

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    Can’t wait for more; I’ll certainly be looking forward to XIII!

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      Besides, the man’s gotta take a break from doing FF reviews; I’d expect something else to fill the time, maybe he’ll finish the Ultima series first.

      • KL

         Unless he’s already been playing the game and recording footage. I wonder if Spoony would have recorded his game on his first play, knowing it was already being called a turd by a lot of people.

        OH, BTW, STILL haven’t played FF XIII. First FF to scare me off. I played the XIII-2 demo. Liked it.

        I’m really dying to see FF XIII-2 reviewed. Then we can see the comparison between X-2 and XIII-2.

        • Paul Hagebock

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          • KL

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    • KL

      No, now now (remember FF X2 was years ago)  He’s playing, um, the voice of Superman in the DC animated movies. I don’t even know if he acts in live action at this point.

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    • Wayne Davis

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    Oh God…my head.

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    • Mike Wallace

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      • Stephen Martin

        Oh no, you forget…. the triangle is one level LOWER than the gunblade. The upgrade would be a dog launcher and that is why he didn’t grab it. In addition to the ASPCA getting on his tits over using Oreo as a ballistic projectile who could explode a poochy that cute?

        And of course you have to do everything, Spoony. You’re the God damned Avatar.

        • TheMMOFifty

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    If you want “blunt force trauma translation”, look at the original Koda Kumi translation that they were going to use before they went with the fresh re-write from Jade Valerie.  Many a bruise on that one.

    • Evan Marriott

      Yeah, her accent ruined her translation of the song. I couldn’t listen all the way through. However, I liked her Japanese version of the song.  There was no problems with that song.

      By the way, not only did they choose a different singer and translation, but they also changed the scene. Hence, why there was perfect lip sync in the English version of the concert. The Japanese version is mostly the same, except there is no duet with Yuna and Lenne. Instead, Yuna keeps changing into Lenne and back through the song.

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    There’s just one thing in this review that really shocked me (more so than Spoony dressing in drag): He actually LIKED “1000 Words.”  I’ll concede that the “1000 Words” scene is better than the “Eyes On Me” scene from FFVIII, but watching it still made me want to retch.  And I’m a girl—this kind of sappy love shit is supposed to appeal to me.  I guess when the lovers in question are a parallel universe version of Tidus and Yuna, it’s really hard for me to care.  The only part of the song I enjoyed was watching random spectators being struck by lightning (bravo, Spoony).  I kept wishing he could’ve edited it where Yuna got struck too.  I wonder what that says about me.

    • Jetstream

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      • ashewed

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          • Moonlight


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             I like Spoonette, and thought the fan reaction was way over-exaggerated.  If drag is good enough for Shakespeare plays, Bugs Bunny and Some Like It Hot, it’s good enough for Spoony as well.   

          • Zedith Starr


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      • George Rosenbaum

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    • ChibiGingi

       Imagine going 20 hours into a game before realizing it.

      Yeeeeep.  Felt pretty dumb to not have noticed it earlier… maybe it was denial and I didn’t want to believe it.

    • sbkMulletMan

      It broke my heart when I found that out 10 years ago.

      Final Fantasy 10 and 10-2 has a talent for making great voice actors look bad.  Even Tara Strong is annoying beyond forgiveness.  God damn this game.

      And an odd fact: The voice actor for Tidus was far, far more annoying as Tidus than as Drawn Together’s Wooldoor Sockbat: a Spongebob parody that’s SUPPOSED to be annoying! 

      Like I said, otherwise great actors turn into giant “punch me in the face!” signs when it comes to Final Fantasy.

  • Noelle Myers

    NO! NO! NO! NO!

    Spoony, dammit, I love your reviews. I agree with almost everything you say. But you’ve utterly lost points with me with SEPHIROTH.

    Yes, while Kefka might be a maniacal crazy fuckhead, AT LEAST HE DID HIS JOB IN HIS OWN GAME! He destroyed the world! You had to actually WORK to beat the crazy clown!

    Sephiroth? Oh, let’s see, well, he was hard in Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, but let me remember what I did in Final Fantasy 7, shall we?

    I’m level 38, I’m fucking tired of this game, I don’t have everyone’s best weapons, limit breaks, materia, or Knights of the Round (fuck all that) – SUICIDE RUN TIME! Run down the mountain, run from EVERY fight, I know I’m gonna lose and oh I won.

    Because Sephiroth is the worst Final Fantasy villains in term of plot, character, motive, and difficulty level as a boss IN HIS OWN GAME! Yeah, sure, be a phenomenally hideous, Oedpius-minded fuckhead with no clear motive whatsoever, that’s cool – I’ll just be over here rooting for Kefka, thanks.

    • Tyghost

      The nit-picking against FF VII by FF VI fans has got to stop, because if we pick on Kefka, he fails on several fundamental levels.  First, he did not destroy the world.  He terraformed the world and destroyed several cities, but that is not the entire world.  He says he wants to destroy the world, but after he attains the power to do so, he suddenly stops and just feels like taking a break for no good reason whatsoever, only destroying whenever he feels like it.  He could attain his goal in seconds if he wanted, he is the God of all magic after the Floating Continent incident.  If he can unleash powerful magic from high above his gigantic tower, why doesn’t he just send a few meteors to kill the team before they are within killing range of swords and magic? 

      Next is the difficulty level of Kefka. Like FF VII, FF VI’s combat system could be broken in so many ways it’s insane.  Wind God Gau, Offering+Genji Glove, Ultima, Cyan’s glitch, the instant death glitch with Setzer, and just plain old grinding with the Magicite, among many other methods, make the fight against Kefka embarrassingly easy.  What makes his defeat worse is that unlike Sephiroth, who just happens to be a very powerful human with transplanted genetic material from an alien, Kefka is a GOD, maybe not in the immortal sense, but certainly in the power sense.  He should be the source of all magic, but a few rounds against Ultima is too much for him? He, like Sephiroth, is not the hardest enemy in his own game either (many more have fallen at the hands of Goddess than Kefka).  Kefka’s dungeon is not that hard either if you are packing Mog’s charm to prevent all enemy encounters (except for the bosses, of course).  

      The way Kefka was set up as a powerhouse was a stupid fluke as well.  I love Celes as a character (my favorite female character in the series), but she seriously messed up against Kefka.  She had the chance to destroy him, even stabbed him gravely, but somehow she did not strike a deathblow when Kefka was at his most vulnerable.  A war general who has been trained in the art of combat since childhood, who can absorb a good portion of magic attacks, somehow could not kill a character whose entire arsenal is based around magic, most of which can absorbed at that point?  Did she get a hand cramp and could not be bothered with another slash before Kefka arranged the statues in the right formation and obtain power?  It’s as embarrassing as Yuna not sending Seymour at the Shiva temple in FF X and just letting the villain walk off.

      Next is his character.  Final Fantasy, in general, has problems balancing the personality and motivations of their villains.  Older villains basically are the stereotypical world-conquerors and world-destroyers, and Kefka certainly fits the latter.  While those types of characters are very easy to understand, they are also not very interesting.  For example, Kefka likes destruction and chaos because his Magicite injection went wrong and he started going insane.  That’s fine, but that just boils down to Kefka being inherently evil and doing bad things, that hardly counts as character development.  In fact, the Japanese version of Kefka lacks a lot of the humor that the American Kefka has (thank you Woolsey), so he is even more stereotypically evil as originally conceived and not as popular in Japan.  Newer FF villains are the opposite, where you can see how they come about wanting to destroy the world (without instant personality changes like Kefka), but their methods and ideology make no sense.

      Now, while that is a long criticism of Kefka (cut down by about 50%), I still love FF VI and along with Chrono Trigger and FF VII marked the height of Square.  What is infuriating is the brand of FF VI fans that hold the game as perfect and flawless and criticize FF VII so harshly when FF VII and VI share so much in common, even their flaws.  All Final Fantasy games are flawed (even VI) and the villain is no exception.       

      • Atmos_Duality

        The ending battle with Kefka didn’t really take into account the player knowing how to break the game in half (indeed, nearly every way you described involves an obscure glitch that one is unlikely to know about in an age without the Internet).

        Of course, even then there are very easy methods to brute-force your way through the fight (Bum Rush, Ultima, or even just Regen+Shell and strong frontline fighters; it will take a long while, but you can win without needing to grind magicite or use gamebreaking combos/attacks. The tools to win can be found in Kefka’s tower itself).

        Ironically, the ending battle with Sephiroth DID account for that; increasing his HP based on a variety of checks (including if you used Knights of the Round on Jenova SYNTHESIS).

      • Noelle Myers

         I never said the game was perfect or flawless compared to 7. In fact, I haven’t played either game more than twice. I don’t really care all that much for Square or the Final Fantasy series in general. About the only game I can replay of theirs is Chrono Trigger. And while I do like 6 more than 7, it’s really only because 6 had the more worthwhile villain (in my opinion).

        So let me say it like this.

        All the points you’re arguing about are based on programming and writing. Same with my arguments. After all, it’d be stupid to assume “the characters” did all these things themselves, since they’re not real.

        Sephiroth’s programming and story writing, to me, sucks hardcore as compared to, personally, how Kefka was programmed and written. I still say where Kefka ended up is way more interesting than Sephiroth burning one village and overcompensating with his ridiculous sword.

        I’m sorry, but when I can beat a final boss at level 38 with one ribbon on Red and only Cid’s best weapon, and just really regular materia, THE PROGRAMMING SUCKS. Oh, and, by the way, NO, I didn’t have a hard time beating him at level 38. I read The Hobbit while I was playing. I just kept hitting attack. Sometimes I’d look up to choose materia or limit breaks. I wasn’t expecting to win either. I was doing it for shits and giggles. All of a sudden, I blinked, and I had won.

        You can see how this would be very disappointing.

        As a villain, I have no respect for Sephiroth. Nothing about him made any sense and I don’t understand why he’s so popular. Maybe Kefka is stereotypically evil, but I actually like that. To me, it feels like the FF7 writers tried to cram some “shades of grey” into Sephiroth and it didn’t work out. At all. You say Kefka isn’t interesting, but to me he’s a lot more interesting than that dude who I didn’t even understand what he was doing or even why for that matter. Something about his mom. Were they aliens? I thought there was something about aliens… I stopped paying attention because shit stopped making sense.

        Stereotypical > senseless bullcrap.

        At least to me. Just my opinion.

        • KL

          Sephiroth got popular because FF VII was a MASSIVE game culturally. It introduced a lot of people to RPGs.

        • Tyghost

          Now I see where you are coming from.  The only thing I would say is that to judge a villain, you should understand what he is doing before you criticize him.  The Final Fantasy Wiki has a great page on Sephiroth which explains everything in case you don’t understand (no shame in that at all):

          Basically, he wants power and to do that he needs to absorb the Lifestream.  Why does he want power?  Because he is arrogant and needs to always be the best, to be one step above everyone else and transcend other humans, whether as the best SOLDIER or the most powerful being on the planet.  He is popular with fans because he is one of the first villains many JRPG players were exposed to, because he kills a party member that the player and the characters in the story form a bond with (unlike a nameless NPC), because the story explains his development from talented soldier to maniacal madman, his great character design by Tetsuya Nomura and sense of style, and his personality.  Now, everyone is welcome to their own preferences for villains of course, but for his time, he worked very well with the conventions of a villain in a JRPG (like Kefka, who I also like) and even popularized some new conventions as well.  

          • Noelle Myers

            I’ve read the Final Fantasy Wiki page. Still makes no utter sense to me. I never got the feeling that his transition was explained well at all. In fact, it was rather contrived, in my personal experience.

            Mostly, my focus is on how much he sucks as a final boss fight.

  • Tri


    You certainly did lose a lot of the weight — look at those skinny little arms.

    It’s good to see you looking like you’re enjoying your work again.

    This was a great finale — laughed out loud more than once, and my roommate thought it was glorious as well.
    Keep going.

  • Reza Stephen Lustig

    Poor, poor Spoony. He does so HATE these FF games, and yet he is destined to forever review them, driving himself crazy for our entertainment! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Can’t wait for FF XIII review :D

  • Vortemeer

    The clip of Yuna saying “it sucks” has comedy potential for future videos.  Just sayin’.

  • jordan stone

    turn ons: sexy librarians, waffles, tentacle/transgender hentai

    You’ve got some good taste there, Spoony that stuff’s rare. It’s usually one or the other, never both!

    Uh. N-not that I would know or anything, of course! That’s just an assumption!

    • uninspired_username

      I feel you man, I can never get sexy librarians eating waffles in my porn. It’s always one or the other.

  • Atmos_Duality

    The different FF fanboy factions don’t really care about WHY something
    worked when it did; just what their preference is. Stating “this is
    good” and expecting it to fall in line with modern standards is wishful
    thinking at best.

    But the converse argumentation you present is equally flawed; where they
    inject nostalgia into their arguments and vainly hope it compares
    favorably with modern gaming (and thus, taking it out of its context),
    you may remove nostalgia entirely, but you also remove it from its
    original context by comparing it to modern games which makes no sense.

    Cultural tastes change over time; possibly more quickly than personal
    tastes. FF games today do not compare as favorably with the rest of
    their market today as they did when FF6 competed. Once upon a time,
    convoluted nonsense was popular and considered GOOD as a plot as long as
    it was long or had memorable moments.

    (there are objective arguments to be made for technical flaws like plot
    holes, but most arguments I see are “This sucks because I say it does.”
    with highly interpretive, and thus questionable, reasoning).

    My point is: Both sides are in fact, arguing to the same position, but from different directions.

    And both methods are flawed because they speak primarily from the fallacy of bias.

    Modern historians strive to avoid this problem, difficult as it is since
    history becomes increasingly interpretive the less of it remains. We
    used to think that Rome fell to barbarian raids, but  new evidence shows
    that wasn’t the case at all; rather, Rome ceded power slowly over the
    course of several centuries to its neighboring factions.

    I think some of us can at least remember the 90s; there isn’t much need
    for indirect interpretation of events, so it makes little sense to me
    when FF fans and haters alike pull this shit except to try to make
    themselves look better.

    People may not judge works in a vacuum, but that’s no excuse to not TRY to be fair.

    • Tyghost

      My intention was not to remove a game
      from its original context and in fact acknowledge that the game formed part of
      the zenith of mid-to-late 90’s JRPGs, implying that the game worked on many
      levels when first released.  I agree with you that you have to know the
      context of the games as they were originally released to understand what worked
      about them and what did not. The point I was trying to make is that you have to
      be consistent with your criticisms and comparisons, given whatever framework
      you are presenting.  If the framework’s conclusions differ significantly
      from what you perceive as true, then you have to change the framework so that
      it comes closer to the truth. 


      The problem in this case is that the
      modern perspective of what makes a game good is being applied to one scenario
      and not to another equally applicable scenario.  In my interpretation of
      Kefka, all I did was look at the criteria of analysis (difficulty, plot,
      motivation, character), interpreted Kefka in that context, and showed that the
      same criteria used negatively against Sephiroth would damage opinion of Kefka
      as well, thus showing the inconsistency of the framework.  In fact, a
      framework that is so wildly inconsistent across many different, applicable
      scenarios means that it is inappropriate to use; this is case with most modern
      perspectives of video games retroactively used to judge the quality of older

      Long live the Spoony One!  

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            You can’t exactly post half a comment.

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            Now posting as an IRRATIONAL number would be interesting! But you may need help having someone to take the root with you…share part of their post space.

  • Steven Johnson

    Can’t believe I am the 1st to say this,

    I always felt that for X-2 the whole singing/love idea was a call-back/tribute/homage/rip-off/whatever you want to call it to Macross (Robotech) and that singing and songs have featured prominently.  In the original acts of emotion like love and kindness and music was such a shock to the Zentradi that any exposed to it are deemed contaminated and is a major part of ending the 1st Space War.  

    • Zedith Starr

       I haven’t played any of the FF games, but I definitely see how it’s a Macross: Do You Remember Love? reference.

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    • Zedith Starr

       I think he gets them specifically for the reviews, and because it’s fun and amusing.

  • felipenardini

    I know it’s kind impossible for you to see this comment, but spoony, i would love to see your review of FFIX, it was my favorite FF, and yes, i HATED FFX, and loved your review, cause you got angry on so many things that i wanted to break my TV for while playing the shitty game, but FFIX was just amazing for me, I wish you would play it without the thought that it’s going to suck hard like FFX, and enjoy it, doing side-quests and chocobo stuff, there are even hidden cities in this game, it’s awesome for any explorer!

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    Very, very well done Spoony. Excellent work. Keep up the great work because we all enjoy it. Hilarious stuff. Fantastic ending!

  • Jeff Juozapaitis

    Wait, there was a XIII box at the end, does that mean you’re skipping XII?

    • Wayne LaBranch

      He already said he liked XII, besides some stuff but yeah he likes that one

      • Atmos_Duality

        There isn’t much that’s overtly stupid about 12 anyway. It’s a more mature story, but the problem is that the characters are just dull as dirt and devoid of motivation.

        All of the story is political and is far removed from the events of the character. The elements you DO encounter and resolve are pulled firmly out of the plot’s ass with no real foreshadowing or direction. “Go here, acquire McGuffin, go there, acquire next McGuffin, finally go there to acquire Ultimate McGuffin and have final showdown”.

        And there is an explanation for why: Yasumi Matsuno (who wrote the spectacular political story for FFT) was the original lead writer, but left halfway through FF12’s production. So, they cobbled together what they had, padded it out with meaningless step-n-fetch quests, and shifted the focus from Basch (yes, the original protagonist was Basch) to Vaan.

        Why? They figured their target audience would better connect with Vaan than Basch, and given how much of Basch’s storyline was left undone, that might have bee correct, albeit for all the wrong reasons.
        Hell, I hear Vaan didn’t even exist as a character until after Matsuno quit.

        For that matter, Balthier’s character is the ONLY character among the main group’s who looks and acts “complete”. He has a personality and goals.

        Compare that to either FF8 or FF10. The plots of those games are riddled with holes and stocked with terrible characters. They’re easy targets AND they’re well-known.

        • KL

          Yes, if I could say where FF XII is lacking, it’s in the characters. At first I was all in, but then I went in and out of being engrossed in it. I would have LOVED if Basch was the main character! I also would have liked Ashe to be focused on more than Vaan.

          I didn’t hate Vaan, but there have been enough of his type as the lead in RPGs.

          Still, I put, like, 400+ hours into that game, mostly on a fruitless quest for the Zodiac Spear. Damn you, ultimate weapons!

  • Chase

    DAMN.  Nice to see one hell of an ending and see who the sword wielding screen watcher was in one of the older vids~  The choreography with Oreo was really well done too.  You’ve gotta be one of the first and only reviewers to use an animal in a skit (if not, then you’re the first I’ve seen so far). 

    I’m curious what your continuity will be with the remaining FF games…  you had two of them drive a future version of yourself into Dr. Insano, and things have been wonky as hell.  Now you have Scarthcaroth here WANTING you to continue hating the Final Fantasy series for some reason?  I’m hooked~  Just remember though, if you ever get in a battle with Scarthcaroth and you need to take him down in one hit, screw the Overdrive.  Just counter.  One thunk, and he goes down!  G’luck with future vids man ^^

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    I went back and watched the FF VIII review (which was cool, because I got to see Spoony’s transition to where he’s at now) and Spoony threw in a basic review for FF 1 and 7.

    I would hope that he’d do that for IX, or XII, or both when he reviews XIII.

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    -Evil Ash, Army of Darkness.
    Caught it!

  • George Rosenbaum

    Look up at the top advert! “Final Fantasy Mux: The Converged World”

    Someone is actually trying to take every FF game, and combine the worlds into one continuity. Apparently this thing is about five years old.

    I honestly don’t care if the MUX world even does a good job tying all of these horribly written games together. When people have to write fan fiction so they can pretend Final Fantasy plots makes sense somehow, Square Enix isn’t doing it’s job right.

  • Patrick Sewell

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    Not sure you’ve been in there but have you ever seen the Downtown Post office on the river here in Reno, NV?

    That building was one captured in WWII and then moved brick by brick here to Reno. Even all the steel work in it is original they just ground all the swastikas off and left the eagles intact.

    Of course they knocked down Reno’s oldest library to place this in that particular spot but they erected a historical marker to make sure people remember it.

    So yeah I have an actual Hitler building in my home town. Funny that its a government building. Oh and if anyone wants to see just the outside of it watch the Whoopie Goldberg movie Sister Act. They use it for the court house or police station whichever it is Vinnie is walking out of where his lawyer puts his fingers in his ears.

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    Is any-one else having serious issues with this video? It keeps glitching out on me. I’ve tried loading it multiple times now and it stops the visuals when Spoony Starts talking about the mage death weapon, then it completely glitches out when Spoony startstalking about recording things on spheres and not cameras before the video just ups and dies when Yuna is in Elysium.

    Can you help me Spoony? I’ve been waiting for this video for ages!! Is any-one else having these issues?

  • Rathyrathor_Raholand

    Awesome video reviews indeed! Entertaining and very stylish.

    But I dont care what anyone says, I love this game and have so many hours poured into it with several replays, just for the hell of it~

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  • Patrick Sewell

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    • KL

      In fairness to Spoony, he and Angry Joe do two different shows. Angry Joe does a video review where he goes through the aspects of a game, says what works/what didn’t, then scores it. Usually lasts half an hour.

      Spoony goes over basically the entire game, with specific scenes recorded, and it’s broken up into at least 3 parts. That’s a bit more work!

      • Michael Baker

         Don’t forget all the skits and costumes. If all spoony did was review, I could perhaps see Pat’s point, but Spoony has costumes, makeup?, and these little side skits to choreograph. That’s hella work. I don’t recall, does Joe do all that?

        • Patrick Sewell

          He does,but still, remember,this is 2 weeks or more where talking about for one video 

          • KL

             I took a look at all the stuff Spoony does for That Guy, and it looks like he puts out some sort of review every month, so when he’s not putting out game reviews, it’s movies.

          • bizz

            you damn right. any body cant do review. spoony Creat a story with the content he talk about for make us laugh and have a great view.

          • Jegsimmons

            not to mention Spoony is recovering from some health problems also.

          • Patrick Sewell

            Your Missing the Point,it’s over 2 weeks,almost 3, for one video,And one review per month is ridiculous , I remember Spooney use to post 3 in one month,and there are plenty of people that have them out in a every week that are funny,have great views,and story,just look at ThatGuy,it’s just strange and what health problems?I was sure he hasn’t had health problems since sick VLOG   

          • KL

            Can you recall when Spoony was putting out weekly episodes consistently? I think as the show’s gone on, he’s been doing more. Not really an excuse for going from a week to a month between episodes, but I think the quality has increased for Spoony’s shows.

            Anyway, why’s the length between shows matter? As long as the final product is good. I think how long Spoony’s taking is paying off, because these podcasts seem to get crazy views.

          • Patrick Sewell

            That’s one thing I meant,these podcast do get crazy views,thats why hes leaving it on so long,however,maybe its just going to be a super big amazing video,but I just hope its packed to the teeth with another content and laughs to justifies a month 

          • KL

             I don’t know. Does it matter? If I want to see an FF X retrospective review, I’m going to watch that, even if a new review of something else pops up. Based on the drips of people continuing to come in on Spoony’s old reviews, I would say staggering your releases for longer amounts of time doesn’t matter too much.

          • Patrick Sewell

             What I meant about “I hope it isn’t the money” is,and take it from the Co-Owner of AnimeFreakTV, is that there is a way to get more money,and we use it ALL THE TIME, and with Spooney hashing out the advertisments,I was just wondering,you get Paid for the traffic on each video,we leave one video up as long as possible so people keep coming,and then as soon as we are sure we have maxed are profits,we post the next part.

          • KL

            What state were you writing this post in? I don’t completely  understood what you wrote.

            Of course AnimeFreakTV can make money: if I was pirating other peoples’ work and was slapping ads on it, making money is cake!

          • Patrick Sewell

            What state was I in?No offense but I think I know more about this then you do,and you clearly didn’t understand what the hell I meant

          • KL

            No, I read and understand English very well. That is why I found some of what you wrote to be improperly written, grammatically.

        • KL

          Usually Joe does create a story based on the the game he’s reviewing, and he usually has some sort of costume.

  • Jesse Walton

    Freaking. Epic. Ending.
    I officially can’t wait till the next review! Keep up the ass-kicking work Spoony!

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    I must give credit; not many man have the courage to cross-dress on the internet for the sake of comedy, twice. After I cleaned my eyes with some bleach this was a good review as always, Spoony and Final Fantasy go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Keep up the good work. 

  • Dragdar

    but I dare not watch FF X and FF 8 reviews coz i dont want my childhood memories disturbed.

    I thought X was AMAZING so beautifully realized world, characters interesting the story and the combat.

    I LOVED every bit of it and i thought the laughing scene was endearing and stayed with me as one of the highlights because i actually made me start laughing genuinely.

    This thing is; i hate FF xIII,

    but then does it make sense that i like VIII? I remember playing it as a kid, i loved the european-esque designs,

    The summonings and battles looked amazing, the cinematics , the music was a feast for the ears. the open world, the characters all had their twists and turns, the brooding, the love triangles…

    It’s sad that i probably wouldn’t enjoy the same type of game now. When i was younger i was a romantic full of ideals like a little girl i believed in love in its purest, and somehow i identified with the protagonist perfectly. I enjoyed reading dialogue for the characters and imagining how they sound, all the subtle dynamics.

    That’s all gone now…i’ve grown bitter and cold. i no longer look at the world the same way.
    Maybe that’s the greatest tragedy of our lives.

    NOSTALGIA IS SWEET AND SOUR, but I love her all the same.

  • davidwev

    Did anyone else find Waldo in the audience of Luna’s concert? :’)

    • ChibiGingi

       I didn’t see Luna’s concert.  I did see Yuna’s though.  And yeah, Waldo was there too.  c:

      • davidwev

        Oh fuck I mean Yuna -,- I’ve watched way too much My Little Pony

  • Squeejee Dunaway

    Bloody awesome – and as one of the people who defended FFXIII to the death when it came out, I’m looking forward to watching you tear it apart at it’s (admittedly sizable) seams.

  • Jordyn Cheslock

    Great to see a review from you Spoony. The bit at the end made me laugh so hard at how cheesy it was…and how Yuna died was…unexpected, to say in the least lol. 

    I will admit that in middle school, I sang 1000 Words for a talent show, (crazy, I know) (english version) and I must had sang it well because I kept getting compliments but whatever, and I have to say, that song was the best part of that game. Like you said, it was brilliant and I still fondly hold the song near my heart…even if the translation was really…awkward. But the words are least relatable, somewhat.

    My opinion of the singer is a little different from yours Spoony, mainly because I’m a singer myself. While she performed it well and evoked the right emotions at the right time, her sound is more like a generic pop singer, so I have my own nitpicks when it comes to that, but at the same time she wasn’t bad. Just a little generic. 1000 Words is a pop ballad, and a pretty well arranged one at that. It evokes emotion within just the arrangement alone aand really, without that, the song would have been forgotten. Great song overall and the singer despite my nitpicks, did a pretty good job. Just thought I would put my 2 cents in…even though they aren’t worth anything lol.

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    • Jessica Marie

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    On the fight with you and Yuna… how were you firing shotgun rounds- which, by the way, shoot multiple pellets known to spread- at a single human target at near point-blank range in a confined space and MISS THREE OR FOUR TIMES? I mean, my God…

    • Jegsimmons

      slug rounds, also shotguns need a few more feet than spoony’s room for effective spread.

      • Jacob Demopoulos

        Still terrible aiming. I mean, my gods. How many times did Spoony shoot at fake!Yuna? Three or four times. Fake!Yuna barely moved. I probably could’ve made ONE of those shots and the only guns I’ve ever held were Nerf guns.

        • ORCACommander

           shut up and enjoy the spectacle. Rule of Cool abide by it

  • Tyler Chaves

    This video was absolutely amazing! Awesome review! Great, intellectually provoking, arguments. The jokes were all hilarious and I was laughing from beginning to end. It was also long, which was great. None of the content felt flat or a waste of time. The skit at the end was also very well done, considering your limitations (i.e. space, health, etc.) Even though it was pretty corny, I still loved it and have no shame sharing it on Facebook with my non-nerd friends. Great work Spoony, this video really revitalized my interest and faith in your work. Going for so long without putting out much content, I had stopped visiting this site on a regular basis. But I am more excited than ever to see content from you! Please don’t ever stop doing this and can’t wait for more!

  • Jezpuhr Pixelboy

    been two weeks now. where’s our next video?
    give those people who insist on saying you’re back a reason for saying so.

    • ORCACommander

       he is working on rpg’s you know how much time that takes if you want him to be thorough

    • Benedikt Steinar Vésteinsson

      “our next video” as if Spoony owes you anything. This is free entertainment, don’t be so demanding. 

  • Charlie Thrace

    Pixelboy, I imagine researching a game or film, collecting footage, writing material and editing the video takes up quite a bit of time. It must be quite an arduous and tedious process. Let Noah release new footage on his own time.  He is entitled to time off to do other things with his life.  People like you who presume to demand new content bi-weekly amaze me.  I’m happy to wait longer to get more videos of the quality of his final fantasy reviews.

  • Strelnikov

    Andrew Breitbart has died.

    Davey Jones died the day before.

    There is no punchline.

    • KL

      Nor is there any relevance to Final Fantasy or Spoony.

      Also, Breitbart and Davey Jones dying have no relation to one another, other than that they died in the same week.

      • Strelnikov

         Just killing off my 400th Disqus comment, thought I would bring a little news in to a non-news site.

        • KL

          People keep count of their posts? Where? I wouldn’t even know. Do you get paid for posts?

          • ORCACommander

             yes yes i do indeed

          • KL

             I hope it’s a million per post.

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  • WilliamMunnyOutlaw

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  • Derek

    This is pathetic. Did spoony get a new full-time job? If so great. But that would pretty much be the only reasonable explanation for how long it’s been taking for content to come out. Hey spoony, I thought you said you enjoyed doing this for a living? You were “living the dream”? If your income’s gone down and you’ve had to find a new job, that would actually be a REASONABLE V-log to fill us in.

    • DJ CmeP

      I think he’s just busy with the new cinemasnob movie but the shitty thing is that he keeps ranting on his twitter and doesn’t make content on the site. How about a small rant or even just a video about what he’s been up to..

    • Benedikt Steinar Vésteinsson

      Did you miss his post about his health problems? Dude’s got depression, and if you think that’s an easy thing to get out of or work with, you are completely ignorant of how adversely it can affect you. I’ve had it for many years myself, and that shit makes you tired as fuck, which in turn makes you unmotivated, removes your attention span and makes it harder to come up with creative and enjoyable material. So yeah, stop your whining about how he doesn’t service you with free entertainment as much as he did before.

      • Alpha268

        I wont say his psychological problems are over, but a while ago he posted “Im back!” and that he has “tons of content”.

  • Derek

    And stop with the lame crossovers all the time. Once in a while is good and interesting, but I come to this site to see YOU, spoony. Or Doctor Insano. Point is, Noah and miles on occasion. Not cinema snob @ below, or movie logs. If I wanted to see cinema snob, i’d go see cinema snob. I hope you take this as an abrasive compliment because that’s what it is. An abrasive, in your face, get your act together, backhanded compliment. Cause I like coming here. And I feel disappointed i’m not getting what I love.

    • Kim Smith

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    I simply wish Spoony would dish out news here and there on his website. It would put some silence to the criticism of his production rate. Oh, and Spoony’s fanboys….twitter doesn’t count, I care not for his personal life.

    Long live the experiment!!!

  • Tor Magnus Wiig

    Hiya Spoony,
    you probably don’t read these comments too much, but I really love your videos. Keep it up man! You’ve got a huge fan here in Norway. =)

  • Jono666

     I think Spoony’s problem is that his rant outlet used to be the camera, but now twitter has taken it’s place. He blows his angsty rage load on twitter and then has no reason to create a V-log rant, because it’s already off his chest. I feel bad for him and his health problems, but the dude is a lazy nerd sloth who drinks way too much diet soda and probably never leaves the couch. That stuff will kill you. (I’ve been there — weight gain too). Anyway, I wish he’d stop using his “health problems” as an excuse/crutch. I’m tired of seeing all the shitty filler cross-over episodes, redirects to other peoples sites, commentary of commentary from past videos, him dancing with his dog, and having to wait 3-4 weeks for proper, feature-length reviews of his own original content. Spoony, I think you need to get your act together and focus more on your own website rather than making so many other obligations to channel awesome. If you return to producing your own original content at a consistent rate, you’ll keep more viewers that way. Take care.

    • KL

       Do you even like Spoony at all??

  • Jono666

    To all my critics, I realize this is “his” website and he can do whatever he wants. Of course, he can post as infrequently as he wants, whatever content he wants, but as a fan who is part of a collective who helps him to “live his dream” and pay his bills, via website hits and ad revenue, I think it’s important for me to give him some feedback and insight, as a viewer. If he wants to continue “living his dream”, he needs to get more focused, work harder, and increase original content production. I know I don’t speak for all his fans, but by reading the comments on here the past few months, I know I’m not in the minority with my opinion. Hey, at least I’m not being a suck-up or giving false praise to curry his favor. I’m saying this to be honest and constructive.

    • KL

      As a fan, I think you sound bitter, and you think that “the old days were better.” This isn’t network TV. It’s internet vidcasting. Maybe you should give up on Spoony. Go elsewhere.

    • gallowsCalibrator413

      Genuine concern from fellow sufferers of the disorder, is not the same thing (at least in my opinion) as being a suck-up. I’m not against constructive feedback, but “work harder and make more content” is not really constructive, being vague and slightly demanding… What I’m trying to say is, unless you’ve got the disorder yourself, you really just *can’t* know what a disorder feels like.

  • Jono666

    Here’s an example. James Rolfe is currently working on an ambitions film project in which he’s filming on location in another state. He’s had to uproot his entire life to work on this project, yet he has a system in place in which he’s able to continue releasing new content at least twice a week to keep his fans satiated and to maintain interest. He’s filmed things ahead of time in preparation for being away, and he’s got mike to take over certain aspects of, releasing his own content alongside. He’s also got a mailbag segment that’s running on a semi-regular basis. I realize Spoony might not be as fortunate as James, having a circle of dedicated friends nearby with the expertise to fill in for him, but that’s no excuse for not planning and filming some stuff in advance if you know you’re going to be busy doing other things for awhile. It comes down to organization, time management and focus, which are all things I think Spoony is lacking in and needs to work on for continued success.

  • Jono666

    If you don’t like the comparison to James Rolfe, or think it’s unfair, I can point to any number of other online personalities who are also more organized and on-top of things, releasing new and original content, at a more consistent rate. Look at Angry Joe, Nostalgia critic, Cinema snob or even The Nostagia chick, someone who has been known for being a little slow with her updates, has been releasing new content at a pretty good rate. People are making excuses for Spoony, claiming that he hasn’t been updating because he’s been busy working on “Cinema snob: The movie”…yet, so has the Cinema Snob himself! and he’s still releasing his usual content at consistent rate. So, there you go, the proof is in the pudding. I love ya Spoony, but you gotta up your game if you want to compete and survive.

    • Hastee

      I agree with alot of what you’re saying especially how twitter has replaced his vlogs which sucks but I think you’re being kinda hard on his “health problems”. from what I understand he has clincal deppression which saps you of your energy, your ambition and places you in a hole that seems impossible to get out of. Which in turn leads to laziness and lack of motivation. Its not something you can snap out of whether you want to or not blah blah etc. Im sure you’ve heard of depression symptoms before but its true. I dont think he’s using it as an excuse for his lack of videos. I think that his lack of videos are a result of his issues and hes giving it his best effort to be the old Spoony he once was. However he clearly is not able to at the moment despite his best efforts. I hope he gets better soon but that might not be for a while if ever. He definetely should go back to more vlog style stuff and take a break from twitter though. 

      • KL

         Clinical depression? That’s the illness? I’m sorry, I know about5 being down in the dumps, feeling like I can’t get out of bed, but I thought he had some kind of actual disease that made him weak!

        I’m sorry, but to see the dude on videos, and you also say he’s on twitter, just how “clinically depressed” is he?

        I know lots of performers are not exactly cheerful and happy behind closed doors, but I don’t know if being depresses is high on my list when I think of “sickness”

        • Julie Johnson

           Not to be rude, but if you think Clinical Depression is just being “down in the dumps”, then I strongly suggest that you do some research.

          It’s a chemical imbalance in the brain that causes you to not only be in a foul, or sad mood, but it takes away your energy and any drive you have to get things done. The sadness overwhelms you to the point that you can’t function. It even leads to thoughts of suicide too.

          These can last upwards of two weeks. It takes a long time to find the right medication and therapy for individuals too.

          I’m not saying that there’s nothing else causing slow releases, but just do your research. Clinical Depression would actually be a very good explanation for why he may be slow.

          • KL

             I get you, I understand. However, if Spoony is suffering from clinical depression, then the remedy must be twitter, because I see his tweets, and they look positive. Of course, when he’s not on he could be sitting slouched in a chair, feeling like the world’s coming down on his head.

          • Parsa Hadidi

            If that’s the case, then how will his depression respond to….
            SUGAH AN RAINBOES?

          • Francisco Cassé

            Mind you that you can post a lot of shit on Twitter or Facebook and it will not repersent the Reality that you face day to day or your True Feelings, you may post Positive Stuff, but they’re just words, and it’s not being a liar or anything like it, you can say good stuff with all the greatest intention and yet you can’t be 100% certain that you’re believing yourself on it.

            So measuring his Depressing by observing the Posts of Twitter is stupid.

            By just watching his face on the Latest Counter Monkey Videos should give you some insight on his condition.

            Just look at how little care has his hair, beard and SPECIALLY the shadow on the ring under his eyes, he is not resting well at all.

            I have a friend with Clinical Depression and it’s not something that’s cured easily and it’s an unpredictable condition that has it’s peaks and valleys. One day you can be fine, the other day you may just wanna kill yourself.

            On my personal take, I think that the very root of his condition aside from the difficulty on handling stress, it’s his diet.

            Lot of Coke, Pepsi and Soda drinks will not help to clean his body.

            He should be on a more Niacin and Vitamin B type of diet, believe it or not, the B Complex and Niacin helps a lot with the Mood and making you feel better, are the type of nutrients that help the brain condition and Niacin is the best at treating Depression and Anxiety.

          • KL

            People also say how they’re feeling on twitter.I haven’t caught him saying very personal things on there, but who’s to say that he won’t?

             I would hope that if he’s been diagnosed clinically depressed that his doctor told him what to and not to eat and drink

          • Steven Banta

             I’m not actually surprised that Spoony might be struggling with depression.  It seems like the vast majority of great comedians have struggled greatly with this debilitating illness, and The Spoony One is no exception (incidentally, I suffer from depression myself, although I’m nowhere near as funny as Spoony ;).  Anyway, Spoony, hang in there man, and I’m praying for ya.

        • Zazychan

           Depression not an “actual” disease?? Oh, that’s clearly spoken by someone who doesn’t know anything about it. Look, I get that people don’t understand what it’s like to have a depression, but at least those people should show the respect to shut the f*ck up if they don’t know what they’re talking about. Depression is as real a disease as any other. You can try to fight it, much like you can try to fight any disease, but you can’t just “get over it” like that. Have some respect that Spoony is actually still making videos. A lot of people with a depression don’t have the strength to do anything anymore.

          • KL

            Is it classified as a disease or a disorder?

          • Zazychan

             Strictly speaking, if you must know, it is a disorder and not a disease. That’s medically speaking, because you need a clear identifiable source of the disease in the body to term something a ‘disease’. A depression can be physical but because not much is known about it yet, and it’s not always obvious wether or not something’s going on in the body, it is called a ‘disorder’ instead. But that is not the point at all. It doesn’t matter how we call it. It’s not called a disorder because it’s supposed to be less severe than a disease, that’s just a technical term. In terms of suffering a depression is as much a disease as any other. I see it’s not high on your list of diseases, actually it’s not high on most people’s list of diseases. That’s weird actually, since depression might be one of the most frequent ‘disorders’/’diseases’ that cause serious disfunctioning.

    • ElderVIII

      You’re right about the organizational problems, but then again Spoony always has had them. I know he’s admitted it on more than one occasion. And reading his feed, it sounds like that is at least part of the problem this go around. Tackling three RPGs at once is daunting and time-consuming, and it looks like at various points he’s putting more time in one over the others. For example, I believe most of us were expecting Ultima to be next on the list, but it sounds as of last week he was putting more effort into XIII-2 by his feed. I do also agree that his ranting should be directed towards site content as well rather than having to find updates on Twitter.

      Mind you, if he says his health problems are still affecting him adversely I’ll still be inclined to believe him (depression is a tricky thing). Should that be the case, then I would advise as well that he just focus one project at a time. Cameos he does for CA are fine; they don’t appear to take much time or effort to release. Working on three major projects at the same time? Just focus one.

  • Alpha268

    Uh didnt Spoony say something about “IM BACK!” and “I have tons of content!” :D


  • Alexander Hutcheson

    Stuff gets done when it gets done. Shut up about it. New Counter Monkey is going to be uploaded later today.

    • Jorge Guerreiro

       Yeah, sure. One thing I’ve learn in the past 5 years about Spoony is that he doesn’t have a schedule. At all…

      At least back then we never had to wait more than two or three weeks. Now? One month? He used to post some movie reviews or vlogs with 10 or 20 minutes of stuff, while eating some american fast food crap (I love the guy, but he eats crap for living…) or drinking pepsi.

      I don’t think that his health is the problem. This format that he adopted consumes a lot more time and makes the videos more sparse. Sure, they look better. But that’s not why he liked him in the first place…

      He used to be funny without handy scripts, special effects. Now he relies too much on that and it ends up driving him sick every other month.

      I just want him to be healthy again and start doing videos for the fun of it and not for the production value. If he keeps like this, the site’s over.

      • Pentti Uusivirta

         I’m afraid his lifestyle is none of your fucking business, twat.

        • Steven Banta

          Yeah, how dare he show concern for another human being?  Only assholes do that.

  • Sam Rowett

    Watching this again… I have to say, Spoony, your voice is actually incredibly cool for Sephiroth. -Seriously-. I’m not a huge fan of the character and his Advent Children voice sounded more than a tad sedated, but your voice was actually pretty awesome. 

    Can’t wait for FFXIII. Sure, I liked the story and the characters, but I hated the gameplay and even I can accept that the framing device was more than a little off: so I heartily await the day it gets a brutal savaging.

  • AceOfShades

    Hey dudes and dudeettezs, less hating on the spponyt, he only spends longer on things because of youyr relebvated expectations of hi, sure hees over his depressiiojns but he puts a lot of time into stuff now , need I mention I’m fucjkkin’ drunk and I still use apostraphies yhuou trollzz. Hey spoondawg, cool vid, ignoorewd these asrseholes theyb not rreal fanzs anyway. Dixcksssss

    • AceOfShades

      Dude, why did I even post this?

      • Racecarlock

        You were drunk, remember? Oh, memory effects of alcohol right.

        • Jorge Guerreiro

           Someone needs a trip to the AAs… Then gain… AAs is for quitters…

      • gallowsCalibrator413

        Because you’re a guy who literally has more sense drunk than some people on here do sober? :)

  • ashewed

    Notice at 11:05 Brother just randomly waves at the camera for absolutely no reason.

  • savyono

    Well… that ending was certainly… something.

    Not the least of which being “The first time I’ve ever been glad to see Sephiroth show up”.

  • ReloadXPsi

    As soon as you remarked on how you were gonna have to fight a character from the game, my immediate thoughts were along the lines of “no, he is NOT gonna do that” and “okay, I wonder which character instead then?”

    Fuck me that was hilarious. The Tidus thing creeped me out somehow, but this one genuinely amused me.

  • Carlos Nelson Sandoval

    I find it weird that Spoony looked better as Yuna than as Tidus.

  • Bård Fredrikson

    Normally I hate these self-contained plots that these TGWTG people throw at the end of their stupid reviews.

    But this one was really fucking funny.

  • Mayra Dantas Bueno

    That was awesome! I missed the reviews, and honestly can’t wait to see you hating FF XIII XD

  • Zachary Scherr

    Awwww, I wanted to see him do ff12.  I heard him say he likes it once.

    • Jon Defiler

       The problem with FF12 is his biggest complaint playing through it would probably be boredom.  Maybe if he was still doing reviews in the same “style” as he did VIII, where he ranted about something for 10 minutes or less, it might be possible, but as it stands it just wouldn’t work too well.  It would take a huge amount of time for what we would actually get as viewers.
      He probably said that he liked that they tried to do something different.

  • Zachary Schemmel

    god now he’s gonna have to suffer through 13 and 13-2 which i never played both so i cant really say anything  but if its bad like these games… i cant wait

  • Alan Christopher

    All I can say, is that is fucking win.

  • ilya sul

    Haha, your Brad impression was priceless. :D

  • ThePhoenyx

    Ok one thing I need to bring up:  

    The fact that they didn’t use Vegnacock in the Bevelle-Zanarkand war was actually explained in the game.  It was because the weapon was:

    1.) Too powerful and could destroy the entire world
    2.) Was somehow a pyreflie powered machina that was able to register emotions (this is mentioned a few times in the game) and the Bevelle army was concerned it wouldn’t be able to differentiate friend from foe or something.

    Also in regard to Tidus/Shuyin let me explain, cause it’s actually not complicated at all.

    Shuyin was the real version.  A real person in the real Zanarkand.  More than likely he also had an abusive alcoholic famous father (this is more a theory, but it stands to reason that since their lives parallel each other he would have a similar father like Tidus had with Jecht).
    The fayth recreated Zanarkand and Tidus is the dream version.  Why is he not the same as Shuyin?  Because the fayth had plans for Jecht and Tidus to save them from the 1,000 year dreaming.  Shuyin was slightly out of his mind and they needed a more….sane version of Shuyin, for lack of a better term.  Why is there no Lenne?  Because they needed Tidus to fall for Yuna.  Why would this happen?  Yuna has a lot of the same qualities as Lenne, so in order to save her they needed a Shuyin copy to fall for her like Shuyin did with Lenne.  This difference between Shuyin and Tidus, though, is that Tidus’s way of saving Yuna didn’t involve murdering millions of people.  lol.  That’s why he doesn’t quite have the same personality as Shuyin (a lot happier and not so angry and “emo”.)  Why did Jecht call Shuyin a crybaby?  Because Shuyin reminded him of Tidus and he calls ‘em like he see’s ‘em.  lol

    But yeah…enough of that.  lol.  This episode had me cracking the fuck up.  Vegnacock is now my new nickname for Vegnagun.  And I loved the fact that you had nothing bad to say about 1,000 Words.  That’s made me smile.  That scene is amazing…anyone who hates this game will admit that it is absolutely beautiful.

    And one final thing:  Please don’t ever cosplay as a female character.  I was praying you may choose to dress up as Shuyin….but no……  You had to dress as Yuna.  

    I’m going to go bleach my eyes out now.

    Can’t wait to see you tear FFXIII to shreds.

    • Serpentlord

      fayth recreated Zanarkand and Tidus is the dream version.  Why is he
      not the same as Shuyin?  Because the fayth had plans for Jecht and Tidus
      to save them from the 1,000 year dreaming.  Shuyin was slightly out of
      his mind and they needed a more….sane version of Shuyin, for lack of a
      better term.

      There is no reason the fayth couldn’t have just made a dream version of someone who wasn’t a genocidal lunatic.

      Why is there no Lenne?  Because they needed Tidus to fall
      for Yuna.  Why would this happen?  Yuna has a lot of the same qualities
      as Lenne, so in order to save her they needed a Shuyin copy to fall for
      her like Shuyin did with Lenne.

      How? Tidus contributed nothing to the plot of Final Fantasy X, granted, he was still more important to the story than Vaan or Penelo were to FFXIII, but that’s an extraordinarily low bar that does not deserve mention.

      This difference between Shuyin and
      Tidus, though, is that Tidus’s way of saving Yuna didn’t involve
      murdering millions of people.  lol.  That’s why he doesn’t quite have
      the same personality as Shuyin (a lot happier and not so angry and

      But why did the fayth need someone to save Yuna? How did they know that the savior to the world would be born a thousand years later? Why couldn’t they have just made someone else the savior of the world rather than Yuna and save the world a thousand years of suffering?

      I understand that the plan was to lure Jecht out with his favorite song, an airship was needed to infiltrate Sin, and Tidus came up with that, but what made Tidus so special that he’d no the exact way to call Sin? Why couldn’t the fayth have just used Auron to stop Jecht/Sin? Auron was actually Jecht’s friend, and actually knew what Jecht’s favorite song was. The plan could’ve easily been his.

      More importantly, if the fayth knew that a close friend or relative of the one inhabiting Sin could bring him down for good via infiltration, why didn’t they just tell someone a thousand years ago and save the world endless suffering?

      When these sort of fundamental questions completely cut apart whatever the plot is supposed to be, no amount of ancillary text in the game can excuse it.

      • Tariel Corbeau

        Which makes the plot utterly bad. Very much bad, if ‘fundamental’ questions like mine rip apart a plot, then the plot is basically bullshit.
        If the plot is so utterly FLIMSY that SIMPLE questions make it fly apart then there is NO plot worth anything at all. At least in ff8 I can question why ultimecia wants to destory the world. One: She is evil, Two: She wants to get vengeance on the people that hurt people like her in the past by destroying them. Which in her eyes can be all that they can understand.

    • Tariel Corbeau

      Okay… just a few questions…well not really. In the actual game, is ALL of that explained? I mean in pretty much terms that any causal gamer can know? Also if all of THAT is explained in the game then WHY when I ask my brother who has played EVERY SINGLE FF game EVER made is he still not ever clear on what the hell is happening? He isn’t stupid, he could tell me, but not even he knows and he is the type of gamer that would spend a few weeks getting 100%.

      If the fayth is so powerful it can basically make an actual PHYSICAL copy of something, then why can’t it make Leynne? Or is her ‘soul’ trapped in the dress sphere? If so then can’t they break the sphere and release her? Make Shuyin happy, to go into the ‘other world’ with him?

      Also how is Jhect Tidus’s father when he is actually Shuyin’s father? Or it is that he is NOT Shuyin’s father and somehow Tidus grew up in the same conditions as Shuyin but turned out into a whiny pissant? Also if Jhect is techinally dead, then HOW is he able to sacrifice his body to become Sin? Where the heck does Auron fit in with all this? Also, what the HELL is wrong with the Fayth? If they are so powerful, then why don’t they again, actually actively do something instead of indirect bull shit?

      That is all.

  • Child0fTheMind

    Epic! I’ve been waiting so long for this; great ending for it, just great! Can’t wait to the follow up with 13 and then 13-2! It’s too bad that you aren’t going to give a review of 12 and some kind of 5 min review of 11 and the “Old Age” of Final Fantasy (I-VI), with those you’d have done the entire mainstream Final Fantasy series! Anyway, love the reviews, you make even the most horrid games enjoyable to relive.

  • Kaltzor

     If any character I’d want to see from 13 get their ass kicked, I would vote for Fang… who contributed nearly nothing to the story or in combat.

    • Serpentlord

      Anyone who doesn’t vote for Hope as their least favorite character is mentally unfit to be considered human.

      • Kaltzor

         No, Fang is a worse character than Hope, in every possible way, the only thing she brings to the whole game is… boobs.

  • Schelm

    7:55 “It’s like having a Hitler-building in your hometown” Uhm, this is awkward because I live in freakin’ Nuremberg (Nürnberg)
    PS: and NO, I am not a Nazi (please don’t say something else, that would insult me)

    • Mike Eisener

       that is exactly the point he was trying to make, wakka should be pissed/infuriated

  • Glen Fida

    The part with lightning striking while Yuna was singing was hilarious, but however that does not happen anymore. The Al’Bhed fixed the towers, COMPLETELY, meaning no more lightning to dodge. Still funny though.

    • Serpentlord

      Not telling the audience upfront that the Al’Behd managed to render the most geographically dangerous area in Spira completely safe in the span of two years, or why they can’t just use one of the other dozen large capacity areas in the game that don’t have lighting in them, nor giving the audience any reason to believe why the Church of Yevon, or anyone else in the last thousand years didn’t just fix the problems themselves* is an enormous plothole, and does not deserve to be tolerated from anyone with even a passing familiarity of good writing.

      The sole reason that scene was created was to provide pretty lighting for a cutscene, and when your sole purpose of adding a new point to the story is to provide something that looks pretty at the expense of making any sense, you’ve failed as a storyteller.

      *It’s not like they ever had a problem with technology when it came to anything other than discriminating against the Al’Behd.

  • Natural20Elodie

    Loved the Yuna crossplay. A tip for fake boobs next time (if there is one) butterscotch pudding in white balloons, and sports bra blocked off with folded up strips of tinfoil. 

  • Amdor

    Burton the Reaper hehe

  • Stephen Martin

    Did he change the face palm segment?

  • Stephen Martin

     Oh yeah, Spoony, you should go to conventions with that Sephiroth outfit. Reading the comments looks like you’d be able to pick and choose for an episode of Spooning with Spoony.

  • Uğur Can Yıldız

    I keep hearing Vegnagun or whatever as Vegnacock.

  • Gaby Cervantes

    holy fuck spoony you outdid yourself here!!! :))) absolutely love this ending(i clapped til my hands stung), it was better than your ff8 ending and your ff10 ending :) spectacular, superb! everyone involved in this project/video did an amazing job! (Cheshire grin) can’t fucking wait for Final Fantasy XIII n__n Lightning’s waitin’ for ya ;) keep her waitin’ and she’ll sock you like Snow then bitch slap you like Fang ;D

  • Matthias Bruckner

    Great stuff Spoony!

    I am a really big fan of the FF series. I don’t hate any single game, in fact I really like all of them. Yeah, the characters and stories are corny at times and I would love it if the next installment would change it up a little bit, but at least for me the games have always had a quality that makes them an involving experience for me. I can understand though why people don’t like certain games of the series, especially because VII was such an outstanding game at its time.

    I’m really looking forward to your review on XIII because I am fascinated by the hate the game usually gets. People who didn’t like X will hate it for similar reasons (mainly the characters i guess). A lot of people didn’t like the missing cities and the linear progression. Some find the battle system nerved down (I think it’s cool because it’s fast paced and demands interesting strategies especially later in the game). I acutally like the game for what it is but I have to complete it before I can watch your review.

    Of course, this is coming from a guy who’s favourite title is still VIII, so I guess not a lot of people here will share my view on the series. Maybe a lot of my personal praise is coming from nostalgia, as I have never played a FF game a second time.

    Oh, and don’t get to stressed by all those people demanding more videos, especially if your suffering from your mental condidtion. I have had troubles with depression for a big chunk of my life (and I still have them from time to time), also within my family. Stressing Spoony is only counter-productive, people!

    Love your stuff however long it takes you to do your videos (I’m also an editor, so I know how much work goes into your pieces :)

    • Serpentlord

      Oh, and I love Lightning. Finally a strong female protagonist in a FF
      game, I have been waiting a long time for that. She’s just bad ass and
      just as annoyed by Hope as you will probably be.

      Lightning is an insufferable ice queen with an airport security guard’s sense of humor, and the only reason I can imagine anyone tolerating her is because all the other party members except Sazh and Fang are completely unlikeable, and watching someone be a complete asshole to them is almost catharthic.

      A character being cold and mean doesn’t have to be a deal breaker for me, if you read the Song of Ice and Fire books, there will be a number of times when you’ll find Arya Stark to be a deeply mentally disturbed girl capable of some truly wretched acts, but you actually see the fucked up shit that it takes for someone to become a hardened badass like Arya, and you admire her cleverness and want to see her fuck Joffrey to death with a dagger-strap-on even as you question her behavior.

      Lightning gets none of that because you never actually see her backstory, or see her act charming or like an actual human being. 

      A character who just broods never works, you need moments in the story where you become terrified of them, sympathetic for them, see them laugh, see them cry, see them connect with someone who’s actually with them, find out what they like, or are made to question whether they can be trusted, or are even good at all. Light fuffills some of that by having to rescue her sister, but seeing as she’s the main character of a 50 hour game, that’s way too little.

      Going back to Song of Ice and Fire, Sandor Clegane murders an innocent young boy on the lies of an evil prince without ever expressing sorrow over it, and he’s infinitely more sympathetic than Lightning because every time you see him, you find out more about what he likes, what he hates, his phobias, what he finds darkly hilarious, how all this ties into what you know about his past, and you watch as his relationship with Sansa Stark grows. Not to mention that he’s a side character rather than a protagonist, and he’s not supposed to be regarded as heroic by the audience, as opposed to Lightning.

      Lightning is a shit character in a game stuffed with them.

      • Matthias Bruckner

        I did not read those books so I can’t really say anything about them. It sounds though that these types of characters rather appear in dark fantasy kind of storys, something which Final Fantasy is not (at least to me). Could there be Mogris, Tomberrys or Cactors in the Song of Ice and Fire setting? It’s seems that that would clash a lot with those kind of characters. I am not looking for that kind of setting if I play a Final Fantasy game. That’s why I play Demon’s/Dark Souls if I feel like it. The way you describe those characters does sound intriguing to me. Oh, but actually there are settings where darkness and cuteness work together like Mononoke Hime (God, I’m so looking forward to Ninokuni on that regard!). Well, those books still don’t sound like it would work.

        Nevertheless, you are right in a lot of the things you say, the creators did not put enough effort into character developement to make them really memorable. A backstory is kind of lacking, it would be interesting how Lightning became the person she is at the beginning of the game. It also did not help that they broke up the game play with so much dialogue, which makes the characters and how they deal with each other really anoying (Imagine a SNES FF with soo much dialogue: it would take ages to get anywhere). Some aspects of the plot was just really lazy, especially those bits at the fireworks on the beach. They could have come up with some place much more exciting than this – and more exciting plot points.

        On the other hand they also did some bits right. My perception was that Lightning’s soft side was portrayed quite subtle. She does smile at times, she’s also worried about the consequences about her actions concerning Hope. Now, as I have mentioned, I haven’t finished the game yet, so I can’t say wether there’s more of that in the end, or if it goes all down the drain. Snow is her counter part in terms of subtlety, and I think the developers did that on purpose –  he’s just really over the top most of the time, and at least to me it does work (NOT ALL THE TIME though). I can understand why people are annoyed by him and the others but I think the developers played it all for laughs. I have to chuckle every time he get’s beaten around by the girls. It’s all corny and stuff, but for me it’s that way for the right reasons, at least in a way that makes the story enjoyable for me.

        In the end I think Square did not make enough of these characters that could have been memorable in the hands of an original writer, I agree with you on that point. I guess as a fan I justed fill up a lot of the blank slates the story left me with on my own. That’s why I don’t really miss the back story or her motivation so much. It’s probably a little bit of a guilty pleasure, just like Reb Brown movies for Spoony. And I probably have a thing for untouchable ice queens, as I also have trouble expressing my feelings to other people at times :)

        • Matthias Bruckner

           Oh and by strong character I meant physically strong, not in terms of character development srs

          • Serpentlord

            This is the single worst way you can classify a strong character. This is the equivalent of classifying Captain Aizen as a complex character because he crafts intricate plans, even though he has the psychological depth of a wine cork.

          • Parsa Hadidi
          • Tariel Corbeau

            You know that is one of the WORST reasons for liking a protagonist. It is like… well getting the strongest ‘pokemon’ in the game and saying he is you favorite because he kicks all kinds of ass.
            At least Aizen just wants to become the badest mofo around for no real reason other then to just do it. What reason does Lightning have for being emo? At least Squall, yes Squall has a reason for being emo. “If you never put anything to another person you will never be hurt.” meaning that he was likely hurt by someone he trusted dearly. ((Not that they ever show it.)) But it is STILL more depth then just being a emo crybaby just because that is the ‘in’ thing now.
            ((Squall was emo before it was cool as well… huh… the world makes sense now… sorta. All the love for the game and now we get so many brooding stupid emo characters.))

          • Nima Ryan Hadidi

            Squall actually does have a reason, but it relates to the orphanage scene: after he lost Ellone, he never wanted to suffer the pain of losing a loved one again

  • Zazychan

    Very funny Spoony! I loved how Sephiroth came at the end and “saved” the day, like the badass he is!

    Don’t worry about the complaints that you’re going too slow, I don’t mind! Just take your time to make your videos like you want them too. Personally I think rushing would just make your movies more shallow, so take your time! I prefer one good review over 10 rushed, unfinished ones!

  • Liam Iverson

    Sexy librarians, waffles, transgender hentai. Lol.  

  • MichaelT

    Oh My God! I can’t believe I didn’t think of this pun until now!
    At the end of the video, Spoony is attacked by…..SPUNA!

  • Robert Redman-Corbin

    I want that t-shirt you are wearing. Where do I get it?

  • RPGaholic

    Actually, you don’t need to 100% to get the Tidus ending.  You just need to whistle 3 times as you chase the Shuyin’s shadow after Yuna got blown into the deep dark pit.

    I wonder if Spoony might consider going “old school” on one of his future reviews.  SaGa Frontier had a choice of 7 different protagonists at the start (with an 8th possible if you lost a certain battle, but only until you beat that storyline), one of which’s storyline consisted of 90% sidequests.

  • David Fabre

    I actually went ahead and bought ff13 in order to understand where you’re coming from next review. I can’t wait for your review.

  • Christoffer Izzy Andersson

    Oh, shite! Twist ending!

    Alright, now for some nerdy nit-picking. I’m sure it’s been mentioned before but I can’t be arsed to check all the other comments so here goes.
    First off, they DO explain why Bevelle doesn’t use Vegnagun in the war against Zanarkand. They decided not to use because they discovered that it was too unpredictable and dangerous, that it was as likely to kill its’ allies as it was to kill its’ enemies. They would have destroyed it if it wasn’t for the fact that it could sense hostility and if someone even so much as PLANNED to dispose of it, it would go apeshit crazy. A pretty lame explanation…but an explanation nonetheless.

    Also, regarding Auron….did I get it right that you were assuming that Auron was from the actual REAL Zanarkand? Because he wasn’t. No. No, he’s from Yun’s time. He just got killed by Yunalesca when he went off on a rage on her after Braska sacrificed himself to turn Jeckt into the Final Aeon. That’s how he became an unsent and that’s how he…somehow managed to travel to Zanarkand. I know, it STILL doesn’t make any sense.

  • Jonathan Andersson

    Wait, does this mean that we’ll see Spoony dressed as Lightning in the possible Final Fantasy 13 review?

    I’m not sure what the appropriate reaction to that is.

  • Candy Schuh

    Please by all means keep doin what your doin, I love your reveiws.

  • Yehuda Broderick

    The songdress creator sounds like someone from Recess

  • Malcomb Bell

    XD I’m surprised at how many jokes you actually missed in this ESPECIALLY on the fan service. I’m even MORE surprised you didn’t make a comment like “HOW THE FUCK DOES SINGING GET RID OF A STORM IN A PLACE THAT THE STORM IS SUPPOSEDLY ENDLESS!!!” XD

    All in all funny as hell, even if i quit after playing FFIII (FFVI). Hope to get some more laughs out of your next review! ^.^

  • Segatron

    My happy place is full of Sexy Librarians.

  • Miguel Angelo Cacilhas

    thumbs up for the storm field kkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Ranting Phoenix

    You did that one guy’s voice so well that I couldn’t help but laugh and go back and listen to it again 

  • Clynton Calderone


  • Charles Noland

    Spoony looks sexy in drag. Just sayin

  • 13secondspastmidnight

    Sephiroth was absolute genius. It made me very happy because now I can picture Sephiroth – my favourite FF villain of all time – KNIFING YUNA! YES! Also, the matrix inclusions were also genius (matrix trilogy is still one of my favourite trilogies… and if one person gives me the “the existential debate of reality has SO been done before and better” routine I’ve got four fucking words: THE EMPIRE NEVER ENDED. That’s old school right there!).

    Great review. I think this is the second time I’ve seen Spoony in drag? Very odd sight. This game… it HAS to have been targeted at 11 year-old girls. Nothing this inane and idiotic could be targeted at an adult audience. The entire premise is ridiculous and it only gets worse from there. I can’t agree with Spoony that Yuna singing at the concert was actually a good scene because… well… I just couldn’t get over the fact that THERE IS A DOOMSDAY DEVICE ABOUT TO BE ACTIVATED AND THEY ARE SINGING A FUCKING CONCERT! WTF???

    Oreo’s participation was absolutely adorable. So cute!

    Thankyou for sticking through Final Fantasy for us, Spoony! Now go and slave away for us on FFXIII.     

  • Emily Kilbourn

    This is definitely the best of the final fantasy review segments so far, keep it up! I couldn’t stop laughing when ‘Yuna’ showed up to kill you at the end. Genius! I loved the Sephiroth costume and I can’t wait for your upcoming reviews of 13. I’ve never played that game, but I haven’t heard good things about it. I’m assuming that you’re skipping 12?

    • John Barton Haslach

      He actually admitted in a vlog review of 13 that he kind of likes 12.

  • eric couglan

    I wonder what Spoonyroth’s plan is? What does he want? And does this mean that we’ll end up seeing more of Spoony in drag? So many questions.

  • Dan Schuett

    Ok here’s my question, how is Shuyin a problem?  I mean I haven’t played either of these so maybe it’s explained but I thought at the end of X they beat Yu Yeven and all the unsent dead people passed on, that’s why Auron died.  So shouldn’t that have taken care of Shuyin?  And if he is just a powerful unsent dead person why can’t Yuna just pull her staff out of the closet and send his whiny ass.

    • Sebastian Svanekjær Pedersen

      There are two ways to answer that. One, an unnecessarily complicated theory about time-space and other such bullshit. Or that the story writers of Square-Enix are just plain stupid.

  • Parsa Hadidi

    Actually, there’s a reason why Seymour isn’t sent: when those guards take him while Yuna tries to send him, they pulled him out of radius and thereby denied the offer of a sending. After every fight until Omnis, his soul escapes while his pyrefly armor disintegrates.

    Each FF villain’s goal after Seph does actually make sense in some way:

    Ultimecia: multiple interpretations, but she does mention how people came to fear her name and persecute witches at her Deling City Parade
    Kuja: childish mind who can’t accept mortality
    Seymour: Branded a monster upon birth by his dad (makes Jecht look tame)
    Vayne: Political Power
    Barthandelus: Perceives humans as Etro’s mistake; seeks to fulfill FNC prophecy and resurrect Lindzei in the process
    Caius: “Contract” to watch the same girl die over and over again; follows Barty’s footsteps and WINS

    And lastly, Shuyin: Lulu mentioned in X that unsents will naturally resent the living over time. Really they should have thrown us more hints that he was insane. But, why does Bevelle shoot him if they know that you only become an unsent if you die “an unclean death?”

    • Sir Quaffler

       Eh ,they may make some sense if you really stop to think long and hard about it, but I still prefer the days when you’re pursuing a maniac clown who just wants to see the world burn. Kefka is still the best villain in Final Fantasy.

  • Anne Frank

    I found Waldo.

  • Rashid Al Thahli

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  • jagarcia0705

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    • Marc Grippo

       Based on the ending, I’d say XIII

  • Cristian Adams

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  • Cristian Adams

    LMFAO during 16:05 when lighting stuck those people.

    • Jack Byer

      It’s the attention to detail like that which makes these videos so worthwhile.

  • Cristian Adams

    When Spoony was rambling about Titus, I thought he was gonna hurt himself in his confusion.

  • Cristian Adams

    FYI, If I were in Spoony situation with a game character trying to kill me, I would keep a weapon on me like Linkara does with his magic gun. I would keep a Noisy Cricket on me from MIB.

  • Cristian Adams

    And who in the hell is the Final Fantasy guy who saves Spoony from Yuna.

  • Ryder McCarthy

    Cristian Adams, the silver haired guy that saved Spoony is Sephiroth, the villian from Final Fantasy VII (7)

  • Rebecca Hendrickson

    The actual reason the last part of the Thunder Plains concert lip syncs very well was because that cinematic was actually made specifically for the English release. If you watch the Japanese version, you’ll see there is no ‘duet’ between Lenne and Yuna.

    • Julio Garcia

      interesting hint but he pointed that because on the rest of the game they just flap their lips.

      • Sara Marie Neff

        and they flap their lips because of translations from japanese. your point is?

        • Julio Garcia

          Is really that hard to understand!? If the lips where synced to the japanese, you would see any pattern on the movement, but there is not pattern. There is not lip-sync for any language, You get it now?

          • TerminalSanity

            ^This^ its SOP not to sync lip-flaps in Japanese Animation and video games to the original Japanese either just begin and just end the lip-flaps in time with the dialog. It really does smack of lazy localization when they didn’t even bother to do that much. Its not that hard to to do with modern editing tools just somewhat time consuming.

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  • Yen Truong

    LOL!!! So funny!!! Best 38 minutes EVER! But really, I laughed so hard at “Meg Ryan” and the “thunder”plains scene, and of course, the ending :D
    However, I gotta point out the fallacy about Auron. He was never from Zanarkand. So that little tidbit you said in conjunction with Tidus doesn’t work. Also, you overworked the issue with Jecht and Tidus/Shuyin too much, but other than that great review. Love the end so much heheh

  • droge085

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  • Michael G

    Is it bad that I laughed when Yuna pushed Tidus into the water, while Spoony said that he aws pushed into jagged rocks…

  • Adam Welsh

    In all fairness Spoony, you’ve never gotten Tidus’ name right either. It’s pronounced “tee-dus” and not “Ty-tus”.

    I doubt anyone else cares at this point, but it makes me feel better.

    Although for what’s it worth, you do make a disturbingly attractive woman. :P

  • Gregory Bogosian

    30:00 Wait Auron was from Zanarkand? I thought that he was originally from Spira, but then he went to Zanarkand after he died and became an unsent. Isn’t That is why he did not know that the Final Aeon becomes the next sin until after Braska and Jecht died and Lady Yunalesca told him?

  • S B

    I actually thought Spoony got a girl to play Yuna in the end until I was told it was him…

  • Lucas Barrientos di Leo

    Auron wasn’t from Zanarkand, was from Spira.


    who is that guy with the white hair supposed to be at the end?

    • gallowsCalibrator413

      Sephiroth XD

  • alvaro oyarte

    “turns on: Transgender hentai” really Spoony, Really?! well after seeing his Yuna cosplay im not surprized XD who would knew Seph watches internet reviews i always tough he would be the kind of guy who watches Soap Operas & stuff like that on tv

  • Adam Richardson

    Prepare for wall of text
    Well a lot of people will probably disagree but who cares. Shuyin is probably one of my favorite ff villains, one because he is actually shown the reason of why he is insane. pop that in with a thousand years of wondering spira and anyone would be insane.

    Now dont get me wrong ff x 2 is probably one of the worst games in the series but it does got a lot to redeem it. Also before anyone thinks 8 was my favorite it isn’t ff 4 is my favorite. The dress sphere system is also really good and fun as i was always a fan of the job system and was glad it was brought back. Another cool thing that ff x and x-2 did was the ability to play and watch cut scenes that you watched anytime you want which is pretty cool thing to do.

    Seeing as people for some reason are also commenting on some of the other resent games i will put my two cents worth in.

    First off ff 12 is probably one of my favorite ff games. Vaan isnt that bad of a character mainly because the point of him being there is that you see the game through a 3rd party. It does make a bit of sense (not a lot mind you). The other characters in the game are a lot better excluding penelo. Hell i would of been happy with playing as Reks than vaan. That aside ff 12 probably had one of the most in depth worlds in any of the ff games which is one of the main reasons i like the game. It also has one of the cooler opening cut scenes. The writers put a lot into the world surrounding the game which in my opinion can bring a game up even if the plot is bad (A reason i like the star wars prequels)

    ff 13 is a game that also has an interesting world surrounding it. I mean look at the bio engineered monsters that they make, that is a pretty clever idea to deal with a monster problem. Lightning is also a really cool character and is up there with cecil, baither, basch, auron Sazh and kain as one of my favorite characters of the ff series and also joins my list of badass characters, also helps that she is hot as hell. Lightning has a pretty deep character compared to a lot of the other characters in the newer ff games. Sure ff 13 is linear as hell but it isnt the worst as i said the world is what makes the game interesting. Another benefit is that the cut scenes are probably the most interesting of the series so far, for instance the scene where they burst onto the racetrack with their summons and start fighting.

  • Cat Flames

    When I seen that last boss Yuna I was like “Oh no…” lol Loved when Sephi got her do :P WOOT!

  • Jeremy Behrend

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  • Adam Murray

    I had to watch this again after his ultima 9 review

  • Eduardo Uchoa

    Spoony, if I’m not mistaken, during the FFX-2 game, it was said that the thunder plains are safe now because of the towers could prevent all citzen there because the al-bhed fixed the towers.

  • Katie Carbrey

    Auron is not from the Real Zanarkand. What made Spoony think that? Auron was with Braska and Jecht ten years ago, and he was killed by Yunalesca ten years ago. He was never from Zanarkand at all.

    Other than that I love this review. It’s just that part in the video kind of bugged me.

    • Derek Thomas

      I agree. He made similar mistakes with Ultima 6. It’s like my favourite ultima of all time and what got me hooked on the ultima series as a whole. I know the game so well, it was obvious he didn’t even play it at all. Seriously, that game taught me morals long before I found my religion at a later date. The “virtues” of the avatar were my moral and ethical code as a child. And he didn’t eve give it a chance because he didn’t like the interface? Come on. That’s lame. It’s basically the exact same as all ultimas before it, it’s just a bit more prominent, and there ARE hot-keys just like every Ultima before it. And if he didn’t like the PC version, theres a great SNES port of Ultima 6 too. I imagine he doesn’t play every game he reviews. And that explains all the inconsistencies. It’s ok. I imagine it’d be time consuming and painful to play every game he’s reviewed, since most of em are pretty bad. But Ultima 6 was an exception.

  • Jackson Mccreery

    Just wanted to ask you this: You complained about the bosses plans in Final Fantasy games, specifically excludng Kefka and Sephiroth(kinda). What about Zemus/ Zeromus from FF IV? Do you see him in the same llight as Kefka, since he just wanted to destroy everything because, dammmit, he’s the embodiment of all evil, or as one of the lame bosses who, as the embodiment of all evil should want something better than just killing everyone? Also just your general opinion of FFIV would be appreciated.

  • Tim Edgren

    I want that sephiroth cosplay. Where did you get it Spoony?

  • Daniel Kong

    I just realized how you can explain away Auron not recongnizing that Tidus is actually supposed to be Shuyin. Auron is an unsent spirit from Yuna’s time period that goes to the same Zanarkand that misremembers Shuyin(making him Tidus). So could it be that because he never actually had a true reference for Shuyin that means he would just shrug it off as Tidus being misremembered by Jecht? Or never actualyl realizing there was anything wrong?

    Or maybe IM just making up excuses.

  • David Henshaw

    I bet in the secret ending of X-2 Yuna still didnt know Tidus’s name

  • Sir Quaffler

    Interesting point you bring up about the villains in Final Fantasy games. I never understood any of their arguments about wanting to return everything to nothingness or end all suffering or what have you. At least with Kefka I know he just wants to blow up the world because he’s batshit insane. And I like to subscribe to the “Squall is dead” theory for FF8, it makes Ultimecia a more interesting character as she is the one figment of Squall’s imagination aware of what’s happening and is trying to prolong the dream. (also because the game doesn’t make any sense otherwise.)

  • Stephen Ellis

    I’ll admit that Shuyin’s motivation didn’t really bug me that much. I just assumed that 1000+ years as an alone and bitter unsent made him a little nuts. I know I would be

  • kountsarpadeon

    The musical keyboard interface is kinda similar to the control console on Barbarella’s ship, just noticed.

  • Akkudakku

    Well that escalated quickly :D

  • Gordon Jones

    Wait so Tidus is the living manifestation of a misremembered fantasy of a bloke Yuna/Lenn once fell in love with? I know he’s a whiny git and all but doesn’t that mean Yuna has a literal fantasy for a partner, just how many sad desperate men would pay for such fantasy women? Also SpoonyYuna is surprisingly hot but in general I think Spoony deserves an award for having a convincing and awesome action showdown with three different characters played by himself.

  • sonbitchgoku

    With regards to Tidus and Shuyin, I was already thinking a lot of the things you said towards the end there. I don’t know if spoony actually reads these or not, but here goes.
    Ok, so we both agree that Tidus and Shuyin are pretty much the same person, but that Tidus is an incomplete memory of Shuyin. Isn’t it also reasonable to assume that Tidus also had Shuyin’s incomplete memories as well? That would explain why he doesn’t mention Lenne, perhaps those memories were lost or maybe Jecht intentionally altered his memories. I mean, I doubt Jecht also raised Shuyin to hate him so he would kill Jecht when he turned into sin, right? I think Tidus’s memories were both incomplete and fabricated by Jecht and/or the fayth. Tidus could have very well been a dream made up entirely to kill sin, but then it’s like.. why Tidus? Why wasn’t Auron chosen to do this task, he could have done it easily and would have probably made a better lead character, but then there probably wouldn’t have been a romance between Auron and Yuna either and it would have been really awkward anyway. Perhaps Auron didn’t say anything because Jecht told him not to? Do the fayth even know people’s memories anyway? Tidus’s memories were perfectly suited for his role in the game. It’s like he only had enough memories to carry out his “role”, which was killing sin.
    Also, the most likely reason Tidus isn’t referred to by name in FFX is because you can change his name. The game had mostly voices and very little “read only” text, but they could have put read only text if the party wanted to call him by name. It doesn’t explain why his name is hidden in FFX-2, though.
    I have no real explanation though as to how the fayth could forget Shuyin’s name. Bringing Shuyin up in FFX would have just been confusing and it probably would have worked out better if they could have included the Shuyin/Lenne story in FFX somehow or at least a lead-in to it.
    I’m surprised you actually admitted to liking X-2, though. I liked X-2 and FFX. Tidus was annoying, but can you blame him? It’s weird, Tidus and Cloud have a couple things in common. Both were “created” as opposed to being born and both had a whole lot of baggage and issues as a result. Both had fabricated and fragmented memories that were cherry picked. Cloud was far less annoying than Tidus, actually Cloud wasn’t annoying at all. Anyways, I didn’t have much of an issue with the supporting cast, not even Wakka really except the way he talks is kinda annoying, ya?
    As far as your gripes with blitzball from FFX, it *is* the future. Perhaps the blitzball water was actually liquid oxygen, which is technology we have today. Maybe the water was made “lighter” with less resistance. Perhaps all water in Spira is like this, liquid oxygen. I mean, it’s not like Spira exists on Earth, right?

    • Keichi Morisato

      I always thought the water was suspended in something a like a force field, and their clothing had something built in that gave them the ability to breath underwater. though your liquid oxygen is a plausible scenario.

  • Taylor William Hardy

    I’m not gonna lie. I thought spoony-yuna was played by an actual girl for a while.He really pulls that look off.

    • Derek Thomas


  • Jim Manahan

    spoony in drag = anyone will go blind.

    • Tab

      I thought he was pretty. -shrug-

  • MichaelT

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  • Zipper Dragon

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  • Garrett Kenney

    24:20 Was That Chris Hardwick?

  • Derek Thomas

    HAHAHAH EWWWW… Five points for spoony in drag. XD What is with him and drag?!

    • wizzbang

      He looks dang sexy in it. That’s what.

      • Derek Thomas

        I love drag for comedy purposes. But there’s nothing sexy about a man in women’s clothes for me.

        • wizzbang

          Clearly you haven’t seen Dave Foley in a skirt.

  • Michael Sunseri

    OMG 38 sec in when Burton’s readout is displayed i just read that screen and the fact that waffles give Spoony an erection (or a woman making waffles?) is quite hilarious. Oh and the transgender tentacle hentai… lolz

    • Derek Thomas


  • Desmond Rory Sparrs

    omg, this game’s plot is hilarious….oh man… I must´ve been soooo inexperienced when I loved FFX cause I did when it was released(I was young and dumb). I did not miss a thing by not playing this game… although Im still curious to play it…oh man.

  • VonSarno

    omg girl spoony

  • wizzbang


  • Ron Dunham

    So basically as far as I’m seeing, Shuyin wanted to blow the fuck out of everyone because…ya..and Lenne gets in his way. Then we get a “Bitch move get out the way” and they BOTH end up dead. Shoulda pulled a 50 cent and used her as a human shield, IMO.

  • Brian Frang

    Ok, here’s a stupid theory: Maybe Jecht raised Shuyin in the real Zanarkand to hate him so that Shuyin would be able to kill him when he became Sin, but then Shuyin met Lenne, went crazy and stole Vegnegun, getting himself and Lenne killed. Needing a new person to take Shuyin’s place, the Fayth constructed Dream Zanarkand using memories of Shuyin, but chose to remove his relationship with Lenne, and theft of Vegnegun, hoping to make a more docile, kinder person who still hates his daddy, but doesn’t want to kill the whole world. The reason Auron doesn’t notice the difference is because he knows all about Shuyin and Tidus, and doesn’t say anything because it doesn’t come as a surprise. It could be why he goes to such lengths to show Tidus how much Jecht cared about him, so that he wouldn’t follow the same path Shuyin did.

    • Brian Frang

      Wait…. That doesn’t make any sense…. Braska was Yuna’s father, right? So, Jecht couldn’t possibly have existed during Shuyin’s time 1000 years before the events of FFX…. Unless…Maybe Jecht is a memory of Shuyin’s abusive father who was ALSO somehow connected to Sin? Maybe part of the group that turned Yu Yevon into Sin in the first place? Or one of the Fayth who created Dream Zanarkand on the condition that there be made memories of both himself and his son, but without his son’s murderous tendencies? Ugh…. Just thinking about this is giving me a migraine….

      • kingd353

        the way i see it tidus and jecht are both dreams of the faith based off of whats his face and his father but again the faith’s memory is inperfect so ofcourse they don’t remember that romance tidus had and even if they did it’s not important their dreams were dreams of hope some kids romance that ends in a tragic death doesn’t matter to them dream jecht raised tidus and through some form of foresite knew he’d need his son to hate him before going through w.e the fuck tidus did to get to w.e the fuck the world is called here and helping his friends stop sin then tiduses story happens does it make little sense yes do i care? no this si still my favorite rpg of all time and i regret not playing x 2 even if the idea of using outfits as powerups sounds stupid as all fuck actually nwot htat i think about it….. fuck the faith pulled a deu ex machina or however you spell that… by creating tidus auran and jecht to basicly but fuck sin out of existence even though they shouldn’t have been able to…. hmm i guess even gods need to sue the power of anime bullshit to pull out wins

    • NeroAngelo

      the whole reason Jecht raised Tidus to hate him was so that he’d be inspired to be a better Blitzball player

  • Braigwen

    In regards to the Tidus/Shuyin issue, how well do we know our own celebrities? We only know them by the persona they show in public, and most of the time it’s an act to keep their careers moving. So it’s entirely possible that Shuyin’s Blitzball name was Tidus what with the analogy to tides and all. So, the fayth’s memories, while imperfect, were exactly who Shuyin was in public. Some would have seen him as a whiny show off and others would have seen him as a heroic figure, the same as people see celebrities today.

    And as far as Sin goes… Jekt could have been part of the group that went after Sin in the time of Zanarkand when attacks were few and far between and gotten sucked into the time warp or what ever. That would have left Lenne as the most famous Summoner as the only one who had the power to defeat Sin then and her bond with Shuyin would have ensured that Sin was no longer a problem for a long time. Shuyin had other ideas like using Vegnagun to eradicate Sin which most would have believed would be worse than useless.

    Lenne tried to talk him out of it and in the process, got both of them killed. Which is why Sin was able to attack Zanarkand, because the summoner and the person she had the closest bond with were killed before hand. The destruction of a city like Zanarkand would have sent the entire world into a tailspin of despair until they’re just barely eking out an existence with the previous generation barely able to give birth to the next before being eradicated.

    This also explains their attachment to the Temples. If you look at it from their perspective it makes sense. Most barely knew their parents before they were killed by Sin. Most won’t even make it long enough to have children of their own, and those that do will loose some of them to Sin. The entire planet is in Purgatory, slowly circling the drain so to speak on their way to annihilation and the only constant in their lives is the church of Yeven.

    It’s the only thing they can latch onto in the cruel world they live in and derive some comfort in their short, hectic lives as they try their best to survive, maybe have children and try to raise them before Sin takes them like it took their parents.

    So it totally makes sense that the Church of New Yeven would arise to satisfy the need for comfort and purpose in the lives of many of the older people of Spira who have lived with it for so long they can’t see their lives without Yeven in it some how.

    It also explains the Youth League’s actions. Think of it this way; you’ve lived your whole life with the constant threat of death from Sin. He’s always right around the corner and even if he misses your city or village, he will get you eventually. They’re under so much pressure to grow up as fast as possible, get married, have children and spend as much time as they can with them until their inevitable death by Sin.

    Now all that pressure is gone, and like when you hold a volleyball under water, it shoots up several feet above the water before settling down again. That’s what the Youth League represents, that elation, that sudden release from those constraints and exuberant leap as they try to find their own identity away from what they recognize as a destructive religion worshiping a being that nearly doomed them all. They have the gift of youth to give them perspective. The older people are burdened with so many years subjugated by Yeven that, like the elephant who was tethered with a rope since it was a calf, aren’t capable of living life with out that restraint on themselves.

    It also explains why Yuna is how she is in X-2. During X, she was burdened with the responsibility of saving the world and knowing that she would die doing so. Through the fayth’s imperfect reconstruction of ‘Tidus’, she was able to see another way. While his character wasn’t written well, the purpose of it was both as a player avatar, and as a beacon of light in an otherwise dark world. Tidus hadn’t spent his entire life shackled to the Church of Yeven as everyone else had so he, being the outsider looking in, was able to see how demented and twisted the pilgrimage was. I can see how someone like Yuna was drawn to that exuberance that was so missing from the world. Though, to be fair, he was written very poorly and came off as a whining, do nothing.

    In X-2, Yuna is experiencing that same rebound the rest of the world is. She’s just happy to be alive and just wants to have all the fun she can, for as long as she can. Yes the fan service was way over the top and the implied incestuous love triangle left me scratching my head in dismay, but I got her character. Paine was just a fill in for the position of Emo chick. And rule 63. Can’t forget that.

    All in all, I understood the story that was trying to be told… it just got buried under a metric shit-ton of fan service, Charlie’s Angels and Awkward Ex Machina.

    • Hower Nightingale

      Thats not completely right, because the story itself resembles religious symbolism, and the 2nd part is (actually confirmedly) a tacked on story which does not relate to the first one in a deeper sense or fashion which was a symbolism story about religion like 90% of the FF games. Still, i like your idea. it would actually makes sense. sadly the devs themself already said that it was a little much simpler than that.

    • Reize

      There was no “time warp.” Dream Zanarkand is a physical place you can go visit on Spira. It actually, properly exists near Baaj. Tidus is a recreation of Shuyin, Jecht is a recreation of Shuyin’s dad. It’s less complicated than it seems because it’s horrendously and poorly explained.

      • KatieMarie

        Thank you for being one of the few people to actually understand this. lol. Dream Zanarkand is in Spira, and you’re right that it is near Baaj. And Jecht is likely a recreation of Shuyin’s father just like Tidus is a recreation of Shuyin.

    • Dragon Nexus

      Well as much as I initially liked the Japanese Idol style fake personality thing, it falls apart when you remember Tidus met Jecht. you think Jecht wouldn’t have something to say about his own son acting like his own celebrity personality in front of him at his dying moments? Clearly how Tidus acted around Jecht was exactly how Tidus really was.

    • KatieMarie

      Sin wasn’t around during the time of Shuyin and Lenne. They died before Sin came because Sin destroyed Zanarkand towards the end of the war. Their deaths likely happened right before Sin appeared.

  • Marquis Owens

    Ok, but… It would’ve been nice to mention it…

    I personally think that Shuyin somehow made Tidus na d put it into into a fake world, so he can get stronger. Sort of like Roxas in Kingdom Hearts 2.

  • KatieMarie

    Okay, this isn’t really that hard of a concept. Shuyin is the real blitzball player from the real Zanarkand. Tidus is the dream zanarkand version. This means that Jecht is also a dream version of someone else, likely Shuyin’s father (whether he also went by Jecht or something else is unknown). Outside of that, Dream Jecht has no other connection to Shuyin. He didn’t raise him, he never met him. They’re not connected. Dream Jecht is a dream version of the “real Jecht”. The real Jecht is the one who raised Shuyin, not Dream Jecht. Dream Jecht raising Shuyin would be PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE since there’s a 1000 year gap separating the two. I see so many people theorizing that the Jecht we see in the game raised Shuyin. No. He could not have possibly have done that because Jecht is from Dream Zanarkand. Shuyin is from Real Zanarkand. That’s not possible.

    But Jecht is at the final battle (along with Auron and Braska) to offer words of encouragement and support. The fact that he called Shuyin a crybaby is likely due to the fact that he recognized the connection between Shuyin and Tidus, and because they both are, essentially, crybabies.

    Also, Auron is not from the real zanarkand. I have no idea where Spoony got that from. But that’s physically impossible since Yunalesca killed Auron 10 years prior to the game. He had only been dead for 10 years which would makes him 1000 years old if he lived in Zanarkand 1000 years ago.

    • NeroAngelo

      I think he meant that he’s from real Spira, but said Zanarkand because he doesn’t care enough about the games to really remember the name of the country

      the part I’m still confused about is how did Jecht get to real-Spira? If it was Sin, why did it send him? like, there’s nothing that really explains that. Maybe instead of X-2 being about Yuna, why not make it about Jecht, Auron, and Braska & showing their journey with the sad ending. We can fill in some holes & actually have fun, interesting, and awesome characters & see more about their interactions and their character-journey. Like, build on the bond between the three of them that led to Jecht offering his life for Braska, Braska letting Jecht kill him (seems like an awesome cinematic), and Auron losing his closest friends, and eventually going back to Dream Zanarkand to help raise Tidus

      • KatieMarie

        No, he definitely meant Zanarkand, He showed footage of Zanarkand as he said it, and went on to make the point that Auron would know Shuyin. Also he mentioned Zanarkand throughout the review. He definitely knows what city it is. He just made the mistake of thinking “Auron is unsent, therefor he’s from Zanarakand”

        I feel like your confusion stems from the idea that Dream Zanarkand is in another dimension or something. Dream Zanarkand is on Spira (it’s near Baaj where Tidus first ends up in FFX). None of the Spira residents know about it because no one ventures out that far due to Sin.

        And yes, according to the game Sin did take him from DZ. Technically, if any DZ resident wanted to, they could take a boat to the “real Spira”. Jecht went out too far at sea to train and he got picked up by Sin. You’re right about the reason why is never explained. I wonder if the fayth had some influence on it since they were clearly planning Jecht to become the next Sin and for Tidus to follow in his steps to essentially kill him and end their dreaming. So maybe they’re the cause.

        And I agree there should have been a prequel. Fans would have loved that. Hell, even people who hated FFX might like that since most actually enjoy Auron and Jecht as characters at the very least.

        • NeroAngelo

          I thought Dream Zanarkand was more like the matrix . . . just magic instead of science. either way, I know exactly what it is in-game, so no explanation necessary

          idk. I think his explanation was something mentioned in one of the Jecht spheres & I just forgot about it

          maybe he meant more that Auron’s BEEN to real Zanarkand & would know something (if not alot) about its history or something along those lines . . . idk

          if anything, this game deserves a trilogy more than XIII

    • Claire Lopez

      The point is simple, you shouldn’t have to explain this. It should be shown to the player, not told.

      • KatieMarie

        Well apparently I did have to explain this because a lot of people weren’t getting it. lol.

        • Claire Lopez

          Yes, but the game should be good enough convey that information from the get go. You’re tearing into a reviewer for a perfectly valid point. The game did not tell it’s story well enough that it was universally understood what was going on. A few people puzzled it out sure, but the vast majority of people in my circle didn’t get it. Nor did they care enough to try.

          It’s still bad storytelling.

          • KatieMarie

            Not really. Its honestly not that confusing if you pay attention. Its a great story. You just actually have to pay attention to it. And its honestly not rocket science

            Fayth: “Yes, you’re a dream of the fayth. You, your father, your mother, everyone. All dreams. And if the fayth stop dreaming…”

            This quote from Bahamut clearly states Jecht and Tidus are from Dream Zanarkand. This right here proves Jecht cannot have raised Shuyin because Jecht is a dream

            “Shuyin? Just a shadow. It may look like him, but the real Shuyin died long ago” – Same fayth.

            Shuyin died 1000 years ago. It is explained in X-2 he lived in Zanarkand during the Machina War. Tidus has no knowledge of such a war until Lulu discusses it with him in X. Obviously they are from two different Zanarkands.

            As for Auron. He is shown being killed by Yunalesca. How could that be possible if he’s already dead?

            Honestly, this stuff isn’t hard. Anyone who doesn’t get it isn’t paying attention or doesn’t care to. And that’s on them. I understood all this right away. As did most of my friends whom I’ve talked to about it at my college’s Game Society. And for those who didn’t get it, they said they didn’t care for the game. So if you don’t care for the game, you’re not as likely to care enough to pay attention. And that’s okay. You don’t like it. But don’t blame the game for not explaining things when they clearly did.

            The only thing they never explained was the connection between Shuyin and Tidus. And they likely never will. Even in the Ultimania they pretty much said “Its possible they’re connected, you can’t deny that”. They never give an answer for it. I think they left this up for the fans to decide the connection.

          • Claire Lopez

            I payed attention, and loved the game. The story was fun, but it didn’t convey it well enough to me. It just didn’t. You can’t tell someone “oh it’s not that complicated” if the message wasn’t delivered effectively. It may be a simple message but if several people don’t get the message, it is told in a sub optimal way. Fact.

          • KatieMarie

            It was extremely straight forward. Spoony even called it “linear as hell, no surprise plot twists”.

            Exactly what part of it wasn’t conveyed or delivered effectively? I’m sure if you can give me one example, I can show you where it was explained in the game.

            And you may have met several people who didn’t get it, but that doesn’t make it fact. That’s extremely illogical. You’re basing it on a small sample size.

            Honestly, what you’re conveying sounds like opinion. Definitely not fact

          • Claire Lopez

            A well constructed narrative will reveal it’s finer plot points without external help. This did not. I had to go look up the whole relationship between Jecht and Shuyin despite playing the game through twice.

          • KatieMarie

            That’s because there is no relationship between Jecht and Shuyin. Zero. Zilch. Nothing. There’s nothing to look up or understand. And I don’t understand why Spoony jumped to the conclusion that Jecht being there meant something when Auron and Braska were there too.

            The reason he is in the Farplane giving advice is for the same reason Auron and Braska are there, and that’s to give moral support and words of encouragement during the final battle.

          • Claire Lopez

            Spoony and I, along with most of my friends jumped to that conclusion because it isn’t well explained. You can rant up and down about how simple it is all you like. I didn’t get it, spoony didn’t get it, my friends didn’t’ get it. You can say a work is great if you understand it all you want, some of us aren’t willing to do the digging or nitpick the dialogue. Sometimes a story needs lines or visuals for the cheap seats. This case I think it did. The story suffered as a result. It’s the mark of a bad story teller, and bad writing when a story cannot be fully conveyed to a large portion of it’s subset. Without a large portion of replay, or very careful reading.
            There are some things with which this is not true, sequels for example. However in this case having played the previous game ( and hating it as much as spoony did.) I still didn’t get it. So yes, failed story telling.

          • KatieMarie

            You jumped to a random conclusion on something that didn’t need to be explained, though. You hear them offering words of encouragement throughout the battles with Vegnagun and Shuyin. It’s not the fault of the game if a few random people jump to conclusions based on absolutely nothing. The game gave you zero reason to jump to this conclusion. That’s not the fault of the game.

            “You can say a work is great if you understand it all you want, some of us aren’t willing to do the digging or nitpick the dialogue. Sometimes a story needs lines or visuals for the cheap seats. This case I think it did. The story suffered as a result.”

            I’m saying it was extremely easy to understand based on the dialogue of the story that’s in the game. You can’t say a game didn’t tell the story when it clearly did. There’s no digging involved. IT’S IN THE GAME ITSELF. And the story had lines and visuals throughout. Again, I would like specifics for this because otherwise you’re just claiming it didn’t have it because you have no other way of downgrading the game without specifics. So you’re making general negative statements with substance. And again, this is all your opinion. Not facts.

            “and bad writing when a story cannot be fully conveyed to a large portion of it’s subset. ”

            Again, you’re basing this off of a few people. If you go on Final Fantasy forums and ask them if they understood the game, I’m pretty sure you will find more people who understood it than not. Same with those who gave it really high reviews on various sites.

            “However in this case having played the previous game ( and hating it as much as spoony did.) I still didn’t get it.”

            So, you admit to hating it. Which likely means you didn’t bother to pay attention to it. Which is why you likely didn’t get it.

            “So yes, failed story telling.”

            You have provided no examples yet. And honestly, Spoony rarely did either in his review. The majority of his points were ‘shitty character design, they talk too much, Tidus is annoying, etc.’ So again, your opinions (and Spoony’s). But not facts.

            There’s no point in continuing this conversation. We’re both basing this on our opinions of the game. I thought it told a wonderful story and was extremely easy to understand. You disagree. And until you can provide specific reasons why, we’re just going to continue talking in circles.

          • Claire Lopez

            I agree, there is no point. I saw a mechanical fault with the game. You don’t see it. That’s fine, we’re just agreeing to disagree.

    • Gussie Jives

      Jesus, this isn’t freakin’ Chinatown we’re talking about here….

  • Claire Lopez

    I think Tidus is a whiny shit pistol. Personally. You want a good character arch Zack Fair. Tidus never changes. I personally hated ten and actually enjoyed X2 for what it was. So there ya freaking go.

  • darkdriver

    I finally got around to watching this video. (Don’t remember why I never saw this one, though I do remember seeing the other two.) And…well, I’ve always read about those moments when a person says he or she sprayed beverage on a keyboard because of something so hilarious.
    There I was, watching the video, swallowing a swig of Pepsi…and the first lightning bolt during the concert happens. I almost choked, damn it!
    Spoony…great job.

  • likalaruku

    The music in this game series from 7 on up is consecutively dreadful if you detest pop music. It would be more tolerable in chiptunes or midi form.

    • Gussie Jives

      I know there would be know way Square would have sprung for the licenses, but i can think of like 4 or 5 songs that would have fit just as well and would have been not only better tunes, but more powerful in capturing the emotions.

      I named Leather and Lace by Stevie Nicks and Las Palabras De Amor by Queen as better, just as fitting songs than this Jpop crap. Half of Queen’s catalogue would just as easily be better replacements for this.

      I kid you not, with a few lyrics changes, Jim Cuddy’s Skyscraper Soul would actually be a more fitting song.

  • Gussie Jives

    Boo! Let’s get Heart, Roxette or the Pretenders up here for some real music!

  • Gussie Jives

    Actually a few days thinking (and by days, I mean a couple minutes browsing my iPod every so often), an absolutely perfect song would be Time To Say Goodbye, as sung by Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli. Think about it, a couple contemplating on the journeys and experiences they’ll never share while they’re apart (be it due to death or a long separation) and wanting so badly to be together. If it has to be sung by Lenne and Yuna, have them alternate Brightman’s and Bocelli’s parts. It has ten times the gravitas and power that any insipid J-Pop song can muster (opera singers tend to go all out).

    Seriously, if you have not heard Time To Say Goodbye, fire up YouTube and listen to it now. Whatever you think of Bocelli’s vocal abilities, it’s a beautiful song. Call me a music snob if you must, but I am of the firm opinion that J-Pop and K-Pop can ruin a work faster than almost rap or country combined. There’s always something just… off about it, even in the native language, and it just fails every time I have to hear it as the theme music to any anime film or series.

    Even in a game that jettisons dignity as quickly as FFX-2, this just doesn’t work.

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