Final Fantasy X-2 – Part 3

The Spoony One | Feb 16 2012 | 1,115 notations | 

The Spoony One confronts his destiny at last in this thrilling conclusion to Final Fantasy X-2! Will he survive with his sanity and his dignity intact? Will he find Burton at long last? Will we discover the identity of the nefarious villain who kidnapped him? Tune in and find out!

Final Fantasy X-2 – Part 2

The Spoony One | Jul 21 2011 | 600 notations | 

Our plucky heroines trot around the world so they can murder several women to steal their clothes, because those darn spheres are worth the effort!

Final Fantasy X-2 – Part 1

The Spoony One | Jul 10 2011 | 968 notations | 

What can I do for you, except review another Final Fantasy atrocity? It’s the much-maligned sequel to a game I already hate! How much worse could it be? Follow-up: In hindsight, “predictable” wasn’t the word I should have chosen in describing the series– although the spinoff games outside of the main series definitely were. I…file continues…

Final Fantasy X – Part 4

The Spoony One | Dec 31 2010 | 971 notations | 

Creator’s commentary is here. The final chapter of Final Fantasy X awaits, but will Spoony survive or be overwhelmed by the sins of the past?

Final Fantasy X – Part 3

The Spoony One | Aug 29 2010 | 815 notations | 

Wedding bells are ringing for Yuna, but what kind of honeymoon does Seymour have planned?

Final Fantasy X – Part 2

The Spoony One | Jun 13 2010 | 812 notations | 

The heroes have their first violent encounter with Sin, but more importantly, they go to the big blitzball tournament! It’s a whole new world of excitement!

Final Fantasy X – Part 1

The Spoony One | Mar 11 2010 | 1,171 notations | 

Final Fantasy 13 just hit store shelves, so naturally, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.