Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

The Spoony One | May 13 2014 | 

It’s new and improved! And that’s really, really sad.

This is an edited version of a livestream I did a few months ago that probably says more than any scripted review ever could.

Yeah, I quit after 20 minutes. I quit because they wanted me to kill squirrels & ladybugs. I quit because my first quest was delivering pie. Way to suck me into the action, guys. By this time in DC Universe I was blasting my way out of a Brainiac invasion ship. By this time in Star Trek Online I was fighting off a fucking Borg cube. By this time in Final Fantasy 14 I was handing off a fucking pie. Fuck the pie and fuck this game.

I quit because after all this time, it’s a dirt-average fantasy MMO with nothing separating it from the thousands of others.