FMV Hell – Microcosm

The Spoony One | Apr 6 2008 | 534 notations | 

The Spoony One makes his triumphant return in this review of the worst, most boring game to ever blight the PC or the SegaCD: Microcosm. Take a Fantastic Voyage through FMV Hell and see if you can survive “the ultimate CD-ROM game.” But first, we need to take a look at the most grotesquely over-fluffed…file continues…

FMV Hell – Johnny Mnemonic Endings

The Spoony One | Dec 8 2007 | 15 notations | 

Many people…some people…all right, one person wanted to know just how Johnny Mnemonic ended! Well here it is, the multi-faceted ending to the FMV game Johnny Mnemonic!

FMV Hell – Johnny Mnemonic

The Spoony One | Nov 30 2007 | 316 notations | 

Take a tour of the FMV games I grew up playing and learn how they scarred my existence! There’s more to come, and we’re leading up to a full-length review of one of the oddest FMV games ever made! Now we tackle the most dreaded of the FMV titles: the interactive movies. We begin with…file continues…