Ultima 7, Part 1: The Black Gate

The Spoony One | Feb 1 2011 | 368 notations | 

Know that Britannia is about to enter a new age of enlightenment…


The Spoony One | Jan 13 2011 | 189 notations | 

Spoony stumbles upon the darkest secret of the BLAGHO…

Final Fantasy X – Part 4

The Spoony One | Dec 31 2010 | 971 notations | 

Creator’s commentary is here. The final chapter of Final Fantasy X awaits, but will Spoony survive or be overwhelmed by the sins of the past?

Ultima 6: The False Prophet

The Spoony One | Nov 14 2010 | 512 notations | 

You don’t suppose anyone was using the Codex of Infinite Wisdom before I swiped it, do ya? Edit: I forgot to credit Artiph, who generously provided most of the game footage for this review. Sorry about that! Animated intro created by Nick Dobkin.

Highlander – The Last of the MacLeods

The Spoony One | Oct 19 2010 | 575 notations | 

Oh yes, there’s a Highlander video game.

Ultima 5: Warriors of Destiny

The Spoony One | Sep 19 2010 | 321 notations | 

Lord British goes adventuring and leaves his most trusted advisor Lord Blackthorn to sit the throne in his absence. What could possibly go wrong?

Final Fantasy X – Part 3

The Spoony One | Aug 29 2010 | 815 notations | 

Wedding bells are ringing for Yuna, but what kind of honeymoon does Seymour have planned?

Ultima 4: Quest of the Avatar

The Spoony One | Aug 20 2010 | 222 notations | 

Lord British institutes a new world order, and the call goes out for another hero (preferably one that doesn’t massacre entire towns for gold pieces).