Ultima 1: The First Age of Darkness

The Spoony One | Jul 4 2010 | 266 notations | 

How do you kill a man who wields the Gem of Immortality? Edit: Sorry if there’s a bit of a background hiss on the audio. I’d turned the gain on my microphone down for E3 and never switched it back, so most of the audio here was pretty dim and I had to bring it…file continues…

Ultima 0 – Akalabeth

The Spoony One | Jul 4 2010 | 115 notations | 

Welcome, foolish mortal! (Game collection photo by Captain Rufus.)

Final Fantasy X – Part 2

The Spoony One | Jun 13 2010 | 808 notations | 

The heroes have their first violent encounter with Sin, but more importantly, they go to the big blitzball tournament! It’s a whole new world of excitement!

FMV Hell – Privateer 2: The Darkening

The Spoony One | Mar 25 2010 | 351 notations | 

There will be darkening the likes of which you’ll be unable to see!

Final Fantasy X – Part 1

The Spoony One | Mar 11 2010 | 1,160 notations | 

Final Fantasy 13 just hit store shelves, so naturally, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

5 Things I Hate about Star Trek Online: Spoony Vs Joe

The Spoony One | Mar 3 2010 | 127 notations | 

Admiral Joe is Devastated with the disappointment of Star Trek Online as he makes his Formal Report, but soon he finds himself in A Battle to the Death with an Old Nemesis, Spoontock! of the Klingon Empire! Here’s a link to Angry Joe’s full review.

Black Hole of Board Games: Party Mania

The Spoony One | Feb 21 2010 | 533 notations | 

Creator’s Commentary The Spoony One gets into trouble with the nefarious Gatekeither, who banishes him to a party where, uh, things get kinda weird…

Madness of Roland

The Spoony One | Feb 14 2010 | 360 notations | 

Making-Of Commentary I had planned a review around this “interactive story” until I discovered that it just wouldn’t work on my computer, and foiled my every attempt to get it to run. But this Valentine’s Day, the madness of Roland cannot be contained! Driven insane by love, murderous by envy, he forever haunts the digital…file continues…

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