Deadliest Warrior: The Game (Follow-Up)

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Spike Games’ Response Thanks folks, we know the game is not perfect and are working to fix things in the TU. These kinds of reviews from people that don’t really give the game more than a glancing look are discouraging but the feedback on these forums helps us as developers see what real gamers think…file continues…

Deadliest Warrior Game Review

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En garde, ya scurvy dawg!

Ultima 3: Exodus (BREAKING NEWS)

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A major correction and a contest announcement!

Ultima 3: Exodus

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Beware: Deadly Floor.

Ultima 2: Revenge of the Enchantress

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You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.

Ultima 1: The First Age of Darkness

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How do you kill a man who wields the Gem of Immortality? Edit: Sorry if there’s a bit of a background hiss on the audio. I’d turned the gain on my microphone down for E3 and never switched it back, so most of the audio here was pretty dim and I had to bring it…file continues…

Ultima 0 – Akalabeth

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Welcome, foolish mortal! (Game collection photo by Captain Rufus.)

Final Fantasy X – Part 2

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The heroes have their first violent encounter with Sin, but more importantly, they go to the big blitzball tournament! It’s a whole new world of excitement!