The Ring: Terror’s Realm (Part 2)

The Spoony One | Nov 5 2012 | more notation(s) | 

Don’t go in the bathroom.

  • Aaron Bourque

    Technically, you were making fun of magic FROM Asia, not while you yourself was in Asia making fun of magic.

    • Aaron Bourque

      WERE in Asia.

      . . .

      Also, the final boss’s first form is Kabuki Quantum Fighter?

    • Matt

      I studied abroad in Japan back in 2008. Should have totally made fun of magic while I was over there, just to stick it to the man. Don’t tell ME I can’t make fun of something, damn it!

  • TheCheshireOne

    Poor monsters, just trying to squeeze one out and some crazy bitch comes in and blows their brains out.
    Hmm. I spy what looks like a nosebleed, curious.

    • Dan K

      What the mind believes, the body makes real.

    • James Young

      Yeah who does she think she is, Duke Nukem?

  • Tragedian

    Wasn’t expecting so soon :)

    • Petr Matafonov

      me 2. With such a tempo we’ll get FF13 vid in less than 2 weeks.

  • saibot216

    I kept trying to turn up the brightness on my computer, but as it turns out the game is just dark as hell.

  • M_Appel

    Well, I suppose hiding guns and ammo in the bathroom is still a lot more reasonable than hiding them in the kitchen oven like some amaricans like to do it :P

  • Dkm

    Soo where and when is that last part(s) of Deadly Premonition ?? :D

    • Sebastian Daniel Sørbø

      He desided not to continue it since it had already been done by sonene else.

      • Kendotuxedo

        Fuck “somebody else”

        • Mitchell Bandes

          “Somebody else” is usually required when you engage in fucking.

          • Mateusz K.

            Not true, one can always go and fuck him / herself.

          • Emil Petrunov

            But wouldn’t that create a time paradox?

          • Herbert West

            Not if one clones himself. Then one can fuck himself in the present.

        • thehivemind33

          Ah, but if it’s the “somebody else” I’m thinking of, then I’m fine with it.

          Allow me to introduce you to Supergreatfriend. I found him via Spoony’s first Deadly Premonition video in fact, someone linked to him.
          Trust me, he’s a great LPer and definitely worth a sub. I’d have loved to watch Spoony play the game, but SGF playing it was just as good!

  • Troy Dent

    Where DID you get Deckards Gun from? Been curious since “Thats a Paladin” scene

  • Anu Kubin

    Where’s the magician’s lipstick? >:(

  • Vanvidum Strype

    Maybe the dark interior rooms really were fully illuminated, and you couldn’t tell because of the damned glasses. Either that, or the flashlight drained the batteries so fast because it was an extremely high powered bulb–but again, with the giant sunglasses it does crap for you.

  • M. Chastain Bowers

    Seriously? What the fuck does this game have to do with that Ring movie? The game feels more like Enter the Matrix and Silent Hill 4: The Room had a rape baby.

    • Orin Bishop

      Didn’t you hear? Legitimate rape prevents pregnancy.

    • Daniel McGregor

      Japan. Nuff said. ;)

    • Gabe Leibowitz

      The Virtual world Matrix stuff is from the original Japanese books that The Ring is based on, according to my friend who read them. I’m willing to guess that if that was taken a lot of other things were too.

      • Stephanie

        You’re right, I’ve read the books and in the final book, it’s revealed that the events that took place in books 1 & 2 were actually the effects of a computer virus (the “Ring” virus) on a virtual reality program. However, the real world is not some desert wasteland, it’s basically identical to the virtual world because the whole point of the virtual world was to examine life, they wanted to see if life would evolve the same way it did in reality or something like that.

        It was interesting and kind of mind-blowing in the book, this game just made it so…awful… Honestly, other than the idea that the world we thought was real was actually a computer program, it doesn’t seem like the game took much else from the books.

  • sbkMulletMan

    Oh man, this one was a mind-trip! I friggin’ lost it in laughter at the return of the magician. And the whole “reloading/healing during the pause menu” thing is something that’s bothered me, even in some of my favorite games like Silent Hill. It’s good to see it so wonderfully parodied here.

    Man, this game and its developers clearly just didn’t give a shit about the quality of the final product. I’m surprised I didn’t see the EA logo pop up at any point. And speaking of loss of quality, looks like the dreaded Final Fantasy 13 is on its way. Whoah boy.

    And on a side note, I was wondering when those Sci-Fi channel sequels to Pumpkinhead were going to catch up to Spoony, heh heh.

    • doresh

      That pause menu anomaly is weird, but games that try to be realistic by having you search through your menu in real-time tend to get very annoying very quit, so I dunno how to fix that XD

  • C.B.

    Curses, Spoony! Your meddling with alternate realities has doomed your other self to the horror of FF13!

  • Mitchell Bandes

    Wait, so this review was an excuse to jump into an alternate continuity where Spoony was previously unaware of the existence of FFXIII?

  • Chuster M. Merino

    That fight sketch… pure Spoony-ness!

  • Lockgar

    O god, the Spoony Experiment. It is finally ending! All those plot holes, where simulation glitches. The Guardian…. He wasn’t a demon, he was a guard program. All of the costume look a-likes, they where restrictions on the programs memory so it was just a re-skin spoony model. The armageddon spell… END PROGRAM…. return 0;

    It all starting to fit together!

    You bastard.

    • Stephen Martin

      Oh great. Exactly what we need. Another origin story for Dr. Insano.

  • PeaTearGryfin

    The scariest part of this game is that as soon as the video ended, my phone rang. Kinda sad to see that Spoony still can’t get Beyond Thunderdome

    • Lockgar

      Well he is quite mad to the max.

      • Emil Petrunov

        Makes you want hack through your ankle in five minutes. Doesn’t it?

  • corey

    I know I made this point before but what I am surprised you didn’t say anything about the fact that the healing items in games like resident evil such as herbs, and sprays can fix any kind of injury there considering you often impaled or chewed up by monsters its funny that those can be fixed up by characters just slapping herbs on themselves.

    • doresh

      Don’t forget that all those healing items also seem to work as antidotes for all the nasty viruses the monsters tend to carry around. Makes you wonder why Racoon City had so many zombie problems.

  • Daniel Muir

    Burton, no! It’s too much! You’re scrambling his brain! He’s forgetting what they did to final Fantasy!

  • Daniel McGregor

    I’m just soooooo glad Spoony didn’t play Willow Smiths “Whip my hair” in the final bossfight with Sadaco

    • Immorttalis

      I was both glad and and disappointed.

    • Smashlampjaw

      Haha, I was thinking thats exactly what he was gonna play…

    • Strelnikov

      That isn’t a song; it’s a test to see how long you can tolerate noise.

      • Daniel McGregor

        Immagine that noise built in as a car alarm system xD

  • Guido Palombi

    The ‘Eyes on me’ part cracked me up !

  • silbmaerto


    Spoony.exe has stopped working.

    Windows is collecting more information about the problem.
    This might take several minutes…

    • Daedalus

      C:Windowssystem32 missing file ׫ ׬.dll (error69) cannot troubleshoot.
      Try running as administrator.

      • misjif2341

        You okay, lady?

        • Michal Lange

          I’m not entirely sure…

          • Mavros St. John

            Here…let me consult the Codex of Ulimate Wisdom…*flips pages* um…did you check the power cable? Yeah giggle it around a bit…okay…I got nothing…I’m a Cleric not a Paladin…

          • TheTechno Wolf

            What’s a Paladin ?

          • He that knows

            Your knowledge of the land shall be great.

  • MichaelT

    8:03 – ……that’s disgusting.

  • Doleth

    It’s probably been mentionned already, but her goofy grin, slow movement and complete acceptance over whatever weird shit is going on? Meg’s clearly stoned off her ass for the whole game.

    The Simco(or however you spell the magician names) part and the E3 scene were hilarious, great video.

    PS: A Steven Seagal VAMPIRE movie? I got to see that.

    • Steven Johnson

      It’s bad. Very bad.

  • Nash Knight

    That was awesome!

  • magnusk_98

    This was pretty damn great and I love how Spoony already is preparing the audience for the FF-13 review. Production values also seemed very high for that final sequence.

    Damn, but I miss Miles. It was great seeing him again even in the Headless costume. I hope Spoony and him do some vlogs again soon, there are a lot of movies they could talk about together.

    • Chris Horobin

      I dunno, I’d like to see him do a review of House of the Dead, the written review is awesome, and voices could make it so much better.

  • alaterale

    Awesome! :) Yeah you do go through a lot of bathrooms in the game heheh. When you do restore power you have to go around and flick on all the switches, such a pain in the butt x.x The flashlight really is so useless in this game.

    I couldn’t believe how stupid that second to last boss was. I was just trying to dodge around and find a good starting point for the battle when I decided to try getting a few shots through the shelf thingy. Can’t believe they programmed such horrible AI for that boss hah

  • Steven Black

    Oh God Faria flashbacks. Faria isn’t too bad a game as an NES Zelda clone goes, but it was one of the worst ones with the batteries for your flashlights always going out and you wandering around a cave structure longer than the one in Zelda II at the end, in the dark.

  • LinXGUA

    Why would a building have so many bathrooms? …
    Oh … the HORROR

    • Vanvidum Strype

      Apparently you’ve never tried the cafeteria’s Dalad Jelly.

      • LinXGUA


  • Leto_Atreides

    What is the part where Spoony plays a magician from? I remember the silly music and I’m pretty sure it’s from an older review. What movie was it?

    • Steven Black
    • Shawdawg

      It’s from Skullduggery.

    • MrSaturn

      I believe that was the Skullduggery review.

    • Mitchell Bandes

      Can you read what’s in my mind?

    • Kendotuxedo

      Simco the Magician. Don’t make fun of his magic either.

  • Steven Black

    Wow, Kabuki Quantum Fighter Sadako? Total NES Nostalgia here…lol

    • Daniel Edvall

      That game was awsome!

      • Steven Black

        It was definitely a unique action game.

  • ScreamingDoom

    The scariest thing in this game is that damn rictus grin on Meg’s face. She’s always smiling, no matter what. It makes her look of shock when Evil Guy transforms seem like an O-Face.

    • Wagner Paiva Fernandes

      She looks like Joker´s girl from the first Tim Burton´s Batman

  • Alex Dunn

    That ending was ridiculous. It’s all leading up to this, isn’t it? I want FFXIII more than ever. But I will wait.

  • IncarnationsEnd

    Truly, Survival horror protagonists have mastered the teachings of Vivec.

    • Nasser Elusta

      What’s Vivec? Please don’t kill me for not knowing what it is.

      • theshamster

        He is a man-god of Elder Scrolls 3 : Morrowind, and one of the three gods of that game who isn’t a douchebag.

        • Atmos_Duality

          He is the Warrior-Poet of the three, if I recall.

      • Alexander Horbach

        Warrior Poet and False God of the Dunmer, from Elder Scrolls III Morrowind.I remember killing him, trapping his soul in Azuras Star, and binding him to my Daedric Dai-Katana. Also his thirty-six lessons are definitely an engaging read. The ending of the words is ALMSIVI

      • Nasser Elusta

        thanks guys for the info. I never got into Elder Scroll; those type of game never interested me. Like Fallout.

        • Kostantine

          So wait, you never liked Fallout? Oh you poor thing…

          • Nasser Elusta

            My friend tried to get me to play Fallout 3 and it just didn’t got my attention. Open-sand box/multi option conversations games were never really my type of game.

    • James Young

      Hooray Morrowind reference!

  • Kain Klarden

    Actually the moment with Sadako’s mother paranormal abilities test was from the movie.
    Also, the entire concept of virtual reality and stuff is what the Ring novels turned out to be, enevtually. So it’s kinda canon to the novels. And the first japanese sequel Spiral. Fortunatelly, most people realised how stupid that sci-fi-ish horror was and later made a supernatural Ring 2, which was much better (even though still had pretty silly ending).
    Oh, and while you said you like the tape on the US Ring version more in the Sinister review video, i think japanese version with people crawling backwards on the volcano was a bit more disturbing. Also the guy pointing somewhere with a blanket on his head? That’s just so… wrong and creepy.

  • Atmos_Duality

    Random thoughts, part 2:

    Dammit! So they WERE breeding furries in the Dark World!
    A world filled with….bathrooms apparently. Good effort, but all the toilets in the universe can’t handle the load of shittiness this game has to offer.

    Wait…so Sadako created the Matrix? Makes sense. I’d try to escape from furville at all costs too.

    Meg’s facial expressions are priceless.
    She looks legitimately shit-slathering kookoo. Especially when the chief mutates into…whatever the fuck that’s supposed to be (hairless furry is my guess, based on the rest of the game)


    • doresh

      I think they were sorta inspired by the later sequels of the original Ring novel Oo

      • Atmos_Duality

        Either this game does an extremely poor job adapting those novels or they must really, really suck.

        • doresh

          I think it’s a little bit of both, seeing how the Ring movie sequels (be it Japanese or American) have pretty much nothing to do with the book’s sequels.

  • Samantha DeShong

    Okay this review is just hilarious. Nice return of the magician! And of course the mock battle was awesome hehe. Keep it up Spoony!

  • Patrick Sapp

    i damn near lost it with the Eyes on Me insert. XD fucking loved this review dude.

  • TheTechno Wolf

    SPOONY !!! NOO !!! “Eyes on me ” !! you got me by surprise with it ! my man caaaaaards noooohohohohohohoooooo…………

  • Patrick Walters

    Hell yes! Finally! FF13! And was that FF13-2 I saw, Avatar?

  • John Barton Haslach

    So next up is FF 13. Well, the first part should be up in about 6 months.

  • hamburgerman

    oh man look at this twitter…

    • TheTechno Wolf

      are you sure this is really him…?

      • hamburgerman


        • nmorello11

          It’s not Spoony. It’s just some kid trying to get attention, or get Spoony distanced from TGWTG by using his name. Watch the video he links. He says the same exact things in it that he tweets. Also, whoever it is that’s tweeting has a lot of trouble with spelling…

          • hamburgerman

            no really guys it is the real spoony, the real spoony fused with the guardian in his quest for rape.

          • Cart Man

            Kindly rearrange that phrase into it’s proper context and act accordingly.

      • Discordius Erisianus

        Spoony’s twitter account is

  • Michael Sporzynski

    First part of the review was good, I think. The second part is great! Seriously, it’s Spoony’s A-game. Love it.

  • Michos

    I can’t freaking wait.

  • Aaron R Foltz

    Ha! Ringfinger. Classic

  • Kelly Lockhart

    Spoony is Beyond Birthday?! <3 Great video as always!

  • Daniel Edvall

    Making fun of magic from asia do you? I’ll jus say one name: Lo Pan

    • sbkMulletMan


    • MechaVelma

      Don’t forget about Egg Shen and his six demon bag.

      (Big Trouble in Little China is Spoony’s fav movie, btw)

      • Dane Winton

        It’s got wind, fire, all that kind of thing :D

      • Daniel Edvall

        Yeah I know, was acually kinda suprised he didn’t make a refrence to it.

    • Matt Mather

      Or, if we’re going to reference future movies, I’ll just say: The Mandarin. (Iron Man 3)

  • Nicholas J. Michalak

    I’m surprised you didn’t make a “blaghole” joke with her roaming around in pitch blackness. But DAMN, this was definitely your A-game! Man, I LOVED all the corrupted footage editing. Perfectly bizarre and hilarious!

  • Cody Klein

    Jesus Christ this game is fucking awful!!! The animations are bad, the story is fucking awful and the only reason I stuck through it is because it was Spoony doing the videos- also, the conclusion to the Spoony Experiment arc. If it wasn’t for Spoony doing this, I would have went and watch goddamn paint dry and that is no hyperbole… I would have literally painted my room and watched it dry in a stupor of boredom and insanity.

    Now onto the dick-shit known as Final Fantasy 13 >_>

  • Princess Stabbity

    I think the line delivery in this is the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen.
    Anyway, brilliant work!

  • Joel Laurie Snelling

    Sadako whipping her hair back and forth and you didn’t play this… :)

  • Amesang

    So “Final Fantasy XIII” is up next, finally? Honestly I can’t wait because, as strange as it may sound.. I actually liked the game. Granted, it has flaws.. lots of flaws*, but I found it to be an overall enjoyable experience and the story actually kept me engaged… which is why I can’t wait to see Spoony rip it a new one.

    It’s always more fun to see these kind of reviews on stuff I like, such as Nostalgia Critic with “Independence Day” and Linkara with “Transformers: Generation 2.”

    * (The over use of cutscenes kept reminding me of a line from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” — “Get on with it!”)

    • Nasser Elusta

      I was expecting the next game review to be FF 13 right after he confirmed it at the end of his Ultima series. Beside that, I can’t wait for FF 13. I hope it is more than 3 parts and a mix between his FF X-2 review and FF 8 review.

      • LightningFarron19

        Well, it might be the other way around. FF13-2′s story made no sense whatsoever. It was all over the place. FF13′s story was more followable and we know that Spoony likes it when a story is more followable. Light-heartedness has nothing to do with Spoony’s decision for like FF10-2. It was the way the creator tried to tell the story differently that Spoony respected.

        • FME

          Too bad Spoony hates the way FF XIII told its story, going so far as to call it the worst way you can tell a story.

          • LightningFarron19

            Personally, I would not say the worst way to tell a story. Try looking up Naruto (or even Bleach) some time and you will be more than convinced that there are worst ways to tell a story than FF XIII.

          • Nasser Elusta

            I never played FF13 and the only FF game I played is FF1 on the psp. Is the story telling really as linear as the internet says it to be. Also I may never play it, not for the reputation, but for the gameplay. It intimitades me somehow.

  • Jerrod Schembs

    Another awesome review, can’t wait for the next one.
    Also the [NIN] song at the end made me happy

    • Steven Black

      Agreed, love Ringfinger and NIN.

  • Ruben Baar

    So did Spoony just set out his next year in reviews?

  •önfelts/641682422 Greger von Schönfelts

    NOOO SPOOONY SAVE YOURSELF FROM FROM THE TORMENT AND HORROR CALLED Final Fantasy XIII / Your mind wont be able to Handel it , Especially not sense there is [final fantasy XIII 2] and [final fantasy XIII 3] coming along whit it

  • Tölgyfaszegi István


    No KEY-MON-MON-KEY joke from FF X-2 with Rikku??? I am disappontied :)

    • Holly Smith

      I’m surprised he didn’t make a rage monkey lab joke either.

  • qalest

    THAT GUN!!!!!!

  • Totem of PsyClinic

    -What if Spoony choses the blue pill, and it turns out to be a Viagra?
    -Well, then we’re all f*cked…

  • David Arseneau

    Did I just hear a song from Mother 3 in a Spoony review? I declare this the best review evar!

  • Filipe Isabelinho

    Spoony stop trying to kill us god damn it!

  • kevbo2040

    Wow. Just…fucking…wow. Spoony is so lazy and so against making new content that he broke a single review into two parts without even HIDING the fact that there was just supposed to be a commercial break instead of FOUR DAYS OF SPACE between them, just so he could produce less overall content and stretch out the time needed to put out a new review? Fuck you, Spoony.

    • Dan K

      I’d like to see you do better. Asshole.

    • Viredae

      Yes! Because how DARE he work at his own pace!!
      Seriously dude, grow the fuck up…

    • Hubbe King

      Yes, because editing takes NO time, especially when one is having equipment problems.
      Clearly, you have researched this matter very well.

    • Merost

      Small steps. Be glad V-Log time is finally over.

    • Guido Palombi

      ”against making new content” ?
      It’s not that he wanted to delay this, much of the footage got corrupted and nedded a re-editre-shooting.
      It’s not even a new thing that a 40 minute review is splitted in two.
      It sucks when there is a delay, but chill out man.

    • Michael Robertson

      Are you really bitching about FREE content? What did you do that makes you feel so fucking entitled?

  • Nasser Elusta

    I am quite surprised no one commented on the evil guy awesome chin in the video preview picture.

  • Joel Frapart

    Well that was lame and not funny. And completely undeserving of two separate parts. Seriously part 2 is like 17 minutes long. Why’d you even bother? I mean it’s not like you could cut the whole dalad jelly rant. Cause I mean that was just comedy gold.

    So next your doing FFXIII huh? And how many parts you gonna stretch that one out to? Fifteen? Think you could try to make at least 10 minutes of them funny? Or you just gonna nitpick the whole time while recycling gags that were only mildly funny when you first did them.

    (Sigh) This sounds harsh. I love your stuff man, I really do, and I hope you can get back to better stuff soon, but man was this one a yawner.

  • Dane Corle

    Has Spoony lost weight? Looks good.

  • Alex A

    OMG… How much longer are we gonna be teased with the FFXIII review? LOL! Love this review!

  • Groverfield

    Do I sense the return of… theblaghoe ?

    That would probably be the doctor’s friend’s brain from Raisen. I can’t believe I’m kinda remembering this… but as a reward for helping Sadako reincarnate herself she reincarnated the doctor’s son, and gave his friend immortality or something.

    Still can’t stand her CONSTANTLY SMILING face. Her smile is more sinister than Heath Ledger’s, and more inappropriate than something… inappropriate…

  • Anthony Black

    This is very reminiscent of your older videos.
    And I love it.

  • Steven Black

    I thought about it. The ending reminds me a lot of the tricks they pulled in dot.hack with a lot of white noise and screen shifting (which is also Matrix as well of course). In dot.hack it was symbolic of The World falling apart, and in a way FFXIII is like that (in that it makes the world of Final Fantasy fall apart with its linearity). But it does raise a lot of questions. Like maybe its time kompression and a great chance of Dr. Insano showing up sometime in the FFXIII review to try and fix it.

  • Amanda Low

    So! Every time there was static halfway thru the vid, it had to buffer. I checked to see if it wasn’t part of the vid. XD

  • Steven Neeson

    Spoony, as a fan of your videos since Bayou Billy on Youtube, I just want to say that this might be the funniest review you’ve EVER done! I laughed my ass off, you win Halloween.

  • Mitchell Bandes

    I’m a bit curious as to whether he’s going to review XIII-2 on top of the first game. Probably yes, since he also did X-2, another direct sequel he liked better than the original.

    …At least, I assume he likes XIII-2 better than the original. It’s got the same sort of lighthearted, mildly self-aware tone as X-2, plus Tri-Ace helped develop it so Squenix couldn’t completely fuck it up.

  • Jesse WilliamsFuller

    I think this two-parter is one of your best videos. Great job!

  • Internet’s Frank

    She thrashes you with her hair?

    You’re not in the Matrix, you’re in Kabuki Quantum Fighter!

    • Chris Horobin

      I was expecting a “Whip my Hair” reference, I was dissapoint

  • Malcomb Bell

    Wow loved the review. Although a 5 day commercial break was kinda shitty. Can’t wait to see where that weird ass shit going on at the end gos though >:3

  • rageofkyubii

    Is all this gltiching and such signaing he’s going to end the Experiement(the site)soon? I mean, on the one hand I’d understad if he wants to take things easier, maybe have more personal time to himself and everything, but on the other hand, I’d hate to see him go, especially after the NC went away. It’d suck loing two Internet reviewr shows I watch and love so close to each other

  • Jimmy TheFish

    How many people would buy a spoony live action game shot on shiteo

  • Holden Caulfeild

    It seems that someone got their ToTheArk in my Spoony Experiment!

  • GameWarrior2216


    I have to go now, my planet need me.

  • Dan K

    Simcoe the magician returns!

    Holy shit its all coming together. The Guardian, Spoonyroth, The many Spoonies we catch a glimpse of.

  • capthavic

    OMG whats wrong with your faaaaace? XD

  • Luke Liszewski

    Haha, fucking awesome episode! Can’t wait until FFXIII

  • Adam Murray

    had a feeling that this would connect to his upcoming FFXIII review. I was half expecting Sadako and Sephiroth to share screentime…which honestly would be awsome

  • likalaruku

    Plot of this half of the game sounds a bit like Slender.

    • nuclearaptor

      Holy shit. Someone else knows that Getbackers exists.

  • endplanets

    Of course toilets and fridges are a great place to hold ammo. Have you not played Borderlands?

    Cool to see that Dr. Claw is in this game. I don’t know why he changed his name to Brigade Member though.

    So many hair jokes could have been made with that final boss. I whip my hair back and forth. Bayonetta. The comic book character villain from the Fairly Odd Parents. Even the beard men from Dexter’s lab.

    A really great Mr. Magician reference.

    There actually are jump scares in this game. The monsters in the bathroom stalls, those are supposed to be jump scares. That really is the developers trying to surprise and scare people. I know, I know, try to contain your excitement.

  • LotusPrince

    Holy shit, the music during the reload sequence was from Donkey Kong 64. I think it might’ve been Snide’s lair. :-D

    • JorWat25
      • LotusPrince

        Oh wow, THAT’S what that was? Dayum; I thought it was area music. Thanks for the update! At least I got the right game. :-P

  • Treason

    Honestly, at 2:54 I would’ve gone with some Corey Hart…

  • Roland M J Ziemke

    The gunfight with the headless officially trumps the “bad camera stumblebum” sketch from the Highlander review. I hope that makes the next Best Moments countdown list.

  • LoneWolf343

    Well, Spoony, I admire your dedication to making a video, so much that you would gobble mouthfuls of jelly. That had to be gross.

  • Kendotuxedo

    When Spoony said “Name a Famous Asian magician”,
    did anybody else immediately think “Egg Shen”?

    • MFlorian

      “You mean Chinese Black Magic.”

      • Kendotuxedo

        “oh absolutely”

    • nuclearaptor

      A Six-Demon Bag, sensational, what’s in it, Egg?


    Holy hell, there is more Pumpkinhead…

    I’m scared Noah…

    I’m scared…..

  • Grendle Keen

    I really love how you’ve been building up your FF13 review. I hope you don’t make it the actual end of the “Experiment”, but either way I can’t wait to see it.

  • Donko

    the new pills must be working, This was super funny!!

  • FinalFantasy13

    spuny i heard that you are going to be attempting to review the best game of all time in the near future.. I know you like to nitpick over things in your reviews but please review Final Fantasy 13 with the justice it deserves.

    THe most revolutionary and best combat in gaming history.

    The best Characters (Vanille and Hope) of all time.

    not to mention the awesome graphics and story.. I’m sure you will just nitpick away like you always do in your reviews though.. ehehhe

    Nice review of this horrible game though.. ehhehe.

    • Mitchell Bandes

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    Can’t wait for the FFXIII review! Let’s hope there aren’t anymore technical issues like the one’s you’ve been having lately.

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    I see you’re making an excursion to the Borderlands!

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    Then I realized it was the actual game, and completely lost it.

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    Furthemore. Developement with the locked up Spoonyman D:

    Where’s Linkara and his spaceship when you need him?! ; A ;;;;;

    • alaterale

      Having played both The Thing and The Ring Terrors realm, I have to say, The Thing slightly but definitely takes the cake in terms of awful awful games :) When I played the ring, sure it was annoying, but The Thing felt far more cheap in killing you off all the time. I’m not even sure if I died more than once when playing the ring as above.

      Plus The Ring has a such laughably bad translation that it adds some necessary humor to its blandness :p

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    I did not expect “Eyes on Me”.


  • Edward H. Boff

    The only way this confused mess of a game makes any sense is that it’s not actually based on the films. From what is seen here, it looks like it takes its cues from the Koji Suzuki book series, which went in bizarre directions like this! You had the first book, which was a sort of ghost story, but with a load of sci-fi bullshit thrown in, then the second one went “no, it wasn’t a ghost, it was a DNA altering virus all along!”, then the third went “hah, you thought it was a ghost making a DNA virus, well actually it was all a computer simulation! What a Twist!”. Yeah, leaving this stuff out was the Ring movies’ startest moves.

  • Rhys Warfe

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  • smek2

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  • LightningFarron19

    Well back then, japanese games had bad translations when it came to the english version. Even FF7 has some translation errors back in the day (I.E Aerith being spelled “Aeris” in the english version). Japan games back then were not very well known for the best translations. Most likely “Dalad Jelly” is “Salad Jelly” but the people translating it wrote it wrong. I don’t know how, but it happens for some apparent reason.

    So, FF13 review next? If you want to know why there are sequels to that game, here you go:

    As for the game (FF13) itself, I was okay with it. I did enjoy it despite some blatant flaws and I don’t regret playing it. However, I will put my foot down on the direct sequel nonsense. Seriously, at least FF13 was followable, FF13-2 made no damn sense both story wise and lore wise.

    • doresh

      Actually, it’s supposed to be “Aerith”, but since there is no katakana for “th”, her name is written as “Aeris” – not the intented name, but somehow correct as well.

      • LightningFarron19

        That’s what I was saying. The translation was fudged up. Even if it was on purpose, the translators should have found it odd that her name ended with an “S”.

        • doresh

          We’re talking about a game were the protagonist is named after a conglomeration of floating water and the antagonist is named after a spiritual tree. Anything is possible!

          Plus it’s a Japanese game. Names ending with “s” are probably the least weird things they came across during localization. Heck, sometimes it’s hard enough to recognize actual English names in katakana XD

    • Mitchell Bandes

      “As for the game (FF13) itself, I was okay with it. I did enjoy it
      despite some blatant flaws and I don’t regret playing it. However, I
      will put my foot down on the direct sequel nonsense. Seriously, at least
      FF13 was followable, FF13-2 made no damn sense both story wise and lore

      You’ve got to be kidding. The sequel fixes many terrible story and gameplay flaws from the original. The whole L’cie nonsense, with its ridiculously vague terms and conditions, takes a backseat, and 13-2 is all the better for it. And the time travel concept is hardly difficult to wrap your mind around, with the media being saturated by Doctor Who and other similar fictional works.

      • LightningFarron19

        The story was all over the place, with stating a bunch of nonsense about “paradoxes and reincarnation”. The thing literally ended with the end of the world and a “to be continued”. So no, it was not better. Story wise, it was MUCH worse.

        • Mitchell Bandes

          If you have a personal dislike for time travel plots, the concept of reincarnation, and bad endings that emotionally punch you in the gut, then that’s your problem. Personally, I enjoy all those things. Three great tastes that taste great together, and all that.

  • angela

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    Edit: Demon Monkey-King Kong caught the Virus!

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    • Atmos_Duality

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    Sephiroth: Funny you could have done the same thing.

    The Guardian: Touche! Still….Spoony not knowing the difference between what’s real & what isn’t real, will make him unable to review Final Fantasy XIII, thus unable to stop The Meteor Spell.

    Sephiroth: You yourself said that we should not underestimate him. Spoony has endured Final Fantasy 8, Final Fantasy X & X2, & of course all the Ultima games, but that doesn’t mean the he’ll survive Final Fantasy XIII. By the time he’s done reviewing Final Fantasy XIII, his spirit will snap like a twig.

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    • doresh

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  • Roland Strähle

    Wow, I can’t belive they made a game out of the LOOP storyline in the third novel… You know the one where we realise that the whole first and secon book took place in a computer-simulation and the Ring virus is just a virus and somehow got out into the real world and is now a cancer…

    • doresh

      Actually, the virus kills people by giving them cancer. What a lazy virus…

      • Roland Strähle

        Yeah, still a stupid “twist”

  • Daedalus

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    • LightningFarron19

      Personally, it was not that bad. It was okay in my book, but it’s just that he’s building up to the whole “Armageddon spell” which is going to seemingly end the Spoony Experiment. He started his career with FF8 and he is finishing with FF13. All will come full circle.

      As for the Eldritch Lore, the reason being is in two points:

      1. Spoony’s being over-dramatic

      2. The story is about the bad guys trying to force the godd guys to summon Ragnorok and kill millions of poeple with it in the homeworld of Cocoon. That in turn will summon the “Maker” or god of that world and start everything anew. He’s just making a comparison of the story to the Eldritch Lore which is used to end everything.

      • Nasser Elusta

        I really hope it doesn’t end the Spoonyone, I hope he coninues after FF13. I discovered him when “The Thing” game video was a couple of week old and stayed loyal after that. He really change my view of the gaming community and informed quite alot on D&D and the such/

    • CornBRED-X

      It’s not really bad, per say, just takes a long long long time to get going and is really boring. That is just my opinion though.

    • marabackman

      If I remember correctly he did talk about having a bad first impression of the game at whatever con it was, comparing it unfavourably to the new Guild Wars. Maybe he’ll surprise us by giving different feedback than we expect?

  • Merost

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    • marabackman

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      • MikeBester

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        • marabackman

          Very clever. If there isn’t any content, as you say, wouldn’t it be easier to just completely stop visiting the site? No point in torturing oneself or spreading the negativity around.

          • Strelnikov

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          • marabackman

            Same here, though I’m not too bothered if he spends his time on something else. I’m willing to cut Spoony some slack, not only because of his health problems, but also because even simple video-editing can take a long time. I’ve filmed sporting events and some other shorter video projects, where the editing takes its time even if the program works as it’s supposed to.

          • Stephen Martin

            Hell… I still stand by my professional D&D player comment from the ConBravo video. Stuff like that should be televised, maybe with some animations at key points like the D&D freakout.

        • Guido Palombi

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    Also, credit where it’s due, the end of this review was legitimately creepy and unsettling. Good job Spoony!

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    I almost have to admire the game for its bizarre collection of cliches.

  • Lydia Keller Beam

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    (also, if I may get nit-picky for a moment, that was Sadako’s mother they were experimenting on in that clip from ‘Ringu’, not Sadako herself, although she was the one who killed that guy at the end of the scene.)

  • Magdalen O’Reilly

    The sad thing is this game actually has more to do with the plot of the original novels than the movies.

    • marabackman

      Just read the summary on wikipedia. “WTF” does not cover how weird it eventually got. I think I’ll stick to the film-versions…

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    As someone mentioned above, there was a whole Matrixy plot to the third book in the Ring series, Loop, so there is literally no excuse for this garbled, cobbled together piece of garbage. Loop was the weakest of the trilogy and it was nowhere even approaching this incoherent and stupid.

    Glad to see the interface gags back– I missed those! Totally excellent review.

  • zenithl

    When I heard your free inventory/reload action rant, I immediately thought about one of the few horror games that tried to steer away from this formula. Namely, Alone in the Dark (2008) widely regarded as one of the worst game of all time. (One quite innovative thing about that game is that you manipulate your inventory in your coat pockets in real time.)

    • Herbert West

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    • gallowsCalibrator413


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    • Atmos_Duality

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      “Impossible” is my personal prediction.

  • sekiwat

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    • alaterale

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      • corey

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        • Herbert West

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  • GenoPuppet


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    My god this game was a steamy hunk of shit. Gotta love that awkward time of gaming in the third dimension. As far as the Dreamcast goes I want to at least stick up for the fact that it had some great fighting games, both originals and ports. I can’t even begin to imagine how many hours my friend and I spent playing Power Stone 1 and 2 on his DC

  • subaqueousReach

    I was actually kind of disappointed by this review. It didn’t seem to
    have the flare to it that Spoony usually has, like when he reviewed “The
    Thing”, that is probably my favorite review of his. It almost felt as
    though he was forcing his jokes to be funny(like how he went on and on
    about Dallad Jelly). Everyone has an off day once in a while though and
    this is just my opinion =/

    • MediaGold

      I think this review is back to classic form for Spoony. One of his best, IMHO.

      • ShipoftheLine

        Yes / no. Its a step in the right direction, but it is indeed a bit forced. Heres what I wrote in the first part about it:

        First: Im REALLY grateful about Spoony doing finally a game review again, I really missed those.

        But I also have some critism: Am I the only one who thought this video was a bit “forced”? That he took too much time with single jokes? For example the endless discussion of the “Dalad Jelly”, yeah we get it its funny, but come one “S” and “D” are right next to each other on the keyboard. There you have it.

        Im saying that a lot of the enjoyment of Spoonys old videos came from how “natural” they were, it was really just Spoony playing a game an pointing out funny stuff. In the old videos Spoony would have fired a quick cuckle at the “Dalad Jelley” and moved on.

        So Spoony, MANY THANKS for bringing back the game reviews, but you dont have to “overproduce”. Just do your thing!

  • ChrisNagy

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    • doresh

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    • Techee44

      Well, you’re certainly putting more thought into this than the gamemakers.

  • Shane Nolan

    wait why has noone mad this a meme yet:
    “You okay Lady?”
    from the first video

  • Mr. Tengu

    Enjoyed it just two things that Irked me:
    1-The game is based on the book not the movie, so the game doesn’t have to match the movies aesthetics.
    2-It uses the non-american meaning of Jelly, of which you call Jell-o. Americans call Jam, “Jelly” and Jelly, “Jell-o”.

    • wizzbang

      The movie was based on the book too. Also, if this has nothing to do with the film, why does it include FMV taken directly from “Ringu”?

  • Erwan Le Coz

    oh man, this review is so awesomely fun (especially the first part) ! Keep it up Spoony !

  • Zach Seitz

    According to Urban dictonary DALAD stands for Dont Act Like A Dumbass.

  • Justin Devine

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  • Olivier Thavonekham Robidoux

    In the credits, I hear “Ringfinger” by Nine Inch Nails. Awesome.

  • fatalrob0t

    That FMV was Sadako’s mother, which is from Ringu, I believe.

  • IHeart28

    Realy nice conclusion to the first part! The ending, although awesome, makes me feel that Spoony’s adventure within whatever he’s in ony just began. FFXIII, the end is nigh, he warned us this wold come but we still aren’t ready for it. Can’t wait for the FFXIII review!

    • gallowsCalibrator413

      I think it has to do with a scene from (as far as I know) the English remake of Ringu. Naomi Watts’ character, at one point, randomly develops a nosebleed after doing something with the cursed video and doesn’t realize it until someone else tells her…

  • Amanda Holland

    Ok, that scream-face spoony in your glitch montage was probably the FUCKING SCARIEST THING I’ve EVER SEEN. I’m naturally freaking out, so my bro comes in and what does he say to me?

    “……You OK, lady?”

  • Samuel Hallaway

    I have to know, spoony, where did you buy that blade runner pistol. This is not a joke or anything, like did you get it ebay or have it custom made, because I would love to have a replica from the movie.

  • Wagner Paiva Fernandes

    Amazing review Noah, you are getting more talented every day. Thank you for making these videos. I am still waiting for the SPOONY ONE MOVIE, put it on Kickstarter, I will back it up for sure.

  • Bill Hiers

    Wow, the Chief’s rambling villain monologue was hilarious. He talks so fast, yet sounds so bored. I also love Meg’s non-reaction both to his entrance and his subsequent mutation. Both times she still has that dumb, perky smile. Another thing. The Chief, when he came in, was walking like a drunken marionette missing some strings. That entire scene was just flat-out hilariously embarrassing, with its bad voice acting, breathless, monotone line delivery, inappropriate facial expressions, and bad character movements. This one scene could perfectly encapsulate and summarize all that is wrong with the non-gameplay aspects of The Ring: Terror’s Realm.

  • The Gecko Girl

    The strangest part about this game, and i just found this out, is that the original Japanese version still uses those crappy English voices, only it’s accompanied with Japanese subtitles. And the translation does not quite match the spoken dialogue.

  • Ramza Hannon

    Did you know the …squia… the squish noise in the title + everywhere is allso one of the sound effects in sonic adventure as it used whenever something dies/explodes/everything

  • Kyle Johnson

    Spoony’s hair got long. I don’t think he needs the Spoony wig anymore.

  • Sajeh

    Breeding room, that sounds hooooot

  • Mary Sulkowski

    The nosebleed was a nice touch.

  • Garmrspor

    “Hey, Asia, Criss Angel called… actually, no, he didn’t, ’cause your magic is so stupid. SICK BURN!”

    I bursted out laughing.

  • Bruce Kilkowski

    So… they took only the most general idea of the third novel, and did it in an incredibly stupid manner. I love the novels, but this is just a terrible representation of them.

  • NeroAngelo

    . . . was this? was this the inspiration to portal?

    like, you start out in this great world (what looks like modern day at the CDC/Aperture Science), you find your weapon(s) and slowly start seeing how fake this world is, you have to fight a girl who apparently runs this world, yet is a murderous psychopath, and you end this by being put in the crapsack reality

    albeit, Portal’s a different genre (platforming puzzle game) & is legitimately scary in its own right, while having a less complicated, more subtle, and much better plot altogether

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