Ultima Underworld 2: Labyrinth of Worlds

The Spoony One | Mar 26 2011 | 

It’s basically the same game, but there’s something about it that really makes me lose my head.

Follow-up: I’m already seeing comments that I was unfair in not mentioning the other stages of this game, which are accessed by the Guardian’s teleportation gem at the bottom of the sewer. Through this, you access a number of other worlds the Guardian has already conquered. Yes, these stages add a lot more variety to the game’s look and feel, and there are many other monsters than common vermin once you leave the sewer. I’m just relating my experience playing the game, the extreme difficulty I had getting started, and my dismay at the story’s weak setup and the prolonged sewer level.

Oh, I’m being completely unfair to the game, but it’s not like the game wasn’t being unfair to me with those fricking Gazers, and unarmed rogues who were invulnerable to battle axes. Before anyone starts bitching at me, I just want you to take another look at that goddamn albino rat ripping my face off. Yeah. I’m the Avatar.

Almost everyone who plays this game agrees that (a) I stink at the game, and (b) the headless monsters are meant to be bypassed at first and killed when you’re a stronger level. Okay, fine, that’d be great if they weren’t in the very first rooms you encounter and, since you’re playing the goddamn AVATAR, your ability to kill even simple minions is on par with that of Eddie Deezen. If it was a monster I didn’t easily slaughter in every previous incarnation of the Ultima games, I might have better understood the need to gain more levels. But as it stands, I think you’ll understand my horror and confusion at the AVATAR being unable to kill a stinking minion in one-on-one combat.