Vlog (1-22-10)

The Spoony One | Jan 21 2010 | 

Part 1: Star Trek Online

Part 2: Pontypool

Part 3: Gaming


You know what really strikes me about STO is that, for all my complaints about the game and the atmosphere, I would rather play a good tabletop RPG about Star Trek. Think about it! It’s cheaper, the experience is more personal and scripted, and I can play the exact kind of Trek experience I want. Not this half-assed space-zapping waste of time. Either that, or the tabletop wargame Starfleet Battles.

I’ve been informed that my complaint that I was unable to solo even the earliest missions is due to a bug where pushing “F” to enter an instance puts you in a group instance instead of a soloable one. This makes a lot of sense and I will try it later to see if it works.

You are also correct that higher-ranking officers do get better and more varied ships, despite my complaint that they’re “all the same.” In fact, getting an Escort or a Science Vessel is most of the point of specializing as a science officer or a tactical officer, and I hadn’t played far enough to experience those changes. Even so, I’m still disappointed at how little ship design seems to matter. They only felt cosmetic to me, like another inventory to manage. Part of me felt like the ship should feel huge, significant, powerful, not some Lego toy I’m sticking guns and thing on. Damage and the loss of life on board should feel grievous and devastating, requiring a lot of time and effort to fix, not some regenerating health bar that takes a minute or so to recover from intense warfare. I shouldn’t feel like I can throw my ship away on suicidally stupid tactics because I’ll respawn in 10 seconds. It just all feels wrong.

The radio theatre starring Leonard Nimoy and John de Lancie was called “Alien Voices.” Not sure if they’re doing anything now but I used to listen to them all the time on the Sci-Fi Channel’s Seeing Ear Theatre.

One thing I forgot to mention about Bayonetta is its truly hideous soundtrack. One can certainly appreciate its quirky, hammy J-pop showtunes, except for the fact it only knows one: “Fly Me to the Moon,” a song which it plays, overplays, then gets downright sadistic with. Seriously, I wanted to go on a pistol rampage myself after hearing that damn song for the umptillionth time. Don’t you know any other showtunes?