Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift Review (2-17-09)

The Spoony One | Feb 17 2009 | 

My quest for a quick, convenient time-killer has led me once again to the verdant, Moogle-infested land of Ivalice, as I do a quick review of Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift.

I haven’t played a Tactics game since the original PS1. How does it fare? Let’s just say that there are many words I would choose to describe this game, but “Tactics” isn’t one of them. Maybe “Shopping,” or “Micromanagement.”

Or maybe “Boredom.” Yeah. Let’s stick with that.

Edit: I probably didn’t express myself well enough to explain why I didn’t like the job system of Tactics A2. Not only do you have to switch jobs, but you have to constantly manage equipment specific to those jobs. The abilities you learn for each job are specific to the piece of equipment, not the job itself. So a White Mage carrying nothing learns nothing; he has to carry a Rod long enough to learn Cure, then carry a Healing Staff to learn Cura.

This is a major switch from simply learning class abilities through experience. Now you have to be in the job AND be carrying specific items before you can learn abilities. It’s extremely frustrating having to keep this in mind for over six characters, each of which has at least a dozen jobs to choose from, and each job has several powers to learn.