Girls Bravo!

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Girls Bravo!

A Review by Christopher Kinsey

Well here we go again with harem anime. I know, I touched base on this topic with my very first review "Tenchi Muyo". But I never really delved into what harem anime really was. I kinda told the evolution of "Tenchi Muyo" itself, but I didn't really tell you about harem anime as a whole. Well I think the time has come.

See, this is a formula that should work. And it does work, believe you me. You take a dude who's a little dorky, kind of an outcast from his peers (remind you of anyone?), then drop a load of girls on him, and these girls don't hate him. Bing bang zoom, entertainment. Yes, everything should be coming up roses for our hero. But no, usually his most inhibiting factor to happiness is himself. See, there are three types of harem anime hero...

The Tagalong - This hero is dragged from event to event within the lives of the girls of the harem anime. This person may have fantastic powers, but ultimately will not use them because of his own ethics. More than likely this person is simply the main character because every girl likes the fat he's honest or kind.

The Activist - Much like the tagalong, he's dragged into events. However, more than likely this is of his own validation. He not only wants to help, but will do all in his power to get the skills, abilities and courage to be effective when everything goes to hell. Even if he has no powers, then he'll do his best to help. He's just as honest and caring as the Tagalong, but he'll actively help.

The Woman - Reverse harem anime are picking up steam. One lady with a buffet of dudes, but they also generally fall into the role of The Activist. However, they usually have a twist to their character to make them a little more vulnerable, or are fated to be with one of the males.

Now who would you rather watch a story about? Either way he'll be up in shenanigans with the ladies, and isn't that all that matters? You'd think that, but no.

If this is your idea of a good time... Kill yourself.

They decide to add an actual plot. And this is quite the mixed bag, because these plots either enhance the girl buffet or detract form it. Let's take a look at some harem sub genres.

School Days/Modern Living - No, not the anime of the same name. In this style events are centered around school life. Funny enough this can actually have some seriousness for it. They tend to follow the relationships more, rather than any sort of adventure. "Ai Yori Yoshi" and "Love Hina" are great examples of this kind, as is the reverse harem "Ouran High School".

Sci-Fi - Ancient alien races have converged upon the spaceways... to dump a bunch of ladies into the lap of our hero. Sometimes it's a romp across the galaxy, sometimes they all show up at the hero's home. I find this to be the most "by the numbers" when it comes to harem anime. The biggest example is probably "Tenchi Muyo".

Fantasy - This has been quick on the uptake, and I find that it's the most likely to focus on the adventure rather than the standard harem comedy of "Oh noes, you saw me nekkid in the bath". Somehow our hero embarks on a great quest, be it in times of yore or modern. But sometimes it can fall right into the same traps as traditional harem anime with cheesecake and crude humor aplenty. Examples of this kind range from "El Hazard" to "Negima!".

To this date I have yet to see a period piece harem anime. "Fushigi Yugi" doesn't count. It's a reverse harem adventure fantasy anime. Wow, that was a mouthful.

But I figured I should not just talk your ears off about the ins and outs of this genre. I should offer up something that can be an example of a meta-harem anime. Something that doesn't rely on action, adventure, or plot. I need something that embodies the basest reasons to watch a harem anime. I need a gaggle of girls of various styles, a wimp to bring them all together so he won't intimidate me, and lots and lots of breasts for no good reason.

So I put out the call, and the masses came back with two words. "Girls Bravo!"

This series has a notoriety on the internet for being the most perverted, titillating for no good reason, adolescent humor inducing BS of all time. GIF files abound of either bouncing fanservice scenes or one of the girls going down on a banana. So this could be it! We could have just found the quintessential harem anime after all this time. I'm going to watch this entire thing, play by play, and you are along for the ride. And it's a loooooong ride, so if you're put off by long diatribes against an anime, I'd suggest coming back later.

Episode 1 - We open to one thing, and the only thing, breasts. A pink haired girl wishes for a boy she sees in the reflection of the pool/giant bathtub... as we all do. But that's quickly over and we meet Yukinari Sasaki. He's short, kind of a wuss, and oh yeah, has been bullied by women his while life. This has given him quite a complex. The man breaks out in a rash when he touches a woman. He rushes home and heads into his bathroom to find his next door neighbor coming out of the shower, a girl named Kirie. She's come over there because her hot water is broken... because that's what you do when there is a plumbing problem, break into your neighbor's house and take a bath. (Oh, and for the record his parents are gone... standard anime fare. Who needs parents when they can be working overseas?). Obviously Kirie takes care of the matter as well as any anime girl and knees him in the face directly into the tub, where he is whisked away to another world (Known as Seiren... what do you expect, really?) and meets up with the nude lady from before.

Dear god, what did you eat?

Her name is Miharu and has wished for him to come here, so wa-la. He's quite shocked like any other Japanese student in a huge bathtub with a naked, pink haired teenager and panics, then smashes his face on the tub. He awakens being cared for by Miharu, and he learns he's on another world undetected by our own scientists... riiiight. Anyway, Miharu's sister, Maharu, shows up (Great naming scheme, parents) and proceeds to force Yukinari into a motorboating session into her huge ta-tas. Well after the molestation, Miharu rescues Yukinari and drags him out into public. We see the serene world around them, which is populated entirely by women... Not a bad deal, until the five year old grabs your school jacket and demands that she'll do "Anything " for you... And of course an unclaimed man on this female planet means only one thing... a huge chase sequence while every woman around chases the pair. They're literally throwing everything at this poor kid, because after he's bludgeoned to death they can take his seed I guess. Well they're finally cornered by Maharu and the throng of women, and demand male satisfaction! You'd think that a mostly female society would have other standards (And more "Wolverine" workbook outfitters), but I digress. Somehow, Miharu has a power that blows everyone up but her, and Yukinari is blown away as well, but to his own starting point: Miharu's bathroom he ported into.

Well after some discussion on what to do next, Miharu disrobes and prepares to port Yukinari back to our world because it's been like... seven while minutes without chesticles off the port bow. Anyway, Yukinari ports back and Kirie is so sorry for breaking his face and blah di blah di blah... all heartfelt until she sees that the still nude Miharu has ported back with him. So of course Kirie forgets how sorry she is and begins to pummel the sap. Ah the balance of animedom is restored.

Episode 2 - We finally get to see the opening... which is lackluster and dull. Lots of cast shots and the rest... blah. We open to nudity, again. Miharu is showering while Yukinari is getting ready for school, and she has to bust in to freak the poor lad out and tell him he should bathe. Of course Kirie walks in and wacky anime beatings occur. We learn a lot from the opening here. Miharu can eat quite a lot, and she's being kept under wraps E.T. style. But Yukinari mentions how good the curry bread at school is, so after Kirie and Yukinari head off to school she dreams about the mythical "School bread". So she decided to find the school and get a little bread. Of course she has no clue where the school is... and gets lost. She wanders into a shopping arcade where there is a fruit seller and a huge crate of bananas. It starts innocently enough with her asking what a banana is, and the shopkeep giving a free sample. She proceeds to fellate and eat every banana as the shopkeep tells a long and winding story about bananas. O-hai-yo lady.

So let's cut to school where we meet the casual playa, Fukuyama. All we really learn is he's a huge player he is and how rich, handsome and all around wonderful he is (My what a guy that Gaston!). But alas, Kirie has already beaten him senseless. In any case, Miharu has finally found the school and is causing a ruckus. Fukuyama hears that there is a girl at the school he doesn't know about, and he has to make this new girl his! But it's so disturbing that he imagines Miharu as a very young girl, probably lolita style... ugh, why? So he just rockets by, snatches her, and takes her on a whirlwind tour of the "Most special places" of the school. Which consist of every girl's bathroom, and then the girl's locker room. Well Yukinari gives chase and of course gets slammed into the locker room and his rash breaks out. In the meanwhile, Fukuyama gives his Bond villain plan to Kirie, and she promptly choke slams him into the men's locker room, where we learn he is allergic to men. AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! WROOOONG! I'm serious, these sorts of allergic reactions can't happen... ever. You're the same species! Arrrglearrglearrgle. Anyway, Yukinari finds Miharu and gives her the bread, thus proving once again that they are the "Fated Pairing" in this series.

Episode 3 - We look upon a spooky pentagram with many candles. And then a shower scene for no good reason. More long hair and ass kids, line up now! Yukinari is having a nightmare in which he's in kindergarten and the girls kick over his blocks. His nightmare is his very life! Miharu plans to cook Yukinari lots of food to keep away bad dreams, but of course Miharu eats most of the meal beforehand. And of course Miharu decides to change pretty much in front of Yukinari while he's eating. Oh you alien women, no wonder Captain Kirk could always bang the lot of you. So of course, Kirie waltzes in as Yukinari is trying to get Miharu all together... and there is a misunderstanding followed by violence. Does no one ever learn?

On the way to school Miharu gives him the creepiest keychain ever that proclaims it will "Kill you and love you". Wowzers, why can't we find that crap in the Hot Topic's array of tschotkies? Yukinari runs into our girl from the introduction and she immediately falls for Yukinari since it was foretold in her horoscope this would be her fate. Her name is Lisa and she has this thing for Japanese perception of black magic. Well while she offers up the praises for the array of black gods that have brought this hive ridden man bounty, they sneak off to school quickly. Lisa swears that Yukinari will be hers in short order...

So anyway, Kazuhara bursts in with horrible news, but that's not enough to bring him around so he has to molest the hell out of Kirie. As a result, Kirie finds an amount of milk splattered all over her head. Wowzers... Anyway, Lisa is casting a magic circle in the gymnasium while a pair of badass MiBs bust into the classroom and use superior tactics to snatch away Yukinari. Kirie tries to fight back and holds her own for a second from the female MiB, but is eventually forced aside.

Anyway, Yukinari is taken to the gym as Lisa explains her plan to Kirie and the rest, then summons a demon. Well as all hope is lost, Miharu's head glows and a purple explosion throws everything into turmoil. Well, except for the huge demonic hand that slaps the hell out of Yukinari. Luckily this is an anime, and all that means is he's sent to the nurse's office. I'd hate to be a nurse in a Japanese school. You're either required to heal male student's with blowjobs or heal up bizarre magic burns and fractured bones from demon fights. In any case the other characters chastise her then go about to let Yukinari rest. But Lisa is right there waiting with a banquet of food... made of bugs and many other gross things. But it's a gourmet delight!

So not only is Lisa a black magic, million zillion yen heiress, but also a huge believer in the practice of Chinese medicinal cooking. She claims that the food Yukinari has eaten will cure his rash he gets around women. And such a strong believer is she, she immediately starts to disrobe as the MiBs start snapping pics. Well Yukinari promptly freaks out and busts open the freezer, where Fukuyama has been put in the friggin' ice tray because he feels Yukinari can't ever be his brother-in-law.

Well all in all Yukinari runs off and eats the meager meal Miharu made after she ate most of it, and all is well with the world. Once again, we have learned nothing!

It's been a whole two minutes, guess I'd better show some skin!

Episode 4 - YET ANOTHER SHOWER OPENING! Oh my freaking various unborn children, EVERY EPISODE HAS STARTED IN THE BATHROOM! You're certainly putting your best foot forward, Girl's Bravo... Or at least your best ass curvature and ta-ta jiggles forward. It's Kirie, and she's psyching herself up to try and keep Yukinari. Foolish girl, the "Fated alien Girlfriend" is in the series. If the series gets serious towards the end she'll be bawling her eyes out. Anyway, on her way out to Yukinari's house, Kirie sees Miharu being driven past in a white limo. Well she busts into Yukinari's house and finds him emoing in the corner because Miharu is gone for a while. Boo freakin' hoo! They soon figure that Miharu must be at the Fukuyama's house.

As with most rich kids in anime, they have a ridiculously huge opulent mansion with a hedge maze and more... The maid will not let in Yukinari because Fukuyama will not abide more men in his home. As Yukinari tries to find his way through the maze, he's assaulted by the robots from MGS (The little flying ones you can control) and assault maids carrying sub machine guns. Mean whilst Kirie is being shown he horrors of the mansion itself, which include such delights as air grates that provide upskirting opportunities and an elevator that measures every point of a woman's body... which of course Kirie promptly destroys.

Of course, Yukinari is continuing to have problems, involving hand grenade booby traps, mines and the like. So Kirie continues exploring, finding creepy room after creepy room, always involving the female form. But she catches a glimpse of Miharu in a maid's outfit wandering the halls. She's then knocked out accidentally by Fukuyama, and she awakes to find herself in a huge bed dressed in sexy sheer lingerie. Well obviously she's about to bring hell to Fukuyama, but founds that she already has. Yes kids, Kirie is the heroine who can't cook. Yet another staple in any "Comedy" anime. Fukuyama works it to his own advantage, making Kirie wear a super short nurse's outfit. And for some reason he can barf on command, making Kirie feel guilty enough to go along with it.

And to add to the madness, Lisa has been summoning ghosts. So Fukuyama immediately dresses Kirie in Shinto spiritual gear... and gets hit on the head. Well Kirie escapes only into the waiting gun of the female MiB, Kosame. Kosame forces Kirie into a room and proceeds to start helping herself to some hot lesbian action. Well right before it's "raep tyme" the ghosts from before charge in and disperse the scene as Kirie just wishes it could all go away. Then finally, she runs into Miharu. She's been working part time to help out, but she helps Kirie escape down by the river.

This anime suc...
Well, I'll give it a minute.

And of course Yukinari is totally forgotten in the hedge maze. AHAHAHAHAHA! Stupid show. Cutting short the lesbian shenanigans. Then again, I think I can see why this show was rated so highly. It's still incredibly dumb, and random... but full of plenty of tits to keep the kiddies occupied.

Episode 5 - Well we don't open in the shower, because a girl is coming through the bathtub much like Miharu did, only with less nudity.

Miharu and Kirie both get soaked in the rain outside with clingy, white uniforms... And Miharu begins to disrobe in front of Yukinari again... but this time he's tempted to just reach out and squeeze her funbags. But he gets a thunk on the head from Kirie instead and tossed into the rain as the girls head off for a shower. Then a scream comes from the bathroom! So Yukinari rushes up, sees Miharu and Kirie nude, and is assaulted once again.

Well the girls have found the lady passed out in the bathtub. Yukinari takes her to the couch, even though he's breaking out in his rash. She cuts to a flashback to her father in the rain, then the girl wakes to find Yukinari... and promptly freaks out. Breaking dishes, then locking herself in the cupboard.

Well the ladies fish her out and find that her name is Koyomi and she has amnesia. And that's pretty much all we learn because we get a bunch of chatting with the ladies. But our days are brightened because Fukuyama shows up with his raging hormones and willingness to drive his wand into any moist valley, and is promptly beaten by Kirie.

Koyomi then takes off in the rain and knocks over a huge, American looking dude who's in a Hawaiian shirt and like, a Yakuza or something. Because the scene gets very tense, and then is broken by the arrival of all her friends and Fukuyama. Where Yokomi goes Fukuyama shall follow, right through the shopping arcade that had the fruit seller. Apparently he's done quite well since Miharu throated down a mile of banana... Anyway, Yukinari and the game decide to split up.

Well Koyomi gives Fukuyama the slip and finds herself stuck in the rain again. Luckily Yukinari comes across her as she's getting a touch of her memory back. Well for his efforts, she slaps Yukinari into the fountain. They share a heart to heart about her father who also came from earth. Of course, Fukuyama shows up to pretty much creep everyone out, but Yukinari actually mans up for a second and beats Fukuyama with an umbrella for a bit, which is promptly shrugged off. But Yukinari remembers Fukuyama's reaction to the touch of men, and gives him a rash They escape, but fall into the fountain. Koyomi learns much more about her past and her mission to find Miharu... But she has a change of heart and keeps it quiet. Fukuyama then shows up to grab up Koyomi, but is quickly beaten up by Kirie... and this is a two parter. Yaaaaay.

Episode 6 - We don't start with a shower scene! We start with a recap... Bleh. But afterwards, now we've got a shower scene! well, bathroom scene. I'm getting desensitized to nudity, how dare you "Girl's Bravo!". In any case, we return to Seiren where Miharu's sister, Maharu, is reporting her missing sister through a dimensional portal. As it turns out Koyomi is the one assigned to find Miharu. It's her first job for the super duper dimensional police... But thanks to amnesia, things are going to be swell. So after a flashback (Forward? Expositional memory?) she sees violence ensuing against Yukinari again. Miharu found Yukinari's secret porn stash and decided to emulate "Female style" by dressing only in an apron. However, for no good reason Yokomi spills everything to Yukinari. WHY?! Then we get a montage of how happy everyone is to the soulful saxophone and strings that every 80s show had... So Yokomi has decided to go back to Seiren alone, but Miharu decides to go back home... BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH. There is a reason you keep certain things in the original manga. This doesn't work here!

So they get back to Seiren, tearful reunion of the badly named sisters Mi and Ma... and of course back on earth Yukinari is saddened of the entire affair. Fukuyama has the right idea, chastising letting the ladies go. And of course a montage of sad from across the worlds. So lame... Anyway, Yokomi comes by Maharu's house for a chat, and once again decide Miharu should go back and be happy. THIS EPISODE WAS COMPLETELY POINTLESS! And dull, and stupid, and vapid, and filled with mediocrity in such quantities it transcends normality and just heads for failure. Anyway, Yukinari finds Miharu back and all is back to the status quo. Hooray! We can keep making this deliberately dull show. Only now Koyomi and her little pal Tomo are in the cast. A loli... great.

And then the pummeling happened. Ah-ha-ha-ha...

Episode 7 - Well we now see Maharu's huge breasts in a bathroom scene. We've almost seen all the ladies naked. Maharu has decided Yokomi will get her a husband. Anyway, the entire gang is watching some magical girl anime. We learn more about Tomo, and how she will be our mandatory lolicon character for the series. She speaks of herself in the third person, has a cute animal seal that is not just perverted, but Miharu wants to eat it. We're reaching the seventh chamber of pain!

So they decide to hit the town, starting with a motorcycle sidewalk show with lots of booth babes. Yokomi, however, cannot face the crowds because she's finding a fear of men... except Yukinari, but he doesn't count. So they have a pow wow about girl power and then decide to be really sexy booth babes for the motorcycles, causing quite a stir. But Lisa is waiting in the wings with her MiBs, plotting how to get Yukinari away from all the ladies. They decide it's time to use Yokomi's fear of men in this strategy.

Mean whilst, the large Hawaiian shirt fellow returns for some genuine creepiness... They all approach Tomo because she's just so darned cute. Tomo figures she can spirit these men away to Seiren, but they are whisked away by fabulous offers on their cellphones for much better jailbait. And the ladies have done a costume change into mascots... for some reason. They're being kicked by kids and the like, then the creepy pack that was once around Tomo surrounds poor Yokomi. Probably because she's "Willing to Cosplay". The creepiness becomes a chase scene quickly, aaaaand that about it. Oh, except for another pep talk from the girls. Involving a bath. Go figure, right? Oh, but one final twist, Tomo picks up Fukiyama and takes him to the dimensional bathtub, only to see Koyomi nude and traumatizing her all over again. But Tomo zaps both Yokomi and Fukuyama to Seiren where Maharu is bathing... And hilarity (?) ensues. Then they're sent back to earth. Back to status quo...


This calls for a little pick me up!

*Take Crazy Pills*

*Eat Crazy Pills*

Episode 8 - More bathtime. Miharu this time. She's dreamily humming about something good that will happen tomorrow. She can't wait to try a chemistry experiment at school tomorrow. They dream of delicious things, and Miharu dreams of delicious bananas, and riding them nude. But Yukinari quickly shatters those dreams by explaining chemistry isn't the place for edible goods. AHAHAHAHA! She's hungry all the time! Soooo funny! I hate you Japan.

So at class the next day Yukinari slips up in the lab, falls over, and drags down Kirie's skirt. Instead of pulling them up quickly, she stands there a bit, airs out... sloooooowly pulls the skirt back up, then beats the hell out of Yukinari. Meanwhile Miharu decides to drink an entire beaker of alcohol that is to be used in the experiment. She gets her lush on, then starts sneezing a lot, and each sneeze breaks all the glassware in the room, and makes many Miharu clones. Each clone is blown away when touched. Luckily Yukinari's on the case, and will get blown for justice. Wait...

We move onto Kirie running... Oh my god her running animation is very unflattering. I don't know what they were going for here, but her breasts are a billion sizes bigger than usual... Meanwhile they race off to find the real Miharu only to get Yukinari stuffed in the girl's locker room again, and Fukuyama staring at Kirie's underwear... Bleh. We cut to the fruit seller from the first episode, and my god this is awesome! They don't show the advancing horde, only the look of terror on the seller's face as you hear the throng chanting "Banana, ba-na-na..."

Damnit. The anime finally got me to smirk and giggle. This episode so far has been stupid, but entertaining at least.

So they all mount a sewer expedition to curtail the clones as fast as possible, but the clones are going from market to market eating everything like locusts. Back with Yukinari, his Miharu senses are tingling and he rushes off to the rescue. The marketplace is being boarded up off to stop the advancing horde. "Dawn of the Dead" Bay-bee, hells yeah! But..... they do nothing to stop the invading horde. So the plan changes to capture them in a net, but they only trap Kirie.

So it's up to Fukuyama to save the day. One grab at a time! Truly only a real pervert can save the world. But even he can't take them out one by one... So the merchants offer up a banana suit to attract all the clones at once. Even I have to admit, that was awesome.

I don't know what that says, but it better say "Fukuyama is the sole reason to see this anime".

But we head back to Yukinari, who's Miharu senses have paid off and they sappily find one another. And I must admit, it almost erases the awesomeness of Fukuyama in a banana suit groping everyone. But it gains it back when you learn the grateful merchants make a golden statue of him in the suit. Fukuyama's awesome perversion shall live on forever.

Episode 9 - This episode opens to a shot overlooking a carnival . LOL JUST KIDDING MORE SHOWERING/BATHTUB/GRATUITOUS NUDITY!!! It's Lisa, and she's listening to a soccer match. At the Yukinari household, they're also watching the match, but Tomo turns on the magical girl anime. A small war breaks out between Kirie and Tomo arguing about the channel (I have to admit, the magical girl anime uses a spork... neat). Well the shifting channels breaks the TV. What? Well the challenge that Tomo is just a kid is met by the counter argument, Tomo can do magic. So to show off, she turns the seal into a loli. Everyone is enamored with the seal, and Tomo feels left out, yet again.

Well Lisa heads over, commenting on her next plan to get Yukinari, and is promptly tackled by the Ebi (The seal... too many names!). Well Tomo and Lisa get in a kerfluffle that ends up... in a magic match. Lisa quickly grabs up Ebi and rushes off. We all know that the tree Lisa made up won't be there next time we see the house...

So now we get a flashback of Lisa. She can't play with the regular kids (Uh, why?) so she takes up magic (Again, why?). Well back in the present, Lisa is watching over Ebi... and of course Fukuyama creeps his way in and scoops up Ebi, but is blow to smithereens by his sister. The rest of the gang shows up at Fukuyama's house, and the ladies all repulsed by their past experiences here. And we learn about Lisa's friendless past. She apparently used magic to make her little doll a friend, but it stopped working. Stupidly explained psychological complex ahoy!

Well the gang catches up with Lisa and Tomo decides to start a magic battle, by turning several creatures into overly violent Pokemon. But they are nothing in comparison to the unexplained pentagram magic you always find in anime! Boom, explosion, but Tomo is still there. Ebi is quickly scooped up in the confusion by Fukiyama, exposing FAR TOO MUCH... Please, turn Ebi back into a seal soon...

And of course Kirie dispenses justice on Fukuyama the only way she knows how. Facebreaking. Tomo seems to retrieve Lisa's old doll, and they're going to be good friends from now on. Dawwwwww...whatever.

Episode 10 - Another bathroom scene, with Yokomi, Miharu and Tomo. Whatever...

It's the hot spring episodes, so they find themselves at a run down bath resort run by a creepy old woman. But while the outside is run down, the inside is wonderful and the scenery is nice. While the ladies settle in, Grandma cuts to the heart of the matter and asks Yukinari which one' he has his eye on. Miharu, duh. Oh wait he won't answer, he's an anime character. Anyway, the outdoor bath is filled with bananas and alligators. Mmmmkay? The hot springs have gone dry, so the old lady started an alligator farm and banana plantation... makes perfect sense.

So they head out into the wilderness to enjoy the rivers, and of course to disrobe and put on bathing suits. And of course Yukinari accidentally sees Kirie and is quickly beaten and humiliated. But then the scene become creepy, with headless mannequins washing ashore, skulls being found, and crows gathering on every tree. This leads to our gang getting lost and finding a spooky old mansion.

But it's the Fukuyama's old mansion! And they're cooking a hot pot. As it turns out, all the creepy stuff they found were Lisa and Fukuyama's doing. So of course, Fukuyama will offer lodgings for everyone, and they have a huge outdoor bath. This series always seems to get a bit better when Fukuyama gets involved. He only allows hot girls and himself in the bath. Big pimpin'. And he even passes on bringing Tomo along. His perversions don't run to Loli's. Why is the pervert the most likable and entertaining person in this anime?

Anyway, Lisa also slips Yukinari a roofie and starts to wash him. But all the beginnings of molestation and peeking stops when they find a ghost of a young lady. Of course, she's infatuated with Yukinari and claims he's a dirty molester. This girl was in the hot springs, all alone, when she heard something in the bushes. As she went to investigate, she found a drooling idiot who ran off, but she slipped and broke her head on a rock. Don't run around the pool, lesson learned.

Anyway, this spirit is drying up the hot springs nearby and must capture a molester to move on, so they nominate Yukinari to enact the role of a molester. Why not bring Fukuyama into this action? Anyway, the spirit accidentally possesses Kirie and asks for the molestation, but Fukuyama comes to save the day... and molests Koyomi instead. So Yukinari hugs the spirit and the spirit moves on... what's perverted about that? Anyway, the spirit ascends to heaven and thanks everyone for their kindness. And once again "Ghost Hunters" wasn't there.

Well if you insist...

Episode 11 - Instead of a bath scene, we recap the last episode. I'm actually overjoyed to see an episode recap! But why do such a thing? The last episode had an ending and... and... oh wait they have an outdoor bath scene with all the ladies. Of course after that they all go back to the river and splash about for many many fanservice shots. Koyomi seems very aloof from the rest of them all...

And Yukinari's fishing. Now I can get behind that. You're going on vacation you can't be viewing boob the entire time. But it becomes a string of jokes about moving your rod. Well I read it as a joke, but it was played serious. But alas, Koyomi's still sad and all the girls want to help out. Apparently she's apprehensive about Fukuyama showing up, understandable of course. But Miharu shows up asking is she can eat a butterfly! Of course not! Silly alien girl! Ugh, I hate the anime.

So of course the Fukuyama siblings are indeed plotting something, but we cut right back to the girls bathing and get a full breast view of Tomo... Oh c'mon anime, don't do this to me. Up until this second you prevented any viewing of horribly underage goodies... Blech. Anyway, as they're all talking, Yukinari accidentally comes into position to see the gals jub-jubs. And he's quickly beaten up. OH GOD THIS JOKE NEVER GETS OLD IN ANY ANIME! REALLY! Kill me.

Anyway, Fukuyama announces that he's bought the hotel, and nothing can be done about it, except a ping pong tournament. Which Kirie is handling poorly at because Fukuyama's cheating with Lisa's magic. Well they get another chance with Yukinari up to bat with Yokomi. If they lose, Kirie has to do a human body brush on Fukuyama (Cultural points: Ping Pong is a standard hot springs past time, and a human body brush is stripping down and getting soaped up by a nekkid lady).

Now that that's all out of the way, Yukinari's up to bat, and gets knocked out immediately. But as it turns out, Koyomi alone is a beast at Ping Pong. This is because back on Seiren Koyomi is their world's version of Ping Pong's champion for years running... So to cheat, Fukuyama creeps her out with love proposals and sexual harassment. So they give her the advice to think the ball is Fukuyama. And it works greatly. The last serve, the last moment... Fukuyama serves seven balls, and is immediately knocked out by them.

So being the end of the episode we have a final bath scene, but Koyomi's actually confident enough to get nude. Hurray... And that's the end of the first season. I hear the next season is even more perverted, so I'm locking my knife drawer.

Episode 12 - Now we get a new opening, which seems to wail on a kind of fighting game guitar riff. And the animations are definitely a direction in the skeevy pervy direction. They have a montage of all the girls again, of course, but right in the opening we get to see their wonder melons. This season is getting right to the point. "Hey loser, you're up late, here's some chest muffins!"

We again recap. Praise the seven lucky gods of Ranma 1/2! Not another bath scene. Actually no, we get a bath scene, but with Fukuyama! OK, this may sound a little gay, but I find this turn of events enlightening. He's a man with a plan, and quickly dons his robe to enact his next plot to get allllll the ladies.

We cut to pool time at school. Swimming classes abound, and we're treated to Miharu sexually harassing Kirie unintentionally, with the common result of the boys coming to their yard, and Yukinari slipping and accidentally grabbing other ladies, and getting the crap beaten out of himself. But the fail of Yukinari is headed off by the AWESOME of Fukuyama bombing into the pool on a jet ski. He declares a free swim, takes over most of the pool for himself and all the ladies and shoves all the men into a small corner. He even transforms the pool into a super resort for relaxation and mackin' on the ladies. He even goes as far as ejecting the dudes from the pool.

So Fukuyama nabs up Miharu and Kirie gives chase. But they run out of pool and Miharu falls right onto the unconscious Yukinari, who awakens and fights off Fukuyama, who's threatening him with a strange pillar. As the tumble into the pool, they have switched minds. Yukinari is in Fukuyama's body, and vice verse. And yet, they haven't switched their allergic reactions. Anyway, no one's buying it, of course.

So Fukuyama gets the joy of being trusted by the ladies, while Yukinari struggles with being stuck as the perv. See, now I have some respect for this kid, he knows he wants Miharu, and only Miharu. Lisa is actually in a submarine, and has an inkling of what has happened. Kirie starts to figure it out as well since Yukinari's acting so odd. She beats Fukuyama in Yukinari's body and yet another switch happens... It goes NUTS! Everyone gets these odd pillars and switch and swap around, ultimately ending in Fukuyama in Miharu's body. And for no good reason, a giant octopus shows up.

If you brainswapped with a girl...
Would this really be the first thing you did?

And Fukuyama runs right for it and immediately signs up for some "Tentacle love". Nothing graphic, but disturbing nonetheless. Fukuyama's a MA-YUN! Why would he do that? Freak muppet... He's still the best thing about this series. Lisa shows up to put things right with her magic, and octopus bits rain everywhere. Also, everyone gets their bodies back. Tomo and Yokomi find the pile o' men from earlier and start rummaging through to send some back to Serien. Fukuyama has been turned into a wooden draining board, when he finds isn't so bad since he can see all the ladies spam purses. But I'm sure he'll be fine next episode, so stay strong true believers.

Episode 13 - We open to Fukuyama being awesome, as usual. He makes a short announcement of the cast, quickly splicing in footage of himself being awesome. We then cut to Kosame (the lesbian MiB) training to fistfight in the shower surrounded by pictures of Kirie. So she loves her, so she'll beat her up? Tough love.

So this episode they're given tickets to a ballgame. Where the Tokyo "Biants" will play. I always like it when the Japanese have to make up similar names for sports teams, it's like they don't even try to be sly or make up their own. In any case, they show up to a locked arena, but actually Fukuyama rises up in a high tech elevator. He traps them quickly and lowers them to a secret level of the arena. It is there that there is a secret women's fighting tournament that pretty much expects sexy results. "Variable Geo", anyone?

So Fukuyama quickly blackmails Kirie into entering his tournament. So they find themselves in the girl's locker room (Even Yukinari... who doesn't get hives for some reason). We of course are given the standard reasons to "Fight On" you find in every anime, and the thinly veiled excuse to even have such a tournament. We then go through a montage of Kirie beating the easier rounds. Kirie's even laughing it all off, until she finds out she's up against Kosame next (Yes she has a name, no I don't care). So obviously this will be the fight we actually see.

And it's a mud match. Why is "Mud wrestling" ever sexy? I mean, there will be dirt in places dirt should not be... And they crank up the AC for the nip-pops... OK women of Japan, will you have a sexual revolution please? Of course the fight degenerates into the harassment of Kirie. Kosame makes many sexual advances until a deus ex machina ending where Miharu sneezes and blows her up. Lame.

But alas, she's not the final fight! It's the lead Fukuyama Maid, Lilica. Instead of mud, it's a hell in a cell slobberknocker. And they're intent on fighting this time, not being cute, coy or implying sex. The lesbian MiB finally comes to (Only dressed in bandages and panties, of course) and watches Kirie on the nearby TV. But this Maid is far too strong, but the lesbian MiB leaps in to take the blows for Kirie. So Kirie admires the sacrifice and gets pumped up to fight this Maid!. But instead of showing the fight, they fade to white and Kirie lost as the heart felt strings music plays, where Kirie actually cares for Kosame.

Anyway, that photo Fukuyama had for blackmail was Kirie as a young girl, and she had wet the bed. Morons.

Episode 14 - Let's just assume that I'll just tell you who's being naked in the openings. This time it's Miharu. She's reading a book on love prophesy and technique. Why? Well she's going on a date with Yukinari. Of course tagging along in secret is Fukuyama and Kirie. But Kirie has him bound up to keep him out of trouble. Kin-key.

So like most Japanese dates Miharu begins shopping for lingerie. Of course we gratuitously get a tad of fanservice because her backwards alien ways make her model some cupless underwear. They also find themselves shopping for medicinal viagra powder, an adult toy, and finally stop to watch an adult film in a theater. (Ewww). But why? Why would Miharu do this?

Well Fukuyama pipes in and explains that he gave Miharu the book on love that details every purchase that has happened thus far. Of course, it's all about to be a plot to get all the ladies in the end, so after some pummeling by Kirie we jump to the real date. The chaste date of the Japanese. It's actually refreshing in comparison to the ramped up sexuality.

So again our fated pair share a heart felt moment, and Miharu gets confused and begins disrobing. Luckily Fukuyama appears to make everything better. He steals their lunch and Yukinari gives chase.

After some time waiting, Miharu comes across a lost little girl and shares a soda with her, and promises to help find the poor girl's mother. I can taste the bland being given off in these moments. But Yukinari has caught up to Fukuyama, and is quickly pwned because he's short. But of course he doesn't give up, and as we all know is that's all that matters in Japan, if you give up or not. Well Kirie is impressed by the determination and decides to help... by putting on a black mask and a pair of puppets to disguise herself and beat up Fukuyama. But Yukinari isn't fooled.

Well as it turns out Miharu did find the little girl's mother, but then she comes across an old lady who needs directions to the train station... So she's gone when Yukinari arrives at the meeting point. So instead of waiting, he runs off to find her... Wash rinse repeat. Hey miss each other several times, does no one know how to deal with that situation, and this is JAPAN, they must have a cell phone between the pair of them!

Fukuyama and Kirie wax poetically about how hard Yukinari worked to get the lunch back, and they do the sensible thing.... they call Yukinari and tell him Miharu's at the park! This episode started with potential, but it got entrenched in sap and fail...

Episode 15 - Let's see who's nude. Someone I don't know, but she's in a regal bath and has scars on her back.... oh it's Fukuyama's maid, Lilica. Well take that one off the list of goodie bags that haven't been seen in this series.

We start at school where Miharu is eating her body weight in crab bread. Yukinari and Kirie finally pull her away, only to find an oddball in the hall. Another student who dresses in a mask and cape calling himself the Mamo Ranger. Apparently one of the crab wrappers got on his mask, and he demands an apology. So he pulls out an industrial vacuum cleaner and makes threats... then tries to vacuum up Kirie's skirt. But he's eventually caught and taken off for punishment by Miss Hijime, the new hot teacher... They're bringing in more pointless characters.

Anyway, Miharu finds Mamo cleaning up the campus as punishment, then drags him to the Lilica, for training. Lilica tests Mamo's resolve, then they meet up at night. They see an older man flick away a cigarette carelessly, then Lilica leaps out and assaults the fellow, threatening to burn the cigarette in his face. He relents and she shoves the ground up butt in his jacket pocket. They continue into the night learning proper recycling techniques... Yay?

Well in the morning Mamo shows back up in a better costume, still being batshit insane. He's carrying a guitar that also acts as a gun, and he flips out when a crow craps and pins everyone down before they can enter school. Fukuyama shows up, but even his awesomeness prevents any sort of story from forming here.

Well as it turns out Lisa is doing magic in the chem lab, but is burning something. So Mamo swings in and tries to bring her to justice, but accidentally screws up her spell and a giant phone charm-thing comes forth with a banana and starts wrecking up the place. Frug? So mamo does his best and even summons the tanuki statue with ENORMOUS balls. Seriously, these balls are about the size of Epcot center. But alas, it's just another sight gag. This episode is destroying me...

Well being such a ball of failure, Mamo runs off, lamenting what made him the pathetic neat freak he is today. His mother would punish him for the smallest of mistakes, and lost himself in his childhood heroes... Blahblahblah. Well Lilica mans him up by telling her own story in a flashback of smut, where she's a soldier/special op whatever that's been captured and is about to be whipped with a riding crop, but she never surrendered, never failed.

Well Mamo mans up and takes out the huge beast, for no reason, and it's over. THE HELL? This episode right here is possibly the worst of the series. No Fukuyama, introducing new characters that are stupid and pointless, and doing nothing but sight gags the entire time.

I'm at the lowest point... hopefully.

Episode 16 - Tomo's in the shower this time. NOOOOOOOOO! OK, OK, there's no nudity yet, they can keep it clean.... OH GOD NO! Loli ass. Well maybe they won't show her undeveloped breasts. ARRRGH! NOOOOO! *Kills Self*

No, I must press on. Time for a brainwipe and we'll move on. Tomo sets off again to find Maharu's husband. Along the way she runs across Kirie who wants Tomo to be more like a little girl, of course Tomo is having none of it and rushes off. And her next encounter is with Fukuyama who offers himself up to be this man, but all it earns him is a clubbing in the nuts. Awesome. Glad to see Fukuyama back. Nutshots are the universal funny. What isn't funny is his outfit. Think of a bare midriff t-shirt and hoodie for dudes. Japan, you so crazy!

As it turns out Fukuyama tags along anyway and both he and Tomo find Kirie running across a new man, someone she obviously knows named Fuji. They have a vague conversation about a question asked a year ago, and if Kirie still liked someone... Of course, Tomo and Fukuyama begin to jump to conclusions.

So let's step back for a minute and do some "Amazing Kreskin" work. Now as you may be aware, in this review as I'm writing as I watch the episodes. So I shall now predict the outcome to this entire plot! It was all a misunderstanding, and it's actually quite innocent between those two. But it's not found out until wacky hijinks while Tomo and Fukuyama round up the others for uncomfortable questioning. It's not so different than the American sitcom, really.... except for the underage nudity. ARRGH I REMEMBERED IT! *Brainscrubs*

Kirie heads to the hospital with some baked goodies for yet another man. And then more men surround her and pester her, etc. Fukuyama theorizes that she has some sort of pheromone, and Tomo wants the secret so she can finish her mission. So she fires the seal to break up the dudes. I kid you not, the seal becomes some sort of mega-cannon and blasts away... I'm horrified. My prediction may be so wrong..... but I honestly wish I was right. So Fukuyama strikes a bargain with Tomo, keep Kirie safe and then she might respect Tomo as a mature lady. But Fukuyama plans on taking all the credit for Kirie's salvation in order for some luvvin'.

As Kirie does a little window shopping, she sees a kid about to be hit by a truck. As she scoops him up she doesn't' have time to get out of the way, so Fukuyama rushes in and tackles her aside, waiting on Tomo to blast the truck with the seal laser. But the seal's out of juice, and Fukuyama gets hit by a truck. Awesome.

So we montage as the dynamic duo saves Kirie from propositions and child saving time and time again in "wacky" ways. At the end, Kirie walks into an S-mart. S-mart, in Japan? See, this is what having Fukuyama get more screen time gets you. Awesomeness out the wazoo. Tomo and Fukuyama then hatch a plot for one more "Good Deed" to impress Kirie. Some thugs accost her right outside the S-mart, and Fukuyama shows up like an ultimate badass and goes in for the rescue, thinking all along Tomo has bribed these guys to take a fall. Of course that's not the case and Kirie mops the floor with the thugs.

Well Kirie moves on, and the rest of the gang shows up with the news Tomo is missing. So of course we switch gears from the wacky to the sweet as everyone runs off to find Tomo, and Tomo has to face being lost and alone. Fukuyama finds Tomo first, and we're faked out thinking he's going to give her a decent kicking about, but instead he plays the role of a nice guy and helps her find everyone else. Which means any amount of awesome Fukuyama injected earlier into the episode is undone. Lame.

Don't worry, this worked for the dude in El-Hazard.

Episode 17 - Well let's see who's in the bath now. Why, it's Koyomi and Miharu! So they talk about their bodies and grab each others bra boulders until Miharu sneezes and makes a kind of whirlpool in the bathtub. M'kay... We open up to Yukinari getting beaten awake by Tomo and her pet seal, Ebi. And why is it so important? Oh, because Koyomi and Miharu went out together... and meet up with Kirie. I swear to god Yukinari, this is the perfect moment to commit some good old fashioned homicide... but he doesn't and they head off to spy on the ladies. Well as it turns out they seem to have gotten into a video game convention, complete with sweaty fat nerds cosplaying as little girls. Well Tomo is outraged, causes a ruckus, and so the pair is on the run in the nerd-o-sphere. But what's this? A mysterious woman who seems to be allergic to men watches as Miharu and the rest hide away...

Well as it turns out Miharu broke the bathroom so she, Koyomi and Kirie came to the geek farm to be booth babes and raise the money for a new tub. As it turns out it's fortuitous Yukinari is there, since they're short an MC for the event. So he's quickly bullied into the position by Kirie, then he's put in drag, and the management can't find out he's a man or they'll all get fired. Come and knock on our door, we'll be waitin' for you...

So Yukinari is introducing some voice actresses who go forth and begin berating the fans for being indoors all Sunday. Just when all hope is lost and I'm afraid I'm stuck in the Japanese version of "Three's Company"... Fukuyama shows up! His family runs the convention and due to narrative causality and bad writing... his eye catches Yukinari in drag. So to cause mischief, Kirie decides to introduce the pair. So she changes the schedule to have Fukuyama and Yukinari in a video game contest. Each video game is designed so Fukuyama can be a bit pervy. Well ultimately, Fukuyama wins and goes for a grope... and finds the water-wiggle. Hilarity ensues. Wait, wouldn't Fukuyama's allergy to men have gone off? And what about the mystery girl? Ah screw it, just be glad it's over.

Is this some sort of variant on "Fizzbin"?

Episode 18 - Bathtub scene... and it's none of the girls? They're watching some sort of "A Nightmare on Elm Street" dealie. But Tomo's having none of it. She declares it boring and they should go out, but they can't since Yukinari's skint having to take care of three freeloaders. Well they try to play cards, but Tomo won't play if she can't win... but Fukuyama arrives with a grand idea. Mah-Johngg, but Fukuyama Mah-Jongg. Apparently, if you lose a hand humiliation is in order where you can undress, rub, or dress the loser up in different outfits. Lisa shows up with the MiBs and a huge collection of costumes. Obviously there are objections to playing, but in the end they all decide to give it a whirl.

The first match up is Fukuyama, Tomo, Koyomi and Hayate (The male MiB). This part is actually kind of fun, because Ebi goes off into those strange narratives about mah-jongg strategy and starts chain smoking like he's in a hard boiled mah-jongg manga. But alas, Tomo is still just a little girl and can't play worth a crap. So she's put in a boxy robot costume with Hayate while Koyomi is wearing a live snake. Well time for the second match! Miharu, Fukuyama, Yukinari and Kirie. But hey, let's cut to a commercial!

We come back and Hayate and Tomo are playing in the backyard with their suits while Koyomi writes a letter about her trials and tribulations to her mother. Back at the match, everyone is already in strange wear, save for Miharu. She's got crazy luck. During a break, Kosame (The female MiB) holds up Yukinari in the bathroom at Fukuyama's request. Fukuyama proposes they team up and force the ladies to lose, and Lisa hopes this fact will drive Miharu away. It's a stupidly, stupid plan. But it is indeed a plan. And of course Kosame has her own agenda, to see Kirie in the nude.

So during the game the cheating is super effective. Kirie's getting annoyed, so she raises the stakes to a huge level, no holds barred wear anything do anything on the next hand. Yukinari wants out, but he'll get shot if he doesn't cooperate... But from outside Ebi is chucked just as Fukuyama's rolling the dice... and it's revealed they're false dice. So Yukinari, Fukuyama, Kosame, and Lisa all walk towards the sunset in humiliating costumes... Then Kramer shows up. NOT REALLY!

Really, this would have made a much better anime.

Episode 19 - OK, so it's a bath scene, but a totally different bathroom. It seems dingy, yet dignified with champagne and whatnot. Fukuyama seems to be a detective in Europe chasing after the "Phantom Rabbits". Thieves with a bunny theme composed of Miharu, Kirie and Koyomi. You know, this would have made a fun anime, really. Shame it won't last. So during the day, the three work at "Cafe Nap Rabbit". A cafe that Fukuyama frequents! OK, so it's full of anime tropes, but at least it's from a more interesting style of story than a jiggle show. Anyway, it turns out there is another thief on the scene (Alluded to be Yukinari in this fake little drama) named "Black Snow", and he's kidnapped Lisa. So the ladies go on a rescue mission to get Lisa back, yet get captured themselves. Well after some escape shenanigans, it was all a ruse! Fukuyama used it as a trap to catch the gals... and we go back to cheesecake while the girls are stuck in glue. But Tomo saves the day by dousing the girls with oil to free them from the glue. Well we cut to some air hijinks and Fukuyama sacrificing himself, but he's OK. As it turns out it was a movie Fukuyama made as a school film. Shame, really, I'd watch that over this actual anime.

It's got style, conflict, a plot, and you can still get your "Gorgeous Girls" fix.

Episode 20 - Let's see who's in the bathroom... it's the spooky lady who keep on watching the gang from the shadows! You see, you can't just put in cryptic stalkers and call it a "Meta-plot". Ah well, at least it's a "School Festival" episode. I like these sorts of episodes. School festivals must be a lot of fun, and are an interesting piece of Japanese culture. It all starts with Maharu lamenting on Tomo and Koyomi not bringing her a husband yet. Back on Earth everyone gets ready to go to the festival, but Ebi senses danger... which is promptly ignored. But alas, Maharu is zapped to earth as well. We finally get to the festival. Miharu's class is doing a maid cafe, and the typical events are glossed over. Meanwhile Maharu is walking through the shopping arcade in a towel, and Yukinari comes across her. So obviously, he's dragged along back to the festival and without the groceries he needed because he had to buy Maharu clothes. So out of convenience Maharu comes across Tomo and Koyomi just as they're lamenting their duties. Chase scene! Luckily all they have to do is keep tossing men in the way and Maharu is distracted. Of course, the chase continues until evening where everything works out rather anti-climatically. Maharu forgives Tomo and Koyomi, and realizes that the creepy stalker is someone to do with... something back on the homeworld. Whatever, it's still brushed aside and pointless.

Even the main character is appalled at the mediocrity.

Episode 21 - Koyomi's bathing, a yep. But it's over quickly and we hear Yukinari talking on the phone with his folks. They decide to debate what Miharu's marks on her forehead are. A fair question, but shouldn't it have been brought up some time ago? Somehow, inexplicably, Koyomi sees her father during a news report from the local market. It's flashback time where we learn Koyomi's mom had a mark on her own forehead, and it brought her a husband. But they must fade over time, because the transporting powers must cut out or something. So Koyomi goes off to find her papa. And of course everyone else snoops along. Even Lisa and Fukuyama. I was afraid there's be no hot Fukuyama action here. So they all decide to meddle. It's just as well, because the sap is beginning to rise to dangerous levels. But yet it just goes on and on about asking strangers if anyone has seen this dude... In the end we learn a valuable lesson in friendship, again. But Fukuyama went about it the wrong way and is interviewed on a cable TV show... it all ends badly. But the creepy stalker lady has Koyomi's father! Gah! Can't we go back to the detective episode? At least I only have three episodes to go...

Episode 22 - Dark and creepy music plays as the white haired girl who's kinda... sorta... not really tailing our gang. Well anyway, she's in the shower and she's covered with mystical markings like Miharu has. Might we see her crate actual conflict in this anime this time? Probably not... Miharu rushes off as soon as school is out. She's been working hard at a part time job to get some gifts for her friends. Daaaaw. Back at the ol' homestead, Fukuyama and Lisa are around and about, being all creepy and perverted. Oh this is so wacky! Miharu is busying herself buying not quite but totally inappropriate gifts for everyone, and then we cut back to the madhouse, then back to buying the "Perfect" gift for Yukinari (A common picture frame! What every man loves!), then back to the madhouse... Then I call the suicide hotline. So anyway, the roughhousing continues at the house until we find that Yukinari no longer gets hives from girls. So they have a party, and Miharu sees it... but she gets no joy from this, why? Anyway, the creepy stalker older lady just waltzes right in SHOES ON, and heads up to follow Miharu. Miharu is rationalizing that now that Yukinari is cured he can now date oh... anyone else. Because that's what he'd do, right? Being a rational man he'll just throw you away. You used to be alright Miharu, then you took another dose of ultra-stupid. So the creepy lady confronts her and hypnotizes her to come back to Seiren. I guess because the lady loves her or something? Anyway, they zap back right before Yukinari can find her.

The hidden temples in Zelda hold the best loot,
like the nude lady ball.

Episode 23 - OK, forget a bath scene. Miharu is nude and trapped in a hovering sphere of water... for some reason. So the white haired girl issues commands about things we know nothing about, but we cut away quickly to the Yukinari household where everyone seeks Miharu. But all is well in hand. Fukuyama will continue the search with his satellite camera! That guy, always with the goods. So with this they find out that the creepy older lady and Miharu must have zapped over to Seiren. Not only that, but they take away any hope of getting back to Seiren to get her back. Because the "Special Forces" are there to punish travelers, or something... This much exposition right now is appalling, stupid, and many many other harsh words. This is the conflict for your story? Some bullcrap part of the friggin' customs agency has decided to snatch the girl who can open a portal to another world. OK, but why not tag em' while they're young and use their powers to peacefully trade and coexist with... nevermind. I must go on. So Yukinari is bummed out since, you know, he's a worthless linchpin character in a jiggle harem anime. So he runs, and runs, and runs. Meanwhile Fukuyama summons the power of a score of scores of nurses on computers to figure out inter-dimensional travel and everyone else unwraps their horrible presents. Well after a well deserved pep talk from the odd gangster-ish dude in the Hawaiian shirt in the beginning of the series, he heads back home to gaze in his bathtub and be all resolute about getting Miharu back. And of course everyone else joins in on helping, even Maharu and the department chief get some info out. Apparently Koyomi might be able to make it happen since she might have her mother's dimension hopping power too. So off they go.

Episode 24 - As is common with many final episodes, this one does not use the opening. Instead, Koyomi is hoping that everyone is through her gate OK. That sounded naughty... Anyway, that means no bath scene! Aw crap it is a bath scene, because they're in a public bath on Seiren. FUUUUUUUUUUUU... Lucky for the entire world at large, Fukuyama's on the job, squeezin' and touchin' away. So long Fukuyama, I'll miss ya'. Tomo leads the way, getting utterly lost in an actually amusing fashion. They are quickly surrounded by many cute blue bears with wolverine claws... So you're trying to make up for the stupidity and "drama" of the last two episodes by adding a liberal dose of "funny". I hate this anime so much. We lose Ebi and Lisa to the horde. Two to go (Three by my count, but this isn't how these things work). Then Tomo's taken out by a glue trap... like a roach. So the creepy lady gives the slow clap and the "Well done Mr. Bond" bullcrap, summoning the ladies of the Administration to fight, I guess. But Maharu shows up, and she's as strong as a... uh... strong thing? This is wearing on my soul. But anyway, Maharu and Kirie stay behind to give Yukinari the chance to get Miharu back. Back on earth, Koyomi's dad shows up and he's been hypnotized! He takes out the MiB and then um.. looks menacing. Then, man! Everyone's beating up everyone! Maharu vs a ton of gals, Kirie vs the stalker woman, female MiB vs Yokomi's pops, Yukinari vs the hooded white haired girl thingie. Neat! I guess, for a minute... But hey, shouldn't we learn anything about why these people are doing... um.... the evil kidnappings and stuff? Aw who cares. Well, Yukinari does because the white haired girl is about to explain it all. Her name is Yukina and she's the most powerful of all the extra sensory.... thingies Miharu is. She's got those marks all over her body, and she gets a rash if she touches a man. So she figured, hey if she couldn't touch men then she'd make men not exist on Seiren at all. So she'll seal all the powers to dimension hop but hers. WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUU....

This was our conflict. One dimension hopping twat can't touch a man because she'll break out and she decided "Whelp, guess I'll make sure our population dies out. Toodles!". I'm not asking for rationality, I'm asking for.... OK, I'm asking for rationality. If you're going to finally give me some conflict in this story, make it count!

Things look grim, until Fukuyama shows up with a gaggle of lovely ladies as cavalry. Well the creepy stalker lady is defeated, and the hypnosis wears off. Hooray. Meanwhilst Yukina has a pity party, but Yukinari talks her down, saying "Look at me, I beat being a washed up pathetic loser, and so should you." Basically. And afterwards Miharu's out and.... that's it. Credits to the opening song with highlights of the show playing in the background.

So we see the resolution. Miharu is back and happy, while Yukina has decided she's the man for her and is cuddled up with him. But his allergy is back. And the creepy stalker lady chases after Kirie, as well as the female MiB... And Fukuyama is there, and the snake from the mahjong episode, and Maharu, and everyone! The final part is Yukinari reflecting on his strange disease, but he feels he can get through it because, because... "Girl's Bravo!" Yep. That is indeed why.

So there you have it. "Girl's Bravo!" is possibly one of the worst of all possible harem anime. It's an anime that only serves one purpose, to put as much cheesecake on the screen as possible. No conflict, no real plot to speak of, and only one truly funny character in this "comedy". This needs to stop. Why can't we go back to the adventurous format, hmm? Make the girl crushes just some variety in the plot, not the driving force. Or at least make the girls hate each other or something INTERESTING. Everyone was far too polite to one another for pretty much drooling over the same man. Even "Tenchi Muyo" got that right!

Skip this anime, please. Or even better, make an anime about the "Phantom Rabbits". That'd be a step in the right direction.