Let’s Play SWAT 4 – Mission #15: Olympic Manhunt

The Spoony One | Oct 24 2013 | 305 notations | 

Is moviefilm for make training of brave Russian SWAT at Sochi Olympic Games! Comrade President Putin gives new orders to Comrade Spoonski and SWAT to hunt most dangerous enemy of all.

Let’s Play SWAT 4 – Mission #14: High Score

The Spoony One | Oct 16 2013 | 287 notations | 

The city is in chaos. Drugs and guns have flooded the streets, and crime is out of control. In desperation, the city turns to the police force’s elite SWAT unit to restore order. But that means reinstating the most dangerous and unstable cop in the history of the department to lead them…

Let’s Play Deadly Premonition – Episode 1

The Spoony One | May 26 2010 | 917 notations | 

Damn good coffee. This is a live, uncut playthrough of Deadly Premonition for the Dreamc– I mean, XBOX 360!

Let’s Play SWAT 4 – Mission #13: Jason Lives

The Spoony One | Mar 21 2010 | 276 notations | 

The final mission awaits, as a secret government cloning laboratory comes under siege from the deadliest threat known to man…

Let’s Play SWAT 4 – Mission #12: Sprays Anatomy

The Spoony One | Dec 29 2009 | 149 notations | 

A hospital is under siege from a mysterious Asian wetwork team, and only SWAT has a chance to save their target, a South Korean diplomat, in time!

Let’s Riff on Ripper – Act 1, Part 3

The Spoony One | Aug 27 2009 | 249 notations | 

Quinlan ransacks Burgess Meredith’s house for vacuum tubes, and begins the search for Joey Falconetti, the outlaw brain surgeon! Will he succeed, or will the appearance of the dreaded Cyber-Walken spell his doom?

Let’s Play SWAT 4 – Mission #11: I Die A Lot

The Spoony One | Aug 5 2009 | 842 notations | 

A crazed militia seizes the top floors of a major hotel and plants explosives all over the place! It’s the SWAT team’s deadliest mission yet! Will Lieutenant Spoony be up to the challenge? Or did the title spoil it for you?

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