Let’s Riff on Ripper – Act 1, Part 3

The Spoony One | Aug 27 2009 | 249 notations | 

Quinlan ransacks Burgess Meredith’s house for vacuum tubes, and begins the search for Joey Falconetti, the outlaw brain surgeon! Will he succeed, or will the appearance of the dreaded Cyber-Walken spell his doom?

Let’s Play SWAT 4 – Mission #11: I Die A Lot

The Spoony One | Aug 5 2009 | 847 notations | 

A crazed militia seizes the top floors of a major hotel and plants explosives all over the place! It’s the SWAT team’s deadliest mission yet! Will Lieutenant Spoony be up to the challenge? Or did the title spoil it for you?

Let’s Play SWAT 4 – Mission #10: From Russia With Guns

The Spoony One | Jun 15 2009 | 873 notations | 

The Russian mob is dealing guns and illegal explosives, and the ATF is asleep at the wheel! It’s up to Lieutenant Spoony and his hardy crew of SWAT comrades to break some Eastern Promises and some Russkie skulls!

Let’s Play SWAT 4 – Mission #09: The Heist is On

The Spoony One | May 6 2009 | 442 notations | 

A crew of highly-organized thieves have hit the Du Plessis Diamond Wholesalers, but they made the unwise move of bringing along Mr. Blonde. Civilians are dead, the escape plan went tits-up, and now they’re barricaded inside. Worst of all, they’re heavily-armed, armored, and prepared for a prolonged standoff, complete with gas masks! Can SWAT break…file continues…

Let’s Play SWAT 4 – Mission #08: Xenu Loves the Little Children

The Spoony One | May 4 2009 | 717 notations | 

The planets are aligning, R’lyeh is in ascension, Halley’s comet is returning, and the Taronian Cult has gone stir crazy in preparation for the return of their unholy alien god emperor! They’re hoping to ring in the dawning of this new age with a titanic liquid fertilizer bomb that could destroy the entire block! Will…file continues…

Let’s Play SWAT 4 – Mission #07: Full House…of CRIME!

The Spoony One | Apr 8 2009 | 417 notations | 

An undercover cop’s cover is blown while investigating a bookie operation, and it’s up to the stalwart defenders of peace and justice to rescue him before the UC sleeps with the fishes! The SWAT is going bust on these Mafia goons! How many tries will it take? Place your bets!

Let’s Play SWAT 4 – Mission #06: Red Dead Library

The Spoony One | Apr 8 2009 | 248 notations | 

A botched bank robbery has several heavily-armed suspects holed up in a nearby office building known as the Red Library, which is likely to be a secret socialist software developer responsible for pushing Marxist dogma on our fresh-faced American youth! Needless to say, the pressure of the situation combined with the underlying communist menace has…file continues…

Let’s Play SWAT 4 – Mission #05: Uh Oh, Better Get Five-Oh

The Spoony One | Mar 18 2009 | 258 notations | 

Some would-be car thieves are barricaded inside a body shop. Will these Pep Boys prove to be 2 Fast and 2 Furious for SWAT, or will they be gone in 60 seconds?