The Spoony Experiment – Patreon Campaign

The Spoony One | Apr 28 2014 | 168 notations | 

Enabling my insanity results in beautiful, hilarious pain! You can find my Patreon profile at

Bad Call TV – Creature Feature

The Spoony One | Jan 17 2013 | 31 notations | 

A Bad Call TV comedy short of science, a rather crippling lack of foresight, and science. Bad Call TV YouTube Channel:

“The Cinema Snob Movie” Teaser Trailer

The Spoony One | Jun 28 2012 | 189 notations | 

“House on the Edge of the Park” style teaser trailer for “The Cinema Snob Movie.” Coming to DVD this summer!

Grass Wars II: Bastions of Humanity – Teaser Trailer!

The Spoony One | Jan 20 2012 | 71 notations | 

The creators of Grass Wars, one of the winning entries of the Ultima Retrospective Grass Battle contest, are creating a sequel! Here’s a teaser trailer to their new terrifying movie!

Deadliest Character – Megazord vs. Mechagodzilla

The Spoony One | Dec 5 2010 | 579 notations | 

The Power Rangers do battle with one of the most destructive monsters in cinematic history! It’s time at last to find out…WHO IS DEADLIEST?

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