Grass Wars II: Bastions of Humanity – Teaser Trailer!

The Spoony One | Jan 20 2012 | more notation(s) | 

The creators of Grass Wars, one of the winning entries of the Ultima Retrospective Grass Battle contest, are creating a sequel! Here’s a teaser trailer to their new terrifying movie!

  • insertcoinplzzz

    Quite umm……interesting.

    • Mirko

      I agree with most of guys here. Spoony is misusing trust of people who visit this site.

      Sure, he had difficult time last year, but guess what, so did many other people who go divorced, broke up and so on. Life goes on, and as my people say “If you work, you don’t have time to think, and if you stop working, all you do is thinking”.

      Second, this is what he is living from. We can argue about carrier choice, but who cares, as long as he work, as long as we as audience are happy, who gives a f…

      Third, he has all the time in the World. If Doug Walker can make Nostalgia Critic, side Videos and other Activities, so can Spoony.

      So, go Spoony, we want to see more of your stuff, don’t worry about the past, lift you head up high and make the F-ing Videos FFS! :D

      • sanktmikael

        Misusing? Do you even know what that word means?
        And many peope who have the problems Spoony had take time away from their jobs as well.

  • Anonymous

    aw i wanted their to be a gruff guy with a flamethrower to quip in a raspy 2 packs a day voice “let’s smoke some grass” still this is how i wanted the grass to kill people in The Happening 

    • Faust

      I think you’d have a successful future in Hollywood sir!

  • Fredy Blackmore

    OMG  !~ AWESOMENESS !!!!

  • Anonymous

    The world of Nerd Culture has been blessed once again. If they can find a way to squeeze in a Monty Python reference, it would be just about perfect.

  • Anonymous

    You can hear “Action” at 3:03.

    • Kevin Calder

       Just about to say that. *tips hat*

  • Anonymous

    I’ll watch the video in a second, but I gotta say…that is just the perfect title.

  • Anonymous

    Epic is the word I would use to describe this teaser trailer.

  • Darkscar

    oh that was awsome, weres the weed killer when u need it?

  • Ceherz

    i bet this would make a better found-footage movie than the devil inside.

  • Reza

    Very nice, but we can haz moar FFX-2 review nao? Plz?!

  • Dominic Martyne

    I admit I wanted to see someone acting like a lancer on a riding lawnmower.  If walking without rhythm doesn’t attract the worm, maybe it’ll deceive the grass demon.

  • jake


  • Anonymous

    Thank God this was just a fan made Teaser. For a minute I thought M.Knight Shyamalan was making the Happening 2. Is it wrong that I admit this trailer was better than that entire movie?

    • Anonymous


  • Craig Hughes

    Holy crap I know these guys. Like, they were in my Scion: Hero campaign over Christmas. WHY DIDN’T THEY SAY ANYTHING?!

  • Donny Reynolds

    I would pay money for this.

  • Anonymous

    I told you: STAY OFF THE GRASS!

    Also, this looks suspiciously like a TGWTG anniversary special =p

  • Anonymous

    Seriously? THIS again?
    It was stale and uninspired the last time and it sure as hell is now.

    it’s sad to even think effort was put into a concept as retarded and unfunny.
    “grass wars” my lord, just saying it knocks of 20 iq points.

    • croy10067

      come on don’t be so mad. It was just a funny concept in ultima so why not make a sequel to the winner video

    • sanktmikael

      Well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

    • Anonymous

       It’s a random, silly thing on the internet. I mean, really, what’s the harm?

  • Tambi

    huh? what? call me old call me young but what the hell is this, oh my baby spoons wheres ffX2

  • Anonymous

    The difference between nerds and regular people is regular people will do something for a certain period of time (they will find it interesting) and then move on to the next thing a nerd is going to stick with that one thing. Its specialists versus generalists all over again, the generalists know a knows a little about everything as deep a puddle but as wide as an ocean whereas a nerd knows something as wide as a puddle and deep as an ocean. Even the nerds find this to be too much

  • Anonymous

    Hooray! More Grass Wars! I hope the guy with the double spades comes back. He was cute.

  • Anonymous

    I swear, Ryan looks like a young Matt Damon.

  • Mateusz K.

    So awesome. Mintytiger – I thought the same thing!
    Spoony, thanks for starting this!

  • Testy Testman

    I DONT FUCKING CARE ABOUT THIS STUPID SHIT! I WANT LETS PLAYS, I WANT MOVIE REVIEWS; Give us another Phantasmagoria, Final Fantasy or whatever!

    When I came to this site 2009 / 2010 every week there would be a new Lets Play, a new review etc.

    Now when I come to this site all the updates are crossovers with unfunny idiots from TGWTG, or boring shit like this.

    Have you checked your Alexa stats??? Your site visits are GOING DOWN:

    • Anonymous

      I hope you realize how stupid you look right now.

      • Testy Testman

        Than why do I have 11 likes? More than anyone else in this thread? :)

        And why do Spoonys visits go down when Im wrong :)

        Haha you cant argue against that stupid fanboy :D :D :D

        • sanktmikael

          Dude, if he’s not making videos, some people don’t check the site as often as before. When Spoony starts making videos again, people will start checking the site more often.

          Also, likes don’t mean you’re right. It just means some twats agree with you.

        • Anonymous

           Please, do us all a favor and get a life outside of your computer. I mean this as an honest, impassioned plea. Go outside. Take up fencing or running or snow shovelling or even fucking Blitzball, I don’t care. Get some experience with the real world.

          You’ll be so much happier than you are right now, sitting in front of a screen playing Mr. Popularity because you’re acting like an asshole and happen to have other assholes agreeing with you. Learn how the world works.

          • sanktmikael

            Fencing sucks, don’t take it up.

    • Anonymous

      You want some cheese with that whine?

    • sanktmikael

      If that rids us of people like you, I suggest more of this stupid shit.

    • Anonymous

      Dude, his views are going down for multiple reasons: People think he’s gone inactive, they’re busy with their own life, people aren’t interested in the video’s that have been going up lately(Doesn’t mean they are gone forever), etc. Some people aren’t checking in as much as they used to because they can check in on other days – In hopes some of their favorite types come up. It doesn’t mean people are leaving for good dumbass.

      I watch what is up when it involves Spoony because he’s a cool guy. He’s fucking awesome and makes most of the video’s worth watching. People have different tastes. What gets posted doesn’t revolve around your own damn desires.

    • Guest

      Dude, his views are going down for multiple reasons: People think he’s
      gone inactive, they’re busy with their own life, people aren’t
      interested in the video’s that have been going up lately(Doesn’t mean
      they are gone forever), etc. Some people aren’t checking in as much as
      they used to because they can check in on other days – In hopes some of
      their favorite types come up. It doesn’t mean people are leaving for
      good dipstick.

      I watch what is up when it involves Spoony because he’s a cool guy. He’s
      fucking awesome and I want to keep supporting him so he can make a living off this. People
      have different tastes. What gets posted doesn’t revolve around your own
      damn desires.

    • croy10067

      Dude calm the fuck down. Spoony has a life like all of us, He can’t be making videos 24-7. He also has a dog now so he has to care for oreo too. Stop bitching

    • Grzegorz Wojtczyk

      Hey you Mr. I-Have-Nothing-Better-To-Do-Then-Bitching-On-Sites-About-Lack-Of-New-Videos. Please stop embarrassing yourself. Believe me Spoony never lets his fans down and people like you who are bitching are not helping in no way. Go back to watching porn or…whatever kids like you do this days when using a computer.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t let the door smack your dumb, ungrateful ass on the way out.

    • Anonymous

      You realize that Spoony has been going through a rough time, right? Leave the guy alone, you bitching-ass.

    • assassinoffaith

      As much as i hate agreeing with a idiot I have to in this case.

      It’s been three weeks+ since he said he would have some new FF-10-2 or Counter Monkey or something up. He said it he is back! but so far all i seen are crossovers Not that I mind I like anime abandon I liked his thing about what his favorite joke where despite me not agreeing with the ones he picked.

      But spoony did say I am back. and so far hes only done Skullduggery (That was funny) his fave jokes and ….. something else (bad memory) by him self and only one of them is the stuff he regularly does I admit He has been busy with sopa then his “Crisis”  but again He did say he was feeling better and well sofar he has only one movie review to show for it nothing on the Final Fantasy stuff or any other movie reviews,

      • Anonymous

        And if you paid directly out of your pocket for his reviews, maybe you’d be justified in having some demand or complaint about his schedule.

        Tough luck. You don’t. The world won’t dump anything in your lap just because you want it. Spoony’s doing the best he can to release videos you watch for free. The least you could do is not criticise his release schedule. The man works at his own pace.

        • palidinoflight

          I have no complaint about his Schedule I do however complain about him saying he is gonna go back to doing movie and game reviews and taking over three weeks with nothing to show for it.

          Note: Yes two emails this is my friends google account did not sign out ignore it.

    • Trickster Nevermore

      Then leave. If you are so distraught at the fact that he’s posting stuff that HE likes, then go away and don’t watch it. It’s a very simple thing to grasp. Do you realize how incredibly selfish you sound right now, demanding that he post the things that YOU want rather than the things that he wants. Why don’t you get off the site and let the people who actually care what Spoony has to say, including the things he wants to share, enjoy the videos he posts. If you want a site full of only the things that you enjoy, then make your own site. Otherwise, shut up and stop complaining to people just because they like things that you don’t.
      And by the way, Spoony doesn’t need to validate his existence through how many site visits he gets. His REAL fans will always be here for him, so people like you are entirely unnecessary.

    • Anonymous

      If you pay someone to do something, but he does not deliver, you may complain.

      If someone offers you something for free you may thank him, or kindly refuse.

      Always glad to help with education. 

    • James Griffeth

      if you dnt like it then dont post you loser

  • Anonymous

    And the epicness of humanitie’s struggle shall know no bounds!
    … But we’re still pretty screwed.

  • Anonymous

    Lol Will it be feature length?
    I’d watch that. Would be perfect for my weekly B-movie night

  • Anonymous

    did anyone else catch the director saying “action” around the three minute mark?

  • Anonymous

    Grass Wars 2: Its not the Happening.

  • sev h


  • Tambi

    spoony I forgot to thank you for choosing Oreo from the pound, what a fantastic thing to do, thanks

  • Anonymous

    Should i Laugh or Cry? lol looks hilarious.

  • Nash Knight

    Spooney, I’m really happy for you, and I’m gonna let you finish, but The Happening had one of the best grass attack scenes of all time

  • Anonymous

    When someone said ‘FUND IT’ someone actually did it.

  • Julian Moretti


  • Anonymous

    There is Matt Damon look alike.

    • Anonymous

      Hollywood was not satisfied with cloning movies, so they started to clone actors. 
      Poor clone does not know.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t help but feel that a trick was missed by not calling this “Turf Wars”.

  • Anonymous

    No real problem with Spoony here. I have a rather limited interest in some of his topics, but I have fun watching some of his stuff once in awhile.

    I do wonder why the core fandom usually ends up like this with so many Internet reviewers though, sticking through thick and thin no matter what… 

    Oh Mr.Reviewer please spit in my mouth!

  • doresh

    Thank god this isn’t a foreign production. Hollywood would have to remake it otherwise XD

  • sanktmikael

    Oh, oh, I got one.
    “Stand back, this grass is contaminated! It has grass flu virus.”

  • Michael McCrea

    …dangit, what’s that music fr–oh crap.

    That’s the Earthbending theme from The Last Airbender film.

    …*golf clap* Well chosen, sirs.

    • solidsamurai

       They were hoping no one actually went to see the last airbender, considering the reviews it got?

  • Anonymous

    They surely put great effort in shooting at night.

    Someone should tell them, that video-night is day with a colourfilter and a adjusted lightcurve. 

  • Tim Maurer

    Nooo, day-for-night shooting is the worst. You can tell and it looks silly.

  • solidsamurai

    In a world where the grass is animate… and stuff.

    One man.  One group of friends….

    Fuck it, I’m not doing this *leaves sound studio*.

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