TSE Forum Club’s Roast of Noah Antwiler!

The Spoony One | Nov 15 2009 | 

It’s been nearly 3 years since The Spoony Experiment began. From Knights of the Dinner Table movie reviews onto YouTube with NES and eventually Final Fantasy VIII and FMV Hell. Noah has managed to be one of the most entertaining and enthralling personalities out there.

Video and Table Top games, movies, music, comics. Science fiction, horror, fantasy, crime, drama. Noah has an expansive and incredibly diverse repertoire, and has shown in both the forum and his videos that he’s always willing to learn and grow. It’s been a great three years for me, longer for some, and we look forward to much, much more.

We welcome you all to create or write your own Spoony Tributes or ribbings, because let’s face it. We’re a community of smart asses, and it’s only best if we all get involved to celebrate three years of excellent snarkery!

Bite-Sized Versions

A 180 Second Studio Production
A Morivanism Film

Cast (in Order of Appearance)

Lynnie Morivan (announcer), Griff Morivan, DeanTheAdequate, DarkChiron, Overactor,
PushingUpRoses, Covenant, Bennett The Sage, The Helldragon
Bonus Footage: Necro Critic Reviews the Top 10 Worst Spoony Jokes!