Well played, aliens…well played…

The Spoony One | Jul 11 2010 | 94 notations | 

Yeah, I know the frame rate sucks. Sorry. I’m working on improving that. Anyway, the aliens are cheating, grenade-chucking whores.


The Spoony One | May 9 2010 | 379 notations | 

WHO IS DEADLIEST?? Special thanks to Justin Duarte for sending in this fantastic battle animation. I’m always looking for more people who are talented with animations like this, and test footage really helps so I can see what you’re capable of, and what you have in mind. I’m sorry if I haven’t gotten back to…file continues…

Destrucity Comes to NXT!

The Spoony One | Apr 21 2010 | 98 notations | 

SKRONK! Get your own Warrior University shirt! (Shirt design by Pike)

Abyss/Hogan/Jarrett/Foley vs. Sinestro/Atrocitus/Black Hand/Ric Flair

The Spoony One | Apr 3 2010 | 78 notations | 

WHATCHA GONNA DO, SINESTRO??? (Discovered by Korg Kahn)

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