The Barbarians

The Spoony One | Apr 22 2014 | 160 notations | 

The Warrior leaves us one final gift even greater than SKRONK. We’ll miss you, crazy man.

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

The Spoony One | Apr 1 2014 | 94 notations | 

Now begins the most arduous labor Hercules has ever faced.

Rebruary 2014 – White Ghost

The Spoony One | Mar 20 2014 | 191 notations | 

Frank Stallone’s not going to ruin Brown History Month 2014. This year we end Rebruary the right way: with a balls-to-the-wall hardcore Reb Brown action movie. Sometimes you can just look at a poster and know that a movie is going to be… magic.

Rebruary 2014 – Love Boat

The Spoony One | Mar 2 2014 | 132 notations | 

Reb Brown embarks on the most dangerous mission of them all: love.

Rebruary 2014 – Viking Bikers from Hell

The Spoony One | Feb 18 2014 | 177 notations | 

Hell could not contain Reb Brown, so now he has returned to destroy us all… starting with Miami.

Lethal Games

The Spoony One | Feb 3 2014 | 222 notations | 

Rebruary cannot begin until I have found Frank Stallone.

Rebruary – Last Flight to Hell

The Spoony One | Mar 14 2013 | 133 notations | 

Reb Brown goes back to his roots: killing goons in the jungle and screaming like a maniac the whole time! But will he survive the last flight to Hell alive?

Rebruary – Uncommon Valor

The Spoony One | Mar 3 2013 | 367 notations | 

The Spoony One continues Rebruary with an all Star cast of characters, however after facing Night Claws he lacks the motivation to tackle it alone… At least until he receives a visitor… The Critical Marine’s website!

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