Anime Abandon: Mad Bull 34

The Spoony One | Aug 28 2011 | more notation(s) | 

It’s one of the most jaw-droppingly outrageous anime to ever see the American shores. Prepare for sheer lunacy, people. (Spoony makes a cameo in Part 2)

  • Anonymous

    So before he was Mayor of Metro City….before he was a Pro Wrestler…Mike Haggar went under an alias and was a New York cop?

    You know I wouldn’t be surprised if that really is the case.

  • Anonymous

    Wow… This MUST be awesome – how you can go wrong with dude like Mike Haggar? And why are you surprised by the fact he survived the explosion? He is the bad dude enough to save the president… and more. He have granades for pubes, how awesome is that?

    Yeah, that little shithead sidekick was really, really badly drawn, but shots in the ass were hilarious.
    From what I see, it isn’t the worst ever (the list is endless) and I will give it a watch. I’m actually curious.

  • Anonymous

    Wot no Film Brain?

  • Anonymous

    I have to see this anime. It’s like testosterone itself made an anime. Wonderful.

    • Anonymous

      good luc I looked it up on ebay and all I found was one VHS tape for $30!!

  • Anonymous

    Wow this was insane and I still would like to see it in it’s whole! 

    On the subject of that Chief guy/thing he sounded like he was mentally retarted!  And that was just depressing! 

    This is how they saw us over seas back then?  Damn!

    Dude, Sage, I don’t know what you’re talking about this looks like the most awesomest anime ever! :DI do recall this anime the most from those old 90s Manga Intertanment ads besides Devilman and Ghost in the Shell. The whole image of an 8 foot tall, Bert Renolds looking motha standing up droppin’ his pants and having a bunch of gernedes types to his pubes sticks with you for some weird reason!

  • Clark Cradic

    This shit is so over the top it becomes awesome! :D

  • IchRiechst SoGut

    Goddamn, this is hilarious! Why haven’t I watched Anime Abandon before?!

  • squall lee rhodes

    Sage is a pretty funny dude, and this is the best Anime Abandon yet.

    Btw, some of the episodes of this show are on Youtube

  • Clark Cradic

    And the ending just made me “WTF?”

  • Alexander Alexander

    Holy shit those guys who beat up the sidekicky had Jatimatics. It’s like they wanted something bizzare on every possible level.

  • Mike Wallace

    Ha ha! That was freakin’ awesome! Someone remake this with John DiMaggio as “Sleepy.”

  • Anonymous

    Holy Shit!  I LOVE American Gods!

    But seriously, I may not care much for Japanese Animation anymore, but that…was goddamn amazing to me on so many levels (by the way, I’m an escaped mental patient.  You know anyone *sane* who has a Mullet?)

    This show has a level of fucked up crazy that you usually only get when The Ultimate Warrior is around.  The Grenade Pubes alone had me sold!  And the “what you see as you die” moment had me laughing to hysterics. 

    It’s good to be crazy sometimes.  And this was a very fun view for me!  Very great work!

  • Lysander Darkholme Price

    OMG WTF…wow…i’m officially convinced i have now seen it ALL LOL…8ft tall cop w/gernade pubes…i’ve seen everything…
    speaking of coffee, i need to go make mine…
    WTF HELL…wow…i’m seriously taken a back and utterly confused at this point because, wow…um, on to part 2 i guess LOL

  • Anonymous

    Grenades attached to pubes – now that is  fucking metal!

  • Lysander Darkholme Price

    WTF…they fucking baked the cat :'( fucking awful
    i agree w/the judges, i call slut
    wow…ok we STILL haven’t gotten to the serious mind fuck…what more could there be??
    no really, gernade nads, faux marriage saves dying cop, um…coffee w/plastic explosives in them…decapitation by coffee table…jeeez, what more is there?? no really, i gotta know :P
    WTF green goblin? huh…
    that is one UGLY and creepy looking chief, ugh, what a voice :S
    gee thanks sage, i really needed a preview of my death rattle vision LOL
    man slut :P well at least she didn’t leave him blue balled right?
    ok, they get married and try to commit double suicide…wow, can’t say i saw that one coming…
    well, NOW that i’ve been THOROUGHLY MIND RAPED…on w/the evening :P

  • Samuel Kitchen

    Mad Bull is what Bald Bull would have been if he had hair.

  • Connor Jordan

    Only in Japanese America do you get a Space Marine Nun-Cop.

  • Connor Jordan

    Correction- Only in Japanese America do you get a Space Marine Nun-Cop with GRENADE PUBES. For fucks sake that revolver does damage like a bolter

  • Anonymous

    Old Anime was awesome,
    nowadays it’s all moeblobs and fanservice.

    I gotta find a copy of this…..

  • Jorge Rafael Sánchez guzmán


    Granades attached to the pubes just to be prepared…CRAZY PREPARED!

    Now i Wonder, if the shots hadn’t hit his ass, they would have hit the pube granades and he would survived LOL

    And I Think that the predator shick actually shot Sleepy, is just that he is so badass that the bulet barley scratched him.

  • Michał Puczyński

    That’s a GOOD review. Great work, Sage. Although I don’t undestand one thing.

    You show people get shot, decapitated, torn in half and disemboweled, and yet you can’t show boobs? How does that work? How come a boob or a sex scene is more offensive than a scene where dude’s head is split open?

    Are we mature enough to watch people get killed in the most horrible ways, but still too young and fragile to watch naked people? America’s moral system is seriously fu**ed up.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t forget that the cat scene was also uncensored.

    • M.A Ajab

      Because most people are prudes , get used to it.

    • Anonymous

       It’s both and youtube’s guidelines. Yes, it’s hypocritical.

    • Anonymous

      Every country has moral principles that seem backwards to outsiders.

      The Germans have no problem with nudity, but show a drop of blood or mention that Nazis once existed and they may have hung out in Germany at one point, and BOOM!

      The Japanese censor their porn and many sectors get all xenophobic when the Filipinos are involved.

      The Brits and French both still encounter difficulties showing multiracial couples (or anything that might even begin to challenge the mores of centuries of tired anglo-centrism).

      …and so on.

      One culture’s tea time conversation is another’s taboo. As a latin man of color myself, I’ll admit that there is much I find “fucked up” about the moral precepts and cultural quirks about Europe and Asia. The key is to have the humility to realize that one is speaking from their own cultural background, and to realize that what they value would be considered strange to others.

      Long story short: if you want to see screwed up morals….look in a mirror when you accuse others.

      • Jayden Reynolds

        There’s difficulties in Western Europe with interracial couples?

        …Damn. And I figured America was behind much of the world on racism. We’re pretty secure, in media, regarding interracial couples. I realize that America has odd values on sex and violence (personally, I’m very much a “let it all be seen” type, and let parents restrict what children can see), but it actually seems like we’re surprisingly progressive in this area.

        • Derek Thomas

          Parents can’t watch a TV, the internet and play every single video game their kids play. They have to work. Even in homes where there’s still a traditional stay at home Mom, or Dad, (which is becoming more and more rare partly based on the decline of family values anyways) it’s impossible to keep tabs on your kids 24/7 past a certain age. By letting “it all be seen”, you’re essentially thrusting onto parents an unwinnable battle to keep them from being corrupted by excesses of society.

          • Jayden Reynolds

            Technology, friend. Television V-chips and Internet blockers (yes, I know they can be circumvented, but it’s a step – besides, if you find out the kid circumvented your block, just take the modem with you to work), for example.

            Besides, “decline of family values?” That sounds dangerously close to traditionalist rhetoric that espouses anti-LGBT, anti-woman, and anti-minority foolishness. What the hell are family values, anyway?

            In France, one of their presidents received a popularity boost after it was unveiled that he had an illegitimate daughter – because he took care of her and made sure he did all he could for her, despite not being able or willing to reveal her to the public (she was known to his family and even some of his political opponents). Taking care of people is family values. Restricting what people can consume should only be left up to parents with the appropriate technology, and not performed by any laws.

          • Derek Thomas

            “Dangerously close”? This has nothing to do with any of the social crusade stuff you just mentioned. And for the record, yeah. I don’t support LGBT. I think it’s unnatural and morally wrong. Anti-woman? I’m gonna guess that is a veiled attempt at making an abortion plug here because that’s the only context I’ve ever even heard that word used in, and anti-minority, I fail to see how “traditional family values” has anything to do with racism unless your talking about a pop culture caricature from the 1950’s fictitious television world of leave it beaver. THAT world never existed anyways. Family values are the following.

            Respect for one another
            Sexual and Emotional Fidelity to one’s partner and monogamy.
            Responsibility to one’s loved ones.
            The idea that a family is valuable and in truth, irreplaceable and worth having and fighting for.

            None of these are that controversial, but the selfish materialism the world has embraced at large makes this rare, and that includes porn culture that has made it’s way into the mainstream and will probably never go away.

            And the fact that a president receives a popularity boost for revealing he has a child with someone other than his wife is just a sign of how low the moral lowest common denominator has sunk. That adultery is something to be viewed as “meh. It happens” instead of moral outrage.

            I agree with you that what he did after that rotten choice to break his marriage vows and covenants was good. That is indeed an example of the conduct we need to see more of. Wonderful.Of course, the ideal thing would be not to cheat on your spouse to begin with. I wouldn’t even say Ideal, because it’s not impossible or even unreasonably difficult.

            Don’t start this into a flame war. I know we probably disagree on some things, but I’d rather focus on the common ground we have, whatever little that may be. I’ve stated my opinion, and you’ve stated yours. Let’s respect each other.

          • Jayden Reynolds

            No, let’s not. You’re an admitted homophobe. Fuck you, I’m done with you.

      • Big_Woop

        Little late to say this, but that bit- about Brits having difficulties showing  multiracial couples? Uh, no. Not at all.

        • ftidus12

          Look at the media. Look at the nervousness in showing interracial couples in books, television, and film. I’m afraid the cultural zeitgeist in the UK (and the academic sources studying them) disagree with your claim.

          Here, allow me to cite my sources:

          Gender and International Migration in Europe by Rosemary Sales

          Racism in Europe: 1870-2000 by Neil MacMaster

          • Samuel Wiles

            Wow, thats probably the most incorrect thing I’ve ever heard.
            Britain is without a doubt the most racially-progressive country in Europe. And compared to America? You don’t even come close.
            I don’t think you can find a TV series in Britain that DOESN’T have an interracial couple. And quoting two idiots doesn’t change that.

          • ftidus12

            …and that is unfortunately not the case. Britain’s racial issues are deep and still a matter of great concern to not only the rest of Europe but indeed to the rest of the civilized world. Their multicultural awareness (and more to the point, acceptance) lags far behind that of nations like the US. Interracial couples in England are treated as a nervous curiosity, not a loving union. A sideshow. That is not progressive thinking, that is not equality.

            That you disregard the insights of social scientists and historians (especially those citing the works and expertise of many others in their field) as well as the first hand testimony of those who have felt the sting of racism (which is especially so in Sales’ book) as simply being the work of “idiots” is depressing. But very well, if you’d like even more proof:

            “Racialised Barriers:
            The Black Experience in the United States and England in the 1980’s” by Stephen Small

            “The Changing Face of Football: Racism, Multiculturalism and Identity in the English Game” by Back, Crabbe, and Solomos.

            The facts simply don’t back up what you are saying. Impotently stamping your feet and calling people names like a frustrated child with a Rubik’s Cube, doesn’t change that.

          • Derek Thomas

            So instead of providing sources and a well-reasoned counter-argument you just say “not uh” and call him a moron. Noted.

      • Samuel Wiles

        Nonsense. Britain is probably the most multi-cultured country in Europe. I don’t know where your ‘tired anglo-centrism’ stuff comes from, but its not from the Britain on this world.

        As Big Whoop said, spend a day in London or watching British TV, and you’ll probably see a hundred ‘multiracial’ couples.

        Don’t make stuff up.

        • ftidus12

          “Make Stuff Up”?

          Considering I provided numerous academic sources for my case, it’s obvious that I’m not the one sharing an apartment with Figment the Dragon, Sam.

          That you see couples is not the point, it’s HOW they are seen and how society reacts to them. In reality, the British media (and society at large) mark them out as a nervous curiosity or as comic relief or as a stepping stone for more anglocentrically acceptable characters. In other words, anything but the same treatment of white characters or couples. I’m not sure how many times I
          have to repeat myself before you’ll make an effort to understand my argument.

          Britain is Anglocentric and has serious issues insofar as racial equality. That is a fact. A fact that even the bare minimum of
          research would tell you (and I have helpfully provided some starting points for your review). That you are uncomfortable with this stark reality is understandable. You should be.
          Any decent human being should be uncomfortable at the thought of this kind of inequity plaguing our societies in the 21st century.
          It is a shame on our species.

          That you provide no concrete argument defending your case, instead simply handwaving away facts and testimony dismissing it as “tired” or “nonsense”
          reveals that perhaps the basis of your belief is nothing more than repeating denials like a cognitive rosary in the hopes that somehow, you
          can magically make the injustice go away.

          Do not do that. You owe the oppressed your full attention. Wake up and smell the ashes.

    • Derek Thomas

      I’m an adult. And I don’t wanna see sexual content. I don’t wanna see rape. I don’t WANT to see boobs. If YOU want to see boobs, you can go find HIGHER QUALITY boobs in porn. Why does everything have to be sexualized?

  • André Åberg

    hahaha! i watched some Mad bull 34 ! when i was a teen!

  • Anonymous

    I…Ithink I love this OVA! <3

  • Anonymous

    Well you have to admit though: this anime wasn’t just bad.

    It was so hilariously, low-quality, nonsensical, wacky and completely balls to the wall batshit insane bad that it helped define a new level of bad so that when aliens will find the ruins of our disgraced culture, this is what we’ll be remembered for.

    And that’s quite an achievement, let me tell you.

  • doresh

    Only real men attach grenades to their pubes.

    American censorship is weird: boobs are bad, but extreme violence is okay (even if said violence inlcude f*cking a girl before AND after chopping her head off, as two other reviewers demonstrated with their Serbian Film review). Here in Germany, it’s the other way around ^0^

    • Anonymous

      Japanese censorship is even stranger honestly… They censor their porn.

    • Jayden Reynolds

      Obviously the best way to go about it is no censorship at all, be it ultraviolence or boobs.

      • doresh

        Funnily, you can easily get uncensored stuff with ultraviolence and boobs. But an uncensored, English version of YGO and Pokemon? Unpossible!

        • Jayden Reynolds

          Because cartoons are for kids, right?


          *sigh* They will never learn. By the way, I think Germany’s censorship laws regarding violence are pretty much just as much bullshit as our laws regarding boobs. Maybe it’s because nearly all video games are violent… either way, I view violent media as cathartic.

          • doresh

            You have no idea, man. I swear that the German dub of One Piece even surpassed the infamous 4Kids dub at one point (specifically the Enie’s Lobby arc). 4Kids at least modified the footage, wheras RTL2 just cut the footage to pieces. The less said about the “creative” dialogue changes to avoid anything even remotely similar to “death” or “killed”, the better oO

  • doresh

    Only real men attach grenades to their pubes.

    American censorship is weird: boobs are bad, but extreme violence is okay (even if said violence inlcude f*cking a girl before AND after chopping her head off, as two other reviewers demonstrated with their Serbian Film review). Here in Germany, it’s the other way around ^0^

  • Anonymous

    I really enjoyed that. I love OTT Anime, very funny.

  • Tyrone Salters

    The scary thing is according to Wikipedia (ya I know) the manga is still ongoing

    • M.A Ajab

      Actually , it’s the sequel “Mad Bull 2000″ that’s still going , which started from 1999.

    • M.A Ajab

      Actually , it’s the sequel “Mad Bull 2000″ that’s still going , which started from 1999.

  • Amanda Belaire

    Wow. This is hilarious! I can see me watching this more than once, for sure!

  • Gabriela Mizerija

    oh god xDDDDD
    also…. that sound in the end.. was that the sound of Taima sword from anime Mononoke? *_*

  • Anonymous


  • Jordyn Cheslock

    After watching your review Sage, I decided to look up the manga (the original run that was from the 80’s) hoping that the manga was more…restrained but, I was wrong. Dear God I was wrong. It’s just as batshit as the anime. I will never doubt what you’ve said about this anime, ever again. EVER.

    • Karolina Chomicka

      I was just about to do the same… xD It’s hard to believe it could be any worse than the anime 0__o Also it’s pretty damn long…

  • Jordyn Cheslock

    After watching your review Sage, I decided to look up the manga (the original run that was from the 80’s) hoping that the manga was more…restrained but, I was wrong. Dear God I was wrong. It’s just as batshit as the anime. I will never doubt what you’ve said about this anime, ever again. EVER.

  • Shadowdancer21b

    So what you’re saying Bennett, is that, Through the Fire and the Flames he carries on?

  • M.A Ajab

    I enjoy “Anime Abandon” , it’s really fun to watch.

    I think Sage is a pretty cool guy , he review Direct to Video Animes from the 80s and 90s and doesn’t afraid of anything. :P

    *Ahem* >_>

    The anime itelf looks so crazy , so intense , so batshit insanely bad , it’s enjoyable ! ^^

    and it looks like something you’d watch as a guilty pleasure.

    I can you imagine a B movie trailer to this anime with an awesome voiceover narration:

    “In a city that never sleeps , a city that feeds on the souls of the innocent , a city fueled by crime and corruption , one cop stands to fight crime…with extreme prejudice !










    ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER ! and who’s probably might be Tom Servo in disguise.


    It’s police brutality…like you’ve never seen before !

    coming soon.

    • Anonymous

      nice this made me lol

    • Derek Thomas

      You lost me at the “helpless blond woman getting raped” part.

    • Derek Thomas

      Rape in any light ruins a film for me.

  • Isac Nordborg

    I’m guessing the next episode is Ghost in the Shell? I know that “Klirr” sound! Unless it’s a dirty trick that’s likely to be Ghost City featured in GitS. <3

  • Anonymous

    is it wrong that I think this Anime looks cool?

    • Phil Mason

      Personally, I think not. I want to see this, too. It looks AWESOME. Not “good” per se, but totally, totally AWESOME. Like, Demolition Man AWESOME.

  • Sai

    I think something broke in my brain when you mentioned it was the same writer for Lone Wolf and Cub. 

    • Karolina Chomicka

      God, it was the same for me. I had to pause and stare at the screen in pure horror for 30 seconds…

  • Martynas Klimas

    The Sage is one of the most blatant ads for the “You might be a zombie” Cracked book. And Cracked was pretty blatant about it.

  • Matt

    That “grenade jockstrap” bit is like something straight out of a No More Heroes game.

  • Anonymous

    well, looks like someone invested in the Bloody Mess perk

  • calbeck

    My brain…is still consuming…67% of bodily processing pow—power…


  • Dante Alberti

    Shithouse, the shameful brother of Hagger.

  • Doctor Madness

    This review reminded me why I love OAV so much… Thank you BtS, you are a true hero.

  • Kale Parton


  • Rene Carbonell

    Sorry, an internet hiccup made me post twice, and there is no delete button.

  • Rene Carbonell

    This review was awesome! Hilarious and instructive at the same time.
    “This is the kind of lunacy that you can find scribbled on the walls of (Arkham) asylum” (paraphrased)… classic!

  • Anonymous

    … What was with that sound at the very end? Fatal Frame? o.o What in
    the hell does Manga Entertainment have to do with the only series of
    survival horror games that actually manages to TOP Silent Hill?

    … For that matter, what on earth are the other two members of that
    Holy Trinity of crap you mentioned? I almost want to guess Garzey’s Wing
    is one of them, but I don’t know if that one has a connection to Manga

    • Matrim

      Three year later response…I believe it’s the sound of the bells from “Making of a Cyborg,” the main theme to Ghost in the Shell.

  • DrArroganto

    Haha that Takashi Miike line was too accurate :D

  • Ilja Lyubimov

    I don’t get the World Trade center thing. I mean don’t get me wrong, it is a terrible tragedy with i would love to hever have happened as every oyher guy, but sometimes old films and even cartoons show it, and… What’s so awkward about it? Back then it was just an image of a building…

  • Art Salmons

    Reviewer: total moron. One trick pony “OMG look how fake amazed I am”. Nice hat too, going out to drive a 1970’s taxicab after this review? This guy is a low-rent Spoony imitation.

    PS: The anime is not meant to be an accurate portrayal of Americans. The whole thing is a satire, purposely created to be violent and ridiculous as possible. Unfortunately nobody let the reviewer in on the joke, leading him to review it as if it were Schindler’s List.

  • ftidus12

    Me? I’m just a big ole teddy bear. :)

    I can understand the sensitivity to talking about Hitler and his Sideshow Freaks (after all, the first victims of the Nazis were German citizens. Being betrayed by one’s nation leaves deep scars).

    But the “defeated” thing in DBZ? Well, it’s better than the “he’s been sent to another dimension!” we got here in the states. that just made me think that Freiza was beating dudes so bad, that they would turn up in an episode of Doctor Who.

  • Jedo Dre

    Thank you for finding this anime for me. I saw this as a kid and it has been on the “what was the name of that…” list for me for years!

  • Megan Devine

    That police chief…It’s like Frank Welker doing his Ralph the Guard voice, but as an offensive Asian stereotype.

  • likalaruku

    I’ll admit it’s super-bad, but I’ve got some pretty fucked up taste for a woman, but I actually like this anime, & Apocalypse Zero, & Ultimate Teacher. It may be some sort of trauma induced by having seen Crying Freeman before the age of 10.

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