Bloodrayne (Behind-the-Scenes)

The Spoony One | Jul 26 2014 | more notation(s) | 

Go behind the scenes with Michael Levesque at the Channel Awesome studio as we record the Nostalgia Critic review of Bloodrayne.

Check out Malcolm’s Behind the Scenes here:

See the entire epic Nostalgia Critic Theme from Epic Game Music:

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  • Rudarudd

    MmMm can feel the tension B)

  • sbkMulletMan

    I hope this isn’t the last time we see Fortune-Telling Spoony, because that was a fun one, though it does make me realize I really need to get back to Gabriel Knight.

  • Devinlee53

    i feel like most of most of those shots spoony just looks like “oh man i really didnt miss any of this”

    • Rémi Maloney

      Really? ’cause for me, he seems to be enjoying his work there. He’s just very “do to business” in his work attitude compared to most, which many might confuse with “not having fun”.

    • Sam Pagano

      Spoony’s a professional. Also he can’t really have missed any of it anyway, given how the last time he was involved with TGWTG most of this professional set up and studio didn’t exist yet.

    • melissia

      It looks like Spoony was just honestly having fun.

      Which is why it was so enjoyable!

    • Casey Williamson

      They’re just tired from filming all day…

  • RHCZ

    After all this time, you and Linkara simply can’t get BEEEYOOOOOONNNND making those jokes …

  • The Janitor

    Post the magneto-helmet bloopers!

  • MaTachi

    Great one!

  • IHeart28

    This was great! Really good behind the scenes. Malcolm’s version was good also.

  • Groverfield

    You know Emil’s pretty underrated. Next three knuckleheads kill off the NC and use him instead


    I don’t know if you read these Spoony but I wanted to put this out there. On Cinema Snob’s midnight screenings of “Hercules” and “Lucy” there were a lot of people who wanted to see you join Brad for his midnight screening of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. Just thought it would be a cool idea. I hope you at least do a *Spoony and April watch* when it comes out.


      If it was Brad in this video instead of Lovhaug, it might conceivably be just about very nearly almost worth watching.

      • Jerry Forbe

        Ironically I’m quite the opposite. I don’t really like brad and his appearances here feel kinda forced if you ask me. I don’t watch Lovhaug (I barely remember his name) but I liked him in Alone in the Dark, here, and in that one Atop the Fourth Wall about Star Wars!

    • Matt McCoy

      I would love it if Jake did a Counter Monkey with Spoony, since Jake is big D&D player. That would be orgasmically awesome.


    Yeah, watching Lovhaug fuck up on purpose and mug for the camera like he’s the greatest thing of all time sounds great.

    Not trying to dictate how Spoony spends his time or who he does videos with, but I really did think he was done with this god-awful den of sperglords.

    I’m talking about you Lewis HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

    • Malidictus

      Spoony has been pretty clear on not badmouthing other producers, even after he left Channel Awesome. Whatever chip you have on your shoulder, please try and be civil.


        Lovhaug is ridiculously terrible as an internet personality. I’m sure he’s not a bad person, if that caveat even needs to be made. I didn’t say anything about Walker. I think this is just what he does now and he tries to accept that. I can’t begrudge him too much, even if I find his videos, even the ones I used to like, uninteresting at best and terrible at worst.

        But please, feel free to White Knight. It’s not like people who put themselves on the internet for others to watch deserve and ought to expect to be criticized for being transgressively awful at it, especially when they’re asking for money as intensely as Lovhaug sometimes has.

        But sure man, I’M the asshole.

        • igotbanned999

          Why do so many of Spoony’s fans act like he’s God’s gift to internet comedy and every other reviewer out there is a worthless hack who isn’t good enough for Noah to spit on? It’s getting obnoxious.

          • Groverfield

            Because Spoony’s too often teetering the line between professional comedian and professional reviewer as so few game critics do anymore. Everyone else either treats the comedic asides as a secondary triviality, or the review as such. All of those he’s on equal entertainment per minute value as integrate the comedy into the review and drop the asides.
            Because his voice only gets into annoying territory when he’s doing it on purpose, such as with Chuckles, The Fucking Jester. I still enjoy Linkara, but when he gets into his projecting+shouting it’s painful to the ears, and I haven’t felt the NC has been consistently funny in a long time. The only reviewer on tgwtg that has a pleasant voice and matches Spoony’s comedic value is Brad Jones. There are others that I consider good, but not great. Spoony could still be better, but it’s becoming harder and harder to distinguish half of tgwtg from 2nd rate sites like reviewers unknown.

          • DVS BSTrD

            Linkara always sounds like he’s yelling. I’m thinking it might be his sound system though, because when I hear him outside AT4W he sounds clearer and softer. Doesn’t leave my ears ringing when I listen to him at my regular volume.

          • Groverfield

            His live shows work good too. Watch like his first few videos, half the time it sounds like he’s whispering but he’s still intelligible.

          • level_control

            Brad Jones is fine on Midnight Screenings and Vlogs but his acting and writing is cringe-worthy. Seems like a fun enough guy hang out with. It’s a shame he doesn’t have any talent.

            I wish he’d drop the comedy shit and do the cinema snob as straight up reviews of the movies. The show just isn’t funny. I don’t think it’s salvageable, even with some good writers. He just doesn’t understand timing and delivery. I’ve given it several tries and always find it awkward and embarrassing to watch.

          • SUPERSOUP

            The Cinema Snob is a character. You do know that, right? It’s not exactly complicated.

            It’s a riff show. It’s certainly the best that the lazy, awful, ‘recap review’ style has ever gotten. I admire Brad mainly for his personality. He’s a hard worker and he’s happy to be doing what he’s doing. He doesn’t e-beg, and he never takes himself too seriously.

            He comes close to the uncomfortable ‘nerd-rage’ thing sometimes, but he’s never gone over the edge. Seems like a decent person who likes what they do.

          • level_control

            Please quote where I stated or implied that I don’t know that the Cinema Snob is a character. It’s also irreverent to everything I said.

            I could say “He’s a hard worker and he’s happy to be doing what he’s doing” about any number of talent less people in the entertainment industry.

            Brad’s ‘jokes’ usually come down to references and sarcastically stating the obvious, but it’s the timing that really kills the show. I pulled up his new Hercules review for an example and within the first minute:

            “I guess I could have spotlighted a Hercules movie during the release of Renny Harlin’s The Legend of Hercules. But what would that have mattered? The only two idiots that went to go see that movie are these two dipshits who prefer talking about movies in the front seat of their car.”

            Prime example of a cinema snob joke – over worded, over explained, and lacking in substance. And a reference too. The guy just doesn’t understand humor.

            “I could have spotlighted The Legend of Hercules but the total box office take was two dipshits that reviewed it in a car”

            Still a shitty joke but the timing is so much better. Very simple fix that Brad just isn’t capable of.

          • SUPERSOUP

            >I find a thing unfunny so it is therefore objectively bad

            Can’t argue with that logic. Nice opinion you’ve got there.

            I find him the least cringeworthy and most entertaining thing to ever come out of the horrendous clusterfuck that is ‘Team Awesome’. Spoony included, even though I like him as well. I don’t expect impeccable writing and delivery out of a guy talking about shitty movies in his living room chair as an ironic caricature. Although he has been an actor, writer, director, and editor of films, he isn’t in the entertainment industry. Honestly, he seems to take himself about as seriously as you do.

            But if someone is in that industry and manages to stay above water, they’re far from talentless. I think Zack Snyder is one of the worst things to happen to movies in recent years, but he knows more about filmmaking and shot composition at a real, practical level than I’ll probably ever know. Shit, Uwe Boll is at least as good at being a slimy near-criminal political manipulator as someone who actually contributed to the history of film, like Roger Corman You smell of entitled, histrionic internet fanboy.

            Which I suppose shouldn’t surprise me in the comments for this fucking video.

          • level_control

            I asked you for a quote of me stating or implying that I don’t know that the Cinema Snob is a character. Since you can’t prove one, are you too much of a coward to admit that your poor reading comprehension caused put words in my mouth?

            “>I find a thing unfunny so it is therefore objectively bad”
            You seem to have slightly lower thinking and reasoning ability that the average person, so I’m not surprised that you need “my opinion” redundantly stated you when when one is expressing themselves. I guess I’ll try to explain:

            You see, when a person states “_____ is a bad movie” or “______ is the best brand of condom” it’s automatically implied that they are stating an opinion, where as if one says “Possessing cocaine is illegal in the United States” or “SUPERSOUP’s house smells like cat feces” it should be clear that they are stating a fact.

            I’ll skip over your next point (white knighting Brad Jones again) but I can see you like repeating yourself.

            “… he isn’t in the entertainment industry”

            Please re-read my comment. Slowly this time. I did not state that Brad Jones is in the entertainment industry. I made what’s called a comparison. I know that word is a bit above your reading level.

            “But if someone is in that industry and manages to stay above water, they’re far from talentless”

            Wow, your first semi-valid point. Good job sport!!! But now we’re just arguing semantics. Sure, you’re right if you define talented as ‘anybody who makes a living’

            Let’s dissect your illogically stung together insult: “you smell of entitled, histrionic internet fanboy”

            Ever hear the phrase ‘if you live in a glass house don’t throw stones’?

            1. You can’t smell over the internet

            2. Following your line of thinking, if criticizing Brad Jones means I see myself entitled, therefore anybody negatively criticizing any form of entertainment is entitled. But I don’t think you had any line of thinking when you threw “entitled” into that. You just wanted to use buzzwords.

            3. “histrionic” I’m beginning to think you don’t understand the words you’re using to insult people.

            4. “internet fanboy” Freudian slip? I’ve gotta ask, are you living vicariously through Brad Jones? Or are you actually Brad Jones? You act personally offended when somebody criticizes him.

          • SUPERSOUP

            That assdevastated response to me saying ‘I like someone you don’t and it’s hyperbolic to call him talentless oh and I won that debate that never happened’ doesn’t at all qualify as histrionic.

          • level_control

            There you go, making another straw man. Not surprised the shallow humor of Brad Jones appeals to a non-thinking person such as yourself.

          • SUPERSOUP

            Now THIS is sperging.

          • level_control

            Desperately grasping for branches on the way down? I think you’ve been shamed enough. You can go home now little boy.

          • SUPERSOUP

            Could I hope to successfully employ any other tactic against the razor-sharp intellect of such a dangerous fedora as yours?

          • level_control

            Congratulations. Admitting you’ve lost is the first step. Perhaps one day you will have the courage to move out of your moms house and participate in society.

          • SUPERSOUP

            Now what’s the fucking point if you’re too stupid to realize I’m laughing at you?

            I guess that’s what I get for being non-thinking scum who loves shallow humor.

          • level_control

            Do you realize people have been laughing at you since your feelings got hurt over somebody criticizing Brad Jones and you lashed out like a child with straw man arguments and name calling?

            It’s too bad you can’t have a normal discussion with another person. And sadder you need to project your own character flaws onto others. It seems like you’re emotionally unbalanced and I hope you have somebody in your life who cares about you enough to get you some help.

          • SUPERSOUP

            The only name I ever called you was histrionic internet fanboy. Which seems to fit.

            Say ‘straw man’ a few more times and maybe it’ll somehow, at some point, manage to have anything to do with any part of our interaction here.

          • level_control

            It’s impossible to have a conversation with somebody who is mentally ill and socially stunted such as yourself. I make several points and you pick and choose what to respond to (ignoring the ones you can’t refute). When outwitted, you feel the need to make personal attackers in a desperate attempt to hurt the other person’s feelings as cowards often do.

            Here, try this and reread your posts:

            Maybe the fact that you need to edit your comments means I’m getting through to you.

          • SUPERSOUP

            Nah, I just thought of the autism thing after I posted and thought it would be good for lulz. And you delivered.

            I know what the straw man fallacy is, and I haven’t committed it at any point. ‘Straw man’ and ‘ad hominem’ are things internet people spam when they’re buttmad, regardless of whether the fallacies have actually been committed. ‘Make personal attackers’ makes me feel like I’m the Dungeon Keeper. Good feels.

          • level_control

            “The Cinema Snob is a character. You do know that, right? It’s not exactly complicated.”

            “>I find a thing unfunny so it is therefore objectively bad
            Can’t argue with that logic. Nice opinion you’ve got there. ”

            Straw man arguments. Again, can’t defend your points, so you resort to calling me buttmad and harping on typos.

          • SUPERSOUP

            A straw man is when you reduce an opponent’s argument (difficult since you hadn’t made any arguments, only stated an opinion) to an easily-defeated caricature, defeat it, and then claim victory. In the first case I was genuinely asking if you realized that the Cinema Snob was a character, since not knowing that might negatively effect interpretations of Brad Jones. I’m sorry if I didn’t ask nicely.

            You had an opinion. I have another opinion. I pointed out that it’s hyperbolic to call someone talentless just because you don’t like their work. Extra ironic because, if anything, two people on the comments section for some guy off the internet, one fucking with the other and the other doing a great job of being fucked with, are probably far more honestly characterized as ‘talentless’ than even hack/fraud scriptwriters like Kurzman and Orci. At any rate, that’s that entire post and it doesn’t have any straw men.

            Thanks for the laughs though. Oh, and I wasn’t making fun of your typo. I just thought about Dungeon Keeper when I read it.

          • level_control

            Summarizing my argument as ‘I don’t know the Cinema Snob is a character so I’m ignorant in criticizing Brad Jones” is pretty clearly a straw man. Your definition is narrow and simplified. Not surprising.
            ” I pointed out that it’s hyperbolic to call someone talentless just because you don’t like their work” You’re argument is the equivalent of ‘saying the sky is blue but you think it’s green’ That’s a straw man.

            “probably far more honestly characterized as ‘talentless’ than even hack/fraud scriptwriters like Kurzman and Orci” Another brain dead argument. The equivalent of saying “Kanye West is talent less because of what he did at the VMAs”

            I know the “Thanks for the laughs though” is you trying to save face as you sit at the computer refreshing the comments. Pathetic but I guess thats how you get your self worth

          • doresh

            You see, his fanbase is roughly divided into Team “Crossovers are the spawn of Satan”, “Everything Spoony does nowadays sucks because he makes too much/little vlogs/reviews/countermonkeys” and “What kind of drugs are the other teams on?”

          • SUPERSOUP

            Making fun of someone who freely puts themselves on the internet because they’re god-awful at what they do has nothing to do with morality or human decency. And when you jump to defend them, that’s the definition of White Knighting. If I was seeking someone out irl who had done nothing to me and I had no reason to know and harassing them, THAT would be a moral problem. Criticizing someone in the public eye is not.

            Of course I would have to explain basic shit to TGWTG fans.

            The real problem with most ‘Team Awesome’ contributors which has nothing to do with the entitled nerd-rages they fly into on camera that I find so uncomfortable and off-putting, is that almost none of them have made any effort to learn anything actually material, such as how to decently edit or light a video, how to script a video, or how to properly deliver scripted lines. Spoony is an exception, although I’ll point out that before this sentence, I hadn’t said much about him. This is why AVGN and RLM are so superior to anything TGWTG produces; because they care about their work and they know what they’re doing on a technical level. Learning how to do things properly makes a huge difference.

            I don’t automatically hate anyone who collaborates with Spoony, unless they’re terrible. I love Brad. I think Walker at least understands writing and delivery. I have my share of problems with Spoony. So again, the guy who tries to pigeonhole anyone who disagrees with him into an easily dismissable category, HE’S apparently not the asshole. Apparently I am for being a big mean guy who points out that White Knighting is White Knighting.

            And I didn’t watch the video, for the record. Either of them. Wouldn’t do that to myself. Spoony can spend his time with whoever he chooses, but I have the right to be frustrated by it.

          • Daniel Tilson

            I’m a Spoony fan first, because that’s the one I saw first, and the one who continues to entertain me with almost every video.

            Haven’t watched much Linkara, but he’s at least passable, and if given the right setup he can be quite hilarious.

            NC… It feels like he tries too hard sometimes. But the same can be said for most presentational entertainers. I watched his review of Mortal Kombat Annihilation the other day, and while parts were good, it made me wonder if he went into the movie expecting it to be good for some reason…

        • Malidictus

          To be fair, you ARE an asshole. The mere fact you’d reach for the “White Knight” fallacy immediately upon any kind of dissenting opinion – especially considering I never claimed either of them were actually good – is quite telling. Expecting some degree of human decency really shouldn’t constitute some claim to heroism. It really should come down to nothing more than that – simple decency.

          As to whether Linkara is terrible, that’s a matter of personal opinion. I personally enjoy his work, I know a fair few people find him to be shrill and annoying. The beauty of the Internet is that unlike broadcast TV, you can choose what to watch. You sat down to watch a video prominently featuring a person you clearly have a grudge against, then proceeded heap insults at him for being in the video. To me, that smacks of looking for reasons to be… Well, an asshole.

          But hey, if it backhanded sarcasm and jabs in my general direction make you feel better, then by all means continue. But know that you’re creating a toxic environment which has historically made Spoony collaborators regret occasionally regret collaborating over the vitriol they’re met with. And that’s generally not a good thing.

        • Matt McCoy

          I do agree that Lewis sucks in his videos and he is a bit of a douche to how he presents himself publicly, but I don’t think that warrants him any kind of hostility.

          • Atmos_Duality

            Frankly, I think that’s part of the charm of Linkara.
            No other critic carries themselves like that without coming across as EXTREMELY fake and insincere.
            I have no idea what he does, but it works for me.

            Spoony has the in-your-face snark and Lewis has the more “voice of reason” snark.
            They have this great “Good Cop, Bad Cop” chemistry when reviewing as a result.

    • Lina Jones

      Hey, come on, Spoony/Linkara is classic Internet’s Finest!

  • Jacob Freedman

    Not really a fan of NC’s writing nor Link’s acting. Spoony and Snob gave a great performance and got me to laugh a bit, but the video as a whole wasn’t really funny. NC has a terrible habit of either not going far enough for the small parts and going too far with the large parts. For example, the scene with Link not reacting to his injuries was really funny when it was just the stabbing… but then killed the joke with the loony toon humor. I feel like the review would have been a lot better if it was just Spoony doing it.

    The behind the scenes stuff is cool though. Despite not liking the video, it’s interesting to see how you guys work… and not work. Keep that going if you can.

    • Lina Jones

      Linkara can actually act pretty well, he’s really improved over the years. This might not been his strongest performance though, for whatever reason. Maybe he does better with his own scripts and characters.

      Doug’s looney tunes humor can get a bit much sometimes, but I’d say it’s still pretty well acted.

      • Jacob Freedman

        Meh. It’s a personal thing for me. I used to watch and enjoy AtFW, but stopped because it was becoming a chore. I stopped liking his delivery.after a while and didn’t really agree with his opinions. Then again I haven’t watched his stuff in a couple years, so maybe he’s gotten better like you said.

        As for Doug… As a directer, he’s pretty competent, I agree, but it’s the comedic writing that’s fundamentally flawed. No matter how well acted out the it is, it’s simply poorly written. That’s the reason I stopped going to TGWTG. Spoony, on the other hand, has both good writing and good delivery. It’s simply a preference that I’ve developed over the years, but if any of them want a full critique, I’d do love to deconstruct their videos from one media creator to another.

        • Lina Jones

          Fair enough. It’s been a while since I followed anyone regularly, but I’ll occasional go back and watch a few vids here and there.

    • THE Sami Ryyppö

      Like I said on the comments for the actual review, Doug’s downfall is that he has too specific sense of humor and that shows in his production too much.

  • Bushwhacker2k

    I always like seeing videos like these, it adds a layer past focused purely on the quality of the review and we get to see people having fun making something together.

  • Tom Badguy

    Looks like a lot of fun and hard work.

  • Rick S

    I’d love to know how Doug can afford that warehouse … something like that is not cheap in Chicago …

    • Atmos_Duality

      Cheap enough if you know where to look and who to talk to.

  • CornBRED-X

    A lot of comments here have made me reflect on how far these guys have come, really.
    Doug only got the viewers he did because he made a smart business move in starting a scripted war with AVGN (and I don’t mean he doesn’t have talent- I think he understands animation very well and incorporates cartoon comedy into his own work with mixed results).
    I don’t really know how most found Spoony (I imagine a lot first saw him on TGWTG), but I remember now I only found out about Spoony because he posted a video on Gamespot (of all places) reviewing the remake of Alone in the dark (the game, not the movie)- well before any TGWTG even happened. It wasn’t even one of his scripted reviews- it was one he just did off the cuff because he couldn’t get footage of the game. I don’t even remember why I found it there. Serendipity I guess.
    The Cinema Snob got exposure by briefly being hosted by Spoony. That’s how I first even found he existed.
    I’ve never really watched Lewis’ stuff, but Spoony has been friends with Lewis for years so they’ve mutually benefited each other for a long time- constantly referencing and crossing over with each other.
    So, I guess what I am saying is, the complaints about cross overs I see all the time seem kind of false in so many ways. Most, if not all of these guys, would not even be known to their (now) fans if they hadn’t seen them cross over somewhere. It’s the best exposure for an online web show these days, and always kind of has been that way.
    I get that some may not like one personality over another, and you know that’s fine, but all these guys have fans (here and otherwise) and they wouldn’t have shows without them. Support the online content you like I guess, but don’t preclude crossovers because you don’t happen to like one person out of a cast. I don’t see how that benefits anybody.

    Anyway, these videos are great. I’m not a big Nostalgia critic or AT4W fan, but I think these videos work. I’m glad Brad was able to get in on this one. His running gag in this is very funny.

    • doresh

      Heck, I first discovered Noah in Lewis’ Adamantium Rage video. You never know who you meet in those crossovers XD

      • melissia

        Yeah, the crossovers have introduced me to so many wonderful talents.

        Including Spoony.

    • Daniel Tilson

      Spoony was the first of the group I found.

      See, I’m a big fan of the Ultima series… but I’d never been able to play U9. Of course, I’d heard about how it sucked, and how buggy it was, but dammit, I wanted to see for myself. So, I looked for a playthrough on youtube, and found Spoony’s review. He’s been making me laugh ever since.

      I was introduced to Linkara by the crossover he and Spoony did for the Warrior comics. Not as big a fan of Linkara, but he has his moments.

    • Jerry Forbe

      I think the only reason I ever got hooked to Spoony was because of “The Thing” review. I found it hilarious in middle school, so when I came back to that video I wondered if he did any other videos. There it was, at the end of the video “” and well, you can say my journey began there XD.

      I discovered Bennett, Doug, and Film Brain through spoony, so yeah. Crossovers do work, to a certain extent.

    • Amesang

      I don’t even remember when I started watching Noah’s work. Certainly it was during his time with TGWTG, I’m going to assume during his Final Fantasy X or X-2 reviews, or just at the start of his Ultima Retrospective (as I clearly remember watching his review of VIII with them). Then again I don’t even remember how I found out about the Critic. =Þ I suppose it doesn’t matter in the end, just so long as I keep on watching!

    • Bill Hiers

      For me, I definitely remember my first exposure to Spoony was over on TGWTG. Loved him to pieces instantly. :)

    • silverwings

      I found Spoony while looking for reviews on youtube for the Alone In The Dark game and saw his video, and followed him ever since.

  • melissia

    This was glorious and fun to watch! Glad you guys had fun.

  • Michael Levesque

    Awesome! Thanks for promoting my video, Spoony! I had a blast with you guys!

  • Brad M

    Great behind the scenes work. You captured a ton of fun stuff. See Malcolm (does behind the scenes for TGWG) creating a behind the scenes video is more than just following Tamara around like an idiot.

  • Karlos Morale

    Loved this video. 3 of my favourite content creators sharing a sofa (and Linkara was there too – no offence intended there, it’s just that comics aren’t really my thing) and busting out more awesome entertainment. Always love Spoony stuff, just wish there was more of it!

  • zerok999

    I really enjoyed this. I have to admit that I am not a big fan of Doug’s work. I just find his character overly cartoony and it projects too much of this MEME(bad humor being considered funny cuz it’s bad) generation which I can’t stand. This all being said, I find Doug great when he isn’t being goofy for the sake of being goofy. He can be more funny when he doesn’t force it is what I’m trying to say.

    This collab. was really fun to watch and I hope they do a lot more of these.

    • Bill Hiers

      I tend to feel the same way. I think he mugs too much.

  • Joshua Kitts

    Not gona Lie…. I seriously Want a shirt that say “You bring the Fire, I bring the Pancakes!”

  • spanky longshaft

    I like the Garbage Pail Kids tarot cards. I didn’t notice them on the actual review.

  • Morhek

    I wish Doug’s stuff was more consistent. I love some of his stuff, absolutely love – The Shining review, for example. The Pearl Harbour one. Or the Cat in the Hat one. But those ones have interesting framing devices, and real emotions in the review, which is where Doug doesn’t live up to his budget, because in a lot of his reviews he struggled to find justification to have the other cast members beyond cutaway skits. When it’s interesting, it’s great. Spoony keeps his framing consistently interesting – the Big Trouble in Little China review, for example, has a fantastic framing device. Plus, he doesn’t always go for the slapstick, which I get sick of in Doug’s stuff.

  • Dru Pearce

    Only realizing with this video they didn’t say chun li and porn stars.

  • thatpandabitca

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but Spoony always comes off as so awkward around other people BUT never when he’s actually doing the crossover. It’s always when he’s just hanging out. I think it’s adorable.

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