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The Spoony One | Apr 29 2012 | more notation(s) | 

Spoony battles food poisoning and one of the weirdest hacker movies you’ll ever see!

  • Tyler John Brookbank

    awh yeeh

  • Thomas McCravy

    Last post!

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    Burst Toast!

  • Super

    Aww yeah. I’ll go get some popcorn ready.

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  • der_ketzer

    Seems Spoony had a shitty week.

  • Baldicus Maximus

    Woot woot :-) Can’t wait to see what you’ve got for us Spoony! 

  • Tom Neill

    hello mister Antwiler, tell me, how did you know I was literally three seconds away from leaving my computer?

  • Stephen Robert Spiteri

    It’s not a problem if your absent for a while, just keep us updated with a tweet or something for good measure and we can be sure you wont die with an anal evacuation.
    PS : I’ve only just noticed the ZP imps on the shelf. Bonus points.

  • Chicanery

    Well this is bizzare so far…

  • Simeon Ivanov

    Love the new intro!

  • lonlycracker

    HAHA my friends dad actually wrote this movie.  I never thought you would actually review it.

    • Robert Cousineau

       Does he know he wrote one of the most amazingly bad “sci fi” movies of all time and should never write for a movie ever again?

    • Frozt

      Hah, if that’s true — send him the link to this review. :D

      • lonlycracker

        I sent it to my friend, who I hope will send it to his dad.

    • Vincent Beaudry

      Damnit… the only thing that would be even more awesome is to be related to Tommy Wiseau… I mean, Shitty-movie wise… you are fucking lucky.

      And I know we can’t be related to Wiseau because he’s an ancient alien, no need to remember me :(

    • GreenGear

      Holy. Shit. We are all connected.

  • Adam Louis

    Glad you’re back and feeling better, Spoony! The opening was both gross and hilarious. And as always, never *puts on sunglasses*


    Sorry, but you literally asked for the joke :P

  • Hans Wurster

    what happend with all the stuff in the background?

  • Wyatt

    Not to be a jerk but…Gary Coleman is dead. So that “freak out” joke over the idea of his becoming president which comes off as kind of an insult towards Coleman…is a little awkward.

    • Techee44

      How was he making fun of Gary Coleman? He was making fun of the fact that the movie thought this was one of the worst things that could happen.

    • Jack Connell

      You mean an actor who died two years ago and whose death was well-publicised is dead? Well stop the goddamn presses!

      The movie treats the idea of Gary Coleman being President as this big earth-shaking event, which is what’s being mocked here. Not Coleman. It’s stretching it to call it an insult to Coleman.

      • flaregun

        True, Spoony & most of the cameos are indeed just harmlessly mocking the movie’s bizarre assertion that a computer could instantly make Gary Coleman the duly elected President of the US, and that this would be some disastrous catastrophe even worse than who actually *was* President at the time this movie came out.  

        But Linkara & Sci-Fi Guy were not doing that.  It’s glaringly obvious that they clearly *were* cruelly and gleefully mocking & insulting the memory of a beloved star who brought joy to millions as a child but had a troubled life and suffered a tragic death.  What’s more, those two pull this shit all the time (I’m sure I don’t need to go into details here) & no one calls them on it.  Well no more:  TGWTG needs to take a stand, say “Enough is Enough” and drop these two notorious misanthropes in the name of common decency.

        Now *that’s* how you troll, bitches!

    • dennett316

       Oh stop looking for shit to criticise Spoony over…that’s a fucking stretch and a half right there.  You’re offended over a Gary Coleman joke that wasn’t in any way insulting?  Really?

    • sketchesofpayne

       Zombie Coleman for President!

      • Atmos_Duality

        He’ll have to run against Secret Zombie Ronald Reagan though.

        • Turcano

           Zombie Ronald Reagan can’t run because he already had two terms.

  • ORCACommander

    love the rebel assualt reference

  • Kyle Huckins

    I woke up today thinking you know what I want to watch, something with Diamanda Hagan and Mike Ditka.  I can never repay this debt to you Mr. Antwiler, Bravo!  Seriously though this was damn funny and I’m always happy to see The Mistress.

  • Rudolf Schreier

    Diarrhea specialist here: My condolences. But at least it’s gone now! I’ve had diarrhea for 2 years straight and don’t lose weight at all. Weird shit.

    • David Kramer

      Have you went to a doctor about that?

  • András Szentesi

    The part with the gateway games? That’s hilarious on its own, let alone with your delivery. I was literally laughing with tears, and this almost never happens to me. Looking forward for the next review already. Loving the Ninja the Misson Force poster btw.

  • Nicolas

    Oh man, you had to put a Mass Effect reference in there didn’t you. I think it would have been more fitting though, if you made fun of the child voicing the robot, by comparing it to the Starchild from the ME3 ending :P

  • dennett316

    Is it wrong that I actually want to play those FMV games with the pristine video quality on display in this movie?  Seriously, I’d actually pay money if they re-released those games with better quality video.  It’s a terrible idea to fill a movie with those sequences though.

  • PeaTearGryfin

    Man am I glad to see a new review Spoony. I almost lost it when you were doing the skit about the officer receiving spam. That story at the beginning of the video must make some of you who were demanding a new review feel like assholes huh. And here you were calling the man a lazy bastard who only put out Counter Monkey videos to rip you off. Hope now you sympathize with the man a little more.

    • Daniel Joseph Haughton

      Yeah, given how much they aren’t paying to see his material, I’ll never quite grasp how he can in any way, shape, or form be ripping any of us off.

  • David_Dennings

    I’m so happy :)

  • Bill Castle

    The answer is “Yes” Legion..

  • Alexander Hösl

    my evening:
    – coming home from work [x]
    – taking a bath [x]
    – making some food [x]
    – seeing that there is a new episode from the spoony one [x] (yeaaaaah :D)
    – loading the video and starting to eat [x]
    – somehow my food starts to taste undesirefull [x]
    well i haven’t watched the whole episode but i am sure the topic will change as soon as i’ve finished my meal, just wanted you to share this moment of bad timing with me :D
    (food still rocks, so will the episode and the back to good health spoony =)

  • kilken mcquilken

    how mahy of you were expecting pushin’ up roses theme music when that computer asked “shall we play a game?”

  • Josh Hark

    at first i never saw this movie when it got to drexal for the first time now that i saw this movie only once all the way that spam joke was funny and it is good to see spoony one again hope you get better man i know how you feel having food poisoning last time was at the holidays if i recall, oh god Gary Coleman “freak out” joke was priceless Gary Coleman dead oh thanks Wyatt did not know that. oh dear lord FMV Hell just went to Hollywood. so that was the first time seeing rev brown we learn something new every day people. nice plot twist who is doing this i think it is the guardian had starting using computers to take earth now that would be good writing good review cant wait to see ultima 9

  • SolidGoldCEO

    Spoony’s got my sympathy. once after eating some supermarket “roast” chicken I spent 48 hours vomiting until nothing came up but some bitter green syrup. I assumed once I got everything up Id be fine so I went to go to work, got off the bus vomited behind a tree, got into the staff room, vomited in the toilet, realised it wasn’t going to stop told my manager I was sorry and went home (vomiting into a plastic bag during the bus ride) and pretty much passed out for two days.

    good times.

    • Rosemary CG

      That reminds me that the sickest I ever got was from a supermarket rotisserie chicken. It completely took me by surprise. What is with those things?

    • Turcano

       That’s bile.  And throwing up bile is the second-worst kind of throwing up (the worst kind is having vomit go up your nose).

  • Rockduded

    Damn, Kenny Johnson has a bad habit of dying by explosion.

  • RememberTomorrow

    This is an awesome video! When Spoony delivers he realy delivers. Good luck on your next video :)

  • Kendotuxedo

    In response to the panic sketch by everybody from That Guy with the Glasses:
    “Gewd job, you guys”

  • Lunam_Kardas

    Nice set up to the end Spoony. Liked all the tiny little hints of things being off every time the camera cut back to you.


    So you think you would die like Elvis?

    Spoony I kid, I’m glad you are feeling better and it’s always good to see you back.

  • Ismo väisänen

    Dude, if the computer has full access to all aspects of society, so much so it can decide who becomes a president, and it’s mind is corrupted by games… introduce it to SimCity. Motherfucker will solve world hunger and stop all wars in a week.

    • Jordy Den Hartog

      And then it finds the “disasters” menu…

      • ORCACommander

        i still get angry over how classmates torched my megalopolis in sim city 2k back in the 3rd grade on the school computers. christ if you are going to do that for a laugh at least have the decency to not save it.

    • Das_Bass

      And I bet that bitch who runs the treasury will still say you’re spending too much on the city.

  • Chris Lauderdale

    I see what u did thar Spoony, subtle but funny.

    Little things in the background.

    Anyway, poop. There I’m done.

    Oh and for people wondering, the people weren’t screaming because of Gary Coleman being president, they were screaming because they thought he might be in the movie. And watching it would end humanity.

  • Jimmy Vestberg

    Best intro ever! Laughed my ass off at the graphic description of the toiletfainting.

  • LordofTibera

    -Loved the freak out around 16:00, but I was getting a kick out of how you put different props in the background at random times, like how you switched from having nothing to a gunblade to the red siren light lol. It was clever.

  • Timo Takalo

    What the hell are the “Net Police” anyway? That just seems to be a nickname people toss around when critiquing any government attempts at monitoring or limiting internet traffic. At least they could’ve come up with a more serious-sounding name, like Data Security Division or something.

  • Jessica Marie

     Spoony Cop quoting Tombstone? I love it! That was a great review, glad to know you’re no longer sick. And yay! Ulitma 9 review next!

  • Diggerjohn111

    Wow. I had to see that before Sunday dinner, and I don’t mean the talk about your stomach virus, Spoony (I hope you feel 100% again). Great review of a terrible movie as always!

  • Philip Anderson

    Nice skit of the Legion BG voice at the end that was epic, oh and so was the horrible F***ING MOVIE! could you please do me a favor and check out my video lets play? tell me what you think oh spoony god like creature!

    Still love the show, my fav is your lets play of Phantasmagoria 2…. Hello Curtis!

    • Erebus_Locke

       You suck

    • Lev_Hruntgen

       Sorry. But you dont have the necessary voice for Lets Plays.

      “Insecure / nervoes virgin” is not what I want to hear in my ears.

    • tuxedomaster

      Ha you wrote “guys” in your video. Just like would if you had a fanbase consisting of multiple people watching you regulary.

      Except you dont.

      No one watches you. And no, Spoony isnt going to watch you either.

    • Colonel

      Oh god. How did you manage to get 20 views?

      Its really a bad idea to present you video on Spoonys page…The comparison is just….Gawd at least have sex once before. Low self esteem just drools out of your voice like snot from a babys nose.

      • septimar

        If sex gave you higher self esteem romantic comedies wouldn’t exist.

    • Jamie Sheil

      Jesus christ guys, he’s not that bad, I’ve heard far worse LPers. you guys are downright cruel. His voice is fine. He needs a lot of work, like punchier more humorous commentary. And yeah, run to have sex, that way you’ll be a better person with high self esteem. Everyone knows a guy who rushes to have sex because fellow guys tell him too is the guy who has ALL the self esteem.

  • Frozt

    …So, did I get that music cue right — or is Mass Effect coming up after Final Fantasy and Ultima?

    • guitarhero33

      Well there would be no point seeing as how Spoony likes Mass Effect, unless he plans a jokey negative review.

  • Per Hultgren

    Does anyone know what poster is next to the ninja the mission force poster?

  • Luke Rees

    I feel bad for Legion. Not for what happens in ME3, but for being brought up while thinking of this film. Poor Legion.

    Great review.

  • André Åberg

     love the new intro! love the video! poor poor spoony lucky your good now!

  • Morten K. Vebjørnsen

    I liked this review, and the fascinating thing is what is happening in the background – Things move and change positions, and the end the poster changes from “Ninja the Mission Force” to that other poster I cannot identify. Then at the end, with this robot of yours, Burton – With Final Fantasy and such, and the Latin (or whatever it is) text banner in the corner of your room. I like what you have now established, and I look forward for more of the 

  • Hippiethecat124

    First of all, I think everyone can agree with me that we’re glad to see you back in front of the camera, Spoony. Hope you’re feeling better now that you’ve had some time off.That being said, your story of toiletfainting resonated strongly in my mind. I was with my sisters one night watching Insidious (which is probably which made me ill in the first place) when I found myself in need of the loo. I was violently sick and started feeling that lightheaded sensation that comes with unconsciousness. I became worried when everything started to go black, and in that moment I had a revelation worthy of the blockbusters. I sat up, pressed my head against the wall and said to myself “I WILL not die this day with a shitty ass.” I cleaned up, walked into the hallway, told my sisters that I didn’t feel well, and passed out into a potted plant.Needless to say, the dialogue in this movie gives me very similar feelings.

    • rewind83709

       “I WILL not die this day with a shitty ass.”
      That has to be on a movie poster immediately!

  • Michael Sporzynski

    I like the review, a lot.

    Although my mind, she is blown. How is it even possible to be THIS lazy? To make a movie almost completely out of video games that ARE like movies, except lazy and cheap? Splicing shitty movies into your movie is terrible, but splicing shitty games that pretend to be movies? It’s like the entirety of “Game Over” is a huge, postmodernist meta-joke.

  • Rolland Therrien

    No funny comments here.  I’ve been there.  About a month ago, I once had a bout of diarrhea AND vomiting at the SAME TIME, at night.

    • PeaTearGryfin

       I had that too when I got food poisoning after eating at a bad Chinese joint years ago. I feel your pain dude.

  • ORCACommander

    damn creepy title card

  • Nick Stenson

    Burton was scarier than drexel

  • rewind83709

    I loved the ending, and hope to see what is in store for the God damn Avitar, in Ultima 9.
    Thanks again Spoony.

  • marabackman

     Damn, I’ve had food poisoning once. Nothing as horrible as what you described, but a day-and-a-half of puking followed by a cold fever for the next three days :(

  • Christopher Lash

    Spoonith, I feel your pain… just had the whole family get nailed by whatever ailments going around the valley. I almost think I can’t watch this episode, being my sides already hurting from a likewise ailment. But I’ll suffer through it.

    Wow, was Spoony really claiming “Hackers,” as more realistic…?

  • Daniel Gilfillan

    Makes sense that you pulled this out of the toilet.  When you ingest shitty Sega CD fmv games and awful Nerd-sploitation shlock it incubates in your diseased belly and this movie comes out.

  • Vincent Beaudry

    Thought I had a shitty month because of that lame quebec’s tuition fees strike bullshit… I think yours was litterally shittier. Okay I’m kidding, I was just a little mad that I had no Spoony Experiment to waste my time on during those 8 weeks of political BOREDOM :(

  • HuneyMunster

    When you think your friends are joking
    but your pants are brown and soaking:
    Diarrhea, diarrhea.
    Now you think you’re feeling better
    but you keep on getting wetter:
    Diarrhea, diarrhea.

    Toilet paper you need to gather
    and your butt worked up a lather:
    Diarrhea, diarrhea.

  • Renaissance_nerd

    good lord what a freaky title card…

  • Bryce Schoening

    that ‘stache is magnificent, sir.

  • Sebastian

    anyone else noticed the robot holding final fantasy 13(i think :S) as spooney had his emmmmm… what ever you  would call it

  • matthew

    c’mon it was clear Elaine had super strength,the metal of the door was being crushed by her hands as she opened it.

  • matthew

    also,I think you put more thought into rearranging the bookcase behind you with every other cut than they did in the movie

  • Seonghoon Park

    lolz, totally loved the Spoonycop XD
    a totally slazy piece of movie indeed;;;;
    Do you think maybe you can come up with much interesting storyline involving crazy robots trying to take over the world Spoony? haha
    I think that’ll be a great way to upgrade Burton or something.. I dunno lololol

  • whiskytangofoxtrot

    Love your “Net Police Chief” character. Kinda disappointed that he didn’t have anything on his uniform identifying him as being with the Net Police (ass opposed to the regular police,) though. Might make it difficult to use him again in future videos.

  • Drain Blut

     What happened to you sounds horrible. Wtf did you eat?! But I’m glad you see you back reviewing, and hope you do finally finish Ultima. How long has that series been on the grill now? It’s been ages…

  • Charles Noland

    I can only imagine shitting out a movie. I want to try it now.

    • William Staples

       I tried that once. All I got were some MST3K also-rans.

  • Kevin Greene

    Yes, and masterd the classic games…the moved on to the hard core stuff…Call Of duty, Ghost reacon, WoW, My little pony adventures in ponyland >_>

  • Tor Nordmark

    Hey, there is no need to go on like a shitstorm…
    Yes, that was a horrible pun

  • doresh

    Welcome back – again XD !

    Isn’t it weird how both Star Trek TOS and WarGames – both made in an era when computers were glorified calculators – told better and more believable evil-AI-stories than our modern, computerized society is capable of? How’s that even possible Oo ?

    And the movie uses footage of whaaaat?! Why would anyone… why does that stuff still exist?! Does. Not. Compuzzzzzzzzz….

  • Faust

    I (had this) made for Spoony. Don’t know if he saw it. However, it is really fitting given his bout of food poisoning.

    If anyone wants this feel free to download it. Spoony, if you read this and want the original just message me.

    I hope you are feeling better. In all seriousness, people die from this stuff. Thomas Jefferson did, and I am pretty sure Ben Franklin did too.

  • George Rosenbaum

    At the very end, when Spoony noticed an ankh, there were flashes of him in a straight-jacket and with a colander on his head. Perhaps the same colander from when Spoony was cloned.

    Either this is a separate story arc, and Spoony is in some sore of alternate reality simulator, or it’s the same story arc, and Spoony’s clone is discovering it’s true identity.

    Chances are that the Ultima 9 game will add to the TSE mythos.

    • Hippiethecat124

      I admire the attention to detail with which you wrote that comment, good sir. Mind. Blown.

    • TheComposer

      Well… this Spoony is no longer a clone as far as I understand it.

      Spoony was first killed during the last episode of the FF8 review, at which time Linkara retrieved remains to clone him.  With a hammer.

      In “The Clones of Bruce Lee” the resulting Clone!Spoony knew he was a clone from the start, acknowledging that Linkara did a great job cloning him.

      In “Darkest Night”, the original Spoony was resurrected by a Black Lantern Ring and became BL!Spoony.  He was fully restored to live and then went to go get his show back from the clone.

      In “FF10 Part 1″, the original Spoony tried to kill Clone!Spoony to reclaim his show, but Clone!Spoony was willing to give it up.  Until he found out he’d be reviewing Final Fantasy X, at which point he killed himself and became BL!Spoony again.

      In “FF10 Finale”, a fight broke out between Clone!Spoony and BL!Spoony, which was ended when Linkara teleported the two at the same time, sort of mixing down their signals into one being.  And it’s this Hybrid!Spoony that’s been around ever since.

      So… a combination of his clone and original bodies and the combined memories of original and clone spoony… it’s almost like he was the same guy the whole time.

      • George Rosenbaum

        There is certainly a reference to the creation of Clone Spoony in the hallucination scene.

        In fact, there have been a lot more disturbing hallucination/dark jokes in his reviews. Maybe that’s BL Spoony talking, and Clone Spoony and BL Spoony are fighting within.

        It’s not exactly like their combination was very clean to begin with. If Hybrid Spoony is basically the result of a teleporter accident, then there could be some synthesis errors.

        Spoony mentioned that Burton is his ‘secret weapon’, but has now been tampered with by a shadowy FF fan (the Shadow-Fan). So he’s probably behind all of this.

        Notice how Burton has an ankh tied to his chin, and that Ultima symbolism seems to weaken the bonds between Clone Spoony and BL Spoony. Shadow-Fan may try to use Burton to split up Spoony’s good and evil sides, join forces with BL Spoony, and take down Clone Spoony together.

        • Alex Stritar

          Well, there is some merit to the idea of BL Spoony trying to take over from wthin. I mean, look at Firestorm’s story in Brightest Day. Black Lantern Firestorm still lived within the firestorm matrix, eventually freeing himself (and calling himself Deathstorm).

        • MichaelT

          I’m pretty sure “Shadow-Fan” was just supposed to be Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII.

          • George Rosenbaum

            But why does Sephiroth want Spoony to keep playing awful games? Why is he keeping him alive (he stopped Yuna Spoony from killing him)? Is he trying to gain the allegiance/power of BL Spoony, afraid that if Hybrid Spoony dies, so will BL Spoony?

  • Steve O.

    Nah man, see, if Walter Koenig actually had a speaking role this movie might’ve had a shot at being good. Let’s face it, if it turned out Bester had become a nuclear powered supercomputer, we might be “intimidated” or “impressed” instead of feeling ZOMG SAD THE LITTLE BAD ACTING WOBO-BAYBEE CAN’T PLAY GAEMS NO MORES.

    I personally am more impressed that they managed to find all these old video files in such pristine condition over a decade after their system and format had fallen completely out of use. My best guess is that this was actually made when the Sega CD was about to hit the market, for use as a giant demo-tape movie, and, finding out that it had flown like Lieutenant Dan strapped to a boat anchor, shelved the project and added a HAL 9000 plot to get it on the market.

    So in other words, this probably isn’t a Godfrey Ho movie. Odds are that this is the spiritual successor to Hell’s Bloody Devils. QUALITY!

  • Kevin Greene

    Star Trek was suppose to have been centuries in the furture…but some of the comuters were small, the Tricorder, and years before TNG intorduced the tabblit computers…PADD. Arther Clarke predicted that eveyone one would be able to shop, talk, and get news wand infomation from computers that could fit on your desk in 1976? I think was the ABS  interview (austrailan Brocast) And had said there would be tellacomuniation satalights in orbit in the 40s

  • Alexander Hutcheson

    Burton also had an ankth necklace and he was also holding a copy of ff13. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………………………..

  • Phoenix

    How many times did Spoony’s room change? I mean the alarm light was a dead giveaway but seriously…. I think everytime we cut from Game Over to Spoony’s room, something has changed. 

    • Nash Knight

      It’s like this video.. it was edited in some way! OMG it’s DREXEL run!!!

  • François Frappier

    This review was turd-rific, I’ll have to write it in my diary-ah.

  • Michael G

    It’s okay Spoony, also I cannot believe that you didn’t make a reference to Elvis’ death.  Also I know how you felt while sick.  Except it happens once every few weeks and it comes back about 5 minutes after I recover….

  • searanox

    Spoony, please, have my man-babies.

  • Samuli Tuomola

    Quite sure I’m not going to be the only pedantic asshole to bring this up, but Einstein didn’t work on the atomic bomb, he signed a short letter ghostwritten by Szilárd to FDR as heads up.

    Though, the point from video at 13:15 remains, it’s interesting theme to explore from personal perspective, Einstein did say he regretted signing the thing.

    From global perspective it’s pretty clear IMO. Even if the letter arguably was a relevant factor in some future events, the bomb would’ve been developed anyway, and if it had been used against country that also had nukes it would’ve resulted in much more damage.
    All in all, it’s been going as well as it could have, so far.

    • Jamie Sheil

      he may not have worked on the atomic bomb, but his work lead to the creation of the atomic bomb. And yeah, it would’ve been developed eventually by someone else, but you can say that about a lot of things, it doesn’t remove the credit from the person who actually did the groundwork.

  • ajax5405

    Was that mass effect 3 music at the end?  BTW dude, please follow the forshadowing music  and camera work.  It’s just irritating when reviewers do stuff like that and never follow up with it

    • Malidictus

      I don’t know. It’d be well in-keeping with the source of that music’s own ending.

  • Sven Lopez

    They should have just given Drexel Super Meat Boy or fucking Battletoads. this is the future, right?

  • goodguya

    Great work, Spoony! Some real stand out jokes in this one. This was a real confusing movie, to be certain. Loved the many references which I was able to get. Should have snuck some B5 in though…

  • Nicholas De Castro

    The background keeps changing!

  • Matthew Haire

    Wait a second was that a Mass Effect 3 Spoiler at 29:12? Damn it! I’ve tried avoiding every possible spoiler on the net until I can play it and they keep slipping through! :C Never-the-less this was a fantastic review dude, had me in stitches at points! And it’s good to see that you’re recovering from your illness :)

  • CBirds

    AHAHAHHAHA the diarrhea rant

  • Konstantine Rymaruk

    That weird looking poster in the background is actually a 1990 Soviet Star Wars poster. I have no idea how Spoony got one.

    Personally I’ve never seen it before, given how I experienced Star Wars back in the early 90’s around these places.
    After digging around the internet I found out that apparently that’s supposed to be Jabba with a Death Star above him. It’s called “Rock Head”. There are also 3 more posters called “Cowboy”, “Puma head” and “Cantina”.

    Apparently they were drawn by Yuri Bokser (1953-2002) and Aleksandr Chantsev (1949-2002). Original copies of those are valued by the collectors at around 1000$ – 3000$. I wonder if that one on the video is the original, but I doubt it since material seems to be too modern for those times.


    Either way, being a Star Wars fan and born in USSR I feel a kind of ashamed for these, because clearly they were drawn by people who had never seen Star Wars. But then again the censorship was a bitch back then so you can’t really blame them.

    Also, great review Spoony, loved it! 

    • Vismutti

      Nah, don’t feel ashamed, they’re kinda awesome in their own way. xDb I hadn’t even seen those before and I love them already. Oh good old USSR.

  • Christopher Fournier

    Ive played Quarterback attack before :o, it was on PC and it sucked.

  • Liezl Bohnen

    Yes Legion…. yes it does… and in my game you figured that out on your own *cries forever and never…. ever stops* ;__________;

     Otherwise, you will get no jokes from me Spoony. I’ve had crippling food-poisoning which decided to kick in while I was downtown waiting for a bus. I’m glad you’re feeling better though. I was worried. and it sucks I can’t say that without sounding like a creepy stalker.

    Also I hope the end of this video doesn’t elude to a plot-line that eventually has you free of control and leaving us FOREVERRRRR. Because I will cry. a lot.

  • Cart Man

    That Sega CD footage makes Command and Conquer’s FMV look like an Akira Kurosawa masterpiece.

    • ORCACommander

      cnc 95 or ra1 or tiberian sun or ra2?

      • Cart Man

        The campness of RA2 (which is was actually fun in its own way) crossed with the low tech CnC 95.

  • TheComposer

    Sir Spoony, I confess to laughing at the beginning… but only because I too have been in such a state for the last week and totally feel your pain.  I’m still pulling out of it and the laughing hurts… but this totally looks like it’ll be worth it.  And continuing…


    What’s worse than playing a shitty Sega CD game?  Watching someone else play a shitty Sega CD game… without hilarious commentary.

    That “Excellent” guy was unexpected and slayed me.

    Wow was that stupid/lazy/bad.  I’m just not even sure what to say.  This story feels like it would be something in an anti-gaming Chick tract or something… bleh…

    Love that effect and use of dutch angle in the ending… and looking forward to the reviews it hints at.

  • Andrew Cathey

    Mass Effect reference 

  • George Rosenbaum

    Spoony almost died in the bathroom. Like Elvis.

    Now imagine Spoony wearing an Elvis costume.

  • FinalFantasy13

    Cant wait until spoony reviews the best game of this generation (ffxiii)

  • Ryne Napier

    sooooo, whats up with the legion voice saying “tali zorah” towards the end? it literally says nothing but her name and then cuts out? Why is it even referencing mass effect? lol

    • Corey Schaff

       “Tali Zorah, does this unit have…”

      He was about to ask if he had a soul, but in this particular case he’s interrupted because Tali just got finished killing him <.<  Yeah Spoilers Mass Effect 3

      • Lizard-Man

        More precisely she killed him to save her fleet from getting shot to pieces by the Geth, said she was sorry and in his dying moments said that Legion does have a soul. Just to make sure we’re not making Tali look heartless and all.

  • Decius Aemilius

    I’m sorry you are so sick.  I hope you took care not to get dehydrated.  That’s the worst part of that sort of sickness.  I spent three days confined to a bed and nearly had to be hospitalized once…  Take care of yourself, you’re a good reviewer and funny guy!

  • Twisted Puppet

    Related to your illness: Been there done that. Glad you survived. Btw, did you shit your soul like Nash did when ate that hormel sandwich maker?

  • sun_panther

    Sorry that you got food poisoning Spoony, I hope your feeling better. Trust me, I’ve gotten food poisoning before, and it’s not fun. :(

    So…Ultima 9 eh? I am so excited. :D

  • summersundries

    Sigh, I sat down to eat my spaghetti while watching this.  Not a wise choice.  Your wendy’s chili consistency comment was what really got me.  I had to get halfway through the review before I could start eating again.  
    Also I love their robot, looks like a keg in a cooler.  They should tap it and have a cold one for the robo-apocalypse.

  • Jayden Reynolds

    Legion! NOOOOOOO!

  • Drain Blut

    This movie is so goddamn shitty I don’t even think Sci Fi wanted this. I mean, I watched Sci Fi really heavily in the 90s and early 00s, watching things every day and especially on the weekends… and “I’ve” never heard of this trash before. The whole thing feels like a cheaply made PoS movie like what you’d see on Sci Fi, especially in 2003 or earlier. I’m honestly surprised I didn’t see it there. I wonder how this guy found this. It must have just been on a shelf and he figured it’d make a good watch and/or review because the box looked like a matrix rip off.(He was right. It was perfect review material. You could guess that just with the box itself)

    I had trouble just FINDING a webpage about this movie. After enough different google searches I FINALLY found a wiki page, and look how short it is with all the empty dead red link names:

    • DarkBee

       “This movie is so goddamn shitty”

      I see what you did there…

  • capthavic

    haha I noticed the Godfrey Ho similarity before he mentioned it ^^ This movie reminded me of a movie about a toy robot or something that goes on a killing spree, but for the life of me I can’t remember the name of it.

    Anyway glad you didn’t die on us like that and can’t wait to see just how shitty Ultima 9 really is since I never played it :3

  • Tom Williams

    Well the Sega CD footage could have been worse.  They could have just shown us footage from Night Trap.  No wait, that would have been awesome.

  • Lenne Shuyin

    o god spoons, so glad your okay. Im not sure about marrage to you now that Ive got that crapper image of you in my head, but love ya anyways

  • Shilag

    God, that “Excellent” clip had me rolling on the floor. I just love that!
    And the ending was epic, albeit confusing. I’m not sure I understood what you were implying about Ultima and Burton. Anyways, the effects were awesome, and this review had me cringing and laughing every second.

    • ORCACommander

       watch the final fantasy x-2 reviews and you will understand better

      • Shilag

         Umm.. I have, and no I won’t?

  • sbkMulletMan

    Oh god…I did something bad.

    During the cop speech, while admiring Spoony’s Dubbya accent, without thinking about what I was saying, I let loose the Freudian Slip, “Nice Bush”.

    The moment I realized what I said was more disturbing than anything shit-n’-puke related that was already said at that point. 

    But aside from that, I’m glad Spoony’s feeling better, I’ve never been sick to the point of potentially dying like Elvis, so I can’t imagine how bad that was, but I’m glad Spoony got through it all right (or at least as well as one could go through such a thing).

    • ORCACommander

       ok you need to tell us where this happened

  • GreenGear

    Chili can be served with cheese.

  • Brian Webber

    I wanna see one of these movies done where the AI is actually the hero.

    • Vismutti

      Me too!

    • Daniel Broome

      Knight Rider? XD

  • MichaelT

    Hey, Spoony, I didn’t know you had that really weird Russian release Star Wars poster!

  • Skelemelon

    @ the ending, does this mean that every video on TSE has been part of an actual experiment? That spoony hasn’t been doing what he has been doing in all of these videos, but rather has been sitting in a chair with a device on him?
    Nah. Would be cool though, having a story arc that goes over every video rather than each one having its own that is only included at the end of the credits. (FF)

  • Caleb Laulusa

    Glad to have ya back, Spoony. It’s been too long.

    Nice review, I remember being younger and seeing the cover for this everytime I went to rent movies. But something about it seemed malevolent, so I avoided. Good to know I wasn’t missing much.

    Also, couldn’t help but notice the switching of the background props. I’m assuming that ties into the ending of the review. Either that, or you’re just fcking with our minds. Either way, great review. Good to see you’re feelin better, looking forward to more.

  • NyaemalHrruna

    Good sweet hell, food poisoning… I feel for you, sir. I once got struck in the hospital for two weeks from dehydration brought on by a long bout of food poisoning. Not fun, to say the least. Glad you are feeling better.

    As far as the review goes, I think you pretty much nailed it at the beginning. I imagine that  shitting out that DVD, jewel case and all, would be a hell of a lot less painful than sitting all the way through this movie. On a side note, I am still trying to get the Dr. Pepper out of my nose and off of my monitor from TheSpoonyCop. Well done all the way around and, as always, I look forward to seeing more of your work! (Especially FFXIII! (hears “Crawling” by Linkin Park in the distance))

  • GreenGear

    What, no GLaDOS joke?

  • Corey Schaff

    @ Brian Webber

     Jason X, and Aliens, off the top of my head.  Maybe also I, Robot.

  • rudy023

    I’m surprized Spoony didn’t make an Elvis joke.  Maybe it would have just been too easy.

  • Daniel Powers

    awsome vid man. glad you’re better and back in action

  • zender3162

    does anyone know what that robot voice from the end is from it’s really buging me help please

    • Alexis Ortiz

       its from mass effect 3

      • zender3162


  • zender3162

    does anyone know where that computer voice at the end is from it’s really buging me help please

  • newyy1

    Two minutes of diarrhea schtick!  I have no jokes, I’ve blasted my fair share of poopie juice  in the toilet.  I got two words… “Taco Bell!”

  • newyy1

    Bayou Billy?  What kind of dumbas would review… oh.

  • Allaiyah Weyn

    Happened to me twice, once from theater punch & once from saffron rice; latter one had me loose 10 pounds of weight in 2 days, which I spent in a cold sweat in fetal position.

    I was told that Elvis died in either a public bathroom or portapotty whilst eating a sandwich.

  • Malcomb Bell

    o.o I don’t think I could have sat through that movie….. if I were in spoonys position I think I would’ve looked and forced it down the toilet or called a biohazard team to remove it from my apartment….. The review was good kinda surprised you didnt make this like a special for the fmv hell section XD

    side note: Loved the pathfinder session tonight will definitely be watching next week ^.^

  • sniktbub

    Can’t wait for that Ultima 9 review, your Ultima Retrospective is awesome. 

    And I’m still holding onto hope that you’ll one day do a Let’s Play of the SWAT 4 expansion. 

  • Troy Bennett

    once again my random musings and notes:

    – you just HAD to compare your number 2s with Wendy’s Chilli, didn’t ya? I have friends who still order the chilli, and now I won’t be able to look at it the same. THANKS, PUNK!

    – what? No Elvis joke about dieing in the bathroom?

    – did anyone else notice the constant switching of background objects? One frame would have nothing, then another would have the siren (that was part of the bit, I know), then the blitzball, then the blitzball and gunblade, then just the gunblade. Part of the storyline, maybe?

    – As a Chicagoan, I went fanboy nuts when Mike Ditka came out of no where. I had the same reaction, “HOLY SHIT, IT’S DA COACH!”

    – I’m also a big Michael Buffer fan. I grew up watching Evander Holyfield, Oscar De La Hoya, and especially George foreman’s comeback, and the best part of all those fights was Buffer’s “LLLLLLLLLLLLL-LET’S GET READY TO RUMBULLLLLLLLLLEEEEE!!!!!” 

    – I just found out somehow that Oreo has a twitter…. WHAT?

  • jesternario

    that new animation makes spoony look like a very angry Shaggy Rogers. He even has a dog! :D

  • Verdian Vaungur

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  • Kristian

    Anyone else reminded of Eternal Darkness when they saw a quick flash of Spoony insane and screaming?

  • Mateusz Hemmerling

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  • The Incomparible Mevi

    Damnit Spoony, how do you always make the creepiest shit?  That flash at the very end was actually scary.  What the hell?

  • Grendle Keen

    I’m glad you’re feeling better man, but that one shot you inserted near the end was creepy as all hell.  I’m guessing that it has to do with your over all storyline and that your FF13 review will start soon after Ultima 9, but damn that was effective.

  • Sir_D

    Food poisoning.  So, Spoony, you ate at a Krystal’s? My son, all joking aside, was so sick recently that he was hospitalized three times in a month.  We can get him to eat cereal but not much more.  Glad to see ya back in form, buddy. 


  • André Norell

    20:47. Quite certain that isn’t planet Earth the satelite’s firing upon.

  • Orion_Lukas

    “My I offer you some dead rats, Mi lord?”

    … hilarious. 

  • Cthulhu07

    Moustachio – The Net Police. Coming soon to a TV sets near you…. :D

  • Alexandru Ioan Samson

    You could use a new haircut, Spoonster, I betcha you’d look awesome with a new one!

    • 8xInfinity

      No. Do not suggest such a thing. I will stab a barber with their own sheers if they touch one pretty strand on his head. (A girl’s fetish for men with long hair is not to be messed with)

  • John Derivan

    Ohhhh, Excellent! Nice to see you back in form man, haven’t seen a movie review in a while…..and by a while I mean last month. Curious to see where the underlying story line is going, you and Linkara always have the best ones.

  • Kaohe Alama-Francis

    Welcome back Spoony, sorry to hear about the food poisoning, but glad to hear your feeling better now.

    As for the movie…. damn that was horrible! I think the Ditka game was unreleased either. My guess was that it was supposed to be the football equivalent of the really crappy Slam City with Scotty Pippen. I’m surprised the film maker didn’t use footage from other bad Digital Pictures games, like that Kung Fu game Supreme Fighter or the Scotty Pippen game.

  • jagarcia0705

    As far as I know I never been as sick as Spoony. But if there is one thing we can agree on its neither of us like being sick.  Maybe its just me but does the evil cliche super computer sound a lot like GLaDOS. This movie is SO TERRIBLE that would rather watch Battlefield Earth, The Room, Plan 9 from Outer Space, the live action Tekken movie (which I recently watched), the DOA movie, hell I’d would watch Star Wars: Holiday Special…maybe not that bad.

    • Christian Gurtner

      No, they actually put effort into GLaDOS.

  • Angela Wu

    lol at 11:09 very “subtle”~ still didn’t see the ending coming though, it actually made me jump alittle…XD

  • 8xInfinity

    Wonderful, this is one of those “movies” with alternate titles for no reason (always a sign of high quality entertainment). In this case, it’s only “Game Over” on the US video release, but in Canada where it was a made-for-TV movie, it’s called “Maximum Surge”. Like countless filmmakers and distributors before, they learned that re-naming a pile of crap doesn’t make it any less a pile of crap.

    Speaking of piles of crap… Glad you didn’t die, Spoony.

    • doresh

      I think the producers are glad if they can sell their pile of crap as a different pile of crap in other countries, what with all the negative feedback and several negative reviews under the original title.

  • heronemis

    Spoony looks like Shaggy from Scooby doo in the intro. And Oreo is there as well…..

  • Omnikus Schlotter

    Police Captain Spoony is my new favorite mustache… I mean, character ^^

    And I am still very impressed by your intro. Love it.

  • cajaquarius

    In the scene where Elaine is forcing the doors open, you can see her fingers making indents in the (what I assume is) metal alloy doors as if she were the Incredible Hulk or something. Happens at around 23:21 to 23:24. Just wanted to point that out.

  • JByway

    Don’t worry. I’ve felt the pain of that sort of food poisoning. I lost an entire stone in weight over a week. I can’t even EAT that much to shit and vomit.

  • Free Quest

    Thanks this looks like a great movie to Troll my bro with on movie night :D

  • Jesse WilliamsFuller

    The movie rental place not far from my house used to have a movie called “Expect to Die”, which pulled a similar Matrix knock-off cover, except they couldn’t even be bothered to have anything other than the title and little green background symbols on it.

    Anyway, you said they wasted Walter Koenig by dubbing over him. That’s true, but my guess is they were desperate for him to be playing the computer, so they gave him a “creepy” kid’s voice in the game so they could have the same kid do matching speech to put over the original footage.

  • b4betty

     Dammit Spoony, I was sooooo close to the acceptance stage of grief with Mass Effect 3 and you pull out the 3rd most emotional scene from it just to nutbust me back into depression! CONFOUND YOU SPOONY ONE!
    P.S Great review as always and hope you got over the stomach virus completley

  • koldstare

    I like your attention to details Spoony, I did noticed how you moved your action figures/toys back in the video’s background…

    For someone who hates Final Fantasy games you do sure owns a lot of FF merchandize..


    • PeaTearGryfin

       I think most of those are left over props from the other Final Fantasy reviews. I think the blitzball was from his Titus costume in the Final Fantasy X finale. I was geeking out more over the sign from the Ultima retrospective behind Noah’s chair.

  • Albert Toropainen

    Einstein wasn’t working on the atomic bomb, he only mentioned that the nazis were trying to make such a weapon in a letter to Franklin Roosevelt and when the manhattan project started he Einstein wasen’t allowed to work on the team because his political views.

  • Shard

    What do you mean, by… fortune favors the bold? Where did FF13 come from? And why is that robot wearing an ankh?

  • André Wendrodt

    Fun Fact: NPD is in Germany the Right winged political party

  • Maciek Marciniak

    At last something AWSOME

  • Christian Gurtner

    Reusing those FMV clips like this is actually kinda clever. At least they used the originals, not the scaled down to shit ones from the games.
    But that doesnt mean they don’t have to at least try to make a sensible plot.
    It would’ve probably been better if they had just made it some kind of video game tournament, complete with bullshit scoring.

  • Hyrax2004

    Did you find a pizza during the long stay in the bathroom?

    • George Rosenbaum

      Apparently Peter Piper Pizza is made of shitty movies. Makes sense.

      • Unholy Fire Dragon

        Yes. You’ll also find a lot of “P” as well. ;-)

        • Skelemelon

          The orc-head-exploding spell from Ultima? That’s quite the bathroom.

  • Salen Stormwing

    If I wanted to make a video-game addicted super computer AI kill itself, I’d just plug it into Xbox Live’s Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer. Although, now that I think about it… that would explain all the creepy 13-year old kids who are on XBL. Oh my gawd, XBL is full of super-advanced AI world-controlled computer AIs.

    • ORCACommander

       i know a guy who made an ai where the ai committed suicide

  • The_kth77

    Man I was actually worried about you, especially after we lost Eddsworld. Good to see you on the horse again

  • James Clarke Russell Brohm

    I can sympathize with you Spoony, I had pretty much the same thing ’bout a year ago not fun at all.

  • sams88

    That was great, especially Spoony Cop.

  • FordXanakov

    Man, I really need to get to scripting on “Mike Ditka vs. The Super Computer.”

  • Unholy Fire Dragon

    A person isn’t a real nerd when they’re scrawny? Really, Spoony?…
    So where’s your glasses, then? Are you hiding them to keep your true identity a secret?

    In all seriousness though… I liked the way you did this review. Here’s my thoughts on some parts:
    – I enjoyed the dirty and sarcastic humor at the beginning
    – The Spoony police sketch was pretty funny and sounded almost like a minister’s sermon
    – The original/unique freakouts (including cameos) was my favorite part of the review; I always love those
    – I saw the gaming comments (gateway, etc.) coming a mile away (pretty-much expecting them), but I still loved that you gave them
    – The use of the FF clip was well-done
    – I’m in full agreement of the Sega-CD comment
    – At the end, I had the urge to go “Game Over! Spoony wins!” (points to whoever gets that reference)

    What’s with this movie anyways? I’m not that good of an actor and even I would do a better job than this crap!…
    – *grit teeth* “I hate meddling women!”
    – “You’re mad!”
    [The other guy’s reply might as well have been…]
    – “I’m not mad, I’m hamming it up!”
    Also, what’s with the slow-taking scientist? Was he just trying to build dramatic tension or something? Just get to the POINT, man! :-P

    Even with all nerd-stereotypes aside, the actor who played a nerd should’ve been a scrawny, nervous and socially-awkward guy anyways. In this movie, they tried to pass-off a muscle-bound athlete as a wimp and a nervous wreck. With his video-game skills, it seemed like he hardly ever played video-games in his life.

    You might be happy to know that I’ve recently gotten into DnD (since I was inspired by your Pathfinder stream the other day). I had some fun with a DnD group last Wednesday and it seems to be doing well so far. I find it kinda weird that they don’t know of you at all (some are quite computer-illiterate), but I guess that’s bound to happen sometimes.

    Take care of yourself, buddy. :-)

  • cappadocian

    did anyone else lol at the irony of spoony’s last statements about the movie basically being the MO of every internet review show, ever?

    • Adell

       When his voice trailed off about the ankh, I THOUGHT that was where he was going with this. Like he’d realize that this just sums up internet reviewing…instead we got…something else lol.

      • cappadocian

         I think with a little work, we could dub in spoony clips for the main character, maybe go oldschool and put spoony’s face over the main characters, sorta stop motion style. Think the animation for tom goes to the mayor, do a rifftrax of the movie like that, just with the spoony dialogue and taking the other guys out for the commentary

  • Vismutti

    I don’t have any poop jokes… but I could make a couple of American food jokes if you like.

    Also, great review. And ouch, that food poisoning must have sucked… you never get a break, do you?

  • Tai_MT

    Food poisoning?  BEEN THERE, DONE THAT!  God does it suck.  Four days of hell.  I couldn’t even sleep in my own bed because of the possibility of needing to clean the bedsheets.  I spent four days in the bathroom, sleeping sitting up.  It was insane.  I hope to NEVER do that again.  And yes, you do lose a LOT of weight with food poisoning.  And you can’t eat anything.  You can’t drink anything.  All you can do is get Pepto Bismol and chug it for a few days.

    Sorry you were out, Spoony.  Glad you’re feeling better.  Watch what you eat in the future!

  • Shawdawg

    I’ve had food poisoning myself, Spoony. Got it eating a sandwich from my own job. How much does that suck.

    Don’t really have any poop jokes. But look at it this way, if you did die with your pants around your ankles, face down in front of the toilet, you’d die almost exactly like Elvis did. :)

  • Josh Fowler

    Thats how elvis died spoony

    • George Rosenbaum

      There is no shame in dying on the toilet, Noah. Elivs’s presence has graced the shit-can for all to die in.

  • Dragdar

    The cop-sketch was HILARIOUS , finally! Can’t wait for U9 or FF13

  • Jumpooleez

    “The greatest actorr to everr starr in a B movie?”

    *buzz* – “Baab”

    “Who is Mike Ditka?”


  • Thomas Lumsden

    Damn it my grief for legion almost had me feeling sorry for that computer thing, though rest of the review stopped that happening good thing too, someone else might have gotten it wrong…

  • Elihn

    Dear, I’m usually not the type to comment on the reviewer himself but..please cut your hair.

    However, back to the review:
    I find it interesting, that they used the footage of Sega CD Games. It is sad as well but intereresting in my opinion.

    Apparently, the only real nerd in the movie, was the “robot”.

    “Excellent.” – Killed me. Totally. xD

    • Colonel

      Seriously? Your are commenting about his looks with a face like this:

      Normally I wouldnt flame someone about her looks, but you look like a 40 year old crack-whore, so stop telling Spoony how he should do his hair.

      • Elihn

        I find your comparision quite unfitting but if you insist on calling me, of course in a very mature and constructive critical way, an old crack-whore, go on.

        To make myself clear, I also appreciate the effort for downloading my photograph and posting it separately in the comment box. You really put some effort into your comment. I can clearly see that.

        May I assume, being a logical result of connecting above mentioned points, which apparently are facts, you have loads and loads of spare time and less hobbies to fill it, then? ;)

    • tuxedomaster

      Is that make up or bird poo under your eyes. Well, its not doing you any good anyways….

      • Elihn

        I wonder, why you feel insulted as well, tuxedomaster?
        It’s not like I talked to you directly afer all?
        However, thank you for your constructive criticism about my looks.  Especially, when you don’t show yourself online.

        I’m surprised about the “hysteria” my comment brought with it as I only made a comment about his hair. The people insulting me, do still realise, that  this discussion and “flaming” is a result about a comment regarding a hairstyle.
        Never thought it would be that a matter of that importance. I mean, it’s not like the entertainment value of the review itself is more important after all, which would include the rest of my comment, by the way.

        However, thanks for the users, who took the heat out ouf this “discussion” with their comments.
        Nevertheless, it’s not really important to me, what people might think of me when they live on another continent or wherever.

    • RocketPrinze

       I like how you start off your post with “dear”. My, my aren’t we condescending? Wash and straighten out your hair (you probably need a trim yourself), pick out clothes appropriate for your age, and get that eyeliner/mascara out from your lower lids. Make sure your on appearance is on point before you try to dictate what someone else needs to be doing to theirs.


      • George Rosenbaum

        Referring to someone as ‘dear’ isn’t condescending.

        No, condescension is launching into a bitter, paragraph long tirade, trying to read imaginary insults into the comment of a total stranger who only thought someones hair was a little too long.

        And yeah, I’m no prize, but Spoony hair always looked greasy to me. Sue me.

        • Erebus_Locke

          And the white knight arrived. You know from the looks of that picture Im not sure “she” is actually a girl, so you can lay off.

          Also no one postetd a paragraph long tirade. Just comparing looks.

          • George Rosenbaum

            I edited my post as I typed it. Sorry, it wasn’t technically a paragraph. Refresh the page and you’ll see.

            I don’t really care what she looks like. It really doesn’t have any bearing on her actual comment, and makes you look desperate for criticism.

    • spoonybardol

       Oh my god! Someone made a post vaguely critical of an internet reviewer! And they’re a girl!

      Attack their appearance at all cost! Make them feel ashamed of their
      body! Hide the fact that we’ll never know the touch of a woman

      Seriously guys? Seriously?

      • George Rosenbaum

        I know, right?

    • Malidictus

      While I don’t have an opinion on Spoony’s hair, the ugliness that is the replies to this comment frankly makes me ashamed. So someone made a comment on his hair. Big deal. Is that any justification to be sexist bigoted assholes in return? Have some common decency, please.

    • Jordan Stone

       The people criticizing Spoonys ruff look….you all do realize he was sick for a week right? Last time I was sick for a week I didn’t look half as well put together as Spoony looked XD

      I swear the human race is getting dumber and more hostile every year.

      • Michael Andreae

        The net certainly is.

    • Jumpooleez

      Yeah Spoony’s hair looks bad. His hair is like the seasons: He has two good haircuts and two bad ones.

  • Rodrigo Hernández

    The world needs more Spoony-Cop.

  • Jose Batista

    My God….. its a reboot of The Dungeon Master/ Rage Wars!

  • Shirokurou

    Russian Star Wars poster in the back. Yeah, those were stupid. 

  • meltdown2insanity

    Quick question: who would win, Ditka or God?

    Trick Question: Ditka IS GOD!!!

    Also, did anyone think the protagonist of this film looked like a cross between Chris Jericho and Jake Busey?

    Lastly, Elaine is hot! There should be more “nerd hot” in mainstream media. It’s a heavily under appreciated from of beauty.

  • malcior

    Walter Koenig: does… this unit… have…
    Me: Nope! *bang* :3
    glad to see your okay Spoony, hope to see your next reviews soon! (even though I know its not gonna be soon… *sob*)

  • Ion Zone

    Get well soon.

  • Ashley Peekatchu

    Think people missed the joke on the last part with all the final fantasy gear

  • Ciaran Cruise

    Great vid man! Production values just keep getting better!

  • Marisa Mockery

    When I heard ‘gateway games’, I literally burst out laughing. The fact they played it straight with the ‘hard stuff’….oh, lordy lord. 

    Glad you’re feeling better, Spoony. 

  • LeeEnfield

    Actually, kinda surprised that, when the evil AI starting speaking like a creepy little kid, you didn’t make a reference to the first Resident Evil movie.

  • Holden Caulfeild

    Was i the only one who jumped out of their skin when…THAT happened? 

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    Just to recap, i was naked, ass-pissing my guts out in shit and throwing up everything in my stomach at the shower stall.

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    I loved every minute of this. And hey, it sure shut up the idiots commenting on the pathfinder videos. I would be lying if i said I agree with Spoony all the time, he didn’t like Cabin in the Woods, I loved it. He doesn’t like X-men comics, I love them. His great cynicism is what turns die hard fans into rabid trolls when the uploads slow down. I personally see absolutely nothing wrong with even One upload a month as long as they have the quality of this simple 30 minute review. To be honest, he even states on this site the videos are done when they’re done and he tends to put out a video every two weeks, which he does. If you don’t like the counter monkey stuff, wait for reviews like this, there’s about one every month.  Final Fantasy X-2, Ultima 8, and Blood Vengeance had a lot of work put into them and I prefer this quality over quantity style he’s adopted. So :P 

    • Professor_Q

      He’s certainly got a better track record than the Nostalgia critic for Quality, that’s for sure.

      (Dat Barts Nightmare LP…)

      Seriously though, probably one of the least predictable and formulaic of the That Guy with the Glasses clan. There’s always something to surprise me with each of his videos.

      • Vismutti

        I don’t really like whining about the reviewers but… I actually kinda agree in that it seems like making one every week makes NC reviews very, very hit and miss… And they get repetitive too. And he seems to be struggling to find interesting material to review so many of them are just kind of… who cares. I like Doug’s stuff, I really do, but I just feel like NC’s gotten really old. :/ I keep waiting for Old versus News and crossovers rather than the basic reviews. Maybe Doug just needs a new show idea.

        So yeah, I much prefer Spoony’s slower schedule with more effort. (Plus I like the vlogs and the counter monkeys and even the RPGs almost as much or sometimes even more than the reviews, so…)

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    • Maria Burgos

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    Haha, great review as always. Loved the Mass Effect 3 reference. I’m actually kinda curious as to what his take on ME3 is. He said that that the ME series was one of his favorites on modern consoles. 

    • PeaTearGryfin

       He actually talked about it on his account on I’ll give you the cliff notes version:
      1. The ending the Mass Effect 3 was brilliant and fans don’t like it because they can’t understand it.
      2. There is no way to justify the new ending campaigns that fans have been doing.
      3. If fans want to make their voice heard they should speak with their wallets and not buy Bioware’s next game.
      4. The Mass Effect fanboys got pissed at Noah for actuallly liking the Mass Effect 3 ending and tried to force him to change his mind.
      and finally 5. Even without the ending Mass Effect 3 still feels like a poorly executed, rushed game that was shipped out too soon to try and meet a deadline.

      • tuxedomaster

        Uhm I got pissed at Noah as well, and Im not a fanboy…But when he calls everyone in the chat “retard” “dumb as fuck” and his main argument is “made up my own ending for Mass Effect and you have to accept it as the only true one” its kind of retarded.

        Oh and I think you are a Fanboy as well.

      • George Rosenbaum

        You know what? Even if the ending makes sense, it still sucks. For example: 

        “Once upon a time there was a girl named Annie. She fell down a well and died.”

        While this story does make sense, it still sucks. No buildup or tension, or stakes…and for other obvious reasons.

        I admit, seeing the dream sequences again made me think that was were they were going. But the final sequence with the star child didn’t look anything like a Reaper hallucination, just a cheap overlay on an existing character model. And do I need to address the ending cinematic? Just because a story makes sense doesn’t mean it’s executed well.

        Oh, and you know how Noah spent a moment describing how “Spoony is just a character, and that gives him licence to exaggerated for comic effect”? Well, when he made that VLog, he was out of character. That’s why it pisses everyone off, because he is beating on his fans, instead of just keeping the conversation civil and on topic.

        In other words, don’t hate the player, hate the game.

  • Tomas Krystinik

    I purchased this game years ago for a single dollar, and ever since that day I’ve considered this to be one of the worst purchases I’ve ever made. I’m sad to hear I wasn’t the only one who saw this.

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      • Daniel Gilfillan

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      • valar84

        One trillion in needless debts for tax cuts is a laughing matter? 5 trillions of debt added despite inheriting a massive surplus is a laughing matter? 9/11 is a laughing matter? The war in Iraq and its hundreds of thousands of dead is laughing matter? The 2008 financial collapse that risked destroying the world’s economy is laughing matter?

        And I thought I had a dark sense of humor…

        On the other hand, you have Obama and his deficits (inherited from Bush…) and his health care reform (that was actually the Republicans’ plan for health care reform in the 90s, implemented in Massachusetts by Mitt Romney), and THAT you find worthy of crying about?

        If you want to reply, do so, but I won’t bother replying, because Spoony doesn’t want political flame wars on his site. I said what needed be said and I’ll leave it at that.

        • George Rosenbaum

          Obama spent more in his first 100 days than Bush spent on the entire Middle Eastern War.

          I don’t blame Bush nearly as much as I blame Rumsfeld, personally.

        • cajaquarius

           I am sorry – how did George W Bush cause 9/11? You want to talk about two bullshit wars, one over oil, and tax cuts for the ultra wealthy that is one thing but don’t fabricate bullshit to get angry about when there is plenty of perfectly valid reasons to not like his job as president. It undercuts your point and makes those who would otherwise agree with you (AKA me) look like idiots.

          • valar84

            You’re a bit late, but just wanted to point out that I didn’t mean that he “caused” 9/11. I’m no conspiracy theorist. But regardless of the debate about whether it could have been prevented had he acted differently and followed on the Clinton Administration’s hunt for Ben Laden, the fact is that his presidency will forever be associated with 9/11. It happened under his watch, so saying that Bush was just a laughing matter while Obama is so depressing when something so terrible occurred during his presidency struck me as tremendously insensitive and ignorant.

          • cajaquarius

            Fair enough. I largely agreed with your points and see I misunderstood you intent with that statement. I live in an area with a lot of those conspiracy guys and I always kind of feel like a guy who admitted to liking anime only to have Sailor Man walk into the room and sexually assault the wait staff a few minutes later when it is mentioned, I become a bit reactionary, sometimes unfairly. I apologize. Thanks for the explanation.

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    Dunno if it was food poisoning, but it was late Sunday, in the middle of a school project. Only one week of work left, and I had most done, I’d probably only need two days to work on or less~ And of course, that Sunday night, I’m stuck in the bathroom, trying to press lava out of my anus. And this lasted throughout the entire week, shit piling up inside me as I tried to eat minimum, and going to the bathroom to go through one of the most painful experiences I’ve been through(though not THE most painful), or failing to do so. And not taking a dump wasn’t any better.
    Forcing my ass to school didn’t do much either, so the time limit ran out without any progress on the project from me. Luckily the teacher was merciful and didn’t go all Gandalf on me.

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    Also, I likw how you picked up the plot once again =D
    Hmm…so, is there anything I don’t like about this review? …No, I don’t think there is. Except the movie this review is about XD

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    Huh, discarded Sega CD games…
    well, there is cost cutting and there’s yeah I got nothing.

    Drexel will give me all the digital information…
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    Ditka vs Drexel for the fate of the world

    Oh hey, a Moogle!

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    I am going to try to make this comment worth something. I think that you are quite funny and entertaining. I actually laughed during this review. I know most people always say they laughed super hard, but I rarely laugh at internet reviews. Most of them seem to use references to nerd culture things, that I don’t care about, as a joke. You don’t do that as much. Obviously there are the cameos and regular TGWTG stuff that I put up with cuz everything else is pretty good. So please, I beg you, don’t succumb to the comments begging for more references and cameos. You’re a witty guy. I just thought I’d comment to say that we’re not all drooling retards who think its funny when we see something we recognize. Some of us actually appreciate the humorous, analytic deconstruction of a movie. The nostalgia critic already exists for those that won’t nothing but cartoon antics and references. don’t listen to those that would try to make you more like him. he has his niche and you have yours.

    • Christopher Poetschner

       Well said

  • tuxedomaster

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    • LordofTibera

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      -Although I wanna say that I’m so excited for FFXIII. I love the game and have acknowledged its many flaws with my friends–we’ve had long in depth analyses about its plot and gameplay–and I’m actually looking forward to seeing Spoony tear into it!

      • tuxedomaster

         He could do FFXIII as a Lets Play. Even as a “unscripted” Lets Play-Livestream on his

    • Kendotuxedo

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      • Jordy Den Hartog

        I’ll have you know that some of my best friends are mutated rat-beasts and are very offended by that comparison!

    • Richard Richardson


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      • thehivemind33

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    • Matthew McConnell

      Really, I just complain about his ‘characters’ making appearances. I realise that a lot of people like them but I find them very forced and too similar to what TGWTG was doing.

  • Richard Richardson

    This was a satisfying review. You still need to post news updates.

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    Any one else notice how Burton didn’t have an ankh at the beginning of the review, and when he was giving his final analysis of the movie, before the hole mind fuckery, it had an ankh around its neck and then after he gets ultima 9 it got FF13?

    • Xandermorph

       Yeah that sorta thing happened all through the episode. Watch the review again and look around his room whenever he appears on-screen – all kinds of shit changes around.

      • Ash McGowen

         I actually noticed that too and figured it was a gimmick I just never noticed all this time, until I realized later on they were all Final Fantasy related (Blitzball, gunblade, FF8 Squall and Seifer figures).

        As for the guy getting smacked by his virtual girlfriend, my guess is that those were intended for the “game over” screens for the game the footage was originally intended for, and that Walter Koenig’s bits were originally his voice, just dubbed over since they couldn’t use anything of him for the beginning there.

        …really I have no clue why I’m trying to reason with this shitty movie but there you go.

        • Xandermorph

          What are those little black creatures all over Burton near the beginning? They look very much like the little demon creatures from Yahtzee’s reviews.

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      • Adam Mosely

         1 Super Bowl – 1985

        • Carteeg_Struve

          Annoying nit-pick. The Super Bowl was in 1986, but most of the season was in ’85. 

          (Alas I know because I’m from New England.)

  • Landon Mcmillan

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    • ChibiGingi

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  • Ryan King

    Let it also be said that I fully appreciate your Shadowrun jokes in that one. “Hack the Planet” indeed.

  • James Pinnell

    I hate to be “that guy”, but when Hackers came out a 28.8bps modem was pretty expensive and new. I get your point but that’s hardly the worst jargon fuckup in that flick.

    • Jarred

      You are “that guy”, but not the “that guy” you think you are. 28.8 bps modem would have been fantastic technology in the 1960s.  Even acoustic couplers in the early 80s ran at 150-300bps.  28.8kbps is the standard you’re thinking of, the omission of that k makes a huge difference.

      I guess this reply makes me “that guy”.

      • James Pinnell

        Seriously? A typo. I’m ashamed Jarred.

  • Strelnikov

    I like the Soviet “Return of the Jedi” poster in back….they made the Death Star look like a giant disco ball, and Jabba the Hutt look like an iguana with smallpox.

    Being serious now, the deal with Walt Koenig’s voice is they had to dub him over because his dialogue had nothing to do the “Game Over” plot….he is the only conscious thing in the game besides the “protagonist”, so he has to say things that match the script. Everybody else in the game could be making humping noises and fart sounds.

    The idea to use old Sega CD FMV footage is “clever/retarded”; it cuts the need to shoot virtual reality game scenes, but the scenes from the games are shit, so it’s no real help.

    Get better, Spoony.

    • MichaelT

      Actually, that’s not a Return of the Jedi poster, that’s a poster for A New Hope, so I don’t know what in the hell that giant face is supposed to be.

      • Strelnikov

        Somebody at Sovimportfilm’s idea about what a “Star Wars” alien looked like?

  • Jack

    Great video Spoony, hope you feel better soon !

  • Martynas Klimas

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  • KyleS

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    We got ourselves a real saint here.

    • MichaelT

      I’m not sure if you’re being sarcastic. If not, then speaking as someone who has witnessed the effects of food poisoning first-hand:
      It’s not fucking funny! If I had food poisoning, you’d better be damn skippy I wouldn’t want some asshole on the internet mocking my misfortune.

      • KyleS

         That’s kind of the point. Food Poisoning isn’t really funny. So I don’t see how him being a whiny dick about it is funny either.

    • Patrick Coyle

      I’d wager that if someone’s taking the time to sit down and watch an internet reviewer, they probably weren’t goint to do anything meaningful with those five extra minutes anyway, so no big loss there.

  • tuxedomaster

    Spoony agreed on Twitter to get a Haircut, now he asks for suggestions. Im for the 2007-Retro-Spoony-Look!

    • MediaGold

      I second that suggestion.  Bring back the Bayou Billy haired Spoony.

  • Fraser Stewart

    Dude you don’t know food poisoning until you’ve been to China and eaten in one of their restaurants.  I lived in China and I wished I had it as easy as that after dinner sometimes.  What you described is what the Chinese would call “the effect of eating in a hygienic restaurant”.

    I mean I got used to taking a shit feeling like I was taking a piss.  The first time I took a shit after I came back to the UK I thought I was constipated, then I realised it was because I didn’t have food poisoning anymore, and shits aren’t pure liquid.

    As far as the movie goes, the plot sounds like one of the most stupid, incomprehensible pieces of crap ever conceived.  I don’t get how in the fuck a movie like that would even get made, I mean where did they get the money from?  How did they hire the actors? 

    I mean if I was an actor, and I had been out of work for months and had just been told “do this movie or go homeless”, I would go homeless.  I would rather sleep on the fucking pavement under a newspaper than act in this piece of shit, but then again I do have standards.

  • kallikanzarid

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    • Domar

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    Well I guess if Drexall is making him play his own games, that means this is the guy responsible for all those shitty FMV games.  I say he got off easy all things considered.

  • Bartłomiej Woźniak

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    • Maciek Marciniak

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  • MichaelT

    At the risk of sounding hyperbolic:

  • Patrick Coyle

    Now I want to watch the Stargate SG-1 episode where Teal’c volunteers to test a virtual-reality training simulator powered by half-understood alien brain technology. It’ll look like pure genius after this.

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    • doresh

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    • Fraser Stewart

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    Awesome ending, really cool.

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    i have get 2 time the shitty virus

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  • Rashid Al Thahli

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  • Denny Wellman

    Uwe Boll….you JUST might be outdone by this. Sure, you’re game-to-movie adaptations are unquestionable (and probably intentionally) dogshit, but…..

    AN FMV GAME BASED MOVIE?! I mean even Boll didn’t use the stock footage from the game as ACTUAL parts of the plot! This…this is just a brand new level of fail these people have created here! 0_o

    And no no, pleassssse don’t let me know if this has been done before or has been done since. Once is more than enough….

    • Atmos_Duality

      I’m not sure what’s the worse implication: That someone was actually mad enough to make a movie out of cutting-room leftovers of goddawful FMV games, or that this implies that Uwe Boll actually has standards.

  • Petr Matafonov

    Do afro tails! (DK the right name of that haircut in eng. Dexter Holland had it from Ignition till Smash, if i reckon correctly)

  • Christina

    Good to hear you’re feeling better, Noah!

    You know what the weirdest thing is? Marvel’s The Avengers premiered in German theaters on April 26th! I saw the movie two days ago, on Tuesday (in the German dub, of course, have to see if I can find a theater in the vicinity that maybe shows the OV). But according to IMDB, people in the USA have to wait until May 4th to see The Avengers? The world is upside down.

    Folks, unless you compulsively hate superhero genre movies… go see The Avengers. Go see it in theaters, on the big screen. Trust me. It’s well shot, well paced, a true ensemble piece, with even minor characters getting character development, cool superhero action, and the plot didn’t have glaring plot holes… basically it did everything right which Transformers did wrong. It will be up there with Nolan’s Batman movies among the great comic book superhero live-action movies – only with more festive reds and greens than Batman’s monochrome black. ;-)

    Even the 3D, which was abysmally bad and blurry when I went to see Thor,
    was clear as a day for Avengers. Or maybe that was because I saw the
    two movies in different theaters, I don’t know.

    Can’t wait for the Director’s Cut DVD, because there was one plot thread in regard to Loki which seemed as if some follow-up scenes had been cut for pacing of time constraints because there was clearly more to that particular plot, the way Loki kept ranting about freedom (don’t want to give spoilers) and having weird flashbacks, only at the end it felt as if that thread had been left dangling. Given that Avengers ended on a cliffhanger, maybe they’ll pick it up in Thor 2?

    Just as I wish they hadn’t cut the short but highly important scene from the Thor movie which showed how Loki was given Odin’s staff of kingship (to Loki’s utter surprise) and put on the throne by his mother. They probably cut it just so they could get a stupid “dramatic reveal” scene, ‘Oh no, it’s Loki sitting on the throne, gasp!’ which wasn’t really a big surprise for the audience, only for Thor’s gang of lickspittle groupies. Anyway… wish the scene had been left in, because if you’ve only seen the theatrical release version of Thor, you may be confused why in The Avengers Loki keeps complaining that *he* had been the rightful king of Asgard.

    If you want to see Loki and Tony Stark hilariously out-snarking each other, go see the movie. ;-)

    Just avoid the Avengers’ quotes page on IMDB, because it contains massive spoilers in regard to certain scenes.

    • Norrikan

      There is truth in what this persons says. Though I feel the need to state that the german dub is very solid and, at points, actually better then the original.
      I actually let out a little fanboy “squee” at the end, when they showed Thanos.

  • Vidibear Voleti


  • Mike P

    Maan Spoony, this has to be one of my favourite reviews in a whiile.

    It’s a little thing, I guess, but I REALLY liked how you let the movie tell the story (what little it had) rather than you recapping it. I much prefer that to be honest.

  • William “BooRat” Blackshire

    Wow this movie sounds so bad it’s funny!  Like this would be a great Rifftrax for you and like Linkara or the Critic to do together!  
    I never heard of this or remember seeing it anywhere in any video store I’ve been in and I’ve seen some turds out there and some shot-on-shiteo movies in my time!
    Yeah, getting paid off by the evil super computer that’s planning on nuking all life on the planet… BRILLIANT!! 
    Food poisoning is so much fun and one of the easiest ways to loose weight since you can’t just stop having diarrhea and dry heaving!

  • James C Szypka

    Did anyone notice Lem and Julien from The Shield where in the crappy alien segment of the movie/ shelved Sega cd game?

    • JackTheObserverDee

       Yeah, I noticed Kenny Johnson in there. He’s come a long way, hasn’t he? Didn’t see Michael Jace, though.

      • James C Szypka

        Yeah he’s there but it’s just kinda in passing.  You can see him at 18:00-18:05 in the video.  and I think atleast once more. 

    • Pete Lopeno

      Yeah LOL! Glad Kenny Johnson became a much better actor by the time The Shield came along.

  • Pete Lopeno

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  • Sarah Zaccardi

    D: sweet god, I’m glad you’re feeling better. I do NOT envy you for having food poisoning…as somebody who’s gone through it, I know how much it sucks.  But it’s good that you’re back! :D
    Speaking of huge amounts of shit, this movie! This effing movie. I don’t…what the hell did I just watch?  This thing….this hurt. It hurt baaad. It was just…so stupid…

    The good thing is it’s only a few more days till the Avengers, and then I can get this thing out of my brain forever. I hope you do the same.

  • Shank tapus

    1. Spoony that was probably the most disgusting start of a review yet. It was awesome.
    2. Couldn’t help but think of this parody when you talked about bullshit hacking.

  • exploda

    Hmmm Final Fantasy XIII….  it’s pure evil, most evil shit the world ever smelled.  Why would Burton hold such a blasphemous trinket?  Why?  Why?!

    • wiliamsn

       Probably for the same reason Burton has an Ankh around his neck…

      • exploda

         I just can’t wait….

  • Pinup Ghoul

    I love the new intro. Oreo IS the best wrist-mounted dog launcher ammo that an internet game and movie critic could ever ask for, I’m sure.

    My local video store carries this title, and as a lover of terrible movies, I’ve picked it up a few times in the past year, only to put it back again sheepishly, worried of what the checkout clerk might think if I sincerely paid money to see this title. The same store also has a similar titled called ‘Gamebox: 1.0′ which I HAVE seen, unfortunately. It features a GTA ripoff scenario, as well as the actress that played Topanga on Boy Meets World. Check it out!

  • James C Szypka

    I don’t mean to keep harping on this, but this is the second time I noticed actors from the shield in a review from a TGWTG contributor.  When Doug reviewed The Next Karate kid, Walton Goggons played one of Colonel Duggon’s goons on the school security.  In my mind I see that as how Vic and Shane met, being crooked hall monitors :P

  • Gary Mott

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  • Nik Vernon

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  • Juha Torvinen

    Yap spoony, food poisoning is such a delight isnt it… Had same kinda ordeal, which sounds way too familiar, during frikking christmas several years back when i was around fifteen or something. It was so much fun when actually doing the whole fucking ordeal in shower was easier due more convenient aftermath cleaning. Thankfully it took only 1,5 days to stay sick and 2 days to recuperate.
    Aaand to the review. Hilarious as always. Game Over is one of those movies which usually get caught by my cerebral and retinal defense systems and get covered by mosaic when i try to look them so i propably have had a chance to make the unlucky pick from random movie store and buy it, but ive been saved so far.

  • Shado Fang

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  • Konstantin Akhmetov

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  • Tiago Ferreira… 6 months without updates, great Spoony. And the last updates weren’t even his!

    • tuxedomaster

       It was just a “phase” of his…And hardly anyone watched it anyways.

      • Tiago Ferreira

        What I love the most about WW is that he ranted about TNA Wrestling and the product has improved a lot since he stopped doing it. I would like to see him review Storm/Roode’s feud and a bunch of other stuff, including WWE’s Wrestlemania 28.

  • Ben Smooker

    8 lb over 6 days?
    Pffth, I had a stomach bug for one day, my body had a fire sale as such. Lost 6 lb in that single day.
    I had half a glass of orange juice the afternoon after (I’d been up all night) and puked it up half an hour later (nicest tasting puke I’ve ever had though).

    Body basically rejected anything. Like it was saying “Look, dumbass, I’m trying to flush something out here, and you’re not helping with your fancy EATING. Just drink water, stay in bed and STFU. I got this.”

    Though I’ll be grateful that didn’t last 6 freakin days.
    After a while you begin to wonder where your body was storing it all.

  • Clifton Jewett

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  • Liam Gilchrist

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  • Brian Weisberg

    More than just the FMV stuff is stolen. The mechs and vehicles are almost directly ripped from MechWarrior, and the guns are from Battlestar Galactica.

    • James C Szypka

      You know I though this moive had something do Mechwarrior at first. 

  • Tycho Shiel

    I’m sure this makes me lame somehow, but the Mass Effect reference made me feel very warm and fuzzy.

  • Shay

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    even joking.

  • Kirk Surber

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    Something to think about next time your taking a dump. Your welcome!

    • gallowsCalibrator413

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  • SunOvaGun

    Ohhhh sorry to hear about the food poisoning. Gotta say this movie best compilation of nonsense and sega CD games compiled together to make a flop of a movie ever XD I didn’t think it was possible to make something so weird but here it is. Then again Cinema Snob had a Night Trap movie.

  • Konstantin Akhmetov


  • Doctor Madness

    Someone please tell you also heard Drexel say “Tali’Zorah” as it was dying…

    • Necro

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    • Random45

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    Oh thank god that is over.
    I think I’ll go play Ground Zero Texas now.

    Oh Wait… NOOOO OMG!

    Seriously though. It is like a sequel to Ground Zero. Same laser sounds too. Only you’re a walking camera now. I bet it was the same company.
    Too bad it was never released. At least you could shoot them when you can’t take it anymore. Some crazy guy busts in and punches you in the face and takes your controller away. Yeah that would be a fitting end to this movie I think.
     Net Police bust in and start punching virtual boy there in his face and take his gear. Game Over. Run credits. Much better movie.

  • James Drover

    So after revealing the secret of this movie does this count as fmv hell?

  • fatalrob0t

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  • Muskie the Otterboi

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    • Amanda Low

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  • mondomolesto

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    Another time i ate a dozen stale donuts i found in a sealed package in the garbage.  Cause that’s what you do.   I went jogging a few hours after that and knew immediately that my butt was about to go critical.  Had to drop pants, and go in a ditch, right there, immediately, take my shirt off and wipe with it and walk back home, sniffling.  Stayed in the shower sobbing for a few hours.  On the upside, the people who owned  that ditch make no attempt to greet or communicate in any way whenever i jog by their house now.  One always tries to make life less complex every day. 

    • Simoneer

      Holy shit.

  • CrimsonMoonMist

    I lucked out and just ended up pressing lots of blood out after the 2nd day
    all up until I started regaining my footing by the 6th.
    (the IV I got all my nutrition from doesn’t exactly fill up your stomach).

  • Kat

    Not entirely sure if anyone else noticed but the chick on the cover of the DVD is in fact wearing a top — it’s just backless but you can see the tie behind her neck (plus there’s no semblance of breasts considering her arm placement; it’s fabric), but barely. Just felt the need to point that out.

  • Amanda Low

    XP i luv Spoony shaky cam…

  • Rpground

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  • Vaughan MacDonald

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  • WilHiteWarrior

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    [Mel Gibson] Guys like you don’t die on toilets

  • Damian Skinner

    The toys at 11:19 look like the imp from Zero Punctuation. Also sorry about the food poisoning

  • Simoneer

    I love the new intro. A lot more high quality than the previous one. Spoony’s hair is outdated, however (because that matters so much).

  • Elliott Wallace

    Just wanted to say…. I would watch the shit out of “TSE: The Animated Series: Brotherhood.”

  • Nick Bushell

    That Net Police Spam sketch cracks me up everytime, definitely one of the best Spoony moments of the year.

    • Jovan Stipic

      yeah that bit was awesome,spoony as the generic sheriff from texas is really funny :D 

  • Lydia Beam

    The animation in this new opening is so beast. I love it, haha~

  • Phillip Andrew Calderon II

     Was laughing up until you used Legion’s death quote.

    Then, I cried a little….and I hate ME 3….D:

  • Max Gold

    Of all the dying robot/AI references he could have made and he chose legion’s.  
    Props to you Spoony. Props

  • Drain Blut

    The robot in this movie is about as scary as the robots in Doctor Who. At least they shot lasers. EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!

    I also like how the hero turns down the hot chick in favor of jerking off to what looks like a screen saver. I, and any non idiot for that matter, would have been all over that girl.

    • Adam Welsh

      Daleks aren’t robots.

      • Drain Blut

        They sure as fuk look and act like it, but I’m sorry to offend you fanboy.

  • Daniel Thomas Stack

    Spoony Thank you for keeping The Ultimate Computer out of this one. It was much better and a more complete match to the movie even though the Multitronic unit was also more menacing.

  • TurboDick

    Hey this was on my birthday 29th yeah great episode.

  • Joe E Dangerously

    Never have shit myself into unconsciousness, but I have puked myself into unconsciousness. I actually puked so hard for so long that I honestly just passed out. I woke up doubled over the bathtub rim. Apparently I had to puke so badly I didn’t have the time to open the toilet lid. I suspect that wouldn’t have worked anyway because when I get that sick (I have a condition) I get so weak and dizzy that I can’t stand up. I just fall the fuck over so I’ve just resigned myself to the fact that I have to drop to my knees immediately and puke in the shower. It’s actually surprisingly easy to clean up. If I used the toilet I literally might have fallen in, so… Yeah. Bad idea. I don’t even attempt to get it into the pot anymore.

  • S B

    Spoony: “No one goes topless in this movie.”

    One of the first things we see: Steve topless.

    Or does it not count if he’s wearing a necklace?

  • Amanda Low

    The child voice for Drexel sounds a lot like the star-child from ME3…

  • Tony Wihlén

    Oh god… I had forgotten about Robotjox… damn you Spoony… damn you…

  • IHeart28

    Great movie review spoony! Enjoyed it a lot… The ending especially, it was just downright creepy, not to mention it gave a hint on the horrors of ultima nine.

  • Gregory Bogosian

    Did Spoony ever follow up on that trapped in a virtual world and being manipulated by an unseen villain plot-point?

  • Ian Haas

    Dude why don’t you use that intro for every single review? Haha

  • Ari Rockefeller

    Dying on the toilet with your pants around your ankles?

    That’s how Elvis Presley went out.

  • ColeYote

    Oh my god, a 28.8 bit per second modem?! That’s 1/92,857th as fast as my shitty internet!

  • Jesse

    Food poisoning is what happened to me a few days ago. Sick for six days!? How? I was only bedridden a little over one day. A bit squeamish the second day, but completely fine by the third day. I got sick from either undercooked pizza dough, (which was burned on the bottom!), or slightly old pepperoni which SAID it was good until June 7th! I ate it said pizza on June 1st.

    • Dragon Nexus

      Then you didn’t get food poisoning, you just got a stomach bug and threw up.

      If you had food poisoning you’d really know it.

  • Pixelmancer

    So would you say you had a shitty day? *rimshot*

    • Dragon Nexus

      Did you need to use the phrase…RIM shot?

  • Sajeh

    This video need more cuts to other movies with AI machines!

  • stephanie lamm

    No jokes from me. I’ve been there…it’s…yeah…I can’t wait for the story line of this subplot though. Just another way for Spoony to kick some ass.
    And…was that Ray Liotta?

  • Joseph Raymond Ortiz

    I love spoony’s net cop character. i died laughing.

  • Joseph Raymond Ortiz

    Ok try this:In google, type “Mike Ditka MST3k” and Spoony’s picture comes up xD

  • thatpandabitca

    So does anyone else think that Drexel sounds like Al from Fullmetal Alchemist?

  • Groverfield

    Of course its okay to shoot inside a car if you’re using blanks. Computers are a suspicious, cowardly lot.

  • HS199432

    Come on! How could you insult Legion by associating him with this piece of shit?!

  • likalaruku

    Confusing food poisoning. Yours lasted 6 days & you lost 8lb, mine lasted 1 day & I lost 10lb.

    “I woke up on the bathroom floor. Can you imagine if that’s how I ended up dying? On the fuckign toilet with my pants around my ankles?” That’s how Elvis is said to have died. Possibly also while eating a fried peanutbutter & banana sandwich.

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