Clones of Bruce Lee: Part 1

The Spoony One | Jul 28 2009 | 777 notations | 

Creator’s Commentary is here. New house, new camera, same old Spoony! Well, a clone’s basically as good as the real thing, isn’t it? In this special two-part episode, we take a look at the phenomenon of Brucesploitation and one of its most tasteless examples: The Clones of Bruce Lee, a movie that not only dares…file continues…

Transmorphers: Fall of Man Review (7-7-09)

The Spoony One | Jul 7 2009 | 726 notations | 

It’s been a tumultuous week here at The Spoony Experiment, so I thought I’d clear a few things up and explain the situation in person, as well as give my impromptu review of the latest “battling robots” movie…Transmorphers!

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Review (6-25-09)

The Spoony One | Jun 25 2009 | 2,112 notations | 

This special movie review brings my brother Miles in front of the camera, as we discuss the newest cinematic abomination created by the shit-flinging monkeychild Michael Bay.

Drag Me to Hell Review (5-30-09)

The Spoony One | May 30 2009 | 404 notations | 

Was Sam Raimi’s latest horror movie heaven or hell? Could it be any hotter than an Arizona heat wave? Watch the video and find out!

Terminator Salvation Review (5-22-09)

The Spoony One | May 22 2009 | 399 notations | 

I watched the movie and I played the game. Can Christian Bale save us from the director of the Charlie’s Angels series?

Star Trek review (5-9-09)

The Spoony One | May 9 2009 | 659 notations | 

Should you go where every other Trekkie has gone this weekend? Find out, after learning my geeky opinion!

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Review (5-2-09)

The Spoony One | May 2 2009 | 482 notations | 

He’s the best there is at what he does, but unfortunately, what he does isn’t making movies. Try diagramming that sentence.


The Spoony One | Apr 23 2009 | 360 notations | 

I’m sorry for my prolonged absence from the site, and it will be a little longer before I’ll be able to update. I was involved in a pretty significant physical altercation about a week ago and it’s taken me a while to recover. But before you ask, don’t worry, I’m completely fine. It’s just been…file continues…