Rebruary 2013 – Night Claws (Part 2)

The Spoony One | Feb 11 2013 | 148 notations | 

The ending is a bit of a haze…where’s Frank Stallone?!

Rebruary 2013 – Night Claws

The Spoony One | Feb 2 2013 | 301 notations | 

Reb Brown returns to do battle with the deadly sasquatch in the most shocking episode of the Spoony Experiment ever. Don’t blink.

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.1

The Spoony One | Nov 17 2012 | 422 notations | 

Prepare for another astoundingly long (and astonishingly drunk) review of the final film in the Twilight Saga! Brad Jones joins the review via satellite, and we also get a female perspective on the series for the first time from a woman Spoony kidnapped on the way home!

Game Over

The Spoony One | Apr 29 2012 | 503 notations | 

Spoony battles food poisoning and one of the weirdest hacker movies you’ll ever see!

Tekken: Blood Vengeance

The Spoony One | Mar 22 2012 | 687 notations | 

Tekken returns…with a BLOOD VENGEANCE in this animated abomination that proves to be the worst of the bunch!

Anime Abandon: Diatron-5

The Spoony One | Jan 18 2012 | 210 notations | 

Let’s dive into the magic kingdom inside our own bodies! With marshmallow skies!


The Spoony One | Dec 23 2011 | 487 notations | 

Spoony returns after a long absence to confront the last of his Dungeons & Dragons demons in the form of Skullduggery! Like Mazes & Monsters, it’s a far-out game.

DOA: Dead or Alive

The Spoony One | Sep 24 2011 | 562 notations | 

It’s a disorienting blitz of babes, boobs, and brawls in the most nonsensical tournament fighter movie of them all, DOA!

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