King of Fighters

The Spoony One | Aug 29 2011 | 351 notations | 

Prepare for a journey into a computerized alternate dimensional realm of imagination…type…thing, as the nefarious Rugal attempts to free a mystic dragon demon to gain unlimited power, or maybe not. It’s all a bit vague.

Anime Abandon: Mad Bull 34

The Spoony One | Aug 28 2011 | 87 notations | 

It’s one of the most jaw-droppingly outrageous anime to ever see the American shores. Prepare for sheer lunacy, people. (Spoony makes a cameo in Part 2)

Tekken (2010)

The Spoony One | Aug 18 2011 | 885 notations | 

Spoony and Film Brain team up to fight the live-action adaptation of Tekken!

Tekken: The Motion Picture

The Spoony One | Aug 7 2011 | 493 notations | 

We kick off a month of movies based on tournament fighting games with Tekken: The Motion Picture! Tekken is the key to life! Special thanks to Short Fat Otaku and his Camera Lady for their hard work and assistance on the script, and my apologies things didn’t work out at ConBravo. Best wishes for a…file continues…

Rebruary – Death of a Soldier

The Spoony One | Jun 5 2011 | 236 notations | 

Reb Brown loses his mind in this WW2 docudrama about the Brownout Strangler!

Lords of Magick

The Spoony One | May 14 2011 | 530 notations | 

It’s Magick! We don’t have to explain anything.

Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time

The Spoony One | Apr 17 2011 | 399 notations | 

The world of Arok is conquered by a bulging idiot who discovers a portal to our dimension and a weapon of unlimited power! Will the Beastmaster be able to stop the maximum ruler of Arok from conquering Earth as well?


The Spoony One | Apr 10 2011 | 376 notations | 

In preparation for Beastmaster 2 (a much worse movie) we first have to talk about the original classic!