Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time

The Spoony One | Apr 17 2011 | 399 notations | 

The world of Arok is conquered by a bulging idiot who discovers a portal to our dimension and a weapon of unlimited power! Will the Beastmaster be able to stop the maximum ruler of Arok from conquering Earth as well?


The Spoony One | Apr 10 2011 | 376 notations | 

In preparation for Beastmaster 2 (a much worse movie) we first have to talk about the original classic!

Zombie 5 (The Spoony Snob)

The Spoony One | Mar 31 2011 | 394 notations | 

Zombies man, they freak me out.

Rebruary – Mercenary Fighters

The Spoony One | Feb 25 2011 | 356 notations | 

Peter Fonda hires Reb and Super Fly’s Ron O’Neal to put down a tribal insurgency in a remote African nation. Will Reb get into the spirit of Black History month and stick up for his brother man?

Rebruary – CAGE 2: The Arena of Death

The Spoony One | Feb 16 2011 | 322 notations | 

Mr. Takagi returns to enact his vengeance on Reb Brown and Lou Ferrigno in this action-packed, bone-breaking sequel!

Rebruary – CAGE

The Spoony One | Feb 10 2011 | 312 notations | 

Reb and Lou Ferrigno form the world’s most devastating and beefy tag team in cinema history as they’re pulled into the bloody world of underground mixed martial arts cage fighting, run by the nefarious Mr. Takagi.


The Spoony One | Jan 11 2011 | 395 notations | 

With Spoony still missing, Doctor Insano takes over the show to talk about a particularly deceptive sci-fi/fantasy disaster.

Best Movies of 2010

The Spoony One | Dec 24 2010 | 511 notations | 

Never let it be said I didn’t like nothin’!