Rebruary 2013 – Night Claws

The Spoony One | Feb 2 2013 | 305 notations | 

Reb Brown returns to do battle with the deadly sasquatch in the most shocking episode of the Spoony Experiment ever. Don’t blink.

Rebruary – Death of a Soldier

The Spoony One | Jun 5 2011 | 236 notations | 

Reb Brown loses his mind in this WW2 docudrama about the Brownout Strangler!

Rebruary – Mercenary Fighters

The Spoony One | Feb 25 2011 | 356 notations | 

Peter Fonda hires Reb and Super Fly’s Ron O’Neal to put down a tribal insurgency in a remote African nation. Will Reb get into the spirit of Black History month and stick up for his brother man?

Rebruary – CAGE 2: The Arena of Death

The Spoony One | Feb 16 2011 | 322 notations | 

Mr. Takagi returns to enact his vengeance on Reb Brown and Lou Ferrigno in this action-packed, bone-breaking sequel!

Rebruary – CAGE

The Spoony One | Feb 10 2011 | 312 notations | 

Reb and Lou Ferrigno form the world’s most devastating and beefy tag team in cinema history as they’re pulled into the bloody world of underground mixed martial arts cage fighting, run by the nefarious Mr. Takagi.

Howling 2: Stirba Werewolf Bitch

The Spoony One | Oct 28 2010 | 293 notations | 

It’s a Reb Brown Halloween Special with Howling 2: Your Sister is a Werewolf, in which Reb teams up with Christopher Lee to do battle with the lycanthropic misanthropes of the night. You did not seriously think that a werewolf could contend with the will of Sauron? WARNING: This review is for mature audiences and…file continues…

Captain America 2 – Death Too Soon

The Spoony One | Feb 9 2010 | 228 notations | 

Cap’s back to take down Miguel, a bioterrorist with a new deadly chemical weapon that can age you to death in a matter of weeks! But could it possibly age you any faster than this awful movie does?

Captain America

The Spoony One | Feb 8 2010 | 241 notations | 

Reb Brown dons the stars and stripes as America’s hometown hero!