Strike Commando

The Spoony One | Dec 6 2009 | 689 notations | 

Before Reb Brown became a B.A.M., he was an elite strike commando in ‘Nam! It’s another Bruno Mattei action extavaganza, and it rips off another action movie classic, so you know it has to be good!

Reb Brown Retrospective – Robowar

The Spoony One | Sep 6 2009 | 1,147 notations | 

Can Reb Brown and the elite BAM squad survive a battle with the ultimate greasy weapon? Stick around.

Yor: Hunter From the Future

The Spoony One | Jul 6 2008 | 329 notations | 

I present to you the greatest fantasy epic that time forgot: Yor, the Hunter From the Future! It’s got cavemen, purple people, space mutinies, people drinking dinosaur juice, and Darth Vader!