Rebruary 2013 – Night Claws

The Spoony One | Feb 2 2013 | more notation(s) | 

Reb Brown returns to do battle with the deadly sasquatch in the most shocking episode of the Spoony Experiment ever. Don’t blink.

  • Clayton Archer

    It has returned! Let the epic giggles commence!

  • TheZaius

    Ruh-oh. It’s Rebruary.

  • Sean Jentis


  • Maria White

    We are going to need a lot more hemp before we’re through!

    • Chris Keller

      Can’t, the press!

      • NeroAngelo

        The press is no mad dog killer, they are after something

  • Llewyllyn

    I’ve been waiting forever for this.

  • Mason Luxenberg

    Well, that was anticlimactic.

    The movie I mean. The review was hilarious.

  • MrSaturn

    That ending. Wow.

  • Andrew St. Andrew



    REBRUARY IS BACK! FUCK YEAH! Great video Spoony!!

  • Favio Ferreira

    That ending was just…. was just…. Monster A-Go-Go had a better ending than that! I mean… AGH! DEEP WANG!!

    • Segatron

      Well Hold on. It is still Reb Brown. Maybe back in the shack he is twisting his head back forward now that she has left…

      Yeah… I got nothing.

  • Rebecca Diaz

    Did Reb ever even see Bigfoot before…the umm…heart breaking sceen?

  • Jason Clark

    …..I’m gonna have to pick up my jaw after that ending, excuse me.

  • Brian Webber

    That Ending: What? What?! WHAT?!?

    • Chris Lauderdale

      You have got to admit, it was quite unpredictable. Props on it for that much. 2 twists.

      • endplanets

        “2 twists”

        My good sir, you took that pun step too far. Have some respect for Reb’s cop character.

        • Chris Lauderdale

          That was accidental. I do not regret it though.

    • Jonah Rosen

      Yeah really, and Spoony looked liked his soul got kicked in the dick.

  • Steven Finch

    At first I didn’t believe what I thought I saw, so I did a quick back peddle. Sure enough, if you pause the video at 7:44 the business card she hands him is the fucking get out of jail free card

    • Sean Jentis

      should have called her bluff.

    • silbmaerto

      Well, there was no way he could arrest her if she had one of those, so he might as well have just let her do whatever she wanted.

    • Travis Bauer

      I did the same thing. I had to double take it and wrote the time down. surprised Spoony didn’t catch it lol

    • Chris Lauderdale

      Caught it too. Laughed my ass off. How did Spoony miss that? He nitpicked like, 468 things in the first 8 minutes of Final Fantasy 13.

    • sekiwat

      Holy shit! It is!

    • Das_Bass

      I KNEW IT!

    • mahsess

      Yea i did the same thing, i am surprised some one on set didnt have a business card that they could use instead.

      • Garrick Williams

        In that case, it took them more effort to get that card.

        Think about it. In order to get the Monopoly card, someone had to either buy the game or rummage through their closet, get the card, and bring it on set. Even if no one had a business card, they could just go to a doctor’s office or something and get one.

        I can only assume that they did this on purpose.


      3:10 or 3:11 ish


    • Ben Lykins

      do not pass go…do not collect 200$

    • Tori Maier

      I did the same thing! I’m surprised Mr Spoony didn’t catch that one. Ha… silly.

  • Grendle Keen

    What in fuck?! Why did she kill him?!

    • Arthur O’Connor

      Because she was in the Sasquatch suit…somehow.

      • Gborr

        Ugh… Okay, I get Noah’s point here, pretty much stopping the review at the “twist” (see what I did here?) to accentuate how shocking it was and everything, but leaving that detail out of the review just doesn’t seem right… -.-

    • Tim Kormos

      I was so confused that I actually found a streaming copy and watched the last ten minutes.

      Turns out she isn’t an anthropologist at all. She’s some kind of bounty hunter, and was looking for that sasquatch hunter. She calls in her boss, who pays her and tells her to head to a helicopter and leave.

      The boss reveals that the sasquatch hunter was once a soldier who had one of his men executed for refusing to kill a mother and child. The guy was the boss’s son. He pulls out a straight razor and says he’s going to take slow bloody revenge.

      The woman heading to the chopper runs into about six bigfoots. She says “You’ve gotta be fuckin’ killing me” and the movie ends.

      That’s it. That’s what happens. Weak! Shyamalan would be proud. I only watched the end, so I have no idea if any of this is foreshadowed or hinted at in any way, but I wasn’t killing to sit through the whole thing and find out.

      • Gborr

        You wrote “killing” instead of “kidding” and “willing”…
        I wonder if it was intentional or a Freudian slip… :P

        • Tim Kormos

          Holy crap I did. Maybe this movie made me homicidal. Good thing I didn’t watch the rest.

      • capthavic

        That still doesn’t explain why she had to kill Reb or how she was so easily able to break the neck of a much bigger and stronger man. She snapped his neck in a second like it was nothing! 0.0

        • John Teece

          oh well that’s obvious – she’s on venom

      • Michael Collier

        Even Shyamalan would’ve done better. This isn’t a horror movie, it’s a mockery of horror movies.

      • Reese Lester

        Where were you able to stream it? This was the only site I found:

      • Dan K

        Wait… so what was the point of Reb being in the movie then?

  • Carmyn D

    Welp that ending certainly wasn’t predictable. Which is awesome.

  • Il Sop


  • Marcus Butson


  • Bill DeBarr

    wait what huh ummmmm

  • Professor Persona

    That…what was…I…I’m going to lie down now. Great riff on this cliche’d movie, by the way. Excuse me…

  • Jamin Len Lester

    I tried to look this movie up on Wikipedia . . . nothing. Went to Reb Brown’s wikipedia page, not mentioned there either, says the last thing he was in was a movie called The Deli, also with no wikipedia page . . . I am confused, could this movie be either so new, no information is out yet, or is it so bad that even Reb “The Almighty One” Brown didn’t want his name on it?

  • Tim Kormos

    Holy shit!

    My theory is that the writer had a moment of clarity, realized he was creating the most cliche, predictable piece of crap movie ever, and decided “Fuck it, there is going to be at least ONE surprise in this thing, no matter what. Like the frigging producers are going to read this far anyway!”

    • Gborr

      I refuse to believe that. I refuse to believe that a writer in the 21st century would not know how these are stupid, overused clichés at this point.

      There are only three logical possibilities: either the writer didn’t care (like, this was just some money-laundering scheme and all they needed was a working plot), this was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek, but it is so subtle that it’s not even there, or the writer was a hipster and thought that deliberately overusing clichés is “ironic”… :

      • Godmars

        Or, there just wasn’t a writer in the first place. A producer did too much coke, thought to themselves, “I can write this up myself, save money and buy more coke,” and did.

    • Patrick Allen

      That’s probably too clever to be true, but even if it was, it’s still upsetting, because the only cliche they didn’t use was the one everyone wanted to see in the first place!

      “It’s like having sex. It’s a painstaking and arduous task that seems to go on and on forever, and just when you think things are going your way, nothing happens.”

  • ApatheticOne (the original)

    Where the hell WAS Frank Stallone?! Do we ever find out?! Tell us!!!

    • Gborr

      If you allow me, let me repost Reese Lester’s link so that more people could see it:

      Practically, it turns out that the entire thing was a setup for Frank Stallone’s character (whom we have never seen before) to find the crazy monster-hunter guy who killed his son for disobeying orders in Nicaragua when they were doing some spec-ops job in the past or something…

      I can feel my brain imploding on itself from the sheer amount of what the fuck… -.-

      • Gregory Bogosian

        Which makes you wonder, what was the point of even including Sasquatch in this movie if the entire point was for Frank Stallone’s character to get revenge on Reb Brown’s character?

        • zhellas

          They could have made this movie about Reb Brown’s character being the guy who killed Frank Stallone’s son long ago, trying to hide from his past by having become a small-town sheriff. Then this whole “Bigfoot” craze stirs shit up and he worries about being uncovered as the murderer he was/is, especially when Frank Stallone shows up trying to forget/cover up the memories of his son’s death by hunting Bigfoot or getting into conspiracy theories.

          • Gregory Bogosian

            How about starting the movie after Frank Stallone’s character has already gotten his revenge, but Reb Brown and Big Foot don’t get involved until afterwards? Frank Stallone changes his identity and moves to a small town as a seemingly mad Sasquatch hunter to escape punishment for his murderous vengeance. Then the greedy mayor orchestrates the Sasquatch craze to drum up tourism revenue and starts murdering anyone who gets close to the truth. The only people in the town who both disbelieve the Sasquatch rumors, discern that the Mayor is behind it, and have the courage to do something about it are the Sasquatch hunter, the Anthropologist who came there to debunk the rumors, and the Sheriff. Then these three characters spend most of the movie trying to get evidence against the Mayor that they can use to arrest and prosecute him without getting killed themselves.

          • Karen Zack

            That would have been a WAY better movie! :D

      • Godmars

        So, Spoony was just too much in shock by the one actual twist in the movie that he couldn’t cover this one detail?

      • Robotick

        Thanks for sharing this, because I did nto believe an actual word of what you wrote before seeing the ending.

        Somewhere, there is a guy laughing his ass counting his money thinking: “How the hell did I sold this screenplay?”

        • Segatron

          I think it probably involved a name written in human blood.

  • Jamin Len Lester

    Well, I found it on, but apparently the little blonde twit is played by Kara Riann Brown (not sure if she is any relation to Reb, she is also credited as Kara Riann in some places), and the female doctor was Alissa Koenig, no idea though if she’s any relation to Walter; Frank Stallone was the minister of the town who was apparently trying to use the beast in some nefarious scheme (which means he was probably on screen for 7 seconds, pulled home a paycheck bigger than any of the other actors, and had his name used to sell the movie, hope all the Beenie-Weenies and Funyuns he got with that money feeds him well).

    • Jamin Len Lester

      Of course, trying to use Frank Stallone to sell a movie is like trying to carve an ice sculpture with a kid’s water pistol – it can technically be done, but it’s probably (definitely) not really worth the trouble . . .

  • Jonathan McGown

    Poor poor spoony his fragile mind just snaped like a twig someone call april von lon and tell her to bring the ducktape.

    • magnusk_98

      Do I even want to know what “ducktape” is? ;)

      • Patrick Allen

        It’s tape made from boiled down duck tendons, what else?

        • Seele00TextOnly

          He needs it, too. Did you see him stumbling out of there? Walks like a ruptured duck.

          • Matthew Wenke

            BEST refrence ever!

      • Caoimhe Saru

        Now now smart ass :)

      • jetman123

        Duct tape was originally called “duck tape” because it was resistant to water.

        • Samuli Tuomola

          And because of it’s ability to save you in a tight spot, in some nordic countries it’s known as Jesus tape.

          • Cthulhu07

            Which is why MacGyver never leaves home without it….

          • Flemming Pedersen

            Thor tape or Odin tape if you please… I mean even the monk who introduced Christianity to the Danes were tougher than Jesus himself: That guy could carry red glowing iron without getting a blister or even red skin and thus ended our killing ways… lousy monk

  • groskino

    yeah, like i thought…
    we can´t have secks

  • suddendamage

    Did the world just end?

  • suddendamage

    Did the universe just end?

  • Jamin Len Lester

    No, but reality is broken . . . we a need a good Reb Brown asskicking to fix it, I think . . . Spoony, I know it’s been done before, but it’s time . . . time to do a good ole Rebruary review of . . . Space Mutiny

  • Joshua Roberts

    Okay she killed Reb but then what I wanna know what happened did she explain why she did that?

    • Totem of PsyClinic

      It doesn’t matter. Nothing matters anymore.
      You’re just a little chicken. Chip-chip-chip-chip-chip.
      It’s not over, everybody betrayed me.
      I fed up with this world…

      • Silverspade92

        Don’t you mean Worrl?

  • Jamin Len Lester

    She was in cahoots with Frank Stallone? I dunno . . .

  • amishman

    7:45 the woman handed Reb a get out of jail free card.

  • Jamin Len Lester

    I THOUGHT that looked like a Monopoly card, but I was enjoying the review too much to stop it =)

  • Seth Williams

    There are only that many Bigfoot shows because the Jersey Devil is too regional. It’s great to see the return of Rebruary!

    • thehivemind33

      A shame considering that, while I never believe in this kind of malarkey anymore, the Jersey Devil legend is actually more interesting.

  • thehivemind33

    I was legitimately laughing the whole way through. Great review Spoony, glad to see Rebruary is back!

  • Sriseru

    Player: I kill Reb Brown.
    GM: God damn it, you just killed the whole fucking game!! I hope you’re happy!!!

    • Gborr

      You forgot the part where she rolled natural twenty for all three of her rolls. :P

      Or wait, maybe it’s the other way around. Maybe she just wanted to put her hand on Reb’s shoulder to form a bond or something, but botched her rolls so bad that she accidentally killed him…

    • Muthsarah

      *shakes head*

      That’s why you never stat Reb Brown….

      • endplanets

        “Shakes head”
        You making fun of how Reb died? Dick move dude. Not cool.

    • Konstantin Akhmetov

      >kill reb brown
      With what, your bare hands?
      Congratulations! You killed Reb Brown!

      • Tyler Mikula

        Amazing, aint it?

        • NeroAngelo

          Tragedy, ain’t it?

  • Magdalen O’Reilly

    Oh THANKS movie. God, this is why we can’t have nice things!

  • MaraBackman

    Reb..? Nooooooo!!!

  • Chris

    This has to be some kind of comedy…

  • sketchesofpayne

    Wow, what a reaction. I could practically hear the sorrowful violin playing just from your expressions at the end. T-T

  • Liezl Bohnen

    What?! No Reb Brown Scream?! I was waiting this entire review and we don’t even get ONE Reb Brown scream?! What blasphemy is this?!
    Also, normally I’d be pissed that you ended the review the way you did here… but fuck it. What else is there to say after that ending. No-one cares what happens in the film after that point.

    All I got from this movie from what you’ve shown us is that I really wanna watch Jaws again.

  • Sajeh

    Easy now, I think I can fix this with some continuity:

    Reb Brown, man of the Mighty Bear’s roar, the one true master of terror, using only his dark – unspoken of – powers for the sake of good. He is now in his winter, wiser and though weaker than before, his legend lives on, now letting the world unfold without interfering, letting young and eager blood take the scene; the badass woman in red. Reb Brown is now living as a hermit, happy and satisfied from many great adventures. Nodding and smiling at the sun, the Beastmaster is at peace.

  • Freddy Duran

    This can’t be real….theres no way in hell anyone would do such a thing

  • John Teece

    …was the twist that she was related to the super-strong girl at the begining? Or SHE was the one killing people while dressed as bigfoot, then in the end it’s like “oh no, bigfoot’s real and there are many of him”

  • Reese Lester

    To everyone looking for Frank Stallone:

    • Gborr

      Wait, what? 0_o?
      What is even the hell? Where the hell did that plot-point come from? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS MOVIE?! >_<

  • CraigAA

    Is it just me or is Reb Brown aging into Steven Seagal? It took me a second to realize that was Reb.

    • MaraBackman

      I dunno, I feel that Reb aged a bit more gracefully than Seagal did, considering how quickly the latter let himself go after his early films. In the 80’s Reb looked damn good and youthful for a guy in his 40’s, while Seagal almost immediately started looking the way he does today.

  • Noël Jeffery

    I only have one question … how and why is this on YouTube? Okay, that’s two questions.

  • John Teece

    wait… so her motivation was that she was working with Frank Stallone…. FOR A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STORYLINE, THAT IS BEING INTRODUCED IN THE LAST 10 MINUTES OF THE MOVIE? … why pretend to be an anthropologist? why kill sherrif reb brown? just…. WHY?

    • Rémi Maloney

      Wait? What? You sir have information none of us seems to have access? You saw Frank Stallone?!

      • Bill Hiers

        It seems like after Sheriff Joe bites it, the movie continues for a bit longer and that’s when we would’ve seen Stallone’s character.

    • J.G. te Molder

      And if she’s pretending, how come she’s got an actual office and assistant?

      • John Teece

        exactly – and where does the assisstant go?

        • Bill Hiers

          He got killed. She says “It got Thomas!” Thomas was the assistant guy’s name, I think. It seems he died offscreen, or Spoony left out the sequence of him getting killed.

          • John Teece

            what? killing such an important character like that off screen? …though if they never show his death, she probably did that too

          • James Jones

            You are correct, Sir. See, they show a flashback to his death later in the movie and…she stabs him in the throat with a knife. Yup. She killed her own assistant for…I don’t know what reason. Even better, we get this flashback as she’s lying to Reb Brown about Bigfoot killing him. So we get a terrible transition between her sob story to her shanking Thomas that comes outta nowhere and just makes us think the woman’s psycho.

          • John Teece

            okay so she works for this guy that wants to kill the guy that killed his son. So she hears the bigfoot story, pretends to be an anthropologist, hires an assisstant and rents an office to support her con (though apparently doesn’t bother to print fake business cards), she then tags along with the sherif so that he can eventually lead her to the dude she’s looking for, all the while random townsfolk are killed by the bigfoot (which is actually a clan of several bigfeet)… when did they establish that sneaking in and only killing the guy they needed to wasn’t an option?

  • John Teece

    also – that site’s preview clip of the film is the end? …who does that?

  • Charred Newt

    I lost it at every sasquatch apparition. Those were some of the funniest, most relaxed murders I’d ever seen: just passin’ by, grabbin’ someone for a snack, and back into the invisible zone!

    But that ending… Man, you need a hug after that.

  • Robin Nabbing

    Noah, in case you want to know where that BLAOUTCH sound effect from The Ring comes from, check out this playthrough of Pinocchio on SNES (19.25).

    • Pat Hulse

      Well, that at least tells us that it’s a stock sound effect that’s been around since at least 1996. I’m willing to bet it’s older than that, though.

    • endplanets

      Somebody give this man some ^ thing votes.
      Great find.

      I wonder if this is the source of that sound effect, or if it goes back even further.

  • MrRuse

    Guys, I think I figured it out. On the scene after Spoony’s cut the woman removes her face, revealing it to be a mask to disguise Frank Stallone.

    Stallone then walks out and has a 10 minute fistfight with the Sasquatch and kills it.

  • mxdirector

    I was getting annoyed about the wait for FF13. But Rebruary returning more than makes up for that.

  • Daniel Broome

    one day i’m gonna get that filthy animal…

    • IHeart28

      *Cut to credits that say “The end”*

  • sekiwat

    That ending was even more messed up than the Dirty Harry one. I wish Spoony would quit trying to be inventive and be funny again.

  • Das_Bass

    Reb aged….well…..

    • Tim Kormos

      He’s turning into Joe Don Baker!

  • Turcano

    What depraved maniac used a day-for-night shot in 2012?

  • PeaTearGryfin

    How in the name of FUCK do you screw up Reb Brown doing battle with Bigfoot. This is made in the same year where every other action star was kicking ass in Expendables 2 and ol’ Reb is out there giving a performance more dry then in the Captain America movies. Where in the hell was Frank Stallone anyway?

  • Isaac Shirley

    and they’er in Cristine so you know their screwed

  • Sioraf As Killeens

    How could someone have thought it was the abominable SNOWMAN if it happened in THE SUMMER?!

  • Anthony L.

    When the doctor hands the business card to Reb Brown, was that a fucking Community Chest card from Monopoly?

  • Cthulhu07

    Dammit movie! I refuse to accept your ending and will substitute it with my own. Reb Brown did go mano a bigfoot with the… eh… well.. bigfoot… and it was glorious… Glorious, I tells ya…

  • Christian Bonde Andersen

    Well the ending of the movie certainly came out of nowhere. I loved the ending of the review though. Keep mixing it up Spoony, this is exactly why I watch your reviews! Never get dull and repetitive!

  • Gordon Jones

    O.0 Noes!

  • Vismutti

    Nooo, don’t leave us hanging, Spoony! Tell us how it ends!

    • Kaihedgie

      He did. Watch after the credits

  • Marcellus Cody

    well that ending made my week

  • ORCACommander

    damn it spoony you got some interesting shirts. Its ok spoon in the sequel Reb will kill them all from beyond the grave

  • Azdrerios

    YES, YES! Rebruary is back! This made my d- no, mont- no, my YEAR!

  • smek2

    “We should split up, we could cover more ground” — holy shit, that line is used as a parody to poke fun at horror movie cliches. And here it is used without a sense of irony. Unbelievable.

  • Pat Hulse

    *checks the IMDb page*

    …Wait, the professor was played by an actress named Kara Riann Brown?

    …Are… are they related? Is… was that neck snap Reb passing the torch of the Brown Legacy?

    • endplanets

      Mind. Blown.

    • Silverspade92

      Except for the fact that Kara Riann Brown was the girl who got killed in the woods in the opening, and the professor is played by Leilani Sarelle.

      Still, the girl did manage to rip off the guys feet. Maybe they are related.

  • Kaihedgie

    I…I can’t….I can’t comprehend

  • Pétur Ingi Sigbjörnsson

    Well having an anthropologist in a story that is reveled to be evil near the end of the story is one of the greatest cliches in storytelling history.

    • Trenin Bayless

      We have established at this point that she is not an anthropologist even… so it’s not a cliche?

      • Pétur Ingi Sigbjörnsson

        Do you really think this movie cares what an anthropologist is?

  • Evan Dawson

    I feel sick…

  • Daniel Powers

    What the fuck was that? I’m all for a good plot twist. BUT THAT WASNT GOOD AT ALL! REB GETS KILLED BY A FUCKING SCRAWNY BITCH OF AN ANTHROPOLOGIST?!?! REALLY?!?!…….I’m at a loss for words to describe the sheer amount of what-the-fuckery I feel right now. I’m not gonna sit here and say I’m a big reb fan, but…….ITS FUCKING REB BROWN! YOU DONT DO THAT! At least not THAT way. He’s suppose to go down in a blaze of fucking glory. Bullets flying, explosions surrounding him, FIRE SLOWLY SAPPING THE LIFE OUT OF HIM! Hell I’d have been ok if he fought bigfoot and LOST, at least THAT would be believeable! But…..THAT BEAN POLL?! FUCK NO!

    Oh and the ending. Not only do we have super bigfoot who has the speed of the flash, the strength of the fucking hulk and the fucking brain of jason voorhees. But NOW we find out its a fucking PACK of these fuckers out there. THATS NOT HOW YOU END IT! ITS LIKE WATCHING TROLL 2 ALL OVER AGAIN! God damnit! This is why I dont watch creature feature movies. They dont stray from the path most traveled. They dont do much in the way of suprises except the ones that you see coming or the ones that leave you scratching your head and going “THE FUCK WAS THAT?!” This was just a BORING MOVIE. Thank god we had Spoony here to entertain us. Hes the ONLY REASON it was worth watching. Reb wasnt used right AT ALL. The rest of the cast was just about as useful as a raincoat in a tsunami. The costumes were just shit for the monster. Even for a B movie this was just pathetic. The fucking Evil Dead was a better B horror movie than this. ITS A GOD DAMNED MASTERPIECE COMPARED TO THIS SHIT! HELL BRING BACK PUMPKINHEAD!!! MY GOD BRING HIM BACK!
    Also good review man, really enjoyed it :D

    • doresh

      The revelation of the pack was just a teaser for a sequel that hopefully never happens.

      Then again, horror movie franchises refuse to die no matter what, so I expect at least 2 sequels and one prequel.

      • PeaTearGryfin

        Don’t forget a remake, a sequel to the remake, and a 3-D movie.

        • doresh

          Right. The remake will shift focus completely on the Bigfoots, showing us that they are so evil because they had a very, very shitty childhood.

      • Bill Hiers

        And it’s ripping off 2006’s Abominable, too…

      • Pétur Ingi Sigbjörnsson

        Well I know of a horror movie that got 4 video games made from it, a move based of the video games, even more games based on that movie and now a sequel to the second movie.

        So yeah I think it’s safe to say that horror franchises never die.

        • doresh

          Just like the slasher villain in most of these flicks. How meta Oo

          • Pétur Ingi Sigbjörnsson

            More like the slasher survivor that still makes the same mistakes in the 9th movie and still survives.

          • doresh

            Don’t most of them die at the end because the villains turns out to be still alive?

            And what kind of horror movie franchise can keep its continuity and cast consistent for 9 installments? MADNESS :D !

          • Pétur Ingi Sigbjörnsson

            Try Russian 80s transgender-clown-exploitation slasher flix.

          • doresh

            Sounds interesting at the very least XD

  • Wayne Davis

    I’d love to watch this, but YouTube keeps deciding that the video is only about 3 minutes long and ending there.

  • Rogelio JG

    Oh 2012 you so crazy…

  • Uberman5000

    Did you notice the “anthropologist’s” card at 7:51 is just a Monopoly “Get Out of Jail Free” card? I guess printing prop business cards would have driven this movie over-budget.

    • doresh

      Thank God they didn’t have to show large sums of money.

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    I laughed my ass off on how Spoony reacts to Reb Brown getting his neck snapped.

    Reb Brown was out of the game for too long and this movie really shows.

    Can’t wait for Space Mutiny.

  • doresh

    This is why I stopped watching horror movies. Only disaster movies are more predictable <_<

    But holy crap, it takes a special kind of effort to ruin your own movie like that Oo

  • GunsmithKitten

    All it needed was a giant trollface at the end of it to complete the package. Yes movie, we mad.

  • Sajeh

    Wauw Noah you seem light headed, have you had pussy lately?

    • Atmos_Duality

      “It’s top secret! Anyway, how is your sex-life?”

  • CornBRED-X

    So, uh… where is Frank Stallone?

  • Jan Kowalski

    A question: will FF12 review have another part?

    • Patrick Sewell

      With this Spoony, I hope not. He has very clearly shown that the Spoony he is now is vastly different then who he was, even saying sorry for hating the game that made him famous

  • karikaze

    It sucks that they killed Rebs character just to introduce plot revolving around Sly Stallones brother character just like war with the yeti wouldn’t be interesting enough. It’s just unfair. Also it was kinda undignifying for Reb to die this way but seeing that women in this movie have strong enough grip to rip mans feet away i can’t really complain about snapping his neck being impossible for them.

  • Randall Bohannan

    We should split up to cover more ground, oh and put on this barbaque sauce too to cover up your human scent. Oh, and wear this “bigfoots ballz” t-shirt. If you get into trouble, just scream really loud and run into sharp objects or off cliffs to escape. Oh, and due to new gun control laws being passed, we can’t have any firing out there–just use harsh language. :P

  • Nephilim1977

    OOO Bigfoot movie I haven’t seen yet. And it has boobs in it.
    I don’t care how bad it is I must see it :D

  • Andreas Törnqvist

    Okay so the ending made me laugh. Loudly. For several minutes. That was… awful. So… terribly awful. And Spoony’s reaction. Oh universe.

  • Jegsimmons


    *Fire m60 one armed*

    • The Janitor

      Don’t forget the background explosion.

      • Pétur Ingi Sigbjörnsson

        If you clean that shit up, then sure let’s have explosions .

  • The Janitor

    In case anyone’s curious. The song at the start of each Rebruary video is Black Inferno by Oliver Onions (An italian music group, who used many different names. Oliver Onions the most famous one.)

  • Nicholas M. Grey

    WAIT. 7:44. Did I just…

    I DID! You cheap-ass-THAT’S A “GET OUT OF JAIL FREE” CARD FROM “MONOPOLY”! I can’t BELIEVE these people! Everything about this film is half-assed. I am so ashamed. Oh, Reb. You broke my heart.

  • Jegsimmons

    biggest non ending in the history of non endings.

    • Kendotuxedo

      One day we’re gonna get that filthy ending
      [shacks fist]

  • Melissia

    Wow. Poor, poor Reb Brown.

    He deserved a better spot in the movie.

  • Baló Timár

    Now this is the kind of content I want to see. This is you, on the top of your game, Spoony. I was starting to neglect this site, but I’m glad I didn’t gave up on it.

  • Steven Youkhana

    Wait Spoony isn’t using springboard anymore? is he going to stay with youtube?

  • Tom Neill

    more rebruary? sweeeeeeeeeeeeet

  • Bill Hiers

    …and the very ending is totally ripping off the much, much better movie Abominable’s twist ending.

  • Dan Colts

    Sasquatch? Oh come on!

  • Patrick Sewell

    Aw. looks like Spoony is making a return from his fail ratings, so hes going back to his old style!!!………If only we could shave his hair back to how it use to look….then IT COULD BE REAL REBRUARY

  • jagarcia0705

    Sheriff Kelly: You mean to tell me, we have a 10 foot killer Sasquatch on the loose? Just great! What’s next a guy hang gliding on a 10 foot bat?

  • The Man in Black

    Um… Youtube? Spoony, you wanna tell us something?

  • Akasen

    Holy cow, it’s a big foot!

  • IHeart28

    Fantastic review, terrible movie. The ONLY good thing was of course Reb brown, poor guy having to handle a poorly executed Sasquatch film

  • TerminalSanity

    Hmm…. skinny women with twig arms sure seen to have a lot of hand strength in this film for some reason.

  • Komachi Onozuka

    Oh please, we all know either Spoony or the movie skipped the bit where Reb puts his neck back in place and declares how mildly annoyed he is from such a pathetic attempt on his life.

    Right before he runs in the forest with a machine gun, finds the bitch and the two monsters and shoots them down while gloriously screaming causing them to die before the bullets even hit. Oh and he also gets the girl anyway because he’s Reb Brown. His scream alone could cause the Death Star to explode.

  • sbkMulletMan

    …what the FUCK?!

    You know, I had a whole list of small, funny remarks prepared throughout this video, but I can’t even remember what the Hell they ARE now because of that…what the Hell kind of ending was THAT?! My reaction wasn’t even that different from Spoony’s, I just had this surreal feeling of emptiness swarm around me. I…I got nuthin’.

    And seriously, where the Hell was Frank Stallone?

  • MechaVelma

    loved the ending of ths review. But one thing… that squee you put in from Twilight… was that the extent of it? Because in your twilight review, you made it seem like it was so much more.

  • Matthew Conway

    Sooo… the screenwriters consulted with Vince Russo for that ending, right?

    • sbkMulletMan

      No, if they did, the yetis would look like mummies.

      …not everyone is going to get these references, but the *right* people are going to get them!

      • Matthew Conway

        To be fair to Russo, it was Kevin Sullivan booking WCW during the Yeti’s reign of terror.

        And by reign of terror I mean three appearances.

  • Patrick Coyle

    I guess that ending is a literal interpretation of “what a twist!”

    But seriously… was there anything in the movie leading up to that? Was the anthropologist some kind of race traitor, or a were-bigfoot? Was she in love with bigfoot? Help?

    • endplanets

      “What a twist”
      You making a joke about how Reb died? Meanie.

  • Morgil27

    This is like, the third or fourth video he’s posted via Youtube. I hope this means Spoony has given up on that shitty springboard player.

  • Stephen Martin

    This movie… I was wondering if Spoony was pulling a Dirty Harry again but no… it really doesn’t make any sense. Thanks to the guy who put that link with Frank Stallone’s 1 scene in it to explain what’s going on. It still makes no sense but thanks, we can call off the search. Why can’t anyone ever write a scientist in a horror movie well? Either they want to preserve the creature for study or they aren’t really a scientist. Write one like the entomologist in ARACHNOPHOBIA. He was kind of a smug ass in the scenes he was in but was still human. Had you suggested to that guy capturing one for study he’d have responded with, “Right now let’s focus on learning the most efficient ways of killing this abomination.” Sure he chided the photographer for smacking a spider at the start but he also assumed the thing was dead. When it was in a jar, that’s when he appreciated how hard it was to kill. Once he learned it was loose he obeyed instinct and focused on stomping the eight legged freak.

  • ThePsychoGamer

    At 3:03 Did that guy suddenly grow breasts?

    • Earthbound_X

      Nah, it’s still the guy.

  • Dane Corle

    I thought for a second Spoony was gonna do a Star Trek 3 reference. His sheer bewilderment and disbelief ended up being much, MUCH better. There were tears in my eyes, I laughed so hard.

  • Thomas Atchley

    What….just happened.

  • Tomas Krystinik

    Wow. It took a lot of balls to have it end like that. I didn’t even think that was possible. Isn’t he deathless?

  • endplanets

    “Listen officer, next month is the festival and I remind you that this even brings in big bucks. Tourists bring in big bucks. So I want you…. to find and stop this monster before then if possible. In what way can I help you?”

  • Ali85

    Lets make this movie a success money wise. if you got money to burn, order of amazon. The more people buy into Reb Brown, more new movies to review.

    • endplanets

      If you do this make sure the Amazon comments say “Reb Brown is great” so that people don’t think that viewers actually liked this movie and Reb gets tons of credit.

      • Ali85

        I sure will. Since Reb is back.
        Spoony using his media profile, should lobby for reb to get decent movie roles.

  • endplanets

    Yay for the return of Rebruary. It is cutting into FF13, but I always thought that having vids in-between ‘big Spoony series’ like FF is good because it gives good pacing and (probably) gives Spoony a break. Rebruary only comes once a year after all.

    But seriously, I REALLY, REALLY hope that we get the second half to this vid. I want to know how this movie ends. I want to know why the lady killed Reb. I want to know where Stallone is. Damn it, I want a denouement. Dead Serious, I really want a part 2 for this movie.

    Thank you Spoony for showing Mr. Sheen giggle like a girl. I have been wanting to see that scene for too long.

    Intern guy has Birdemic levels of acting talent and sound quality.

    12:00 ish Terrible. Bigfoot is just a brown blur that just deletes people. Its like someone is dragging an eraser across the film.

    What is up with Reb Brown in this movie? “You wasted this man. Fuck you”. He didn’t do anything awesome or iconic.
    This movie really is so hilarious and bad that it is a stand out Spoony vid. Bravo.

    • doresh

      Don’t worry. I’m sure this movie will have more than one sequel.

  • endplanets

    13:40 The guy who made Bigfoot Hunter is name Who Forted.
    Since I am immature is sounds like Who Farted?

    And really guys, how many shit bigfoot shows can there me. It really deeply saddens and sickens me that History Channel shows Monster Quest, a show that has nothing to do with history at all. When people bring up that I used to watch History Channel its basically an insult.

  • endplanets

    They probably confused anthropology with a zoologist or some other nature scientist ending in -ist. No really, they probably did.

    We are lucky the didn’t call her a Neurologist.

    • trepiechick

      You’re probably right; I feel foolish for getting so defensive and aggravated. This movie doesn’t give a shit, so why should I.

    • John Teece

      well since it’s concerning bigfoot – she’d need to be a cryptologist

  • Guido Palombi

    I can believe that Bigfoot exists…
    A dumb bitch killing Reb with her bare hands ? Nope.

  • Ali85

    Since Reb is back.
    Spoony using his media profile, should lobby for reb to get decent movie roles.

  • Joshua Nowell

    Did anyone else notice her business card is a “Get out of Jail Free” card from Monopoly?

  • Nicholas Scott

    Reb Brown has not aged well.

  • againagain

    I don’t always gigglesquee, but when I do, it’s because I get in here and see the word “Rebruary”.

  • KCGL77

    Spoony you missed something when the anthropology chick gave Reb her card it was a monopoly get out of jail free card!

  • Christian Kantner

    poor Reb should have teamed up with Christopher Lee instead of this bitch

  • Joshua Daniel Hahn

    This thing had me in tears! Classic spoony!

  • Ben Lykins

    that girl not only ripped of his feet but she didnt rip them at the ankles but she broke the bone….dayum dawg… handjobs from that one…..she make u a pancake weiner

    • doresh

      Seeing how easily the other girl could snap a man’s neck, all women in this village must be super heroes.

  • likalaruku

    A’yup…First movie I saw that opened like that was 1986’s Night of the Creeps.

  • Ben Dunder

    Surprised and a bit disappointed that Spoony didn’t show the Stallone cameo, especially since it happens literally within seconds of Reb’s death.

  • Karen Zack

    I looked at the IMDb cast & crew list “Night Claws” and it says that Frank Stallone played “Testi” (it’s listed 5th down from the bottom). Who the hell was that character? One of the hunter’s minions? It would have been better if he was the guy in the Bigfoot Suit!

    • PeaTearGryfin

      Apparently there is another scene after Spoony cut off where Frank Stalone appears playing the father of somebody who the hunter killed in Nicaragua years before while he was in the army.

      • Karen Zack

        So this was a plot continuation from another movie? Was it a Reb Brown movie? That would have been good to know… I wonder if Spoony was aware of that or if he just “forgot” b/c his poor psyche snapped?

  • Karen Zack

    And what was the point of the Bigfootologist Steven Seagal-ing Reb?

  • Warboss Aohd

    apparently da Sasquatchez have been trained in da art o’ Ninjutsu…….i should recruit dem for da Waaagh!

    • Pétur Ingi Sigbjörnsson

      Yeah… I don’t care if you are The Grand Warboss of the entire ork race. If Reb Brown can’t make it out of that scenario even the greatest “Waaagh!!!” wont survive it, what then manage to start a dialog.

  • Malidictus

    Wow… That may well have been the worst ending I’ve ever not seen. And considering I’ve not seem some really horrible endings, that says a lot!

  • Ben Bailey

    Last year on my blog, I did a whole retrospective on four Bigfoot movies released in 2012, this was #2 if anyone’s interested:

    • endplanets

      Four movie? Cheese and crackers, how many god damn Bigfoot movies can be made a year? And to think, the Asylum movie isn’t the best of the bunch.

  • Nick Gaston

    When the multiple Sasquatches emerged towards the end, I admit I kept expecting a Predator or two to decloak alongside. And menace Danny Glover, presumably.

  • Dan K

    Wait thats how it ends?!

    • doresh

      You’re surprised? The movie did anything else wrong, so why not the ending as well XD ?!

      • golden izanagi

        considering reb brown was in the movie I was expecting something like him getting that big foot hunters guns and wildly shooting at an army of bigfoots all the while screaming at the top of his lungs then get all teary eyed and tell a dying bigfoot about disney land.

        • doresh

          Too bad the director had no idea how to actually use Reb Brown.

  • jdreyfuss

    Man, I didn’t think about how old Reb Brown actually is until I saw him in this movie. He was playing college ball at the same time as Tommy Lee Jones! Unfortunately, Harvard didn’t play USC in 1967, but Reb was apparently the lead blocker for O.J. Simpson, for what that’s worth.

  • Manuel Wolf

    hey spoony owns the pirated version of breaking dawn part 2, currently available on the the sad part is that i recognize it, and still saw the movie in theaters.
    the things you do for girls…

    • karikaze

      Your like for pirating stuff is your own personal matter and you really don’t need to involve Spoony in this.

      • Manuel Wolf

        alright, he “found” a clip that looks suspiciously like it was filmed during a screen showing, which i can identify as such because i have “found” the exact same clip with the exact same quality on a site that shall remain unnamend due to its legality being questionable. however, i must not assume he simply downloaded the movie from there to get the clip he was mentioning in his vlog-review, because a guy i only know from his internet persona would certainly never commit such a vile act. better?

  • Security

    They look like big, strong hands, don’t they, Spoony?

  • Jacob Wilson Brody

    oh man, that was a hard watch. I just saw ghost rider 2 for the first time…and nick cage’s “scratching at the door” scene wasn’t nearly this bad, even for “B” film standards this was just wreched

  • BrendanConcannon

    Not possible.

    First off, you need a epic strength check DC 458 to snap Reb Brown’s neck. You can’t even attempt this roll if you’re female.

    Secondly, on the third day he would rise again, coming back to life. Like Jesus.

    Thirdly, this film was a cheapass Kickstarter movie so it doesn’t even count.

    • Pavlos Stefanidis-Altinis

      When you check the rulebook for fighting Reb Brown, it has only 3 words:

      You die painfully.

      ANYTHING else is cheating.

      • doresh

        Exactly. If it has stats, you can kill it (somehow). There’s no killing Reb Brown.

  • Karen Niemla

    I spot an Abita Beer sign– Must be Louisiana!

  • sifer2

    This looks like one of those movies they make for the Sci-Fi channel. Just completely stupid from beginning to end. All I have to say though is poor Reb Brown. It’s like whoever hired him for this just did it to rub it in that he isn’t that big a star an no one cares if he doesn’t even get killed by the Sasquatch lol. In any case it’s awesome how stealthy 10 foot tall Big Foot can be. Guess that’s why no one ever found him dudes like a ghost.

  • Chris Behellmorph Beckett

    …well I did not see that ending coming…I’m still in shock.

  • Omnikus Schlotter

    It looks way better when you don’t wear your hair in a ponytail, man.

    • Lina Jones

      I like the ponytail. :(

  • Lou C. Fher
  • Emil Petrunov

    One does not simply kill Reb Brown O ___ O

  • John Krzeminski

    Cut your hair.

  • William

    Wait…so…she was the Sasquatch? And there were other…sasquatches? And…Frank Stallone’s not in the movie?

    • Pétur Ingi Sigbjörnsson

      I’ll sort this out for you. She was supposed to be an anthropologist.(In cliche stereotype a person that turns evil in the 2nd or 3rd act.)

      The many Sasquatches were supposed to be the big twist.(normally a cliche used after one of them is killed near the end of the movie)

      And Frank Stallone shows up just after Rebs neck gets twisted.(because they did not have the money to have him in more than one scene with him.)

      So too summarize: its a cheap cliche.

      Captain post-shock Obvious AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steve-o Anders

    I’ve loved Rebruary so much! The ending to this Spoony episode made me laugh so hard I almost choked!

  • Vincent Seeger

    Finally the Spoony One experiences Bij! Reb Brown pays the price for posting a video on Fred the movie bwahahahahaha!

  • Nick Seebart

    Where did you get that clip of the volturi squeeing? I need to know!

  • hbenton

    Okay, I was completely shocked by that ending and Spoony’s reaction to it had me busting out laughing as it was just perfect.

  • Kostantine

    I didn’t get the ending. What the hell happened there? What was the deal with Sasquatch? And where the hell was Frank Stallone?

  • Renzo Fideli Sancho

    ok i dont see that one coming.

  • Casey Williamson

    I’m reminded of the second verse of Johnathan Coulton’s “Tom Cruise Crazy”…
    Essentially talking about how as the actor keeps aging, he’ll eventually be cast as the old retarded grandpa instead of the lead…

  • Alex Ortiz

    Weird thing i noticed while watching this review. There is a town called Half Moon Bay on the coast of california. This town is known for a few things, Maveriks surf competition and the PUMPKIN FESTIVAL(which is the biggest moneymaker for the town, and honestly does rely on the income heavily). but do you know what else comes from Half Moon Bay? BIRDEMIC SHOCK AND TERROR. The movie has become fairly well known in town and the most popular bar shows it every once in a while.

    • doresh

      Half Moon Bay – proud birthplace of the crappiest horror movies in recent years :D !

      • Pétur Ingi Sigbjörnsson

        You mean 2 of of the crappiest horror movies in recent years?

        • doresh

          There’s WORSE Oo ?

  • Segatron


    Hey, big guy… how you doing?

    Holding up all right?

    Want a soda?

  • ColeYote

    They kill Reb? Yeah, I’d fucking end the review too!

  • MaraBackman

    Makes me think… What if Reb would get into shape again, you guys think he could be in Expendables 3? :D

  • Steven Conwell

    Dune – 43:00 Duncan speaking to Duke Leto, “As you know, ” Dune strikes again!!!

  • Ben Lykins

    snatchsquatch reminds me of that red monkey monster under the stairs in that creepshow movie

  • Kendrick

    Thank you Spoony for bring Rebuary back! But what the hell is up with the Sasquatch? The movie is like watching Mortal Kombat fatalities. They’re too over the top and too fast to ever take seriously.

  • meltdown2insanity

    They killed Reb Brown!!! But he didn’t even have one action scene! That’s like having Bruce Campbell in your movie, only to kill him off-screen fifteen minutes later…
    …(remembers the movie “Congo”)…


  • Patrick Walters

    Yo dawgs! Hizzle onto Linkara’s website for a two parter I know you’ll dig! Can you feel me, cats?! Solid!

  • jesternario

    Reb! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO >breathes in< OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Chris Wiggill

    Reb Brown’s turned into Bud Bundy.

  • c.conley90

    No trolling or anything, but I really think Spoony one sucks right now and Noah ought to quit. Sorry not meaning it as a troll statement or anything, just my opinion, he needs to stop and just retire.

  • Jonathan Hemmila

    Perfect. you cut your hair, and patched in a Wilhelm scream. Nice.

  • ObeyBunny

    Why would the sheriff call an anthropology expert when they
    think that the murders were either caused by a human or an animal? Wouldn’t he call
    someone with a more appropriate field of expertise like a criminal psychologist
    or someone who works in vector control?

    Calling an anthropologist would make more sense if they
    thought that a cave man or a group of somehow undiscovered tribesmen was what
    murdered those teens.

    I must have missed something here.

  • Domenic Smith

    I saw Reb Brown at the first Rhode Island Comic-con I was planning on getting you a signed photo of him in Yor’s world, or in Captain America. But I didn’t have the money on me. I’m sure he’ll be there next year

  • Timo Takalo

    I was hoping there would be a reference to The Geek and the Cinema Snob’s review of it upon the mention of Bigfoot having sex.

    • Ben MacConnell

      Heck, maybe this was a sequel, and Cooter was one of the guys from that movie. He never did get that filthy animal, but the filthy animal came back to get him.

  • Weaver2

    I like how Rebuary only gets one movie reviewed.

    • Tony Molock

      this movie stunned him so much that he could not review anything else that month

  • Jukka Alanko

    Just curious: why DID the professor chick kill Reb Brown?

  • Leet Shark

    YIKES! 8( *stunned silence of sympathy* … Poor Spoony. *inexplicably drops from his ceiling and hugs him*

  • Ryan J. Boutilier

    Does she hand him a Monopoly “Get Out of Jail” card, as her business card?

  • SP_Batman

    the girl’s business card that she hands Reb Brown is a Monopoly “Get out of Jail Free” card. Seriously????

  • Dragons_Dusk

    “We should split up.” “Yeah we can do more damage that way.”

  • NeroAngelo

    Maybe Reb’s neck was just stiff & she popped it for him out of nowhere & the shock from that gave him a slight heart attack that he recovers from in a sequel

  • thatpandabitca


  • Jim Rice

    Watching birdemic tells us that millionaires and supermodels find pumpkin festivals to be the ulitmate vacation spot. So the mayor is right. I mean if you could attract millionaires like Rod and natalie why would you want to prevent the tourists from showing up.

  • pretzels

    fucking gold

  • George Plellis

    Idea: Reb brown VS The Wolverine

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