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Spoony confronts the last of his Dungeons & Dragons demons in the form of Skullduggery! Like Mazes & Monsters, it’s a far-out game.

  • Anonymous

    Welcome back Spoony! We have missed you.

  • Gunther Schmidl

    Trottel is German for “idiot”. How fitting.

    • doresh

      That must be where the German immigrants sent their village idiots after realizing it would’ve been wiser to leave them in Europe XD

      And was batshit crazy imagery and nonsene a thing back in the 80’s? Mazes & Monsters brought us this weirdo with his hat shtick, but Skullduggery takes the cake Oo

  • Danny Caracciolo

    Its been forever since hes done a review

  • Anonymous

    Lovin the t-shirt

  • Anonymous

    I wanna play the WARLOCK!!

  • Royal Mellott

    Welcome Back Spoony. Great to see back. :)

  • Ineedballs

    A-fucking-mazing review. Welcome back spoony!

  • prutte94

    We missed you Spoony! Can’t wait for the rest of Final Fantasy X-2! :)

  • Jaleel Laraki

    Spoony I’m so happy to see you doing reviews again, if you need another bad movie to review, i suggest the knowing.

  • Gareth Williams

    Totally called the “Oreo” trick.  A good joke!

  • Cas Wegkamp

    Was the country that guy was from in the play called “Morerapia”? More-Rape-Ia? Writer must’ve had some repressed sexual issues considering the dude that keeps making sex jokes and this “country”… BTW: That magician look really works for you, Spoony lol

    Anyway… so basically this movie is a slam on tabletop RPGs saying that they will make you into a perverted murderer… Right…

  • Otto Rosenlund

    I’m guessing the lipstick is leftovers from Suburban Knights. Hopefully.

  • Jacob Land

    Welcome back! 

    1. Glad you’re back!
    2. In your magician attire you vaguely resemble Tim Curry, and that is by no means a bad thing.
    3. What, no Santiago reference from Interview With The Vampire, or am I too old now?

  • babykaren1967

    fucking hilarious

  • Anonymous

    Back, and with a vengeance! This may well be the best Spoon review in a long time. Seeing Spoony holding a bear, a bowl of chips and a dog, a look of utter confusion in his face and mouthing “What the fuck?” needs to be on a t-shirt! I want to say it’s my favourite moment in the review, but Spoony getting arrested for incest had me laughing harder than I thought I could.

    Well done, Spoony One! Well done! :)

  • William Staples

    That was well worth the wait! Here’s hoping for more goodness to come :)

    “Skull-dah-gah-ree… skull-dah-gah-ree…” I’m gonna have that damn song stuck in my head all day.

  • Arno Lacroix

    with that first scene with the magician… they could do the George Méliès trick… which was used in, i dunno, !!!1895!!!

  • Liam Brokas

    I want to see more of Spoony the Magician in the future.

  • James

    I’m sorry for dropping this here but it had to be shared somewhere that its going to be seen right now, spoony no everyone please link this video to as many people as you can before CBS lobbies for its removal, its sickening, i had no idea just how far back the planning for SOPA went, i never knew such evil existed, at least i prayed it didn’t.

    ps- haven’t watch this the review yet but am about to, have a good Christmas everyone.

  • Anonymous

    Spoony blowing a condom… there’s a straight line if ever I heard one.

  • Princess Stabbity

    Welcome back!

    Fantastic job!
    I don’t see why they couldn’t shell out the cash for Copperfield. I mean he did “Terror Train” just a couple years before! Surely they had the budget, I mean it’s not like they spent money for effects… Or actors. Or writers.

  • Anonymous

    Oh God. Not this movie. I’ve watched this fucker in at least two different states of altered consciousness and it still didn’t help. I was just as confused and angry by the end of it every time. Not even a cute dog or cookies could have made it more watchable.

    And welcome back, Spoony, by the way. You really need to plant more claymore mines in your house or something so these freaks will stop getting in. At least the cop didn’t flashbang your room.

  • Anonymous

    Damn, this movie is hilariously bad and for some reason, when I listen to the theme song, “Can you read” sounded more like “Keanu Reeve”. o_O

    Also, when you were doing the magician, you can see Oreo in the background watching you like “wtf?” then disapear not long after. It’s either funny and scary, your call. XD

    Anyway, thanks for another awesome video, as always and I am glad to see you back. Can’t wait to see the next. :)

  • Anonymous

    Everytime I see an Internet review I keep on thinking “This film, video game cannot be worse then the last review.” However I keep on being proved wrong. Fantastic review as always and I glad that you’re back. :-)

  • RosieRoses

    SO happy you’re back!! I haven’t watched the review yet because I’m going to stupid work soon but now I have something to look forward to when I come home, YAY!

  • Tero Nevala

    Awesome! Don’t take too much pressure, make things as you like and as they feel right. Carry on!

  • The_Hut

    I used to have conherent thoughts.  But then I learned there’s a movie called Skullduggery.  Does anyone know what we just saw?  It’s like watching drive by insanity.  Love the review Spoony.

  • Mateusz Hemmerling

    Great stuff. I’m so happy you’re better. The magician scene made me laugh as hell. Even your brother has a cameo. I totally love this!

  • nikola jordan

    hmm… I thought that Dr. Evil would turn out to be the magician. also I think the puzzle pieces meant that Dr. Evil was controlling all of this and pulling every string (including Dr. Gorilla’s luck)

  • Gavin McWhinnie

    Good to see you home Spoony! Just be careful, take it easy and have a very happy holiday. Take care and heres to a new set of reviews in 2012

  • jake

    Spoony’s back!
    Can i get a fuck yeah!?

    • lemartes_7000

      Fuck yeah!!!!

  • Anonymous

    All hail the Spoony One!

  • Anonymous

    All hail the Spoony One!

  • Totem of Low Bap

    5:50 is just pure awesome epicness.

    “Ah, fuck it!”

  • Manuel Pradel

    Dude, that’s great to see back. You look very well. I’m glad.

    By the way, Spoony the prestidigitator is a great character. I’d like to see him comme back (he’d be great with big, hairy eyebrows, too). Miles the brutal policeman is a nice character, too.

    Am i the only one to think the knight in full plate armor should fight with a raw chicken ?

  • xxDrCrackbone

    Spoony, great to see you doing reviews again! Also, don’t sweat it if you can’t get full-length reviews done quickly, the vlogs and countermonkeys are still really enjoyable too.

  • Penrefe

    So am I the only one that mis-read that cover as Skullbuggery? ¬_¬

  • Pat Hulse

    It’s good to see you back and in top form! This was absolutely hysterical.

  • Richard Cresham

    Am I the only one who acts on the urge to grab a guitar every time the intro music plays?

  • Steven

    Hey! That Death card the guy pulled (around the 3:20 mark or so) was from the Aquarian tarot! I have that deck! Awesome! :D

  • Ahmed Mosly

    The parody of that magician scene was hilarious! Laughed my ass off with that condom balloon trick. What an awful movie. Good job in ripping it a new one.  

  • sbkMulletMan

    Was there any dialogue going on during that party, I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention, those tits were WAY too distracting…well, at least this movie did ONE thing better than Mazes & Monsters: it gave us something better to watch!

    And Holy Hell, the Magician (movie and Spoony versions) weirded me out even more than Tommy Chong marveling over the Oven-Skates at the end.  That music alone will haunt my nightmares for weeks. 

    And of course, it’s great to see Spoony back doing what he does best!  In fact, with all the D&D stuff from Counter-Monkey and me re-watching the old Dragonlance NES game reviews (auughhhh), I was actually inspired to buy the Dragonlance Chronicles book (in a convenient Bigass Trilogy Edition!) and am very much enjoying it and can’t wait to finish this one so I can get started on the Twins Trilogy next. 

    So I really want to thank Spoony and his love for D&D for inspiring me to get that!

  • Thomas Dowbiggin

    I have a magnetic poetry calender, Spoony. You’re not alone! Awesome video by the way, good to see you back man!

  • Katie Mackenzie

    “Villa Evil”
    Hmm. So Dr. Evil can afford Italy, but not France? Chateau Malice is a much more entertaining name. Aaaand I can actually picture a Village People member and Alex playing bouncers at Chateau Malice. 
    That being said, a very lovely return, Spoony. Greatly enjoyed the review. :)

  • Anonymous

    Welcome back Spoony :)

    My contract with my internet provider finished yesterday, I was so angry that it has cut off right when you get your latest video out, I had to go in a McDonald’s just for that XD

    That was freaking hilarious, I tried to be as silent as possible in the restaurant, but couldn’t resist to laugh so hard sometime, great vid :)

  • Jan Pospisil

    Moravia? I live in Moravia. What an odd stage play. O_o
    Als Granny Smith apples are green, right?

  • Steve O’Connor

    Anyone else start to hum “Puttin’ on the Ritz” for some reason?

  • Jan Itor

    Great to see a new review =).
    as for the movie: What the… I don’t even… my brain… gnnaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh…

  • Anonymous

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    Anyways, I was quite curious about IQ once, and I tried’s test, and on 3 scales – at the end – I scored 128/134/145, however this was obviously not true. When I was 7 got tested by the schoolpsychiatrist and I had in 116 in categorizing and 98 in something else… *shrug*.My father did the test too, and he scored the same as I, and he though it could be fun to find out the closest result, so he with no intentions of joining mensa (we all know it is some kind of circle jerking), he went to one of their tests because they are very careful, and he scored 108 (You need around 130 to become a member).It doesn’t matter at all really, my father is an engineer, and people with a measured IQ just below the standard can achieve this.I have heard that the better connection there is between your brain halves the more sharp you are. So that could be the definition, however people are intelligent on different areas of the brain, so they naturally find their own way of learning and interpret the world. it can all varie, and some people might be really sharp on being creative, but it can necessary be measured, and some people are just sharp at storing on their brain, so they score 200 in IQ tests like Rick Rosner. Maybe they have found some sort of vein in their head and use it to it’s maximum potential.A fun fact is, that the standard IQ raise 3 points every decade for now (100 is set as the majority of people, so the bar raises), maybe it is because everyone learn much more these days than for about 100 years ago, so more and more people can figure out the tests, be divirgent.I just believe in my family that we are just average, but even though we are the atheistic protestants type of family, we admire the intellectual, basicly we can get away saying we are jews, because of their culture.Anyways, it is all about making lemonade out of the lemons you got, the more you force your brain into looking at things differently… that is what makes you intellectual.

  • Joseph

    Magician scene made my day! Great video

  • Jack Donald

    Suddenly I can only see this as how Spoony actually got Oreo.

  • Anonymous

    Great review as always, and buying a magician comstume and make up just to make that joke, that is fucking awesome.

  • Christopher S.

    You just made my day.
    Great to have you back!

  • J_C

    I just wanted to say: Welcome back Spoony! I wish you a Merry Christmas! :)

  • Anonymous

    Good to have you back, man. Merry Christmas to you, Miles and Oreo…

  • Vaughan MacDonald

    My reaction to seeing Spoony as the magician:

    …… *Spoony pulls out a condom* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Unholy Fire Dragon

      It brought new meaning to “giving a blow job”. LOL

  • Vaughan MacDonald

    Also, yaaaaaay, Oreo got into a review~

  • Anonymous

    Welcome back,bro!

    And was that piece of shit supposed to make any sense at all?

  • Jeremy Lee

    yep, spoonys shirt says it all. and star wars really does suck.


    LMAO! I’d totally hire you to perform magic at my birthday party!

  • Damian Wielk

    OMG im having right now the weirdest orgasm in my life

    • Anonymous

      Seconded.  Hold my hand.

  • Anonymous

    “your under arrest for child porn!-smack! smack- LOL! Your brother cracks me up :)

  • Anonymous

    As a German, I was pretty surprised, they called the town “Trottelville”. Trottel means idiot, jerk or other various synonyms…

  • Anonymous

    Welcome back, Spoony.

    And oh god how long has it been since last time I heard the Irresponsibles on this site, feels so good.

  • April Von Lon

    Oh man. I saw your Tweet when you posted this, but I fell back asleep. Then when I woke up I thought I’d just DREAMED that you posted a new video.

    Dreams really do come true~!

    This was… It was… What WAS this? And then you, and the magician costume, and the condom and the balloon animal and OREO… I think I scared the neighbors down the hall when I started cackling like a hyena on laughing gas. Oh god. My sides hurt.

    Seriously, was this movie trying to be a bad D&D-based Twin Peaks dream sequence? I just don’t get it. It wasn’t even effective mind-fuckery, it was just random shit thrown together in an attempt to be… What, creepy? Deep? Avant-garde? Arresting? It was none of those things!

    And for the record, I totally remember magnetic poetry, because I have the “dirty” version. There are several absurdly filthy poems stuck to my fridge right now. (Ah, nothing like covering your food storage unit in metered verse pornography.)

    This was a great review, Spoony. You’re better than ever. So glad I had today off so I could enjoy this at my leisure. Oreo in her first supporting role! Miles beating you down! Gorilla suit! The fucking magician costume! Yeah, this one’s getting a re-watch.

    Welcome back, man. It was well worth the wait.

  • Klaus Trier Vest

    Awesome review Spooney, definitely worth the wait time!
    So many funny things in it, and I just laughed so hard about the magician part where as you do the balloon animal you can just see your dog in the background sitting there and thinking, “wtf is going on?” xD

  • Anonymous

    Kickass, a new video just in time for my birthday and a superb one at that. Awesome return to form, Spoony, thanks for the all the laughs.

  • Anonymous

    Yay Spoony is back!

    So that’s where Oreo comes from. It is made of black-and-white cookies called Oreo and a condom baloon poodle

  • Dragons_Dusk

    First, awesome you’re back, Spoony.

    Second, the hell was that?  Good grief talk about pointless pain.

    And was the sexual innuendo guy the same guy who played Alucard in Dracula: The Series?

    Nice to know not only did these people not know anything about D&D they knew nothing about Tarot since Death is rarely if ever meant to symbolize actual Death.  Death is usually a card meaning change.

    It’s like someone went through their mom’s old role play box and went, “wow, I could make a movie out of these cards, dice and nurses uniform?”

    I don’t know, screw this movie.  Enjoyed the review though, Spoony, welcome back.

  • W

    Woo hoo new video good to see you back spoony.   And spit my drink with the I didn’t kill them scene in the beginning :P Fucking Brilliant.

  • Ben Alsop

    Great vid Spoony.  Welcome back!  Best Christmas Present Ever!

  • Anonymous

    Oh my god, perfect timing! Today’s my birthday. :D

  • Blackmage86

    Ok. Thanks for the Deadly Bees reference. You are awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Ha! I would so hire Magician!Spoony for ANY party.

    This movie just dripped Film Student Final Project.

    And welcome back, Spoony. Glad to see you’re doing better.

  • Jonathan McGown

    Spoony is BACK! 

    We missed you man 

  • Anonymous

    What…the…fuck?  What was that movie?  I’m so confused!  Welcome back, though.  Merry Christmas and all associated holidays.

  • Anonymous

    Now that Spoony has posted a new video, I just keep getting awesome movie references going through my head.

    “The SpoonyOne Strikes Back”
    “Return of the Antwiler”
    “Raiders of the Lost Snark”
    “Paws” (Since Oreo is in the video)
    “Army of Farkness”

    Feel free to add your own!

    • Edetha3

      “Noah’s Snark”

      “Lord of the Snark: return of the Antwiler (or Spoonyone)”

      • Anonymous

        Mega Snark vs Giant Oreoctopus….

    • Unholy Fire Dragon

      The Spoony 2: Lord of Mortal Tekken Kombat! ;-)

  • Marcell Szabó

    Yay, welcome back Spoony.

    *actually watches the video now*

  • Julian Barrett

    OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! SPOOOOOOONY!!!!!!!! Glad to see you back man! I normally don’t comment but this is a monumental occasion!  Let us celebrate! I haven’t even watched the review, just so glad to see you doing your spoony-thing! . . . . Wait, that sounds wrong.  Huh. . . Anyway, I hope this means you are doing better man? I was rooting for you.  I won’t go on any longer, I have an awesome review to watch!

  • Anonymous

    Spoony’s back, baby!

    Ok, how do you not tell your wife that you have promised her unborn child, to an evil deity? Did he just forget?

    The first bit, with the medieval guys, cracked me up. It’s a shame we couldn’t follow those guys instead.. 

    • William “BooRat” Blackshire

      How does a King only have 2 guards that were so easily killed!?

  • Michelle Brydon

    Woot! Great to see you back, and in top form as well! And Miles must be so proud to be able to add “Dr. Sex Gorilla” to his list of characters :P

    • Mary Sulkowski

      “Dr. Sex Gorilla” sounds like an awesome but weird porn parody of Grey’s Anatomy.

  • Ryan McDermott

    Spoony One! You have returned and all are rejoicing! All Glory to the Spoony One!

  • kiki riki

    That was weird as hell. Half of the scenes made no sense and had nothing to do with anything.
    Oh and…
    Welcome Back!

  • basa.123

    Great to have you back Spoony =D

    I can’t tell you how happy a day this is for me now!

  • Anonymous

    Spoony’ back, baby!!

    Ok, how do you not tell your wife that you’ve promised your soul to an evil entity, who might come to collect his debt someday? Did he just forget?

    The part with the medieval folks, cracked me up. It’s a shame we couldn’t follow those characters, instead of the pretentious drivel that tries to pass it self off as a plot.

    Great review, the bit with the magician was pure gold! And quite a fitting origin story for Oreo.

  • Niklas Björkeroth

    Great reivew oh Spoony One.
    Enjoy a Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year!

  • harry de bie

    yeaah spoony is back great! and you are looking much healthier as well good for you to end the year in a good way, happy holidays spoon!

  • Anonymous

    you know it kinda makes me wonder why he didn’t just wait 2 more days to give us this for Christmas on the 25th
    ok, this movie isn’t not EXACTLY in the christmas spirit, but who cares? the return of spoony is the christams gift to the fans, so to speak

  • Pontus Haglund

    Awesome. Good to have you back <3

  • Courtney Chastang

    I loved the whole review, but nothing made me smile more than hearing you say you were back. Let’s me say you were greatly missed!

  • Niklas Björkeroth

    Hello Spoony.

    I though I should write something more here since I have awaited this day for soooooooo long.


    It is simply wonderful to see you doing something and seemingly enjoying it a lot too.
    I watch you videos over and over again because I can not get enough of you wonderful sense of humour, comedic timing and charming personality.

    Wow, this seems more and more like a fangirl letter, guess I am a fanboy.

    It is obvious that there are so many people who adore your work and are almost extatic about your return. But please don’t let this become a new kind of preassure on you and feel that you have to return to making videos at your usual rate right away.

    Take the time you need to take care of yourself and take all this praise for what it is: We are all happy to see you doing better.

    So take your time, and make 2012 a good year for you.

    Seasons greetings from Sweden.

  • BigTexATM

    Hey Spoony, first time commenting, long-time fan: it’s definitely good to see you back. This year has almost been like a Hollywood script – a knight in snarking armor rides high into the new year, then loses the woman he loves and battles through the pain and illness, travels to a distant land to battle a great evil (SOPA), and then makes a triumphant return home at the end of the year to his kingdom of snark to an adoring public which never lost faith. We’ll call it: Eregon, NO WAIT! The Snarkmaster! Hmmmm, no, we’ll just call it The Trials and Tribulations of The Spoony One.

    • Unholy Fire Dragon

      I smell a clip-show / documentary / autobiography…

  • Ben Watson

    Dude! Free Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale! Fuck yeah!

  • Wayne Davis

    wow, Spoony did some work! I;d have been fired from my job for being so unproductive

  • Kevin Olivier

    Good to have you back Spoony.

  • Moritz Lorey

    Dude awesome that you are back.
    And Trottelville? Kinda fitting, Trottel is german for idiot.

  • Alexandria White

    I love Oreo just sitting there watching Stage Magician Spoony. And then Oreo just “magically appears”

  • Gemma Bow

    Hooray! Good to see you back! What a good Christmas this is turning out to be. You are looking well I must say :)

  • Gregory Bogosian

    This movie makes me feel like I just met up with the guys from my intro to philosophy class at the local community college and did a bunch of morphine and LSD with them.

  • Darkscar

    Good to have u back spoony, haha you as the magician was great, saw oreo in the backround when you were preforming ^^

  • Anonymous

    Hey there Spoony long time fan just now got over shyness to comment here and man did I pick a good time this was a perfect movie for you to review.
    I remeber seeing this movie when I was just a little kid and I laughed my ass off at how stupid the premise was and the lack of plot.

    Great to see one of my favorite entertainers is back.

  • Mark G

    welcome back. here is too many more shows

  • Anonymous

    IT’S A REVIEW!  :D A review with theme song and everything!  BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER!!!

    XD Welcome back, Spoony!

  • Anonymous

    Welcome back, Spoony, glad to see you back to doing reviews. Thanks for the wonderful…okay, great…er-good…half-decent?…Well, thanks for the informative Skull-drug-gery review, I shall proceed to never watch that movie ever. Even with your reviewing, that movie was painful to watch; it reminded me of watching the students try to act in my high school theater.

    Anyway, Happy Holidays to you, Miles and Oreo! See you in the new year!

  • Julie S

    Ring the bells, pour the wine, and shoot the neighbors, Spoony is back, baby!

    Excelent review.  Funny and hysterical in so many places, especially Magician!Spoony’s apperance and Oreo’s debute on TSE.

    Movie, itself, is fucked up, confusing as hell, and laughably bad.  Thanks for reviewing something rarer, stupider and worse than Mazes and Monsters.

    Happy holidays to you, Miles, and Oreo and welcome back.

  • Anonymous

    I dig the reviews but counter monkey is equally awesome

  • Anonymous

    Actually, y’know that first mystery guy-puzzle piece shot reminds me of? “Future events such as these will effect you, in the future!”

  • Mike Wallace

    Holy crapnuggets that was one awful looking movie. Spoony, I think you get the award for “weirdest shit a critic has the balls to review.” Yeah, Cinema Snob watches some eff’ed up shit, but at least he can distract himself with porn (sometimes for weeks at a time).

    Also, tell me you weren’t disappointed when you learned they stuck Chuck Norris into Expendables 2, and not Reb Brown.

  • Anonymous

    You mean a live action Transformers movie that doesn’t suck ass. As silly as the original Trasnformers the Movie was, it was still enjoyable.

  • Anonymous

    Great to have you back man, you seemed like you were having a lot of fun with this one, and it was a lot of fun to watch.

  • andreaswii9000

    *Puts Oreo cookies in tophat* *Noah’s dog appears out from it*
    I see what you did there >_>

  • Christopher Smith

    Good to have you back, Spoony

  • jack prime

    best review in a looong time, the hiatus has definatley worked in your favour in this review, keep up the good work spoony :D

  • Anonymous

    Happy to see your finally back Spoony! Great review of a shity movie hell i thought Dungeons and Dragons was a bad film BUT this THIS this makes the movie “The Room” look decent Never thought i’d say that.  

  • Caitlin Boucher

    I physically shuddered when you said this wasn’t as good as mazes and monster. I didn’t think that was possible (apart from Tommy Wiseau’s work). Glad to see you’re back, but don’t overwork yourself!

  • Elizabeth Sterling

    Glad to see you back in action; much love spoon babe.

  • Magrat Garlic

    Someone tried to made a deep artistic movie but didn’t really succeed. Ok, lets face it, this movie is awful. Insane and awful. But I don’t know, maybe during the movie you just accustom to all that weird things little by little but still, it don’t help to understand it at all.

    Spoony, I’m so glad you’re back. I missed your reviews. This was awesome and funny and brilliant and I love everything about it. Plus Oreo is impossibly cute.

  • Anonymous

    I lol’d more than i should have at the orea joke….

  • Nick

    Awesome to see you back Spoony, and may i say thats one Weird movie

  • Dylan Ryan

    I was planning to go through your archive of reviews; imagine my surprise when I see a new video that isn’t a vlog! Yay

  • Per Lindstrand

    Awesome! Glad to see you back, Spoony!

  • Leo Schrey

    I guess someone already said it, but “Trottel” is german for “jerk”.

  • Ken Lewis

    Welcome Back Spoony!! Good to see you As funny as ever, Look forward to whatever else you bring to the table. 

  • Ulla Siltanen

    I’ve been waiting for many things this Christmas season, like new books, 3rd season of BBC’s Merlin on dvd in Nordic countries, a musical I booked tickets for, New Year’s nightover at my best friends place and so on… I know I’ll get all this. This review I didn’t wait for and yet it made me really happy, because it surprised me. <3 Thank you, Spoony – it was an amazing gift. Nice to see you in a review again.

  • awb994

    Welcome back Noah, it’s nice to see you have your groove back. Welcome. Merry Christmas! I am glad your back.

  • Ronald L Wilson III

    An excellent return to form Mr. Antwiler! God, I missed you.

  • Damien Baxter

    Yay, you managed to get Oreo into a review somewhere :D I laughed at the gag as well :)

  • Kaarel Jakobson

    So this movie is basically American Psycho as directed by David Lynch?

    Anyway, great review!

  • Henning Eikmeyer

    Glad you’re back, Spoony :) Even if I didn’t feel like you were really gone – I especially enjoyed your d&d tales (and explanations; I never played a d&d game before).

    I find it hard to conceive that crap like this Skullduggery flick could ever be created :D Trottelville was a fitting name indeed.
    Looking forward to more videos!

    Happy holidays & greetings from Germany

  • Anonymous

    Where IS Burton?

    • Anthony Liggett

      Watch Linkara’s Wrath of Khan #3 video, and you’ll figure it out. This also explains why Spoony’s having a new logo made. It’s pretty nice of him, and I suppose he can always finish making one of those other robots.

      • Anonymous

        Wait, what?  They’re connected?
        I just thought Sephiroth took &/or killed him

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  • Chris Parker

    Heh, joke’s on Adam for murdering the Tarot Reader. The Death card almost never means a literal demise, but usually refers to something which ends so a new thing begins.

    Unless… naw, I’m giving this movie to much credit. They went for the cheap “Death card” scare. I mean, they couldn’t even pick one of the other scary cards, like the Devil or the Tower. Or the 10 of Swords, that’s a fun card.

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  • TheDudeAbides

    “ooh a clumsy, average looking oaf. I need this man’s cock inside me stat”
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    The people making Skullduggery really need to learn how to lock off a steady cam and keep lighting uniform if they wanted to sell their magic. Heck you probably couldn’t do that bad a job if you tried your hardest to screw up the edits! Even if you did your edits cutting actual VHS tape by hand I think you could still beat their edits without a splice box.

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    I do love those atrocious edits though; haven’t seen editing that bad since Birdemic and After Last Season.

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      Edit: What am I doing trying to find logic in a movie like this!

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    • George Rosenbaum

      I still think the episode of ‘Dexter’s Laboratory’ in episode ‘D&DD’ where Dexter is playing D&D and Dee Dee takes over his spot as as Dungeon Master is still the best rendition of what an actual game of Dungeons and Dragons is like.

      Not only does it STAY ON TOPIC WITHOUT DEMONIZING THE GAME, the whole episode actually has (at least) a basic understanding of the game, and even accurately portrays what a campaign with a bad Dungeon Master is like.

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    Third: … Yeah, I’m right there with ya in WTF town on this movie. I know pretentious film students with no talent that write better tripe than this. Here’s the weird thing, Captain Innuendo there bears a really disturbing resemblance to a guy I game with. Though, strangely, he’s not the Captain Innuendo of our group… more of a sidekick to Captain Innuendo, Pun Boy.
    Fourth: Again, great to have you back man.

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      The guy seriously just got done with a serious bout of depression and
      you’re fucking giving him tips on how to run his website better by
      trying to give him “makeover” advice. One, I am a lady and actually
      think he’s pretty good looking. Two, like people said above, he has a
      HEART CONDITION where the walls of his heart valves literally shut close
      if his heart rate gets too high, making him pass out and putting him in
      serious pain. You are a bitch and, if that is you talking like a
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    The “Magician Theme” is like the new “Torgo Theme”

  • Gregory Bogosian

    Hey Spoony, this video isn’t under your video list page. Rectify this as soon as possible. 

  • Zach Elsbecker

    Spoony, I love everything you do, but watching the Magician scene was so uncomfortable. The only thing more uncomfortable was you dressed as Yuna for Final Fantasy X2.

    Oh, and this isn’t listed anywhere. Had to Google it or go on YouTube.

  • Strelnikov

    28:33 The dead cop looks like Freddy Mercury.

    I have to explain some things about this movie: it’s a Canuxplotation film; i.e., it was shot cheaply in Canada, probably with help from the Canadian Film Board. They made a zillion genre flicks in Canada from the late 1970s to the mid-1980s.

    That janitor guy is the director of the film and I think (but do not know) that the Tic-Tac-Toe game on his back is symbolic of the number of people our “hero” kills in the movie, or he could be a marker of which act the movie is in. Really it’s an excuse to get the Canadian version of a SAG card.

    Dr. Evel or Evil (I’ve seen it spelled both ways) is some sort of Devil stand-in. Having him be the Dungeonmaster in the D&D game is somehow supposed to tie into the “RPGs are Satanism with dice” BS that “Mazes and Monsters” ran with.

    Everybody who has reviewed this movie on IMdB used it to torture friends at parties…..even bad movie fans think this thing is a turkey.

    Nice introduction for the dog, Spoony.

  • Nicholas Slowey

    … y’know what’s frightening? That guy in the “tipping the hat” clip (it’s from MST3K’s episode on “The Killer Bees”) is the heart and soul of one of the strangest and most random endings I’ve ever seen in a movie, and he STILL makes more sense than freaking Simko! >_< Hell, he makes more sense than every scene in this movie!

  • Ryan Cann

    This movie is a masterpiece in Absurdist Cinema. Seriously. 

  • exploda

    I’ve seen magnetic poetry on someone’s fridge before.  I love the warlock/power glove line

  • jagarcia0705

    Trottleville? Must be a few miles away from Tromaville. At least something actually happens in Tromaville.

  • sekiwat

    I just noticed that the sound effect used for the police officer beating spoony is the same as the hitting sound effect used in Ultima 8. 

  • Jesse Garza


  • Atmos_Duality

    “I’M BAAACK!”

    Yeah, that didn’t really happen.
    Still, a great review.

    • wizzbang

      It…it didn’t? Then what did I just watch? AND WHO’S BEEN PUTTING OUT ALL THESE VIDEOS?!? Oh no! Clearly I’ve been brainwashed by a Satanic cult too! I’m hallucinating Spoony videos that don’t exist!

      • Atmos_Duality

        For all the hyperbole you’re sputtering, you seem to have missed the point of him claiming that he was “back” in the first place: his rate of production had fallen into the realm of “ass”.

        And yet, his rate of production remained exactly the same after he came “back”, as before; “ass”.

        But go on. Keep slinging your shit if it helps you cope.

  • Xandermorph

    I love how at the 12:00 mark you can see Oreo watching her own origin story like “…the fuck’s he doin…?” ^_^

  • Steven Shaw

    You know what’s kind of funny? The guy who plays Adam looks like the kid from “21” that gambling movie with Kevin Spacey in it. Wonder which one is the better actor

  • James Charles Cantu

    “Humph Skullduggery this script is terrible”

  • JBsianime

    21:06 To each his own, I guess. I got turned on by that attempted role play.

  • Noah Laporta

    21:54 Oh hey a Sickle on the wall- mine!

    • Merrick D’Amato

      Skyrim logic!

  • Ben Colecliffe

    I… I’m not sure what I just watched. The parts with Spoony were good of course, but that movie is just… I have no words.

  • Cole Christie

    “is she trying to seduce him by pretending to be his mom?!”

    believe it or not spoony. . . . some people find that “effective”

    • Sajeh

      It is, the fantasy about your (random younger person) hot mom seducing/forcing you into secret sex from pure love, has been a fairly normal fantasy for about, 2 million years now. Now, fantasizing about your real, old and normal mom, who you have known all your life, is disturbing.

      • Cole Christie

        Hence,the popularity of Role-play incest porn,Otherwise they wouldn’t be watching it, because they’d be to busy masturbating to their real mom. . .this is by far the weirdest conversation i’ve had on the internet in a while XD

      • Schwarzseher

        I COULD understand step sisters but moms? Maybe it’s just me but I kind of like my women to be roughly the same age.
        But then again there are people who like to look at my little pony porn…there’s got to be a fetish for everyone.

  • Oldemar

    Arrogant Bastard Ale. Nice pick!

  • Brett

    The Dr. Evil at the villa is an astral projection of the Dr. Evil putting the puzzle together, the puzzle being conduit for magic in a ritual he uses to seal his grip on Adam’s soul. He’s taking a sort of magical “carrot and the stick” approach to binding him throughout the entire movie, the carrot being temptations of power (the stage magician) and lust (the women at the party), and the stick being the mind control and driving him mad.

    I’m guessing Dr. Evil is either the descendant of or the very same man who murdered the king in the opening. Or maybe he’s the evil deity they were worshiping.

    When Adam sees something that somehow stirs memories of his past life, it spurs his free will to start struggling against Dr. Evil’s hold over him, which causes him to lash out violently against whichever unfortunate soul is before him. So not every kill in the movie is Dr. Evil’s bidding.

    The tic-tac-toe janitor is a personification of the ages-old struggle between Adam’s bloodline and Dr. Evil/Dr. Evil’s bloodline/The Evil Deity. The game starts over again every generation, with Adam fighting for freedom and Dr. Evil fighting to enslave him. By the end of the movie, the tic-tac-toe game ends in a draw: Adam eventually succumbs to Dr. Evil’s hold, but still manages to destroy Dr. Evil’s physical form when the doctor invokes him into the suit of armor.

    And before you ask, no: I don’t know if this is what the director intended. I’m just trying to figure this out by putting myself in the shoes of a complete moron who doesn’t know Thing 1 about table-top RPGs (or, you know, LIFE) and wants to cash in on the DnD scare. It appears this particular director bought into the idea that DnD was a gateway to the occult and not just a game that put the sanity of its players at risk.

    • chainsawmidget

      You probably put more thought into that the people who made the movie.

      • Brett

        And now it occurs to me that the director might have actually been attempting to satirize the whole DnD scare. Like he’s saying that the entire premise of how the media links DnD to satan-worship is so ludicrous that it would only make sense in this completely ludicrous world. “Oh, you think a fantasy game with dice and a couple of demonic images is scary? I’ll throw in a creepy janitor with a tic tac toe board on his back. Are you gonna be scared of tic tac toe now? Bunch’a schmucks, the lot of ya.”

  • jnywest

    24:50: “a transformer movie that doesn’t suck ass” It’s a timeless joke now! LOL

  • fireball3477

    I cracked at 11:50. Man, that was great.

  • James Rice

    I think you would have to be drugged out of your gourd to make sense out of this movie

  • Acuman Bearstorm

    I don’t get it. So the DM, who is Dr. Evil, sends the party to kill apostoles of Hell? Isn’t it quite a righteous (as in – pretty LG pally) act? Next time will he send them to build an orphanage, VIOLENTLY?

  • Dragons_Dusk

    I’m pretty sure the perverted guy was Dracula in well, Dracula the series…

  • likalaruku

    We need more Magician Spoony. It kinda makes you look like Tim Curry.

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