Halloween 2 Director’s Cut – Notes

The Spoony One | Jan 14 2010 | 32 notations | 

I’ve already ranted on my distaste for Halloween 2 at length, but I thought I would give it another shake. Besides, I figured the added footage would clear up a lot of my earlier complaints about characterization and continuity. The initial hospital scene has a really great moment added where Laurie falls into a dumpster…file continues…


The Spoony One | Apr 23 2009 | 360 notations | 

I’m sorry for my prolonged absence from the site, and it will be a little longer before I’ll be able to update. I was involved in a pretty significant physical altercation about a week ago and it’s taken me a while to recover. But before you ask, don’t worry, I’m completely fine. It’s just been…file continues…

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

The Spoony One | Feb 19 2009 | 35 notations | 

The following is a re-post of an old review I’d written, which was lost when we changed to the new site format: It’s not easy being a teen slasher; it requires tons of cardio work and upper-body training if you want to be able to keep up with fleeing victims or rip out a jock’s…file continues…


The Spoony One | Feb 17 2009 | 79 notations | 

There’s been a lot of interest in Thai action flicks ever since Tony Jaa kickboxed his way into American theaters with the brutal and impactful Ong-Bak, a film about a country bumpkin tasked with recovering the village’s stolen holy Buddha statue’s head, which was stolen by gangsters because…uh…um…well they stole it, and the reluctant hero…file continues…

Hulk VS. Spoony

The Spoony One | Jan 28 2009 | 63 notations | 

I don’t have a lot of cred in movie critic circles (see: Knights of the Dinner Table, Getting Shitcanned By), and it didn’t help my case any when I went on record saying I thought that Ang Lee’s film HULK was a surprisingly thoughtful and insightful character study of a man’s deep-seated anger toward his…file continues…

Wargames: The Dead Code (Review)

The Spoony One | Aug 4 2008 | 6 notations | 

The original Wargames is one of my favorite movies. It’s very similar in theme to Fail Safe, but less dire in tone and a lot more fun. It’s sorely dated with its 1980s trappings of acoustic modems and monochrome monitors, and its given a War on Terror update in The Dead Code. Now, the government…file continues…

The Happening (movie review from my forum)

The Spoony One | Jun 15 2008 | 6 notations | 

This movie is hilariously bad. In fact, it’s so bad I’ve heard that Shyamalan is attempting some damage control by claiming the worst scenes of the film were intentional references to B-movie schlock. Consider several scenes where the characters attempt to outrun wind. Or another scene where Marky Mark tries to placate an angry houseplant…file continues…

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