Big news!

The Spoony One | Apr 9 2010 | 114 notations | 

Guess where I’m going!

Website Updates

The Spoony One | Jul 21 2009 | 38 notations | 

Hey everyone, Scarlett here! Just wanted to update about the missing sections of the website. The great news is that everything has been reformatted for the new site design, with the exception of the written movie reviews (I’m getting to ‘em, dammit!) So be sure to check out these TSE features: Photo & Fan Art…file continues…


The Spoony One | Jul 10 2009 | 231 notations | 

The domain name changes appear to have propagated, so if you’re seeing this, you’re on the new server! Major, MAJOR thanks to Mike Michaud, my webmistress Scarlett, and anyone else who had a hand in helping this transition go smoothly. I’ve looked things over tenatively and they appear to be working properly. I say APPEAR,…file continues…

Okay, fair warning…

The Spoony One | Jul 3 2009 | 559 notations | 

The Spoony Experiment is going off the air indefinitely. Dreamhost really jacked up the site and I don’t know if Scarlett can fix it. She’s brilliant but there might not be much she can do when some clown takes a fire axe to her templates and HTML. So, fair warning. This ship is sinking. Scarlett…file continues…

Server issues

The Spoony One | Jul 3 2009 | 32 notations | 

As if I needed something else to stress me out right now. Apparently the website crashed today, and it crashed so hard it took out the entire Dreamhost machine. The on-call admin took drastic measures and wiped out most of the site functionality like the gallery and the commenting features. He seems to think that…file continues…

Something big is coming…

The Spoony One | Jul 1 2009 | 622 notations | 

I’m sorry that I’ve been so quiet lately. It’s been a rough month with technical problems, but also a very uplifting one with the amazing show of generosity and support from the fans. It’s been a struggle, but I think I’m making some progress getting back to status quo. Something big has come up, and…file continues…

Terror T.R.A.X. – Track of the Vampire (PC) Trailer

The Spoony One | Jun 16 2009 | 500 notations | 

The Spoony One’s final battle with the underworld is coming soon. Prepare for the last Terror TRAX game for the PC: another journey into FMV Hell along with Agent Snake Malibu and the Dragonmaster from Dragon Strike!

The Sound of Silence – Filming Disaster

The Spoony One | Jun 12 2009 | 238 notations | 

Remember when I said that my camera was old and might be showing its age at any moment? We might have just rocketed past that point. I just spent all day recording the live footage for two reviews: Street Fighter 2010 and Terror TRAX, and the sound is completely unusable. It’s just gone. All you…file continues…

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