Big news!

The Spoony One | Apr 9 2010 | more notation(s) | 

Guess where I’m going!

  • Anonymous

    whhhhaaaaat Uwe Boll will be there ??!?!? everyone take your pitchforks let’s get him XD

  • Anonymous

    Excellent! I probably would not have considered going to something like this otherwise, but now I’ll have to go.

  • LifescanX

    Spooning with Spoony 3: ScrewAttack …… now that would be epic ^^

    But heh, wishful thinking, atleast have a good time there Spoony, and have lots of footage for us unlucky souls that sadly can’t attend ^^;

    • Arne Maes

      ah internet comment boards, you’ll never cease to amaze me

  • Lester Ramos

    Seen the update on Screwattack! Nice of you to go there, Spoony! But I wish I could go, but I can't since I live too far from the States! I might expect a bit of you doing something at SGC that will really knock the g1s socks off!

  • V8 Ninja

    Meh. Since I'm not going to SGC, this won't affect much of my life. But anyways, hope you have a great time while you're there!

    P.S. Dr. Uwe Boll?

  • Jenny

    Alas I'm about a million miles from Dallas, Texas, but I'm assuming you'll take your camera with you and bring us all the good bits.

  • TheRetroFox

    Wish I were going. Would love to see you at the Uwe Boll Q&A session. I imagine most questions for him are going to be like:

    “<Insert Uwe Boll Movie Title Here>. WHY?!”

  • Nils Paulson

    I want to go there but i live in sweden and am broke.

    • Anonymous

      aren’t you closer to uwe boll than us???

  • Gary Curtis

    video log video log video log video log!!!!

  • KaitBunny

    Yay! Give Uwe hell for me!

  • John Wilkes

    That is awesome news. I'm gonna try to go. The Uwe Boll panel is gonna kick ass! Cause you know he is gonna get so much flak from pissed off gamers.

  • AlCoolAJ


  • Jason_Meza

    Damnit, I want to go :(

  • andrewalbon

    Congrats Spoony!! Well done :)

    I would go but I'm on the wrong side of the fucking world :(

  • archedgar

    Too bad I'm not from the U.S. or I'd definitely go!

  • Anonymous

    uwe boll going to be there and spoony, i hope they fight and spoony owns him XD

    • Anonymous

      all u need to do to beat the piss out of boll is train train train for a straight year…then kick his ass

  • Anonymous

    uew boll and spoony in the same building, i hope to see a fight and spoony owning him

  • Jeffrey Miller

    Damnit stop being in parts of the country I can't visit!

  • redbzerkr

    Wait wait wait, Did you just mention the Q&A as a highlight of the convention? Ok unless one of the questions is like “Is the gun loaded?” or something of that nature, I fail to see how this will be part of a GREAT weekend. :/

  • Redbob86

    Give Uwe Boll hell for me! I wonder if you'll bring up his Director's Cut which basically does nothing but cuts Meg Ryan's character completely out of the film.

  • cvb

    Sounds like a blast.
    Remember to get good footage.

  • detis

    OMG YES! This is awesome news since I live in Dallas! And it'll be on my birthday so definitely worth going!

  • KatKaleen

    Don't you mean Tara Reid? Or did he give that treatment to another film, too? Am I missing something?
    Wait, it's Uwe Boll related, I may lack information, but I'm not missing it.

  • Cthulhu07

    Sounds great. Would love to be there, but like many others before me, I live on the wrong side of the planet…

    Uwe Boll better be ready, 'cause The Spoony One is coming, and he's bringing hell with him :D

  • ApatheticOne (the original)

    I sure hope to see a VLOG on it!! Eat some steak while in Texas.

  • wyldfox

    Damn, wanted to go there since, well, last year when it first started, but being from wisconsin, and no money, cannot. Maybe some day. Give them hell!

  • Madpotator

    Ok, it's decided. I need to get money somewhere and travel all the way to Texas for SGC from here, other side of the world. Thanks Spoony, I wasn't sure if I would go there, but now I have to.

  • theshamster

    Be sure to show Uwe Boll the “Alone in the Dark” review you, Nolstalgia critic and Linkara made and how it caused Doug to become paralysed with shock and lose his voice.

  • Butterpecs

    redbzerker – Maybe it’s going to be a great weekend because he’s going to be able to meet up and have a good time with some of his fans while making new ones. There’s tons of stuff going on at SGC, just look it up on youtube.

  • lefiath

    Don't do anything like that without boxing gloves. Actually, that would be really cool – Uwe Bool, beating shit out of Spoony, NC and Linkara at once.

    • Anonymous

      fuck that…I wanna see someone kick uwe bolls ass…someone has to be, excuse the term, “nerd” enough to care and be dedicated to kick his ass in the ring.

  • Alex Walker

    Since I live thousands of miles away, I'll have to pass.

    You guys should put together a special podcast or something and just talk about the event/stuff you've done recently. Faster than a video and less stress!

  • HipGunslinger

    Uwe Boll and two others judged a 48 hour horror film competition I entered last october.
    Uwe Boll was the only one to defend my movie for the “Most Subversive Use of Category” award.
    I still am unsure how to feel about it.

  • Mathew Presley

    Dang it I was hoping he was going to cut a promo against Abyss.

  • Dimitrios Papadimitriou

    Finally getting some of the celebrity you deserve.

  • Spokojasne

    Spooning with Spoony 3: Uwe Boll

  • specterm91

    Dammit, Spoony, you're making the fact that I can't go to SGC even more painful. :(

  • Cthulhu07

    Now that would scary! :D

  • inamidato

    What? The 4th of July? Couldn't they find a better time? Most of the people will be on vacation!

  • Vodnik

    When will we see you in Europe?

  • Vodnik

    btw, yeah. will you be posting a recording of the Q&A session? there are a lot of us that would sure like to see it.

    • Anonymous


      Noah – “Hi I’m from Why did you purposely miss the bullet’s intended target in “Alone in the Dark” in post.”

  • Bondpirate

    Sweet! Sounds like fun and wish I could go. Have a safe trip and give us highlights when you get back. Especially of the Uwe Boll interview if you catch it. Peace!

  • GreginTexas

    Hope Uwe hasn't seen your “Alone in the Dark” video.

  • rudy023

    If AVGN will be there, make sure you do some kind of crossover video with him. Have a good time Spoony!

  • Harry417

    Scarily sexy maybe.

  • Rookee Alding

    OH, thanks guys, the first thing that went though my mind reading the last few comments was this “spooning with Spoony; uwe boll edition.”


    Man I wish I lived in a state that had conventions of this sort, All we got is a “Grits festival” and far too many “Artys festivals.)

  • Erik Olsson

    Hhaahha cool!

  • SignNinja

    Wait, you're going to SGC? Screwattack Gaming Convention? Isn't that like sleeping with the enemy or something? Ah I kid, anyhow whilst you are with AVGN and Uwe Boll I hope to see an epic battle the likes of which the internet has never seen!

  • agentken

    “Doctor” Uwe Boll? Like a physician of professor?
    Yeah, he's a professor. Of being a shitty director! OH, FACED.

  • General Kabul

    Yes! I live in Dallas so I have go to this!

  • Reina_Vash

    Why is it so far away!?? =(. I can’t afford going all the way out there. I live in California.

    For some reason, I feel like there should be another “Spooning with Spoony” Maybe this time with The Angry Video Game Nerd??

    Have fun Spoonster!

  • sigmanonymous

    Sadly, the Uwe Boll Q&A session is going to be done via Skype, because he will be filming at the time this takes place.

  • Daniel Kirtley

    I wish I could afford to go. That would be awesome in so many ways. Yeah, I second the spooning with spoony and avgn, lol.

  • Anonymous

    Unrelated to the announcement, but…

    “Pu-ma Man, he flies like a moron!”

  • emptysquare

    Can you just, like, slap Uwe Boll in the head for me.

  • J_Alfred

    Holy crap! That's in my backyard!!! I gotta be there! I just gotta!!!!!

  • AggsOfSpades

    I hope you get to have some fun at the convention. Wish I could go, but I live up by Chicago so I've got my own thing.

  • J_Alfred

    heh heh…

    Spoony – “Spoony here, with the Angry Video Game Nerd… in my bed…”
    Nerd- “What the fuck?” *punch*


  • Oliver Books



  • Anonymous

    Hah I have that shirt!

    Can’t wait to see the questions Uwe Boll gets…

  • sheeyah

    Did I just watch a commercial?

    Oh well, I guess it worked. The SGC has never been far away but I've never found anyone to go with me. If I do, I'll be there.

  • They Call Me The Fizz

    ScrewAttack got fine taste in its guest selection

    I wish I had the expenses to go myself…

  • TheFeydakin

    Yay this calls for celebration!! Lord bless Spoony Mops the man who invented….

  • CornBRED-X

    Nice, actually in Texas.

    I am so gonna try to go to this; if I can get a ride.
    I totally wanna see what happens when Spoony and Uwe Boll collide (if they collide). You think Uwe Boll knows how much Spoony has ripped on his movies?

  • TheFeydakin

    This 'Screw Attack” sounds cool. What is it exactly?

  • thehivemind33

    Dallas? That's not too far from Houston! I hope I can get the chance to welcome you to Texas, Spoony! :) I just hope I can afford to go. ><

  • thehivemind33

    Filming? Dear god! D:

  • Anonymous

    okay i just need to know. how did you get approached for this?

  • Echo_Hotel

    No Spoony you won’t see me.
    I refuse to be a part of anything Screw Attack after the Hansom Tom screw job.
    Not to mention that they are paying UWE BOLE to speak!!!

  • SignNinja

    I didn't know that there could be Screwattack/TGWTG fanboys who fight a nonexistent war. Look, Handsome Tom and Stuttering Craig had their differences and they still talk to each other and hang out, they just have different sites. That's it, no debacle, no drama, just one guy said “Hey, I'm gonna make another site for myself, later bro.” And besides, why do you care? Celebrities and companies split up all the time, it's not like you know them personally and are in the middle of it. Ok well, you've got your opinions and are entitled to them. Me? I'll be there!

  • BlueGemini

    Definitely right… there's nothing wrong with other Internet personalties be invited by other websites. Actually, its really cool that Spoony is invited at SGC. When that time comes, I hope Spoony will share his experience at SGC. Go Spoony! (^^)

  • anonns

    I wonder if he's going to call uwe boll a cinematic hitler to his face lol

  • DerKork

    “Guess where I’m going!”

    Ummm… the bathroom? Just kidding…

    (Oh, and Uwe Boll will only be there via Skype IIRC – be afraid, be very afraid).

  • qman311

    Hey I'm by Chicago to, Highland IN. It's like a two hour flight from Ohare to DFW, I think I may actually go I just don't know if I can handle getting nerded out for a whole weekend :)

  • amishman

    now that spoony is going to got to SGC exspect to see a hole lot of FF cosplayers with gunblades at the ready.

  • novaargh

    Have a great time there dude,
    to bad i don't live nearby, otherwise i was so there.

  • novaargh

    Have a great time there dude,
    to bad i don't live nearby, otherwise i was so there.

  • Gunarm Dyne

    The Puma Man shirt in this one and the Castleton shirt in the Alone in the Dark review… Spoony, where do you get these things? All I've got is a “Your weapons are useless against me!” shirt.

  • evilbob2200

    congrats spoony have a great time!

  • penisenvy

    Oooh, guess who lives in Dallas? Me!

  • carlos_amaya

    You're just making a cover because you're going to the 2 year tgwtg gathering ;) cant fool me. you apparently leaving to SGC, paw going to a family trip, lordkat going to a vacation, joe even tweeted, this hotel is great! dare I say…AWESOME?
    and the NC said he was busy filming the 2 year anniversary so..
    It's pretty obvious to me

    boy am I going to look stupid if they're all coincidences

  • carlos_amaya

    Yo Spoony! LorKat spilled the beans :/ I WAS RIGHT!

  • JeanJacket

    Texas… So, as far away from me as possible without leaving the States. And I just got back from Florida, too. Aw, man. Oh well – interview Boll, Spoony! :D

  • ieatsupermutants

    Isn't that like walking up to a hornets nest and prodding it with your dick?
    Final Fantasy Cos-players and Boll……
    I'm pretty sure you've had something to say about both of them….Awe you'll be fine. Just take Burton with you.
    Well you have more courage than I do. I've only attended one anime convention in my life and I had to stay blind stinking drunk the whole time. I remember five minutes out of three or so days…I think.

  • Lou Nolastnamegiven

    So the day has finally come: Spoony vs. the Kaiser of Crap himself, Uwe Boll.

    Remember, keep your guard up, and aim for his hideous jaw.

  • Echo_Hotel

    I'm not a fanboy and I have no beef with James Rolf and love his work but any attraction the other screw attack segments held left with Tom.
    The tale I heard was that Stuttering Craig registered Screw Attack as a company in his own name rather than as the joint creation between him and Tom, Tom apparently took it in stride but when the cash started coming in and Tom wanted a share rather than just being paid for his segments he was given the boot.
    That's just the story as I understand it broken down into a sentence it may be wrong but my opinion is still set.

  • RobynRed

    Bro, the SGC is in JULY. You're right that Spoony is most likely at the TGWTG crossover thing right NOW, but I don't think he's going to that INSTEAD of SGC. Why would he trick his fans into spending money to go to a event that he won't even be at? He tweeted a few days ago `that he was having “indefinite internet outage” and he may be out of touch for a while; I think THAT was his cover.

  • whatislove

    Guess who doesn't? Me!

  • Adam Timothy Martin

    Go get them Spoony!:)

  • Andrew St. Andrew

    I also would love a puma man shirt.

  • Dan

    OMG that would be hilarious. For some reason I think they'd have to include Spoony saying something like “Oh nerd did you like finally getting King Kong shoved up your ass?” lol

  • SpoonyFan


  • SpoonyFan

    Spoony, I just want to let you know I am a HUGE fan of the spoony experiment. I also really really want to buy the “FINAL FANTASY 8 SUCKS! – SPOONY” t-shirt. can you please put it up for sale? and also I love your Final Fantasy X reviews…you are funny, you are a great actor and you're right whenever I see tidus i just want to PUNCH HIM MEG RYAN HAIR

  • SpoonyFan

    Spoony, I just want to let you know I am a HUGE fan of the spoony experiment. I also really really want to buy the “FINAL FANTASY 8 SUCKS! – SPOONY” t-shirt. can you please put it up for sale? and also I love your Final Fantasy X reviews…you are funny, you are a great actor and you're right whenever I see tidus i just want to PUNCH HIM MEG RYAN HAIR

  • SpoonyFan

    you are hilarious…………..i cantw ait for more final fantasy reviews. obviously most people come here to look for your final fantasy reviews.

  • Rocky Bergen

    I feel a new Spooning with Spoony coming on.

    • Anonymous

      Would this one involve Dr. Uwe Boll?

  • Anonymous

    It will be nice with your punkass gone and relief to the internet that you won’t be filling it up with your trash and take your red headed whore with you.

  • shinea_iggy

    Sooooo, yeah…i totally think you should come visit us Westernern New Yorkers in Buffalo NY…just putting that out there ;)

  • carlos_amaya

    *looks at the video again. Oh damn, for some reason I though he said “next weekend” when he posted it, and then I looked at the convention page. Seeing that it was on July, I thought he just…………you know what, never mind, you're absolutely right, thank you for making me see my obvious mistake ;)

  • forkexperience
  • gamingpixie

    Just for the record, Michigan doesn't *completely* suck. So, if you're ever in the Midwest….

  • mrbigstuff

    How the fuck can you not piss your pants laughing when you say the “Film-maker” Dr. Uwe Boll… either way, I pissed myself laughing at that. Hopefully he won't get into too many fights (since he'll have so many critics at the convention). Anyway, way to go Spoony! Sounds like a fun event (I encourage everyone to poke fun at Dr. Uwe Boll if they do go to the convention).

  • melissia

    Oh god… that face in the title card… it makes you look so douchey lol…

  • ace24

    Man, you really need to come out to the east coast, like say Rochester

  • ace24

    he really should, that was the first thing I noticed was how weird it looked.

  • ace24

    Man, you really need to come out to the east coast, like say Rochester

  • ace24

    he really should, that was the first thing I noticed was how weird it looked.

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