The Spoony One | May 22 2009 | 97 notations | 

Pike has cooked up a new shirt design that may rival Castleton for collegiate coolness. If you need some direction in life or that extra edge on other applicants in this competitive work environment, you can always go back to school and foke yourself on any one of Warrior University’s eight disciplines. The student is…file continues…

Newer, Improved Photo Gallery!

The Spoony One | May 11 2009 | 42 notations | 

My lovely, leggy webmistress has once again saved my bacon and installed a superior photo gallery on the website! Update your bookmarks! http://www.spoonyexperiment.com/gallery/

Let’s Play SWAT 4 – Mission #09: The Heist is On

The Spoony One | May 6 2009 | 442 notations | 

A crew of highly-organized thieves have hit the Du Plessis Diamond Wholesalers, but they made the unwise move of bringing along Mr. Blonde. Civilians are dead, the escape plan went tits-up, and now they’re barricaded inside. Worst of all, they’re heavily-armed, armored, and prepared for a prolonged standoff, complete with gas masks! Can SWAT break…file continues…

Let’s Play SWAT 4 – Mission #08: Xenu Loves the Little Children

The Spoony One | May 4 2009 | 717 notations | 

The planets are aligning, R’lyeh is in ascension, Halley’s comet is returning, and the Taronian Cult has gone stir crazy in preparation for the return of their unholy alien god emperor! They’re hoping to ring in the dawning of this new age with a titanic liquid fertilizer bomb that could destroy the entire block! Will…file continues…

He took care of the place. Now he’s going to “take care” of the place. Permanently.

The Spoony One | May 1 2009 | 184 notations | 

You may think that if I ever got the chance to make this movie, I wouldn’t take it all that seriously, intentionally making a shitty-beyond-belief movie with no regard for tradecraft or continuity, intentionally choosing horrendous actors and looping all their dialogue myself, and basically emulating the exact same style that made the original “Manos”…file continues…

New shirts available, and a sale!

The Spoony One | Apr 13 2009 | 140 notations | 

We know you don’t always need an excuse to buy a cool t-shirt… but we’re giving you three anyway! Excuse1: Save $5 on your order of $25 Excuse2: Save $15 on your order of $50 Excuse3: Save $35 on your order of $100 Use coupon codes EXCUSE1, EXCUSE2, or EXCUSE3 at checkout!!* Take a look…file continues…

Updates are coming!

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I blinked and realized it’d been about a week since I’ve done an update of substance, and this coming right after I promised to be a little more regular with them. Sorry! I’ll try to explain. There’s a lot of stuff going on right now, both on the business and leisure sides of the equation….file continues…

Final Fantasy VIII – Part 10

The Spoony One | Apr 1 2009 | 625 notations | 

To understand why Final Fantasy VIII sucks so hard, you need to take a trip back to the past– 2000 years into the past, to be exact. But will we be able to get back to the future with our sanity intact? April Fool’s Edit: Okay, in case the joke was over your head, it…file continues…