Final Fantasy VIII – Part 9

The Spoony One | Mar 21 2009 | 926 notations | 

Disc 2 starts off inauspiciously as our heroes have been imprisoned by the nefarious Sorceress! What horrors await them at the not-so-tender mercies of Seifer and his electric bed? Is there any hope of rescue from this mobile, subterranean prison, or will its anti-magic field spell doom?


The Spoony One | Mar 18 2009 | 293 notations | 

This little slice of insanity brought to you by CapnLexCrunch I get the feeling this video is going to kill me in seven days.


The Spoony One | Mar 8 2009 | 147 notations | 

Looks like I won’t be a MythBuster. I was contacted a little while ago about some possible sponsorship opportunities with the Discovery Channel. Apparently they were looking for some people to film some tie-ins to Mythbusters, and people-who-know-people asked if I had any ideas to pitch for SCIENCE-based content– Myths to bust, prompting viewers to…file continues…

Special Plague Edition (3-5-09)

The Spoony One | Mar 5 2009 | 333 notations | 

You may not think having a cold is that debilitating, but you don’t have a nose as big as mine! The common cold becomes a mucus blockage of epic proprotions, and the first thing to go is the ability to breathe while sleeping. Focus goes next, and with it, comedy! But the irrational anger never…file continues…

FMV Hell – Star Trek: Borg

The Spoony One | Feb 12 2009 | 411 notations | 

My contribution to That Guy With the Glasses’ donation drive was a special entry of FMV Hell where I take on the dreaded Borg menace along with the omnipotent Q! How many stupid ways can I find to die in the future? Is there a cure for transporter psychosis? Does Q have testicles? Find out!

Final Fantasy VIII – Part 8

The Spoony One | Feb 4 2009 | 1,020 notations | 

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in! Welcome to the long-awaited resurrection of my review of Final Fantasy VIII: the game that has plagued my existence for years.

Relaunch imminent.

The Spoony One | Dec 24 2008 | 29 notations | 

My webmistress is preparing to launch the new version of the website, and while I have full confidence in her abilities, I feel it’s necessary to warn you that the potential for disaster is always lurking. Expect the front page to be in a state of dysfunction for a short while, until we can work…file continues…

Once again, this dungeon prepares to shift into a new phase …

The Spoony One | Dec 10 2008 | null | 

After taking a look at some of my web traffic statistics, I’ve been advised to start treating this damn website like Serious Business, because while my numbers aren’t great, they’re actually good enough that a guy like me can “turn pro” and start collecting some real cash. That’s the reason why you’re seeing ads creep…file continues…