Relaunch imminent.

The Spoony One | Dec 24 2008 | 

My webmistress is preparing to launch the new version of the website, and while I have full confidence in her abilities, I feel it’s necessary to warn you that the potential for disaster is always lurking. Expect the front page to be in a state of dysfunction for a short while, until we can work the kinks out.

The forums will remain relatively untouched, and I don’t think we’re doing anything that should affect the way they operate.

We’ll probably be adding other functionality incrementally. The movie reviews may take a little time to set right because they’re undergoing such a radical series of revisions (I originally organized the file structure like a deranged drug-test monkey), and I’m trying to re-render and upload new copies of all my previous videos that I hope will load better for you guys. It’ll take a while until this battle station is fully-operational.

Lastly, if you’re subscribed to this blog feed, you’d better get ready to dump it. I will discontinue using Blogger with the new site format. All of my updates will go through another feed. Stay tuned for more details. Mainly, expect some outages in the near future, and try not to panic.